Sinopsismaybe someone here can help me...i have a son who's disabled and has 24 hour nurses. I'm trying to put a monitor in their office so they can still see/hear him when he wants to be in his room without them. I'm trying to use a raspberry pi to accomplish this. I have everything working except the sound is giving me some issues. The feed has a G.7
Sinopsis11alaw encoding and plays fine for about 3 minutes, after that, it sounds like someone is pressing mute every second. my command line is: omxplayer --avdict rtsp_transport:tcp --win 0,0,1280,720 --layer 0 rtsp:// --live
KryczekSinopsis: hi!
Sinopsis hi :)
Kryczeksurely there are people more knowledgeable about this here than me, but may I already suggest a question: have you tried with UDP instead of TCP?
Sinopsisno, because every site i found talking about using this has shown to use tcp because it will die periodically with udp
Sinopsisbut i'll try, can't hurt
Kryczekoh... that doesn't sound good of course, but UDP in general is better suited for streaming: when a packet is lost it's best to have the feed move on to the next video frame and/or audio chunk, rather than hang and try to retransmit what's now old data anyway
Sinopsisyep, agreed
Sinopsistesting it now
Sinopsisi'm not a linux guru, so i've been unsuccessful at trying something that I think should work.... trying to transcode it with ffmpeg and have omxplayer play the transcoded stream (in case its a problem with the g.711)
Sinopsisudp didn't fix it :(
Kryczeksorry to hear
Kryczekalso, if you can easy test, just to rule it out: try a wired connection temporarily, in case it's wifi?
Sinopsiscan switch it to a wired connection easy enough...signal strength is like 99% though
Kryczekand I don't mean the WiFi airwaves themselves, could be a driver issue, finicky adapter or something
Sinopsisthought that, was using a rpi2b, but also tried with the built in wifi on a rpi3
Kryczekfor example I have powerline adapters that work just fine for months with sustained transfers of terabytes for example, but as soon as I try to get Netflix through them, they lose sync more than once an hour for some reason
Sinopsisand problems like that is why I hate computers....and I"m a software engineer lol
Kryczekhah, I know the feeling :)
Sinopsistesting with wired, will know in about 2 mins
KryczekSinopsis: are you able to try a different transmitter/receiver? I mean, with regards to the stream, e.g. not sure if we're talking about 2 RPis for example
Sinopsissender is an ip camera
Sinopsisno problems with the stream as i see no problems in blue iris
Kryczekdoes it work better with a laptop for example?
Sinopsisworks fine in vlc as well
Sinopsiswired doing it as well
Sinopsisseems to be right @ about the 2:15 mark
Kryczeksounds like a buffer fills up or something
ball(happy halloween, if applicable)
Sinopsisthe audio stream is tiny to...its only mono @ 8000 bitspersample
Kryczekball: thanks, you too!
KryczekSinopsis: the video stream works just fine, it's just the audi?
ballACTION performs a handbrake turn in the audi
Sinopsish264 640x360@10fps (using the substream from the camera because the pi can't seem to display the 4k stream)
Kryczekball: haha yeah unintended pun :P
KryczekSinopsis: what sound output do you use?
Sinopsisright now in my office for testing using the 3.5mm, but in the nurse room hdmi
GenteelBenGreetings, my fellow raspists.
KryczekGenteelBen: that's one letter away from a catastrophe...
KryczekSinopsis: and both lead to the same problem?
GenteelBenGood thing I'm deadly accurate.
KryczekSinopsis: apparently omxplayer sends sound directly to the hardware but just to be sure: stop pulseaudio/alsa/oss/whatever might be messing with audio?
Sinopsishow do I know what might be messing with it....whats default with raspbian?
ballOh dear. My daughter's PC just failed.
Sinopsisthis is interesting...i'm just trying random things now...and i removed the --live param and it's gone further than before
Sinopsis@ 3 mins and still going now
Kryczekfingers crossed!
Sinopsis4:15 still going
Sinopsiswell...that might be a stupid simple fix :)
Sinopsis6:15...might be the fix I need...
Sinopsiswill let it run for a bit
Sinopsisthanks :)
Kryczekmaybe is the same
sockofleashow can i calculate the voltage at the point where v1 and v2 intersect?
Sinopsislol @ like the 4th comment in 2016 "i'll give someone $50 to fix this!!"
