Bob_Sagetwhat are you using to copy the image?
ardACTION is going to play chicken again and will just download mdrjr's kernel
knuthey, i'm experiencing the odroid u3 to have a real unstable boot behavior - sometimes it starts up immediatly, sometimes i have to retry 5 times each waiting 5 minutes unplugged in between to uncharge the u3. anyone else having that problem?
Strumtry another boot media
Strumsd or emmc
knuti've tried both
knutalso i have trouble setting up a new boot media
ardknut : you have probably an old pcb?
ardversion 0.2?
knuti'm sorry, what is pcb?
ardsounds like you have a hdmi current leak problem
ardpcb == printed circuit board
knutno, hdmi is not connected
ardin this case your U3
knuti have U3 rev 0.5 from april
ardtry plugging in, and then pressing the power button for 5 seconds
ardapril? I though that was still 0.2? dunno...
ardif you have 0.5 it should not matter
ardnext stop:
arddo you have serial console?
knutunluckily not
knutI'll order one, but i need to fix it fast :/
Strumyou need the serial cable
ardSo how do you know it boots or not?
knutby the blue light
knutalso im using arch linux
ardallright, that's one indicator
knutonce i got a working image done, after several retries, but never again :/
ardwell, the only thing I am interested in is if you get a u-boot prompt on the serial console :-)
ardthere should be a triple OK popup on the site...
knuti don't know much about that whole serial thing, i just thought i can copy an image and connect via network cable
ard"You ordered a U3 without serial console, are you sure? If this is your first, order it with it"
knutit wasn't me who ordered it, but my boss :/
ardserial console is the lifeline of anything electronic. except for pc's
ardMy thecus NAS all have serial console, you just have to connect it.
ardI even use serial console for my desktop... ubuntu or systemd @ debian can be a real pain...
knutuhh okay, i will get one :)
ardgood :-)
knutcan u recommend one for me?
ardthe one from hardkernel, as that one is pre-made and you need one that accepts 1,8v
ardany other can fry your cpu
ardyou only need 1 or 2 for development purposes.
ardunless you are building a remote managed cloud.
knutokay :)
knutbut do you know why i have so much trouble setting up a new boot medium?
knuti'm following archlinuxarms guides
ardif your image works as expected you don't need the cable, but since it will not work as you expected it, you need the cable to start
ardI don't know... I do debootstrap, and it works ;-)
ardbut I have a U2 and a U3 and a XU3, and 3 serial cables ;-)
knutis it for debian/ubuntu only?
knutyeah, i just have 2 u3s, and both don't accept my cards/emmcs :P
ardI had the U2 for a long time without a serial cable, and only after I ordered a U3 with serial cables I could do real things
ardyou need 1 working emmc, then you can program the other emmc using the uSD card slot in the U3
ardUSB adapters sucj
knuti'm using internal card reader of my laptop
ardyou also need to understand that there is a few MB in the start of the emmc or sd that you cannot use, since uboot will be writing it's env on that
arddoes the card reader see mmcblk0boot0?
ardand boot1 and rpmb
knutyes, it shows up as /dev/mmcblkboot0/1, right?
ardyou could look in /proc/partitions....
ardI have these:
ard 179 0 7634944 mmcblk0
ard 179 1 131584 mmcblk0p1
ard 179 2 7501824 mmcblk0p2
ard 179 24 512 mmcblk0rpmb
ard 179 16 4096 mmcblk0boot1
ard 179 8 4096 mmcblk0boot0
ard0boot0 is where uboot resides
knutmmcblk0# mmcblk0boot0# mmcblk0boot1# mmcblk0p1#
knutand i can just modify p1 with fdisk
ardbe sure that the first few MB are not used...
knuti followed this guide:
knuthow can i make it sure?
ardthat's not in the howto...
knutfirst sector is at 2048
ardwhen creating a partition, you might try to install a blocking partition
knutu mean create a partition i will not use?
ard /dev/mmcblk0p1 : start= 3072, size= 263168, Id= 6
ard /dev/mmcblk0p2 : start= 266240, size= 15003648, Id=83
ardis what I have
knutokay, ill try it too
knutwhy u split into 2 partitions?
ardbut a lot of distributions get confused by that...
ardOn intel for grub2 you need at least 64MB free space
ardbut if you create a partition just for grub to do it's thing, debian just chokes
ardfirst is a boot partition with kernels and instructions
ardthe second is the /
ardthis is the original installation btw
knutah okay, but i can copy all into one / partition, or?
ardI use ext4 as p1
ardonly if you have a serial console and fix the u-boot defaults 8-D
knuthaha :D
ardACTION got to eat something...
knutwell then i have to copy the /boot folder to p1 and the rest of the files to p2?
knutbut then i have to edit the fstab file as well, or not?
ardthat's the idea, but you better start off using an mdrjr ubuntu image on one of the emmc's, and use that one to install arch on the second emmc ;-)
knutgood idea :)
knutthank you, i will try that!
knutard, i got ubuntu server working on sd card, emmc also didn't work
knutbut now i can try to copy arch to emmc on the odroid, right?
ardknut : first make a working booting emmc card...
ardnot sure how you proceed with that....
ardI just dd from a known source ;-)
Strumyou can do it on a windows machine
Strumdownlaod an image and load to sd or emmc
knutwell i tried with dd - sd card works, emmc not :/
knutwhen i boot odroid with sd and then connect emmc he does not recognize it - so i have to get an emmc running
knutwill try on windows next, just have to find a computer with it :D
ardwindows does not understand 0boot0
ardand I think the problem is you need a good uboot
pagioshi all, hi mdrjr is this a hardware error?
