user-and-abuseranyone around by chance?
ThatDamnRangaask, don't ask to ask
user-and-abuseran exerpiance with opengear ?
user-and-abuserits firday night so i gota axe lol
ThatDamnRanganope sorry.
_snduser-and-abuser: opengear, as in the kvm stuff? we use a few boxes around
user-and-abuser_snd yeah, I just got one and I cant get it to talk right to my ex4300
user-and-abuserand later they will need to patch to my MX480's
user-and-abuseri get the promt to log into the opengear, Ilog in and it just hangs and i think its waiitng for a responce from the juniper
user-and-abuserhow are you guys connecting them?
KhargosSo we use the IM4248s here
KhargosActually I think I have some EX4300s on one.
user-and-abuseri have the IM4248
Killsudouser-and-abuser: that will depend on your IM4248 model
user-and-abuserim pulling my hair out on this
Killsudoyou need to identify the pin-out
Killsudoopengear sold that model in 3 different types
user-and-abuseri got the -2
KhargosSo the "cisco" pinout?
KillsudoIf it's the older model you need an adapter to work on anything modern.
KillsudoIf you get the modern IM4248 you just plug a regular ethernet cable in between the opengear and juniper device and it just works
user-and-abuserthe X2
user-and-abuserI was told from my vender to the the X2 model to advoide the roll over dongle
user-and-abuserso i got that one
KillsudoI also suggest updating that bad boy to the latest firmware regardless of model
user-and-abuseryeah it is
user-and-abuseri flashed it
user-and-abuserCisco RJ45 pinout (option -X2)
Killsudoyea you should be good then
KillsudoI know my X2's just work
user-and-abuserbut i get jack shit going on from the opengear to the juniper
Killsudousing them on ex2200s,4200s,MX's,qfx5100s,ex4600,cisco 65xx etc
KhargosYeah my expirence is the same
KillsudoOpengear support is pretty damn good if you really can't figure it out
user-and-abuserwhat settings are you useing?
Killsudoone sec
user-and-abuserim running 3.16.4u2
KhargosOh looks like I need to upgrade mine
KhargosSo are you using the WebGUI or SSHing in and using pmshell
user-and-abusersame result
user-and-abuseri log into the shell to the port I want, and then it just sits there
user-and-abuserif i kick my session from the opengear i watch it close my term
user-and-abuserso i know the connection is active
user-and-abuserpulling my hair out over this one
_snduser-and-abuser: back
_sndif you get the ssh login, check the web terminal for the same port
Killsudothat's an srx240 working just fine
_sndACTION has the same settings
KillsudoX2 pin out on IM4248 with latest firmware with a regular ethernet cable between the opengear and srx
_sndand the cool thing is, you'll see the same output in both the ssh terminal and web terminal
KhargosSo do you have all the serial settings setup right? (I think it defaults to 9600-8-N-1)
user-and-abuseryep yep
user-and-abuseri just got 2 of these off ebay for cheap as fuck
user-and-abuserhavint tryed the other yet
Killsudooh... fun
Killsudomight be a reason for cheap as fuck
_snduser-and-abuser: also, sometimes when debugging, if you have a device you can follow from powerup, that sometimes gets the right terminal resets, etc
Killsudoa good IM4248 X2 pinout is usually $1200 ish
Killsudoand that's ebay
_sndACTION uses the ACM series, smaller ones, and they are real nice
user-and-abuseri payed 700 each
user-and-abuserill try rebooting my switch
user-and-abuserbut i cant get this thing to talk to a Palo alto ether
user-and-abuserthey have a return policy
Killsudoyou sure your cable is good?
user-and-abuseryeah use it all the time
Khargos_snd: What features are teh ACM ones lacking
Killsudojust a regular cat5 cable right?
user-and-abuserim using the exact same settings
Killsudono cross-over, no cisco cable, etc
user-and-abuserits the cable that came with the juniper
user-and-abuserthat white one
KillsudoI never open those
user-and-abuserok 1 min
_sndKhargos: they are just smaller boxes, usually 4 or 8 port serial with 1 or 2 port ethernet
KillsudoI toss them in the forgotten box
user-and-abuserlet me change that
Killsudoyea.. ever since I wasted 1 or 2 hours with a Kemp serial cable that shipped in a brandnew LoadBalancer I gave up
KillsudoI use my own shit that I know works and toss vendor extras in a spare forgotten box
_sndACTION has always found the cabling with juniper gear to work, its just a 1m ethernet cable and an adapter?
Killsudoyup as far as I know
KhargosYeah that's what I remember too
KillsudoI have thousands of those stupid adapters floating around
Killsudoand different vendors shipped different pin-outs in those plastic adapters
KillsudoI have rollovers, null, straights etc... its a crapshoot then I need to adapt an actualy db9 to rj45..
