sdgathmanI'm stuck on smbclient, I get:
caffemochahelp with grub and grub2-mkconfig: I added a line video=1600x1200@60 to /etc/default/grub, ran grub2-mkconfig, but the video line is being ignored
arinovACTION it was a 2018 year, fedora's libreoffice still spend 30 20 seconds to open 153 kb png in Draw...
gnumdkHas Wayland support been removed from F27? Since recent updates, GDM only show "GNOME" as session and no more "GNOME on Xorg" and when I logon with "GNOME", it's in fact "GNOME on Xorg"
zakoragnumdk, I don't think so. When I use "Gnome" on GDM it actually launch a Wayland session for me
zakoraHave you checked the output of "loginctl show-session 1 | grep Type"?
gnumdk$ loginctl show-session 13 | grep Type
gnumdk$XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP is gnome
zakoraHmm, I also have $XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP to gnome
zakoraIs the package "gnome-session-wayland-session" installed?
gnumdk_Ok, found why. It's my dock station, it provides an hybrid display over USB (that I don't use) and this make fedora disabling wayland session.
gnumdk_Thanks ;)
aidusscan someone help me with drivers on fedora 27?
aidussi have fresh install and trying to find my way around here, unfortunately i have no idea yet how to install drivers for nvidia 1070
ledeniaiduss, install rpmfusion repos & follow instrustion
aidusswell downloaded package and get error Unable to install "RPM Fusion Free" [system/package/rpmfusion ......... failed to find rpmfusion-free-release
aidussomg it's sooo laggy
aidusswell well well, on fresh install first i have is hardware error
mingdaoMy employer provides some VPN software and instructions are to install via "rpm -ivh <package name>"
mingdaoI only started using Fedora at v26, now v27, and have used dnf.
mingdaoIs there a reason to use rpm rather than dnf/
Khaytsusmingdao: No. dnf will also install any other dependencies
mingdaoKhaytsus: Ok, I used that and there were 3 deps listed as missing:
mingdaoFor the webkitgtk I already have webkitgtk4-2.18.6-1.fc27.x86_64
Khaytsusrhel packages in Fedora. That should go well.
mingdaoFor libproxy-gnome I installed libproxy-gnome.x86_64 0.4.15-4.fc27
mingdaoNo match for argument: xulrunner
mingdaowhat about that one?
KhaytsusSee above.
mingdaoYou made a statement which says RHEL packages in Fedora should go well.
mingdaoWhat about it?
mingdaoIf XULRunner is obsolete by Mozilla, what would be the substitute?
KhaytsusAgain; running RHEL packages on Fedora is unlikely going to work
mingdaoWhy did you not say that?
mingdaoKhaytsus: Thanks for that link. Wish I knew about it before I started.
izaberahi, i'm trying to use indirect rendering on an up to date fedora and it's not working at all
izaberae.g. LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 glxgears says X Error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
izaberathis used to work a few days ago, and i tried on more than one fedora box and they're both showing that problem
Khaytsusizabera: Maybe X has updated? Sometimes I have to restart X after X updates under it
izaberauhm thanks i'll try
izaberasorry that should have been the first thing to try but it entails closing 23425 terminals and my brain didn't even consider it
Khaytsusizabera: I understand, I don't like doing it much here either ;)
mingdaoKhaytsus: The company installation doc, Last Revised: 10/31/17, lists Fedora 23 as one of the supported platforms. Can you tell me if that version is EOL, and if so, when it went EOL? This is supposedly "beta testing" for Linux users, and I want to respond properly.
KhaytsusOf course 23 is EOL.
mingdaoI found the date, thanks.
izaberaKhaytsus: done, rebooted the machine
izaberastill the same problem
KhaytsusIs this over ssh or on the desktop?
izaberajust a regular desktop
mingdaoizabera: fwiw I get the same error message if I issue "LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 glxgears"
izaberaare you on a similar system and can you try that command?
mingdaoFedora 27 issue in urxvt
mingdaoentire message
KhaytsusI don't see anyone doing that except for remote access. I guess reduces network load? I just tried here, seems okay
pulecI must be doing something wrong
pulechow do I enable epel repo on fedora 27?
sbrozyou don't
sbrozI believe what you're looking for is already part of Fedora.
pulechmm, I have only name=Fedora $releasever - $basearch
pulec+ updates
pulecI supose I could use fuse-sshfs instead of sshfs I am used to installing
pulecnow I want nvim, ok
pulecepel is still needed in redhat tho, luckily I just copy repo files to /etc/yum.repos.d/
[Enrico]epel is only for centos / red hat and derivatives and are normally packages backported from fedora itself, so you don't need epel in fedora
[Enrico]you might want to check our rpmfusion for some additional package, for example multimedia application and codecs
KhaytsusDo _not_ use epel in Fedora.
