Technicusali1234, I managed to successfully cross compile the kernel.
TechnicusThat was kind of fun.
TechnicusI did not install it though.
TechnicusI'll mess with it more tomorrow.
ali1234if you can get the device tree blob working, you can submit this to the rpi kernel, they'll probably accept it
ali1234the accepted mine for i2c_gpio
ali1234and now it's used on at least one hat :)
Technicusali1234, what does that mean?
ali1234it means you can send your changes to rpi foundation and they might put it in raspbian for everyone else to use
TechnicusI'm a little dumb about these sorts of things.
TechnicusWhat did I actually do?
TechnicusI still don't quite understand device tree blobs.
ali1234nothing yet
ali1234you have to make it work first
SynfulAckCan anyone tell me if /etc/dhcpd.conf file exists?
SynfulAckshit everything has changed with NetworkManager
SynfulAckDoes raspbian even use NetworkManager?
[Saint]'s /there/.
[Saint]Pretty sure everything is dhcpcd now.
SynfulAckNM is in raspbian?
HitechcgSynfulAck: no, at least not by default
Hitechcgit's probably in the repos for people who want to manually install it though so
irc_smirkhello everyone! happy pi day!
irc_smirki recently got this case
irc_smirkit has dual fans and plugs into the gpio for power
irc_smirkit works okay but it is drawing power away from the pi. i need everything i can get for the cpu
irc_smirkhow would i power that fan externally?
irc_smirkpreferablly a solution that can handle multiple fans so i can stack these up
Zardozirc_smirk: I have the same fans, they really dont take that much power... but you just need to have a 5V low amps like 500mA would work fine. do maybe a hacked up usb cable tapped off a nother usb power supply.
Zardozand jusat power then off that
irc_smirkwhat is the plug called?
stivbuy a good power supply for the pi and use your cheap phone charger to run the fans
irc_smirki have a great power supply. at least i think
irc_smirkthe plug from the fan that goes into the gpu. what is that called. maybe i can find one of those to usb and plug it into the power supply
Zardozjust use red and black for power
irc_smirkare you serious
stivthe other usb lines are for data. you don't care about those
irc_smirkyou want me to strip a usb wire, and put the raw wires into the fans?
Zardozyes. dont need data
stiva little solder would be nice
irc_smirkhow can i know it wont over power it and burnt it out
Zardozwhat do you think you are using now?
stivbecause the fans are (likely) 5 volts and the usb line is 5 volts
Zardozyou are using USB power of the GPIO
irc_smirkwait so how is the pi getting 5 volt then
Zardozoff the USB
irc_smirkright. so how does it then send it off to the fans
Zardozthe GPIO pins are off that same power bus
Zardozthe 2 that it uses
irc_smirkyeah i knda undestand that
irc_smirkbut does that mean you can daisy chain pis?
irc_smirkfrom gpio to micro to gpio to micro
Zardozlook at pins 4 and 6
Zardozsorry for the long link
irc_smirkyeah those are the ones the fan fits into
Zardozyes indeed
irc_smirkso its like i thought, the fans are draining power from the main microusb input
irc_smirkok so my quesiton is how will the fan stop rom getting too much power from the usb directly
Zardozbut it take very liitle to run them fans they are tiny
[Saint]those are just headers to the 3.3/5V and GND busses direct, yes.
[Saint]the amount required to run the kind of fan that's not overkill on a pi is negligible.
[Saint]Mind you, any fan on a pi is kinda silly.
[Saint]Lets be honest.
Zardoz[Saint]: not for me lol, and hi
irc_smirki think i need this plug then
irc_smirkyeah it draws too much
Zardozyou can use that same idea
irc_smirkdont laugh im mining with it
nattyricewhy is my raspberry pi 2 stuck on this rainbow square?
