nor_hi all
nor_i am a newbie in OC
nor_i need help
nor_my OC stop working after upgrading from 8 to 9
nor_ ownCloud daily is available. Get more information on how to update. This directory is unavailable, please check the logs or contact the administrator
nor_this is the error i got now
nor_any help is highly appreciated.
psycomatisis there somone could help me
psycomatisinstalling new version and stuck in sql database does not load to configure
ValentijnHi all. The owncloud app on my Samsung Galaxy S6/android 7.0 keeps crashing.
ValentijnOnly after restarting the phone, it will briefly start normally.
ValentijnI can't find a github issue - there are a few reviews in the Google ply store describing this behaviour.
ValentijnIt puzzles me a bit, that I cannot find any message on the mailing list (May, June) regarding this.
ValentijnShould I just open a new github issue? Or is there anything I'm overlooking?