jeffciHi, how can I get db.getCollection('categories').find({'name': {"$regex": 'Drinks'}}) to match documents with the name 'Drink'? input will often come in with the 's' at the end but the category name is actually 'Drink'
linociscohi all, I would like to list collections with number of documents inside. Show collections only list collection
linociscoif we want to list number of document, we need to separately run db.collection.count()
linociscoanybody who is doing class in mongodb university?
Dericknot doing a course... but can help
linociscoDerick, although it is not course related, please help me with above question
DerickI think you'll have to do it collection by collection
linociscoDerick, ok. thanks. but in course. even though, aggregation is not taught yet, there are alot of questions on Aggregation
amitprakashHi, is it required that all servers on a replica set be the same edition (i.e. all enterprise or all community)?
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day :D