Zardoznattyrice: bad load?
nattyricei am trying to set up archlinuxarm following this
nattyricei've tried it several times
Zardoznattyrice: might be bad sd card or even a power issue
irc_smirki guess i can try to make one. need to get a solder
nattyricei had raspbian working on it not an hour before.. i've tried two different SD cards
irc_smirkoh my. i just had a revelation
irc_smirknwo i know why they call them male and femail
irc_smirkits all about anatomy isnt it
Zardozyes, lmao sorry
irc_smirkcheeky nerds
Zardoz----- O
stivplugs and sockets, it's what makes the world go around
Zardozstiv: LMAO
nattyricei've followed that guide and set it up twice so far, with both my raspbian install and using my archlinux vm
ZardozI am sorry but that just made my evening,.
irc_smirki think im better off just buying a stand alone fan and point at the darn thing
ZardozI have one of these works well
Zardozand it's bendy
irc_smirkyeah i just dont kow if that fan will be strong enough
Zardozit is
irc_smirkjust from usb?
irc_smirkideally id like to get a fan, and strap on a bunch of pis and turn it on
irc_smirkthen i can overclock them and have no fears
irc_smirkweird that fan you linked has no guard
Zardozthen get a AC box fan... lol
Zardozhere is an 80mm pc fan wired for USB with guards
Zardozlots of options
nattyriceZardoz: give all i've tried, do you have any other suggestions?
Zardoznattyrice: do you have a nother sd card?
Zardozalso what pi do you have and power supply?
nattyriceZardoz: like i've said above, i've tried two already.. no others to spare
nattyriceand i had raspbian working on one of them already
Zardozirc_smirk: here is my overclocked pi with the same HSF setup
irc_smirknice. you have a cooler case
nattyriceZardoz: sorry didn't see that question. Pi 2, "CanaKit 2.5A Micro USB Power Supply with Noise Filter (UL Listed) specially designed for the Raspberry Pi 2 (5-foot cable)"
Zardozlove that case.
Zardoznattyrice: oh then you are good on that part. it does sound like a bad load.
Zardoznattyrice: that would be my guess.
irc_smirkthat fan is great
Zardozirc_smirk: it surprising works well.
irc_smirkyou have this one ?
irc_smirki could stack up 3 pis and have one pointing one one side and one top maybe
ZardozI have that open fan, but dont use it now.
irc_smirkmaybe over kill but would surely cool it
irc_smirkplus add have to get some heat sinks
Zardozjust one blowing across.
irc_smirkthis is all for monero mining btw
irc_smirkor wahtever new coin comes along
irc_smirkcpu only of course
nattyriceZardoz: ok, well thanks i'll keep looking
Zardozirc_smirk: sec let me see if I can find somthing
irc_smirkits a useless venture but its teaching me a lot about crypto currencies
irc_smirkmaybe i will set one up to play the bitcoin lottery like this guy did
Zardozirc_smirk: lol yeah I seen that video
irc_smirki figure ill throw one 24/7 and cross my fingers
irc_smirkoh i guess i need to buy that usb thing as well
Zardozirc_smirk: yeah it would be fun
Zardozirc_smirk: I was not able to find what I was looking for...
irc_smirki thought it woudl work just on the cpu
irc_smirkwhat were you looking for
Zardozhere is my miner
Zardozunder the fan is a bunch of USB asics
LartzaIs there a limit to the ridiculousness of BTC mining?
ZardozLartza: not when there is money
Zardozfor me it was more about the technology. it was just a learning experience.
Zardozthe people making the real money are the asic manufactures that sell the miners.
LartzaI just remember reading about manufacturers that sold but didn't even deliver in time
Zardozyeah there was a lot of tha t going on.
Zardozit's very reminiscent of the old gold rushes.
irc_smirk84,000 a month
Zardozthink of all the money spent to do that though.
Zardoznot saying he is not making money though.
keriobutterfly labs lul
irc_smirkhe says he started with $30 at begining of this year
irc_smirki wonder what bitcoin will do to the real economy
irc_smirktoo many sudden wealth people
shiftplusoneThey're not wealthy until they cash out
shiftplusoneI don't see things ending well when the early adopters start retiring.
kerio1 BTC = 1 BTC
kerioyou must hodl
irc_smirkyeah imagine it goes to 100k. thats going to be a lot of money flowing around
irc_smirkfor sure it will affect housing / apt pricing
shiftplusoneI'm not sure that's the case
irc_smirkwhy not
shiftplusoneThe value of most things is driven by supply and demand. Supply is increasingly scarce by design. The people who got it early will have the bulk of the bitcoin. When they start selling in order to buy things, supply will increase massively an the value will drop respectively. Don't you already see huge sales leading to huge drops in value? I don't think all of the early adopters will hold on forever.
shiftplusoneIt feels like there will be a lucky few who cashed out at the right time and the rest will be left with... probably no nothing, but not the millions they think they have.
