asphyxiahi my pies
asphyxiaI wanna build myself a pihole but have like no money and in au
asphyxiaI thought the pi zero model b would be best but I can't find it for sale anywhere. But I came across the orange pi?
akkIs there a pi zero model b? I know the 0 and the 0w. In most places it's very hard to buy a zero for $5 but easy to buy a 0w for twice that.
akkI think orange pis aren't looked on particularly favorably here but I haven't tried one myself.
Aph3x-WLi've heard orange pi's have a lot of issues that make them not worth it
raynoldAhh it's a wonderful day
asphyxiaAph3x-WL: that wouldn't surprise me
IanTLoppwhere would I find the sodimm connector to insert a raspberry pi 3 compute module into? all I can find are stupid expensive, and there's got to be a cheaper way to do this (in the arena of $15+ each connector)
HrdwrBoBit's stupid expensive
IanTLopp:( almost defeats the purpose of the compute module... ergh.
IanTLoppwhere do motherboard manufacturer's go to get these, anyway?
IanTLoppI'm trying to find manufacturer's of these things and I'm failing.
HrdwrBoBlooks like $30/5 on aliexpress
IanTLoppis that ddr2 though?
HrdwrBoBnot sure
mlelstvbuy ten thousand and it gets cheaper.
lastaidhello there. i am having an issue. i wrote a program that reads data from an VCP FTDI. When i read more than 8000 bytes, i had errors with bit flips etc.
lastaidI compared this to windows on amd64 and linux on amd64 and could not reproduce this behaviour
dreamonhello. pi dont boot jessy anymore. kernel panic. so i copied /boot from a other image. Not i see those 4 raspberries and cursor blink. but nothin is been written..what can i do?
mlelstvare you sure that the things outside /boot are still jessie ? :)
dreamonmlelstv, I look inside /etc/debian_version → 8.0 so I thought its right.
mlelstvwhat did you copy from the other image?
dreamononly all /boot files of this parition
mlelstvmaybe it's a config for serial console?
mlelstvcheck the cmdline.txt file
dreamonne. those were all my images on debian base.
mlelstvthen boot from a fresh image to see if it still works
dreamonI cannot remember maybe I upgraded to strech
dreamonmlelstv, Yes this works.
mlelstvI guess you now have some kind of mix
dreamondwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 console=serial0,115200 console=tty1 root=PARTUUID=f39db2d8-02 rootfstype=ext4 elevator=deadline rootwait quiet splash plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles
dreamonme too
mlelstvyou believe that the PARTUUID is correct?
dreamonmlelstv, no. I look inside the original cmdline.txt that one with kernel panic. it looks differnt
mlelstvit's a "unique" identifier
dreamondwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 console=serial0,115200 console=tty1 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext4 elevator=deadline fsck.mode=force rootwait consoleblank=0
mlelstvtake over the old one. or possibly write root=/dev/mmcblk0p2
dreamonI will try.
dreamonmlelstv, Now it boots ;) but panic → no workig init found try passing init= option to kernel
mlelstvthen either the partitioning is broken or indeed something trashed things like init
dreamoninit? which file is it=
AndreeeCZHello all. Would it be possible, from the bootloader to check for an inserted USB drive and if it's bootable, boot from that instead of the SDCard?
AndreeeCZotherwise, proceed with sdcard booting
shiftplusoneAndreeeCZ: at least no currently with the official bootloader. You'd need something else on the sd card to check where to load linux from. Maybe uboot can do that, but I have no idea.
shiftplusone*not currently
AndreeeCZshiftplusone: the problem with this is that if the sdcard is damaged, i can't do anything from it
AndreeeCZif the kernel is dead, then that's it
shiftplusoneI haven't seen a card to damaged that the kernel doesn't boot. If you leave the boot partition alone, it's pretty safe. So you could have initrd that does some kind of check/recovery.
AndreeeCZThe RPi in my case is in an embedded case, "productified"
AndreeeCZthe operator can upgrade the system from the application
AndreeeCZand that upgrade can also overwrite the kernel or other important stuff
shiftplusonethe digital signage guys tend to use things like squashfs and overlaysfs
AndreeeCZif the operator kills the unit while the kernel is being overwritten, then that's it
AndreeeCZshiftplusone: how does squashfs/overlayfs help in this case?
shiftplusoneyou can write the new kernel to boot, sync. modify config.txt to load the new kernel. sync.
shiftplusonesquashfs doesn't help with the case of the kernel, but it does limit the reads and writes in general.
lastaidI am getting different data when reading a lot of data from a serial port when using arm linux and amd64 linux. is theree anything special about the raspian serial port
AndreeeCZlastaid: how different?
lastaidi only receive 7000 out of 11000 bytes'
lastaidsome missing in between oddly enough
AndreeeCZcorrect serial settings?
