sergoldHello. Installed owncloud 7 and nginx 1.6.2. After the authorization of cloud, it is redirected to owncloud/index.php/apps/files/. I get the error 404. I recently started working on Linux. What's wrong with the configuration? Can you tell me? I use Linux MX-16.
eagles0513875_hey all i am getting the following
eagles0513875_how can i confirm that I am running out of sql sockets?
eagles0513875_is it safe to increase the number of connections from maria db
korozionyes, but are you sure it's running and working?
korozionthe default amount of connections should be lots
eagles0513875_korozion: if i restart mariadb btw im on centos 7 with mariadb
eagles0513875_it works
eagles0513875_then as time goes by it goes back down again
eagles0513875_i have these mobile phones polling the server every half hour
korozionah I see
korozionI would say you'd be safe to increase it
korozionmake a note in the config of what it was originally though, in case you ever need to go back for some reason
eagles0513875_korozion: what file od i need to look in exactly
eagles0513875_the socket file of mysql
eagles0513875_as the my.cnf for maria db on centos 7 does some funky stuff.
korozionmy.cnf usually contains the config for MySQL
eagles0513875_linking to the socket file etc
eagles0513875_or am i better off asking in centos
korozionI'd Google it :D
pdiomidishello, i have installed owncloud on nas4free server but i can't link my pool with files on it i can't see them on webgui, any ideas?
pdiomidisthanks in advance
pdiomidisis anybody here?