redrabbitmy rpi automatically wakes up every 1 hour to check if i want it to stay up
redrabbitand it sends a sms message with its ip when its up
redrabbitrest of the time the ATTINY85 cuts the power and sleeps
redrabbitcould last a year outdoors potentially
[Saint]you'll save a whole...$40 cents or so.
redrabbitproject of my life lol.. took me 2 years to get to this point
[Saint]over the course of an anum.
redrabbitits for battery operation you troll
redrabbitwith 3G dongle
[Saint]this doesn't make my statement untrue.
redrabbitim' going to leave it it the forrest
redrabbitthen you clearly dont get the purpose
[Saint]Not understanding it and failing to see the point are two entirely different things.
redrabbityeah you fail to see the point
[Saint]Mhm. Tell me more of what I know. Please.
redrabbit1 application : wildlife camera
redrabbitjust 1 example
redrabbitpoint is, it lasts 1 year outdoors instead of 6 days
redrabbitby sleeping 99% of the time
[Saint]And how long does your wake and capture cycle take?
redrabbitless than 1 minute
[Saint]between detection, wake, and much action do you think you'll miss?
redrabbitit doesnt matter
redrabbiti can control power remotely
redrabbitthat's what i wanted
redrabbitso i can stretch a power pack for a while
redrabbitand leave it anywhere in the world
redrabbityet still be able to wake it up on demand
[Saint]Well...anywhere with 3g coverage. Which is about 30% of the world in total landmass.
redrabbitits a proof of concept
redrabbitapplications are endless
[Saint]If there's somewhere obvious on your casing to do so, put a hazardous materials ensign on it.
[Saint]Makes random people a lot less inclined to dick around with it.
redrabbitim gonna cover it with leaves or something like that
redrabbit"nuclear waste beware"
[Saint]Make people think it'll hurt them if you can. It's one of the few things people respect.
redrabbitwell i dont worry too much about that because ill probably hang it up a tree or something hard to see/reach
redrabbit+ camo/leaves around it
redrabbitnext stage is adding a solar pannel and voltage control from the rpi to report it
redrabbitit could potentially run for ever then
[Saint]You could also look at a large supercapacitor array vs. a deep cycle cell or so.
[Saint]s-caps as deep storage has been catching on for quite a while.
redrabbiti want to try that with the esp8266
[Saint]Do you not have a means at the present to determine unsafe startup/shutdown voltage?
[Saint]That would strike me as problematic.
[Saint]There's going to be a threshold where it becomes unsafe to wake reliably if it's off, and more efficient to leave on as opposed to switching off if it is powered.
[Saint]if you're not, you should use a database driven storage backend for capture.
redrabbitits on a power pack
[Saint]and, final thing I thought of, you should add a ddns resolver to the mix, because no one ever has any pressing need to actually care about the physical address of remote machines.
redrabbitit has that safety
redrabbitwell it connects to my vpn server
redrabbitno port forwarding on 3G
[Saint] don't need port forwarding though?
redrabbitdamn, 6am already
redrabbitgood night y'all
sztelkewhat language do i want to use :/
Aph3x-WLwell, this seems to be a mostly english speaking channel so that would probably be the best if you want an answer
mlelstvhe could use the divine language and wait for an answer from the Mondoshawan
mk-fgmlelstv, Wouldn't he have to wait 5000 years or something though?
_JordanI don't think any of us have 5000 years to wait :)
mk-fgWell, it's either that or until Gary Oldman turns evil again, whichever comes first
_JordanAnybody got any experience with using a rockblock? (i asked this in #python aswel)
KryczekHi! I followed all the information I could find and notably but I still cannot get Bluetooth working on a RPi3 with dtoverlay=pi3-miniuart-bt. Can someone please help? :)
Kryczekah no it works :D it's just that one of these tutorials had me disable the hciuart service, I just needed to `systemctl enable hciuart`
alphawarriorHello everyone. Does rpi3 support ARM's hardware virtualization?
puffGood afternoon.
puffI read that the RPi 3B uses SD cards and the RPi Zero W uses microSD. I know you can get microSD-to-SD adapters, do these run okay in a RPi 3B?