shiftplusone*not nothing
shiftplusoneMaybe the scarcity will still keep the value going up in the long run, or maybe people will ditch bitcoin for something new that comes along. I have no idea.
irc_smirkbut they wont dump all their coins
irc_smirkthey will just shave a few bits at a time
shiftplusoneThey will if they're close to retiring, unless they choose to pass it on
irc_smirksince the value will be so large
irc_smirkyou mean like old grampa retiring?
irc_smirkwell thats not the demographic
shiftplusonenot right now
shiftplusonebut they will get old some day and holding won't make a lot of sense.
irc_smirkoh no way bitcoin will be around that long
irc_smirkit will get replaced by somethign else
irc_smirkthere is nothing intrinsic about it to maintain dominaince other than its brand and price/speculation
irc_smirkthe universe of alt coins are derivatives of its code base , and one of those or several will take over
irc_smirkor who knows. wild card. the state will introduce its own 'fedcoin'
irc_smirki dont see bitcoin around 20 years
shiftplusoneRight, then aren't you agreeing that the value of bitcoin will peak and crash at some point?
irc_smirkit does that daily. just going to get bigger highs and lower crashes but at much hihger points
irc_smirksay 100k, then dipps to 80k. thats 20k crash but still 80k
shiftplusoneNo I mean really peak. Get to the highest it will ever be
irc_smirkthe highest it can be would be theoritically consume all the money suppy
shiftplusoneand then go down and down as people start to jump ship
irc_smirkbut it could never reach that level
irc_smirkeveryone would be a trillionare
irc_smirkand thats what i mean, inflation in real economy
irc_smirkat some poitn the big money has to come in to tap it off
irc_smirkits not liek one day you can buy google with 1 bitcoin
shiftplusoneI'm having trouble understanding how you can say that it will have a long term effect on the economy but also that it won't be around in 20 years. To have an effect on the economy, people would need to cash out. To cash out, the value would have to drop. People who don't cash out lose everything when bitcoin is no longer relevant. I am probably missing something though.
irc_smirkwell is it realistic it could hit 100k?
irc_smirki think it is
irc_smirkso say someoen bought a couple in 2017. they would have say half million
irc_smirkand everyoen before them would be millionares
irc_smirkif they held of course
mfa298shiftplusone: I don't think your missing anything there, and bitcoin has had at least one major crash in its time
shiftplusonemillionaires on paper
irc_smirkyes but they can convert to usd very easily
shiftplusonethose millions they'd have wouldn't be 'redeemable'
shiftplusonenot all of them
irc_smirkwhy not?
shiftplusonemfa298: aye, but the bitcoin fans will say it will always recover, so any crash is temporary.
mfa298if you have lots of bitcoins you can't sell them easily, youre limited by what's on the market and as you sell your bitcoin the price will drop
shiftplusoneirc_smirk: because if you dump 1 million worth of bitcoin and others do the same. The value is maintained only if there are buyers willing to pay, which won't be the case if the trend becomes selling, especially when people are moving from bitcoin to something else.
irc_smirkyes i agree
irc_smirki dont think people will do that
shiftplusoneWhen bitcoin is no longer relevant how much will it be worth?
irc_smirkwell crypto isnt goign anywhere
irc_smirkbitcoin yes it could evaporate. esp with gov control
shiftplusoneand how much will it be worth then?
irc_smirka lot less
irc_smirkas the common person wont want to hold 'illegal curreny'
irc_smirki just dont think the gov will do that
irc_smirknot in the US anyways
shiftplusoneSo how will everyone get their investment back if nobody is willing to buy it at that price?
irc_smirki think the US banks will bring out their own crypto. like i said a fed coin
irc_smirkand they will make transfering from bitcoin
shiftplusonebut it won't continue with the bitcoin blockchain
irc_smirkblockchains are a dime a dozen
irc_smirkim runing one on my pi right now
oqwhy do us banks need a crypto over the existing currency?
irc_smirkyou only need 2 computers
shiftplusoneright, but the value these people have are on the bitcoin blockchain... why would a government crypto care about that? You'd start with 0, not with what you had on some other blockchain
oqpeople use bitcoin *because* it isn't controlled by a government
oqhaving an official u.s crypto that is tracked defeats the point
irc_smirkoq - bitcoin is gov project from the start
shiftplusoneoq: government might be interested because it's easy to track all of the transactions.
