EleanorEllisakk: Thanks
voopive asked this before but forgot
voopcould someone help me identify the 3.5mm jack pins on the pi 2/3
voophttps://i.imgur.com/Re5MPAE.jpg (image of pi underside)
voopactually this looks right https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=89522
voopdoes the composite video/audio need to be grounded?
Phischianyone awake who can help with my network-topology headnut?
Phischihttp://i.imgur.com/jFHuq6B.jpg <---
hmoneyphischi: your routers need to have different ips on the same subnet as each client on the other side
hmoneyon the other side = "on each interface"
PhischiI was told the NICs can't have the same subnet a few days back... uhm...
Phischihmoney: like http://i.imgur.com/TBFnSn1.gif ?
hmoneyyou should watch a couple videos on youtube man. check out cbtnuggets
VividEmwhere can i buy a rasberri pi?
DrzacekVividEm, depends. where you from?
DrzacekGood morning #raspberrypi
VividEmcurrently in the us
DrzacekVividEm, then the next question is "which raspberry pi" - there are restrictions on pi0, only microcenter and (I believe) adafruit have them. Other models are widely available, amazon, ebay, element14
VividEmwhat do you recommend?
keriopi3 or pi0w
keriodepending on your needs
keriothe pi0w is the cutest :3
DrzacekI would suggest pi3 for a start - true, pi0w is way cheaper, but smaller and lack some features + pi3 have way more firepower
Drzacekand 4 core cpu vs single core
kerionot cute tho
Drzacekkerio, depends on the case I guess
VividEmi am learning to code
keriouse a real computer
Drzacek^ that
kerioinstall Ubuntu on your desktop
VividEmmobile hardware applications
keriodo you know how to code in conditions that don't actively hinder you?
keriofocus on that first
VividEmyou made the pi sound cute. the potential this thing has in every industry...
VividEmcuteness only gets you so far. so, are there adaptors or addons? or should i get the base model
DrzacekVividEm, for pi0 you need a ton of adapters (hdmi and usb otg hub for a start), but the rpi3 could be worked on as-is. Then again, there is a lot of different addons, called (phats) - depends on what you need
Drzacekthere are simple LED addons, small lcd screens, motor controllers, sound cards
Drzacekoh and rpi comes usually without a case - it might be a good idea to get one too
Drzacekwasnt it periferial hardware attached on top?
VividEmrasberrypi deserves an advertisement in james bond movies ~_~
axlebwhats up dudes !! ???
RaTTuS|BIGthe sky
qknightaccording to https://learn.adafruit.com/turning-your-raspberry-pi-zero-into-a-usb-gadget/overview i can use the raspberry zero in 'usb device' mode (usb host is the normal mode)
qknightnow is also true for this: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Waveshare-4-Port-USB-HUB-HAT-for-Raspberry-Pi-3-Model-B-Zero-V1-3-Zero-W-/272676340552?hash=item3f7cc6c348:g:HoIAAOSwFqNZQQ04
qknightso can i have 4 usb devices emulated?
shiftplusoneqknight: no, it doesn't work that way
mfa298gadget mode can only be done on the pi zero (with no hub attached), as that's the only way you can talk direct to the usb peripheral on the soc
qknightmfa298: so i would require one rasperry pi zeros per emulated keyboard
mfa298you can also hack the pi A to do gadget mode but that needs a bit of extra effort
qknightmfa298: why would i want to use the A vs. the zero?
mfa298you probably don't - I'm just giving a full answer (before someone comes and say's I'm wrong as you can also do it on an A)
qknightmfa298: thanks!
