NorxMALWho here has the Vive?
BTAIs here someone who could assist with getting rid of retraction line on side of a print. I'll post image.
LaminaeHey guys i'm looking to jump on the dual extruder band wagon and was hoping for some feedback from people who have used them a while, i'm looking specifically at Ultimaker 3 and BCN3D Sigma any thoughts and experiences would be appreciated
XXCoderbuZz: glad you enjoyed it heh
Tech5evening guys and gals
Tech5so who's my lucky victim to pick there brain about a recent printer i picked up ....Rostock V2 with e3d v6 hotend and upgraded trucks
Tech5this things far different then the Cartesian printers im used to
XXCoderdont use delta unfortunately
Tech5i picked it up for a killer deal , the guy thought the rambo board was dead and i got it for 300.00, went home grabbed my meter and tested the fuses for continuity and sure enough one had popped , drug a bead of solder across it popped it back in and was up and running in about 20 min , new fuse is on order but so far im unhappy with the quality in getting and have done about 2 days worth of reading and figured id swing by and pick som
XXCoderwow you rocked the deal
Tech5heck thats the second deal ive rocked in 2 weeks
Tech5last weekend i sold my Geeetech I3 for 500.00 cause a kid was wanting a printer and i just pulled out a random high price and said id sell mine for 500 with all of the mods .....hated to see my father son project sold but my son said its ok dad we can build another kit when i get mine .....gotta love an understanding 11yr old
Tech5i think the guy that built this rostock might have the E-feed off a bit , i have slowed down my print speed and increased extrusion in simplify and its looking nice, maybe his pid setting are off on the e3d and im not hot enough to print fast
XXCoderprobably. I'd recommand a bottom-up calibration
XXCoderbecause its at unknown state
Tech5yeah its kinda dirty also , im thinking a strip and rebuild also he included some stepper dampers so i can put those in during the rebuild
Valduarehows it going XXCoder
XXCoderbit headachy
XXCoderjust read about trump twittering actor clone of himself attacking other person with "CNN" logo head
SpeedEvilIt's getting so you can't make this shit up.
XXCoderPOE's law
czarnick89Hello all. I have a prusa i3 mk2. At the very beginning of a print, it 'purges' the extruder and puts down a fat line of material. Is there a name for this step and what is its purpose?
Valduarepriming the nozzle
XXCoderyou mean ring around the area where it will print?
XXCoderskirts I think
Valduarei think he’s talking about the line over on edge of bed
Valduarebefore skirts
czarnick89yes, before skirts
XXCoderah never used that
Mikeeeyou mean before it even moves to the print area right?
czarnick89Correct, it puts the material down at approximately point (0,0) to point (5,0).
czarnick89before it does the ring around the prints
Mikeeethats in your slicer settings. Which slicer are you using?
Mikeeehmm, can't say I've ever seen slic3r do that. gimme a sec to look
djdeloriehe's using prusa-slic3r, not regular slic3r
djdelorieI've seen what he's talking about; it's to get the nozzle up to pressure so the skirt can be printed correctly
MikeeeIsn't that the point of starting the skirt from the outside?
czarnick89Version 1.35.5-prusa3d-win64.
crunchalmost burned this bitch down
crunchshit got bad real quick
djdeloriethe skirt can also be used to block breezes from cooling ABS
XXCodercrunch: what happened?
XXCoderdjdelorie: dont you mean TO cooling abs?
Mikeeeit's likely a volumetric setting
czarnick89Does anyone else have trouble with bed adhesion? I'm printing PLA on my prusa i3 mk2.
djdelorieer, "blocks breezes to cooling abs"... no, that doesn't make sense grammatically
czarnick89nozzle purge=volumetric setting?
Mikeeeczarnick89 what are you using to treat the bed?
XXCodertruly, deck of gods. whats burning?
crunchthe shrubs
crunchshit got real bad
crunchhose broke
djdelorieczarnick89: for the mk2 you should just make sure the bed is clean, and heated to the proper temperature. Also, make sure you properly calibrated Z height vs the probe
czarnick89Mikeee I tried printing on bare bed and it works sometimes. Also used a layer of glue which didn't seem to help. Found the painters tape trick and it works amazingly.
Mikeeewhat bed? Glass, plastic, metal?
djdeloriethe mk2 has a pei bed, you shouldn't need to put anything on it
XXCodergas hose to grill?
czarnick89PEI, my bad i forget hwo diverse 3d printers are.
Mikeeewhat did you clean it with?
czarnick89Isopropyl Alcohol
MikeeeI use soap and water then isopropol
czarnick89Do you scrub it?
Mikeeei have printed objects that lifted in areas identical in size and shape to my fingerprints
crunchgarden hose
Mikeeeit remains a mystery to this day
Mikeeeczarnick89 the hard plastic dish sponges work well
Mikeeeand dawn
XXCoderhuh? garden hose breaking caused fire?
czarnick89Does that scrath the PEI?
djdelorieczarnick89: double check your z height - a tiny fraction of a mm too high and it won't stick
XXCoderahh yeah yearly hazard
XXCoderits mostly illegal here
XXCodergrasses around here is nearly bone dry now
XXCoderlast year was MUCH worse
czarnick89djdelorie: Do you have an algorithm I can run through to get the z height perfect? Maybe a large, flat single layer that you print over and over at different heights to test?
Mikeeeczarnick89 what is your steps/mm?
djdeloriethe mk2 comes with a z-height calibration layer on the sdcard
djdelorieprint it and measure it with calipers or the equivalent
XXCoderor mic if has one
Mikeeeoh nevermind you're using preset heights anyway with the prusa slic3r
djdelorieor it's in the firmware, I forget exactly. It prints some zig-zags on the bed so you can fiddle with z-height while it's printing, and measure the plastic afterwards
czarnick89djdelorie: called V2calibration?
djdeloriethe procedure is documented in the setup guide
XXCodertheres inside to outside spirl for same usage
djdelorieI don't recall the name; I helped a friend build one and remember what we did
XXCoderand yet another that makes squares that gets bigger and bigger as you adjust bed
czarnick89I've done the zig zag calibration before. I'll go back and try them again to see if it helps. Until then its painters tape.
VanessaEArtesian3D: get it fixed yet?
djdelorieczarnick89: don't forget, tape will change your z-height calibration ;-)
czarnick89djdelorie: Yeah I found that out the hard way. On the plus side, I dont have bed adhesion issues anymore. The painters tape sticks almost too well to the PLA.
czarnick89Has anyone ever roughed up their PEI sheet with a fine grit sand paper?
XXCoderits too expensive to test with lol
lowridah_got pwm lasing going yay
XXCoderlow its clearly youtube but they removed a way to view it on youtube
XXCoderand it looks decent
lowridah_yea, you can automatically import google vid to youtube
XXCoderI hate how they remove option to see it on youtube, meaning I can use larger screen
lowridah_and thumbsdown
czarnick89Thanks for the help all!
sprrocketI don't know what to priiiiint
ndnihilprint a plastic dong
ndnihilthat and tugboat are usually peoples favorite busywork prints
sprrocketwhy is that literally the first thing anyone suggests
sprrocket(the dick, not the benchy)
sprrocket(which I have printed both of)
XXCoderif ya wanna cry, print my chair or my terminial velocity shi[
Valduareprint an overunity device :P
XXCoderprint a bhigger 3d printer by your 3d printer
XXCoder(very much possible)
sprrocketnow THAT is tempting
XXCoderor maybe invent a way to make 4d printer
XXCoderprint a test hypercube
ndnihilyo dawg, I heard u like 3d printers, so I'm printing you a 3d printer with your 3d printer
gthx => Prusa I3 Printable Frame by chocjulio66 => 2 IRC mentions
sprrocketwoah woah woah hold up
sprrocketPLA extrusions???