AndreeeCZbaudrate, stopbits etc
lastaidbaudrate and stopbits, yes!
lastaidalso databits
AndreeeCZwhat baudrate?
GrandPa-Gcan someone explain why several gpio pins are high by default? (GPIO 2, 3)
gordonDrogonGrandPa-G, those 2 might be the I2C pins, if-so, then they have 1k8 resistors to 3v3
GrandPa-GgordonDrogon:yes those are the pins. Since I don't know electronics, why is that useful?
gordonDrogonit's the way I2C works.
gordonDrogonit means that any device can pull them low.
GrandPa-GI guess I can live with the "that is how it works" answer. My client just came across it and I didn't know what to tell him.
ebarchGrandPa-G: to elaborate a bit further... the I2C protocol specifies that the Data and Clock lines must be HIGH when not in use. Here's a diagram of what an I2C transaction might look like:
ebarchso if those lines weren't pulled high by default, it wouldn't work for I2C
GrandPa-Gebarch:I appreciate the details.
ebarchno prob. the resistors that pull the lines high are "weak" (a high resistance). so it's easy for another device to pull the lines to GND when attempting to communicate with the Pi. of course, as soon as you configure the pins to not behave as an I2C bus, you can do whatever you want :)
GenteelBenIt's GrandPa-G the illest grandpa in the RPi community.
GrandPa-GGenteelBen:does illest <=> sickest?
ebarchso ill that he'll crytographically sign anything you give him
GrandPa-Gebarch:how does one configure the pins to not behave that way
ebarchGrandPa-G: if you configure the pins as outputs, you can drive them low
GrandPa-Gebarch:I tried a simple set (but really didn't test much) where I set them as outputs, then low, then inputs and it went back high.
ebarchyup. if you set them as inputs, those resistors will take them high
GrandPa-Gebarch, GenteelBen :I am trying to figure out if you are insulting me or complementing me.
GrandPa-Gebarch:my simple solutions was to move to other pins.
ebarchhah, more just joking. ill == sick (yes, a good thing)
ebarchthat's certainly another option
ebarchbut if they are inputs, the I2C pins will always get pulled high
ebarchthey are physical resistors attached to the lines, so no way around them getting pulled high if you aren't forcing them low
GrandPa-Gebarch, GenteelBen :either way, I am just glad to be alive. I won't remember it by lunch time anyway!
GenteelBenHow old are you?
GenteelBen"illest" is 80s slang for "dopest", which I believe is 90s slang for "coolest", which is 60s slang for "best".
GrandPa-GGenteelBen:what is the slang for the 0000s? remember I am older than dirt.
GenteelBenHow old are you, in Earth-years?
GenteelBen2010s slang is "fleekest"
GrandPa-GMy witness protection agreement prohits me from disclosing such personal information.
GenteelBenGrandPa-G you're like Snoop Dogg. Nobody knows how old you are.
GrandPa-GIs that the character in the cartoons that flies on his dog house in a WWI plane?
GenteelBenGrandPa-G: no that's Nate Dogg.
GenteelBenIt's easy to get them mixed up, I know.
GenteelBen#respect to the #doggpound
g105bWhen I flash Raspbian to my 2GB SD card, set up the OS how I want it, then take an image of that card, it is 2GB even though not all of the 2GB is used. This means that it's common that the 2GB image is then too big to flash to another 2GB card. Any solution to this?
gobostoneis wanting the next edition of the p0 to be the p3 processor+RAM too much to hope for?
gobostoneare there any rumors on this?
boomclickg105b: i would take an image of the card with something like clonezilla.
g105bThere are now.
g105bboomclick: that can reduce the size?
boomclickit only takes an image of the used space.
g105bAh that's very interesting, I'll look into it thanks.
boomclicki use it from parted magic, although i guess it has its own distro too
zleapgobostone: not that I know of, the latest release is a Pi 0 HW so basically a pizeroW with headers soldered on hence HW
gobostonezleap: mhm
gobostonefair enough. maybe I'll just slim down the rpi3 then like some people do
GrandPa-Gg105b:do you use windows?
g105bGrandPa-G: Either Windows or Linux.
