ardubuntu is such a dependency hell
ardcircular dependencies, all auto-installed...
Zero_Chaosgentoo ftw
mdrjr /bin/sh ftw
Zero_Chaos/bin/sh->/bin/zsh ftw
HdkRChromeOS ftw
Zero_ChaosHdkR: that's gentoo ;-)
HdkRDon't ruin the illusion, no one will know
ardZero_Chaos : well no, because it doesn't compile upon update
Zero_Chaosard: chromeos is based entirely on gentoo. it has some changes yes, but it's gentoo.
ardthere is a big difference between based... and is ...
Zero_Chaosard: a lot less than you think, but you can keep your illusions about the limitations of gentoo, I don't feel like distro wars right now, I have useful things to do.
ardbut... but... but...
HdkRWe lost a great many soldier in the distro wars that winter
ardand it hasn't even started yet :-(
zalaarea bad season indeed
ardACTION secretly is going to add systemd to gentoo
ardthat will scare them away!
mdrjrzalaare: :)
mdrjryou are here :P
zalaare@mdrjr: i am.
zalaare@mdrjr: building a debian chroot as I write.
Zero_Chaosard: you realize systemd is fully supported in gentoo, right? oh wait, clearly you don't.
Zero_Chaosard: ignorance isn't always bliss.
mdrjrzalaare: welcome :) and once again.. Thank you for your amazing work :)
ardZero_Chaos : <war>systemd is one reason not to use gentoo then</war> ;-)
reinoudre chromeos, Google tends to claim much work and corrupt them so much they get incompatible with everything else
zalaare@mdrjr: well thanks! and Thanks! I do what I can. This darn CPU core issue would make me pull my hair out if I had any left to pull :P
Zero_Chaosard: it's an option, you can use it or not, as you choose. but yes, if the ability to use systemd is too gross, you have to not use gentoo.
mdrjrzalaare: btw, you said to use Arch, I use ArchARM toolchain.. ->
mdrjrit works very well for me
zalaare@mdrjr: i'll give that a go too.
HdkRmdrjr: gaaaaaaaaaah
mdrjrHdkR: UAT?
HdkRSat down and took some time to figure out why Dolphin crashes on Mali + X11
HdkRMismatched visuals from parent and child window that we generate
HdkRThen I continued onward and discovered that Mali spends a /scary/ amount of CPU time in the kernel doing stuff that makes us run stupid slow
HdkRLike...50-75% CPU time
HdkROh snap
HdkRI just hardlocked my XU3 :P
HdkRNote to self, two dolphin instances make the XU3 cry
HdkRhm...apitrace has issues recreating a window as well on the XU3
mdrjrHdkR: know issue on Mali ?
HdkRmdrjr: Nobody understands the words that are coming out of your mouth
mdrjrHdkR: drugs :(
mdrjror too late ?
HdkRSuper confused
mdrjrI need a 5V 30A psu
HdkRMaking a USB charger wall?
HdkRProbably would be cheaper to get a 12v 3A charger and voltage regulate along multiple rails at that point though...
mdrjr5v * 30a = 150W
mdrjr12v * 3a = 36W
HdkRWoops, I thought stupid
HdkRGetting tired