ernelsonHey folks, with recent Firefox releases, I've been unable to play pocketcasts from the browser -- ostensibly pulseaudio is required, but I have it installed.
ernelsonIs this a common problem?
iLogicradiofree: wtf dude
Erealzello ello
Evidlocan I specify fallback urls in repos.d if a mirror goes down?
kk4ewtby editing the repo file
kk4ewtlike use the baseurl that is in most repos
kk4ewtor you can point it at mirror of your choice
Evidlobaseurl is commented out in fedora.repo. there's metalink
kk4ewtright comment the metalink and uncomment the baseurl
kk4ewtsame in the updates repo
Evidlothen do I add multiple baseurl lines?
kk4ewtjust use the baseurl it is mirrorlist
EvidloI wanted to add a nonofficial mirror then fall back to an official if it goes offline
kk4ewtwhy go to an unoffical mirror when you can actually get a real mirror
kk4ewtthe one i use is
kk4ewtthe one i use is
Phr33d0mkk4ewt extra packages? patched packages? local mirror? there are many reasons
Evidlobecause I have a gigabit connection to this mirror
kk4ewtPhr33d0m, i work at VT so i have gigabit to my desktop
kk4ewtPhr33d0m, when one mirror is down there are plenty of official mirrors to pull from
Phr33d0mI was answering the 'why go to an unofficial mirror' question
kk4ewtso an unofficail mirror is most likely out of sync
kk4ewti have a portable mirror that i take to events
Phr33d0m(it's not the case but...) his unofficial mirror might have patched packages he's interested in, or more packages than the official one or he has 20 fedora systems at home and has a dedicated system as a repo
kk4ewtthen he can create his own mirror (rsync is easy)
Phr33d0mthe unofficial mirror would only have the patched (or extra) packages and then dnf would pull everything else from the 'backup' mirror
kk4ewtPhr33d0m, but he was talking when the official mirror is down but that is just it if he is using the baseurl the only way its down is if his internet connection is down
kk4ewtor least the way i was understanding his question
axk4545kk4ewt: if the box that mirrorlist points him at is dead...
kk4ewtaxk4545, thats it i have never seen the baseurl to be dead but the metalink has been known to have some out of sync mirrors at times
Evidloso can I specify multiple mirrors with priority or not?
axk4545kk4ewt: right. but if he hardcodes a mirror then that mirror may end up out of sync
kk4ewtaxk4545, i am not staying hardcode just uncomment the baseurl that already exists in the repo file at this point
Evidloso baseurl accepts space separated urls
axk4545kk4ewt: but you would hardcode to force a mirror if for example you are on the RIT or the VT campus since that is gegraphically closest...
kk4ewtaxk4545, and i do if i am having issues (geoip should take me there anyways)
Evidlothe dnf docs say that baseurl is a list of space separated strings
linuxmodderEvidlo, the individual urls are not space separated, not the sections of the urls
Evidloare not?
Ionic_*sigh* the fc26 i686 repo is broken again, somehow the repo metadata is not in sync with the content
Ionic_I really wonder why I hit this so often
[R]because x86 is ded and no one cares
Ionic_it's a secondary architecture now, yeah
Ionic_but still, doesn't this hint at a general infrastructure problem?
Ionic_at least the x86_64 repos (base and updates) seem to always behave well, but x86 is like... updates breaks every few weeks due to stale metadata
sdgathmanIonic_: you can also get out of date metadata using squid to cache the repo. Try using --refresh on the dnf command.
Foxfir3anyone running ocroid or expressobin here?
Foxfir3Got a Pi 3 B from school, but I dont really see that thing doing much. Considering alternatives, but It would be nice with RHEL.
mwdwhat do you want to do with it?
kk4ewtFoxfir3, i dont think there is a rhel port for a raspi
mwdas i understand it they're pretty powerful
kk4ewtthey are ok
Foxfir3I would like to run some docker and code some rust on It.
Foxfir3kk4ewt: what? is it unrealistisc do you think?
