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KDEUSERDropbox on Fedora (kde), not s seemless. Can't be that I have to install Nautilus.
KDEUSERAnyone able to point me in the right direction.
KDEUSERWhen I go to install dropbox, it wants me to install Nautilus (from gnome).
KhaytsusKDEUSER: https://www.dropbox.com/install-linux
[R]KDEUSER: sounds unfortunate?
Khaytsusdnf install fileyouget.rpm
Khaytsusand yes, it will install Naut. Because it uses naut as a file manager
KhaytsusSo if you're on KDE that means a few extra packages from naut's deps...
kk4ewtcomplain to dropbox
KhaytsusYou could go with the headless versio though, per that page
KhaytsusThere won't be any gui with the headless version of course
[R]Khaytsus: you chopped someones head off!?
mutkIt has seems
Khaytsus[R]: You want to know? You might find out too much.
mutkOr is that seams ? I can never remember
KDEUSERI don't think I've ever used the gui, I just save files to that folder. So that should wor k nicely.
[R]Khaytsus: lol
kk4ewt[R], watch out you may be next :)
KDEUSERKhaytsus: works beautifully.
ozymandias_i believe the 'headless' version works just fine with kde
ozymandias_you can use the gui to add/remove things from dropbox -- or at least you could
mutkSo it should, since headless can run with out any desktop
ozymandias_they just have a couple of status integrations with gnome for some reasons
KDEUSERIt works fine (the headless), flawless.
goontlHi guys, im a newbish linux user and am considering trying fedora out. Im just wondering if the "cutting edge" causes serious problems often, as this is something that prevents me from using rolling distros
[R]just depends
[R]you might not hav any problems
[R]you might have some
[R]but taht can happen with any dist
goontlalso, any opinions on opensuse? im deciding between those two now
kk4ewtgoontl, try them both and use what works better for you
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mutkI would not call Fedora a rolling distro
kk4ewtfedora is not a rolling distro
goontlthats why i said im willing to try fedora out, but not rolling distros
mutkgoontl, Right .. Cutting edge - I'd call it leading edge
goontli might try both, just asking for opinions on advantages or notable differences (fedora and opensuse)
mutkgoontl, I used opensuse at a work place for a few years . I have a bigger background in Fedora and Red Hat of course. And I find Fedora to be a decent balance
drakonisopensuse doesn't have the long term prospects that fedora has
kk4ewtgoontl, we do not backstab any linux distro in here (unlike the SUSE leadership)
mutkCOmpared to wanting the latest and needing some stability at the same time
goontlcool !
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day
|flyte|what does it mean when I have 3 drives, each pratitioned with msdos table, formatted with ext4, visible when I do a lsblk, file -s, but when I enter the fstab entry, it will never mount
[R]what does "it will never mount" mean
|flyte|sudo mount -a
|flyte|mount: can't find UUID=b01c2ac6-5bc1-4f0f-80bb-a7e55650012c
|flyte| sudo file -s /dev/sdb1
|flyte|/dev/sdb1: Linux rev 1.0 ext4 filesystem data, UUID=b01c2ac6-5bc1-4f0f-80bb-a7e55650012c (extents) (64bit) (large files) (huge files)
|flyte|and my fstab line...:
|flyte|UUID=b01c2ac6-5bc1-4f0f-80bb-a7e55650012c /var/hda/files/drives/drive1 ext4 defaults 1 2
|flyte|the drive does not appear in
|flyte|ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/
[R]did yu reboot?
|flyte|many times :/
|flyte|lsblk output: https://pastebin.com/k6ButLq3
[R]and what does by-uuid look like?
|flyte|(sdb1, sdc1, sdd1 are the drives I am looking for.. sda is all good)
|flyte|it shows partitions only on sda:
|flyte|ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/
|flyte|total 0
|flyte|lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Feb 4 14:49 49ed3ebf-d3b4-4ccd-9b5f-295b80a70e30 -> ../../sda3
|flyte|lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Feb 4 14:49 52fa0af8-6412-432e-9fd6-c1643de3ec1f -> ../../sda1
|flyte|lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Feb 4 14:49 64e430e2-4835-4c07-a235-4b1a2ab9364f -> ../../sda2
[R]what does lsblk -f look like
|flyte|I'll pastebin..standby
|flyte|wtf! it is showing that they are still zfs! https://pastebin.com/LkaZS8hm
|flyte|but I used parted to partition them and mkfs to ext4, as reported by the file -s cmd above
[R]sounds like zfs is taking them over
ozymandias_zfs writes to the drive headers iirc
ozymandias_some metadata
ozymandias_while ext4 does not, and may not have wiped that
ozymandias_zfs uses that to identify disk sets
|flyte|ozymandias_, hrm.. interesting.. how would I reset that?