XXCoderyep they exist
sprrocketthis is... tempting
XXCoderuses more money in plastic than actual extrusion
djdelorieand PETG fasteners...
sprrocketexcept I can print stuff at my uni for free
XXCoderlol print entire printer
ndnihillesson #1 in 3d printing: just because something -can- be printed, doesn't mean it -should- be printed...
sprrocketbruh I might as well do it
sprrocketI'd really like a printer that has the enclosure included in the design
sprrocketI have a roll of fiberglass belt already
sprrocketalso the E3D Cyclops is looking tempting
jeffdm_homeCyclops is shit.
sprrocketaw :/
jeffdm_homebetter to learn now than after you paid
sprrocketI really want a multi-material single-hotend setup
sprrocketbut I'm also poor
ndnihiljeffdm_home: you've run one?
ndnihilI was considering it myself
jeffdm_homeno but I'm acquainted with someone that had one
ndnihiloh wait, it's the chimera I wanted
ndnihilnot the cyclops
ndnihil2 in 2 out
jeffdm_homeChimera is actually good
ndnihilnot the 2 in 1 out
jeffdm_homeI have one
jeffdm_homeWell I modified one
ndnihilwhat'd you mod it for?
jeffdm_homeProblem with cyclops is the right angle and it requires special parts
jeffdm_homeand can't be cold pulled
ndnihilyeah I didn't like the bend
jeffdm_homeI modified it for high temp use
ndnihilso chimera has a liner?
jeffdm_homewater cooled
ndnihilACTION embraces the creep
ndnihilheat creep is a necessary component of high print speeds
jeffdm_homewell you can run a volcano head
ndnihilsure, if you want your layers to look like a 4yr old squeezed a frosting tube
ndnihilvolcano is the one with the giant orifice no?
jeffdm_homeI suspect you have some misconceptions going on
jeffdm_homeyou can get small orifices too
djdelorievolcano is 0.4 - 1.2 mm nozzles
ndnihilI generally run 0.4
jeffdm_homeP3D also offers 0.3mm but that seems contrived.
jeffdm_home0.4 is in the kit
ndnihilI wish they still offered the v5
jeffdm_homeI do to though I suspect for different reasons
ndnihilI can't get the v6 to run as fast as I had the v5
ndnihilheat break too severe
ndnihiland the liner doesn't let it creep
ndnihilv5 with the 12V fan running at 5V was damn near perfect
jeffdm_homehow do you avoid it jamming when you're done?
ndnihilhell that's to avoid jamming when it's running
ndnihiloffers up a nice pre-heat to the filament so when it hits the melt chamber it transitions quickly
ndnihildont want it to creep too much, the designed-in heat break should still be the solid-liquid transition point
ndnihilbut above that a nice pre-heat without going overboard is a good thing
jeffdm_homeBut you're talking about heat creep and that suggests risking softening in the heat sink
ndnihilyeah, there's a balance point
ndnihil12V fan at 5V was mine
ndnihilcrunch, you spinning ASA out yet?
crunchno plans
jeffdm_homeIt was disappointing that E3D discontinued the heat breaks for 1.75 v5 at least. That's the most fragile part.
XXCoderjeffdm_home: and easiest to replace
XXCoderaliexpress has billion heat breaks only
ndnihilyeah I tweaked mine on last rebuild
jeffdm_homeI don't trust djina heat breaks
ndnihilI need to put the lathe to work and cobble up a replacement
Valduarewhats ASA
gthxASA is Acrylic-Styrene-Acrylonitrile, a UV stable version of ABS and is found at and is also at , , ,
XXCoderawesomely supreme asshole
Valduarei wonder how much filastruder kit searches raised on google till crunch got his mfg back up and running across country :P
Valduareo/ crunch :)
ndnihilheh, I still haven't finished putting mine together
ndnihilcrunch: you were down?
crunchi moved to indiana
XXCoderyeah a couple million miles away
ndnihilwhat the fuck for?
ndnihilI've been there
crunchbetter everything
ndnihilit's almost as bad as illinois
crunchhow so\
ndnihilhave you like, looked around outside since you moved there?
crunchwhat about
ndnihilwhat part of indiana?
ndnihilnever heard of it
crunchfuicking fire burned the front of my heads hair
LaminaeAnyone care to share experiences with Ultimaker 3, BCN3D Sigma or comparable dual extrusion machines?
crunchndnihil i really like it here
crunchwhat do you not like
ndnihilI've mostly seen northern indiana
XXCoderhave you met people?
ndnihiland middle of fucking nowhere indiana
crunchthey are great
crunchnice people here
ndnihildid you have family there or something?
Valduarecrunch got tired of lugging spools of filament to mrrf
ndnihilyou must be pretty far from gary/hobart
XXCoderyeah theres now a tube direct from his shop to mrrf
XXCoderfor filiment
ndnihilgary is a shithole
crunchgary is scary
Valduaregary area is where the towns were selling properties for 1 buck isnt it?
crunchmost houses in my area here are 600-1.3
XXCoder600 thou to 1.3 mil?
XXCoderheh if I had job there I'd be glad to buy dollar house :P
XXCoderbut same time, the neighbors dunno do they even have ok police system?
ndnihilheh, do a google street view vaction stroll through gary
ndnihilthen work out how much they'd have to pay you do live there
Snertwow. Gary looks like a place fucked up.
Artesian3DVanessaE: Rostock is repaired. It was 2 loose wires
Artesian3Don the motor
Artesian3Dthey hadnt been repaired in 3 years
Artesian3Dso it was strain from dropping the motor while attached to them.. oops
Artesian3DAnd then on the mendel..
VanessaEwhat about the beast?
Artesian3DI just finished rebuilding the Captive AXIS
Artesian3DI can't find my top bearings
VanessaEprint some :P
Artesian3Dso we are gonna try with free floating Tops of the leadscrews
Artesian3Dcaptive X BUT free tops
Artesian3Dso meeting you half way
Artesian3Dheating up right now
VanessaEwell ok
Artesian3Dstarting now. i had the belt a little too loose too..
Artesian3Dso that's fixed
Artesian3DVanessaE: just some quick Z level issues..
Artesian3Dit always comes uncalibrated when I replace the leadscrews...
VanessaEeasily sorted out
Artesian3DVanessaE: i have no idea why it took so long to make calibration stairs..
VanessaEsomething is causing the X gantry or maybe just the carriage itself, to move around
VanessaEthere's one other thing to try,
VanessaEyour actual layer height.
Artesian3Dbut this never..wait a minute
VanessaEare these METRIC ACME screws?
VanessaEor are they Imperial?
VanessaEor well, whatever actual kind of drive they are, what's their measure unit?
Artesian3D2mm pitch
Artesian3Dthat never changed
VanessaEj...wait a minute
Artesian3Di thought we changed layer height but we never did :(
Artesian3Dit's still .2
VanessaE*looks at pictures again
Artesian3Dthe settings are what we literally used to run!
VanessaEthose are 5mm-high steps aren't they?
Artesian3Dsomehow we fixed Y and introduced a brand fucking new error
VanessaEand 2mm between adjacent threads, ignoring the number of starts?