Khaytsusand yes, neovim is in Fedora..
Khaytsusand sshfs is likely already installed and is nothing different than what you expect..
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20180204 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20180204 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
aidussi have problem with blender installation on fedora, for some reason it's not recognizing GPU by default, however, downloaded version from works fine out of the box
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20180204 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
AsakoGood morning. Has anybody noticed an issue with kerberos logins failing in Fedora 27? I'm getting an error that says gdm-password][12682]: pam_krb5[12682]: error creating ccache using pattern "KCM:" in my system journal
Asakodisabling or removing the sssd-kcm package also fixes it
strikerdepends on how kerberos authentication is configured
strikerare you actually using sssd or using pam_krb5?
strikerthe error shows pam_krb5. you might want to try configuring sssd fully instead
Asakoauth_provider = krb5
Asakowe use both
strikerwho do you use both?
strikerthere should only be either pam_sss or pam_krb5 listed in /etc/pam.d/ files
Asakohmm, pam_sss is listed in system-auth and system-auth-ac but pam_krb5 is shown in password-auth and password-auth-ac
strikerpam_krb5 relies on /etc/krb5.conf directly
strikerpam_sss looks at /etc/sssd/sssd.conf and uses kerberos libraries silently
strikercheck /etc/pam.d/gdm-password - does it reference system-auth or password-auth?
Asakoit's set to auth substack password-auth
strikerAsako: you might want to do 'authconfig --disablekrb5 --enablesssd --enablesssdauth --updateall' or just edit password-auth directly and replace pam_krb5 with pam_sss
Asakook I'll try that, thanks
Asakowell, I get a different error now at least. gdm-password][13140]: pam_unix(gdm-password:session): session closed
Asakognome-session-binary[13195]: WARNING: IceLockAuthFile failed: No such file or directory
Asakothen it goes back to the login screen
strikerthe pam_unix message is not an error, that's normal
Asako here's the journal entries when I try to log in
Asakooh great, autofs is broken too
Asakofixed that, login is working now. Thanks again.
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20180204 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
Aidusshow to check system for errors and problems in general on fedora
dtmguys, is there anything about a fedora liveusb image that's been copied onto a usb drive, that makes it particular to BIOS or to EFI? or is there just one version of liveusb?
Aidussi think just one
dtmis it just that it can be used to CREATE a new hard drive based installation in either BIOS mode or EFI mode?
dtmAiduss: you're talking about hardware diagnostics? the fedora boot loader has a troubleshooting entry which runs a ram test
Aidusswell i have feeling that im having something wrong - cant say what exactly. sometimes weird freezing glitches appear. sometimes apps crash randomly
Aidussdont know where to start
dtmi just told you
sdgathmanAiduss: start with the memory test
Aidussok. im gatering info here. will be at sick pc tomorrow, just want to be prepared :)
dtm:/ bummer
Aidussit was first day for me and fedora :) migrating from arch
Aidussi was looking for something more stable since im not regular linux user and more for beginner. yea i know mint etc but the problem is allways the same - software updates i need
bhermon'sup folks?
dtmi just dug up a dell inspiron n5110 laptop with 8GB ram and a quad core i3, and a geforce gt 525M with 1GB. is that a fairly ok graphics card? :D
AsakoAiduss: Fedora is not my idea of stable
AsakoCentOS workstation is great if you want something with long term support
dtmthis is a surreal idea, having two GPUs and switching between them
bhermonatm: depends, what do you expect it to do?
Aidusswhat you suggest i need os for 3d work on blender cuda render graphics etc
dtmAiduss: fedora
Aidusstoday i have installed nvidia drivers for 1070 omg that was some install
Aidusswell anyway i think gnome is a little bit glitchy after that install and sometimes really slow
dtmAiduss: why? what was wrong with it?
dtmi haven't installed nvidia drivers in many years and it looks like i will soon
Aidussidk no reall obvious reason. looks like random regular glitch
dtmi just got this laptop and it has windows 10 which is too broken to even update itself, but, that's not to be used anyway
dtmAiduss: is it because the system is broken like you said earlier?
