dowdlestbain: If you are talking about the bug report... that went back to like 2014 or something if I remember correctly... and there were a couple of new additions to it that were contemporary... so yeah, I guess you aren't the only one. But so far as I can tell, it isn't widespread... but we'll keep an eye on it.
Asmodeeis /var/lib/dbus/machine-id a symlink of /etc/machine-id ? (had to change my machine-id, so not sure if it was before)
Asmodee(on f27)
RayTracerAsmodee: yes
Asmodeeok, thanks. so will recreate the symlink :)
Asmodeewill have to look if a symlink of /etc/machine-id to /dev/null works now though.
Asmodeeas poettering said on a bug report: "That all said, in the long run I think there'd be value to support "anonymous" systems, i.e. systems where /etc/machine-id is explicitly linked to /dev/null or so, to indicate that no identification scheme is desired" :)
[SLB]after installing nvidia drivers on f27, i have issues upon poweroffs and reboots. the computer just hangs there. it only happens when the nvidia drivers are actually active, namely, for the combination of nvidia and gnome on xorg
probasix[SLB], nvidia doesn't work with Wayland. I haven't had any issues with mine... Are you using latest or legacy?
[SLB]i know, if i login in wayland even with nvidia parameters on kernel, since the nvidia is actually not active, i can poweroff and reboot as usual
[SLB]it's an aspire e15 with geforce 920m
probasixmine is a gtx550 using latest version of driver in rpmfusion
prussianhang in what way?
prussianlike no splash? no virtual console? what?
prussiancrash on gdm start?
[SLB]it's halted but not powered off
prussianhow long did you let it sit ?
prussiansystemd can hang shutdown for like. 2-3 minutes
[SLB]5-10 mins but i thought it was off already by then
[SLB]with nouveau it powers off in few seconds
[SLB]i also have disabled plymouth, but when i initiate the poweroff with nvidia, it stays black
prussianidk then use nouveau
kk4ewt*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
sbrozjapa-fi: 4.13.16-300.fc27.x86_64
japa-fiOk, same as I did.
Milamber75Hello all. With the loss of vblade in the current fedora releases due to a lack of a maintainer, is there any way to make a server a AoE target?
macieksMilamber75: you could take the RPM spec file for f26, change it a bit and built it for f27
Milamber75I'm on F26 now. It was taken out way back in 2013.
macieksstill the .spec file should be usable in f27
Milamber75When it gets that old, I get a little nervous about repackaging it. I was hoping there was a replacement for vblade.
macieksbut there may be some other dependencies missing etc.
macieksno idea, I'm just talking in general about missing packages
Southern_GentlemMilamber75, define AOE please
Milamber75Southern_Gentlem: ATA over Ethernet
Milamber75Think of iSCSI, but without the network layer 3 overhead.
KBmeman; evolution is sooooooooo buggered :'(
KBmecanceling actions never, ever finishes. lol, this software is just horrible.
KBmeit doesn't even know how to exit cleanly
KBmeis this a joke? how can this get into the base install?
FranciscoDKBme: it works well enough in general
FranciscoDit's linked with too many things, like GOA - if any of the deps fail, evolution will fail too
FranciscoDif you see bugs, file them :)
barqHow can I get my launcher shortcuts to work in f27? I have *.desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications but they no longer work
FranciscoDthe ranting thing doesn't help anyone ;)
FranciscoDbarq: gnome3? that works for me here - did you restart the shell after putting your files there?
barqI rebooted completely
barqyes fedora workstation
FranciscoDthat should work - check journalctl for errors to begin with
KBmeFranciscoD, I would love to but how can I even debug? "refreshing IMAP acocunt ***" just hangs, imap tasks just hang, evolution just hangs. in any case you are right, I shouldn't have ranted.
KhaytsusKBme: This is a family channel, such language is not acceptable. Please remember children and their grandmothers may be watching.
barqFranciscoD: I don't see any relevant errors when I type journalctl
KBmeKhaytsus, what language exactly? what did I say?
FranciscoDKBme: it'll log messages about crashes and so on in journalctl
FranciscoDKBme: the "wtf" is one, and "buggered" is considered offensive in certain places too :)
KBmeFranciscoD, it's not crashes, it's jest never ending tasks.