ozymandias_i may be wrong
ozymandias_i thought there was metadata at play
|flyte|(for what it is worth, I followed this: https://wiki.amahi.org/index.php/Adding_a_second_hard_drive_to_your_HDA#Partition.2FFormat instructions to partition and format my drive via parted and mkfs)
|flyte|seems to have worked just fine.
ozymandias_other than not working ;-)
|flyte|I meant that parted and mkfs looked like it worked just fine
|flyte|[R], (in case you didn't see it in #linux) the wipefs was the solution. Once I did that, my paritions are now mounted. Thanks for your help
drbean@eol f26
fedbotFedora 26 will go end of life and no longer supporterd one month after fedora 28 is released (sometime around may 2018), so around june 2018
Penguin_Think there is a bug, all I have done is update the system and now I have no sound. Anyone else encountered this?
[R]thats possible
[R]what updated
Penguin_a hole host of things I have no idea where to start looking, so I need someone to help me track this down
[R]ok well...
[R][10:34:11] <[R]> what updated
Penguin_I cannot tell you that as I am not even sure which update did it, I have not tried to play anything with sound for a while, so there has been several updates since I can know for sure when it occured
[R]well if you dont even know when it broke...
Penguin_just about every part of the system at somestage
Penguin_yeah I know that makes it hard
Penguin_I expect we will have to work it through checkign the sound system at each step, but I don't know how to do that
Penguin_no one willing to help me?
ozymandias_well, what did you update from?
ozymandias_what packages updated?
Penguin_the repose
ozymandias_what about them?
Penguin_nothing out the ordinary
Penguin_jus the normal update process
ozymandias_what did you update from?
Penguin_did I not just answer that?
ozymandias_you said 'the repose', which is not all that useful or relevant
ozymandias_what version of fedora were you on before updating?
Penguin_its 27
ozymandias_so 27->27?
ozymandias_see? that is useful information.
ozymandias_now check your logs and find what packages updated
Penguin_but I don't know how far back when the problem came in so that is not goign to help
ozymandias_well, I guess I see doing 'something' as better than 'doing nothing'
ozymandias_good luck figuring it out
ozymandias_if you dont really want help, I am not sure why you are asking for it here
Penguin_I do want help, I am not rejecting your help just don't know what information to give you
ozymandias_I just told you to check your logs to get a list of all the updates you have done
Penguin_how far back though?
ozymandias_having a list of packages that have updated is more info than you have right now....
Penguin_were do I get that
ozymandias_the logs may go back to the initial install, I am not sure what the loc rotation is on those
Penguin_were do I find them
ozymandias_i'd guess at least a month is kept
ozymandias_ /var/log/
Penguin_ok will do that
guideXI'm pretty psyched, installing fedora 27, haven't seen anything newer than fedora 20
ozymandias_guideX, quite a bit has changed
guideXnice! looking forward to it
guideXmy old fedora 20 is fine, but I have a need for up to date os linux now
guideXlinux os
ozymandias_well, its not really 'fine'
ozymandias_unless it is airgapped
guideXI use it primarily for dev purposes
ozymandias_if it is on the internet, it is very very outdated
ozymandias_@eol f20
guideXnah it's in a vm with no access to the internet
fedbotFedora 20 went end of life and no longer supported on 2015-06-23, which was 2 years, 32 weeks, 2 days, 10 hours, 3 minutes, and 13 seconds ago
ozymandias_ah, ok
ozymandias_in that case its not scary outdated ;-)
guideXyeah not too bad :P
guideXbut it's time for a new one now
ozymandias_if it was online, that is horrifying ;-)
guideXI need to work with .net core, it doesn't work at all in f20 it seems like
ozymandias_so many major CVE
Penguin_ozymandias_: what log file woul din be in please
ozymandias_i'd assume dnf
Penguin_I have many dnf.log files
Penguin_a few of the are dated
ozymandias_well, yes?
ozymandias_thats because they are managed by log rotation
Penguin_don't think that really helps though unless I can go back to a previous date somehow and fine out when the problem cam e in
ozymandias_well, if you have a better plan than 'lets see what changed' go for it.
ozymandias_could put a list of possible causes on the wall, and through darts
ozymandias_might ask an astrologer ;-)
Penguin_yeah thats about how I feel at the moment, I have no idea how to track it down, so I figur best way its to go throught the system from kernel up and find out what is at error and that might point at a package
Penguin_is that not a reasonable way to go?
