ciupicriFirefox can't play audio it says something about "you may need to install pulseaudio software", but it worked fine until about 3 hours ago when I reboots. Also mpv, VLC and audacious are working fine right now. I'm using Fedora 27.
ciupicriI found this in the logs: /usr/libexec/gdm-x-session[2315]: Failed to create secure directory (/run/user/5000/pulse): Permission denied
l2ywell, either way somebody at fedora should look into that service. either put it down of fix it, but do something.
ciupicriMidori works too
ciupicriAnother Firefox instance (profile) also work, so only one Firefox instance is having trouble.
l2ydowdle: thank you. I was talking about the actuall issue though. the fact that there is some other out there not found by google is a bit irrelevant - even though I appreciate the link, because it solves my initial problem
varesaI don't think/see any indication of the packages-app being deprecated
varesafrom the app description on the and the git repo readme I think it is a frontend that gets data from the other systems, like koji possibly
varesaand it apparently is quite buggy :)
varesaI wondered if the packages could be run locally to see why the server gives an 500 Error on glibc
varesaThe Vagrantfile in the repo specifies Fedora 25 Cloud image and apparently wget is broken there which causes the setup to fail. Well 25 is EOL anyway. Except 27 is missing some python package and it doesn't get even that far
varesaAnd apparently it's the same case with 26 :( I give up. I guess I could try modifying the ansible playbooks, remove the python-xappy and install it from pypi instead but not enought time for that now...
andricoSo I have a directory of files that are owned by me, that were marked as executable after restoring them from backups during a reinstall, as happens every time, for reasons unknown to me. And so I chown 666 Documents/*, which does the trick, but now the documents no longer show up in the GUI file browser, and I am wondering how to fix this?
andricochmod 666*
Vilegenttry 665
prussianlol. you might have marked some dirs noexec
andriconice nice, that did it. So directories and files need x permission to be viewed in the gui?
prussiandirectories need it
prussianfiles, no
andricoI see, I see. Thanks
prussiani don't remember the rationale, I hear it so often, but osmeone a long time ago decided you need +x to do anything in that directory
prussianit's just the way it is. can't read/write/chdir/whatever into a directory you don't have execute on.
andricoI see, I see. So if I am the only user in my group, are there any advantages of or reasons to set permissions for the group or others? Could I just keep my directories as 700 and my files as 600 until I need to execute them?
prussian$HOME is probably 0700, so probably not
prussiannot that it matters
prussianand you can directly execute stuff with their interpreters
prussianeven like elf's can usually be executed with your /lib/ld* evne fi they aren't marked +x
andricocool, cool
Milamber75Hey all. I just deleted a kernel package, and rebooted. I noticed that my grub menu was unaltered. Any ideas as to where I should look first?
daMaestrohow did you delete a kernel package?
Milamber75dnf erase
Vilegentwell you cant remove a current running kernel
Milamber75Yes, I know. But the normal update of kernels keeps three versions. I only deleted the oldest one.
Milamber75I did this because I suspected that the grub menu wasn't being updated. Doing the delete proved my theory.
Milamber75Oh crud I think I know the problem... My boot directory is on my root FS, and that root FS is a btrfs subvol.
Milamber75So grubby might be failing since the path during boot and the path after it mounts are not going to be the same.
daMaestroah, yeah that could make sense
daMaestroif you used dnf, it would have ran the scripts to remove them
daMaestroMilamber75, rpm -q --scripts kernel-core-`uname -r`
daMaestroMilamber75, that will show you what it runs, from there you should be able to work in userspace outside of the rpm transaction and see what is going wrong
Milamber75daMaestro: Wow! Been looking for something like that!
daMaestroMilamber75, that runs on the active kernel.. so i'd suggest not operating on that ;-)
Milamber75daMaestro: Too late... :)
daMaestroMilliways, re-running the install should be fine
daMaestroMilamber75, that is. sorry Milliways
Milamber75I think the right way of going about this is for me to stop using a subvol for my root FS.
