ardnice place to hide a XU3
ardfirst have to remove that crap
StrumXU3 probably faster than that mac crap
StrumStep 23
StrumWith the hinge free to move, the iMac will be unbalanced and hard to work on. Repairs can be completed as shown, but are faster and easier with an iMac service wedge.
Strumi lolled
StrumiMac service wedge
Legathi got case from DIR-604 and made own macpro from odroid, haha
ardDIR-604 sounds like a DI-604 dlink case
ardmy lapdock cables should arive today so I can use the U3 on the lapdock
ardNow I will see how lazy mdrjr actually was :-)
Legathno, DI-604 is old device
Legathi am just maintainer FW of Broadcom based Dlink routers
teKuruthat ifixit guide just highlights why I will never own an imac
HdkRteKuru: The older one wasn't terrible. Instead of double sided stick tape for the screen they used magnets
Strumagreed teKuru
Strumall that to change a hardrive
Strumwhat bullshit
mdrjrso much Mac rage here peeps
HdkRBit interesting that they paired a desktop CPU with a mobile GPU
Strumsteve jobs more evil than bill gates
HdkRSo evil that he died
mdrjrI actually like Bill Gates :)
mdrjrbecause he was actually an coder in the past...
teKurunot really rage since I have a choice not to buy them, its more of a disdain for every time Ive had to open an imac or mac mini and replace something for someone
Strumhe is a freakign monster
mdrjrJobs just used Wozniak knowledge
Strumhe never coded anything
Strumhe stole the first dos
HdkRSteve was a visionary and designer
mdrjrHdkR: that's correct
Strumhe was athief and a con artist
mdrjrhe knew how to make things look good for idiots
HdkRthat's right
teKuruhe didnt steal dos
teKuruhe licensed it
teKuruand then sold it on to a bigger company
HdkRSoon enough the iPhone will be thin enough to get a cut from it
teKuruAND retained the license for it when IBM started to use it instead of them taking control
Strumhe stole it
Strumhe settled with the guy out of court
teKuruone of the biggest gaffs in business hisotry on IBMs part
teKuruyou can hardly call the battle with CP/M stealing dos
Strumit's cp/m
teKurusince the thing he started with was not cp/m
Strumwhat he is up to now is of far more concern imho
Strummass murder
mdrjr$499 in us... $1119,6 in Brazil
HdkRMac Mini?
teKurumass murder? lol
teKuruhe gives away oodles of money
HdkRdamn those import taxes :P
mdrjrI would like to have one of those here
mdrjrStrum: too much tin foil hat conspiracy to me
StrumBill Gates, heavily invested in Monsanto’s GMOs as well as in vaccines,
teKuruyou are not helping your case Strum
Strumit's the goddam truth
teKurusure it is
mdrjrAs a pilot I love to hear when people talk about the trail that planes leaves
Strumyeah whatever , just stick you head back in the sand then
mdrjrand that's a chem trail that will kill everybody
teKurujust like it wasn't gary kiddals fault he wouldnt sign an NDA with IBM
Strumchemtrail spraying is real
mdrjrIt is ?
Strumweatgher modifcation is real
Strumwake the fuck up
HdkRmere exposure effect is real
mdrjrStrum: its a living thing or just a chemical ?
mdrjrbecause if its live it will die on the temperature inside the airplane turbine...
mdrjrreachs ~600C and gets colded at -60C and it leaves
teKuruthe tinfoil hat is strong with this one
mdrjrso pretty much dead
Strumthey are spaying barium and alumuminium
Strumthe make the air more liable to radio wave heating
Strumit's all documanted
Strumand admitted
mdrjrsorry.. Can't be Bairum :(
Strum by goverment
mdrjr727C melting point
Strumcontrails disipate quickly
mdrjran airliner during take-off will reach that
Strumchemtrails hang around for hours and slowly spread out
mdrjrand it would melt in the engine
Strumreal onctrails dissappear in minutes
teKuruin the description of that link "Popular among conspiracy theorists."
