ilfabriHi all... I just installed the desktop on my stretch-lite, i made an error while installing pixel, so i made the first login with openbox. I reinstalled pixel and now lightdm works well but i still log into openbox
ilfabrihow can i set pixel as default session?
mSSMWhere can I find the pin layout for the rpi 3b? I have found this site: But I am not clear on whether that applies to my 3b.
PauluzI am willing to learn, but reinstallation is not very informative heheheh
ShorTiewhy is Reinstallation not an option ??
ShorTieyour notes should always make it a simple task
Pauluzshortie because I had been bussy configuring and installing all kinds of packages, for my domoticasystem etc..
Pauluztoke me more then a week
Pauluzand the config files are just not enough to import them back
Draylorwhat do you mean by .... nah, i'm too late for that non-joke :)
PauluzI have made notes, but that would take a long trip
Pauluzbut there is not some expert fixing thingy experience methode? lol
ShorTierpi-clone may be a usefull tool for you then
PauluzI thought I was among some guru's here hehehe
ShorTieyou can not fix file curruption
PauluzI 've installed Raspbian Jellie, but is it wise to install on a spare sd card, NOOBS?
Pauluzwhat benefits?
ShorTiei get away from NOOBS, if it twas me
Pauluzor was that just a silly question?
Pauluz@shortie ah ok
PauluzShorTie: mmm the @ does not work
Zardoznoobs is for well, noobs...
Pauluzi am a complete irc n00b too
PauluzZardoz: I am hehehehe
PauluzI thought it was: New Out Of the Box Software
ZardozPauluz: well now that you have to reload, not a noob... lolz
Zardoz@ is so modern this is IRC.
Draylorwhere nothing ever changes
Draylorwell, it does, just v e r y s l o w l y !
Pauluzhahaha and I am on qwebirc hahaha
Pauluzto lazy to install mIRC
Zardozeuuuu GUI
Pauluzwhat is the methode to reinstall the build-in file manager ?
Pauluzmaybe that will fix it
Pauluzit's pcmanfm that is broke
PauluzHave a good life you all! :D bye
Zardozdoes that mean he will never be back? sad times :(
GeekOfflineNLso yes, it is irc, and seems pauluz has not discovered Hexchat on his PI yet :-)
Zardozor weechat
GeekOfflineNLhe did however know about the old mIRC on windows ;-)
Zardozgo really old and use AmIRC for the Amiga...
gordonDrogonxchat seems to just work...
GeekOfflineNLSo Amiga did connect to internet in those days?
Zardozyes indeed it did...
GeekOfflineNLmy first internet connection was dailup with x86 Windows 3.11
Zardozwas not the easiest thing to do. but it would.
Draylorto be fair win3.11 wasnt painless either
gordonDrogontrumpet winsock and all that.
ZardozDraylor: funny that was more easy then amiga.
Drayloreven the sight of the name is traumatic for anyone who had to suffer through its existance :p
gordonDrogonI had mostly unix systems then linux as soon as I could.
gordonDrogonso I guess I was lucky in that respect.
GeekOfflineNLyou guys remember the linux disc packs you could order with some flavours of linux on it, what where they called....?
Zardozit was really surprising how difficult it was to get the amiga sliped in. but it was early days I guess.
ZardozGeekOfflineNL: I do, but there was a lot og them...
GeekOfflineNLZardoz, yeah i know.
GeekOfflineNLit was a time when downloading those distro's was near impossible on your dail-up ;-)
Zardozthe days of mandrake, slackware, and gentoo...
GeekOfflineNLoh yeah, Gentoo.....compiling and compiling....
Zardozfreaking compiling game it was I tell you...
ZardozI was really happy when I got a Sun Sparc 5 compiled with gentoo, took days...
gordonDrogonpeople do Gentoo on the Pi..
ali1234i used to use amitcp on amiga
ZardozI guess it's possable.
BCMMwith distcc, gentoo on weird stuff is not so bad
ali1234i had an linux box with ip masquerading, sharing the connection over SLIP to the amiga
GeekOfflineNLgordonDrogon, some people do windows 10 on pi :-)
GeekOfflineNLwell..the IOT version
Zardozali1234: I used a packet router called KA9Q on a PC to slip over ISDN for a little time on my maiga
Zardozman that was a hack job, but it worked.
Zardozhad to hand configure everthing...