Foxfir3mwd: so I can safely run fedora arm on this pi 3 b?
mwdnot sure, haven't tried it
mwd"We currently only support the Raspberry Pi Model B versions 2 and 3."
mwdsounds like a match to me
Foxfir3that definately sounds like a match
kk4ewtFoxfir3, yes i think trying to run docker on a pi is unrealistic
rolandbeowulfI was attempting to install tftp and get dnsmasq to enable PXE on my fedora server, when suddenly my ssh key has stopped working, and I simply cannot figure out why. I've tried changing the keys but it didn't work. How can i troubleshoot this issue?
kk4ewtlook at your logs firewall selinux
mwdrolandbeowulf, can you ssh with -vvvv to see if it throws some useful debug messages?
rolandbeowulfWhat most sticks out to me is Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information No Kerberos credentials available
rolandbeowulfThat seems to be the only thing that really sticks out
kk4ewtwhy would it need kerberos
Foxfir3kk4ewt: thanks :) okay. So I should consider Odroid or expressobin. a little confusing as to what to choose, and apparently they dont like Fedora very much.
mwddid the permissions on your authorized keys get changed?
rolandbeowulfi've tried changing permissions on the relevent keys and files but it doesnt seem to accomplish much
mwdincluding 700 on .ssh?
rolandbeowulfIll try it now to be sure
rolandbeowulfNo luck
Foxfir3rolandbeowulf: I just ran into a similar issue. Fedora 27 server. Keys and permissions doublechecked, but no cigar.
jidaris there any way to force the use of a new mirror?
rolandbeowulfFor reference I am on Fedora 25
rolandbeowulfFedora Server
jidarI'm getting about 50kb/s on 1gbit :(
mwdyou could turn off GSSAPI auth
kk4ewtjidar, edit your repo file and use the baseurl instead of the metalink
fedbotFedora 25 will go end of life and no longer supported on 2017-12-12 which is 7 weeks, 5 days, 21 hours, 14 minutes, and 18 seconds ago from now
mwdalso thats a good point, you're in the accumulating security bugs era now
[R]someone needs to teach that bot how to use proper tenses
rolandbeowulfoops - im used to ubuntu/debian release cycles!
rolandbeowulfThis is on a private server so no big deal but better keep an eye on that from now on
jidarkk4ewt: a marginal speed increase, from 50kb/s to 90kb/s, feels like it's hitting the same mirror
jidarI did enable fastestmirror in dnf.conf
jidar(to no benifit)
rolandbeowulfIs there anything I can add to my dotfiles to warn me about upcoming end-of-life?
kk4ewtfedora releases have roughly 13 month support
kk4ewtwhen you see your release +2 come out you know that yours is on life support
rolandbeowulfDefinitely should implement some sort of warning to my dotfiles in that case
rolandbeowulfI just upgraded the server to 26, no luck I'm afraid. Still Kerberos error.
rolandbeowulfDisabling GSS authentication now
rolandbeowulfno change
travisfwhow do I access folders that are shared with me via google drive, after signing into my account in the "Online Accounts" settings panel
travisfwI only seem to see my own folders, but I need to upload to a folder that's shared with me
rajivmarswhy plymouth boot logo of of fedora is now showing during boot? only three small square dots are seen instead.
rajivmarsis there a way to get make the plymouth boot logo show during boot?
rajivmarsis there a way to make the plymouth boot logo show during boot?
seth_reaverMost likely due to your graphics settings
rajivmarsseth_reaver, is there a way to solve it?
rajivmarsit shows most of the times during shutting down but during boot it never shown up.
sibyakinrajivmars: you should try plymouth-set-default-theme -R charge
rajivmarssibyakin, i have tried but no luck. infact i have tried two or three other themes as well but no luck.
zakoraI accidently broke my Fedora system: I attempted to get a newer version of mpv through rawhide (I am currently on F27), I used "dnf --enablerepo=rawhide --enablerepo=rpmfusion-free-rawhide --best install mpv" and after some testing decided to revert by doing "dnf history undo 417"
zakoraI noticed that glibc was being downgraded
zakoraAfter that, my system went unresponsive, the mouse was mostly freezing, and there was no more "power off" option in the Gnome menu
zakoraNow I can't boot into my system, I am stuck on the fedora logo without an option to log in
zakoraI tried to get more information by setting "verbose" in grub, and when I boot it is stuck on "Starting switch root"
zakoraI also tried to use the Fedora rescue option in Grub, and I have some error messages: "no /sbin/init, trying fallback" and "failed to execute /bin/sh, giving up No such file or directory"
zakoraHere are the dnf logs: and , at the end there are some errors about glibc
zakoraDoes anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
sbrozzakora: try booting using the Live image, it could be easier to fix it that way
zakorasbroz: I booted a Live image and could mount the filesystem, but I don't know what to do next
sbrozare you able to chroot to your install?
