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YippMNhi anyone here?
YippMNjust checking , hope to get raspberry pi for chistmas and just seeing if there is an active channel
ali1234this channel is fairly active yes
bbergAny ideas why my screen stays black after the -o -p command?
bbergbut works before i do that
ali1234what command? those are just arguments
bberg~ $ sudo /usr/bin/tvservice -o
ali1234ah okay
ali1234there's a few reasons that can happen
ali1234one is that setting a mode doesn't create a console surface, so there can be nothing to display
ali1234another is that you might have some other blanker running (ie X or console)
bbergbut remoting in shows all of the stuff
ali1234probably the former then
ali1234the graphics hardware in the pi is a bit weird
YippMNali1234, ok thanks do you know of anyone here that has installed gentoo
ali1234YippMN: yes, i have seen people here talk about that
YippMNali1234, ok good thanks
bbergwhy would that be the case
bbergit shows stuf fbefore the -o
ali1234bberg: the pi has no hardware framebuffer
ali1234it has a virtual framebuffer which has to be created separately to changing the screen mode
ali1234if you mess around with tvservice, that vfb can get destroyed, and tvservice will not make a new one for you
ali1234or, not destroyed but "removed from the list of things to draw on the screen"
ali1234so the software keeps drawing into that buffer, but the hardware forgets about it and does not draw it
ali1234i told you it was weird...
ali1234those buffers are allocated by the GPU firmware
ali1234there isn't just one, there can be hundreds, and the GPU combines them all in real time to produce what you see on the screen
bbergso how does one address that?
ali1234don't mess around with tvservice
bbergi want to turn the monitor off after 11pm and back on at 6m
bbergany other options?
ali1234tvservice is not the way to do it
bbergsure sure :p
ali1234what kind of monitor is it?
bbergVGA with a vga/hdmi adapt
ali1234you could try cec-client, but that is meant for direct connection to a HDMI monitor
ali1234if you are lucky, your adapter might be smart enough to translate, but don't count on it
ali1234depending on the application, you might be able to use tvservice like now, but restart whatever graphical application you are using
ali1234that means restarting X if you are running the full desktop (and all programs)
ali1234but also don't overlook the possibility that something else is also blanking the screen
ali1234there's about 3 different blanking daemons on a typical raspbian desktop, and they can be annoying to get rid of
bberghmm - what do you mean my adapter is smart enough
bbergali1234: ^
ali1234i mean it probably wont work
bbergbut it works on boot up. are you saying that it wont have off/on?
HitechcgIs it safe to just ignore the Pi 3's overheating warning while playing YouTube videos in Chromium?
ali1234it will just go slower to compensate
bbergali1234: vcgen looks like the trick. Ty for some help
rainingimpalaHello, peeps
rainingimpalaWhy would one choose to set up nextCloud over a NAS?
rainingimpalaOn an RPi server?
rainingimpalaWhat's the difference?
Zardozrainingimpala: personal cloud and NAS are becoming about the same a lot of new NAS products have personal cloud features.
rainingimpalaZardoz: lol yeah that's what's confusing me!
rainingimpalaI keep reading about NAS solutions as "personal clouds"
rainingimpalaBut then nextCloud and ownCloud (and similar solutions) are also, and "more correctly so," actually personal clouds
Zardozyeah, they are more and more becoming the same.
rainingimpalaAny personal experience with solution(s) that have worked for you?
rainingimpalaMobile and desktop access, of course
Zardozhowever there are some old NAS units out there that do not offer cloud functions.
Zardozyeah the Cloud software is more just cloud and not really NAS.
Zardozthere is also a lot of NAS that you can add cloud like owncloud and the like.
Zardozkind of like plugins
rainingimpalaI just read another comment like that online as you said that haha
rainingimpalaAbout running nextCloud from OpenMediaVault
Zardozheck some newer powerful routers even offer NAS/cloud
rainingimpalaSo I guess I could set up my RPi to run OMV and set up nextCloud as a plugin through OMV
Zardozonly problem with NAS on a pi it's dam slow.
rainingimpalaYeah I can imagine :/
rainingimpalaBut I'm just getting started with self-hosting and I'd like to build a system myself to see how all the parts come together
rainingimpalaPlus I've never dealt with networking, servers, and system administration stuff too much and I'd like to learn, so this is a good project for me!