GeekOfflineNLconfig the hardware alone was a job :-) IRQ channels and the like
Zardozno auto config lolz
Zardozoh god. EISA
ZardozEISA was really nice, but the config for it is where suffering is legionary even in hell.
Stagnationhey guys, I'm trying to use my pi 3 with 5" screen to display the screen of my android phone. I can use vnc to remote into the pi but how do i do the opposite? Cheers
BCMMStagnation: is teh phone rooted?
BCMMStagnation: if not, Android's security model pretty much prevents you running a VNC server or similar. Apps aren't allowed to screen-scrape or control other apps.
BurtyBcan you make a pi pretend to be a chromecast? if so you could get the screen display that way
Stagnationits not rooted
StagnationSo I work as a motorbike courier, and I need to see the destination sent by the company. The ideal situation is to have a screen connected to my bike with pi running google maps and updating the location everytime the courier app sends a new one
Stagnationwould I be able to send destination data from the courier app to the pi automatically somehow?
StagnationI used to have the android phone connected to the bike but the problem was I had to dissconnected it from the bike mount everytime I left for delivery. Having a static screen connected to a pi would be ideal
Stagnationany ideas?
GeekOfflineNLso why noy buy an cheap android phone and have it mounted with some locked casing?
StagnationI have to take the phone with me when I leave the bike for deliveries
Stagnationfor the delivery
GeekOfflineNLand so you would use the pi with wifi, connected to hotspot of phone?
Stagnationfor the pi, I just want a cloned screen connected to the bike
Stagnationhowever the cheap phone I have for the deliveries cant handle google maps, so if there were someway to autoamticly transmit the location data to the pi
GeekOfflineNLsorry can't help you there ;-) sounds like some not off the shell solution
GeekOfflineNLso i really booted my pi 10 times before my windows 10 pc decided it was time to let me press a key to log in :-((
oqGeekOfflineNL: get an ssd
shiftplusoneHeh.... windows 10
GeekOfflineNLoq, it is.....
GeekOfflineNLW10 just decided it was time to update :(
shiftplusoneRecently left it to do upgrades thinking it should be done when I get back. I came back and it was asking me to log in... at which point it started doing the other half of the update process.
shiftplusoneWhy ask the user to log in before locking them out again =.
GeekOfflineNLshiftplusone, been there, done that
oqshiftplusone: there is actually an option somewhere for it to use your login credentials to finish updating by itself
shiftplusoneHaven't seen that
oqshiftplusone: it's at the bottom of "sign-in options" in the control panel
shiftplusonethanks. Will take a look next time I am at that machine
GeekOfflineNLme too :-)
GeekOfflineNLnow i am off
GeekOfflineNLbye bye
johnjaywhy do instructions on emulating the raspberry pi in qemu say you have to download a kernel?
johnjaylinux is a kernel
johnjayor am I missing something?
mert@johnjay you may want to download raspbian x86 desktop
mertof course kernel make some difference but if you are emulating it only userland matters since kernel handles gpio/spi/i2c stuff
ali1234johnjay: you have to download a kernel that can run inside the emulator
johnjayraspbian x86? huh?
johnjaywell... why doesn't the raspbian kernel run in the emulator?
tgait does, you have to download it first
johnjaymert: i just emailed him, he says he actually does want the kernel
johnjayor more specifically the arm processor
mertjohnjay: i am confused, if you want arm processor, then you need brcm2835 (like in pi3) physically, then you can run anything as long as its compiled etc
jifferaspberry pi ever going to support usb3? it looks like some of these home automation setups which use usb hardware accelerators are being limited by usb speed
johnjayhe wants to compile a simple c library on arm and see if it passes
johnjayi'm going to just give him debian armhf i guess
johnjayi think ubuntu has arm as does fedora? idk
johnjayjiffe: well the rpi4 isn't coming out so better think of ways to add usb3 support now
gordonDrogonjust buy a Pi to make life easy...
gordonDrogonjiffe, seariously - if a "thing" needs more than 400Mb/sec to communicate for home automation then something has gone seriously wrong....
ali1234johnjay: use qemu-user
ali1234you don't need a kernel then
gordonDrogonbut then again, I was moaning on about a mere little editor needing a 64-bit OS earlier too )-:
ali1234i use it to compile some things when cross compiling doesn't work
ali1234for a simple C library though, you can cross compile it, then just use qemu to test
gordonDrogonjohnjay, just compile it under 32-bit x86 Linux - debian if you can - it will almost certianly work on a Pi if you can run it under x86 Linux.