rz2k_check electrical connection
rz2k_maybe emmc partially fell out of slot?
pagiosrz2k_: well the strange thing is that it boots afterwards
pagiosi was able to dd the whole emmc to desktop
rz2k_check the clocks, it will clock itself down if connection cant be established on high MHz
pagiosrz2k_: you suspect a recoverable electrical glitch?
rz2k_bad connection to emmc, ESD or just power problems
pagioswhat is ESD rz2k_ ?
teKuruelectrostatic discharge
ardpower problem is also a good one
ardmake sure you use the original power supply
ardA guy I know used the power supply of a USB 3 hub, which should actually be enough, but it wasn't....
ardas soon as the hdmi circuitry was turned on, it used more than what that supply could deliver
ardthinking about that, maybe he just wired it wrong
mdrjrard: funny because the HDMI stuff draws < 10ma :)
mdrjrard: I think what triggered it was the CPU DVFS being enable and all CPU's getting full juice
teKuruthe FTX from can be jumper soldered to 1.8v
teKurudoesnt have the connector that plugs right into the odroid but plenty of female pin plugs work just fine
electrostaticdisbother too mant letter
electrostaticdismany letters
ardmdrjr : since you are awake, I can bother you with 1366x768 questions! :-)
ardor should I ask dsd?
RaMcHiP-MobileHow is it going?
RaMcHiP-MobileHas anyone gotten 14.04 working on emmc for Odroid-XU?
strumwhat 14.04?
mdrjrard: you can ask here...
ardgood! :-)
ard1366x768 for the U3, did that work?
mdrjraccording to dsd yes
mdrjrI haven't tested that myself
mdrjrsince I was in Korea
ardWell, a lot of resolutions just work... :-)
mdrjra lot of hacks was made to make it work
ardbut the 768 resolutions are I think not in the edid's of my monitors :-)
ardI did get it to do 1366x768 as in: xrandr didn't say it didn't work
ardand I got the message in the kernel log, but the output on the lapdock, as well as a normal hdmi monitor said no signal :-(
ardbtw: the lapdock really looks good....
teKuruI got one of my lapdocks back this mrning actually, should try that shit out tonight when I get home
ardit's almost twice as heavy as the 13" chromebook of samsung ;-)
ardACTION bought one when mdrjr asked if somebody had a lapdock
ardthey were only 99 euro 8-D
mdrjrard: so.. it worked?
mdrjrwhat error ?
ardno :-)
ardno output
ardno error
mdrjrnothing on dmesg?
ardusually xrandr complains, but it didn't and it said it was showing that resolution
ardthe message dsd added...
mdrjrard: dmesg | grep -i pll
teKuruheh, I bought it originally for $35, gave it to someone who used it until he sold his bionic and then let it sit
teKuruso now i have it back
ardmdrjr :
mdrjrIf your monitor reported the 1366x768 on hdmi
mdrjrit should work without that
ardah, the lapdock has that, but it chooses to use 720x576 instead of 1366x768 :-)
ardon the lapdock the u3 says that 720x480 720x576 or something like that are the only real resolutions... let met pastebin that...
ardIf I add de 1280x720 mode from that log by hand, and select it, it works...
ardbut the 768 resolutions result in no output...
mdrjryour fault
ardI know!
ardBut I am too stupid to know what I did wrong :-(
mdrjrlet me find my rusty 1366x768 screen
mdrjrand a vga adapter for it
ardyou must love me very much if you are even willing to look for vga adapter...
ardACTION sniffs
ardHmmm, this is weird.... the 1280x720, might actually be clipped ...
ardno, that is a browser theme bug it seems
mdrjrlooks bad on X
mdrjrroot@odroid:~# fbset
mdrjrmode "1366x768"
mdrjr geometry 1366 768 1366 2304 32
mdrjrweird.. console looks ok
mdrjrard: I don't know... I've tested here with a 1366x768 screen
mdrjrand console looks ok
mdrjrbut X looks all crazy
ardwell, thanks for looking anyway
ardMaybe I need to nag dsd...
mdrjrlets summon dsd and see what he has to say about it
ardMaybe it also needs some armsoc patches, because I don't understand why my 1280x720 resolutions are filtered out
ardok, that has nothing to do with armsoc
HdkRYou know those times when you spend a week debugging an issue and the fix is super easy
mdrjreverything is easy.. is just you that don't know the solution :P
dsdon a phone call, hang on a sec
HdkRtl;dnr if(!(cond)) != if((cond) == false) on Adreno
dsdi would first test outside of X
dsdmake a fake edid with that display mode
dsdfeed it to drm
dsdboot with drm.debug=4 kernel parameter
dsdsee if you get console output, see what the drm debug messages say about the modesetting
dsdi dont have any immediate explanation for why it would work in the console but not X - works for me - but we can revisit that after we've got the console working
ardow wait... dsd is in the house....
ardACTION had a enqueter at the door
arda guy who asks questions if the translation is incorrect :-)
ardMy first problem would be why it just ignores the edid information except for the 2 smallest resolutions, also in console mode :-(
ardBut I can add a fake edid...
dsddrm.debug=4 will tell you that
dsdmaybe no need to do a fake edid if the existing edid already includes the mode of interest
ardtook a while to find a suitable usb cable for the serial console...
ardanyway, the sound works on the lapdock (hdmi audio)
ardhmmm, I might actually be able to turn the connectors and move it a little so it will fit the U3... still need a 5v outlet...
ardACTION is feeding the $gf again
knuthow do i update the u-boot? since i followed the archlinux guide for emmcs i can't get it booting anymore