mfa298for completeness I'm ignoring the compute module as that's out of most peoples skill range and if it was suitable you probably wouldn't be asking the question
shaunofwiw it's pretty much the same answer for the CM. the bcm283x only has one usbhost. what board you mount it on doesn't change that
shaunothat said, if all you're trying to emulate is keyboards, I'd look for a different aproach. eg, you can use the v-usb stack on the attiny85, at a buck a piece
shaunokeyboards are almost always OG-speed usb1.1 devices. you don't need a GHz ARM to emulate one
mfa298or get one of the slightly more advanced atmegas with a usb peripheral on board, still cheaper than the zero and available in bulk
jay_anyone know any current air quality project like airpi.es ?
axlebwow dude
axlebi just looked at that site
axlebdont buy the parts from them !
slothwhy is improv even a thing? why does improv have to be legal when lesser crimes like doing drugs or beating hookers aren't
jay_axleb, they have different sources. which of them?
pwillardSloth... don't be a troll. We have a topic, thats not it.
Pro9xcan eny help me wit my new raspberry pi 3?
shiftplusonePro9x: You should typically just ask the question.
Pro9xim new to it ned
Pro9xneed a 64 bit kali linux vertion on it and can get my tft to worke
Pro9xhave get 32 bit bot need 64 :-)
loptaPro9x: Is there a working 64-bit Linux on Pi3 yet?
shiftplusonethere are several
loptaOh good.
shiftplusonecan't help with any of them, since I don't use them though
Pro9xcan man upgrate from ARMv7 to ARMv8 after install??
Pro9xcan eny one help me to set my tft display op?
loptaPro9x: What kind of connection does it use?
Pro9xpin on the bord
loptaWhich pins?
merpnderpI had to order a micro sd card. From the pictures I had no idea the zero w was so incredibly tiny compared to the pi 3.
merpnderpI just assumed a normal sized SD card would fit.
shiftplusoneheh, that would be a huge pi zero
akkThe Pi 3 also takes microSD, though.
loptamerpnderp: Ordinary SD cards fit in the original Raspberry Pi boards. A+ and up need microSD (or microSDHC)
loptaakk: Also the Pi 2.
IT_SeanMy OG Pi is always a bit derpy with MicroSDs in full size adapters. Which is a pain in the butt, as I don't have any full size SDs.
Chillumcheck near your dvds
Chillumor burned CD collection
Chillumold boxes from when you moved 8 years ago
merpnderpIT_Sean: I have a 32GB full sized SD I don't need anymore.
merpnderpBut shipping would cost more than a new one.
IT_Sean^ that
IT_SeanS'all good. I just smack it around 'till it works.
merpnderpActually no, shipping would just a be a stamp and small envelope.
IT_Seanpercussive maintenence
Chillumtechnical tap
merpnderplol "precussive maintenence"
loptaI found a multimedia card the other day with "32" printed on it.
lopta...turned out to be 32 Mbytes. ;-)
shiftplusoneYou could fit the bootloader on that
Chillumsometimes I use cheap <50mb memory cards from ebay for my MCU projects
Chillumthey are like $1 each and upgrade the memory for your projects
Chillumgreat for adding space to your microcontroller
shiftplusoneACTION still had nightmares about writing an sdio driver and implementing fat32 access on a microcontroller... never again.
shiftplusonealthough that was a long time ago when I had no idea what I was doing, it would probably be trivial now... but still.
ChillumI tried doing that before the ESP8266 had fat support
Chillumdid not get far
Chillumthankfully most MCUs have libraries for that now
afendoes anyone have any experience with GPIO and long wires? I have a project where I'm fitting a switch box on the end of a 20 meter cable to control the raspi
afen3,3v out, and im using the internal pulldown resistors
gordonDrogonwhat's at the far-end?
afenjust normally open push buttons
gordonDrogonI'd stick a strong pull-up to 3.3v on the gpio pin and arrange the button to short the wire to 0v.
gordonDrogonstrong being ~ 1K
gordonDrogonthe internal pull up/downs are ~50K
gordonDrogonyou'll likely get noise over that distance.