johnjayali: it's not clear to me if he wants to test compilation or the result of compilation
johnjayi'll ask
gordonDrogonI often do compile/run tests on my linux desktop then a final compile on the Pi for some projects.
ali1234well the result of compilation will be the same no matter what host you do it on, for simple C libraries
johnjaywhateer he's doing is interacting with sys calls a lot so i think he is more concerned about the kernel support
ali1234it's more complicated if you are bootstrapping a compiler
ali1234gordonDrogon: atom? that isn't little in any sense...
gordonDrogonali1234, I know.
Latrinagood evening
LatrinaI bought a £15 dual fan for the rpi3 but I have the feeling I have been ripped off
gordonDrogonLatrina, dual fan? whooshy!
gordonDrogonLatrina, does your Pi overheat without the fans?
omenlabsjohnjay: qemu + binfmt-support allows you to run raspbian in a chroot transparently.
LatrinagordonDrogon: not that I have noticed but I am planning on overclocking it
johnjaychroot means the kernel too?
Latrinaespecially because it will start to compile a lot
Latrinajohnjay: nah
Latrinayou gain shell access to a non booted environment
Latrinamight not be the most correct way to explain it but thats basically what chrooting doea
Latrinabtw, how do you get cpu / cores temperature reading?
Latrinadoes lm-senors work on the rpi3 ?
NGC3982i asked myself that just as you wrote it, lol
NGC3982probably not, since the internet usually tells us to use /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp to see chip temperature on rpi.
NGC3982(and that is the answer to you question)
Latrinaoh I see
LatrinaI guess I should have googled better
NGC3982preferably run that command with watch to follow changes
NGC3982watch -d -t -n1 /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp
LatrinaI don't have it
LatrinaI need to compile it from source I suppose
LatrinaI will probably make an ebuild if I get it to work
NGC3982what is your distribution?
Latrinamy own build
NGC3982on rpi? cool.
Latrinanext release will pack a ton of fixes and possibly improvements
Latrinaperpahs I will try to squeeze out a 200mb of space
Latrinaalthough that is not my ultimate goal
ali1234how much does 64 bit impact on the filesystem total size?
Latrinaright now and with that @world I am seeing 1.5Gb
ali1234okay but that's lolhuge :)
Latrinawith no additional tools I can stay within 700mb
Latrinayes, git is big
Latrinavim is quite bis as well
ali1234what's the absolute minimum to boot to a shell on serial port?
ali1234with glibc and coreutils, not busybox
Latrinaif I wanted to get rid of man pages and some unneded stuff in /usr/share I can get as low as 1.1gb
Latrinawith the current world
Latrinaali1234: if I wanted that I would have used either alpine linux or lede-dev better
Latrinaas I said, weight is not my ultimate goal
Latrinaand yes I will tear down some unneeded stuff at some point
ali1234is emerge still written in python?
Latrinapretty much
ali1234or portage or whatever it is
ali1234does your 1.1gb have the ability to compile stuff?
ali1234if so, that's not bad
Latrinawhat do you mean?
ali1234can you emerge stuff in your image?
LatrinaI do compile most of the tools
LatrinaI only have a 50mb zram disk
ali1234i mean, when you boot it on the pi
Latrinaand portage is mounted via nfs
ali1234what is the zram disk for?
Latrinacompresses cached ram files
LatrinaI don't think I am going to do any work on it tonight
LatrinaI am feeling sick and beyond
bluecoconutshi! I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to help me with some networking problems I'm having
bluecoconutsI have a USB / serially connected modem to my rpi3 (stretch). I have gotten it to serve internet via QMI
bluecoconutsi now want to use dnsmasq and hostapd to serve a webserver locally (make the pi a hotspot as well as ethernet router).
bluecoconutsand i'm stuck at network interfaces / dhcpcd behaving poorly. I can't quite get static IP (the same) on both devices (wlan0 and eth0) such that i can host my own dhcp/dns server on these ips and then set up iptables to forward trafic through to new interface (dyanmically created on USB as wwan0)
BurtyBbluecoconuts, I'd take a look at which should help - I imagine you will need to swap eth0 for ppp0(?) tho in the configs
bluecoconutsso i walked through this, and it has me edit sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
bluecoconutshowever, stretch expliciltiy states not to use that (and when i try to run the dhcpcd restart) it errors when i try to use network/interfaces
bluecoconutsinstead of dhcpcd.conf
bluecoconutsso it seems like the official help is outdated?