Penguin_hi medfly
medflyhow come https://src.fedoraproject.org/cgit/rpms/openssh.git/tree/openssh-7.3p1-openssl-1.1.0.patch#n126 removes BN_clear_free
medflyjust looking, not sure it's important
Penguin_don't even know what your asking sorry ,medfly
mozzarellahow do I change the speed of my cursor?
strikermozzarella: it depends - which DE are you using?
mozzarellastriker: gnome
strikermozzarella: I found this: https://help.gnome.org/users/gnome-help/stable/mouse-sensitivity.html.en does it help?
mozzarellastriker: no
mozzarellaI already checked there
mozzarellait's not there
strikerhm - I wonder if you might have to use dconf-editor
ledenimozzarella, can you try install'xorg-x11-drv-synaptics-legacy' and try to set speed with'synclient MaxSpeed=2'
ledenimozzarella, just play with synclient MaxSpeed=
DaFiNhello, is it possible to contribute to upgradation of documentation?
DaFiNi see fedora documentation could use some upgradation;
DaFiNolder versions of fedora have very good documentation regarding certain titles
linuxmodderDaFiN, sure is
linuxmodderand /j #fedora-docs and the faas groups/meetings
linuxmodderonly the first one is required to help but the full set is best to stay up to speed and all that
juggler[m]hey linuxmodder
linuxmodderhello pal
DaFiNthanks linuxmodder
juggler[m]linuxmodder :) sent pm.
harmaahyljeHello, I am running into a problem having kernel built with gcc version that is not available anywhere. This makes it impossible to compile 3rd party nvidia drivers. How could I fix this issue?
harmaahylje7.3.1 is the one the kernel was built with, and I only have 7.2.1 available
Phr33d0mharmaahylje that doesnt really make sense, you should be able to build 3rd party modules with any gcc from the tree
harmaahyljeManaged to solve my issue by getting gcc 7.3.1 from testing
Phr33d0mwhat was the exact error you were getting?
harmaahyljethis was dkms related, I can try to dig the error if it still exists in the log
harmaahyljeIf anyone else is having the same issue, this helps: https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/question/117023/kernel-41416-300-gcc-731-dkms-failure-solved/?answer=117044#post-id-117044
harmaahyljePhr33d0m: the log file was overwritten after I got gcc from testing, removed the kernel and reinstalled it
harmaahyljeBut the error went along the lines saying my kernel was compiled with gcc 7.3.1 and only 7.2.1 was available in my system, therefore the nvidia drivers were not able to compile, unless I would have ignored the version mismatch which the log adviced not to do
harmaahyljekernel 4.14.16-300.fc27.x86_64
linuxmodderwhy you need a 7.3.1 compiled kernel ? where was it sourced
harmaahyljeit was shipped from fedora repos
linuxmodderand needed 7.3.1 ?
harmaahyljeit said that it was compiled with 7.3.1 (the dkms error)
linuxmodderI'm on 27 and have not seen similar but dont use dkms much anymore
DaFiNharmaahylje: nvidia you are installing proprietary drivers?
DaFiNuse kmod-nvidia or akmod-nvidia?
harmaahyljeDaFiN: I have it sorted already
DaFiNjust need kernel-devel?
harmaahyljemismatch with gcc version
DaFiNharmaahylje: ok; but, just for information, were you installing proprietary drivers?
harmaahyljeI have them installed already, dkms tried to recompile them for new kernel - I guess
harmaahyljebut was unable to do so because the latest kernel was compiled with gcc7.3.1 (so it said), and my system only had 7.2.1
linuxmodderwhy using dkms when kmod{s}-nvidia ?
harmaahyljeno particular reason, I have had it like this for quite a while
linuxmodderwell consider the more stable method now of kmod(akmods)
harmaahyljegot any link for a tutorial for something? I'm all for it since occasionally I run to problems like this with the current setup
harmaahyljeis that url down?
linuxmoddershould not be
Phr33d0mseems down
linuxmoddernew tool thanks Phr33d0m
linuxmodderbookmarked that site
Phr33d0mglad to be of service
harmaahyljetoo bad rpmfusion is out of service :)
linuxmodderseems back up for me at least
Phr33d0mit's up now, yes
harmaahyljelinuxmodder: it seems to state that wayland does not work by default - this methods seems way more complicated than my current one, so many exceptions
zakoraI would like to report missing dependencies on a package (xdg-utils), could someone tell me what is the recommended way to do this?
zakorardieter: according to https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/xdg-utils you would be package main contributor
Phr33d0mzakora file a bug at bugzilla.redhat.com
zakoraPhr33d0m: thanks, bug filled at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1541980
phillwhi guys and gals, it was rumored that you crazy cats would be the 1st to have the new 4.15 kernel compiled up?
varaindemiananyone guys?