Artesian3Dsingle start
Artesian3D2mm pitch
Artesian3Dthe Z was always well calibrated
VanessaEthis isn't Z wobble
Artesian3Dit looks lke right now we have .15 extra
Artesian3Don the heights?
VanessaEthis is something else
VanessaEif it were Z wobble, the banding would be on a 2mm pitch matching your screws
VanessaEthis looks more like 0.75mm or so
VanessaEabout 8 "wobbles" per step
Artesian3Dits about every 1mm
Artesian3Dno youre right
VanessaEthat's significant
Artesian3D6 or 7 wobbles per step
Artesian3Denlighten me. i literally NEVER EVER had this error before
Artesian3Dbefore we started replacing my whole Z axis
Artesian3Di need to find the 10mm ID bearings
Artesian3DI need to capture the tops of the rods again
Artesian3Dfor some stupid reason that seems to be a good thing
VanessaEthis would normally be the result of a mismatch between the thread pitch, motor steps/mm and the layer heighjt
Artesian3Di agree
VanessaEis your steps/mm just wrong?
Artesian3Dmotor per mm has been the same for 5 years
VanessaEyou did say the height was off a tad
Artesian3DBUT we did rebuild marlin recently
Artesian3Dbut I just copied old marlin...
Artesian3Dits still all matching
VanessaEwell it ain't Z wobble
Artesian3Dthe top solids look good. E value is good
Mikeeeyo momma looking good
VanessaEnot unless you've got something precessing at 3x the rate of your thread pitch :P
VanessaEI can't believe I didn't catch this before
VanessaEhm, no...
VanessaEyou're not using slicer 1.3.0-dev are you?
Artesian3DVanessaE: nope
Artesian3Dits 1.2.8 or something
Artesian3Di can check
Artesian3Dits not a new slicer though
VanessaEno need
Artesian3Dwhatevr we DID DO it is hardware or slicer SETTINGS
VanessaEif it's not recent 1.3.0-dev then what I was thinking is wrong.
Artesian3Dthat's it
Artesian3Dthose are hte only two things we fixed
Artesian3Dfrom prints looking more or less great with Y artifacting
Artesian3Dto now looking great iwth Z artifacting
bastardguten morgen!
Artesian3Dsomehow Z lift was still enabled!
Artesian3DI just shut it off
VanessaEthat's not likely to have any effect
VanessaEyou sure those are metric rods?
VanessaEI mean, I'm grasping at straws here
VanessaEwhat I was gonna ask about slic3r was whether you had your whole-steps per mm set properly
VanessaEbut that doesn't apply in 1.29 and below
Artesian3DVanessaE: oh 1000% sure
Artesian3Dthey are calibrated, I can look at the order right now
Artesian3Dthe acme nuts too
Artesian3Dit's all there in the receipts and measurement wise
Artesian3DVanessaE: what do you mean set steps per mm in slicer?
Artesian3Dthere is no setting for that
VanessaEI know.
VanessaEin old slic3r there isn't,
VanessaEbut in current dev there is
Artesian3DI undid the Z lift and its still happening
Artesian3Doh mannn
VanessaEit's meant to cause Slic3r to tune your requested layer height to exactly match your motors' whole steps
Artesian3Dgotta constrain our rod tops
VanessaEbut that doesn't matter here
Artesian3Dlet me see if I can dig them up
Artesian3Dif I cant dig them up, Im gonna print new ones
Artesian3Dcant find them, gotta print
VanessaEwell at least you haev the rostock for that
VanessaEbut this isn't the z rods
VanessaEthis is something else
VanessaEis the bed in bang-bang mode?
Artesian3Dis it Y?
Artesian3Dnothing is in bang bang
Artesian3Dthis happens wehther the belt is super loose or super tight
VanessaEI mean the heater
Artesian3Di know you did
Artesian3DI never mess with heaterr controls
VanessaEok :)
VanessaEwell reason I asked is a bed heater in bang-bang mode will flex up and down at regular intervals. results in something very similar to Z wobble, just with a different pitch
VanessaEbut that ain't the case here
VanessaEthere's only one thing left: your layer height does not match with the pitch of your screws.
VanessaE(i.e. Z motor steps/mm)
VanessaEACTION wanders off to bed
Artesian3DVanessaE: i super promise it does
Artesian3Dplug it in to the calc!
Artesian3Dis it possible y voltage is now too high?
Artesian3Dsince we THOUGHT it was the voltage but really it was probs the idler all along?
cefStupid thoughts: Are the belts under enough tension? Have you tried reducing acceleration?
sprrocketwhat bed temp do you guys usually use for PETG?
fakenulliesprrocket: 80
Artesian3Dcef: yeah accel is only 1000 :/
Artesian3Dits hard to go much lower...
Artesian3Dtried 750 as well, same result?
Artesian3Dthe belt is not under much tension at all
Artesian3Dit has about 1/4 inch of give along its length, as Van instructed
Artesian3Dand as it usually has
cefErr... that seems wrong to me... the X will overshoot and the belt will act like a spring.
cefespecially if the X carriage weighs a bit and you've got good bearings on your X carriage so it slides easy.
cefdo you have a side on pic of your cube?
cefor those calibration stairs?
cefjust 1/4 give seems way too much
cef1/4 inch even
cefok, food for me
sprrocketSo I've been reading that a MOSFET is a really good thing to have on your printer for the heatbed and maybe the extruder too?
sprrockethow hard is that to set up?
fakenullieis it good?
fakenullieexternal mosfet is only needed if your board can't handle the current
Artesian3Dcef: ? no i meant he Y belt
Artesian3Dcef: the X belt we dont touch
Artesian3Dhere are comparisons of the two Z isolator styles
Artesian3Dnow I am going to do a print that is 100% captive
Artesian3Dconstrained at the TOP of the leadscrews
Artesian3Deven though you arent supposed to do this, my printer was ALWAYS setup this way..
Artesian3Dso I CAD'ed real fast and addded some printed captive holders at the top
VanessaEACTION wanders back in, sleepless as usual.
VanessaEcef: the problem he's having is horizontal banding, similar to Z wobble but at a different pitch.
XXCoderoh wait sleepless is lifeless walker
peepsalotcan acetone be stored in a PETG container?
VanessaEno idea.
VanessaEthough I don't think I'd be too willing to try it :P
XXCodereasy test
fakenullieit can be stored in pet container indeed
fakenullienot sure about petg
XXCoderget glass container, pour some acetone, drop some petg sample
TheSchafthe internet says acetone does not dissolve petg
VanessaEyou read it on the internet, it MUST be true! :)
TheSchafof course!
gthxof course is
XXCoderya know
gthx => M. Bison- OF COURSE! => 2 IRC mentions
Artesian3DVanessaE: its as bad as ever now
Artesian3Di mean I guess it isnt getting worse?
Artesian3Dso capturing the leadscrews at the top at least didnt HURT it :/
Artesian3Dthis is wayyy too bizarre for me
Artesian3DIt can't possibly be the fact that I made the idler better
Artesian3Djust about the ONLY thing that's different now is the Y voltage
Artesian3Dand the X voltage actually
Artesian3Dwe raised that, recall?
Artesian3Dshould I return those down?
Artesian3Dim afraid I dont even know what else to test at this stage
TheHexaCubewhats up nerds
Artesian3Dtruly shocked that fixing the Z isolators back into position didnt fix it
Artesian3Dit's like we started driving around a loop and in the middle someone cut the loop and stitched us back somewhere else so we ended up on another racetrack entirely!