irc_smirkbitcoin is basically gov coin beta program
shiftplusonein ways you can't with paper/plastic money
shiftplusoneAnyway... I should do some work or something.
oqshiftplusone: just do away with physical cash like sweden is doing. Then everything is tracked. You don't need to go crypto for that
oqfirst america would need to get on contactless though
shiftplusoneThey haven't?
oqnah. They don't even have chip and pin yet.. The only contactless they have is that crap via the phones
oqyou can buy almost anything with contactless in the uk
oqit completely cuts out the need for cash
ShorTiei want my cash, screw contactless
oqand the reason contactless is so ubiquitous here is because chip & pin was ubiquitous and they visa just needed to send out replacement chip & pin machines to implement it
oqone leads to the other
Latrinagood morning
tnewmanmoooorning Latrina
gloomy_I've been trying to connect to my new PI through an ethernet cable
gloomy_Tried setting a static IP like described in the last post here
gloomy_(it's running jessie)
gloomy_But I can't ssh into it and it doesn't show up when I do a network scan, any idea what I might be doing wrong?
gloomy_Ah, well, the ethernet wire wasn't plugged into the PI. That might explain it.
gloomy_ACTION crawls into a hole
oqgloomy_: you enabled ssh right?
gloomy_yes, it was just the ethernet wire that wasn't correctly plugged in, works now :)
ebarchone of these days I'm hoping they'll invent non-wired-ethernet. i'm thinking they could call it something catchy like EthFi or NoWiNet :P
dan2wikOr wifi
keriodan2wik: pff, that's such a stupid name
keriowhat's it supposed to mean, "wireless fidelity"?
dan2wikIt doesn't actually stand for anything
kerioit'll never take on
BurtyBsounds better than some over complicated security horror that sort of works like wired for some use cases we could end up with...
SpeedEvilas long as it has wired equivalent privacy, it'll be fine.
red9mlelstv, Guess that's a RPi-3 ?
Muntanerhello to everyone guys! I am having some troubles with my RaspBerry Pi 3. I need to run on it a very old CMS which needs PHP 5.2.6 and Apache 2.2.22. Apache does not seem to be a problem, but PHP is giving me a lot of troubles. I can't understand how to install "old" PHPs versions
MuntanerI installed RaspBian Jessie 2016-2-29, which seems to be the first RaspBian version supported by Raspberry Pi 3 (according to the wiki page of Raspbian), but it stills install PHP 5.5.+
mfa298Muntaner: you might have to compile a php that old from scratch, although if the CMS is that old it might be better to find something a bit more recent.
Muntanermfa298: I can try to compile it. If I install an old RaspBian and set up the repositories, do I have any changes to directly install that version of PHP?
mlelstvred9, rpi3 running 64bit system
mfa298Muntaner: you may be able to get wheezy to run on a pi3, but a quick google suggests that's php5.4.
Muntanermfa298: that's exactly what happened me yesterday :/ do you know any other distros which I could run on my Rasp?
mfa298I doubt there's anything with such an ancient verion of php.
mfa298and I'd be worried about running anything using such an old version anywhere near the internet.
mfa298s/old/prehistoric/ - I just looked 5.2 was released over a decade ago
Muntanermfa298: you're right, this is a shitty lawyers CMS that should run inside a LAN so security SHOULD NOT be a problem
Muntanerit does not even work with PHP 5.3
benoliver999Got a Pi Zero running with matchbox and kweb as a 'kiosk' of sorts. My startup script runs: 'xset s off -dpms' and 'xset s noblank' and yet I think the screen goes to sleep anyway
benoliver999Do you know where I might start to look for debugging?
benoliver999I checked xset is installed and set correctly
benoliver999I wondered if it was the monitor itself but I can't find anything
wasutton3is there a guide somewhere on how to add a device to the device tree on bare raspbian (adding an SPI device specifically)
red9Muntaner, If one of those lawyers can't stop themselfes from clickbait. The local network will be accessible from the outside and any unsecured services will be p0wned.
red9mlelstv, does that NetBSD work for RPi2 as well?
redrabbitif that soft doesnt run on new php versions just correct the issues
redrabbitor toss it
redrabbiti have 10 years old code still purring
mlelstvred9, 64bit doesn't work on rpi2, that is the original rpi2.
red9which netbsd port works on rpi2?