shaunohuh. I thought 1k would cause problems, but it turns out cables have a much lower resistance than I gave them credit for
afenyeah, there's not much resistance in good cables
afeni'm thinking about using 5x0,75 ölflex cables for my project
afengordonDrogon: sounds good, I'll try that when I get all the parts
afenthe project's on the breadboard atm :P
gordonDrogonI'd use ethernet cable. cheap & plentifull. Or bell wire.
loptaWhat're we connecting?
afenjust regular old push buttons
afenthis is going to get put in and out of storage several times a year, so i'll need a sturdy cable
afeni'm curious to check out the quality of my ebay special connectors :D
ngc0202hi, I picked up some heat sinks for my rpi3, is there a diagram or something to show where they should be placed?
shiftplusonedoesn't matter too much, they're mostly decorative. I keep mine in the bin. You'd want to put them on the two big chips on top of the pi
shiftplusoneon that's between the GPIO header and the HDMI connector and the other that's next to the usb ports
ngc0202mostly decorative? mine gets relatively hot when watching videos
shiftplusonewhat temperature?
ngc0202no clue. I don't usually want to stop my movie to check
mfa298afen: you might find some of the comments in https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?uid=107620&f=28&t=163934&start=0 useful, someone had issues with longer cables killing gpio pins over time
shiftplusonethen hot relative to what?
ngc0202but cooler is better right?
ngc0202my hand of course :)
shiftplusonehot for your hand is cold for electronics
shiftplusonehave you ever seen a thermometer icon in the top right corner?
shiftplusonethat'll show up if it throttles itself due to a higher than normal temperature.
ngc0202some places say over 80F can be damaging to a computer
ngc0202I have not seen that
shiftplusonesome places are stupid
shiftplusonesurely you mean 80C?
ngc0202random source from google: "Anything exceeding 27°C /80°F is potentially damaging to your computer."
ngc0202I don't really have a clue myself
lopta80F is room temperature in some of the places I go.
shiftplusoneno, that's silly.
ngc0202yeah tbh my room is probably 80 right now
ngc0202well I'll put them on anyway since I have them
shiftplusonengc0202: when the pis are tested, they run in ovens at like 300C
gordonDrogonmy home server is at 57C. It's beeping at me.
ngc0202my laptop goes to like 90C when I play any videogame whatsoever, but I'm looking for an excuse to replace it anyway
BurtyBdepends what you mean by compuer - a spinning hdd is going to be happier in 27C vs 80C
shiftplusonesame with cassette tapes.
shiftplusonebut the claim is that 27C is too high for electronics, not whether 27C is better than 80C. I'd take 27C any day, but that would require sticking the pi in the fridge.
ngc0202I'm also slightly overvoltaging my pi I think, so I was a little extra worried about it
BurtyBshiftplusone, https://www.backblaze.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/blog-temp-seagate.jpg but it is a seagate ;)
shiftplusoneThe pi looks after itself. Cooling is good to prevent throttling. It's for performance, not to prevent damage. Modern processors will shut themselves down before they let themselves be damaged. It takes some effort.
ngc0202that is concerning BurtyB
BurtyBACTION pets his seagates sat at 52C 
ngc0202what does that graph look like for SSDs? I assume they're more resistant?
mfa298spinning rust has always preferred lower temperatures than other parts of a computer system, but that's because they're precision mechanical things (too much expansion on the internals could be disasterous)
shiftplusoneprobably a problem with a positive feedback
ngc0202what's the smaller chip on the rpi3?
loptaACTION looks up a picture
BurtyBusb hub/eth if you mean the smaller one on the top
loptaAre wetalking about U2?
ngc0202oh that makes ssense, it's right behind the USBs
shiftplusoneYeah, what's up with Bono nowadays anyway?
loptaI never knew the USB hub had Ethernet built in. That's groovy.
mfa298I've seen enterprise drive arrays shut the drives down in the past after an AC failure, also if you see the internals of the backblaze boxes you'll see the drives are packed quite tightly so if that's a room ambient temperature then the drive temperature will likely be much higher
ngc0202yeah it's nice
ngc0202this thing definitely doesn't need a heatsink.. but it's gonna get one!
shiftplusonein one of the early pi models, due to a schematic snafu, it was wired up incorrectly and would heat up quite a bit >.>
shiftplusonethat was fixed fairly quickly though
ngc0202oh wow
shiftplusonethe hardware has come a looong way since then
loptaI might go and get a coffee, now.
loptabrb, coffee++
shiftplusoneand I'll go home and nap, since the Raspbian release has finished uploading and nothing is on fire.