Aidusswell maybe. the strangest thing was that first 3 times i installed fedora on clean system ive got some errors on kernel
Aidussjeez thats strange
Aidussalso im having 3 monitor setup that can cause some problems. on mint i cant even boot ui
Asakosssd-kcm is a new thing right?
Aidussohh android crashed
Southern_GentlemAiduss, what nvidia drivers
Southern_Gentlemfrom where
dtmAiduss: yeah none of that is supposed to happen lol
Aidussfrom nvidia 390
Southern_GentlemAiduss take a look at " "
Asako I guess it is. Will RHEL 7.5 also be affected by this change?
Southern_Gentlemalso read the cuda docs there as well
Aidusswell cuda install is not needed for blender to use gpu rendering
Aidussand that wayland thing is really confusing
Southern_Gentlemso dont run gnome we have several other DEs you can use
Aidussohh :(
toad__I'm having a little issue here .. After some updates, the chromium browser is laggy as all hell. Scrolling or just moving the mouse is very laggy. F27 KDE with Nvidia drivers on Xorg
toad__Things have been working perfectly smooth for a long while
Aidussperfectly smooth is i want for 2 weeks now
Southern_Gentlemtoad__, so output of uname -r
Southern_Gentlemwhat happens if you use an older kernel
toad__By the way, the update included chromium itself, a bunch of kde stuff (kwin), libinput, but no kernel
respawn1I am a Fedora workstation user. I want to use Fedora Server (syntax & general idea of the system are easier for me). What are the relative benefits security-wise and maintenance-wise of Fedora Server over Ubuntu server? This is a small-scale server that will be serving the needs of 14 individuals
Southern_Gentlemrespawn1, for production look at centos rhel but if you do not mind the short release cycle for fedora then its up to you
Southern_Gentlemfedora will have more updates and keep up to update on the vulnerbilities
respawn1Southern_Gentlem: I don't mind the short release cycle on my workstation, in 11 years I have not found it to be unstable ever, however I generally stick to fedora repos over third party. Is there potential for instability in the server?
ozymandias_and the short lifecycle guarantees more frequent maintenance
ozymandias_if thats something you can accept, no big deal
ozymandias_and for some third party packages, fedora is unacceptable -- so keep in mind the scope of the server
ozymandias_vendors don't want to have to support a moving target is all
ozymandias_for most home-server needs, fedora is great
ozymandias_RHEL/Centos are much slower moving, but have very much in common with fedora
ozymandias_ubuntu will require learning new tools, methods, locations, etc
ozymandias_if you are doing this to learn, thats one thing, if you are doing it to achieve a concrete goal, I suggest sticking with the red hat family
respawn1ozymandias_: thank you. I need it for a concrete purpose. I have some experience already with Ubuntu server which is why I was comparing the two. I like the idea of a ready-installed cockpit in Fedora server, however the frequent maintenance is making me wary. I prefer a set-and-forget approach
respawn1ozymandias_:another benefit of Fedora server is that I can use VNC to connect to Anaconda for the install (I forgot to mention it's a headless server)
Southern_Gentlemrespawn1, what services arte you wanting to do?
ozymandias_if it were me, and people were relying on the server working for a monetary reason, I would use CentOS or RHEL
ozymandias_every time you update to a new release, you risk issues
ozymandias_so do those less frequently :-D
ozymandias_full disclosure: rhel admin by day
respawn1Southern_Gentlem: Samba + NAS
respawn1ozymandias_:I am considering RHEL over CENTOS
Southern_Gentlemrhel is cost you a subscription
Southern_Gentlemand those will be for inside your network only correct
respawn1Southern_Gentlem: it's worth it I suppose, comes with customer assistance
Southern_Gentlemso it really doesnt matter which you choose
respawn1two of the locations are not in the building, so a VPN connection will also be needed
respawn1i think RHEL is looking better and better
respawn1Southern_Gentlem, Ozymandias_ thank you for your help
ozymandias_so yes, the big things that a rhel license gets you is 1) the same binaries as Centos (only a little earlier), tech support, and most importantly, access to the rhel KB
ozymandias_so you might not NEED tech support
ozymandias_what you are doing is fairly well documented, and not specialized
ozymandias_so not terribly hard to find how to do
jgjorgjianyone here using synergy from the fedora package? is it missing the gui now? it just crashes
ozymandias_yes, no
ozymandias_it never had a gui, thats a separate package, i believe
funkylabI have a software project I love, but I know that the fedora package's SPEC has a few shortcomings. How do I approach fixing that?