GrandPa-Gwin32diskimg has a new option to only save used paritions in the image rather than the whole card. 2gb cards are not all the same size. Had lots of issues with 8gb cards until I only save used space.
g105bGrandPa-G: There are two partitions on the official Raspbian image, so what would win32diskimg do about that?
shiftplusonewin32diskimager would figure out the device they belong to and write to the device, not the partition.
shiftplusoneactually, I seem to have failed at reading the scrollback, ignore that
GrandPa-Gg105b:windisk copies physical device to img file - unless you mark used space only.
g105bI'll see if it helps - it would reduce my build times by about 30 minutes, as I hate to run the install scripts every single time I build one of these devices.
g105bSounds good though.
zleapgobostone: i think the orangepi zero is quad core,
gordonDrogong105b, if you have a Linux laptop you can use rsync to get the files off the old card, then format and copy onto a new card.
gordonDrogonyou may have seen me doing this some years back :)
g105bgordonDrogon: I'm trying to create a card image of my customised Raspbian that will fit onto a card of the same size.
gordonDrogonif it's exactly the same size then you ought to be able to use dd
gordonDrogonbut if your customised image is o an 8gb card then it's harder.
gordonDrogon(to put it on a 2gb card)
gordonDrogonso I got Pi setup the way I wanted it, then put SD card into laptop, used rsync to get files off the SD card, then had a script that partitioned a new sd card, formatted the 2 partitions then used rsync to copy the files back on.
g105bgordonDrogon: do you think a clone tool like win32diskimager or clonezilla could image a smaller card? Others here have implied that it can be done, will test in a few minutes.
gordonDrogonI've no idea. I don't use windows ...
gordonDrogonI'd be wary because they would need to understand the ext filesystem to move files though.
gordonDrogongood luck - I've bakery stuff to do - back in a bit...
g105bI have a Linux machine handy, but I don't know of any imaging software that can achieve this. All I really need is to make an image that is the size of the _used_ file space, which is around 900MB. Then this image can easily be flashed to a 1GB, 2GB, 8GB card.
g105bCool ok byebye
gordonDrogonrsync can do that - it just copies files. actially cp -a can do it too.
squirrelis there a guide to rsyncing the whole sd card in such a way that it can be written back?
squirreli'm using the following but no matter how i tried i couldn't restore the card using this
squirreland i had no video cable so couldn't even check the error
red9Seems it works by using the Pi as a DNS proxy.
squirreli'm afraid to update my pi-hole
squirrelwhen i installed it, in siletly screwed up my web server
squirrelnow when i try to update it, it says "Web Admin repo is missing from system"
squirrelgok what it will do if i let it continue
katnipi wonder if it works for all the computers in your home with that
squirrelit does
gobostoneanyone have the total number of rpis sold?
gobostoneWoah. Over 13 million... crazy
gordonDrogonthe rsync way I use does require you to be a bit of a whiz with Linux, rsync, and how to partition and format partitions.
gordonDrogonwhat I do: on my Linux laptop, create a directory, say image. cd image. in there create 2 more, boot and root. Then insert the sd card in the laptop and mount the first parition (this is /boot, vfat) then cp -a or rsync that into the boot directory. unmount it, then do the same for the 2nd partition - this is the root filesystem which is linux, etc. then I use fdisk -l to check the size of the first partition.
gordonDrogonnext, unmout and remove sd and insert new blank one. use cfdisk to create 2 paritions on it, one vfat the other linux - the first one you make the same size as the partition on the master image (you got the numbers from fdisk -l) the 2nd is the rest of the sd card. then you format them; mkfs -t vfat and mkfs -t ext4, then you can mount them and rsync the 2 directories, one at a time back to the new sd card.
gordonDrogononce yuo've done one, you can write a script to automate it - by using sfdisk to dump the partition table in a way that sfdisk can put the partition table back in one go, then do the mkfs then the mount & rsync.
squirrelwhat i did was install a regular rasbian image, enlarge the partition, boot it to make sure it's working, then rsync my files back with --delete
squirrelit didn't work no matter how i tried
gordonDrogonyou don't need to --exclude anything.
gordonDrogonbut you do need to do both partitions separately.
akkI've also been unable to make a bootable raspbian by rsyncing the two partitions from a working card.
akk /boot works, I guess, because it gets all the way through the kernel boot, but then it never moves on to userspace.
gordonDrogonthere are no magic hidden files - the boot rom code can read vfat and look for the bootloader.bin file.
squirreli've been headless so i can only say the green light flashed a bit, and the device wouldn't ping
akkI don't understand how rsync -av --delete can *not* work -- seems like that should be dead simple, but I've tried it several times and it's never worked for me.
akkCan't figure out what could be wrong.
akkI'm also headless but I have a serial cable, so I can see the kernel boot and then nothing happen after that.