HdkREverytime I go to he grocery store I am spreading toxic gases that kill people
Strumit's a real government document idiot
mdrjrHdkR: everytime that I fart I do that too
Strumthey opne talk of controllign the weather
Strumwake the fuck jup
teKuruhow about chill the fuck out
mdrjrCan't be aluminum as well
teKurupeople have been talking about weather modification FOREVER
mdrjrmelting point is 660C and that would trash a plane turbine
Strumit's happening
teKurusame with the olympics in bejing, same with everything
mdrjrwe need a metal above 800C
Strumand if oyu ever took your head out of your arse and looked up at the sky you would see it happening
teKuruhowever the hell you managed to bridge to weather modification from talking about gates "stealing" dos, it must be some fucking convoluted theory in your head
teKuruoh man
mdrjrStrum: I am a pilot.. I've been on the skies :P
teKuruwhatever, I dont need this shit
teKuruhave fun with your theories
Strumhave fun with you head in the sand
Strumjust keep drinknig the flouridated water dood
Strumand getting your flu shots
Strumtrust the government everything will be fine
HdkRI should probably paint my house with lead paint so my wifi signals don't get out
HdkRbig brother might be watching my porn stream
mdrjrStrum: when I was a kid, my mother used to give me fluoride
mdrjras pills
Strumrat poison
mdrjrwe used to took those here in the past to get strong teeth...
Strumthat is bullshirt
mdrjrand I'm still alive :P
Strumit does nothign for teeth
Strumit's bad for teeth
Strumin most of europe they don't flouridate and they have better teeth than flouridated countries
mdrjreven worst.. she told me that in her pregnancy she used to took it as well
HdkRI like how my city's water tastes like chlorine
mdrjrHdkR: the entire water from Brazil is threated with chlorine...
HdkRmmm, delicious stuff that is
mdrjrand guess? our population is growing quite fast
mdrjr2010 - 174 million, 2013 - 204 million
HdkROf course, people love pumping out babies
HdkREspecially when they get government kickbacks for doing so
HdkRstatistically speaking, you should already have seven children mdrjr
ardin every benchmark another phone is better... weird...
Strumone benchmark doesn't equal better
ard16 bencmarks
ardresults all over the place...
ardI would expect some phones always on top, but no... either the results are bad, or the benchmarks are bad :-)
ardor both
mdrjrQuadrant is bad..
mdrjrREALLY bad
Strumfurther, who is the guy doing the review and what are his interests?
ardwell, it measures something, but what exactly :-)
mdrjrard: in a very distant past... I was testing Quadrant on ODROID-X
mdrjrand I've found that didn't matter what I've did
Strumdon't believe crap in tech magazines , it's all advertising paid for by manufacturers
mdrjrthe score couldn't go up
mdrjruntil I've found that quadrant didn't pushed enough the hardware
ardand the hardware was waiting on the software to push it :-)
mdrjrMali was <40%
mdrjrCPU hotplug was kicking in
mdrjrit was pointless
ardthat's was a big problem with gaming on linux...
ardyou had to select performance before starting a game
HdkRI have a bash file for kicking the K1 GPU in to high performance mode
HdkROtherwise it would run at 78-118mhz for Dolphin :P
HdkRMe too
mdrjrCall your friends at nvidia
HdkRI may be getting my hands on a dev board
HdkRoop, had the clock speed wrong
HdkR72mhz or 108mhz
HdkRJetson board supports a fairly large range of GPU scaling. 72, 108, 180, 252, 324, 396, 468, 540, 612, 648, 684, 708, 756, 804, 852
HdkRStill no 950mhz like Anandtech spouted as the top
ardHmmm, lapdock just works with the U3
ardnow to find the right usb connector....
ardthere is a scaler in the lapdock, so it downscales or upscales
arddepending on your output ;-)
HdkRI would have figured since it was only for one product they wouldn't have cared
ardit even has a kind of "menu" overlay
ardHDMI not connected and such
ardjust on the display
ardI think the hardest part is the male micro-usb otg interface...
teKuruI ordered soime cheap adapters from ebay to use mine
teKurutiny little reverse otg cable
ardI actually want a female micro-usb to a male A and a point where I can solder the power cable on :-)
HdkRYou're asking for way too much
ardI do have a micro-usb female connector here that I tore of from a pcb. But I am too old to solder those tiny feet
HdkROh. I didn't realize that Nvidia provided Gstreamer libraries for hardware decoding videos and audio
HdkRThat's pretty nifty :D
teKuruard: I had to solder some SMD resistors recently and it made me feel like a giant
teKurunot that it was super difficult was just such a pain to hold heh
teKuruso which one of you is this
ardteKuru : when I was just desoldering a chip, I took with it some solder islands and a 0 Ohm resistor fell off...
ardthe last wire I soldered I could not realy see, I was just guessing it was on the right spot and making camera shots now and then
ardACTION has now invested in some china-export glasses
ardbut the magnification is too big...