Zardozunderstandable, and a good low cost way to do it.
rainingimpalaOnce I get things up and running in a portable manner, I think I'll switch to a more beefy system (if need be... I may be too busy with other things to even care for a couple years hahaha)
chocolaterobotHi everyone. I have recently opened up a Pi from its sealed anti-static bag and I'm so excited to get it working
chocolaterobotHowever, it's an Orange Pi. Can I get help here, or am I in the wrong place?
chocolaterobotHrdwrBoB: i will use it in my car. When a door is opened, a discrete camera (not a Pi component) connected to the Pi will start recording. and will record for the next 30 minutes
HrdwrBoBto what end?
HrdwrBoBhow is it different to a dashcam
chocolaterobotHrdwrBoB: mine will be hidden. dashcam is exposed for all to see
chocolaterobotCan a Raspberry Pi OS also run on an Orange Pi?
Zardozchocolaterobot: Orange Pi is not from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It is made by a Chinese manufacture. and kind of a clone is some parts. Orange Pi have ported Raspbian in some ways but it would be best to look at the downloads on http://www.orangepi.org/
chocolaterobotthanks, Zardoz . I'm now on http://www.orangepi.org/downloadresources/ and scrolled down to the Orange Pi Lite section. It has 11 things, including Rasbian, Ubuntu LXDE desktop, Debian XFCE desktop, Lubuntu, Armbian, Ubuntu Server
tnewmanthats a spicey meatball
chocolaterobot will this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Orange-Pi-Open-source-IP-Camera-with-wide-angle-lens-Smart-Home-Control-Device-for-PC/ work for the OrangePiLite?
LartzaAsk orange pi people not us raspberry pi people
chocolaterobotLartza: ok
ktokkohow can i enable spell checking on firefox-esr/raspbian?
ktokkothe option is ticked in the preferences to check spelling as you type, but it's not showing that... do we need to install some dictionary pack for english?
ktokkodoes installing "hunspell" work for other applications? i noticed libreoffice doesn't check spelling either
ktokkoin the add/remove programs, i typed "spell checker" but there were a ton of results and many things already pre-checked within the list (a lot of them had to do with Aspell)
ktokkoi also typed "hunspell" in the add/remove gui and seeing several listings of which are pre-checked by default - i wanted to get spell checking working for the included libreoffice and also for firefox-esr to detect spelling and show corrections like how i'm able to see on windows.
CreyonI've interest in making a rasp pi seed box
CreyonMy concern is how I would power the hard drive as I can't imagine the pi would be able to?
ShorTiedepends on hard drive
ShorTieand power supply
Zardozalso you can use a powered USB hub
CreyonIf I use a USB hub would it be possible to connect multiple hdd to one pi Zardoz? Sorry for the Irish questions.
Zardozpersonally I like a self powered USB hard drive. that way you dont need to deal with the powered USB hub.
CreyonNeed to iron out my strats
Zardozyes you can
CreyonAh naisu
ShorTiePleaze don't assume all your problems go away with a hub, it still may not have the power needed
Zardozyou can also connect other USB devices to that hub.
CreyonSo self powered hdd?
ZardozShorTie: if you have a good powered hub it works fine.
ShorTieI know, mine uses a 7amp supply
ZardozI my setups with nice powered hubs work great.
Zardozjust dont cheap out on the powered hub
ShorTie1st pick your hard drive, then figure out the power
CreyonYou guys set up a pi seed box before ?
ShorTiemight find a 2.5" hard drive may use less power
Zardoznot sure what that even is? like a bit torrent?