Artesian3Dthis problem literally has NEVER Happened on the mendel
Artesian3Dnot once ever
Artesian3Duntil we started tinkering with Y
Artesian3Din order to fix the slip we found from the idler
Artesian3Dor something
Artesian3Dor voltage?
Artesian3Dwe dunno, but its fixed i think
Artesian3Dcan it possibly be: accel, extrusion, something else?
XXCoderhey TheHexaCube
TheHexaCubehmpf so... I'll probably "have" to stick with the dacia sandero :C it's highly unlikely I'll get the 2k€ together for the Renault Clio
TheHexaCubeupside is that insurance is 300€ cheaper on the Sandero
XXCoderroba bank heh
TheHexaCubeand there's other costs too
TheHexaCubewinter tires for example
TheHexaCuberegistration of the car, initial insurance cost etc :(
TheHexaCubeoh well
TheHexaCubegonna upgrade in a couple of years, then :P
XXCoderwell if you plan a little, you can save some money, for example buy used car that has same model wheels as your future planned upgrade
XXCoderso you can keep your snow wheels
TheHexaCubehah, that's actually pretty clever :D
XXCodernot too easy to do though there is billion different wheel types :P
TheHexaCubeyeah I already was thinking that
TheHexaCubefriend of mine bought new rims, bought the wrong size TWICE :P
phillidJesus hrist
Artesian3Dis there any way to repair work gloves?
XXCoderwhat type? $1 a box work gloves or fancy leather ones
Artesian3DXXCoder: very fancy oil/gas worker gloves
Artesian3DI use them when handling my heat block, power tools, etc
Artesian3Dyou can drill straight into them and you dont get cut
Artesian3Dtemp resist to 500C
Artesian3Dbut too much dremeling has wrecked the fingers
Artesian3Dits pretty cool to have the dexterity of work glvoes and the protection of oven mitts lol
XXCodercan always turn it inside out and carefully cut stutures
Artesian3Dinside out you say..
XXCoderthen take out destroyed ones and create a pattern out of it
Artesian3Dwhat kind of material could I use for patching?
XXCoderthen sew new ones in
Artesian3Dim afraid I dont really have any of this ultra fancy stuff
XXCoderthats problem you may be unable to buy those material
Artesian3Dindeed :/
Artesian3Dits proprietary
Artesian3Dmaybe some kevlar fabric?
Artesian3DI bet amazon has that
XXCoderwell can always trim fuzz off for now
XXCodermake it last a while longer
Artesian3Dnah this isnt fuzz
Artesian3Dthe fingers are ripped
Artesian3Di tried stitching but my thread isnt strong enough
Artesian3Dand material has been lost
XXCoderyou ever heard of darning?
Artesian3Dmaybe I can make leather patching
XXCoderwonder if that'd work for work glove lol
XXCoderit must be insanely expensibve if youre trying to fix
Artesian3Da linear yard of kevlar is about 7 dollars
Artesian3Di wore the left glove more than the right
Artesian3Dso it feels like a shame to buy two new gloves
Artesian3Dthey cost 50-70 dollars
Artesian3Di also hate throwing stuff away!
Artesian3D95% of the gloves are still good as new
Artesian3Dits just the weak connecting fabric
XXCoderyea can always try rapir
Artesian3Dbetween the super durable palms and the tops
Artesian3Dthe tops can withstand blows by hammers and presses
Artesian3Dthere's a great video of a guy at a paper mill taking a guillotine blade to the hand
Artesian3Dand the glove stops it
Artesian3Dthat sold me
Artesian3Dand then running my dremel saw into my thumb
Artesian3Dand it barely nicked the lining
Artesian3Dawesome gloves
XXCoderwell done protection is great
XXCoderI once dropped 2 feet long 2"x2" alum bar into my shoe
XXCoderit scarred boot but my toes is still nicely working
Artesian3Dgood boots are great too
Artesian3Di should wear better workshop shoes
Artesian3Dif they made high dexterity high protection gloves id never remove them
XXCodermy shoes is rather exoensive at $120
Artesian3Dbut the two dont go hand in hand usually
XXCoderusa made even
Artesian3Dyou dont needa nything crazy yeah
Artesian3Di have some hiking boots that are a little more costly, but unless you want hand made no need
Artesian3DDanner is a great brand
Artesian3Dand darn tough socks while youre at it
Artesian3Dlifetime warranty
XXCodercant remember mine. timberland?
XXCodersteel toed boots
Artesian3Dlol that's actually a mediocre brand
Artesian3Dbut totally fine for work
Artesian3Dhiking is harder than work environment b/c of movement
Artesian3Dunless you have temp/water/oil concerns?
XXCoderheh it keeps my feet dry and non-mangled great
XXCoderbottom is pretty scarred by now due to metal chip abuse
Artesian3Dif you want the weird gloves:[product_type][0]=Gloves
Artesian3Dsome crazy stuff.
Artesian3Doil workers get all the fancy toys
XXCoderyou found gloves for TheHexaCube
XXCoderwhen I need it, I use gardening leather gloves
XXCoderbecause it also protects wrists
XXCoderI got lovely sucuide mark on left hand due to work accient
Artesian3DXXCoder: they have some super cool gloves that also protect from puncture
Artesian3Dcan stab them with needles and the needles bend sideways
Artesian3Dspoiler i havent attempted
XXCoderyeah though they all seem to stop at wrist heh
Artesian3Dbut it can block a spinning drill bit
XXCoderit'd not protected my wrist from earning lovely sucuide scar
Artesian3D^^ thar you go
XXCoderis it just me or one glove have REALLLLY short fingers?
Artesian3Dits angled toward the camera
XXCoderindeed. though they should avoid that lol
Artesian3Dyou can also get armguards
Artesian3DI was originally super skeptical of these gloves but they lasted 3 years no complaints
Artesian3Dwith every single day some tool aggressively working at them
XXCoderpretty cool but I only very rarely need gloves
TheSchafagressively typing on IRC? ;D
XXCoderyep that too
XXCoderbuttons are dangerpusly sharp
TheSchafthat is the only danger i face at work
TheSchaftyping :(
XXCoderheh I need a desk job, my back is really bad
TheSchafi alternate between sitting and standing
TheSchafwhen i do too much standing my back hurts too :(
XXCodertheres special table that alternates standing and sitting also
XXCoderon timer
TheSchafmy one just has manual controls
XXCodertoo bad oh well
XXCoderelectric lift? if so its easily automatable
TheSchafnot sure if they like if i mess with the desk
XXCoderrspi zero
TheHexaCubehmm, I wonder if I could wrap the glossy plastic around the display in some car-foil wrap stuff?
TheHexaCubeI REALLY dislike the glossyness
TheHexaCubemakes it look super cheap =(
TheHexaCubeI should add the image :P
XXCoderhmm what would make it dull
TheHexaCubewell a friend is all over those car wrap foils
TheHexaCubeso you don't have to spray it, but it's juts a foil you can remove if you want
TheHexaCubewonder if it'd stick to the plastic too
Artesian3DXXCoder: heh... weird
Artesian3Dlookie here
XXCoderACTION sees black background and white text of his irc client
XXCoderwow that IS weird
VanessaEand that's how IRC *SHOULD* look.
VanessaEdamn these hipsters and their white backgrounds/black text like it's some kind of G*d damned instant messenger :P
Artesian3Dthats damn sad
Artesian3Dthe wobble basically disappeares at 30mm/s
Artesian3Dbut it took 44 minutes to create a calibration cube
Artesian3Dsteps* rather
Artesian3Di cant believe 45 is too fast
VanessaEthat's just weird.