BurtyB:o another new version
N3LRXI have sinks on mine and it's in a case with a fan.
BurtyBI keep meaning to order a case with a fan for my Pi running motion
N3LRXI just have sinks on the top two chips though. I don't have a sink on the bottom chip.
N3LRXThe processor and the USB chip have a sink on them.
N3LRXMine don't get hot it's just a preventive measure.
loptaACTION returns, avec coffee.
pwillardHeatsinks on RPI be like... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtgwluyNTQE
IT_SeanHeatsinks onna pi serve only to seperate fools from their money.
deshipuI think that's generally what rpi is for
loptadeshipu: I wouldn't say that.
ngc0202I spent $0.80 on mine so I don't feel so bad
loptangc0202: On your heatsinks?
loptaBargain! ;-)
deshipufor a piece of metal
deshipuI wonder if those coins wouldn't work better as a heatsink
loptadeshipu: Less surface area, I expect.
ngc0202good bulk prices too
deshipulopta: depends on how you stack them
loptaACTION suddenly remembers RS/6000 heatsinks.
N3LRXMine came with my kit.
deshipualso, copper should be better, no?
loptadeshipu: Probably but it's more expensive than aluminium.
semeionngc0202: i am using that aluminum heatsink without a fan/cooler, i got something like 5 degress colder using oficial case
ngc0202cool, glad to see it helps even some
N3LRXI've ordered a lot of stuff from FastTech. Especially when I was vaping. Not so much now that I quit doing that.
semeionngc0202: mine has a 3M tape, I bought without thinking, today I would buy a copper and try fix it with thermal glue, maybe take 7 or 9 degress colder idk
ngc0202N3LRX: sometimes I like to go on there and blow $10 on a box full of cheap shit I get a month later
ngc0202I've thoroughly enjoyed my new oxygenating wine pourer
semeionngc0202: https://www.fasttech.com/products/1017/10001230/5005400-pure-copper-heatsink-for-raspberry-pi-3-pieces
ngc0202hm looks nice. what's the one on the bottom?
N3LRXI usually get my stuff from them in about 2 weeks provided it ships right away. Some of their stuff ships immediately some of it ships in a few days.
IT_Seanngc0202: please mind your language. The channel rules are available in the topic for your review.
ngc0202My bad, sorry
ngc0202N3LRX: did your stuff still come from Hong Kong?
IT_Seans'all good, bruv.
semeionngc0202: you need it to put in RAM, rpi3 have a chip underside motherboard
semeionmy main fear with these heatsinks is if he to tape lose the glue and take off
semeionprobaly will short circuit something
N3LRXMost of it does yes. Unless it has batteries. Then it comes from Singapore Post which is a bit slower than China Post.
semeionenglish is not my native language
HexBitssemeion: I can confirm also, didn't want to be first to say it.
Retr0idDoes anyone know of any good ARM reverse engineering challenges/crackmes that will run on a Pi?
loptaRetr0id: Who are you trying to antagonise?
Retr0idlopta, ???
loptaRetr0id: Well, I'm wondering what you're trying to reverse engineer.
Retr0idThat was my question...