CreyonMoving into a building which has 1 gbps upload
CreyonSo want to get my ratios up
Zardoznot really.
oqa pi isn't going to get anywhere close to saturating that 1gbps
oqit has a 100mbit nic for one
Zardoznot at all
CreyonOh shit really?
ShorTie'building' might not like that type of stuff
CreyonWell it's an isp
Zardozlike 3 to 5MB/s if even that much?
oqand a single usb 2 bus which all 4 usbs and the nic share
ZardozI/O on the pi is slow.
oqjust pay for a seedbox in the cloud
CreyonWhen you have 1000 / 1000 it's a shame not to utilise it though
ZardozI would try and find a cheap intel NUC type PC
oqCreyon: depends if its you paying for the 1000/1000 though
CreyonIt will be.
oqif this is just your house why seedbox at all
oqget a cheap tower server or something
CreyonCos elec is expensive
CreyonI looked at the cost of just running my desktop 24/7 and it wasn't pretty. Granted my desktop is fairly high end..
YonbenWell considering the low cost of anything-rpi, I would at least try and see how well it works for you :_
oqCreyon: if you were in the eu I would recommend a gen8 microserver
oqshame the gen10's are crap
CreyonAffordable, know what the wattage is?
oqdepends if you push it
Zardozoq: jez that thing is expensive.
oqI think mine was something like £130 after cashback
CreyonAh really? Can you claim that even if youre not a company?
Yonbenoq Remeber we're in #raspberrypi so still relatively expensive
ZardozI might be look at the wrong thing but I show it to be like $900 US
YonbenYep found the same thing
jacekowskiwhat would be a good pressure sensor option for rpi that i can get in local electronics shop
oqZardoz: yeah, that's why I said if they were in the eu. They are ridiculously expensive over there for some reason
CreyonWhere did you buy yours oq? Ebuyer?
oqyep, shame ebuyer only does the gen10's now
CreyonAh. How come they're trash?
ZardozCreyon: I would try the pi anyways, you are looking at an overtime thing anyways who cares about the speed.
CreyonSuppose Zardoz. No reason I couldn't run multiple either
oqwell they removed the IPMI (out of band management), changed the replaceable intels with soldered on amd SoC's
Zardozjust have a 2 or 3MB/s sec going all the time
Zardoztrue thaty
CreyonGb uploaded every 5 min hmm
Yonben1 pi / tracker
CreyonTerabyte every 3 and a half hours
CreyonNot bad
ZardozCreyon: my seeding on my nas only runs at 5MB/s
CreyonHm. How expensive was the nas?
ZardozI have cap it at that rate.
CreyonWhat nas do you own
Zardozthe one I have was 800 or so US not including drives. it a big one
CreyonYou can install torrent software on it?
ZardozSynology 8 Bay\
Zardozyes it has one built in, but you can use transmission plugins as well.
CreyonAh nice
CreyonThe wattage is nice too. Think I'll do that. Thanks Zardoz
ShorTiemaybe look at http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G143599699669
Zardozyeah look at it. it's a good option. and you can do a lot on them depending on the model you get.
CreyonThat's neat ShorTie but I don't have the time to gain the neccesary know how to carry that out haha
ZardozShorTie: I seen that the other day.
CreyonThink I'll go the nas option. Thanks for helping guys
CreyonFor the help *
CreyonNext question
CreyonNo longer pi relayed
Zardozbut from what I seen the cost was still high abd you had to DiY the heall out of it.
CreyonBut if I'm going to be uploading to get my ratio up some of it might be strictly Uhh.. Non paid for.
CreyonWhat is a good UK or European based vpn
ZardozCreyon: so many options on that. you are going to need to shop and find what you like.
CreyonAlright thanks
mich1xI wanted to use the raspberry pi 3 as a daily driver for few months and I have some questions before i do so
DrJask away
mich1xIs it possible to use a external 2.5 hdd as main space instead of a sd card? I heard that if you lose electricity and the os isn't shutdown properly i will have to reflash the sd card which would be impossible since my only computer would be the raspberry
mich1xThe hdd would have 3 partitions ( backup one with my stuff, OS one for the raspberry, and a partition for files like movies and mp3)
mich1xand another question can i transfer files from raspberry to a mobile phone ?