Southern_Gentlemvaraindemian, what
varaindemianSouthern_Gentlem, <varaindemian> Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'rpmfusion-free-updates', disabling.
kwizartvaraindemian, try with --refresh
varaindemiandnf clean all and dnf autoremove did not fix this
kwizartvaraindemian, which repo ?
varaindemian'rpmfusion-free-updates', disabling.
kwizartvaraindemian, which fedora version ?
varaindemianlatest fedora
kwizartvaraindemian, 27 ?
kwizartACTION tries to reproduce
varaindemiankwizart, dnf makecache fixed it
Southern_Gentlemworks here
varaindemiankwizart, also I get this when the computer boots up, right after kernel selection https://imgur.com/a/GaYMA
kwizartvaraindemian, sorry, I can't help whith fixing any fedora issue, you need to ask on forums or #fedora
kwizartvaraindemian, seems like most issue are related to your particular hardware (or firmware at least)
kwizartvaraindemian, you may consider a bios update if any
varaindemiankwizart, asking on #fedora?
varaindemianaren't we on #fedora?
kwizartwell, actually yes, but left
kwizarttoo much open channels
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luminosoi'm creating a repo in copr. sources are different if i386 or x86_64. it converts from a deb package. i need to have two different spec files and build them manually depening on the arch?
Southern_Gentlemluminoso, #fedora-devel
fasslhello, can i somehow fix a stale file handle on a file without rebooting?
bugs_for an nfs mount?
fasslnah, its within a docker container and overlayfs
bugs_never tried that - but in nfs world we sometimes use lazy unmount (umount -l)
bugs_and then remount the volume - have to kill the process and restart it tho
fasslhmm... its weird since i can read the file but not write to it and also nothing is using it according to lsof
fasslbut since it is an apache conf file ill just copy it and prefix it with an underscore to be used instead of the one i cannot edit
ozymandias_bugs_, yea, remount
ozymandias_oops, misread
Southern_Gentlem*** TESTERS needed for F27-20180204 Updated iso Please Join #fedora-respins to help **
Southern_Gentlemlinuxmodder-, stop that :)
sffHi! I'm using Fedora and have some crashing issues, I already asked in ##linux but didn't get an answer so I'm asking here as wel. The issue is explained here: https://paste.linux.community/view/4b63d561 Hopefully someone can take a look and help me out!
Southern_Gentlemsff fpaste --sysinfo
sffSouthern_Gentlem: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/h~11k-T2xFhb8ltvZ4pfoQ
Southern_Gentlemsff, and the game plays in wine or what?
sffNo, it's multiple games. Any Total War game causes an instant freeze, some games like Shadow of Mordor and Paradox games run well with very occasional crashing and others don't crash at all. All of the games are Linux native/ported
Southern_Gentlemso games that require a lot of graphics
sffNot really, that's the thing. Paradox games (EU4 and CK2, maybe you've heard of them) are very CPU intensive but not *that* graphics heavy
Southern_Gentlemno i am not a game player
Southern_Gentlem16G of ram and 8G of swap
guideXwow, my fedora 27 is up and running
Southern_Gentlemso do you have a spindle hard drive or an ssd
sffHDD, no SSD
sffShould I have more swap? Isn't the rule of thumb swap = half your ram?
SpookanguideX: Congrats!
guideXit's my first time in fedora since building my fedora 20, which was an update from fedora 17
Spookanisnt it the double?
Southern_Gentlemsff, the rule used to be 2X your ram in swap but nowadays if you want to suspend you need swamp=ram
sffAh, alright. Do you think that could be the issue?
Southern_Gentlemvideo driver
guideXso is it best to do things in this way? Just trash my old fedora and start over, since I skip so many versions
sffI never installed video drivers, everything *seemed* to work properly after the Fedora installation
ozymandias_sff, what game?