ShorTieACTION Thinkz, it be in cmdline.txt or config.txt
akkHmm, one thing I didn't check is whether there are UUIDs in cmdline.txt or other files in /boot.
gordonDrogonthere might be in /etc/fstab but I never use them.
akkSeems like there shouldn't be since that wouldn't work in the original raspbian images
akkunless it adds them at first boot.
akkaha, cmdline.txt has root=PARTUUID=3e829993-02
BurtyBakk, uuid are in fstab these days so it works on both SD and USB
akkI'm not sure what a partuuid is or how to compare that against the other partition.
akkBurtyB: There's no fstab on /boot, and the issue seems to be finishing with /boot and getting / mounted.
squirreli didn't touch my /boot when restoring and i've got no uuid's in fstab
ShorTiethey just switched to uuid a few ago i do believe
akkThe / partition's fstab has PARTUUID=3e829993-01 for /boot, PARTUUID=3e829993-02 for root.
ShorTieold backup may stll be ...p2
akkThis was copied from a raspbian that had been running a while.
shaunoblkid /dev/whatever will tell you what PARTUUID is for the filesystem on that device
squirrelhm no wait i have
squirrelakk: nice catch
BurtyBakk, sorry that was prob more in reply to gordonDrogon saying there might be
akkI'm having trouble finding a reference on these PARTUUIDs and how to get the right one for this card.
BurtyBakk, "blkid" if you're on linux
akkAh, found it right when you said that, sudo blkid /dev/sda1
akkI'd been doing blkid -p, seen on another page, but that wasn't giving the PARTUUID.
ShorTieold way easier, hehe.
BurtyBShorTie, yeah tho it doesn't work so well when you're not booting from SD heh
ShorTiesdaX doesn't work ??
akkDarnit, now the serial cable isn't working. But let's see if I can ping it in a while.
nistondoes the stretch lite image have gc ?
akkHa! That was it! I changed the PARTID in cmdline.txt and in the two lines in /etc/fstab.
Habbieniston, if i recall correctly, no - but you can apt-get anything you like on top of lite
akkStill don't know why it isn't talking to serial any more, but it boots and I can ssh to it.
nistonok thx :)
DrunkenDwarfHi all. quick question, is there a way I can access the raspbian apt repository manually and download .debs for install froma browser? I need to install some stuff, but the pi im working with has no internet access whatsoever
shiftplusoneif you don't need to automatically resolve dependencies, it's easy enough
shiftplusoneotherwise, it starts getting tricky
DrunkenDwarfshiftplusone, perfect, thanks. ... i will have to install one by one, resolving dependancies as they come up :P
DrunkenDwarfshiftplusone, dont spose you can search it can you?
shiftplusonenot easily. you can google with site:blah, maybe
akkIs "Should "console=serial0,115200 console=tty1" be okay for a pi1 in cmdline.txt if I want to use a serial cable from GPIO pins 6, 8 and 10?
akkAnd no enable_uart=1 or dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt in config.txt, right?
blackyindoes anybody tried to connect 3,5' LCD WaveShare screen to raspberrry pi zero?
blackyindoes anybody tried to connect 3,5' LCD WaveShare
blackyin screen to raspberrry pi zero?
akkblackyin: Repeating the same question every few minutes probably isn't going to help. Maybe every hour.
akkI had one of those cheap screens (different brand) but couldn't get touch to work, and ended up sending it back.
akkThe one I tried was an HDMI version on a pi3, but it seems like all the cheap screens have driver problems if you want touch.