Retr0idBest I've found so far is this: https://www.root-me.org/en/Challenges/Cracking/ELF-ARM-basic-crackme
HexBitsAwsome site +1
OneM_IndustriesSo, I'm having a bit of trouble with my pi and my monitor. My monitor is a 1680x1050 model, and is complaining that the pi is sending an image with an incorrect resolution, but I cannot find a setting for this resolution anywhere.
loptaThat's 16:10, which is a little uncommon.
loptaCan your Pi produce 1680x945?
OneM_IndustriesNot sure.
OneM_IndustriesHang on..
lopta...or 1280x800?
Voopso to wire up a power led it says you need a 330 ohm resistor
Voopis it 330K ohm or just 330
OneM_Industrieslopta: Ok, ended up just using 1280x1024, not the best, but it'll work.
Retr0idVoop, just 330
Retr0idAnywhere between 100 and 1k will probably do just fine
Voopam i correct that the K is for thousand
Voopso im an order of magnitude away from what i need
Retr0idSometimes 330 would be written as 300R to emphasize that it isn't 300K
Voopwhat would happen if i used the 330k instead
Retr0idA whole lot of nothing
Voopwould a 1k work
Voopim just trying to get a power led
Retr0idIt might be a bit dim, but it wouldn't hurt to try
Retr0idI=V/R, so more resistance means less current
Voopmy boss gave me one 330k ohm resistor today saying its the one i needed
Voopbut i do have 100 1k ohm ones
Retr0idIf you put 3 of the 1k resistors in parallel, you'll get ~330
Retr0id1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3
CoJaBoI've done that several times lol
CoJaBoOr just using pots.
gordonDrogonVoop, for generic red/green/yellow LEDs, then if you use the power supply voltage * 100 in ohms then it's OK. So for a 3.3v supply and generic red LED, 330Ω is fine.
qeniHi. I got NanoPi board (so similar to RPi). I've compiled kernel and have usable Ubuntu Core on sd card. Is there a way to flash to my eMMC flash memory?
qeniSo I have my system with own compiled kernel running from eMMC
VoopRetr0id: actually, i should have already known that
Voopbuilding coils for vape mods. adding a second coil in parallel halves the resistance
Retr0idqeni, does anything show under /dev/ ?
Retr0idlsblk might help identify the block device name
Retr0idIf it does, you can probably just use dd
qeniRetr0id: yes, I can see my eMMC. So you say that "dd if=sd_card of=emmc" would work? Because NanoPi has different images for eMMC and I'm not sure
Retr0idHang on, is the SD card the same size as the emmc?
Retr0idThat will only really work if the sd partition is smaller
Retr0idIf not, you'll probably want to use mkfs and then copy all the files over
qenioops, sd card has ~16gb and emmc ~8gb. But i can use 8gb as well if it changes something
Retr0idBut I know nothing about NanoPi
Retr0idJust guessing here
qeniYup, it's kind of conceptaul question
Retr0idI had a quick look at the NanoPi wiki, and my initial impression is that the eMMC images exist for the sole purpose of installing to eMMC /from/ an SD card
Retr0idSo hopefully there's nothings special about the actual eMMC contents
Retr0idYou could also just copy your custom kernel over a vanilla install
qeniOk, thank you. I'm gonna check if "dd solution" will work
Voophow do you even wire resistors in parallel
Voopall google image examples are drawings
dan2wikYou connect the ends of both resistors together
Voopshould i just solder them together.. then solder my wires onto the same place
Chillumyou could
Chillumjust grab however many you want and bundle the centres together, then twist the legs on both sides and solder
Chillumit won't be pretty but it will work
nvzSo is the Model 3b as advertised as far as working wifi/bluetooth/gfz with 2d/3d/media accell and USB boot capability? I bought this orangepi lite cause I was low on cash and got the pi, keyboard remote, sd card and cables all for under 40 USD and come to find out the wifi is flaky, the gfx drivers are nearly non-existant. it performs like crap for the most part
nvzI'm debating the Raspi3b or an end of line Lenovo Ideacenter q150 atom/ion box with 2gb ram
Voopyou get what you pay for
Voopand you pay for what you get
nvzlooking for something cheap and simple for light desktop/media center application
Voopthat being said the broadcom wifi/bluetooth chipset on the pi3 and pi zero W isnt very good
nvzwell if wifi alone were its only issue that can be solved with a usb adapter
nvzmany wifi devices suck
Voopthe specs are legit if thats what youre asking
nvzthe opi lite is nice cause it has an antenna connector and came with a small antenna
nvzyes because as I said the orange pi said it did all that and it doesnt
atomianyone get bluetooth going on an rpi zero w with arch linux?