jgjorgjiit did have a gui
jgjorgjiseems the closed the gui in v2
ozymandias_v2 is in the repos?
ozymandias_use 1.8
ozymandias_2 is still alpha, at best
ozymandias_and barely works on linux
ozymandias_and not at all in gnome/wayland
jgjorgjiyes i'ts the one in the repos, wayland won't be an issue for me for a while
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day
ozymandias_you mean 2.0 is in the repos?
ozymandias_because that should not be the case
cecilgolHola #fedora! anyone have a solution for a recently updated mariadb install that wont start? I've read the couple of bugzilla entries, their solutions aren't working for me.
ozymandias_especially since it wont run on the default de, and doesnt work, anyway
cecilgolsystemctl start mariadb says database is already initialized, but i dont want to wipe it.
cecilgolshould i start preparing to move /var/lib/mysql out then replace it?
temple48cecilgol: what's the full message when you do systemctl start mariadb, besides saying the database is already initialized?
cecilgolDatabase MariaDB is probably initialized in /var/lib/mysql already, nothing is done."
cecilgolIf this is not the case, make sure the /var/lib/mysql is empty before running mysql-prepare-db-dir.
Southern_Gentlemcecilgol, mariadb-server installs
Southern_Gentlemcecilgol, mariadb-server installed
cecilgolSouthern_Gentlem: i hope so! i was using it this morning before running a 'dnf upgrade'
Southern_Gentlemcecilgol, sudo systemctl status mariadb |fpaste
toad__wasn't there supposed to arrive kernel support for Ryzen temp monitoring?
toad__anyone know which kernel that would be? Can't seem to find it online ...
cecilgolsorry, fpaste is being weird to me
cecilgolthanks for taking a look yall
Asakostriker: I'm getting an SELinux error about krb5_child now. setroubleshoot[4379]: SELinux is preventing krb5_child from write access on the sock_file .heim_org.h5l.kcm-socket.
Asakocontext on /var/run/.heim_org.h5l.kcm-socket looks correct
Southern_Gentlemcecilgol, any selinux notification
respawn1hello. is there any recent documentation or guide in how to deploy rolekit on fedora server? It's hard to find something beyond Fedora 21 Server that is of any use
Southern_Gentlemmost likely the same respawn1
Southern_Gentlemcecilgol, almost seems like your db might have been corrupted
Southern_Gentlemdo you have a backup of that database
respawn1Southern_Gentlem: it's not available in cockpit as of Fedora 27 Server. The old documentation was on Fedorahosted which is retired I believe, Fedora wiki doesn't have an entry
cecilgolI havent seen one but its very likely its SELinux yeah
cecilgolSouthern_Gentlem: I have backups of all of it yeah, but i cant load them without clearing out the Dir, which im reluctant to do until ive exhausted every other option.
respawn1ok never mind, found the CLI commands
cecilgolSouthern_Gentlem: Full DB was going strong this morning.
cecilgolFull DB Server*
contrapumpkinis expected to be down?
contrapumpkinif not, who should I report it to?
nirikyes, please update whatever link you have to use
contrapumpkinnoooo :)
contrapumpkinbut okay
contrapumpkinnirik: it also seems like the patches served up by the new server are slightly different? (I have an automated build process pulling patches from and checking their normalized sha256)
nirikThat would surprise me some... do you have a specific example.
contrapumpkinit's surprising to me too. Let me try and track it down
Asakopam_sss(sshd:auth): received for user foo: 6 (Permission denied)
Asakodoes anybody know what this means?
AsakoI have the *exact* same sssd config on other nodes and logins work just fine
contrapumpkinnirik: sorry, false alarm :)
Asakoaudit logs don't show any failures
contrapumpkinnirik: so in general it should be safe for me to s/ everywhere?
linexWonder is plasma 5.12 will come to Fedora 27. Anyone knows ?
shecksdoes anyone know if kernel 4.15 will be released for Fedora 27 or will it come with Fedora 28? I am not familiar with the Fedora release cycles and rebasing, is there somewhere I can check for updates? thanks
rdieterlinex: probably around 5.12.1 or 5.12.2
dowdleshecks: See the koji page for the kernel packages
dowdleshecks: They appear to have a build of 4.14.17 and 4.14.18 for F27... not sure if one or both has been or will be pushed to testing. Don't see 4.15.x for F27 yet.
shecksthanks dowdle, are those kind of semi official builds?