sbrozdoes dnf/yum/rpm work in there?
zakoraI didn't try to chroot, how does it work? Should I mount /, /boot, and /home first?
sbrozif you mount the root of your install to e.g. /sysroot, mount proc to /sysroot/proc and bind mount devfs to /sysroot/dev
sbrozthen try chrooting to sysroot
sbrozI don't think you'll need /boot and /home
zakoraok, I'll try that now
arinovFF startup is so looong
arinovdozens of seconds
zakorasbroz: Hmm I am getting "chroot: failed to run command ‘/bin/bash’: No such file or directory"
zakoraeventhough /bin/bash is here both in the live image and in /mnt/sysimage/bin/bash
sbrozif you do ldd /bin/bash outside your chroot, do you see all the libs inside your chroot?
sbrozcheck if e.g. libc is even there
zakorasbroz: ldd gives libs in /lib64/
zakorasbroz: looks like /mnt/sysimage/lib64/ is a broken symlink
sbrozis that the content of your /mnt/sysimage/lib64?
zakorano, it is the output of "find /mnt/sysimage/lib64 -xtype l"
sbrozwhat does points to?
zakorathe full content is here:
zakorait points to
zakorawhich is not in /mnt/sysimage/lib64
zakora(appears on red background using "ll")
sbrozso your libc install is broken, that's why everything fails
sbrozI wonder if getting the latest glibc rpm and installing it using --installroot could fix that?
sbrozor even fixing it manually, file by file
zakoraok, I'll try to find a way to reinstall it
hardfalconhi, is there any way to prevent yum/dnf from restarting autofs during system updates?
hardfalconI have about two dozen machines where every user's home is mounted using autofs, and every time I roll out an update for the autofs package, the brain-dead postinstall action tries to restart the autofs daemon, which obviously fails since users are logged in, leaving me with no choice but rebooting all machines
zakorasbroz: it worked!! thanks you so much for your help, you made my day
sbrozzakora: you've fixed it yourself! be proud!
zakorain the end I did: dnf --installroot=/mnt/sysimage reinstall glibc glibc-devel glibc-headers glibc-langpack-en glibc-common
zakorasbroz: :)
QemicsHello Guys!
Qemicswhy isnt the fedora team updating the chromium package in the official repository? the new updates containts important security/bug fixes and yet gnome software center shows me that chromium is still on 62.0.3239.108
PersiQemics: As far as I can tell it's 63.0.3239.108
PersiTry dnf update --refresh chromium on a terminal
PersiIt could just be your cache
respawn1hello. I want to install Fedora Server on an SD Card to be used on a PC Engine APU 1D4. It is headless, so I would like to use the VNC option. Can anyone guide me in configuring it?
QemicsPersi: I did dnf clean all but you re were right chromium is still on 63.0.3239.108
respawn1 I want to install Fedora Server on an SD Card to be used on a PC Engine APU 1D4. It is headless, so I would like to use the VNC option. Can anyone guide me in configuring it?
PersiQemics: Looks like the last submitted package is from a couple months ago
respawn1or maybe there's a preinstalled image somewhere
Qemicshmm too bad i want to use certain addons and chrome is not an option for me since it google bundles it with unwanted software
AppelonDIs there a place I can download the full ISO of Fedora 27, and NOT just the Live or netinst ?
PersiQemics: I take it those addons don't work on firefox?