Southern_Gentlemso you installed gnome then install i3 on top of that correct /
sffNo, I did the basic X install (I think that's its name) which installs a bunch of "simple" WMs (i3, xmonad) and last month installed GNOME
sffozymandias_: Total War games, Europa Universalis 4, Crusader Kings 2, Shadow of Mordor
ozymandias_just wanted to check it was a graphics heavy game, as opposed to... kmahjong
Southern_Gentlemmy thinking at this point is either video driver or wayland
Southern_Gentlemand or both combined
sffI didn't test the other games in Xorg, but I did test a Total War game (Medieval 2) in Xorg and the same crash happened
Southern_GentlemguideX, i reinstall every release. i have /home on a separate partition/lvm so i can clean install and be up and running in less than an hour where upgrades can take hours
sffBefore upgrading my hardware (going from a 2011 Intel CPU to my current CPU/MOBO) I did not experience these crashes (I also didn't use Fedora, but I doubt Fedora is the cause) which makes me think it is in fact HW related
Southern_Gentlemsff, and do you have what the error was in the crash
guideXSouthern_Gentlem: oic
Southern_Gentlemsff see that adds more to a video driver issue or wayland
sffWhy? I'm looking for game related logs btw, should I look for system logs instead (where?)
Southern_Gentlemif you are running X then the X log
Southern_Gentlemno idea where wayland is keeping its logs
vurpo"wayland" doesn't make logs, the wayland display server puts its logs wherever it puts them
vurpoif you're using Gnome as the server then that's where Gnome puts its log, i.e. probably in the syslog/journal
sffSo journalctl gets me the logs? I'm frankly not very experienced when it comes to debugging Linux issues haha
vurpoyes, and the "-u unitname" flag lets you decide what systemd unit to look at logs from (if you leave it out then it will show all units)
vurposystemd unit = services, sockets, etc.
hdostSo I have not found anything in the KDE Bugs, but I am having an issue where 27 Live
hdostgets stuck at “Start Terminate Plymouth…"
hdostit’s a 2012 MBP
hdostCore i7 with nVidia Graphics
mox/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lstdc++
moxWhat should I do?
fedbotFedora 24 went end of life and out of support on 2017-08-08 which was 11 weeks, 1 day, 9 hours, 12 minutes, and 8 seconds ago
moxlibstdc++-static did the trick
varaindemianwonder why I get this message when I try to unzip, using the default program for gnome, an archive: An error occurred while loading the archive
ozymandias_not a zip file?
ozymandias_invalid file name?
ozymandias_wrong permissions?
ozymandias_not a zip file?
varaindemianit s a zip
ozymandias_you checked? or assume based on the extension?
varaindemianI downloaded it from dropbox (automatically converted by dropboz to a zip)
ozymandias_i'd validate that it is a zip first
ozymandias_file FILE
varaindemianI downloaded many others and they all were zips
ozymandias_and then mkdir tmp; cd tmp; unzip../FILE
ozymandias_so you are assuming it is a zip
ozymandias_i'd validate that
varaindemianwhere FILE is thae name of the file?
varaindemianincluding the .zip format?
ozymandias_file is the filename.
ozymandias_well, FILE is the filename
varaindemianwell the name is "ELA SEM 1 - SURVIVAL KIT [MS].zip"
varaindemianis anything wrong with it?
ozymandias_I have no idea?
ozymandias_i dont understand the question
varaindemianozymandias_, Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract
ozymandias_ok, now unzip it
N3LRXmaybe the whitespace in the filename is an issue.
ozymandias_could be
ozymandias_we will see if its the file or the tool shortly
ozymandias_might also be the [] in the filename
Southern_Gentlemit left
ozymandias_he tends to do that
ozymandias_varaindemian, so, how did it go?
ozymandias_ACTION pokes varaindemian 
ozymandias_guess varaindemian didn't really want help
FireRogueHi. The other day I used dnf autoremove and didn't really look at what packages it removed, and now a whole lot of bad is happening. Can somebody help me get my system working again? (Biggest issue is that wifi is dead)
ozymandias_look in /var/log/dnf.log to see what was removed
FireRogueI have that list
FireRogueI'm just not sure what I actually need to reinstall
FireRogueand also I assume that manually reinstalling them all is a bad idea, because then they'll all be marked as user-install and hang around as dead cruft despite being random dependenices
ozymandias_could start with everything
ozymandias_i see
N3LRX"sudo dnf history list" find the transaction you made and then "sudo dnf history undo xxx" (xxx being the number of the transaction)
ozymandias_oh, nice!
FireRogueI'm getting the error "No package NetworkManager-ppp-1:1.8.4-7.fc27.x86_64 available."
FireRogueAlso, as an aside, digging around trying to fix this myself, I found a whole bunch of packages with the .fc22-.fc26 extension. What's up with that? (I'm on fedora 27)
Southern_GentlemFireRogue, so you dnf upgraded overtime and didnt cleanup afterwards?
Southern_Gentlemthere are f26 rpms in the f27 repos
FireRogueare there f22 rpms?
Southern_Gentlemso to answer your question we would need to know what package
Southern_GentlemFireRogue, fpaste --sysinfo
Southern_Gentlemand also what repos you have etc
varaindemianozymandias_, I still can't unzip it
varaindemianI was searching on google but with no success
FireRoguewhat repos i have would be `dnf repolist`?