nvzI either have to use the xulong kernel with oom issues and a backdoor or the sunxi with nothing but a fb hack that offers me no real 2d, 3d and only somewhat functional media accell
atominot sure if i should follow the default arch install or use pi-bluetooth in aur
Voopnvz: the main benefit of the rpi over other boards is the support
nvzThe price difference between the lenovo atom box and a rpi3b is only about 10 usd, and I know how well the atom/ion is supported
Voopim not sure how many people have an orange pi, but its probably 1% of the number of people who have an rpi
nvzThe advantages of the rpi is its much smaller and it has the incentive of being tinkered with and seeing what this free offering from Microsoft is worth
Voopthe win10 IoT sucks imo
nvzI gave up on windows about 15 years ago but I'm curious to test the Win10 IOT as an option
Voopits not a gui OS. im not even sure what you can do with it honestly
nvzoh, its not a GUI? hmm
Voopi think you can run some windows programs, one at a time, via terminal
Voopyeah, its not windows as most people know it
Voopthe processor would need at least 32bit architecture for gui windows
nvzI have been a Debian user since 2003 and the advantage of the Lenovo atom/ion box is pure debian support which is a plus
nvzI'm not wild about the binary blobs and the modified debian OS but if it worked well I wouldnt be that hung up on it
Voopwhats your use case
nvzI'd be using this for my main machine for light desktop stuff like browsing, file management, maybe word processing, and I'd like to also be able to use it to play media, video files, youtube, and if possible netflix would be a plus, and it would be nice to also be able to do light gaming like maybe the retro games, hedgewars, stuff like that
semeionatomi: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/pi-bluetooth/
nvzon this opi I have to either stick mostly to console due to low ram and next to no gfx support, or use h3droid for a more usable UI
Voopyeah, i dont think a rpi or any of these ultra cheap microcomputers are what you want
Voopid get a 'mini pc' or one of those compute stick things
nvzI know the atom/ion can, I had a netbook with an n270 w/ 1gb ram and intel GMA and it did all that, this is a dual core atomw/ 2gb and nvidia so it'd handle it no problem
Voopwhile the pi can do the internet and youtube, 'it can' is about as far as it goes
Voopit cant do it well, at all
nvzthe internet is getting too beefy to work on less than 2GB ram
nvzmost browsers now require more than high end compositing GUI desktop OSes
Voopi use elinks for reading web pages on the pi
Voopbut its terminal based and hard to navigate
nvzI can run firefox/chrome and other X browsers on this orange pi but as you said not well, I use links mostly myself on here, in console via framebuffer
nvzI use things like pianobar for pandora, mps-youtube for youtube, and such to keep the resources at a minimal
Voopi found the best browser to be epiphany
atomisemeion, how do I install that on armv6l?