KBmereally? bugge*ed? okay.
KBmeKhaytsus, thanks for the warning I'll be more careful.
barqI only see some warnings such as JS WARNING: [resource:///org/gnome/shell/ui/main.js 315]: reference to undefined property "MetaStage"
FranciscoDKBme: I end up closing it with the "close immediately" thing, and restarting - if that doesn't fix it, I restart goa and that usually does it
FranciscoDbarq: sure your desktop files are sane? use `desktop-file-validate` to check
KBmeFranciscoD, yep. that's the drill. but I4ve been irritated enough with it now that I'll just install thunderbird.
FranciscoDbarq: I have this, for example, and it works:
KhaytsusKBme: It was you mentioning "evolution", it's a horror. no, seriously, I'm confused myself.....
barqIt worked in f26
KhaytsusACTION re-re-reads test
KBmeKhaytsus, heheh
FranciscoDI'd switch to a terminal based client if they were easy to setup tbh
KBmeI really like graphical uis, though, for mail.
FranciscoDthey're quite convenient, yeh - evolution does calendars and contact completion too, which is really helpful
FranciscoDplus, it does gpg signing/encryption
KhaytsusKBme: oh...... I see what it was. a typo on your end... ahem ;)
barqPath[$e] was the problem
barqThanks for the validate
KBmeFranciscoD, evolution does all that too, but it's just way too bugged, and has been for many many years.
ProbablyAndythunderbird is pretty solid
FranciscoDbarq: lovely - glad that worked
FranciscoDKBme: i file lots of bugs, the maintainers are really helpful that way
FranciscoDthey also explain how to get more debug logs and so on
KBmeFranciscoD, do you file upstream?
FranciscoDat the fedora bugzilla first - the fedora maintainers are also upstream I think
Mr_Teegreetings clan
Mr_TeeWe recently performed an upgrade from 3.3 to 3.8. A few of our objects had an invalid xml value (missing the prefixes; lang rather than xml:lang) on an element in the rels-ext. These objects showed up in 3.3 but after upgrading to 3.8 they no longer showed up, rather trying to access them returned a 401. We managed to fix this by manually updating the object at the file system level. They now show in fedora. The issue is that they can't be searched f
Southern_GentlemMr_Tee, that is good but we still have no idea to what you are referring
Mr_TeeSouthern_Gentlem: I am an idiot :| I was given this channel address and didn't think to check if this was for fedora the OS or fedora commons
Mr_Tee*face palm*
Caterpillarjdoss: hi there! Concerning Wireguard, I noticed that after the upgrade to F27, the system has no longer any dkms module loaded, indeed # dkms status returns nothing. Do you have any idea? Thank you
Mr_TeeACTION backs out sheepishly
Mr_Teey'all have a pleasant day
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
NotBobDoleHey guys. My font on my system seems to be really messed up.
NotBobDoleEvery app from chrome to video games seems to have some odd font rendering issues
NotBobDoleAny idea how to fix this?
prussiancheck your gtk+ font settings first. then you should check what fontconfig's you got loaded in /etc/fonts/conf.d or whatever location in ~/.config fontconfig will read from
prussianalso what are your sans-serif serif fallbacks?
prussianNotBobDole: also what fonts are you using in general?
NotBobDoleI have no idea to check. It used to be fine, and suddenly fonts have been looking more and more wrong.
prussiannonfree MS fonts might use weird cleartype hacks to make them render properly. I know on old fontconfig they would have like 1 px strokes. lol
prussianfc-match 'serif'
prussianfc-match 'sans-serif'
prussiangnome-tweak-tool lets you configure your gtk+ font settings
NotBobDoleprussian, cantrell bold/regular for windows titles and interfce
NotBobDoledocuments are sans regular, monospace ismonospace regular
prussianso it's probably dejavu
NotBobDoleIf that is what the output of the two commands you typed mean, then yeah
prussianand you're using slight hinting with subpixel lcd filtering?