PersiAppelonD: Here are the torrents:
PersiWhat you want is most likely fedora workstation live
AppelonDPersi, Not if I want the full DVD with all included ;-) for a offline installation
QemicsPersi: yep
Qemicsyou ll have to download your desired by yourself when you have one of these desktop environments installed since fedora itself ships only free software
Southern_Gentlem*** TESTERS needed for F27-20180204 Updated iso Please Join #fedora-respins to help **
Asakogood morning. There appears to be a conflict between the gstreamer1-plugins-ugly and gstreamer1-plugins-ugly-free packages.
AsakoIs there a way to resolve this?
Southern_GentlemAsako, remove the later update the first one and then reinstall the later
Southern_Gentlemcheck your version # there
AsakoSouthern_Gentlem: yeah, I see they're different
Asakodifferent repos too
Asakocould also be our mirrors out of sync, blah
Southern_Gentlemdo dnf info on those packages
Southern_Gentlemremove the later and then update the one from the repos
Asakoneither package is installed
Southern_Gentlemits newer so i suspect it was suppose obsolute the other one
Asakoseems that way. dnf info doesn't show what it obsoletes
Southern_Gentlemthe one in the fedora repos is the newest so i suspect that rpm was ported over from rpmfusion
AsakoSouthern_Gentlem: thanks. I'll update our puppet manifests to fix it.
Southern_GentlemAsako, or remove the rpmfusion one from your repo
Asakoyeah, I could exclude the package too
ufohello, i have an SELinux question... is it possible to find out what process was using a particular PID when the PID doesn't exist anymore?
ufotrying to figure out which process was trying to read this file and causing an access error
Southern_Gentlemufo what does the setroubleshooter tell you to do
ufooh wait, the alert browser says process abrt-action-gen
squarebracketif my keyboard doesn't respond to VT switches but I can still ssh to it, what has crashed?
wahibdonwhy does the software UI say I have updates but dnf upgrade --refresh give me nothing?
cmayswahibdon: is it a fedora version upgrade? Those show up in the software UI but not dnf
billingsfwupd also shows up in the software UI, iirc
hvxgrHow do I create desktop 'Activities' shortcut to 'Sound settings' in gnome/fedora 27 (ie the 'sound' sub menu of settings)?
grifthvxgr, not sure but i suppose i suppose you could try to create a shell script that calls `gnome-control-center sound`, and if needed create a desktop file for the script, then gnome should automatically pick that up
ovrh_Hey everyone, are there other steps other than disabling repos to make the chances of a successful upgrade of Fedora increase?
hvxgrgrift: Thx. Issue is when sound is screwed up, say for phone call or video call, I want quick/1 click access.
grifthvxgr, from a shell try `gnome-control-center sound` (see man gnome-control-center) and see if thats what you are looking for
ovrh_hvxgr, you can try installing the gnome extension "Sound input & output device chooser"
griftif it is, then wrap it in a script ,create accompanying .desktop file and it should show up
Southern_Gentlemovrh_ take a look at
Southern_Gentlemovrh_, read that whole page but yes disableing third party repos help but if you have a fedy infection do a clean install
Southern_Gentlemovrh_, fpaste --sysinfo
hvxgrgrift and ovrh_: I think a bash 1 line function that runs: gnome-control-center sound& # is all I need. Thanks. (did not know about 'gnome-control-center')
ovrh_Southern_Gentlem, Thank you, looking right now. I never used fedy though, was advised against and never even tried since I installed last time
ovrh_Southern_Gentlem, Here's the fpaste (assuming that's what you meant)
Ionic_some rpm package seems to be missing a dependency on rpm-build-libs in fc27-updates :/
Southern_Gentlemovrh_, that shows you are on f27 so what upgrade are you trying to do
Southern_GentlemIonic_, file bugzillas
Southern_Gentlemposting it here does nothing
Ionic_Southern_Gentlem: I know, I know, just checking if someone else ran into it
Southern_Gentlemovrh_, do you mean dnf upgrade aka dnf update
Southern_Gentlemif so what issues are you running into
ovrh_Southern_Gentlem, Just regular update of the OS. I've been lagging behind because last time I updated stuff broke
Southern_Gentlemyes you are behind 4.13 kernel and we are on 4.14.16
Southern_Gentlemovrh_, so try it and see if it give you any issues sudo dnf update
Southern_Gentlemyou might want to add a --refresh to that as well
ovrh_Southern_Gentlem, JO, just that? No other steps from that wiki?
