therion23thanks for your input everyone, seems like i will take the easy way out and go USB
therion23you guys are always so helpful, thank you!
sYCH3LI have a raspberrypi 3-B, WiFi seems to only work when i connect via cable
sYCH3LI havent change any settings beside dhcpdp.conf and wpa-supplicant with correct wifi details
hmoneywifi via cable
lvrp16have you guys seen this?
k_sze[work]Has anybody here run a postgresql 9.4 server on a Pi 3?
k_sze[work]How well does a Pi 3 cope, with only 1GB ram?
HrdwrBoBrunning postgres is trivial
HrdwrBoBit's entirely dependant on what you do with it
HrdwrBoBbut it's a bad idea, as a rule
HrdwrBoBbecause the I/O is also limited
deshipubetter than rolling your own
Jonno_FTWI have a new rpi3, I plugged it in and installed raspbian using keyboard/mouse
Jonno_FTWbut now at the desktop I can't use my keyboard/mouse
Jonno_FTWdo I need a usb hub?
Lartza"installed raspbian using keyboard and mouse"?
LartzaIn NOOBS?
Jonno_FTWLartza: yes
LartzaJonno_FTW, Have you tried replugging them? What kind of keyboard and mouse and what kind of a power supply for the Pi?
Jonno_FTWLartza: yes I tried replugging them both, trying with one only as well. they're both wired dell products
Jonno_FTWjust standard workstation kb/mouse
Jonno_FTWpower supply is from outlet
Jonno_FTWwall outlet
LartzaJonno_FTW, Yeah but what kind of a power supply
LartzaOfficial PSU? What is it rated at for amperage?
Jonno_FTWofficial psu
Jonno_FTWoutput is 5.1v 2.5A
LartzaNot really sure what is going wrong then :/
LartzaI can find people having problems on kodi but
izaberahi, can someone explain what the green led means?
izaberait's supposed to be sd access, but it stays on for about 1s after the shutdown
Lartzaizabera, I think if the green led is on it means no SD
LartzaBut not sure, so maybe shutdown it's green when the SD gets disconnected
LartzaWhat do you mean no
izaberathat i have an sd card and the green led is on when i access it
Lartza... it's not like there is a mechanical switch to check if the SD is there
LartzaOn shutdown, everything gets shut down, including the SD
LartzaThus, SD disconnected and green led on
LartzaThat's my guess anyways
izaberayour guess is stupid
LartzaExcuse me?
BurtyBwhich pi is it?
BurtyBon shutdown it should flash 10 times and then go off, it's also used for other notifications if it can't boot
izaberawhere is that figure from?
BurtyBsomewhere hidden away in the videocore code I imagin
izaberasorry what does videocore have to do with that?
BurtyBi seem to remember someone saying that's where it was.. other than that I'm not fussed as I've normally yanked the power out and onto the next thing without thinking about it too much :)
Lartzaizabera, GPU has the bootloader
DJDanHow do I read SPI data from the GPIOs of the Raspberry Pi 3?
LuciferosHello, are they french here ?
Luciferosi want create a thin client with pi3, have you any idea for me ?
HabbieDJDan, do you have a device with SPI connected?
DJDanHabbie: i did.. sort of worked it out.. by looping the miso pin and running a terminal command
DJDanthe device connected with SPI isnt very clear which pins go where tho...
ShorTiesome times on spi devices you need to switch the data pins as they are like miss labeled
Avi2 times now, my pi camera has stopped working after several days of taking photos once a minute with raspistill. the error it gives is "mmal: mmal_vc_component_enable: failed to enable component: ENOSPC" yes, i can fix it by dissabling and enabling the interface in raspi-config, but what can i do to prevent it malfunctioning again in a few days
HexBitsDo you have up-to date firmware?
Avias in on the camera? or of raspbian?