Southern_Gentlemvaraindemian, can you open it in your filemanager (right click open with archive manager )
varaindemianozymandias_, I tried to unzip it using file roller and it said: there was an error: 'nameOfTheZip': null
varaindemianSouthern_Gentlem, nop
FireRogueIt looks like it couldnt find NetworkManager-ppp because there's a newer version. I guess I'll just install that manually?
Southern_GentlemFireRogue, that fpaste shows your repos
Southern_GentlemFireRogue, and you are running about 3 kernels behind as well
FireRogueoh, the order of lines made it sound like you wanted the repos in addition to fpaste
FireRoguewell that's unfortunate
FireRogueI'm pretty sure I did a dnf update like last week
Southern_Gentlemso your intel wireless is not working correct?
FireRogueprobably because I deleted all sorts of firmwares
FireRogueI manually reinstalled the one intel's website said was the correct one
N3LRXvaraindemian, rename the file to something sane. remove all white space and the [] and try again.
Southern_Gentlemdo you have your /home on a separate partition/lvm?
FireRoguebut sudo /etc/init.d/network restart failed
Southern_Gentlemas it sound
FireRogueSouthern_Gentlem, Yeah
FireRoguewhen I say manually, I mean through dnf (I'm tethering off my phone right now)
Southern_Gentlemsudo systemctl restart NetworkManager
Southern_Gentlemas it shound
Southern_Gentlemnetwork controls ethernet
Southern_GentlemNM controls wireless
varaindemianN3LRX, I renamed it on dropbox, downloaded it with the saneName.zip and I have the same null error
Southern_Gentlemvaraindemian, rename it on your box not dropbox
Southern_Gentlemsudo systemctl restart NetworkManager
Southern_GentlemNM controls wireless
FireRogueI did that
Southern_Gentlemok did your wireless come back
FireRogueI didn't see any output to terminal, and the settings GUI is still complaining about no adapters
varaindemianSouthern_Gentlem, same
Southern_Gentlemvaraindemian, what command are you using please
Southern_GentlemFireRogue, so what rpms had f22
varaindemianSouthern_Gentlem, for unziping?
Southern_Gentlemvaraindemian, yep and what Desktop Environment are you using
FireRoguepm-utils, python-pyblock, telepathy-haze
FireRoguepm-utils from @updates, the other two from @System
varaindemian<pre>Archive: backupRadulescu.zipEnd-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is nota zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In thelatter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found onthe last disk(s) of this archive.unzip: cannot find zipfile directory in one of backupRadulescu.zip orbackupRadulescu.zip.zip, and cannot find backupRadulescu.zip.ZIP, period.</pre>
varaindemianusing unzip backupRadulescu
FireRoguegonna try manually installing the more recent version of NetworkManager-ppp and restart NetworkManager again. Might nuke my connection again
Southern_GentlemFireRogue, ok i am not finding pm-utils in the repos but the other 2 programs you listed show f22
FireRogueso basically, its totally fine that they're .fc22?
Southern_GentlemFireRogue, yes the python-pyblock and telepathy-haze are shown in the f27 repo as f22 packages
FireRogueI just came across it and figured something must be wrong. But if that's normal than I'm ok
Southern_Gentlemso you have 2 ways to go at this point you can set there and retry to install everything you removed or download the updated iso and reinstall
FireRogueI'm gonna try restarting my computer
FireRogue@Southern_Gentlem, thanks for the help. When I saw .fc22 I figured something must be off, but if thats normal then I'm happy. Im going to try restarting and see if that fixes my wifi troubles
Southern_GentlemFireRogue, i was going to suggest you grab the updated isos and test with that
FireRogueTethered to my phone, my download speed is measured in kB/s, I'd rather avoid having do dl an iso if I can
Southern_Gentlem*** TESTERS needed for F27-20180204 Updated iso Please Join #fedora-respins to help **
FireRogue517Ok! I guess we just missed the exact command or something something kernel, because wifi is back after the restart!