Milamber75Root mount, that is.
daMaestroyeah, i'm not using btrfs yet. for my boot i still:
daMaestro$ mount|grep boot
daMaestro/dev/sda2 on /boot type ext4 (rw,relatime,seclabel,discard,data=ordered)
daMaestro/dev/sda1 on /boot/efi type hfsplus (rw,relatime,umask=22,uid=0,gid=0,nls=utf8)
Milamber75Ok, I'm cheating. I put a soft link for /boot in the root home directory.
daMaestroif your kernels and initrds are fine... you could just regenerate your grub menu manually
daMaestrobut... that is a shortlived hack. if a symlink tricks things.. sounds good
Milamber75I have a feeling that the grubby argument "--boot-filesystem" is meant for that.
K0HAX:( audio in Firefox broke in i3wm on the last update
K0HAXI think it's related to dbus and pulseaudio
caffemochafresh fedora 27 install with a GeForce 8600 GT. lsmod shows that nouveau is loaded but the highest resolution available is 1024x768.
tatertotscaffemocha: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no
caffemochaoh sorry. yes
caffemochanow im thinking about breakfast... :)
seihesi'm using fedora 27 on a vmware guest machine. when i'm using multiple monitors, the mouse position is offset (i.e. right click opens the context menu at a different position). is there any way to reset the mouse position?
tollandthere still seems to be a tracker package, but no preferences or gui
ellookuhello, how do I change kde theme on gnome?
mbn_18Hey, any builtin tool that can monitor if my workstation memory is too low and then alert me?
mbn_18Something like if free mem is less than 500MB than alarm
_val_mbn_18: write a simple bash/python script?
mbn_18_val_: Yes, if I wont find a ny existing alternative
_val_mbn_18: existing alternatives are nagios, zabbix
_val_That's an overkill of what you want.
mbn_18I agree. Thought more of Gnome shell extension or similar
mbn_18Its just to catch firefox/chrome misuse the mem
tollandits probably a few lines in monit
_val_free -m | awk '/Mem/{ mem=$3; if(mem > 500) print "You are running out of memory"}'
mbn_18_val_: thx
_val_mbn_18: you are welcome. You can use btw something like ''dialog'' which will pop op a message on the screen :)
tollandcheck system localhost \n if memory usage > 80% for 4 cycles then alert
dtmi'm just wishing zram worked on my 4GB laptop! lol
mbn_18lol, good to see monit is still around
tollandthey have done something funky with javascript on their website as well
dtmi guess i'll try rebooting to linux 4.14.16 and see
tollandive not looked at for years
vurpoThanks for the dope Fedora sticker I got for my laptop in the weekend
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20180204 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20180204 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
ayakadoes the OpenCV shipped in fedora 27 repo compiled with cuda support?
kwizartayaka, no, but there is a --with conditional, FYI, there is a plan to have a rpmfusion-cuda repository at some point with such software enabled
dowdleayaka: Given that Fedora doesn't ship Cuda packages... maybe not... but you can try and see. Or look at the spec file for the package maybe?
ayakakwizart, oh, I think I will download the source package and recompile
dowdleayaka: This page would lead me to believe the answer is no: (do a search on page in your browser for cuda)
dowdleACTION notes kwizart's name all over that page. :)
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20180204 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20180204 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
ayakadowdle, I see thank you
ayakaI want to enable cuda in rebuilding opencv, how should I set _cuda_topdir to /usr/local/cuda-9?
kwizartayaka, echo "%_cuda_topdir /usr/local/cuda-9" >> /etc/rpm/macros.cuda
kwizartayaka, can you drop by #rpmfusion (more relevant here)
ayakakwizart, I see thank you
raynoldAhh it's a wonderful day
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20180204 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
tollandso the capabilities have changed declared in the mariadb-libs package. Now no longer providing
tollandthats going to fix a bunch of packages to mariadb-libs-3:10.2.9-3.fc27
tollandwhich is the last one that had that provide
bartmonhey. i can't receive files over bluetooth using F27 workstation with gnome-shell. do you know of any troubleshooting procedures? i don't even know what logs to look at.