Artesian3Dthe top clearly looks better though right?
Artesian3Dand you know what..
Artesian3Dit's probably speed limiting
Artesian3Db/c they are smal layers
XXCoderVanessaE: theres one guy at other channel about "discord" thats supposely "super irc"
Artesian3Dso its probably more like 20mms
XXCoderyeeah I'll keep hexchat thanks
Artesian3Dor around 15mms near the top!
VanessaEXXCoder: meh.
TheHexaCubeXXCoder: discord is basically an online client 'teamspeak' :P
TheHexaCubeit's voice chat
Artesian3Ddoes this really mean the machine can't operate at high speed!/
VanessaEArtesian3D: it means something is jerking out of place as the nozzle moves around
VanessaEmaybe loose screws on the X and Y motors?
VanessaEI'm at a total loss here
XXCoderI wonder what acceration is set at
VanessaE1000 m/s²
XXCoderthats not too bad
XXCoderseen 10,000 mm/s^2 lol
VanessaEmy printer works well at 2000 mm/s² up to about 90 mm/sec, above that I run it at 1500.
VanessaEno wait
Artesian3DVanessaE: humm
Artesian3Dholy fuck dude
VanessaE2k at the low end, 3k at 90, then I slow it down to 1500 at the high end
XXCoderyou adjust accel per print or what
VanessaEbut at the high end, that 1500 is only for perims - infill and bridging are done at 4000 mm/s² at that speed
VanessaEnah, these are set in my various speed profiles.
reprapperyou still get no quality out of your printer ^^
XXCodermy accel is 500 because my machine is as stiff as cardboard machine
VanessaEI've spend a fair bit of time tuning my accel and jerk to work well at different speeds. :)
Eloquehiya, anyone here with experience in Marlin pins or E3Dv6 extruder issues?
Artesian3Don the Y axis.. the motor is solid as a rock
Artesian3Dscrews are tight
Artesian3Dbut oddly the washers are loose?
Artesian3Dunder the screws?
VanessaEthen the screws aaren't tight
Artesian3Dnot even sure how that's possible, but the motor itself isnt loose, and has a dampener
VanessaEthey're bottomed-out inside the motors
Artesian3Dbut the motor is tight
VanessaEuse more washers or shorter scres.
Artesian3Di cant budge it
Artesian3Dat all
Artesian3Dand the vibration dampening cork is compressed
VanessaEno idea then
Artesian3Dthe motor is tight
Artesian3DI cant budge it at all
Artesian3Deven with all my strength
Artesian3Dso its solid
XXCoderart one side could hold on by fraction and compression
Artesian3Ddamn its so late how did this happen
Artesian3DXXCoder: but if its tight when i try to move it all around..
VanessaEArtesian3D: one thing,
Artesian3Dthere is no way its loose in some other axis
VanessaEwhat infill pattern are you using?
VanessaEI know this sounds like an odd question, but humor me. :)
XXCoderthe cat infill? ;)
Artesian3Djust rectilinear the whole time :/
VanessaEwell damn
Artesian3Dnormal every setting
VanessaEthat throws that theory out.
Artesian3Deverything is the same except the idler we improved and the current being slightly up!
Artesian3Dthis is as close to "BEFORE THE Y SLIP" as I could get!
Artesian3Di just use caps instead of italics
VanessaEthere's probably just some stupid little thing we're both failing to think odf
Artesian3Dit doesnt mean angry
Artesian3Dlike retraction..
Artesian3Don the romax
Artesian3Dhilarious how we are using the old extruder system now
Artesian3Dwhich woulda solved that entire problem :(
VanessaEit will end up being the most inane, stupid dumbass thing in the world
Artesian3Dbut then we'd never have known
Artesian3Dso it would have been HOLLOW VICTORY
Artesian3Dokay well let me replace the screws on Y i guess anyway?
VanessaEwhat was your layer height again?
VanessaEACTION pokes Artesian3D 
XXCoderew keep that private'
VanessaEhey, I didn't poke him THERE
VanessaEwhy the hell are you looking there anyway?
VanessaEG*d damned pervert
Artesian3DVanessaE: .2 layer
Artesian3Dcouldnt be more "default" in my settings
VanessaEArtesian3D: wanna try something stupid? :)
Artesian3Dthe screws and washers are now tight
Artesian3Dand the cork is even more compressed
Artesian3DY motor still tight
Artesian3Dit now clearly "WORKS" but only at super slow speed..
Artesian3Dso that has to tell us something else right?
Artesian3Dopen to suggestions, for at least 13 more minutes
Artesian3Dthen sleep
TheSchafwhy 13?
VanessaEArtesian3D: print the steps again, at 45 mm/sec, but set your layer height to 0.24 mm
VanessaElet it run through the whole thing and get back to me
XXCoder lol
XXCoderhe.. apparently wet everything but his pool
Artesian3Dset and heating
Artesian3Dit may be tomorrow beforre I get back to you on this..
Artesian3Dwe shall see
VanessaEthat's fine
VanessaEI'm gonna wander off to bed, take another swing at this "sleep" thing I keep hearing so much about :)
TheSchafdreaming of fixing peoples printerz
TheSchafi bet
Artesian3DI should actually be able to tell within the first 5 mins right
Artesian3Dthe billowy edges are evident every.. 5 layers or so right?
XXCoderVanessaE: deadblow hammer and towel on your head
VanessaEinb4 Artesian3D says either "wtf? why did that work?" or "gah, it's even worse than ever!"
VanessaEArtesian3D: just do the whole thing anyway, it's not like it takes very long :P
VanessaEI'm out ->
Eloqueanyone know about an issue that causes an extruder/hotend combo to work fine the first 2 or 3 layers and then just seemingly extruders less and less?
XXCoderOkay I'm out of this reality for next 8 hours. laters
Artesian3DI dont notice any chage so far
Artesian3Dim gonna time lapse it while I do other things
Artesian3DEloque: chipping your filament, slowly losing heat due to bad wiring, dropped your temps on 2nd+N layers too much
Artesian3Dany numebr of reasons
duudehello my printed ppl
TheHexaCubeI'm not printed D:
EloqueI know the wiring is good and I am not dropping temps I think. What would cause filament chipping and how could I detect it.
duudearent we all really hexa...
EloqueI am, technically a human female has an onboard selfreplicating 3d printer right :)
duudethanks eloque
duudewe just need to make it faster some how...hmm and print spinners....
Eloqueas a father however, that “print time” can be a bit long
duudeyeah and not even one spinner!
duudewhats the easiest way to make an svg
duudeso I can put it in fusion
TheHexaCubewait huh?
duudesvg pic
TheHexaCubean svg of what?
TheHexaCubeit's free
duudewhat is this magic
TheHexaCubeno it's SCIENCE
TheHexaCubemake sure it's a high res image, though
duudecomputer what is inkscape?
TheHexaCubegthx: google inkscape for duude
TheHexaCubeam I the only one thinking the glossy cover makes it look really cheap?
