mark4if i set the OTP to allow booting off of a USB device does that usb device need to have a vfat boot partiton or can boot be ext2 etc?
mark4on a PI 3
BurtyBmark4, it needs to be fat16/32 iirc
mark4not a problem
mark4tbh im not sure if theres any real advantage to burning that OTP. can still set / to be on /dev/sdaX when booting off of mmc
mark4should i use F2FS for / on this ssd?
mark4for / i mean
mark4sorry tried to deleted a volume on a USB hard drive under windows and windows BSOD
mark4and format the volume is not an option under the windos drive management
mark4so should i use F2FS?
wondiwsare there things I need to consider when buying a display for the special display port?
mark4which fs is better for an SSD with a raspberry pi3? F2FS or ext4 with relatime
wondiwsare there things I need to consider when buying a display for the special display port?
wondiwsand how is this gonna work?
wondiwsthat's not the plug that's on the Rpi board...
wondiwsoh, that's the gpio ports?
hmoneysits on top of the gpio
wondiwshmoney, and what does the display use?
wondiwsor does the display itself also use some of the gpio pins for its data?
wondiwslike SDA?
hmoneyidk the specifics but it uses multiple gpio pins for both data and power
hmoneyi bought some 3.5in kumon screens for like $20 a piece
hmoneywork pretty well
wondiwshmoney, doesn't it use the DSI port?
hmoneythe dsi port uses a ribbon cable
wondiwshmoney, I haven't seen a lot of those displays so far...
hmoneyof which displays
wondiwsfor the dsi port
hmoneythe raspi cam uses them
hmoneypi noir v2 cam or pi v2 cam
wondiwsbut a cam is not a display
wondiwsI do have the cam
hmoneyyou linked to a display
wondiwsbut that's not dsi, is it? It's in the other socket
hmoneynothing about dsi dude
hmoneycam would connect via camera cable, screen would pop on top of gpio pins
wondiwshmoney, but there's a dedicated display port as well
plumi'm trying to build irssi from source on a pi... the debian version is like 0.8 but the latest version is 1.04ish
plumerrr i should say, either build from source or update my sources list so i can update to it
plumi guess i'm having some problems though
dan2wikSpecify problems
plumsorry i'm grabbing now, have to replicate from when i tried earlier
plumugh my bad, had a different error last time
plumright now i think i'm just missing autoreconf, installing...
plumi guess i was worried that maybe it was a raspberry pi issue
plumhaha i think it's working now
plumthanks all, i'll come back if there's issues :)
EmptySet5150I need to run a python program on startup. Problem is it needs sudo or at least access to the gpio pins.
LartzaWhy is that a problem?
LartzaEmptySet5150, ^
dan2wikHave you looked into rc.local? It allows you to run things on startup and as root
Lartzaor, you know, systemd...
dan2wikI haven't had much luck with systemd
LartzaThe thing that runs rc.local
EmptySet515010-4 will look into both.
Lartzarc.local is ran by systemd so in either case you are technically using systemd ;)
Lartzarc.local just allows you to write everything in one big bashscript instead of sane separate services that can be restarted individually :P
EmptySet5150I thought pigpiod was supposed to give regular user access to the gpio pins with out sudo. But that did not work. Anyway i will look into rc.local
LartzaIt does, through the socket it creates