mlelstvbut 32bit does. I use an RPI2 as my desktop
red9btw is netbsd stable on rpi2/rpi3 ?
mlelstvthe 32bit version is
mlelstv64bit is work in progress
red9ah netbsd/evbarm is for RPi2.
pwillardNot holding my breath on 64 bit.
red9how is freebsd on RPi-3 ?
mlelstvpwillard, why?
mlelstvI have no experience with freebsd on rpi-3
red9pwillard, any particular reason?
pwillardI kind of lose faith in promises that are over year old... ;-P
red9Hopefully there's a cheaper alternative to the RPi-2. The Raspberry project seems to be loosing focus by going for high performance, but with a high price tag.
mlelstvpwillard, see
mlelstvthat's a rpi-3 booted in 64bit mode
PauluzHi all
PauluzI want to install mydomoathome, and I've tried with apt-get and manually with .deb file with command dpkg -i but all I got is errors
Pauluzlike: npm ERR! Linux 4.9.35-v7+
Pauluznpm ERR! argv "/usr/bin/node" "/usr/local/bin/npm" "cache" "clean" "--force" npm ERR! node v4.8.6 npm ERR! npm v2.15.12 npm ERR! Unexpected identifier npm ERR! npm ERR! If you need help, you may report this error at: npm ERR! <> npm ERR! Please include the following file with any support request: npm ERR! /npm-debug.log
Pauluzcan someone help me out?
PauluzI am 1000% n00b
mfa298red9: well the Foundations aims isn't to be the fastest possible for the cheapest price, it's about education for a decent price which the Raspberry Pi series does very well
red9mfa298, but the rpi3 is essentially a 2x price hike.
mfa298red9: compared to what ?
red9mfa298, rpi2
Pauluzhi red9 :-)
PauluzCan I get some help from experienced pi-owners?
mfa298red9: not in any store I've looked at - Pi3 is about the same price as the Pi2 - they've all been aimed at the $35 price point
red9if u change os to freebsd ;)
red9mfa298, here it's been essentially 24 US$ for rpi2 vs 48 US$ for rpi3.
red9mfa298, with the catch that rpi2 is not stocked anymore (unavailable)
shiftplusonewhere's here?
red9what part?
mlelstvjust means that rpi2 prices are pure fantasy :)
mfa298that would sound like they're subsidising the cost of the Pi2 by increasing the price of the Pi3 (buying direct from the people licensed to make them the prices are very similar)
mlelstvI have yet to see a rpi2 v1.2, which is more a stripped rpi3.
shiftplusoneBoth. I know some countries have problems because of high import taxes, shipping costs or additional certification requirements which bump the price up. Wouldn've thought that in Sweden you'd be able to get them at a more reasonable price.
shiftplusoneAnd that being in Europe, the availability of various models would be about the same.
red9people are buying from China in droves. Time to drop the local market.
red9So what are your prices and where?
mlelstvrpi2 and rpi3 are both ~ EUR35
red9mlelstv, in my opinion that is too much for a rpi thing.
mfa298£30 for the Pi3 £31 for the Pi2 (1.2) from RS (one of the companies licensed to make them)
shiftplusoneIn UK it's $35 + VAT + a little bit of wiggle for currency value fluctuation
mlelstvred9, the EUR12 for a RPI0 are too much, and the 1-per-customer restriction is ridiculous
shiftplusoneCurrenty $43.27 (32 GBP)
mfa298Pi2 (1.2) is cheaper in bulk £26 each (box of 150)
shiftplusoneIn America where there's no VAT, you can go to a microcenter and pick one up off a shelf for $35
mlelstvno idea why they make a Pi2 1.2
shiftplusonebecause people buy them
mlelstvthen it would be for sale here :)
shiftplusoneI think the idea is that some industrial users don't want wifi on board and also any product with a pi in it would need additional certification for the wifi
mlelstvthe only reason would be an appliance with rpi2 inside that can't handle the slight changes done for rpi3.
shiftplusonemlelstv: it's not even available on amazon in sweden?
red9The wifi is security certified with drill hole through it.. ;->
mlelstvamazon sells the old rpi2
mlelstvat least that's what you can buy, no idea what they deliver :)
mfa298mlelstv: AIUI its mostly for industrial users using them in products where they needed extra certification
mlelstvnot amazon directly, marketplace.