DrJyou shouldn't have to reflash the sd card just because you lose power... of course, it is possible something could get messed up
DrJbut unlikely
DrJrpi must have a SD card to boot
mich1xAnd another questions, sorry for so many but I really must be sure that I will be able to use this as my main pc for ~5 months, so i need to know everything: which os uses the lowest amount of hardware resources, i need a os for web browsing, mail, and movie streaming
DrJlooks like a good walkthrough of what you want there
Zardozyou can set it up to boot from a hard drive, but the same tyoe of things can happen if shut down improper. it more like about data corruption. and it's possible on any OS.
DrJmich1x, the most minimal would be like raspbian lite
DrJwhich would be just a shell (command line) only out of the box
DrJyou probably however will want raspbian with desktop
mich1xso raspbian as main os ok
mich1xwhat about the data corruption how can i prevent this since i wont have any other hardware to make a new bootable sd card
Zardozmich1x: personally I would not use a pi as a dally driver. I mean it can be done, but...
DrJmich1x: you could lessen the chance by using a UPS
Zardozmich1x: UPS indeed just like any system...
DrJanother thing you could do is image the sd card and make at least one or two backups that are ready to go (just be plugged in)
mich1xnot enough funds to get a ups
mich1xi could get a intel compute stick
gordonDrogonyou can boot off SD then have root on usb..
mich1xbut not enough
mich1xand intel compute stick doesnt have audio out
DrJmich1x, the rpi uses so little even a low end UPS will work
DrJin USA that would start around $20
mich1xwhat about a power bank
DrJdon't quote me, but even a cheap UPS like that would probably keep a rpi3 running for a few hours at least
Zardozyeah you dont need much at all.
DrJas long as you don't plug other things like your monitor into it
gordonDrogonpower banks are fine - I've used an Akner one in the past - it can charge & supply at the same time, but charges really really slowly... (3 days from fully flat in my test)
mich1x@gordonDrogon, I dont need to charge anything
mich1xi just need that the data isnt corupted when i use the rpi
gordonDrogonyou might if you are using a usb power bank as a ups ...
DrJmich1x: in the end there is no way to abolustely 100% prevent data corruption
DrJit happens, rpi or not
DrJI mean, three days from now your external drive could crap out
mich1xSo 2x sd card with os
gordonDrogonfwiw: I regularly "pull the plug" on Pi's and have not had SD card corruption due to pulling the plug.
DrJgordonDrogon: same here
mich1x+ power bank ups and i should be mostly ok ?
Zardozmich1x: you dont need to fixate on corruption. it is not any more or less then any other computer system.
DrJI do it way more than I should
gordonDrogonand from what I recall, the foundation did a test which ran for several weeks - regularly power cycling a Pi via a relay...
mich1x@Zardoz, I was watching some guide on youtube and the guy said that the sd card corrupts often on the pi
gordonDrogonI buy god quality SD cards though from reputable sources.
gordonDrogonI think there is a huge variance in SD card quality.
DrJgordonDrogon: bingo
DrJmost that get corrupted are pieces of crap to begin with
DrJthat you shouldn't be using
Zardozyeah a lot of people like to cheap out.
DrJI've never had one corrupt on me either
Zardozsame woth power supplies.
gordonDrogonI have seen one 'wear out' - it was used on my asterisk system which was logging and call recording very frequently.
mich1xSo i shouldn't worry about this?
gordonDrogonmich1x, did you ever wory in the days of Win-95 ?
mich1xi wasnt born in the days of win 95
DrJmich1x: I wouldn't worry... but again like you've been told many times it could happen to any computer system
mich1xyeah okay then it was some false alarm then I guess
DrJI mean, even your rpi3, although unlikely, could crap out in a week
mich1xI don't worry about the data I just want to have a running os on the rpi
DrJthen I'd recommend getting multiple SD cards get one up and running
DrJonce you have one all set make an image of it and copy it to the other SD cards
mich1xyeah will do but it add's to the cost
mich1xand another question what about rpi3 model b lifespan
DrJsounds like your concern justifies the cost
mich1xcan it last the 5months of usage?