HexBitsavi, rpi-update
Avi"Raspbian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy)"
AviHexBits, oh interesting
Avi *** If no errors appeared, your firmware was successfully updated to a8ee902ac25b98b77478c252af5580d631eb75a9
Aviwill see how it goes, thanks
jay_anyone know of a current air quality project ?
leitmediumjay_: In Germany we have - they don't use a Pi by default but you can check what hardware they use (SDS011) which can be connected to a Pi, too
jay_leitmedium, thanks
BurtyBjay_, hmm and the city model from both do air quality
jay_BurtyB, thanks
chris_99'mmal: Camera is not detected. Please check carefully the camera module is installed correctly' - i assume that means the camera is severely borked right ? :( i've checked the two cable connectors, and the sunny connector was glued down heh
akkI've found the camera cable connectors really fiddly. I usually have to try 2-3 times to get a good connection.
chris_99yeah, it was working fine yesterday though :( and hadn't been touched
pwillardi think I disliked those from the strt
HighInBCcould be build of of something at the ribbon
HighInBCis it in a place that it could corrode or collect gunk?
HighInBCsometimes those ribbons make a very poor connection and it works until it does not
HighInBCribbon cables are best installed in a rigid case and never moved again, they are terribly sensitive things
chris_99well it seems the cable is broken HighInBC so you're right :) just tried with another cable and it works
chris_99is there a different kind of cable i could use
chris_99like ribbon in only the ends
HighInBCthose white ribbons break down in sunlight over a few weeks/months
HighInBCoh that sounds handy
chris_99this was in sunlight too HighInBC heh
chris_99it was a 1m one
chris_99i'll investigate if theres an alterantive type
HighInBCthey are really designed to be stationary in a rigid dark box
chris_99and mine was exposed to the weather heh
HighInBCI am a bit worried about mine, it is in a box, but the box is white and does not block light well and it sits in the sun all day
HighInBCit is in between the panes on a two pane glass windows so protected from weather
HighInBCtime will tell if the light degrades it
chris_99maybe i'll make my own cable... soldering to ribbon at either end
chris_99or wait, soldering wouldnt work well
chris_99i could buy a connector
chris_99and solder onto that
chris_99i dunno how exact the trace lengths need to be though
HighInBCI tried to remove the camera and display port from a rpi once
HighInBCnot only is it soldered in, it is also glued in
HighInBCforce was required
drzacekhello there
v0idhello drzacek
drzacekI have a non-raspberrypi related question, but maybe you guys know stuff anyway - can someone recommend me some good software to help me design few simple 2d layouts for rpi case?
drzacekI would like to print a schematic where which part goes, glue it to pcb and then cut holes for elements, like buttons, screen etc. I thought autocad, but it might be overkill
ApocxI design all my crap in Fusion 360 but that's mainly cause I get it for free
Apocxand is probably overkill, just depends on what you are doing
mfa298drzacek: openscad and freecad seem to be popular - my limited playing I've done better with openscad
Apocxand there is always sketchup
Apocxfree and easy
drzacekApocx, "easy" usually means that its ultra easy for first timers but overly complicated if not impossible to use when you want to actually do something else than "just the standard stuff"
Apocxoh sure :)
Apocxthere's a reason I stopped using it. but I did start withi t
drzacekno offence :)
drzacekI did used autocad for some time few years back. Might be a good reason to start again
Apocxit's easier for people to wrap their head around vs a parametric cad system like autocad,openscad,w/e
Apocxbut also pretty limited
brenster21hey, so I need to set up a small computer that lets the user fill out a form, submit it, and then logout. was wondering if raspberry pi would be a good choice fro the setup.
mfa298try out freecad and openscad, as you can do a lot of the work via commands rather than just point and clicking
mfa298when I tried them freecad seemed to be quite buggy but that was a few years ago
brenster21ok i will check them out. I am basically trying to build a simple computer for my fire department to keep track of runs. so i want to make it as user friendly and simple as possible, while limiting anything that can go wrong.
Apocxthose weren't in reference to your question
mfa298brenster21: my comments are for a different conversation
Apocxbut yes a pi can do what you need brenster21
mfa298brenster21: a pi may well work for your purpose, you might want something based around a kiosk setup (google should give lots of guides)
brenster21that sounds perfect.
Pro9xneed help for setup my raspberry pi 3 have install kali linux need only help to config
Kryczekmaybe you shouldn't be using kali
mfa298Pro9x: I'm not sure many (if any) here use kali, maybe you would be better trying their forums
ApocxI stick with raspbian for my pis, so much less hassle
Pro9xwat is the best im new on raspberry need bluetooth and accespoint
Apocxif you want to do network pen testing I'd probably use a laptop and not a pi personally
mfa298if you're a beginner use raspbian (even if you're not a beginner raspbian is often a good choice)
brenster21mfa298 thank you for pointing me in the right direction. do you know any good kiosk os.