FireRogue517Thanks a bunch for the help you two
Southern_Gentlemdnf update
Southern_Gentlemi do suggest to people to have the updated isos on hand so if they blow something up they have ways to troubleshoot and or reinstall if needed
FireRogue517I'll try to do that at some point
FireRogue517Do you know of a good way to just go through all the packages on your system and get rid of everything that's old and useless? I was hoping to do that with dnf autoremove, but that didn't quite work
Southern_GentlemFireRogue517, i usually do that by reinstall when i change releases
FireRogue517In that case I'll just wait
FireRogue517Probably going to replace this laptop some time soon anyways
Southern_Gentlemyes you will still have some packages that you really dont need but hd space is very cheap now a days
diogeneseyes it is and loving it :)
FireRogue517Up until sooner that I'm willing to admit I was still running f25, and having to double upgrade everything took so long that i started to wonder if i really do need all of the ~3k packages on my computer
Southern_Gentlema disabling of your third party repos and a distro-sync may help you in the long run
FireRogue517and then a couple days ago PackageKit filled my root partition, so I went on a bit of an inquisition
Southern_GentlemFireRogue517 take a look at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DNF_system_upgrade#Optional_post-upgrade_tasks
Southern_Gentlemwell that would be an easy clear the cache out of /var
FireRogue517Yeah, doing that was the easy part
Southern_Gentlemmyself i have /var outside of / because i build the updated isos
FireRogue517but between the two events I just described, I wanted to minimalize my system
FireRogue517I've had this laptop for a long time, So I imagine I'm carrying around a lot of old stuff
Southern_Gentlemto me not running gnome helps with that
FireRogue517You're working off a server?
Southern_Gentlemnope this a desktop
FireRogue517what's it doing with a Xeon core? Isnt that Intel's server line?
Southern_Gentlemalso you can put them in Desktops
justyntHello all, I have found a bug with the Unofficial firefox flatpak repository, where would be the best place to report this?
Southern_Gentlemdual xeon with 4 cores and 32g of ram
Southern_Gentlemthat registry
FireRogue517I actually used xfce for a really long time, but then a friend who's a gnome developer got me to try out gnome, and tbh, after I installed a whole bunch of extensions, I liked it and got used to it, so I never switched back
FireRogue517Also just the fact that it hasn't been updated in forever
Southern_Gentlemi used gnome for years until gnome3 came out and it just doesnt work for my workflow i am now using mate
Southern_GentlemFireRogue517, i build a lots of vms with this machine and i really need to learn libvirt
FireRogue517Good Luck?
vurpognome right now is very different from gnome 3 when it came out
justyntlibvirt is great, currently using it to build virtual machines on a dedicated server. The great thing about using virt-manager from my desktop -> dedi, is that the drawing of the screen is done on the client, so its super responsive
FireRogue517Out of curiosity, is there an easy way to install multiple desktop environments and switch between them?
muepyes just install as many as you want and the login screen programs let you choose which to start at login time
phillwHi, is fedora 27 auto partitions 3 partitions
eagles0513875_phillw: heyo
phillwhi eagles0513875_
eagles0513875_hey all I have a question for you all. KVM where does it store the vms? the default location seems to be full on my system and I want to change the locations where ti stores the vm's what am I missing
Sokeleagles0513875_: /var/lib/libvirt generally. the configs sit in /etc/libvirt
eagles0513875_Sokel: how can i change the location where the vm's are stored
bramgneagles0513875_: you're using virt-manager to manage them? You can create a new storage pool from virt-manager to store your VMs
eagles0513875_bramgn: O_o will dig into that
eagles0513875_bramgn: how
bramgneagles0513875_: right click on the host from virt-viewer, then open storage tab
bramgneagles0513875_: right click → details → storage
eagles0513875_bramgn: what if the host is my local laptop?
bramgneagles0513875_: shouldn't be any difference in storage management
eagles0513875_thanks bramgn
FireRogue517So I've been following Southern's advice and going through that list, and when i do dnf list --extras, a package called libreswan shows up. I've got version 3.22 installed, and when I google it it seems like version 3.23 is in the f27 updates repo, but I can't get my computer to find it. Even running `sudo dnf --refresh update libreswan` says there's nothing to do. Any ideas what's going on?
FireRogue517nevermind, now it is showing up
elxaany firewall-cmd experts here? I have a service listening on two ports, one bound on, the other bound on . Do I need a firewall rule for both ports or just the public interface?
Southern_Gentlemelxa, well at this point you only have host only
Southern_Gentlemelxa telling us more of what you are trying to do will help the most
elxaSouthern_Gentlem: it's a znc server(irc bouncer) listening on two ports and a locally running bot is supposed to connect via
ozymandias_just toss the bot ont he public port
CharlieBrownThis bug still exists in F27: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1444554
CharlieBrownCannot boot Fedora 27 in Libreboot.