mlelstvand here is not sweden :)
mlelstv"Verkauf durch Almost Anything Ltd und Versand durch Amazon. "
mfa298or what shiftplusone already said (my internet has gone laggy)
shaunoI gotta admit I find 'too much' a bit funny. people have no idea how good they've got it these days
red9I would like the RPi2 with SMPS power conversion and real Ethernet directly attached via RMII or MII bus.
red9and a low price. Even if that would mean like 256 MB of RAM etc.
mlelstvhmm. farnell sells rpi2 v1.2 for EUR30
mfa298RS look to have some of the original Pi2 still, but I suspect they'll only exist until all the BCM2835 have been used.
mlelstvrpi2 is BCM2836
mlelstvrpi1 is BCM2835
red9How many layers is the rpi2?
mlelstvrpi0 is also BCM2835 but for some reason faster.
mfa298that'#s the one I meant, accuracy of laggy internet is a pain
red9mfa298, Nevada is only laggy internet?
BurtyBrpi2 is now BCM2837
red9rpi2 version 1.2 that is.
red9Will it boot a 32-bit OS?
red9otherwise I'll guess some rpi2 buyers will be unhappy ..
mfa298all the pi's can boot a 32bit OS
pwillardRpi2 costs about $5 to $10 more than Pi3 everywhere I look
red9pwillard, what's the price for Pi3 then?
TechnicusHello, I cross compiled the kernel to enable the GPIO key matrix module support. I changed the instruction `sudo make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- INSTALL_MOD_PATH=mnt/ext4 modules_install` to `sudo make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- INSTALL_MOD_PATH=../install modules_install` so that I could see what files it created. It creates ../lib/firmware/modules/4.9.65+/build and source. I tried copying t
pwillardAverage is about $34
TechnicusI think that /build and /source are symbolic links. How do I deal with that?
TechnicusI mean how do I move those directories and their contents?
pwillardcreate the links you need?
shaunoyour first line was cut off again, too long
TechnicusHello, I cross compiled the kernel to enable the GPIO key matrix module support.
TechnicusI changed the instruction `sudo make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- INSTALL_MOD_PATH=mnt/ext4 modules_install` to
Technicus`sudo make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- INSTALL_MOD_PATH=../install modules_install`
Technicusso that I could see what files it created. It creates ../lib/firmware/modules/4.9.65+/build and source.
red9I wonder how many rpi2 clones one would need to make to approach the unit cost of the real one..
TechnicusI tried copying them to the SD card, but I get errors.
BurtyBTechnicus, and the error was?
TechnicusThe file is already there.
mitmfhello, wifi chipset installed on raspberry pi is not good?
shaunothis is one of these ones where I can't tell if it's a question, or an australian accent
mitmfbecause i can’t use wifi that have strong signal
BurtyBTechnicus, what distro are you running?
TechnicusArch to cross compile and RetroPie. I connect to the RaspberryPi through the fish protocol as root through the Dolphin file browser.
rainingimpalaHey, folks! How many services can I run from an RPi?
rainingimpalaHow would I figure that out?
rainingimpala(very new to hosting and networking, if you coulnd't tell)
rainingimpalaDo I have to check how many, and what, ports are open? Can I run a service from each open port?
mfa298rainingimpala: depends very much on the service and userbase
mitmfhello, wifi chipset installed on raspberry pi is not good? No one is here?
rainingimpalaJust me for a user
mfa298rainingimpala: potentially a lot of things then, it really depends on what you're thinking to run
rainingimpalaAnd I think relatively low-power services like Wallabag (like Pocket, for link storage) and Habitica (which may be more CPU-intensive, but I need to check)
rainingimpalaSo what would be my limiting reagent, so to speak?
red9memory and TCP/UDP ports.
mfa298cpu/memory/network/sd speed/... it all depends on what the services need compared to what the Pi can supply
rainingimpalaAh okay
rainingimpalaSo I need to compile some stats for what programs I want and how much resources they would typically use
rainingimpalaAnf check open TCP/UDP ports
TechnicusHow do I specify selecting a different kernel at boot?
rainingimpalaAnd configure things from there, adding Pis as resources on one runs out?
rainingimpalaThis is all really helpful, btw, thanks y'all!
red9Even the C64 a 8-bit @ 1 MHz 64 kB system can do TCP/IP using ConTiki. So it's not that taxing.