Voopchromium sucks
nvzyes I agree chromium is definately not chrome
atomilooks like the package just copies files to their appropriate directories
Lartzaatomi, --ignorearch
atomibut it won't work on pi zero w as it's armv6l
atomiLartza, oh okay
atomii'll try it thanks
nvzidk maybe I should just get the lenovo mini pc and not be unsatisfied with another SBC. The 2gb ram would make a huge difference. OPI has models with 2GB but after seeing the software end of things I don't really want to try another OPI
nvzthe xulong images and kernels are horrible, things randomly crash due to oom issues, and sunxi's crack at it while more stable is still not ready for full hw support yet
Voopnvz: youre shopping for 50cc mopeds when you need a car
Voopno 50cc moped is going to do what you need
nvzna, I don't need a car, they cost too much, take up too much space, and I'm not trying to play high end games or rip/burn dvds or anything major
nvzlike I said I had a single core 1.2ghz atom with 1gb ram and intel gma, so I know the performance, and I'm surea dual core atom at 1.66ghz w/ 2gb ram and nvidia can do better than that
nvzI did all the stuff I'm trying to do now on that little crappy acer netbook, and this is no acer, and the hw is twice what it had
Voopget an intel compute stick
Voopthey make linux and windows versions
Voopi think the 2gb model is $100
nvzI looked at those but they're more expensive and I doubt they'll outperform the lenovo box
nvzthe lenovo box has many usb ports, wifi antenna, internal sata hdd, its got to outperform a stick in every category and its got servicable parts
therion23howdy, quick question: any of you know if such a thing as a HAT that adds an extra SD card slot exists?
Voopim not the most savvy person here
Voopbut theres only one sd 'bus' on the pi
Lartzatherion23, Just use an USB reader?
therion23"The Broadcom SoC supports a second SD card on GPIOs 22-27" .. that is about all the useful information i found
therion23Lartza: that would be the obvious solution, but would be nice to have something smaller than a stick sticking (!) out the side of a Zero
deshipushould be easy to make
deshipuI know a bunch of hats that put an esp8266 on those pins for wifi over sdio
therion23if one hooks up one that way, will the Linux kernel support it? as in, do i get file system support?
deshipuI think you can make an overlay and specify any pins for the sd driver
LartzaShould yes
LartzaThe GPIO will be slow though
LartzaSo again, why not just USB?
deshipubut I never did it myself with that particular driver
deshipuLartza: it won't be slow
LartzaIt should be
deshipuno, it's the same controller as the one used for the first sd card
deshipuit will surely be faster than the usb
LartzaUSB is faster than the SD controller
LartzaAnd internetz is saying it'll do 1MB/s from GPIO
Lartzabecause SPI
deshipuyou don't use spi, you use sdio
therion23looks like if you use the secondary sdio on a Zero you kill the wifi
DJDanVery new to Raspberry Pi. (Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B). Trying to use the SPI Protocol / HDMI on it to capture and graphically display some information from the SPI on a CD Player. I was wondering if it would be compatible with the following code and would display correctly via the HDMI port on the Raspberry Pi? (Code was originally for a STM32F7-discovery and must be built with Keil MKD5 apparently). https://github.com/DjFix/s
deshiputherion23: that's true, the wifi on the zero w is using that, that's why it's faster than usb
therion23Lartza: you might be right, USB might be the only way to do this .. would have been retro-nice to have two SD slots like a dirt old dual floppy setup though
deshipuDJDan: no, it won't be compatible
therion23it is, by the way, a W i am using
deshipuDJDan: the discovery board has a microcontroller which is programmed completely differently than the linux system on rpi
DJDandeshipu: is there a way to easily recompile / change it to do so ... by adding a "Hardware specific BSP overlay for the RaspberryPi device" or something
deshipuDJDan: easier to just write it from scratch for the pi
deshipuDJDan: or to get a logic analyzer for $5
DJDani have the SPI protocol packet information.. i was hoping to not have to reprogram the screen part
DJDancause its already done there
deshipuDJDan: sorry
DJDancant u just recompile the C code to work.. and then somehow port the display across? They are both ARM processors
deshiputhey have completely different peripherals
deshipuplus, on the rpi, you don't want to talk to the hardware directly, you have to do it through the linux kernel drivers
deshipucompletely different approach
Voopis the cathode the longer side
Voopor the shorter side. of an led
DJDandeshipu: can i message u directly
deshipuDJDan: I can't really help you much with that, sorry
DJDanyour 100% sure it cant just be recompiled and the pins rerouted as it is? given its C code and Arm processor..