Southern_Gentlemovrh_, nope
Southern_Gentlemupgrade i mistaken the issue for a dnf system-upgrade
Southern_Gentlemwhen its only a update
ovrh_Oh okay, I'll do that then, hopefully it's smooth
ovrh_Brb with the results
cbx33From koji how do I find out who to contact WRT a failed build on a package
Southern_Gentlemcbx #fedora-devel #fedora admin
Southern_Gentlemor the maintainer of said package
Southern_Gentlemcbx33, koji should show whom started the build
rdietercbx33: my top 2 suggestions: email <pkg>, or file a bug
socommI'm trying to write a windows ISO to USB. Any suggestions? dd and cat don't work well.
socommAsking for a friend.
rdietersocomm: <offtopic>last I recall, microsoft provided a custom tool to do that
cbx33thanks guys
prussianotherwise learn to grub and just make a giant ESP and then have grub chainboot the windows EFI stuff
socommrdieter: They do ....... for windows.
rdietersocomm: as far as I know, that's the only way
prussianok well woeusb
prussianit's evne in the fedora repos
socommrdieter: .........
socommprussian: Thank you for the suggestions, checking it out now.
prussianno, it isn't. that's utter bs. it's jsut that the iso widnows gives uses ntfs which makes it not efi compliant. I imagine the windows tools does weird bs to make it magically work. for dvd burning, it probably relys on eltorito
socommI'm not sure but there are instructions on how to do it manually on windows -- pretty much format the USB to fat32, make it bootable, and copy over the content.
prussianmaking a giant ESP generally works. but for windows server 2016, where the archives they use exceed 4GiB, it does not, and then you gotta get into weird grub magic to make it work. thankfully grub can read ntfs
prussiansocomm: basically
socommI would not be surprised if thats all the windows tool does.
prussiansame concept
prussianthat's pretty much what woeusb does
socommNice, trying now. Thanks again for the tip.
FroL_OnnHello there! Does anyone use multiple kbrd layouts? I've started experiencing micro freeze of kbd after switching from one to another.
FroL_OnnBy microfreezes I mean that up to two-three letters typed right after a layout was switched do not get recognized, registered and printed.
FroL_Onnhm... anyone here?
dowdleFroL_Onn: So wait a few seconds for it to settle. Does that help? Only 736 nicks here.
FroL_Onndowdle: 1) Well, yeah, it does, however it is a new behavior of layout switcher )=
Southern_Gentlembugzilla welcome
FroL_OnnI've seen the number, but it is so quiet here)
FroL_Onnright) will do it)
samlfirefox does not play audio anymore. is this firefox's problem or fedora's?
samlI have pulseaudio working
Southern_Gentlemor a pecak
samllooks like firefox problem. chromnium plays audio fine
Southern_Gentlemsetting sound and be sure the correct sound device is enabled and do the speaker test
Southern_Gentlemalso select the correct output
Mac101hi does fedora wipe /tmp at any kind or intervals?
muepMac101: it is a tmpfs so it will at the very least be clean on every boot
mebus"file /usr/bin/debuginfo-install from install of dnf-utils-2.1.5-1.fc27.noarch conflicts with file from package yum-utils-1.1.31-513.fc27.noarch" <- what can I do to fix this?
Mac101hmm but do any wipes happen between boots?
muepMac101: of that I have no idea but maybe someone else does have
ozymandias_rh traditionally only does it at boots -- or whenever the admin decides to wipe it
ozymandias_it doesnt automaticalyl clean it up, but it is supposed to be safe to delete anything you want
mebus - *hmpf*
SokelAnyone have any suggestions on fixing gnome notifications showing "&#" codes for apostrophes?
respawn1hello. Does anyone know how I can set up plex server on Fedora Server?
mebusrespawn1: try google first?
respawn1mebus: but how do I set it up for Fedora Server? using root or the admin?
Sokelrespawn1: this isn't related to fedora. please read the support article that was linked to you. -
SokelEasy google searches.