BurtyBTechnicus, ah it not being raspbian would explain my confusion as the module is already compiled there
TechnicusWell it seems to have worke so far!!!
rendarhow i can make a backup of my rasp sd card image, with dd+zcat?
rendar(is that a good idea to use zcat?)
gordonDrogonis it a good idea to use dd ?
rendarisn't it?
rendari think so
gordonDrogonwhen I have to, I use rsync. Put SD card into other Linux system, and rsync the files off.
rendari want only single file, not 90893893 files
gordonDrogonif you use dd then you need to copy the whole image back to an SD card that needs to be at least the same size or bigger.
rendarhence a compressed image file is more reliable, also because i can easily copy it with dd in a new SD card
gordonDrogonthen use tar.
rendarreally? an enormous tar.gz of everything? doesn't seem much reliable
gordonDrogonyou think dd+zcat will be any less enormous?
rendarwith the image i just copy back the image in a new sd card, without need of before doing that with linux then copy files
rendarbut with dd i suck up everything, also linux, how partitions are split, and so on
BurtyBrendar, and all that empty space
rendarBurtyB: hence zcat
gordonDrogonah, whatever.
gordonDrogonif you're going to do that, then dd if=/dev/zero of=/splurge bs=8M ; rm /splurge
gordonDrogonthat'll help with the compression.
gordonDrogonjust that.
gordonDrogonfill the SD card up with zeros - that'll overwrite data held in files you've deleted/changed/moved.
rendargordonDrogon: oh, right
irc_smirkanyone play with the Google AIY Voice Kit
keriogordonDrogon: ew that's awful
keriofstrim /
gordonDrogonkerio, sod it - if someone is going to dd an entire SD card then I don't really care.
gordonDrogonand I'm not convinced fstrim works on sd cards anyway.
gordonDrogonI would like to be proved wrong though.
kerioit does
kerioso does mounting with discard
gordonDrogonif that's true, why isn't it the default?
gordonDrogonI have decided to test this for myself, since no-one is saying anything to prove it one way or the other. I will let you knoe in due-course.
irc_smirkim seeing a lot of new compelling competitors to pi
irc_smirk8 core in one
[Saint]That's been the case for two years or more easily.
[Saint]The Pi hasn't been the /best/ for a very long time.
[Saint]Just the most readily available and widespread.
[Saint]Well...if you ignore the Zeros exist.
[Saint]Good luck finding them.
kerioi have a pi0w :3
kerioit's the cutest
keriogordonDrogon: probably because lesser sd cards will shit themselves
keriolike with SSDs
kerioalso, fwiw, the pi0 is the only device i've seen that can properly use the sd ERASE command
irc_smirki hope pi 4 will lead the pack again, not just add minor improvements
keriono usb (or even a pcie one) card reader was able to
irc_smirkive got 8 pi zeros and they are in my drawer lol. dont have a clue waht to do with them
irc_smirki spent a week driving back and for to microcenter to pick them up
kerioirc_smirk: stack them and pretend you've got an 8 core
irc_smirkit costs too much to run them
keriogordonDrogon: grab a microsd card that you don't need anymore
kerioflash raspbian standard
kerioboot with a read-only root
kerioblkdiscard /dev/mmcblk0
keriosuddenly zeroes
shaunoI've got zeroes everywhere :/ a friend asked me recently what I use them for. I got half way through explaining, before I realised I might have a problem
kerioactually idk if you're guaranteed to have zeroes
irc_smirkis there a way to have the usb ports of a pi 3 power the pi zeros?
irc_smirkor actaully even better share its internet somehow
mfa298with a standard usb-microusb cable - or is that too obvious
irc_smirkdoes it give off enough power for everythign to stay lit?
mfa298and ditto for the 2nd question
irc_smirkpi 3 can share its internet/
irc_smirkmidn blown. will google
mfa298you could probably run a couple of zeros from the Pi3 as long as you have a decent PSU for the Pi3
keriodtoverlay=dwc2 in config.txt
keriomodules-load=dwc2,g_ether in cmdline
kerioand you get a usb cdc network card on both devices
mfa298if you use ethernet to the the Pi3 then a bridge setup and usb ethernet gadget on the zero should work, if you use wifi on the Pi3 you'll need to use a routed/nat setup
irc_smirkmicrocenter has google voice kit for $5
irc_smirki dont feel comfortable with google mics in my house 24/7 though
irc_smirkits sucks open source hasnt mastered voice recognition
redrabbitits a matter of money
TechnicusHello, so I recompiled the kernel and installed it, made a device tree: < >, but lsinput does not see it. I am not sure where I went wrong. How can I find out?
ali1234Technicus: did you load it from config.txt?