NotBobDoleslight hinting, with grayscale aa
prussianwhat fontconfig directives do you have enabled?
prussianls /etc/fonts/conf.d
NotBobDolei've never touched it but I'll check
prussiani'd imagine the gtk+ setting sshould be enough... but then again. all this stuff is a nightmare
prussiangtk+ should be shaping and rasterizing fonts but whatever
prussianbest i can think is to symlink like 10-hinting-slight.conf and 10-sub-pixel-rgb.conf into /etc/fonts/conf.d/ and see if that helps
prussianmaybe try noto sans too.
atrusi've been noticing that since upgrading from fedora 26->fedora 27 (3.24->3.26) gnome-shell crashes when the hdmi receiver between it and my tv goes in/out of standby (which does briefly suspend the hdmi connection -- black screen). locking the screen while this happens seems to work-around the crash.
prussiane.g. sudo ln -s /usr/share/fontconfig/conf.avail/10-hinting-slight.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/10-hinting-slight.conf
prussianthough i think fontconfig has userspace configuration now
NotBobDolehow does this change take affect?
NotBobDoledo I need to logout/login?
NotBobDoleor just relaunch the application?
prussianit should poll for changes every 30 second
prussianor so
prussianyou can kill and restart applications, that should be enough
NotBobDoleno idea. not seeing any change
prussiantry a different font in firefox/chromium.
prussianI use noto sans on my ~100ppi work computer and it looks ok.
prussiansome fonts jsut have crap hinting routines
prussianworst case you can try "autohinting" gross
NotBobDoleLike i said though, the missing font issue seems to be system wide
prussianmissing font?
prussiani thought you were talking about terrible font rendering
NotBobDolewhere some fonts are not displaying the proper character
NotBobDolewell i don't know if it is the font, but that is all I can think of
prussianthen use noto and install all the CJK and stuff and set your sans-serif and serif fallback to noto
NotBobDoleIt used to work up until a couple weeks ago
prussianlet me re-read here
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
prussiando you disable @font-face css rules or something NotBobDole ?
prussianbecause I'm not sure why else you have glyphs not rendering properly on twitter
Cu5tosLimenI want to install fedora 27 atomic host from a debian based livecd (kimsufi rescue-pro)
Cu5tosLimenI guess I should look at this:
Cu5tosLimenok this also:
[SLB]is there a way to display japanese characters on virtual terminal? (and possibly type as well)
Cu5tosLimenis there better options for doing a chroot install than what is doing ?
LiuYan[SLB]: fbterm will let you display CJK characters. and, if you want to input too, you can try fcitx-fbterm
megadethWhen I run "cat" and hit Ctrl+4, I get core dump. Is that a serious bug?
prussianctrl+4 tells the terminal to send sigquit to the process it's waiting on
prussiansigquit default signal handler is to coredump
prussianwither sigquit or abrt
[SLB]thanks LiuYan, will try
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
[SLB]thanks LiuYan, it worked, though i can only execute it as root and the font rendering is quite unreadable, but will figure this out
Onionnionwhich channel is best for support on the FAS?
Southern_GentlemOnionnion, #fedora-admin
Onionnionthanks Southern_Gentlem
Southern_Gentlemif you are referring to the Fedora Accounts System
Onionniontried making an account but it got denied by spamcheck
Onionnionif I had to guess, perhaps by my unusual domain
Cu5tosLimenis there better options for doing a chroot install than what is doing ?
griftCu5tosLimen most likely
griftthat script is a liability
Cu5tosLimengrift so another thing I saw just unpacked the docker image
Cu5tosLimenand I guess another option still is to unpack to qcow image
Cu5tosLimengrift what would you suggest ?
rdieterCu5tosLimen: depends a little on the purpose, *why* do you want a chroot?
Cu5tosLimenrdieter, to install latest fedora on kimsufi
rdieterdepending on why, there's mock, docker, etc...
Cu5tosLimenand actually I want to try modular server beta
rdieterACTION doesn't know what kimsufi is, context?
griftwell i dont know exactly what the purpose is of the script (i stopped reading after line 310
Cu5tosLimenrdieter, it's the low end dedicated server hosting from ovh
rdieterCu5tosLimen: doesn't explain why a chroot is needed though, am I missing something?
rdieteryou can't install your own OS? or use virtualization? or docker?