Southern_Gentlemrespawn1, you needing help installing third party is not a fedora issue
Erealzuse ubuntu or arch for third part software installing way less me.
respawn1Southern_Gentlem: I don't need help installing it, I need guidance as to which user should be running it on Fedora Server (given the issue of SELinux and the danger of installing it as root).
respawn1Erealz: I am coming to that conclusion too
Erealzredhat and fedora and iv used since 6.2 redhat has been a third party software crapshoot! period
Southern_Gentlemrespawn1, how is installing any service as root any different than with sudo
Southern_Gentlemit isnt
Southern_Gentlemand you can make create your own selinux policies to run stuff on YOUR box
Erealztrust me if you need to install all of the software you ever want fedora isnt the way. not unless you want to age b4 your time.
steelstring94After writing and gzipping my own manpage, and moving it to /usr/local/share/man/man1, and running mandb, I still get a no manual entry message when I try to run the man command on my manpage.
Erealzor your a super linux guru and most of us are novice user who are done with windows world
steelstring94I also tried it with the manpage in /usr/share/man/man1, same thing.
Southern_GentlemErealz, i am a winblows admin in my dayjob
Erealzewww gross do you take daily shower and play "do you really want to hurt me" in the background
Southern_Gentlemrespawn1, there is even an rpm is you read the documentation you have been pointed to
CharlieBrownSouthern_Gentlem: tx/ does not exist.
Erealzace vantura and crying game nod
Southern_GentlemCharlieBrown, does
CharlieBrownSouthern_Gentlem: No NVidia here. Libreboot machines do not have them.
Southern_Gentlem*** F28-20180204 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
respawn1Southern_Gentlem: again, installing it wasn't difficult, but setting it up is what i needed guidance with since I've never used Fedora Server before, but thank you anyway, I will most likely not be using Fedora Server anymore
Southern_Gentlemsame isos there now
Southern_Gentlemrespawn1, the documantation that Sokel pointed you to
CharlieBrownSouthern_Gentlem: 28?!
CharlieBrownOh, it still says 27. But LXDE?!
CharlieBrownI got Fedora because I wanted the best GNOME experience.
CharlieBrownMy disk has no OS on it, and the only system I have is running from my only flash drive. I don't know how to boot these ISOs when I'm running from the only medium I can write them to.
CharlieBrownSouthern_Gentlem: Waiting for the black screen to get better does not work. After being on the black screen for a while, it automatically returns to Libreboot's GRUB menu.
Southern_GentlemCharlieBrown, WORK ==gnome=Workstation
Southern_Gentlemthey are live isos so write them to a usb stick with dd if nothing else
wahibdonwhy can I not use lsattr on /proc?
prussianprobably because procfs doesn't support file attrs lsattr lists?
wahibdonprussian, okay, why can't I write to /proc as root?
wahibdonnevermind. I figured it out. It isn't real.
ciupicriI keep getting this kernel error in kernel/workqueue.c sometimes when starting a KVM/qemu virtual machine. I have an up2date Fedora 27 & fedora-virt-preview.repo. ABRT says it can't report it.
Southern_Gentlemciupicri, try an older kernel
ciupicrithe same
Southern_Gentlemif that works file a bugzilla
ciupicriI've been bitten by it for two weeks if I remember correctly
Southern_Gentlemthen it most likely not the kernel at that point
Southern_Gentlemwhy didnt you file a bug then
Southern_Gentlemtry your third kernel
ciupicricause ABRT says it's not good enough
ciupicriheh, it looks like I had this ... since December 26
Southern_Gentlemrpm -qa |grep kernel |fpaste
Southern_Gentlemrpm -q kcbench-data
ciupicripackage kcbench-data is not installed
Southern_Gentlemok dnf provides */workqueue.c points to kcbench-data
Southern_Gentlempackage so file a bugzilla on the kernel or ask in #fedora-kernel they may have more of an idea where to look next
ciupicriok, thanks
yetooIs teamviewer supposed to be gone from the fedora repository
steelstring94Anyone got any ideas about the manpage thing?
steelstring94I can't get the system to recognize that I added a manpage for a program I wrote.
yetooDon't tell me that teamviewer was never part of the fedora repository, I remeber using dnf to install it
kwizartyetoo, teamviewer is not in fedora repository, but you might have installed it from some others repository
dowdleyetoo: Teamviewer is like... commercial software. They have a "free" (no cost) version but it has fairly restrictive licensing... and no source code is available.
dowdleyetoo: They may have a yum/dnf repo you can add... if they package their software in .rpm format.
ozymandias_the roadster is in orbit, I repeat the roadster is in orbit
Erealzrecordmydesktop comes out blank whatup with that?!...
dowdleErealz: So you have a video that was created with recordmydesktop and it is blank in your video player?