Southern_GentlemCharlieBrown, so file a new bug that one was for f25 which is EOL
Southern_Gentlemalso we have seen if you give the black screen time it sometimes recovers unless you are booting nvidia on gnome which is using wayland
Southern_GentlemCharlieBrown, test using the updated lives on https://tx/fspin.org/Testing/20180204
frederfredIs there a straightforward way of blacklisting auto-mount of a specific USB partition?
muepnot sure if it works, but perhaps add it to fstab with the noauto option
frederfred(i.e. as mounted to /run/media/[username]/[part-id])
frederfredmuep yeah but doesn't that involve hardcoding a mount point because of the fstab format?
muepyes but if you are not using that entry anyway, you could just make up something to that field
frederfredmuep yeah but then if I want to mount it for some reason manually, it is hardcoded and bypasses automatic mount point rules etc., just seems hacky/brittle
frederfredIf it's the only way then fair enough, I'm hoping to get a definitive "there's no udisks Right Way" first before I go down that route
muepI do not know udisks well enough to tell if there is a way or not
frederfredYeah me neither, sadly doesn't seem to be a udisks2/storaged IRC channel
muepfrederfred: this has something that seems like it could work https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/udev#Some_devices.2C_that_should_be_treated_as_removable.2C_are_not
frederfredHmm looks promising thanks muep :)
frederfredBut linking to the enemy's (far superior) wiki? :D
frederfredJoking ozymandias_ ;)
muepjust a funny way to spell "ally"
ozymandias_indeed, muep
frederfredNo no, distros have to be a holy war
frederfredNo collaboration :D
ozymandias_as long ans they default to vi, they are our allies.
frederfredWhat about tabs vs. spaces
ozymandias_who cares?
hdostQuick question, if I’m trying to get additional information upon boot, is replacing “quiet” with “debug” sufficient in the boot screen?
hdostI know just taking away quite will add a little bit
frederfredNo no ozymandias_, pick a side, and defend it to the death
muephdost: remove the rhqb option
mueper, rhgb
muephdost: I'd not recommend adding debug. either just remove quiet or replace it with "verbose" instead of debug
ozymandias_frederfred, who cares? just copy your vimrc onto the host
frederfredDammit how am I supposed to start pointless bikeshedding arguments if people keep being sensible and conciliatory
ozymandias_start using emacs?
frederfredWindows 95 Notepad FTW
ozymandias_its easy to find people to point out you are wrong when you use emacs :-D
muepmaybe the friendly bikeshedding would still be better off at #fedora-social
ozymandias_hard to reply to them until you grown a few extra fingers, though
drakonisbikeshedding eyyyyyy
drakonisyou want that? you go look at the bsds, its like one giant collection of bikesheds
drakonisits super easy to bikeshed there
frederfredmuep looks tentatively like that was exactly what I wanted, thanks!
muepfrederfred: nice to hear!
frederfredJust setting UDISKS_AUTO to 0
frederfredI'd call it the "right way" :)
hdostmuep: Thank you, now if only I could figure out what is going on...
Southern_Gentlemhdost, well tell us what is going on and maybe we can help
hdostSouthern_Gentlem: https://youtu.be/I7j9t2ZR7yo
hdostMy startup
hdostKinda hard to read, but it seems to stop booting after nf_connftrack
hdostwell part of the problem is that I can’t even get it booting
hdostthis is the live cd
Southern_Gentlemwhich live
hdostIt’s a 2012 MBP with Corei7 and an nVidia Graphics card. I’m attempting to install the KDE 27 Spin
Southern_Gentlemwhich f27 kde iso
hdostoh .. sorry
hdostFedora-KDE-Live-x86_64-27-1.6 < Full name
Southern_Gentlemtry this one https://tx.fspin.org/Testing/20180204
Southern_Gentlemthis will save you about 850M of updates after you install
Southern_Gentlemalso have you tried troubleshooting boot with basic video
Southern_Gentlemtaxi time
hdostSouthern_Gentlem: https://youtu.be/R2j6x6rPsfo
hdostsame issue, this is in basic video mode
hdostand verbose
zoidHowdy! I recently wiped my laptop running Fedora 26 and did a clean install of Fedora 27. My laptop is a Thinkpad T420, and I frequently use the docking station. However with Fedora 27 whenever I shut the lid to my laptop it suspends instead of keeping the display on the monitor attached to the dock. Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?
zoidFigured it out! edited logind.conf and modified the "docked" line.
bramgni'm doing test installations and would like to have a local (private) mirror. Is mirrormanager the way to go for this?
bramgnor is there an easier / more straight forward way to make packages available locally?
vedranmanyone using rsync observed any weird bugs with 3.1.3 that weren't there in 3.1.2? I get error 11 under a particular condition when mirroring Fedora with q-f-m, I'm just curious if anyone has anything similar to report