Cu5tosLimengrift, it unpacks squashfs/LiveOS/rootfs.img from install.img into a directory
Cu5tosLimenrdieter, I cannot install OS that is not in their list
pequeHi there :-)
Cu5tosLimenrdieter, but I can boot into livecd
Cu5tosLimenrdieter, so I want to install it from livecd (debian based)
rdieternot even a fedora livecd?
Cu5tosLimenrdieter, I'm basically looking for something like debootstrap
Cu5tosLimenrdieter, no
griftwell debootstrap is in fedora
Cu5tosLimengrift, yeah but something like it - for fedora
pequeQuick survey: anybody with `gitk` installed and Fedora 27 fully upgraded could tell me if they can see bold fonts when they open the application? (i.e.: the current branch name of the repo should be bold) I am not seeing it bold and want to know if it is just my installation/setup or could be a Fedora problem. Thanks in advance! :-)
Cu5tosLimengrift, ok - let me try that
grifthang on
griftsee man systemd-nspawn the example below
griftthis part: "Example 2. Build and boot a minimal Fedora distribution in a container"
Cu5tosLimengrift, cool I see it
Cu5tosLimengrift, would this work for fedora atomic and modular server ?
Cu5tosLimengrift, thanks btw
griftworth a shot i suppose
griftalso look at mkosi:
Cu5tosLimenok thanks
Cu5tosLimenwhere can I find the dockerfiles used to make fedora docker images ?
Southern_GentlemCu5tosLimen, ask in #fedora-cloud
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
agronholmhey, could someone tell me why /var/cache/PackageKit takes up so much disk space?
agronholmit has directories named "25", "26" and "27" there – I guess they correspond to Fedora versions?
agronholmso if I guess it's safe to delete at least the first two?
Southern_Gentlemagronholm, so you have upgraded this machine from 25 to 26 to 27?
agronholmit's been a while but I initially moved to FC from Ubuntu because of wayland
agronholmwhen was that introduced?
Southern_Gentlemyou should be able to nuke all 3
agronholmI mean, which release was wayland made the default?
agronholmalright, thanks
griftknown issue agronholm: `grep -i keepcache /etc/PackageKit/PackageKit.conf`
griftwhat does that say if anything?
grifthmm looks the same as what i have
griftdo you even use Packagekit?
agronholmdunno, what is it really?
griftits a backend for gnome-software for one
agronholmI've sometimes installed something from it
agronholmbut that would be rare
griftif you dont use gnome-software and if you havent heard of pkcon then you might consider disabling packagekit
griftbecause it seems packagekit just fills up the disk and never cleans up old stuff
agronholmyeah I had 12 GB of cruft there
griftsystemclt disable PackageKit
griftthen clean that dir and see if it stopped
griftafter a while
agronholmFailed to disable unit: Unit file PackageKit.service does not exist.
griftor maybe even go as far as: dnf erase gnome-software PackageKit
griftat your own risk ofcourse
griftsystemctl disable packagekit
griftsystemctl disable packagekit-offline-update
griftpackagekit is like gnomes dnf
griftbasically the difference between dnf and packagekit: dnf is more powerful, but dnf allows one to install package without root access
griftpackagekit allows one to install packages without root access
griftwhich isnt quite ideal for some either
griftyou could try uncommenting #KeepCache=False but i suspect that KeepCache=False is supposed to be the default
griftno matter how you look at it, if an app dumps 12 GB of "cruft" then that isnt very encouraging
griftas to what "what is that developer/packager thinking?"
Southern_Gentlemgrift and ithink packagekit will be the interface for flatpaks in the future as well
wadIs this a good place for a yum question on a centos box?
griftgui interface yes it already is
Southern_Gentlemwad #centos
wadYeah, I asked it there first, but nobody is saying anything at all. Thought maybe it was the wrong place. I'll keep waiting.
griftfriday end of the US office day and week, theyre probably having an end of week drink in the office canteen or something
wadYeah, that's where I want to go too.... -_-
japa-fiHi all. Additional testing, trying to figure out if it's just me, or if it's perhaps due to mate installation. I would appreciate if you could test the following (as root):
japa-fifirewall-cmd --direct --add-rule ipv4 filter OUTPUT 100 --table nat -p tcp --destination -j REDIRECT --to-port 8888 && firewall-cmd --direct --remove-rule ipv4 filter OUTPUT 100 --table nat -p tcp --destination -j REDIRECT --to-port 8888
japa-fi(It will add nat rule and remove the rule)
japa-fiAnyone? testing the thing does not require that much effort but will mean lot for me.