Syreushow can I re-configure the all the permissions given to my main user to restore the default permissions?
c8bitglitchbartmon, might want to look in dmesg maybe
c8bitglitchif you are getting the write bluetooth drivers...
c8bitglitchor maybe the method you are moving the files SFTP, FTP etc might have some logs.
bartmonc8bitglitch, found module btintel is the driver. then bluetooth.service's journal says 'bluetoothd[1016]: Endpoint replied with an error: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments'
c8bitglitchbartmon, hmmmm.
bartmonmaybe bluez has some sort of more verbose logging. i'll try and figure out if that is configurable
SyreusI'll back later... sorry :(
TheKanteristHello everybody ! Is it here to ask questions if something does not work perfectly with my Fedora
TheKanteristI have Fedora 27 and Firefox 58. I try to remove the title using using the tip described here:
TheKanteristbut Firefox still keeps the bqr
sab3rDo you know if its possible to downgrade package pango to a previous version? I've tried dnf downgrade but it complains about conflicting package (the currently installed version). Also if I try to remove the package dnf wants to remove over 1000 packages and I don't want to do that since there are a lot of important ones
Southern_Gentlemsab3r, edit your dnf.conf set true to flase
Southern_Gentlemthen retry
gutigenTheKanterist: go to Customize and check off from TitleBar
gutigenbottom left in Customize
bartmonSouthern_Gentlem, i believe you forgot to mention which key to set to false in dnf.conf
gutigensab3r: why do you need that?
sab3rgutigen: I have installed Matlab and I am trying to using. However, on startup Matlab crashes with a segmentation error. Some other users got the same error message and fixed the problem by downgrading pango package to the previous version
Southern_Gentlembartmon, there is only one that has true
TheKanteristgutigen oooooh nice it works. I was asking because I reinstalled Fedora recently, and before, changing the widget client side worked. anyway thanks !
sab3rtrying to use it*
gutigendo you really need Matlab TheKanterist ? :)
gutigenthere is always GNU Octave
gutigenin theory all Matlab code should run in Octave
Southern_Gentlemno you dont have to downgrade pango for matlab
Southern_Gentlemsab3r, what version of matlab
sab3rSouthern_Gentlem: R2017b (
Southern_Gentlemok give me a few to install it on the this box
sab3rgutigen: does GNU Octave support SimEvents?
Southern_Gentlemtry it and see
Southern_Gentlemsab3r, you do have development tools installed correct ?
sab3rSouthern_Gentlem: I am not sure, how do I check that?
sab3rSouthern_Gentlem: maybe I could try but Im just so short on storage on my machine that it causes a lot of headache to try big softwares
Southern_Gentlemsab3r, dnf grouplist |fpaste
gutigensab3r: I have no idea how it works, I just know it exists and Octave is written to be compatible with Matlab
gutigenI think it would be worth trying at least, it's foss after all
sab3rgutigen: you might be correct. I will give it a try
Southern_Gentlemsab3r, sudo dnf groupinstall "Development Tools"
Southern_Gentlemand then retry
sab3rSouthern_Gentlem: still same problem
Southern_Gentlemworking here
sab3rI'll link the error message, sec
sab3rCould it be an error with my Java installation?
Southern_Gentlemdid you install any jav than whats in fedora?
Southern_Gentlemfrom like
bartmonugh, for bluetooth file transfer to work in gnome-shell, i had to manually `systemctl --user start obex`
bartmonhow in the world is this not done automatically?