deshipuDJDan: I'm pretty certain.
deshipuVoop: longer is anode, or +
DJDani dont mind just talking directly to the hardware with the C code
deshipuVoop: http://www.instructables.com/id/Identifying-LED-pins/
DJDanif it will work
deshipuDJDan: you don't, but Linux does
DJDancant i just load the OS on the Raspberry and then run this C code or recompile it
deshipuoperating system complicates everything
Voopwould a non momentary switch work as a power button
deshipuVoop: as long as it can handle the current and the voltage, yes
deshipuVoop: well, I don't know what switch you have, so can't say
DJDandeshipu: how does this code from STM difer to Raspberry. Would any of the code work when trying to recompile. Id like to copy most if not all of it... cause the display part on that must of taken sometime to do
deshipuDJDan: as far as I can tell it's all low-level code specific to that particular microcontroller
DJDanif i just reroute the pins used in the code to whats used in raspberry pi.. would the display part work? and shouldnt the logic part of gathering the SPI data work regardless cause that shouldnt be controller specific?
deshipunot the way it is written
deshipuit could be written in a form of a reusable library, but it isn't
DJDanreally? damn
UncleKiwihey guys
deshipuDJDan: it should be possible to write equivalent code for the pi using the documentation there, though
UncleKiwiif my mains power is supposed to be 240 volts but its 226 volts
deshipuDJDan: but of course that requires some work and experience
UncleKiwican this cause problems for my rpi ?
deshipuUncleKiwi: no, because you never connect your pi to your mains power directly
UncleKiwideshipu: but the psu is expecting 240volts
DJDandeshipu: id prefer to be able to use whats there but your saying that i cant recompile/reroute the pins or infact use any of it as is
UncleKiwimaybe it has problems if its lower ?
deshipuUncleKiwi: measure the output of the psu
UncleKiwideshipu: the reason I ask is because when i have tested hardware on that size and off it
Voopthis page talks about the 'p2 header'
UncleKiwiand it seems to have a problem on this site
Voopwhich is apparently 2 through holes on an older pi
UncleKiwii just found that the main voltage is low
Voopdoes the pi2/3 have it?
deshipuUncleKiwi: how did you find it?
UncleKiwifind what deshipu
deshipuUncleKiwi: that your mains voltage is lower
UncleKiwii can see the ups data
UncleKiwiits live info
deshipudo you have a multimeter?
deshipumeasure your psu's output voltage
deshiputhat's what matters to the pi
UncleKiwideshipu: ok i will
UncleKiwii believe it will be lower
UncleKiwilower in lower out right
deshipushould be between 4.75V and 5.25V
UncleKiwideshipu: yes i know this good info
UncleKiwii am using offical rpi psu's
UncleKiwiwhen i take them to this site I have power related issues
UncleKiwiwith regards to USB storage
deshipuit could be caused by noise on the power lines too, not necessarily lower voltage
UncleKiwiah ok
deshipuusing a power cord extension with a filter would help in that case\
UncleKiwifilter ? can you send me a link of what they look like ?
UncleKiwideshipu: do you mean surge protector ?
UncleKiwiah ok
UncleKiwihave you found these inprove the power ?
deshipuyeah, the ones with a surge protector will also have filters
deshipuit really depends on what is the cause of your problems
deshipumight help, might not
deshipuworth trying if you have one handy
UncleKiwiyeah I have one handy
the_kanyone here have a pi displaying a couple or more cctv streams?
the_kRTSP, etc
the_ki want to know what the best OS would be to have my old pi dedicated to just displaying steams
DJDandeshipu: can the CMSIS / RTOS thats apparently installed on the STM be installed on a PI?
Voopwould a non monentary switch work the same as a momentary switch to turn the pi off and on?
Voopim still confused about this whole power button thing. youd think there would me more posts on it