BurtyBShorTie, sure - but most aren't going to have an easy way to edit /etc/fstab to change "/" and "/boot" from mmc.. to sd..
blackyinakk problem with touch only?
akkThe display I had worked great for displaying, but I couldn't get it to work as a touchscreen.
blackyini have GPIO screen and dont work in both case
blackyinstill white screen
blackyini am talking about this screen :
akkI've only tried an HDMI screen so I can't help with that. The HDMI one worked right away for displaying, just like any HDMI screen.
blackyinyes my hdmi worked too
blackyinbut i need space form my project
mk-fgAndreeeCZ, One way you can work around "if kernel is broken, nothing boots" thing is to always boot same "safe" kernel first, check for user-provided kernel, then kexec it from there if it passes
shiftplusonemk-fg: kexec doesn't work
mk-fgHm, on arm, you mean?
shiftplusoneon th epi
mk-fgOh, didn't know that, oh well
shiftplusonethe firmware doesn't deal with it, so things don't work properly
shiftplusonebut you could steal the mechanism from noobs and have a recovery kernel on the main partition, then boot into another partition if it looks okay
shiftplusoneyou can do 'reboot 2' and that will reboot and read the files off the second partition rather than the first.
shiftplusone(assuming it's a full implementation of reboot)
mk-fgYeah, using u-boot for that kind of thing is probably a better option anyway
mk-fgAt least if it has any kind of gpio/peripherals support on rpi
shiftplusoneI can't vouch for uboot doing everything it should on the pi. I know it's usable, but last I heard there were bits missing like setting up device tree properly for the downstream kernel, but I don't know for sure.
shiftplusoneHaven't had the need to go beyond the official bootloader yet.
caipiblackDear guy's, I am using a script to display video streams from CCTV cameras at home. I have a strange problem with that:
caipiblackWhen the raspberry pi starts, if i run the script, it start the first camera and then when it start the second camera, the hdmi link is "probably" down, (the screen become full black)
caipiblacky raspberry is configured to show the console on startup
caipiblackSomething interesting is that when the "console" (witch is displayed on startup) is hiden (maybe it's something like screen saver feature?) then at this time if I start my script it correcty display the video streams
caipiblackIf I mouve the mouse, the screen become black again.
caipiblackQuestion: Why the RPY need to be in "screen saver" state for omxplayer work properly with two instances ?
LukeHey guys, I'm looking for a simple RPi Zero RF transponder addon board. Any recommendations?
red9OT: Anyone found a video of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy core landing?
LartzaCamera cut off
red9yeah.. it sucks. So I wonder where those core stages went.
red9Chat comment from FNN: Falcon Heavy core were lost in the Ocean.
Lartzared9, They only said lost contact though
LartzaWhen the cameras lost contact
LartzaI think...
Foxfir3Fedora or Arch for the Raspberry?Which one support the hardware ports best?
LartzaFoxfir3, hardware ports?
Foxfir3Lartza: not extacly hardware ports. I mean the software for the different things to try out. like camera, sensors and such.
Foxfir3Lartza: will I run into some limitations?
LartzaThey should work equally fine on both I'd imagine
Foxfir3Lartza: have you tried Fedora Arm or Arch on the Pi?
LartzaI only use Arch (as opposed to Rasbian) so yes
Foxfir3Lartza: okay. Great :) So.. I git pull the latest arm image for Arch? How does the setup work?
Lartzagit pull? image? whut
Foxfir3Lartza: Guessing you build the system from scratch?
Foxfir3Lartza: I mean, the image you started out with.
LartzaFoxfir3, Download, bsdtar, done
Lartzawell have to create and mount the partitions but yeah
Foxfir3Lartza: wow.. okay. FreeBSD. That suprises me. Thanks guys. I will do some reading and try It out :)
TheG0ldenG0dcould removing the power to a pi and plugging it back in cause the roto account to get locked ?
BenderRodriguez"locked" as in how?
redrabbitcorrupted system
TheG0ldenG0dwhen I boot my pi it says that the root account is locked
TheG0ldenG0dbut if i press enter i can log in as another user and unlock it
BenderRodriguezthe only possibility I usee is corruption
BenderRodriguezthere's some factor that you're not mentioning or realizing
TheG0ldenG0di mean do you think someone could be trying to brute force my server ?
redrabbitid start fresh
redrabbitcorrupted sd wont fix itself
HiDeHoHi all anyone know any linux apps for casting from an android tablet to a linux os via the local network?
Maaii have random hacker and virus attacks on my machine. so once i pulled he sd card straight out the pi while running! it booted again. on root error was mentioned but no real problem
Maaione root error*
Maaisd card out everything froze
HiDeHoMaai surprised linux is being hacked. its not common. what a shame you got hacked