gordonDrogonactually the v2 and v3 both use micro SD cards.
gordonDrogonit's only the v1 that used the full size SD cards.
puffAh, okay, good.
puffSo am I forgetting anything in these lists? RPi 3B: RPi Zero W: Cables & etc for both:
puffActually those lists include two extra "spy" cameras, I'm not sure I'm going to get them. From what I understand the Camera Board v2 should work with both the RPi 3B and the RPi Zero W.
thomas_25hmm i'm also getting the "Feb 5 20:09:00 raspberrypi kernel: [201025.290967] usb 1-1.3: reset high-speed USB device number 8 using dwc_otg" stuff
thomas_25apparently power is not enough for 2.5" usb disks?
leftyfbthomas_25: you cannot power most 2.5 hard drives from the raspberry pi's usb, no
thomas_25i wish rasppi had gigabit ethernet + usb 3 + power enough to feed usb devices :)
thomas_25that would have made it the perfect NAS
redrabbitthat was not the intent
redrabbitthere's hardware with theses specs available now by the way
thomas_25i know
Greg__h4ndy, how did you change your nick? /nick doesn't seem to produce any results when I am registered with my normal nick...
gordonDrogonthomas_25, Pi v2 or v3?
nils_2Greg__: /nick <newnick> is the common command to change nick
Greg__Yeah, not working for me for some reason.
GregwtfIt won't let me change it to Greg-J, which is my registered nick
Gregwtf[02/05 13:03:30] -> *nickserv* status
Gregwtf[02/05 13:03:30] -NickServ- You are logged in as Greg-J.
GregwtfYet /nick Greg-J does nadda.
nils_2[Greg-J] ( Greg
thomas_25gordonDrogon 3
gordonDrogonthomas_25, ok - so the current limit on the usb is 1.2 amps - use an external PSU for the drive then.
thomas_25Gregwtf, by any chance you are polish?
nils_2if its you, you'll have to ghost the nick
GregwtfThat is me.
thomas_25Gregwtf, oh ok, i had a polish friend whose nick was gregj :)
nils_2/msg nickserv ghost nick password
Greg-Jahh, thank you!
Greg-JI haven't used irc in a decade.
Greg-JIs Adafruit the best place, or is there somewhere else that has better deals on quality batteries?
Greg-JFor US
gordonDrogonI'm not in the US but give me a well known name over some random ebay/etc. seller anyday ...
puffGreg-J: I'm a little new at the electronics stuff but so far everything I've learned about sourcing boils down to "just save yourself a lot of frustration and order from adafruit or sparkfun".
Greg-JCheers, puff.
Greg-JI don't mind toying with stuff from ali or similar, but I don't fuck around when it comes to batteries.
gordonDrogondo remember this is a family friendly channel. please read the rules.
Greg-JI'm sorry, my bad. Will do.
puffgordonDrogon: Would you mind taking a look at my buy list to see if I'm forgetting something?
Greg-JIt looks like Adafruit and Sparkfun have pretty small inventories of LiPos. Anywhere else trustworthy?
puffGreg-J: HobbyKing seems to be a significant player, I've bought a few batteries from them but otherwise I have no idea.
gordonDrogonpuff, power supply, keyboard, mouse, hdmi cable, screen ...
gordonDrogongetting LiPO's sent via the post is becoming harder these days.
Greg-JWhat is the max resolution using DSI on the CM#?
Greg-JUgh, I also meant DPI, not DSI.
ballGreg-J: measured where, at the sensor?
Greg-JI mean for using Display Serial Interface to run a display.
Greg-JUgh. Again, I mean DPI: Parallel Display Interface.
Greg-JI get those two mixed up constantly
ballOh right. No idea, sorry.
gordonDrogonI can't see why it wouldn't be the same as the piv3.
gordonDrogonhm. parallel.
gordonDrogondidn't know there was one.
gordonDrogonor do you mean the r/2r hack that Gert did to drive a VGA screen?