DrJbut it could also die tomorrow
DrJor 10 seconds from now
mich1xI don't have one yet
DrJor it could still be running strong 47 years from now
mich1xwill order it but I mean whats the general lifespan
mich1xwithout any additional heatsink
ZardozDrJ: in might not work out of the box :P
DrJoverall they will last a good while... heatsinks aren't needed unless you overclock, and even then they can survive without
mich1xAnd what about movie streaming to vlc
mich1xlike 720p movies or tv series watching through vlc on the pi
mich1xis it doable
Zardozslow and will drop frames
Zardozwell not really slow but may drop frames,.
mich1xok and javascript heave sites like banking
mich1xdo they work ?
mich1xor i can assueme no one tried it
Zardozyou got to remember this a learning/hobbits system. as it can do a lot, it does have it's limits.
gordonDrogonI have my original Pi with original SD card - now 5.5 years old. Admittedly it's not on all the time, however it still works just fine.
DrJpersonally I would not use a rpi as my desktop system for everyday use
DrJcan be done, but I would never survive on it
gordonDrogonremember there are about 14 million Pi's out there now.... and major issue would be bleated quickly and loudly...
mich1xClient: HexChat 2.12.4 • OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (x64) • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz (3.40GHz) • Memory: 8.0 GiB Total (5.8 GiB Free) • Storage: 46.1 GiB / 1.0 TiB (996.6 GiB Free) • VGA: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB • Uptime: 1d 0h 13m 31s
DrJall mine are shell access only running server type apps
mich1xWhat can I say will be hard to switch from this to a RPI3
mich1xbut i have some priorities and I need to get out of my comfort zone to do some irl stuff
DrJwhy are you wanting to switch?
gordonDrogonwhy do it?
mich1xMAybe I can get a good rig in the future
mich1xLike I said will go study and other irl stuff
mich1xMaybe it will make me good to take a break from a real pc
mich1xI will need a laptop anyway but not yet
mich1xand also use the rpi3 for gaming like another separate sd card for retropie
mich1xand have some roms on a usb pendrive
mich1xI mean it can't be so bad, pc hardware a few years ago was worse than the pi wasnt it ?
oqit's hard to compare because the architecture is so different
Zardozmich1x: your expectations are way to high. again as I have stated and others I would not use a RPi as a main system.
mich1xI understand that the load times may be long
mich1xbut overall it will load the sites?
gordonDrogonmich1x, do you have a Pi yet?
mich1xNo, will order in few days
ktokkoi also typed "hunspell" in the add/remove gui and seeing several listings of which are pre-checked by default - i wanted to get spell checking working for the included libreoffice and also for firefox-esr to detect spelling and show corrections like how i'm able to see on windows.
gordonDrogonYour experience will be nothing like your current desktop. Nothing whatsoever. It will be slow and not all sites will load.
ktokkoin the add/remove programs, i typed "spell checker" but there were a ton of results and many things already pre-checked within the list (a lot of them had to do with Aspell) ^^
ktokkothis was for raspbian/rpi3
gordonDrogonktokko, gogle for how to do it with debian - it'll be the same.
ktokkohey gordonDrogon - so just to clarify, there was no built in dictionary right?
ktokkoat least for english language spell checking?
mich1xOk thanks for the opinions guys
mich1xwill sleep with this
ktokkomich1x, i've only had the pi for less than a week... web browsing is pretty subpar
ktokkobut i installed firefox-esr + noscript 5.x (last supported version) + ublock origin, and that helps for a lot of non-media pages
ktokkoi also disabled hardware acceleration on firefox (via the standard preferences menu)
ktokkoi did try amazon video streaming on chromium but it was not good at all (had to try a modified chromium from github to even attempt it to work)... youtube may work better on chromium but i haven't tested it.