billings4.16 RCs are in rawhide so most likely will be in f28
shecksdowdle, yes i've been checking every few days in the hope of seeing 4.15 being pushed to testing, so far it was the only page i could see where there were some hints
billingsI've been using 4.15 kernels in f27 by enabling updates-testing
billingsoh wait, no, just 4.14
dowdleI was just checking updates-testing to see.
billingssorry, I've been building the 4.16 rc versions for my own testing
dowdleshecks: My guess would be... normally a new Fedora release comes out with a new kernel version... and then eventually the Fedora release behind it will adopt the same kernel version. But if there is some big security differences, they might switch faster.
billingsACTION nods
shecksbeen waiting for 4.15 so I can use Fedora on my main PC ... bought a new graphics card because it didn't like my R9 390 but now I'm waiting on HDMI audio :(
billingssupposedly new mesa bits will be in there too
billingsfor amd
shecksperhaps there will be a push when the spectre_v2 patches are ready
billingsits not terribly difficult to build your own using fedora's tools
billingsI use 'fedpkg' to build f27 kernels using rawhide's source packages
Southern_Gentlemi look for 4.15 in f27 in the next week
billingsyou just need some time and CPU cycles.
shecksi might look into that billings my PC is just sitting there waiting for 4.15 so i might as well just use it to learn something new
Southern_Gentlemshecks, 4.15 kernel is currently building
dtmguys, i have a laptop with quad core i3 and intel integrated plus geforce GT 525M 1GB, so how does the dual gpu setup work? i've never seen this. do they work simultaneously, where the nvidia is turned off until a 3D app launches and then it renders the 3d into the intel 2D framebuffer?
shecksSouthern_Gentlem, cool, so will I be able to download the binary then when it's done rather than building it myself?
dtmi assume that the nvidia proprietary driver would be optimal to install when i get fedora on this. so would that driver handle things like i said, and have a geforce gui app to configure it like on Windows?
Phr33d0myeah, more or less
vwbusguydtm, I wouldn't call it optimal
ozymandias_dtm, install from rpmfusion, though
vwbusguydtm, the nvidia driver can cause a number of quirks and issues, so I would try to free, open source driver (nouveau) that ships in fedora first to see if it meets your needs
ozymandias_whomever named that module needs to rethink their life, imo
vwbusguydtm, You might gain some 3d gaming advantage with the nvidia driver at some cost to system stability and increased maintenance
dtmvwbusguy: wow
ozymandias_it is by far the most irritating module name to have to deal with
dtmdang man lol. so Linus's blessed middle finger didn't soothe the savage beast?
vwbusguydtm, Intel and AMD graphics enjoy better stability in Linux, out-of-box (generally speaking)
vwbusguydtm, heh
vwbusguydtm, And if you have Optimus enabled, you may have some fun issues if you try to use multiple monitors, etc.
dtmwhat's optimus?
vwbusguyIntel+nouveau should work out of box for prime/optimus
dtmomg what lol
vwbusguydtm, graphcis switching to save battery life. Almost all laptops with discrete graphics come with it
dtmprime and optimus. okay.
vwbusguyPrime is the technology. nvidia brands it as Optimus
dtmvwbusguy: lol. very well.
vwbusguyI thought it was a cute play on nvidia's end, actually
dtmokay so does it work basically like i said, where nvidia turns on only when a 3d app requests it and then renders unto the 2d intel framebuffer?
vwbusguyBut "prime" is not unique to nvidia. AMD has their own version that works the same way.
dtmand the driver can switch 3d between intel and nvidia, depending on energy profile at the moment?
vwbusguyNo - by default, Intel renders everything and you specific individual apps to use discrete graphics instead
dtmok well i thought that's what i said
vwbusguyoh, I see, yes, you're right
dtmwow that's a lot better than ye olden days when you had to log out and switch betwen each gpu huh?
vwbusguyby default the nvidia driver blacklists the intel card (or at least at least used to last I used it), so you'd be running on nvidia all the time - and also means if you hadn't turned off prime, you wouldn't get a graphical desktop at all
vwbusguyYou just need to make sure you remove any blacklisting if you install the nvidia driver and want to use prime
dtmi'm going to study that statement carefully lol. what a world. i guess i need a howto, so i can look at my screen.
dtmso .... by default, having installed the proprietary nvidia driver from rpmfusion, i have no 2d? lol what
dtmi dont need max power savings. this laptop is just a low end desktop system, and is plugged into AC all the time.
dtmportability would mostly mean relocating it, and i'd put it to sleep if i needed