TheHexaCubeoh geez
TheHexaCubesorry for that lin
duudeI wonder if kirta does svgs
duudetheir faq suggests inkscape
duudei printed my first designed snipper
duudeit is really small
duudeoh lol
duudebearings about 12mm
gthxpics or it didn't happen!
duudehaving issues with importing it to fusion
TheHexaCubei need moar details
duudesaved that to desktop
duudethen opened in inks
duudethen saved as svg
duudethen tried to open in fusion
TheHexaCubejust use the SVG you downloaded? :D
TheHexaCubeahhh I see what you mean
duudesays contains more info
duudeError: The selected SVG file contains no information or some unsupported information. The Fusion sketch will not include unsupported geometry.
TheHexaCubehuh? I can import it just fine
TheHexaCubebuuuut it looks differently
TheHexaCubelike this
TheHexaCubebecause it's a single path
TheHexaCubegimme a sec yeah?
TheHexaCubehrrrm, well we can cheat a little
TheHexaCubeyou can export the svg as a very high res image
TheHexaCubelike... 3000x3000 pixel
XXCoderduude: inkscape
TheHexaCubethen you open that image with inkscape again, and go path -> trace bitmap
TheHexaCubeso, select the png file, then path -> trace bitmap
XXCoderplanned to sleep after bathe but wow humidity is so high im having problems drying
duudeok let me try
phillidYou have to get our of the bath before drying, XXCoder
XXCoderwow didn't know that I am still in bath
TheHexaCubeduude: use those settings ^
XXCoderbut but my pc is in my room
phillidPerhaps you are on your phone
XXCoderno irc on phone
TheHexaCubeduude: aaaand while not 100% accurate to the original file, this should be good enough -
duudeso once im in tracebitmap
duudeI just hit update?
duudeI didnt see any changes from your settings and when I went in there
XXCodertrace bitmap takes a bit to learn
XXCoderbut its nice tool
TheHexaCubeduude: right it was the standard settings i just wanted to make sure
TheHexaCubeduude: you press 'ok'
duudeI did it
duudenow its not moving lol
duudeI selected and hit M
duudewhy when I hit q my fusion doesnt rotate the the side for push and pull....
duudehaving some trouble
Mangy_Dogafternoon all.... new question. Anyone here got an tevo taranchula?
duudeso I inserted the svg
duudetried to move it over spinner but its not moving
TheHexaCubeyeah you gotta click on the surface you want the SVG on
duudetried to push and pull it does initially but when I set the height and hit enter it disappears...
TheHexaCubeinsert -> svg -> select the file and then click on the surface
duudeohh got it
sideralaMangy_Dog: there are a couple people that have them in here whats ur problem
Mangy_Dognothing yet, but checking online, while they need a little work theyre good printers.... just wanted to confirm or not
sideralaMangy_Dog: the way i see it, if you buy it knowing its not perfect by any means and needs tweaking and upgrades it is a super cheap and easy way to get all the parts you need to make a real printer or modify that one
buZznothing in gthx about it really
Mangy_Dogyeah im poor :p and at 150 quid its affordable at the moment...
Mangy_Dogbut if i can get it reasonable prints out the box... i can print the frame upgrades
buZzthats without a heated bed?
Mangy_Dogits with a heated bed
sideralaMangy_Dog: yeah, it will get you there, just dont be disapointed if you have some problems to fix
Mangy_Dogfrom what ive seen
buZzthe link only says its aluminium
buZznot if its heated?
sideralabuZz: i have an aluminum heated bed?
buZzah weird, later down in the images they do mention its heated
buZzi was looking at
Mangy_Dogyoutube mentioned heated bed too
sideralathombsonb will be on in a bit probably, unless he doesnt have work today, he has a tevo and has pretty much fought every problem with them
buZzfor me the biggest issues with these kinda kits is buying kit A and receiving kit B
buZzyoutube is full of that aswell :P
Mangy_Dogalso psu 250w so its powerful enough for a heated bed
sideralai have a 500W PSU just for my bed lol
HrdwrBoBI have a 250W PSU for my printer, but a 300W on order
Mangy_Dogbut yes, i didnt exspect this printer to be the be all and end all
Mangy_Dogi knew some upgrading would be in order
buZzMangy_Dog: wanna see what printer i got for 200 ?
gthxfabrikator is a 3D printer by Turnigy ; and is also New mini V2 model \o and is also a rebranded Malyan M100 and is also V2 video;
HrdwrBoBbed is using a mosfet
buZztha v2
sideralabuZz: ive wanted one of those for a while
duudeone last think
sideralakinda been hoping to find one on sale or used
duudeso I got the svg in and can edit it
Mangy_Dogmust admit its a tiny build area too small for my projects
duudebut its on the bottom of my object...
buZzMangy_Dog: thats fine :)
sideralaMangy_Dog: yeah that fabmini is more of a novelty printer
sideralavery cool though
buZzi'm really happy with it, it was printing perfect within 5 minutes of unboxing :)
TheHexaCubeduude: so just select the right surface when importing? :P
sideralabuZz: didnt one of the kickstarters have a delta printer that small too?
HrdwrBoBI bought an anet A8 for $220 AUD
HrdwrBoBI was printing within 6 hours of work
Mangy_Dogonly reason im not looking at the anet a8 and duplicates
Mangy_Dogis the perspex frame
HrdwrBoBand then spent ages tweaking stuff
HrdwrBoBand then printed a while bunch of stuff for it
HrdwrBoBMangy_Dog: meh
HrdwrBoBin terms of value for money...
duudeI did weird how it went to bottom plane
Mangy_Dogi agree value, but perspex is too flexible and fragile
duudeI did change the z angle to 1mm
HrdwrBoB that is some precision spaghetti
duudeand it popped on top of the spinner
HrdwrBoBMangy_Dog: in what way, specifically.
HrdwrBoBMangy_Dog: because it prints fine
duudeso now its on top i guess...
Mangy_Dogive just never read anything good about perspex
sideralabuZz: this is the one i was thinking of
sideralai want one of those
Mangy_Doghowever, i know the anet a8 is meant to be the better printers
buZznah, prusa's is the best
buZzof the i3's
HrdwrBoBit's a decent printer
Mangy_Dogi think prusas over priced :/
buZzanet is decent for its price, yeah
Mangy_Dogthey might have started it
buZzMangy_Dog: lucky its fully opensource and you can just build it yourself
Mangy_Dogbut for a open source thing they really went darkside with tehre pricing
buZzfrom any sources you want
Mangy_Dogi was going to build a hypercube
Mangy_Dogwhile i can get all the motors extruders and stuff cheap and easily
Mangy_Dogfinding the aluminium frames cheap in the uk or delivered to the uk is near impossible
gthxhypercube is an upgrade to 2020 aluminum extrusion frame. also
srkbuild a tesseract delta :D
Mangy_Dogin america and in china the aluminium is cheap... but try and order it to the uk and your fooked
buZznot too bad imho
srknot really
buZzMangy_Dog: but it will get a lot worse to source parts to UK soonish
srkeven misumi isn't that expensive (expect for corners or tnuts)
buZzso better buy up ;)
gthxmotedis is a german manufacturer of cheap t-slot extrusions: or
Mangy_Doglol yeah thanks brexit
buZz^^^ might be cheap to UK aswell
buZzfor now
srkbuZz: how come?
srkahaha :D
buZzsrk: UK wants to remove itself from all the trade agreements they made over the last 60-70 years
buZzsrk: for no reason beside nationalism :D
srkthat's just sad :)
TheHexaCubebuZz: more like "people didn't even know what they were voting for, but at least they voted"
buZzTheHexaCube: thats possibly even sadder :D
srkI would be packing the moment something like that would be announced :D
buZzsrk: they are still unable to work out the details, so still high odds it wont happen at all
buZzbut well, never underestimate stubborn dumb people ;)
Mangy_Doglol motedis dont ship tot the uk :D
TheHexaCubeiirc reasoning was "we don't want any refugees" and "we're paying too much for export/import"
TheHexaCubesoo... now they'll exit and probably pay even more :P
thewsisn't ratrig UK?