Pro9xi have kali op and run bot can get the bluetooth on
drzaceknot sure about OS, I always recommend raspbian for raspberry pi
Apocxdoes Kali actually have working drivers for the rpi bluetooth stack?
drzacekbut if you could install some simple simple wm (dwm perhaps?) then it would be very easy to set it up as a kiosk
mfa298ACTION doesn't see much point in kali even for pen testing, If you able to do pen testing then you know how to compile stuff from source to meet your needs
Apocxwell most people are just trying to be leet haxors and compiling from source is beyond them ;)
KryczekACTION fully agrees
KryczekKali is sort of ok as a last-minute VM
mfa298well yes... If I ever have to interview people for network security type jobs kali will probably be among the questions
Pro9xokay what is the best for my rpi3
mfa298then again I started doing bits of network security when nessus was open and free and kali didn't exist
KryczekPro9x: Raspbian and not doing anything illegal
Kryczekmfa298: kali was backtrack previously :) and I kinda miss the old ugly gtk-based Nessus :D
Pro9xis raspbian the eaisest way to setup bluetooth and my spi tft display?
Apocxyes, more than likely you will have less trouble with whatever you are doing if you use raspbian
Pro9xok i'll try that
Pro9xcan you tell me if 3.5 linch SPI TFTLCD 480*320 16bit/18bit vertion 1.0 fits for rpi3
Pro9xcan i run "apt-get install kali-linux-full" on my Raspbian ?
mfa298why would you even want to ??
Pro9xdu get the programs form kali wit raspbian kernal
EncryptPro9x, I don't think so...
EncryptPro9x, What do you mean by "programs form"?
mfa298just install the things you need, if they're not in the repo compile from source
EncryptPro9x, Or you could use that:
Pro9xbluetooth works in Raspbian not in the kali install
EncryptPro9x, Fix your bluetooth then :D
Apocxor just apt-get the programs you need in raspbian, they probably exist
Pro9xi cant
Apocxwhat program are you trying to get?
Pro9xin kali ned i my bluetooth and tft display
EncryptYou very probably can, it's just not super obvious
EncryptPro9x, And by the way, if you wish to install Kali, then you should be aware of what you're doing and have a minimum of skills in computer science
EncryptAccording to your question, I'm not sure it is the case... (<.<)
Pro9xi ask to help to get it op and running
mfa298why do you think you need kali?
Pro9xeny one can help me over teamwiver to set new Re4son-Kernel op
Pro9xhave kali on my 2 laptop ned the rpi for a projekt
mfa298what specifically do you think you need kali for that you cant get from raspbian?
Pro9xaircrack-ng - pixeldust wifite and more
mfa298first point is that it's very easy to break the law with those tools and there are few legitimate reasons, 2nd point is that they should be trivial to use on raspbian
EncryptRight, Pro9x's answer is what I imagined...
mfa298there's only a couple of legitimate reasons I can think of for those tools, one of which you wouldn't be here asking these questions
mfa298the other would indicate that learning to compile them on raspbian is a much better route
Encrypt<-- | Pro9x left
EncryptAh ah
mfa298why am i not surprised by that
EncryptAccording to what he said, he seems to have script-kiddie intentions
Apocxpretty much
mfa298that's the impression I got
mfa298it's so nice when they provide the answers you expect
EncryptHe's not able to fix his bluetooth and he wants to play with hacking tools...
Kryczekhaha called it! 18:22 < Kryczek> maybe you shouldn't be using kali
Kryczekat least he didn't have too many digits in his name, the funniest is when they come with a nick like 31337h4x0r and ask how to install packages and stuff
ChunkzZBad time to say hi? Lol
KryczekChunkzZ: never a bad time :)
v0idsooo...what about my nickname? lol
Kryczekv0id: I don't know, maybe you are knowledgeable :)
v0idjust kidding, listening to some Amon Tobin from my RPI0W
Apocxnah your current name is fine
ApocxXxV0idHax0rxX there you go
mfa298or call themseleves things like acidburn orzerocool (and probably don't even know where they come from)
Kryczekhaha yeah
EncryptApocx | XxV0idHax0rxX there you go // Eh eh :D
KryczekACTION frantically types on mfa298's laptop...