gordonDrogonktokko, I've no idea. I don't use a Pi for desktop use. I use a Devuan Linux desktop.
ktokkothe only browsing i'm using the pi for is more forum based typing than anything...
ktokkostill have to figure how to get firefox-esr's useragent to stop switching to mobile google result each time (i have to switch to classic results each time)
ktokkomich1x, to put it into perspective, even when i tried browsing amazon dot com website for regular listing search, it crashed chromium browser that came bundled with raspbian os (no media playback) and this is a fast microsd class 10.
ktokkoit was one of the first few things i was testing on the pi
gloomyHello :)
gloomyI'm trying to connect to my new rbpi over an ethernet wire as I don't have an hdmi display available. I started a dhcp server on the right interface (bootdp on macos), connected the pi and turned it on, but it doesn't seem to be working (the pi doesn't show up when I do a network scan). any idea?
gloomylet me know if there's some more info I need to provide
shiftplusonegloomy: what's on the card the pi is using?
ktokkos the idle temperature for the rpi-3b typically for you all?
ktokkoI'm noticing at least from the temp-monitor from raspbian @~49-65 - mostly on the web browser
ali1234about 45-50 degrees
ali1234its cold here tho
gloomymmh, all I know is it's raspbian
gloomytrying to find my sd reader without much success, sorry :p
gloomyit's supposed to be configured so you can connect to it with an ethernet cable and ssh into it
ktokkoi see ali1234 - i'm using the stock pi case with the cover open... i didn't add any heatsink to it (i have the 2 aluminum ones but didn't apply them yet as i was looking at another flirc case and checking reviews if that was helpful).
ali1234small heatsinks don't do much
gloomyok, managed to open the sd card
gloomyshiftplusone, What do you need to know?
ktokkoi looked around on amazon dot com for some larger pi3-b heatsinks but didn't come up with any larger heatsinks ali1234 - i usually order from there
ali1234the very best ones are the solid aluminium cases which have a built in heat spreader
ali1234but a heatsink is mostly unnecessary
oqbuilt in heat spreader attached with junk thermal adhesive lol
ktokkothe 2 tiny heatsinks which i haven't applied have that adhesive... i was going to remove them and put some other thermal paste on it.... alternatively, i noted the flirc case has a heatsink built in to the body but to the larger chip... there was another case with a fan that gets plugged into the pi-board but not sure if that's overkill or if there's some other limits... again, just exploring my options since it's only been
ktokkoa week with the unit
ktokkothere's no hardware acceleration on the pi right? (i disabled this in case to save some resources on firefox)
ali1234not for firefox
ktokkook cool... firefox-esr is running pretty stable right now
ktokkoi have noscript/ublock origin on it and that's been helping from stopping a lot of unneeded injections
mich1xGuys thanks for the help before
mich1xI think i will just sell my gpu for now and keep the current setup
mich1xThe intel hd works fine and i guess its ton better then the raspberry
kerio<Zardoz> you got to remember this a learning/hobbits system
keriomy preciousssssss
ali1234gordonDrogon: embrace the systemd
kerionooooooou :<
ali1234its so good tho
kerio*so needlessly complicated tho
ali1234not at all
BurtyBwhat kerio said
ali1234you guys...
mfa298it's so much easier getting things to start with the right dependancies and in the right order with systemd compared to sysvinit
mfa298also no more worries of things crashing and never restarting
ali1234yeah and you don't have to mess about with closing stdio
keriounless dbus crashes
kerioin which case LOL REBOOT
BurtyBACTION *grumbles* at dbus too
ali1234why would dbus crash
keriobecause it's awful
Bilzhi. i have a pi zero w and a pi 3 and ive set them up on my wifi network and enabled ssh. Now, when I ssh in to my pi 3 it's noticeably quicker than when sshing into my pi zero. that is, just when Im connecting. is this normal? I know the specs are higher on the pi 3 but i wouldn't have expected to see any difference just ssh'ing in
gordonDrogonali1234, huh?