_sndKillsudo: only vendor i have in my stuff that uses strange stuff is riverbed, they require a nullmodem, so i found someone selling a quick nullmodem shim, adds 2-3mm to my cable and plugs in easy
user-and-abuserand the syslog on debug tells me i activate port01
_snduser-and-abuser: are the boxes you got cheaply updated with latest fw?
_snduser-and-abuser: which port are you using on the box?
KhargosI've had Dell switches use weird serial pinouts too
user-and-abuseryeah i updated them to 3.16.4u2
Killsudoif you get lucky they paid the extra .2cents and put the part number on them to identify null vs roll etc
KillsudoKhargos: yea own Dell Powerconnects were another Null-modem port
Killsudoand fuck those things
_sndKhargos: ah yes, forgot about that, hp switches (which dell has oem'ed some of) have weird cables
Killsudoand APC pdu's
_snduser-and-abuser: which serial port on the box do you use?
Killsudofuck those serial consoles also
user-and-abuserport 1
KhargosI was so glad when PDUs/UPSs started having network ports.
_snduser-and-abuser: what model opengear units?
_snduser-and-abuser: retry it on port 2
KhargosAlso have you tried moving ports
Khargosyeah what _snd said
_sndi dont know the IMX series, but by default port 1 on ACM is to access the unit's own internal serial port
user-and-abuseri have
_sndand same result?
_snddo you get any results with the web terminal?
user-and-abuserblank screen with a red cursor box
_sndok, and same cable and settings produces good results on a serial port on a pc and using e.g. putty?
_snddone a full factory reset of the opengear thingies?
user-and-abuseralso do you get link lights ?
user-and-abuseri did not do a full factory reset yet
_sndthen that is next
user-and-abuserdoes the device you plug it into get link lights?
user-and-abuserok ill do that now
_sndim about to do a factory reset her soon, using my pillow
user-and-abuserok reset send
KillsudoI'd factory reset that opengear also, the previous guy might have manually screwed with the pmshell or port settings
Killsudothat's about the only thing I can think of
Killsudounless it's not really an X2
user-and-abuserthats what im wundering
_sndor nsa has implanted it full of something, or even the guys you bought it from have a littel wooden horse in there
user-and-abusermaybe its not really x2
Killsudoif it's an X1 you'll need to make your own cable or buy the $5 adapter
Killsudoerr X0
Killsudothe X1 I think you could test a cisco roll-over and see if the console works
dhoutzI actually need to figure out same thing on one I just brought :)
dhoutzJust haven't had time
dhoutzSince they don't label the pinout on the damn chassis
Killsudoboo they raised the price to $6
Khargosstupid question, but do all the ports show up in /var/dev?
Killsudooh and don't listen to the config
Killsudothe X0 will show in the config as an X2 if you go in via ssh and look at the config
user-and-abuseryeah all ports showed
Killsudoconfused the living hell out of me on my first X0 unit
dhoutzOh good to know..hadn't even checked
KillsudoI had to open a support case and send Opengear the serial number
KhargosKillsudo: I was just about to ask that
Killsudothey confirmed the pin out
dhoutzProb dig into this next week
user-and-abuseri have looked at all these links
KillsudoThey were superful even tho I told them I bought it used
user-and-abuserand i have that adaptor somewhere
Killsudooh and that adapter MUST plug into the end device
Killsudoyou can not plut the adapter into the opengear console and then run the ethernet cable to the device
Killsudogotta plug it into the device and run the cable back...
Killsudothat also pissed me off
user-and-abuseri kept one on me at last DC
KhargosMan I'm glad I started using these AFTER they had the X2 model...
Killsudoits a double edge sword
Killsudoone hand all the firmware still works and it's fully supported
user-and-abuserbrb checking on reset
Killsudootherhand, its a pain to sort out when you first use them but that's what you get if you buy them used
Killsudoeveryone on ebay loves to look at the opengear config, see that it says X2 in the port config, and list them on Ebay as X2'
dhoutzYes, now I know for the next batch :)
KhargosWow, did they raise their prices? Looking at the website they seem a lot spendier than I remember.
Killsudoyea you gotta contact a rep for real pricing
dhoutzConsole server prices are so out of wack
Killsudothey are but it beats mucking about your own solution
dhoutzIts a damn Linux box with 48 serial porta
Killsudoand keeping it patched/working and hoping its there when you want it
dhoutzJust I can't convince to buy new
Killsudoor that it didn't powercycle and all your serial ports got re-numbered
KillsudoAirConsoles are pretty nice
dhoutzJust want to rid ourselves of our cyclades though
dhoutzAccomplish that and I am happy
Killsudofor one off stuff or wireless access
user-and-abuser_how important is dns to this tihng?
user-and-abuser_we were thinking about air consoles
KhargosWe RMA'd one that was shipped with the wrong port numbers on the front. That was a confusing time.