bluecoconutseg: if i follow their guide to the letter i get a
bluecoconuts"sudo service dhcpcd restart" -> "job from dhcpcd.service failed because the control process exited with error code."
bluecoconutswhich if i investigate -> "not running dhcpcd because /etc/network/interfaces defines some interfaces that will use a dhcp client or static ipaddress"
BurtyBah yeah dhcpcd won't run if you have something in /etc/network/interfaces - you can get around that by putting the contents into /etc/network/interfaces.d/accesspoint.conf or something ;)
bluecoconutsaha, so by accesspoint.conf, i should.. "eth0.conf"
BurtyBcall it whatever you want it will include anything in that dir - not sure if you can bridge ppp device tho hmm
bluecoconutsi'm using QMI instead of ppp, which seems to initalize it's own ifconfig interface (wwan0).
bluecoconutsand, everything ive tried on it has worked, so it seems like if i can just... get one DNS/DHCP "host" set up on the pi, that serves over the static IP network across both wifi (wlan0) and (eth0), i can get the iptables to forward propertly
MegafHi all, How can I check if my RTC is working?
MegafReal Time Clock .....................^
gordonDrogonunplug pi from interweb. halt pi. wait 5 minutes. boot Pi. use the date command.
MegafOf course
MegafgordonDrogon: I dont know why I havent thought a about that
Megaf22:47:37 just before power off
chodmessing with a pi addon board with two relays and 4 buttons, the name illudes me
MegafgordonDrogon: but how will I check if my pi has no display/keyboard
chodssh in
Megafit will get interwebs then
chodpull plug to interwebs
ali1234you can check the journal to see when it fetched the time
ali1234and also what time it thought it wsa at boot up
chodset it up on a different lan then ssh in
chodcheck logs, good idea ali
MegafWell, will first try SSH
chodpiface, but using riscos spi
MegafHm, how do I tell ssh the interface I want it to use
chodyou know its ip ?
MegafMy pi has static IP,
Megafthat's on wifi
Megafon wifi
Megafthat's why it's not connecting
MegafI'm trying cable now
MegafI need to give my pi IP but not interwebs
Megafok, will just check the logs
Megafali1234: what am I looking for in the journal?
ali1234the timestamp of each entry
MegafDec 1 22:45:09 Blacknium systemd[1]: Started User Manager for UID 1001.
MegafDec 1 23:07:08 Blacknium systemd[1]: Time has been changed
MegafDec 1 23:07:08 Blacknium systemd[633]: Time has been changed
MegafNot sure what to tell from that
ali1234it looks reasonable
ali1234not telling you where it got time from though
ali1234systemd saves the time at shutdown
Megafshutdown was unplugging the cable, coz no ssh nor keyboard
Latrinasince when has systemd been reasonable ? :P
ShorTieoh that no good
SnowCrashAnyone ran into an issue where the RPi's ethernet appears to be "dead"? As in, no LEDs coming on for a port; i've switched cables and plugged those cables into different ports with no luck, I've tried hard power-cycling it since I can't ssh in, any thoughts?
GenteelBenSnowCrash, could be a hardware issue?
GenteelBenI take it the port used to work, previously?
SnowCrashYeah, I've had it continually running as a DNS Server (PiHole) for a long period of time and just noticed recently it wasn't filtering queries anymore, I tried pinging it and then when I physically walked over I noticed no LED
SnowCrashPower light is on, though
stivdid your pi display a randomish, noiselike pattern before it died?
SnowCrashstiv: not sure, its headless and not connected to a display or anything so I didn't notice it when it did happen
SnowCrashactually I just noticed another thing that I missed
SnowCrashonly the red light is coming on for power, no green light
SnowCrashmaybe OS is corrupt? or is that hardware fault
GenteelBenAlmost certainly hardware, but you can throw a new OS on it to be sure.
GenteelBenWhich Pi do you have?
SnowCrashPi 3 Model B
SnowCrashWould suck if its hardware, not the end of the world but definitely a bummer
SnowCrashMight try imaging anyways since its all or nothing at this point