Greg-JI just mean that I know you can use all 40 GPIO pins to drive a parallel display interface but I can't seem to find what the max resolution is for it.
gordonDrogonGert used less pins for his board - I think he got full HD out of it though. would need to check as it was some years back.
Greg-JgordonDrogon Got a link?
waveformGreg-J, the docs at don't mention any particular limits but imply that any of the HDMI modes (including full HD) can be used
waveformso my guess would be anything up to 1080p
puffgordonDrogon: The second adafruit wishlist link had the power supply, HDMI cable, etc. I have mice and keyboards and monitors.
gordonDrogonpuff, ah, ok. didn't see it only the first, sorrt.
puff RPi 3B: RPi Zero W: Cables & etc for both:
gordonDrogonthe ttl serial cable - what are you using it for? (I've no idea about the camers stuff - I only have the first edition cameras, no idea how things have moved on)
wyvernI'm working on reading a ADC over SPI and I want to use DMA for that, but it's not clear to me to what extent the kernel can/should do that for me. says that a driver has been merged upstream that supports DMA, but how would I use such a thing? Or should I just dive in to programming the DMA engine from userspace with info from the datasheet?
wyvern(The analog signal I'm looking for has very short spikes in it which is the data I care about, so the usual sloppy polling won't cut it)
gordonDrogonyou might want to look at using pigpio for that. I think it's as good as any from what I've read.
gordonDrogonwiringPi uses the standard kernel driver which suffers from latency - about 12K samples/sec last time I mesured it.
gordonDrogonanything using the kernel (even if the kernel is using a dma driver) will suffer latency. pigpio doesn't use the kernel.
wyvernthere's latency, sample rate, and process scheduling, which are three separate problems
gordonDrogonor use a sound card.
wyvernI don't care about latency, within ~500ms. I do care about sample rate (at least 8k), and scheduling pauses, which would need to be very very short if present at all.
wyvernI'm using a piezo sensor, not a typical mic. Are there sound cards that will work with that?
gordonDrogonwith a suitable amplifier/buffer, I suspect so.
HrdwrBoBwyvern: output is the same
wyvernlooks like pigpio is just doing userspace reads of the spi pins, not using the dma engine
razzyhi, great product
razzyanybody tried running bunsenlabs debian on RP3??
razzyRP3 seems to have good heat and voltage watchdogs :]. are they implemented in hardware, bios, or kernel?
gordonDrogonrazzy, there is no bios in a Pi.
gordonDrogonheat is detected internally and the kernel gets the value, voltage is detected external to the SoC and the kernel can read the "low" state.
mk-fgIs there no built-in overheating protection in these SoCs, like in Intel/AMD ones, where they start skipping cycles?
gordonDrogonthere is built in overtemp protection. the clock slows down.
mk-fgAha, nice!
gordonDrogonit's easy to artificially get it to thermally throttle for testing if you like too.
gordonDrogonjust max. out all 4 ARM cores in a v3.
mk-fgHmm, gotta check if I can make one kodi box log temperatures, as it had that kind of symptoms under load
saint_Hi all / Is it possible to display specific information on a raspberry pi 7" touch screen display, instead of displaying the whole operating system interface ? I just want to display some information I am getting from other machines.
mk-fgDepending on how you want that info presented, can probably setup active tty to display it
saint_mk-fg probably an active web page running on nginx ..
mk-fgOr if X is not a burden, use fullscreen window there
saint_no clue yet. i would just like not to display any raspberry info. like black screen until everything is ready
mk-fgOh, then I'd probably use X with simple fullscreen scriptable browser like uzbl
saint_then throw actually a java application , not a web page .
saint_so doable ?
mk-fgSplash isn't difficult on rpi for sure
mk-fgBunch of tricks for splash -
shaunonot having the stock gui should be as simple as using your own xinitrc
mk-fgWith X you'd probably want to do the thing at the end there - put up overlay image first thing on startup, and stop it whenever you have browser signal that it's ready
saint_mk-fg i can t do a browser actually. i think i will do a java app. but probably same thing, right ?
mk-fgYeah, same thing
mk-fgIdea is to avoid flickering of any kind when X starts
saint_cool. I'll order one when i'm ready to program the client and will start to play around.