Kryczekhere, I tripled your RAM!
Apocxwho doesn't like downloading more RAM
Kryczekthat film is so bad it's good
mfa298it's been a while sincle i watched that, probably ought to dig the dvd out again
ChunkzZI'm lost lol what film?
mfa298although from memory sneakers might have been a better film
KryczekChunkzZ: Hackers
ApocxI watched it once, can't really say I want to watch it more than that though
ApocxSneakers was better, but still...hollywood
ChunkzZKryczek: ahhh
v0idoh yeah Pentium 66 laptop :)
ApocxI still like Mr. Robot just because the RPI had a cameo
KryczekPirates of Silicon Valley was pretty good:
EncryptApocx, mfa298, ChunkzZ, Kryczek,
Apocxhehe yeah that's pretty good
KryczekEncrypt: I watched until he called a 5.25 floppy "a 3.5 floppy disk"
Apocxhacking time wasn't the hang up, but using wrong terminology is a no go ;)
KryczekI do miss monochromatic CRTs, both amber and green looked awesome :)
KryczekApocx: haha yeah!
EncryptFor those of you who haven't seen "Kung Fury", I strongly advise to you waste 30 minutes to see it :D
ApocxI have not. it's by the same guys that made the vid you linked though right?
mlelstvyou can easily fake monochromatic CRTs :)
Encrypt -- That's worth it :D
EncryptApocx, Yes
EncryptThat's where the "Hackerman" character comes from
Kryczekmlelstv: you mean just with a desktop theme? That's not the same, lacks the nice glow :)
ApocxI just remember somthing about hasselhoff being in it
chris_99heh kung fury is awesome
chris_99HighInBC, !!!1111111 boom
chris_99now to figure out how to get that into my waterproof casing
dan2wikGPIO has a 3.3v pin, anyone know how much I could draw from it safely?
vjacobdid anyone connect the VGA GPIO-add on?
vjacobor one of those DAC GPIO-add ons?
shaunodan2wik: apparently a max 16mA per pin, and 50mA overall
dan2wikThat would be the IO power limits. I'm after the 3.3v pin
shaunoah, hm. good question!
shaunoI don't think there's going to be an easy answer to that. I think that pin comes straight off the 3v3/1v8 regulator, which has a 1A limit. but what's available will be 1A minus what the rest of the pi's using
dan2wikHmm ok, thanks
mlelstvthat's an even more detailed article
dan2wikMy draw of up to 300ma should be fine then.
mlelstv300mA should be fine. The pi itself takes 200-300mA depending on what it's doing.
mlelstvof course the 5V input needs to provide that power too :)
wondiwsah, you're talking about power, I was just about to ask. Does the raspberry pi have some native facility for a battery pack? preferably 4xAA? or do you need to do cumbersome things to get a battery status reading?
mlelstvthere is sensor that would give you information about a battery status.
mlelstvbut running an rpi from 4xAA is probably not the best choice.
wondiwsmlelstv, what is advisable?
mlelstvfor doing what?
wondiwsmlelstv, for a battery ofcourse
mlelstvyou can use a USB power bank.
wondiwsmlelstv, what if I want to make my own case
HrdwrBoBrunning anything from AA is not a good choice
mlelstvstill, no information about the charge state
wondiwsmlelstv, you can measure the voltage
wondiwsthat gives you the charge state
mlelstvwondiws, good enough? :)
HrdwrBoB18650 > *
wondiwsmlelstv, what good enough?
mlelstvand not with a power bank, because that will deliver 5V until the end.
mlelstvgood enough to see how much charge is left
wondiwsmlelstv, well, maybe there's a way to put some circuitry between
wondiwsbecause 4xAA will deliver 6V
wondiwsor if you have 1.2Vx4... hmm that is 4.8
wondiwsHrdwrBoB, I'm not very clever: I don't see the significance of that board? Where's the battery? A li-ion battery has circuitry onboard?
HrdwrBoBthat's just a board without a battery
HrdwrBoByou can get it with the battery too
HrdwrBoBmy point is more... this is a solved problem
HrdwrBoBpeople ahve done this to death
wondiwsI imagine
HrdwrBoBthat one gives you feedback and ultimate flexibility
HrdwrBoBbut is more expensive
wondiwsok thanks, brb :)