Killsudouser-and-abuser_: I don't think it gives two shits about dns unless you use a hostname somewhere
KillsudoI've used the air consoles with the IPAD thing with a local fiber ISP
Killsudothey provide them to the remote techs, who plug in, then the NOC can take over the IPAD thingy and muck about
dhoutzWe use spiders for one off serial stuff
KhargosSo I like airconsoles for when I'm local, but for remote work it's hard to beat an opengear.
dhoutzHave them connected to dd-wrt bridges
dhoutzIpkvm and serial console on demand
Killsudoyea they went airconsoles to avoid that mess
Killsudoit comes with the battery pack and usb break out
Killsudotech can plug into multiple serial ports and walk away why the NOC does their thing across the rack
dhoutzWe power spider via USB port on Asus router
dhoutzPlug router into pdu in cab
Killsudothat means another adapter for 3 prong to c13
dhoutzEven have ones on remote datacenter guest wifi that tunnel home with open VPN
KillsudoIve ran Rpi's off the juniper usb ports and airconsoles off the builtin usb port
KhargosOoo you could always fasion your own cables with this:
Killsudoacross srx/ex/mx
Killsudodhoutz: nice, I want that solution for customers via the airconsole
Killsudolet them rent for a day
dhoutzYea we use these when customer s need one off access to their gear ad well
Killsudowe usually charge $20 for either serial or ipkvm conoles
user-and-abuserone thing that is weird
user-and-abuserwhen I go to add a new device
dhoutzI think we do about the same
user-and-abuserdo i even need to bother with that btw?
user-and-abuser“add new device”?
dhoutzThough I know some customers keep them for damn near ever
user-and-abuseradd a new connection it says serial the drop down box next to it says object objec
Killsudowe do $20 a day and track it dhoutz
Killsudothey'd get a nice bill
dhoutzWe're too nice I guess
Killsudouser-and-abuser: once you setup the 'serial port' it should show up under devices
Killsudowith a 'ssh console' shortcut for putty or a web shortcut for the web console
user-and-abuserits not showing that up
Killsudojust gotta flip over to the 'serial' tab under devices
user-and-abuseri have to click on the 2nd tap
user-and-abuserthats ther
dhoutzOh we also have the Asus doing dhcp relay in case we need to pxe boot from some cab with out real access to our network
Killsudoyou can add more settings and it'll show up under Managed devices
Killsudovery nice
KillsudoI hadn't considered doing pxe over wifi
Killsudomakes sense tho
Killsudowe started buying those 'startech' ipkvms you plug into a laptop via usb
user-and-abusersso im using the web terminal
user-and-abusersame problem
Killsudothey have vga/usb on one side and a mini-usb port
Killsudothen just let customers remotely RDP into the netbook to access the ipkvm console
dhoutzIts not super speedy but handy in a pinch
Killsudowe found that easier then telling them how to get past a java prompt
user-and-abuseri am unable to add connections to the device through managed devices
Killsudouser-and-abuser: open a opengear ticket with your serial number and ask them to confirm the pin out
dhoutzKillsudo: I've seen the startech but never tested
Killsudothey are in europe for support so they should answer tonight
user-and-abuserthey are not 24/7 are they?
Killsudodhoutz: works pretty down well
KillsudoI'm happy with them
Killsudonot cheap tho
Killsudocouple hundred for one
user-and-abuserthe ebay seller has amazing reviews
dhoutzYea def recall them being pricey
dhoutzOtherwise I would have gotten myself one
dhoutzThe spiders aren't cheap either
user-and-abuserim going to open this other one see if i get anthing diffrent
dhoutzI think we have 16 or so of them floating around our big facility
user-and-abuserif i can have 1 working one i will be golden
Killsudouser-and-abuser: I know they work ;) I've got mine managing all sorts of devices including PDU's etc
Killsudoeven for the routers/netapps/etc tied into the PDU function so we can power-cycle ports from the opengear webgui
dhoutzuser-and-abuser: report back cause I need to fight a similar battle
Killsudoit even reports back which pdu outlets are enabled etc in the gui via snmp
user-and-abuserjust opend a ticket
Killsudothe SDT connector is a nice dream also
user-and-abuseronward to @2
Killsudogreat for proxying webui's on remote devices back
Killsudoif you use the VPN functionality
user-and-abuseralso these zlocks are epic
Killsudoipsec and openvpn worked last time I tried them.
