ravindrahi all freeswitch crashes after 2018-02-07 17:40:29.900600 [DEBUG] mod_sofia.c:491 Sending BYE to sofia/internal/2001@    
ravindracall logs : https://pastebin.com/PhrGs2MC
ravindracan someone provide understanding why it is giving segfault?
ronybeckravindra: can you not debug this yourself? I mean you got that far. It isn't so hard to workout where the segfault lies
ronybeckravindra: Also, we need to know what version you are running. Should we just simply guess which version of the source code to check?
apsilvaany sugestion for a SIP sopthone that support sip messages? i try linphone but it seams to have a bug when authenticating the messages...
mishehuapsilva: I've sent SIP MESSAGE from linphone. the only thing I think I had to do was to set the content-type
apsilvamishehu: you had <param name="auth-messages" value="true"/> ?
apsilvai see the message arrive but them the auth send it looks bad.. got the error: sofia_reg.c:2619 Cannot locate any authentication credentials to complete an authentication request for realm..
mishehuapsilva: I don't bother with authing messages, so I've not tried it. it was only in the lab.
mishehuapsilva: sounds like you need to activate a siptrace
apsilvamishehu: i i've it :) thanks
apsilvagonna revise it
ksoloI'm looking into building an ACD extension for an existing install of FreeSWITCH and wanted to know if there were significant performance differences between using the event socket or the mod httapi
ksoloThe install is older, it's on 1.2.x
BoteManI can't speak to the performance of either, but you should look at mod_fifo and mod_callcenter which are made for ACD environments.
BoteManksolo: Also, version 1.2 is very obsolete by now so any bugs you encounter will be answered with "upgrade".
ksoloupgrading is on the roadmap :)
ksoloBoteMan: the callcenter mod looks promising! Thank you
SwKmod_fifo > mod_callcenter
SwKmod_callcenter is not a replacement for mod_fifo its just an alternative module that was contributed by a 3rd party because they didnt like mod_fifo
ksoloSwK: from your experience, what makes the mod_fifo better? (I'm new to the FreeSWITCH env, sorry if this seems like an obvious thing)
SwKksolo I;ve just had to address problems with people using mod_callcenter one too many times
SwKand mod_fifo was actually designed and implemented by Anthony Minessale the inventor of FreeSWITCH so it tends to be better supported by the core team
SwKso maybe I'm being a bit biased
ksolothat makes sense. between mod_fifo and some potential Lua scripts, would you then recommend avoiding an external ACD and manage it all in the FS env?
BoteManSwK: Was mod_callcenter by MOC? I'd like to give credit where credit is due on that page :-)
jamesaxldoes freeswitch has something like queue_log and cdr database
mishehuACTION bahs.
mishehuSwK: you're a modist. (that's like being racist about modules) :-)
mishehujamesaxl: there's multiple ways to log cdrs if that's what you're asking.
BoteManSwK lives in a modist colony.
mishehuwould "alt-loading" be another name for a "modist" ?
jamesaxlmishehu: yes exactly
SwKmishehuoh hush it
mishehujamesaxl: so there's a few that log direct to database, but most of them use another method, such as writing to file or sending json or xml over the network. you'll need to browse through to find the one(s) that suite your needs.
mishehujamesaxl: see the list of modules in freeswitch.org/confluence . additionally I have an out-of-tree logger that logs direct to mysql. I've just not had time to write the changes requested of me by the core dev team to get it incorporated.
jamesaxlmishehu: understood, I need only write cdr in pg database
mishehujamesaxl: in event_handlers you'll find mod_cdr_pgsql I think it's call.
Mchammerdad~take-a-number Can I have a different ring sound for internal calls vs from incoming external calls?
c88816:09 Mchammerdad, you are number 2
c88816:09 http://conference.freeswitch.org/number.jpg (autocommit)
BoteManMchammerdad: In the example dialplan that ships with FreeSWITCH you will see the "ringback" variable. You can set it to different tone sequences in your Local extension definition versus one that handles public inbound calls.
BoteMan<action application="set" data="ringback=$${us-ring}" />
ksoloIs there a way to add 3rd party Lua dependencies to the built in Lua Scripting env?
ksolonvm, I found it in the wiki.