Southern_Gentlembartmon, as someone do thinks bluetooth is very unsafe i am happy]
sab3rSouthern_Gentlem: I might have installed java manually
sab3rIf I remember correctly I needed another version or something
gutigensab3r: uninstall it then
gutigenand install java from fedora repos then use for apps that need custom versions
sab3rgutigen: oh I have not heard of sdkman. That sounds really cool, thanks!
sab3rand yeah I'll fork my system soon enough..
bartmonSouthern_Gentlem, i feel you. however, since i have the option, i really prefer sending data peer2peer between my devices instead of via some cloud service
varesaI'd guess the number of people who use/test bluetooth file transfer is quite small
varesaI've not seen bluetooth used for anything but wireless peripherals like headphones/mouses/keyboards in who knows how many years
gutigenif cloud service supports end to end encryption like for example Nextcloud 13 does, then it is way safer than using bluetooth which is kknown for basically being open range :P
gutigenalso you can use wifi to transfer data locally, plenty of tools for that
Southern_Gentlemi am suspecting phone involved here somewher
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20180204 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
sdgathmanIs there a way for an end user to use qemu without a root password (once the VM is set up) ?
sdgathmanVirtualBox can be run by end-users, but I'd like to use kvm to avoid custom kernel module.
sdgathmanBut virt-machine-manager requires root.
aleonardsdgathman: qemu-kvm ?
aleonardYou will not need to do anything as root unless you need to configure network bridging and tap. Even in this case, qemu itself doesn't need to be started as root user
tsaka_I'm trying to get 'mosh' working, which relies on UDP data getting through. I have two Fedora machines on a local network, both says that firewalld is off, but I can't connect them via UDP
tsaka_Is the router getting in the way? Do I have to open up some other way? SELinux?
rdietertsaka_: turning firewalld off, doesn't actually turn off the firewall. you've just disabled the service that makes it easy to configure the firewall
tsaka_well I think firewalld was off by default on my F27 KDE
sdgathmanaleonard: yes
rdieterfirewalld shouldn't be off by default, if it was, that's odd
sdgathmanaleonard: it is not working.
sdgathmanI'm trying to use virt-manager, maybe I should use something else?
rdietertsaka_: what does this say? systemctl status firewalld
sdgathmanI put the user in the kvm group, in case that was necessary.
sdgathmanNormally, I manage vms as root on remote boxes via virt-manager.
sdgathmanI have no idea how to do it as an end user similar to VirtualBox.
aleonardsdgathman: Oh ok, I was thinking about using raw "qemu-kvm" command virt-manager
tsaka_rdieter: disabled, dead, with vendor preset enabled
rdietersdgathman: you may wanted to be added to libvirt and/or qemu groups too
tsaka_So I must have disabled in on both machines some long time ago ..
rdietertsaka_: ok, I'd recommend you re-enable it
tsaka_yeah that's probably a good idea
rdietertsaka_: and restart the service
aleonardAt least on F27 you don't need to be on any special group to use kvm
sdgathmanThis is F26
tsaka_rdieter: How do I really turn it off then, temporarily, to test if it's the cause of UDP not getting through?
sdgathmanACTION uses Windows once a year at tax time . . .
tsaka_stackoverflow says "systemctl stop firewalld.service" is the way to turn off firewall ..
rdietertsaka_: is the service now running?
rdietertsaka_: sure, stackoverflow is always right :-/
rdietertsaka_: we already went throug the misconception that firewalld != firewall
tsaka_yeah I know
tsaka_but SO said ...
rdietertsaka_: do you know which ports are needed?
tsaka_I can choose myself, I think
tsaka_I just tested with 'nc' on both computers
tsaka_using this:
sdgathmanaleonard: what is a qemu/kvm user session ?
