netscape101is there something like but an equivalent for mongodb on mac?
netscape101I'm trying to help a co worker setup mongodb locally just for development and I'm looking for the easiest option
KekSinetscape101: robomongo
KekSias in a gui/viewer
KekSiotherwise i'm usually suggesting to use docker since that's just the easiest way
DelphicOkamiHi there, I'm trying to find documents in a mongo database based on elements on child documents, would anyone be able to look at and give me a few tips please
kidnextdoorhi, how do i install mongodb in debian 9 stretch?
voltinusMongoError: Server at localhost:27017 reports wire version 0, but this version of Node.js Driver requires at least 2 (MongoDB2.6).
voltinusDoes anybody know why I get this error?
voltinusnodejs v9.5.0, Mongo 2.4.9
applepiHi all! I have what might be an odd request, I can't seem to find anything on it anywhere. I'd like to do a find() but limit the depth (for example, no subdocuments)
applepiIs this possible?
applepiI see lots of examples of how to suppress individual subdocuments by name - that is, using {something: 0}, but nothing on just blanket suppressing subdocuments entirely.
SpeakerToMeatUgh the buffer wrapped. WHo was it that responded to me?
SpeakerToMeatAbout having primary and secondary databases in a single server
fadavihey there. im in trouble about choose between MySQL and MongoDB. please guide me to decide
fadaviim developing an accounting application using Node.js (in server-side) and AngularJS (in client side)
fadavidatabase schema includes relations... e.g. between Users and CashFlows, Users and Buys, Users to Sales, etc. please guide me to choose.
energizerfadavi: not mongo
fadavienergizer: why? please explain more.
energizerfadavi: many-to-many is hard in mongo
fadavienergizer: even if theres only a few M2M relations? actually one or two.