Erealzyup yes sir.
dowdleErealz: What video player are you using? And what format is the video in?
Erealzin ogv and vlan
dowdleErealz: That is a bug reported with vlc.
Erealzok well doesnt work with defoult video player that comes with fedora bro.
kwizartdowdle, which report ?
Erealzyou get it
dowdleErealz: Hmm, searching for it. I don't see it now. I do recall a user having this same issue and they said they filed a bug in rpmfusion. Either they didn't actually do that or it has since been closed.
dowdleErealz: I'm guessing you have at least one other video player on your system. Try that.
kwizartdowdle, no such report, not reproducible, no bug
dowdleErealz: Ah but you said it doesn't work with the default either.
dowdleErealz: Perhaps the video file is bad.
Erealzlol well that means that the software it self makes bad video.
dowdlekwizart: Hmm, it might have actually been the Windows version of VLC. I don't recall.
dowdleErealz: Could be. Is it reproducible. I'll give it a try.
dowdlekwizart: So you have some memory of what I was referring to?
Erealzgive it a shot
Erealzinstalled from
Erealzcommand recordmydesktop
Erealzstop via ctrl d
Erealzencodeing then begins and that about it till it finish doing it thing.
Erealzall via terminal not gtk gui...which btw dosnt even load.
Erealzwhat a crapshoot
Erealzwhatever i guess ill just uninstall it no point in it takeing up space on my system
dowdleErealz: the command line version worked for me. the gtk- version did come up but I can't see to set the filename I want.
Erealzmust be my shit hardware then. it a acer swift ultra book with atom processor only thing i can think of.
Erealzstill im not freaken running counter strike but whatevs
dowdleErealz: I'd recommend simplescreenrecorder from rpmfusion.
Erealzill check it out
sdgathmanFedora 26, Cinnamon desktop. I set keyboard to Hebrew to learn some Hebrew, went away for dinner, came back, and I can't put in my English password.
sdgathmanWhat is the shortcut to switch input method for the keyboard?
sdgathmanAt the screen saver?
sdgathmanIs it "kosher" to login on a text console, and kill cinnamon-screensaver ?
sielickisdgathman: I'd be really surprised if there wasn't an accessibility menu somewhere in the login manager
sdgathmanThis is cinnamon-screensaver, not login manager.
sdgathmanThere is an accessibility menu in login manager.
sdgathmanBut not in cinn screensaver.
sdgathmansielicki: ^
sdgathmanI'm going to kill the screen saver and see what happens...
sielickisdgathman: yeah it should be fine to just kill it
sielickiI mean it's not going to completely destroy your hard drive, obviously. You should file a bug, that's a really dumb design decision
sdgathmanKilling the screensaver got me back to the desktop.
sdgathmanI sense a security hole ... just need to crash screensaver and you're in...
dowdlesdgathman: That's pretty much how most screensavers work. If you can kill them you can get in. I think.
sielickii3lock works that way, I know that much
sielickiNot sure how sddm/gdm does it
sdgathmanACTION closes this client to return to laptop
sdgathmanWith all of unicode potentially accessible from login screen, I should consider expanding password space.
sdgathmanAssuming I figure out how to switch keyboard layout on screensaver.
sielickiI'm a newer fedora user and I want to get more aquantied with dnf and fedora packaging. I use google chrome from the google-hosted repository, but inside updates is a package called 'chrome-remote-desktop' which runs a host daemon that allows your machine to be remoted into via the chrome remote desktop app
sielickiThe issue is that this package pulls in chromium, which I don't want. I'm hoping that by looking at the rpmspec, I can figure out how to make it want something that provides google-chrome OR chromium
sielicki10 minutes of googling and I can't figure out how to get an rpmspec from a package name. Can someone please point me in the right directino?