Kryczeksockofleas: if you want us to do your work at Rensselaer the least you could do is say hi and please
sockofleasplease how can i calculate the voltage at the point where v1 and v2 intersect?
d0rm0us3stick your tongue on it?
HrdwrBoBhard to gauge voltage
HrdwrBoBtakes a bit of practise
ballsockofleas: Is this your homework?
ballAt least you're honest. Have you asked in ##electronics?
KryczekHrdwrBoB: maybe James Bond can do it, he's so good at sensing wine type and year etc
HrdwrBoBball: yes
HrdwrBoBKryczek: that answer checks out
sockofleasthe dudes in #electronics are too busy flirting with a girl in the chat
HrdwrBoBsockofleas: find james bond
HrdwrBoBsockofleas: have you tried learning the source material
HrdwrBoBbecause that's probably your best bet
HrdwrBoBto actually understand it
HrdwrBoBsince that's kinda the whole point of learning
HrdwrBoBis to you know... learn
ballIt's a somewhat crummy homework question to set anyway.
Kryczekprobably something to do with Ohm, Kennelly and/or Thevenin
GenteelBensockofleas is too busy ordering calzones and hot dogs "with everything" in NYC to bother learning the subject matter, HrdwrBoB.
ballIs a calzone a sort of pie?
Kryczekball: it's a sort of underwear
GenteelBenIt's basically a pizza pie.
ballACTION isn't sure what pizza pie is.
ballI've heard Shaggy mention it on Scooby Doo.
Kryczekball: it's a pizza folded onto itself, like underpants, hence the name
GenteelBenWait no
GenteelBenIt's an Italian Cornish pasty it's a nasty pie?
Kryczekas long as it's not a nappy...
as2333sockofleas, there are no girls on the internet
ballI might have a go at baking one of those then.
ball...perhaps with mushrooms and potato.
ballACTION waits patiently for his podcasts to download
Kryczekball: what podcasts?
ballThe last two that are trickling down the wire now are Network Break (from the Packet Pushers) and the Amp Hour podcast.
Kryczekdidn't know about those... interesting, thanks
Kryczekaside from the annoying pinterest login popup, nice! thanks :)
ballKryczek: Yes sorry, pinterest does that.
Kryczeknot your fault :)
Sinopsissudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=~/raspbian_backup.img -- i can use that to make a backup of my pi sd card when its not the one I booted off of, but how do i do it from the booted sd card
ali1234you don't, because it isn't safe
Sinopsisso i need to boot from another card, ...thats what i thought
Sinopsisis there an easy way I can do it from windows and then still use the pi-shrink script?
ali1234i don't know
Sinopsisk, no big deal...just take a little longer
ali1234i would not recommend this as a backup strategy anyway
ballACTION backs up onto punched paper tape.
FrankensmeefIs 45'C considered hot, normal, or cool for a Pi Zero CPU?
ali1234cool to normal
ali1234that goes for most CPUs really
ali1234< 40 = cool, 40-60 = normal, 60-80 = hot, 80+ = danger
ali1234i doubt it is possible to get a zero to go hotter than 70 degrees anyway
ali1234without external heating anyway
ali1234i recently bought a load of noctua fans for my PC and now i can run builds and it is super quiet
ali1234stays below 60 degrees too which is nice
ballLooks like my CPU's running at +21C.
ball...about the same for the disks.
ali1234i rather have it run at 40 degrees and be silent cos the fans are at minimum
ballI might have speed control on the intake fan. The exhaust fans just run full pelt all the time.
ballThey're pretty quiet though.
FrankensmeefAnyone here familiar with using python to display text on an Adafruit OLED display?
Frankensmeefali1234: I'm trying to chance the font in this example:
FrankensmeefI've already downloaded a few ttf files, such as minefraftia.ttf and pixeled.ttf, and placed then in the same folder as the python script
FrankensmeefWhenever I comment out the line that loads the default font, and un-comment the line to load the custom font, the display doesn't show anything.
FrankensmeefIt only works with the default font. I just want to use a font that occupies as little space as possible, it it's just a matter of finding one that works.
Frankensmeefif it's*
ballWouldn't a bitmapped font be smaller?
ali1234not necessarily
ali1234that code will turn it into a bitmap anyway
ali1234Frankensmeef:, yeah?
Frankensmeefali1234: Yeah
ali1234you know filenames are case sensitive right?
