Bianca_Hi everyone
Bianca_We have a issue with the Desktop Syncing application
Bianca_The application crashes the moment you open it.
Bianca_i've tried new version and older once's with no success
Bianca_hello anyone Home ?
jvillafanezBianca_: ?
Bianca_Here is the error I get on windows 7 machine
Bianca_Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: owncloud.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 00000000 Fault Module Name: owncloud.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 000fbfba OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 7177 Additional Information 1: 0a9e Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e
Bianca_can anyone help ?
jvillafanezBianca_: feel free to comment in that ticket, or open a new one if it doesn't fit what you're seeing
OMenorI am looking for a solution to allow my users to share files for several hours/days with people outside of my organization. I am looking for something very easy to use : access a Web page, login (AD / ldap), provide information (delete storage after X days, allow read only or read write, max storage space usage allowed, ...), then drag & drop files (or nothing if this storage space is created for external people to put files for internal user) and
OMenorgenerate link + password to provide. Is there some kind of "limited features edition" of owncloud for this or do you know another software I should give a try ?
PelikanHi everyone. Quick question: I installed nautilus-owncloud including dependencies. I skipped the dialogue to enter a server address. So now the OwnCloud client starts but there is no server configured and no way via GUI to add one.
PelikanI tried dpkg-reconfigure and purging and reinstalling, but the server configuration window won't appear. Any ideas how to solve this?
PelikanNevermind. I figured out a solution. Bye.
compl4xxHi, in 15 minutes, we meet at :) feel free to join!
compl4xx...make 20 minutes out of it ;)
anon_eaglehelo everybody
anon_eaglei'm changing the owncloud theme
anon_eaglei'm changing the owncloud theme
anon_eaglein core/img/filestype
anon_eaglethere's folder files and other things icon
anon_eaglei changed just the color of them
anon_eaglenot the name
anon_eaglebut noothing work
anon_eaglecan you please help me :)
Steisome owncloud adm here?
SteiI sent you guys a tweet, asking a little help
Stei"@ownCloud hey guys ! i`m in a bit of need. i`m doing a research for my Informatics Technician course, and i'm wondering if you guys had some kind of flyer to me pass to my colleagues. "
earthw0rmHi, my calendar seems to have frozen up. I can't connect to the caldav server, and when I try with the browser front end, it just sits there trying to load
earthw0rmCan anyone help me to find out what going wrong?
amandabeeI'm curious about whether anyone is syncing contacts to Ubuntu and what you're using for sync.
amandabeeI use Mutt for email, which I realize is maybe a quirky case. So ... syncing without Thunderbird.
amandabee(I have Owncloud running on a server; I want to sync with my Ubuntu laptop_