vdamewoodsielicki: When an RPM is built, another one called an SRPM (source RPM) is also build. The spec file can be found in the SRPM.
vdamewoodis also built*
sielickiOh, okay! that connects the dots for me
vdamewoodWhether or not the SRPM is available is up to the repo you're using.
vdamewood The SRPM should also have all the input files you need to build the RPM.
sielickiI had ran `dnf download --source --releasever=rawhide chrome-remote-desktop`, but was confused that the result was an RPM file, which I had understood to not have the specfile
vdamewoodsielicki: rpm files are cpio files with a special header. If you want to look at the files inside (without actually setting up a proper build environment) you can use rpm2cpio to convert to a normal cpio file, then extract the files with cpio.
vdamewoodUsually you just rpm2cpio < foo.rpm | cpio <something>
l2ywhich package contains pulseaudio headers?
vdamewoodl2y: pulseaudio-libs-devel maybe?
sdgathmansielicki: If you install rpm-build, then you can rpm -ivh foo.src.rpm and it will extract the SPEC and SOURCES into ~/rpmbuild (or %_topdir in ~/.rpmmacros).
vdamewood^ that will also set you up nicely to rebuild your modified RPM.
sdgathmanI also highly recommend installing mock to build the modified RPM - so you don't have to install a bunch of foo-devel packages.
sdgathmanrpmbuild -bs builds just the src.rpm - which you can then feed to mock.
vdamewoodI'll have to try that myself.
sdgathmanMock likes having /var/lib/mock mounted as a tmp filesystem - give yourself generous swap.
vdamewoodDamn... my dnf upgrade is still going
sdgathmanTmp filesystems use swap space very efficiently.
sielickithanks for the help, the wiki is helping me piece the rest together
sdgathmanmock builds a chroot environment in /var/lib/mock to run rpmbuild in.
sielickiwould be nice if there was some integration with systemd-nspawn
tmzsielicki: mock does use systemd-nspawn by default.
sielickiheh, should've known! cool stuff
tmzThere are --new-chroot (nspawn, the default) and --old-chroot options to control that (or config file toggles, of course).
l2yalso, please, whoever works on this is _not_ well-made. for example, I go to - the page opens, fine. I press 'Sources' - the page URL changes to (additional slash), no contents changed. that's not fine. I press 'Sources' once again and get yet another URL:
l2y , which is really not fine, because the contents are still the same. okay. I reload the page - and get a 404 banner: . this is _not_ okay
prussianya it's broke. lol
l2yanother thing: try searching for 'glibc' - you'll receive 'Error loading the data for this page element'. try searching for any other non-existent package - you'll get '0 results'. what the heck?
prussianswithcing back to voerview also breaks whatever templating engine they are using
l2yyes, that's a third thing I wanted to write, the builds do not show up again, ever
l2yis this something very new or fedora users had to use it like that for a long time?
prussianthis is pretty yikes
prussianI was considering contributing to this but then I saw the Server: header and was thinking, no thanks
dowdlel2y: I've not even heard of it until now. I usually look on koji.
l2ydowdle: that's what google throws at me when I search for "fedora packages"
l2ydowdle: when I ggl for 'arch packages' I get , so I assume a similar search must work for fedora
dowdlel2y: The top level of doesn't seem to even have a search... and doesn't seem to do much. It is dated 2012-2015 so maybe it isn't used anymore. I have no idea.
dowdlel2y: I think it is for Applications but not packages. You know... web-based applications that they run. It appears to be a catalog for that. But it still lists Fedorahosted that went away a while ago.
dowdlel2y: So if you are looking for some package... go to
dowdleACTION doesn't use google for search
l2ythen why is it at the top of google search?
dowdlel2y: Ask Google.
l2yif it's deprecated, it should say so
l2yif it's not saying so, it's expected that people are using it
dowdlel2y: So thank you is what I'm hearing you say... that I gave you working link. Well. You ARE welcome.
s34nshould ss display multicast sockets?
dowdlel2y: Even if it wasn't deprecated (and I'm not positive it is but it may be)... it isn't the site that indexes package builds for Fedora.
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