ali1234gordonDrogon: it was just a joke cos you said you use devuan
gordonDrogonali1234, ah right. as you were, etc.
ali1234i've actually never heard anyone saying they use it before :)
gordonDrogonit's really no different to Debian Jessie with systemd removed as per the usual stuff online.
ali1234yeah, i know what it is, just never heard anyone casually mention that they use it outside of systemd hate threads
gordonDrogonit's always nice to have choice.
gordonDrogonwhich is mainly why I don't use systemd - I feel it's taking away too much choice.
ktokkoare there any raspbian settings to lower the temps? i disabled bluetooth since i don't use it (not sure how much of an effect that is)
gordonDrogonwhat's the current temperature you're seeing?
ali1234ktokko: the only setting that will lower the temp is lowering the clock speed
ali1234which it does anyway if the temp gets too high
ktokko~50c-60c(latter when the browser is loaded)
gordonDrogonthat's fine. 80 is when you need to start to wory.
ktokkoi'm using that $10 rpi official case, no cover on...
ali1234it's fine, don't worry about it
ktokkogotchya... didn't know if there were other things to disable which theoretically could assist (just to know like how ali1234 mentioned on underclocking) - i use the ethernet/usb components, also have a powered usb hub... not sure if the hdmi-vga adapter has any effect (this is on a vga 1024x768 max resolution display)... power supply is a 5.1v/2.5amp -
ktokkomore for general awareness while i use the rpi more...
ktokkoany of y'all running pihole? wanted to know how the default lists are at blocking the native android youtube app - been able to do this on the latter with xposed/youtube-adaway on some older android versions.
ktokkoi have a nvidia shield tv (waiting on a cable converter for this), wonder if the pihole would block those ads once plugged into the home router.
TechnicusHello, I am having trouble understanding RetroPie. I am creating a handheld system with a Raspberry Pi A+. I am made a button matrix and am turning the button presses into keys with this program I wrote: < https://pastebin.com/ASMPxMvn >. When RetroArch starts a game it calls: < https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/blob/master/scriptmodules/supplementary/runcommand/runcommand.sh > which sets some configuration parameter
TechnicusAnyone understand RetroPie enough to help me figure this out?
ali1234Technicus: i think your message was cut off
ali1234Technicus: there is a gpio key matrix driver in the linux kernel, so you do not need to write your own
ali1234since there is no overlay for that, you will have to make one
ali1234you can find a short guide here: https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/37796/how-to-use-i2c-gpio-with-raspberry-pi/37804#37804
ali1234that is for a different driver, but the principle is the same
Technicusali1234: < https://pastebin.com/ASMPxMvn >, < https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/blob/master/scriptmodules/supplementary/runcommand/runcommand.sh >.
ali1234okay, what about them?
TechnicusThanks for the help.
TechnicusIm not sure what was cut off.
ali1234the part where you say what the problem is...
TechnicusI tried the matrix but it requires rebuilding the kernel and it fails.
ali1234okay but what was the original problem?
TechnicusSo basically the program I wrote works fine, but when the emulator starts it interferes with the matrix program.
TechnicusI can restart the program and works, but everytime I start the emulator, it tries to start joy2key.py which messes with the keymatrix program I worte.
ali1234Technicus: okay
ali1234in what way does it interfere? what exactly happens?
ali1234i think i might see the problem
ali1234Technicus: uinput devices register as joystick, keyboard, and mouse
Technicusali1234: ok . . . I start my key matrix scanner, it works fine in the RetroPie menu system, but once an emulator starts something stops the matrix program from receiving the key presses.
ali1234that might be confusing joy2key.sh since it scans for joysticks
TechnicusIf I ssh in and restart the keymatrix program the input then does make it into the emulator.
ali1234it will then suck in all the events from the device, but since they are already keys, it doesn't know how to deal with them
ali1234if you restart keymatrix scanner then it gets a new udev node and joy2key will no longer know about it since it only scans at startup
TechnicusI also kill joy2key.py when I restart the matrix program.
ali1234so i suppose what you want is to just stop retropie from running joy2key.py completely?