Mangy_Dogyeah brexit was a fucking joke that fils me with rage..... stupid stupid nationalist small minded racists
buZzthews: portuguese
thewsthought there was a UK supplier
TheHexaCubeMangy_Dog: I'm pretty sure they do
buZz <- UK supplier
TheHexaCubeAt the moment we have an additional 1 week delay - Counted in working days - Carrier lead time on top (for UK 2 - 4 working days)
TheHexaCubefrom motedis, so they're implying they do ship to UK
Mangy_Dog72 euros from ratrig
Mangy_Dogi think........ i might start off with the cheapo tevo then work at upgrading it and making a larger studier frame
Mangy_Dogdown the line
Mangy_Dogmaybe convert it to something like a cr10 :p
Mangy_Dogwell bigger bed anyway
thewsfirst printer?
gthxfirst printer is Your first printer should be a: Single DIRECT extruder, metal frame, heated bed with PEI surface, all-metal hotend, Cartesian printer, ideally with an enclosure (which can be made with a cardboard box). It should NOT be a delta, nor should it be dual-extrusion. This is a versatile printer which can print any filament, and you will never outgrow it.
thewsis it your first printer?
buZzPEI ;(
buZzACTION cries at PEI
thewslose your PEI?
duudetime to print
buZzlovely surface for adhession
buZzuntil you want to remove any print from it :P
kraegarhere's how the new corexy sits right now.
Mangy_Dogoh btw, this "blue tape" is it just masking tape?
thewsjust have to be very careful with petg
thewsMangy_Dog: yes, but it's less than ideal
HrdwrBoBMangy_Dog: yes, but it's blue masking tape
HrdwrBoBit has a different texture and a different adhesion
Mangy_Dogthe blue makes it better? :p
buZzMangy_Dog: 'blue tape' doesnt really work when you heat it up
buZzblue tape?
gthxblue tape is painter's masking tape, specifically a 3M/Scotch brand; it is a popular printer bed surface texture that helps first layer adhesion. It works well with a cold bed with PLA, PETG, and TPU and is also
Mangy_Dogyeah i imagen the glue gets melty when heated up
thewsif you print hot enough for good layer bonding it can fuse to the tape if you use it more than once
HrdwrBoBMangy_Dog: wfm
HrdwrBoB60 degree bed
buZzthe blue tape commonly refers to 'UV resistant' painters tape
HrdwrBoBand it's been going well
kraegarshould be ready for the controller and PSU now
HrdwrBoBwith PLA
Mangy_Doglooks nice kraear
thewskraegar: direct drive with a heavy cantilever?
kraegarsemi-direct drive corexy. there's a very short bowden.
thewslooks like it's carrying the weight around with the hotend though right?
kraegarbefore the bed went o n
Mangy_Dogi was considdering buying some cheap hairspray and put it on the glass
kraegarget aquanet extra hold. purple can.
kraegarthe big hair 80's stuff
kraegarno joke
kraegarit's cheap, and works best
thewsthat setup looks like it'd work out well with a geared nema11
durrfi dig hairspray
kraegarthews: it's a titan + pancake currently
Mangy_Dogbig 80s hair spray... for when you need your hair to be bullet and demolition proof
Mangy_Dogoh one tiny thing... i dont know if he comes here and if he does... look away now... Thomas Sanladerer,s youtube channel... I like his stuff. Its informative. but damn Need needs to edit his videos down :p
Mangy_Dogmore consise
buZzone of the youtube-as-a-dayjobbers
buZzthey want longer videos to get more income ;)
Mangy_Dogi dont think video length makes more money
Mangy_Dogjust how many hots
Mangy_Dogbut yes he has a 3 hour feed uploaded of him building the cr10 o.O
Mangy_Dogi didnt realise it was 3 hours till i just looked
Mangy_Dogthinking... This is going on for a bit
buZznot convinced Mangy_Dog
buZzi have a 1.5hr vid on youtube thats making me a lot more money per hit , than my shorter videos are
Mangy_Dogyou make money from youtube? D:
TheSchafwell, 1.5 hours has more room for ads, right? :D
buZzdno, i assume everyone has ad blockers :P
Mangy_Dogi do >.>
buZzso, all good
gthxnozzlecam is to get , see
buZz^^ this youtube video
Mangy_Dogive considdered making a youtube chan.... im an ex media professional :p so heck do what i know... But kinda fell from grace a few years ago and putting my mug on youtube might be a BAD idea
buZzi just love spamming
Mangy_Dogi used to spam all my 3d projects back in the day
Mangy_Dogbut if i did my opwn youtube channel... heck i could get free stuff sent to me to review and try out
Mangy_Dogfree stuff :D
Mangy_Dogill do it more for that than to try and make youtube money
Mangy_Dogi could make the channel... and not have my face on it
buZzyeah, have it feature one of your hands
buZzor a leg
Mangy_Dogdone hands for the few spamming update videos about my current project
gthx => REALLY BIG UPDATE!!!!1111!1 Digital Speedo => 1 IRC mentions
Mangy_Doga now slightly out of date big update
Mangy_Dogtheres going to be a new update coming in the next month..... waiting on the 3d printer :p
Mangy_Dogits holding my project back not havingonw
Mangy_Dogpc thats just me recording from my phone
Mangy_Dognothing special setup
Mangy_Dogalso theres some huge changes on teh way with the project
Mangy_Dogmostly around the display
Mangy_Doggoing with a larger screen thats compatibl with an EVE chip
Mangy_Dogand theres going to be a total rebuild of the gui and some design changes there
Mangy_Dog the project page and what i want to 3d print :p
fakenullieso many leds
Mangy_Dogsooooo many
fakenulliehow do you control them?
Mangy_Dogin that video, i have indeviduel ws2811s chips
Mangy_Dogbut new version has a bunch of tlc5947
Mangy_Dogi need to write a new library for it
fakenullieyeah, but how do you get so many io lines
Mangy_Dogthere isnt many io lines
Mangy_Dogin ws2811 there is just 1 dataline
Mangy_Dogthe chips are daisychained
buZzMangy_Dog: omg i need this on my bike!
Mangy_Dogthe tlc is daisy chained too
Mangy_Dogbut run off sda so need a couple of more wires
Mangy_Dogsda/spi cant remember off the tip of my head :D
buZzMangy_Dog: how are you reading rpm?
Mangy_Dogbuzz when I finish and make a production model your welcome to buy one
Mangy_Dogdirect off the coil line
Mangy_Dogthrough a signal filter
buZzno clue what 'coil line' means?
buZzmy bike is electric ..
Mangy_Dogthe cable that runs tot he coil/spark generator
buZzah ok, no use then :P
Mangy_Dogelectric motorbike?
buZzelectric bicycle :)
Mangy_Dogpft lazy
buZzyes i am \o/
Mangy_Dogthis isnt for pushbikes this is for motorbikes :p
buZzthis isnt a pushbike, its a motorbicycle
buZzlol , i'll just get a magnet and halleffect and make it myself, np ;)
TheHexaCubehrrrm, I should get my PCBs done
TheHexaCubeand I'm aware I've been saying this for like... 2 weeks, lol
Mangy_Dogbut yes the full production version IE v2.... will be very much geared towards bike enthusiasts... With
Mangy_Doggps tracking and track day tools
kraegarthere's a motorcycle shop a block from my house, I really like the look of their bikes. not buying one, but they look cool.
