rads-at-yandexhi all
rads-at-yandexppl, does it possible to make central configuration for logstash on target devices?
bjorn_What do you mean?
bjorn_Multiple logstash instances with synchronized config?
rads-at-yandexbjorn_: almost so
rads-at-yandexcan I provide configuration to remote logstash?
bjorn_I am not aware of any central configuration option. You should probably use some config management system (puppet, cfengine, whatever) or some other means to keep your config in sync (rsync, shared NFS, etc).
rads-at-yandexbjorn_: ansible, I know... huh
mionoI have a filebeat-problem. I've configured it to ship a certain file but it never does.
mionoI have no "Harvester starded for file:"-line for that particular file