TechnicusIn the RetroPie runcommand.sh there is a function that starts and stops joy2key.py and I commented out the call to it, but the problem still persists.
ali1234try making you keymatrix program send joystick events instead of keyboard events
TechnicusAlso, does the kernel keymatrix require recompiling the kernel? I tried following some steps to do that but it failed, and I gave up on it because I'm not excited about spending 9 hours to compile something just to see it stop on an error.
ali1234yes it does
ali1234it is the optimal solution though
TechnicusYeah . . . maybe I'll try it.
TechnicusSo, I'll try that then, sending joystick instead of keypresses. But that just seems so messed up.
TechnicusA program that makes joystick presses, which could make key presses, but have another program interpet the joystic presses as key presses.
ali1234joy2key.py is not very smart
ali1234it could be improved
TechnicusI HATE joy2key.py!!!!
ali1234idk if it is even the real cause
TechnicusYeah, maybe my program is messed up.
TechnicusDo you know if there is a kernel somewhere that already has the keymatrix enabled that I could just download and use?
ali1234i doubt it
ali1234compiling the kernel is not hard if you managed to write a program using uinput
ali1234i will try to send a pull request which adds gpio matrix to the default kernel
TechnicusThe difficult part about compiling the kernel is the compilation time.
ali1234but it might not happen before christmas
ali1234cross compile it
TechnicusI tried that also, but it failed as well.
TechnicusOkay, I'll try again.
ali1234pastebin the rror and i'll try to help
ali1234i'm going for dinner soon but i'll be back later
TechnicusOkay, have fun and stuff.
TechnicusThanks for the encouragement!
ali1234https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/linux/kernel/building.md is the reference for kernel compiling
TechnicusI'm also on an Arch Linux system.
TechnicusHow much hard drive space is required to compile the kernel.
jerohi! what could cause /dev/urandom to take 30 seconds before it's available on a Rpi compute module 3, while it's available right at boot time wih the same sdcard booted on a Rpi3 ? are there differences that should be accounted for software wise ?
r3takes time to fill up the entropy pool
r3what OS? They treat /dev/random and /dev/urandom differently sometimes
r3but, typically, /dev/urandom shouldn't block
mlelstvurandom blocks to get an initial seed
jeror3: this is a basic Buildroot userspace, just a rpi-4.9.y kernel (9126e25b) with a basic userspace that does nothing but reading urandom.
jeromlelstv: what makes me curious is that it takes <2sec on the rpi3, and >33s on the compute module 3 with the same firmware image.
jerothe rpi3 and cm3 have two different device-tree blobs, is the selection of the dtb to be booted with done automatically ?
invisiblekthe compute module doesn't have wifi or bt, which could be sources of entropy, no?
bitbeeDo any of you guys use the Tinkerboard?
bitbeeGonna order a pi and tinkerboard
jeroinvisiblek: maybe yes
bitbeedoes it support monitor mode
jeroinvisiblek: but it should use the hardware rng.. I'll investigate a bit
nibseci'm struggling to find a touch screen thin enough for my project, im thinking of using a smartphone screen but there doesnt seem to be many adapters available
nibsecdo you guys have any suggestions?
DammitJimnibsec, what do you mean you want a thin enough screen?
nibsecthe ones designed for pi have the driver attached. i would need it on or near the pi.
Hitechcgjero: AFAIK the kernel doesn't seed the entropy pool with the hardware RNG automatically, that's left to something like rngd
HitechcgThat problem sounds weird, though - the kernel must be getting entropy from something hardware-related that's different between the Pi 3 and Compute Module 3
ali1234jero: the entropy comes from lots of hardware devices
ali1234keyboard and mouse and ethernet connection can both generate entropy
ali1234you should see the rng init faster if you start pressing keys on the keyboard for example
ali1234entropy is taken from the timing of keypresses, or packets arriving
ali1234do you have all the same hardware devices connected to the compute module as to the pi 3?