BeeBuuhello,all. I need a help on how to using playSIP to make a call to a client and record it...thanks alot.
ravindrahi all i am trying to connect two answered channels using uuid_bridge .i receive ok as reply from uuid_bridge but my a_leg channel is hungup after that what should be problem here?
ravindrai am using FreeSWITCH Version 1.6.19+git~20171025T192126Z~86184a2f73~64bit (git 86184a2 2017-10-25 19:21:26Z 64bit)
bonanravindra: could you upload the server logs to pastebin or similar?
ravindrathanks @bonan
ravindraplease review my call log
rossbcanapi | execute_on_answer not called until call ends. Want to execute luarun script. Has this api changed in recent fs versions?
eric9603How many people here are using Flowroute for SIP trunks? If you are, what do you think of them? Considering a migration from over to them. Also looking at SIP.US.
SwKeric9603 Flowroute is very good... used them for years...
cruzer45Good Day Everyone
cruzer45I'm curious if anyone here ever experience an issue with the att_xfer function. Essentially the CDR DB logs and CDR CSV logs differ
cruzer45when not using the att_xfer module the logs match up> But once att_xfer is activated the database cdr logs contain the wrong number in the caller ID column.
eschmidbauerSwK: is just saying that cuz a former FS team member is CTO
eschmidbauertruth is- flowroute sends media directly to level3 so if you want cheapest rates, peer with level3. although that is easier said than done. level3 requires a min amount of call volume if you want to peer with them
eschmidbauereric9603 ^^
lidlI am using Flowroute for my home/business pbx. (Admittedly, with Asterisk, not FreeSwitch.) I've been very happy with their SIP trunking.
eschmidbaueri use them to
eschmidbauercuz i barely do any call volume
eschmidbauerbut level3 is probably the best carrier if you are able to peer with them. most carriers are just charging you a toll to hand off calls to level3 anyway
lidlIt's amusing to me, given the number of conference calls that I'm on -- I pay what I consider very reasonable per-month costs. Because they don't charge me for calling into toll-free numbers, and my $WORK conf calls all go through a company provided 800 number.
eric9603Just got off a call with Flowroute. The only thing I'm not a big fan of is their DID and porting fees. $7.50 per DID to port? That's crazy. And $1.50/month. Also crazy.
Mr_VoIPVoIP Innovations is great too. You can actually pick the vendor, for instance, I can pick DID from Level3 or bandwidth or windstream. Their prices are reasonable.
Mr_VoIPyes, there is a porting fee as well.
eschmidbauereric9603: you doing a lot of volume?
eric9603About 30-40K minutes/month.
eric9603But we have hundreds of DIDs.
qxork@eric9603 if you have 100’s of DIDs, give them a call or contact sales. They’ll work with you.
qxork@eric9603 (flowroute, re the did pricing)
eric9603Working on that now to see how much they can come down. I've had other providers offer to waive the port fees entirely given the amount of numbers.