mctoI am trying to get data that is nested within 2 levels of arrays:
mctoAs you can see, there will be a total of 500 "fields" that I want to extract. What's the best way of doing this?
pandaadbhi - is there a maximum size a query can have?
pandaadbi have 222 pairs of IDs, so I am writing a query such as: or: [and: id:1, id2:2], [and: ...]
pandaadbthe 3t mongo tool tells me of unescaped literals which soudns like it is cutting my query after the maximum and tries to execute the thing in a cut form
Derickpandaadb: the maximum size would be just under 16MB
Derick222 pairs probably works
Derickbut it's not going to be really fast
pandaadbit's index lookups, it performs quite well but it seems if i add more than 30 pairs it doesn'tlike it anymore
pandaadbis what i am seeing. My test, i have my query, and I copy paste the valid query (adding a comma) to artificially make it longer
pandaadbThis query already does not go through: https://pastebin.com/4u0ev0nM
pandaadbremoving 30 pairs makes the query be fine again
pandaadbI am thinking this is likely more of a Studio 3T thing than a real mongo issue
pandaadbMy query also has 2 lookups + projections (not sure if that makes a difference)
Derickpandaadb: could be a 3T issue then
pandaadband if I save the entire query (copy paste into a text editor) i get 3.9k
pandaadbah good to know
pandaadbi'll move to the shell and see if that works on Monday :) thanks Derick
KryztovalHello, I am partially new to mongodb, but I have this problem: I want a tool to create document validation (schemas?) and I am looking for a tool like "MySqlWorkbench", or a framework that allows me to visually link my documents or define them, and get a basic api to access the data so I can modify it. Is there such a tool?
Kryztovali guess not :(
sparcHello, should I be able to dump a sharded db (with one shard), by connecting to the primary instead of the shard service?
sparcand restore it to a second cluster to the shard service?
sparcFor some reason the mongos isn't available on the cluster i'm migrating away from.