TTNhi, I'm new to owncloud and I'm just trying to get my client to talk to my owncloud virtualbox. I'm able to access the owncloud settings and all via as configured, but I can't point the client on my laptop to it.. says: "Failed to connect to ownCloud at Error transferring server replied: not found"
TTNI'm quiet happy with owncloud just staying withing LAN and just having it sync only when I'm home thats fine.
TTNany pointers or tips?
user0TTN: Does status.php works in web browser ?
TTNuser0: I get a Not Found message
user0TTN: Again ?
user0404 not found ?
user0status.php do not exist or the path "/owncloud/status.php" is wrong
user0Where did you find the client ? you downloaded it from ?
vivvv1. What language your use for back end in project ? Rubby or php or one more ? 2. Do you have Calendar, in use tasks, reminders etc... ? 3. Do you have any recurrence events ? 4. Can we use API from your project in use with Google Calendar ? 5. Your projec can provide standart of calendar (RFC 5545) ? Thank you for answer!
serenity14Question for anyone who can answer. I've got owncloud hosted on a server with two valid URL formats -- one where HTTPS certs are provided and one where they are not. Of course, ownCloud automatically redirects to the format without HTTPS. I've tried delving into config.php to stop this behavior but have had no luck as of yet. Any idea how I can fix this?
serenity14Anyone who can answer: I've got an ownCloud install hosted on a providor with two URL formats. ownCloud, for whatever reason, is redirecting to one specific format no matter which I use. How do I stop this from happening?
swordfischerHi, is it not possible to subscribe to ical, and have the events put into my main calendar, so when I synchronize with Davdroid, I only need to sync 1 source and not add them (again) manually ?
swordfischerlike an aggregated feed