dhoutzWe use plastic sleeves on c13 cables
KillsudoI'd post a screenshot of my decked out devices all managed but to many details
dhoutzCall them snuggies
dhoutzNot sure official name
dhoutzI hate the guy who designed that connector
user-and-abuseryeah they are shit
user-and-abuserthe zlocks are not
dhoutzOr atleast whoever implements it in such a piss poor fashion
dhoutzThey look expensive
KillsudoI've used those zlocks a few times
user-and-abuserthey are kinda expensive
KillsudoI prefer the PDU's with the locking gate
user-and-abuserif you dont have that option and have a lot of moving servers they rock
user-and-abuserit locks on the server side as well
Killsudowell quite using servers
dhoutzWe did look at having china duplicate the APC locking cables
user-and-abuserthanks for the support with the open gear guys its been great
Killsudogo buy a blade chassis :P
user-and-abuserits for storage mostly
dhoutzBut snuggies came along and fixed the problem cheaply
Killsudosomeone sells those zlocks on an off brand via Amazon
user-and-abusernot on the psu side
Killsudothey work the same
Killsudoand are cheap
user-and-abuseri didnt find them
dhoutzI dont know whwt we pay for power cables but I know they come on slow boat from china
Killsudoapc apparently makes one now also
user-and-abuseryeah i think raritan started it
dhoutzOh yea, 11.50 from anixter. Ouch
Killsudomeh, call your anixter rep
Killsudothen call him a bitch
Killsudothen ask for power cables
dhoutzYea, I realize it would be cheaper
dhoutzGotta imagine we pay China like 50 cents a cable though
Killsudolast time I ordered a few spools of innerduct I got them to toss in some free fiber raceway so I could check it out
Killsudoneedless to say I got that raceway snazzyed up
Killsudoneeded a few joints and wasn't sure theirs would hook into my existing stuff
Killsudonow I know ;)
KillsudoI hope Verizon starts spring cleaning again
dhoutzOK bed time
dhoutzuser-and-abuser: good luck
Killsudolast time they cleaned out their DC they tossed out a truck load of unistruct, 4in fiber raceway, and thousands of SMF patches
dhoutzOh Verizon...
dhoutzNo wonder cell phone so expensive
KillsudoI rebuilt like an entire row of cabinets in the dc from the trash pickup
Killsudohung all new power using the unistrut, ran the raceway out over them, and had plenty of SMF patches from panel to cabs lol
Killsudo2nd time they cleaned house, they delivered it to our floor since it was closer then the 'trash'
Killsudowe just had to take all of it and trash it ourselves
user-and-abuserboxes say x1
user-and-abuserebay seller said x2
user-and-abuserok at least this adds up
user-and-abuserlet me see if i have a roll over
user-and-abuseri dont care if i have to buy adaptors
Killsudoyea figures, almost anytime someone says 'opengear and doesn't work' I can guess ebay and wrong pin-out
Killsudotime to head out.. it's been an eventful Friday and the NOC
Killsudogood luck user-and-abuser
user-and-abuserthanks for all the help
va7lnxused and abused :(
_sndany of you smart folk up and away?
Roland-hey folks, can I import partial configuration ? I am new to juniper, in cisco I just paste a few lines, not sure how it works on Juniper as I see commands are differemt than what I see in configuration
dhoutzSure. Load merge terminal and paste
dhoutzLet's you paste in curly brackets config
dhoutzOr you can just paste in set commands
Roland-ah works thanks, makes my life easier
_sndRoland-: also if you're a ciscoer: set format
_sndeasier format to work with for cut-n-paste of some things :)
Roland-O am not seeing the set format in any mode
Roland-this is a srx100
_sndshow confi
_sndthey are all the same, srx100 to srx5800
_sndshow configure | display set
_sndhave you seen the "day one" book for cisco engineers?
Roland-wow, impresive
Roland-I am into it now
_sndthe look at the load command
_sndhow you can load stuff in various forms
_sndalso, you can e.g. do "edit routing-instance my-vrf" to go down into the config hierachy and then do "load terminal relative" and paste in something from a different vrf context, etc
dhoutzAlso load patch let's you use diff sytax from show | compare
_sndall in all, after 15-20 years of plugging at cisco gear, learning junos was amazing
Roland-yes, I am cisco/dell used
_sndRoland-: once you are ready to have your cisco mind blown, look at "commit confirmed" :D
Roland-yes unfortunately I have a few m1000e blades
Roland-and juniper did not get in the blade market
Roland-and I am forced to use ciscos
Roland-I have this srx at home and then want to upgrade it to srx240
_sndthey're very pleasant to work with
Roland-I am gussing srx100 does everything i software
Roland-keine asic
Roland-also have a quickone, this srx... even if I request system zeroize, it comes preloaded with some configuration... can I start it with a totally empty one?
_sndload has options to allow you to load based on zero preexisting
dhoutzJust type delete at top of heiarchy
dhoutzAnd delete it all
_sndthat too