Technicusali1234: yes
ali1234not sure then. i will have a look later
Latrinahello everybody
ioanhi. Trying to install php I get the error `Unable to locate package php`. I run `apt-get update` before running the command...
ioanany idea how do I install php?
Latrinaaptitude search php
Latrinasee what comes up
bub_sudo apt-get install php5
ioanbub_ yeah, that seem to work
ioanwhat about ffmpeg? It used to work, 100% sure a month ago I was able to install it. Now it's not available anymore?
bub_I'm not sure, what do you mean ffmpeg was working? the libraries? or some mediaplayer?
ioanbub_: I was able to install it with `sudo apt-get install ffmpeg` now, I get `Package 'ffmpeg' has no installation candidate`
bub_yeah, you have to learn to use what latrina said 'aptitude search <something>' or 'apt-cache search <something>'
bub_you don't have to, but it will help you hehe
ioanbub_: I run `apt-cache search ffmpeg` and ffmpeg is not in the list
ioanI should just compile it by myself and have the binary available on github :-)
bub_yeah, I'm seing that too.. but.. "Libav is a fork of FFmpeg that can be found in the Debian repoositories"
bub_hmm.. not sure what the deal with debian and ffmpeg is
plugwashbub_, which version of Debian?
plugwashsorry ioan
ioanI made some php scripts for live streaming, converting rtsp to hls (to be played on roku), and it needs ffmpeg to work. I'm just going to compile it, put the binary on the github and make my install script pick it up from there whenever one of my users tries to installs my stuff
Latrinaioan: learnin basic commands and in this case how to use the package manager should be vital
Latrinaand has nothing to do with building your own package and host it on github
Latrinamy point of view at least
bub_but it seems, to get ffmpeg on raspberry pi, you need to compile it yourself
bub_you might find someone that have already done it, and nice enough to serve the .deb somewhere
ioanLatrina, the problem is that I could find a solution every time I need ffmpeg, but I have an install script for my users and most of them have no idea what to do. If something is missing, they are lost. My instructions are simple, get the install script, run it and forget about it. The problem is that so far, few times I had to modify it after few weeks because something else that was available is
ioanmissing... It seems that the only solution is to provide by myself everything my stuff uses and to not trust repositories that I have no control over
ioando you agree that that's the best option? I'm open to suggestions :-)
LatrinaUhm I don't know man, I really don't use raspian, debian or ubuntu
Latrinabut if there is no reliable source out there, it will certainly worth the time
LatrinaI compile the whole thing
Latrinaboth self hosted and cross compiling, depending of time and package
Latrinathis will be fun now
Latrinavim alone I am looking at 30 minutes at the very least lol
ioanback. Sorry, my keyboard stopped working I couldn't type so I had to reboot :-)
mfa298ioan: try the latest raspbian, I think that has ffmpeg packaged
ioanwhat's the latest version?
ioanmfa298, thanks. I'll have to do a new install on my test pi to see if that works.
ioanAnother question, but this is more linux related than pi, how do I backup the packages I need for my install, from repository on my own host? (like php5 packages)
mfa298can't help there, I run a local apt cache server here instead (which caches downloads for all debian/ubuntu based systems)
shaunothe easy way is just to copy everything out of /var/cache/apt/archives/ onto your next install. squid-deb-proxy (and squid-deb-proxy-client) make a slightly more magical version
ioanthanks shauno
ioanshauno, that solves my problem :-)
mfa298squid-deb-proxy is the route I've used - which is good if you're building/updateing lots of things which are online (means you're keeping the updated packages)
mfa298there's also apt-cacher-ng which might be a bit easier to use
shaunoyeah. futzing with /var/cache is quick'n'easy for a one-off. deb-squid works much better if you have one machine that's always one (and isn't going to complain about disk space soon), and you do this on a regular basis
shaunoer, always-on, rather
SmeefI found the perfect mint tin to turn into my next stealth pi zero w project!
SmeefGot one today at Hot Topic
BCMMthat keyboard looks really difficult to use
ioanBCMM, lol