grifti dont have xs to firewalld but i can with some level of certainty tell you that mate isnt related
japa-figrift, earlier today I got one person repliying here that there is no issue with above command. F27 and latest kernel.
griftwhat is your issue with that command?
japa-fiI tried fresh mate install, no updates etc. I get the error. Why mate issue: I just thought that perhaps there is some customisation and incompability issue with bdus or something. Who knows, things are commplicated these days
japa-fiERROR:dbus.proxies:Introspect error on :1.159:/org/fedoraproject/FirewallD1: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.
grifti am not firewalls enthousiast but one thing that always comes to mind with firewalld is "shouldnt you specify a --zone=?"
griftwhats are youre active zones? firewall-cmd --get-active-zones
griftis the rule showing up in your active zones? firewall-cmd --zone= ... --list-all
griftalso try running the command as root
griftfirewalld has flaky policykit support
japa-figrift, can't validate it now as I am not currently running F27 (I restarted and booted on another partition, earlier version). That functionality has been working since firewalld replaced iptables all the way up to F24 (which I'm running and which I should stop using and go to F27 instead)
japa-figrift, yes, did run as root
japa-finot sudo, but "real" root
griftk that rules out access control then but other than that without access its hard to troubleshoot
griftthings do not have to be complicated, you can just disable firewalld and fall back to good old iptables-services
griftfirewalld is like gnomes-firewall
griftlike packagekit is like gnomes-dnf
japa-fiOk, I'll have to check on enabling iptables service. Perhaps that will offer me workaround.
griftif youre familiar with iptables then that will get you the usual
japa-fiCurrently the issue is a show stopper for me. I need nat routing firewall rules in my office to be able to do my daily stuff
griftyes i can imagine
japa-fihad the same rules as iptables rules prior the change to firewalld
griftk so systemctl disable firewalld --now && dnf install iptables-services && iptables -F && systemctl enable iptables --now && do you thing
japa-fibtw. the permanent "direct" firewalld rules are stored in /etc/firewalld/direct.xml where they are read when firewalld is started. Funny thing is: the regular input rules (like don't allow anything in except ssh port) are read in just fine, but the nat rules are not.
japa-figrift, thanks I will try that tomorrow. (It's 11pm here, too late for longish tinkering with laptop
grifti am not fan of firewalld
griftdo a systemctl -rb -1 | grep -i firewall | grep -i err | grep -i iptables
griftit might show errors, it does here
japa-fithanks and good night
Onionnionwhat's the right channel for package dev discussion?
grifti suppose #fedora-devel
elxaany idea what's broken with graphics on f27 ?
elxagetting these when running dota 2, switch to the "watch" tab and switching between currently played games.
elxathe dota 2 client very laggy for a few seconds
elxalooks like I am missing some kernel update from the last days, hopefully it's solved already
elxacurrently on 4.13.15-300.fc27.x86_64
truexfan81where does the fedora media writer download the iso to on windows?
dowdletruexfan81: I didn't know it downloaded the media for you.
truexfan81dowdle: it does
truexfan81dowdle: better to use the respins tho cause less updates to download after
truexfan81download keeps failing...i'm just gonna install from the f26 iso i already have and then update and fedup to 27
KhaytsusYou mean dnf system-upgrade
KhaytsusACTION points to
truexfan81wow i'm out of date
KhaytsusI think fedora 22 was the last time fedup was used
truexfan81wow the media writer made a bad usb
truexfan81media checking failed at 4.8%
templetonHi, has anyone used Wayland + Sway? When trying to switch to it, I just end up back at the login screen. I'm unsure where to start.
backrowI am very impressed that FC27 seems to be faster than 25
templetonbackrow: you haven't tried to use Sway, have you?
backrowtempleton: I have not
templetonWhat computer are you running Fedora on?
backrowits in a vm
backrowbut the bare metal is an i7 with 8gb
backrowtempleton: I am using xfce
templetonah i see
backrowit was F25 security lab spin