FrankensmeefI am aware :P
FrankensmeefAlready tried that
ballACTION cranks up the B-52's
ali1234i can't really see any reason why it would not work
ali1234i have one of those screens somewhere but i cant find it
FrankensmeefYeah, IDK what's going on
FrankensmeefIs it possible that the ttf file should go in /etc/ alongside the rc.local file that loads the python script file on startup, instead of the directory with the actual python script file?
FrankensmeefIs that it?
ali1234yeah, i don't know what cwd will be in that case
ali1234you should supply the full path to the file
FrankensmeefI've changed the line to: font = ImageFont.truetype('/home/pi/Adafruit_Python_SSD1306/examples/Pixeled.ttf', 6)
FrankensmeefRebooted, still doesn't seem to work
ali1234well try running it interactively
FrankensmeefHow do I do that?
ali1234follow the guide?
ali1234step 3
FrankensmeefWell, shoot, that did something...
FrankensmeefIt showed the text on the display, and locked up PuTTY at the same time, lol
FrankensmeefI'll call that progress
ClydeSlimscan someone explain how retro pi works? Like does it start up automatically on boot?
nacellemight want to ask over in #retropie
nacelleits a bit more complex than that fwiw, but basically that yes
k_sze[work]Does anybody know whether amixer setting should stick across reboots?
k_sze[work]e.g. if I do `amixer set PCM 90%`, is the setting persisted to a file on the SD card?
Blubberbubk_sze[work], i think there is an extra command to store these settings
Blubberbubalsactl store - maybe?
Blubberbubthere is also some service you can enable that will execute that before shutdown - but scheduled shutdowns are very unlikely for my pis, so...
H4ndyBlubberbub well can just do a cron job every hour or so
BlubberbubH4ndy, true
LartzaBanhammer maybe?
LartzaYou never do anything but spam
LartzaSo I don't think it's that rude
slothyou never do anything but complain
LartzaI do though
LartzaSo there's that
Trackerhi I have a question how to connect bluetooth speaker and make it default audio device trought command line... currently it works by clicking the sound Icon and selecting the device name and it connects and sets it but I want it to be automatic.. how to do that?
unigeeHi, does anyone know if it's possible to disable/enable a specific USB port programatically?
nyuuunigee, and
unigeeThanks nyuu
{HD}Is there a way to have deluge auto remove completed downloads after a period of time?
loptaWhat is "deluge"?
{HD}a download manager
Lartzabittorrent client
loptaAh, ok.
leftyfb{HD}: try: /join #deluge
keriotransmission allows to set both an upload ratio and an idle timeout
keriobut the torrents are not removed from the list, just stopped
{HD}turns out deluge has plugins...some of them may work.
kerioare you seriously using a torrent client on a raspi
shiftplusoneWhy wouldn't you?
shiftplusoneI definitely am. Download ubuntu isos and play them straight on kodi.
keriooh you :^)
loptaI use rtorrent for downloading ISOs.
shiftplusonePi makes a great torrent box if you want something running 24/7.
SirLagzwoot. RaspAP automatically picks up new interfaces and lets me configure them
SirLagznow to add in the ability to manually add/delete IP Addresses
loptaACTION prices up a B+
nafACTION slaps DrJ around a bit with a large trout
SmeefIs it possible to get the battery level from a command, using a Powerboost 1000C and possibly a python script of some kind?
stivis there a way to talk to the Powerboost?
tristeroNot without an ADC (analog-digital converter) chip somewhere.
BurtyBSmeef, you could use a lipo fuel guage then talk to it with i2c from the Pi
SmeefBurtyB, No idea, guess I'll Google that stuff :P
SmeefThe fuel gauge isn't an option because I'm already using the Powerboost 1000C to charger the patter, power the pi, and start and safely shutdown the pi on low battery. There's an LBO pin on the Powerboost that connects to GPIO 15 and tells the Pi when the battery is low and triggers the safe shutdown script. Is there a way to read the voltage on GPIO 15 so I can monitor the voltage and come up with an algorithm to display a percentage of power
SmeefThe only command I know of is vcgencmd measure_volts, but that measures the volts across the core, which is different
SmeefI used this tutorial to wire up my Powerboost:
Smeefwow, what a typo, I meant "to charge the battery" in that first line, lol
stivfrom a link on that lipopi page:
stivuses an ADC
SmeefCrap, missed that, guess I need an ADC :P
stivyou should get an ADC!
SmeefI don't think it's gonna work for my purposes, it won't fit in my enclosure