rdietertsaka_: ok, what does this say? firewall-cmd --get-default-zone
rdietertsaka_: we can either change your default zone or assign a known-ok zone to your current connection(s)
tsaka_it's public
rdietertsaka_: firewall-cmd --get-zones , lists options
rdieterOne I'd recommend in this case is either trusted (allow everything essentially) or FedoraWorkstation
rdietertsaka_: the latter allows any ports > 1000
rdietertsaka_: either do, firewall --set-default-zone=<zone> , or use networkmanager gui to set the zone to your liking
sdgathmanaleonard: this is the current error attempting to create vm:
rdietertsaka_: sorry make that: firewall-cmd -set-default-zone=...
tsaka_rdieter: Okay. Enabled firewalld on client and server, set trusted zone, UDP still not getting through on port 6111
rdietertsaka_: I suspect since the network interfaces were already running, setting the default zone may not retroaactively change them
rdietertsaka_: so, option 2: open networkmanager gui
sdgathmanaleonard: if I install the vm as root (which I already know how to do), will the user be able to run it without being root?
rdietertsaka_: one way, systemsettings5 -> network connections -> select connection -> general configuration(tab), firewall zone:
sdgathmanIf I install remotely, will local user be able to run it as a local connection?
aleonardsdgathman: I don't know, I'm not very familiar with virt-manager and the whole libvirt thing. You may want to ask somebody else :/
sdgathmanIs there another user oriented front end for qemu?
sdgathmanlibvirt is nice for sysadmins, but I'm open to anything for end users.
SokelHave you tried boxes
sdgathmanSokel: no.
sdgathmanjust install boxes ?
tsaka_rdieter: thanks, its working now, locally atleast
Sokelgnome-boxes, yes.
sdgathmanGiving it a try
sdgathmanSokel: boxes says to insert OS media, I did, but it won't let me select the CD-ROM.
sdgathmanDo I have to copy to an ISO image first?
sdgathmanIt mounts the CD, and only lets me browse the files on the CD.
sdgathmanIs boxes going to let me use an LVM volume?
dowdlesdgathman: I think GNOME Boxes stores everything in the user's home directory so I doubt it.
heis2201what do you mean? An existing, physical LVM volume that you are intending to mount on your virtual machine?
sdgathmandowdle: It seems the "mount OS media" prompt is a lie, and boxes actually can only work with ISO images.
sdgathmanheis2201: I want to install to an existing LVM volume as the disk.
sdgathmanIf I go ahead and just install the vm with virt-manager as root, will boxes be able to run it?
sdgathmanOk, I do that.
heis2201but why run it as root - run it as 'regular' user
sdgathmanThat gives me the errors - I've posted a link to some above.
sdgathmanHuh, gives me an error as root also:
sdgathmanMaybe there is an selinux bug.
ozymandias_could turn it off
ozymandias_to validate that
sdgathmanI'm updating everything first.
sdgathmanMaybe libvirtd needs to be rebooted to work properly.
dowdlesdgathman: What gives you that error?
dowdleIf GNOME Boxes is doing everything as a user, it is unlikely your user can access the lvm partition.
dowdleGNOME Boxes uses session:// connections and virt-maanger uses system://
dowdleI think you can use either of those connection times in either one... but I haven't used GNOME Boxes much at all... and the impression I got was that it tries to dumb down everything and give you less options (you know, like most everything GNOME [not judging]) so I don't know how flexible it is.
sdgathmandowdle: Apparently, it only knows how to create virtual disks in a file - no LVM.
sdgathmanSo I will create the vm with virt-manager, and then see if boxes can at least run it.
dowdlesdgathman: My guess is that as a user, you won't be able to access the LVM partition with your VM... unless you do whatever it takes to allow that user access.
dowdlesdgathman: And what that would be, I'm not sure.
dowdlesdgathman: You can add your user to the libvirt group and they could run virt-manager with proper permissions.
sdgathmanI thought I had done that.
sdgathmanYes, the user in in libvirt group
sdgathmanTrying again after update and reboot.
sdgathmanWorks after reboot. I guess libvirtd doesn't start correctly right after install.
