Legathgood morning, dear hackers
Bob_Sagetahh...it's good night here
Schnabeltierchenare there any precompiled retroarch packages for the u3? everytime failig compiling
ardmdrjr : you asked who has a lapdock, so I have one...
ardBut I do not get the 1366x768 to work
ardit is as if it is using the hdmi_v13 path instead of the _v14 path...
ardso dsd's 257 pixel hack is not enabled
ardotoh I might be talking bs... ;-)
ardxrandr --newmode "1366x768-2" 85.50 1366 1380 1436 1500 768 769 772 800 +hsync +vsync
ardxrandr --addmode HDMI-1 1366x768-2
ardxrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1366x768-2
ardmakes it work, but my display does not accept that ;-)
bstringHello, I'm in the thinking stages for a project. the idea would be taking a broken jornada 680, 720 or similar and gutting it to house an Odroid-W or U3 (if it fits)
bstringanyway, the challenge becomes the screen. if anyone knows that series of handhealds, they might remember that it's an incredibly wide 640x240 screenx
bstringi found the screen type but not the pinout, so i'm open to suggestions size and making use of the extra area created
knuthello, I'm having trouble setting up arch linux for odroid u3. I'm following the official instructions, but the odroid does not boot, just the red led lights up, the blue keeps off.
knuti've tried with sd as well as emmc, what can i do?