Ionic_mh, version 25 should probably removed from the channel's topic
sdgathmandowdle: So I created the vm, paused it, tried boxes - boxes offers to "import win7 from system broker" (win7 is vm) what ever that means.
sdgathmanI said sure, nothing much invested.
sdgathmanI has been spinning for 10 minutes.
sdgathmanNothing seems to be happening in CPU or IO.
sdgathmanI guess I'll try to kill boxes (not impressed).
kk4ewt.uli 27-20180204
kk4ewt*** F27-20180204 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
sdgathmandowdle: by "import" boxes means using qemu-img to copy the volume to a qcow2 file.
dowdlesdgathman: Since your user is in libvirt group... I see no reason to use GNOME Boxes. And I'm not surprised it doesn't work with lvm partitions. I don't use LVM at all... but allow access to a user would be a pain to setup.
sdgathmandowdle: I'd like to give an end users the ability to start/stop and view a VM - but *not* modify settings with out root password.
sdgathmanI can just see an end users feeding their /home volume to some VM...
sdgathmanIn this instance, I'll just tell them, "Don't mess with anything in virt-manager"
Lirionvirt-manager is not a cloud solution, or however one could phrase that. I'd rather turn to solutions like proxmox for end-user convenience (just throwing in an example I just know of because a colleague uses it)
KhaytsusLirion: Don't ever try to guess sdgathman's use case. You'll be wrong every time.
sdgathmanThe use case is for non-technical linux users to be able to easily run Windows Tax applications
LirionI will not derail this by suggesting docker containers on a windows host :)
sdgathmanI have been using VirtualBox - but wanted to get away from the custom kernel module (which complicates updates).
sdgathmanLirion: That would require purchasing a Windows server license.
sdgathmanLot's of Win licenses I collect from junked PCs for use in VMs.
LirionI really wasn't dead serious now, no worries
sdgathmanI suppose I could let boxes create a qcow2 file like it wants to, and maybe it would be as easy as VirtualBox.
sdgathmanLirion: we used to use wine - but it isn't able to run current tax apps correctly, and has some worrisome security issues.
Lirionyeah... wine in terms of services to clients is definitely a workaround. I'd rather go check if some frontend like proxmox allows for distinguished multi-user rights management in terms of VM administration
dowdlesdgathman: Neither GNOME Boxes nor virt-manager offer much in the way of delegation.
sdgathmanLirion: no clients here - family members.
sdgathmanRaised on linux.
sdgathmanOne was forced by job to switch to Windows on work PC
sdgathmanNo one interested in actual development yet though.
Lirionif they're raised on linux, how about using just virsh to control the machines and only allow dedicated virsh commands to specific users?
Lirionand by the way: congrats, a whole family raised on linux to me sounds like a very cool thing to have
Lirionand by allow commands I mean restriction by sudo
Lirionit's late
sdgathmanCould do that, but they prefer doing things by GUI, and see CLI as a workaround (opposite for me)
sdgathmanIt's been very instructive for me as a developer also.
sdgathmanIt also proves that linux desktop *is* ready for the non-technical.
sdgathmanThey love the multiple-desktop feature of gnome/cinnamon/gnome/etc
LirionI think it depends on the openness of the user, and on their dependence on certain types of collaborative work
sdgathmanThey have individual desktop preferences - Gnome/Cinnamon/MATE
sdgathmanSo I have to be familiar with all 3.
sdgathmanI also use openbox with remote machines.
LirionI have abandoned the classical taskbar-plus-random-window-placing approach for nearly a decade now, history is gnome/kde --> enlightenment --> xmonad --> i3-gaps
sdgathmanThe most important concept for non-technical to grasp is protocol/format vs app/brand (although protocols can be branded, e.g. jabber)
sdgathmanWhat open formats can you get *out* of a proprietary app?
sdgathmanE.g. SIP clients are great. Tax apps you can get only PDFs out (and efiles), but that's really all you need.