Mangy_Dogbike diagnostics and such
Mangy_Dogtheres a nice motirbike showroom not far from me.... i go there i cry as i see all the bikes i cant afford
buZzMangy_Dog: dont motorbikes have ODB or something alike?
buZzto grab RPM etc?
Mangy_Dognot all
Mangy_Dogtbh not many
Mangy_Dogin many ways most bikes are still fairly simple
Mangy_Dogelectrically speaking
Mangy_Dogsome really high end bikes are more smarter
kraegarmotorcycles are way more primitive electronically than modern cars. not as much for a computer to do, and not as much space to put one
Mangy_Dogthe ECU is the brains of a bike
buZzwell i have tons of space left :P
Mangy_Dogand that mostly just deals with exeliration profiles
buZzi could stuff a 19" server in there if i wanted ^_^
Mangy_Dog<<< stupid... also dyslexic
Mangy_Dogoh as for pcb.... yeah i designed and ordered some pcbs from easyeda.... but realised I made some mistakes
Mangy_Dogint he design so 25 quid wasted
Mangy_Dogpreviously all my pcbs were home made
Mangy_Dogbut the designs too complex now to do at home
Mangy_Dogtoo many fine pitch tracks and smds
Mangy_Dogoh and i hear PLA degrades... I was going to build my speedo case with ABS... would pla still do?
Mangy_Dogbeing in direct sunlight cold and wet and dirt
fakenullieI'd go with petg
gthxpetg is || || || ||
HrdwrBoBMangy_Dog: PETG is the 'best of both worlds'
fakenullieMangy_Dog: pla can melt in the sun
Mangy_Dogohhh didnt know that
Mangy_Dogokays best not use pla :p
fakenullieabs is sucky thing to print
Mangy_Dogbut its the common plastic for enclosures and such
Mangy_Dogi mean for plastic injetion moulding
fakenullieyeah, it's common on cars
Mangy_Dogbike fairing too
fakenullieI didn't have any motorcycles
buZzi havent had PLA melt after 4 years of exposing to the elements, but ok
buZzi've only seen PLA melt in a closed car :D
buZzbut i think everything melts in those cars
HrdwrBoBwhich is why I bought PETG
HrdwrBoBfor my car stuff :)
buZzwhats the glass temp of petg?
Rob235any problem with something like this?
HrdwrBoBRob235: 88C
buZzHrdwrBoB: ty
HrdwrBoBer bigmac
buZzso, still in danger of melting in a car then
HrdwrBoBthird time's the charm
HrdwrBoBbuZz: yeah but eh, what are you gunna do
buZzglass temp is actually 67C :P
Rob235should have known an arduino'er would be in here buZz
buZzstarts at 67C
buZzRob235: why not eh ;)
buZzHrdwrBoB: print polycarbonate? :D
TheHexaCubeULTEM! :P
Rob235i decided to make a two arm drawing bot for a school project, thinking about the rails I listed above for vertical axis, think they will be smooth enough?
gthxultem is see pei
buZzRob235: for drawing? i dont see why not
Rob235ok cool
buZzRob235: people make drawingbot using ropes and gravity :P and they still draw fine
Rob235I like the black and I'm not spending a shit ton on smooth rails for drawing
hypermistTheHexaCube, do you have a custom 3d printer or genuine bought kit haha
Mangy_Dogoh also what do you do when you run out of filliment mid print? do most printers allow you to pause push though some more filliment and then resume printing?
Rob235I just found a library nearby that has a 3d printer, Ive never printed anything before but need some stuff for this bot, just gonna modify some stl files I found for a similar use
Rob235any program recommendations?
Mangy_Dogi design in autocad and maya
Mangy_Dogi cant recommend autocad :p
TheHexaCubehypermist: i built mine myself, own design
Mangy_Dogill be moving to solidworks when i get a pc
TheHexaCubebut I sold it recently
hypermistah okay.
hypermisti want to buy a prusa i3 mk2s
TheHexaCubesure, why not?
hypermistJust a tad problem
hypermisti have 1k USD in btc
Mangy_Dogautocad also exports really low res stls :/
hypermistbut not a card to use it no more
Mangy_Dogannoying as hell
buZzhypermist: pssst;
gthx => First BMX ride at full speed => 1 IRC mentions
jstevewhiteswitch to F360
fakenullieautocad exports stls?
jstevewhiteF360 lets you control the resolution of the STLs
hypermistlmao buZz
Mangy_Dogfusion360 isnf on mac
Mangy_Dogi dont think
Mangy_Dogthe autodesk free cad program they had... 360d? didnt like it at all
Mangy_Doghorrid program
jstevewhiteyes i tis
Mangy_Dogcouldnt manually adjust anything
jstevewhiteF360 is available on mac. I'm running it right now :
Mangy_Dogcouldnt key in messurements
TheHexaCubebuZz: any reason for front wheel drive?
fakenulliefusion 360 works on mac
jstevewhiteAlso, a little bit of googling will show you how to adjust the STL resolution of AutoCad
jstevewhiteAutoCad's STL export
Rob235for about 8-12 amps is there any benefit to going with one of these types of casings: over something like this:
TheHexaCubebuZz: most e bikes I've seen have the motor on the back wheel
jstevewhite"set FACETRES to 10"
Mangy_Dogyeah i upped the stl resolution to 10...
Mangy_Dog10 being the top
buZzTheHexaCube: cheaper, and the frame i had didnt allow for the rearwheels in clearance
Mangy_Dogstill not high enough
kraegarno one asked you, jstevewhite
jstevewhitekraegar: Has that EVER stopped me?
jstevewhiteAnyway, F360 seems to have finer control
kraegarI always set it to high
Mangy_Dogoh f360 isnt free
kraegarwhen I started with f360 it defaulted to medium. man it sucked.
TheHexaCubeMangy_Dog: it is
Mangy_Dogis if your a student :p
TheHexaCubefree for anybody and any company making less than 100k a year
kraegarif you use it to make > $100k a year, it isn't
jstevewhiteBut it's worth noting, Mangy_Dog (yes, F360 is free to use), that STL is a mesh format and will allways be faceted
Mangy_Dogi know its going to habve faces... but it can have a higher res than what autocad was spitting out
Mangy_Dogim looking at the autodesk f360 site... it says its onlyu free for education use
kraegarTheHexaCube: reads to me it doesn't matter what you make, as long as you're not using it as a company making > $100k / year. (I don't use it for work, and don't make money with it at all)
fakenullieRob235: I think second type needs to be exposed to air
Mangy_DogDownload a free 30-day trial and try it out on your Mac or PC. With in-product tutorials, you’ll be up and running in no time. Fusion 360 is as low as $25 per month on an annual subscription, or $40 month to month.
Rob235meaning treating it as any other power brick?
fakenulliefusion 360 is free for hobby and startups
fakenullieRob235: yeah
Rob235that will be fine then
jstevewhiteMangy_Dog: Right there: "Free for Students, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and startups"
jstevewhitescroll down a bit, on the right, in gray.
Mangy_Dogcan you please link me what you looking at? because its not saying that AT ALL on my browser
jstevewhite <- from
jstevewhiteit's LITERALLY the F360 home page
Mangy_Doghonestly it doesnt say it on my page
Mangy_Dogmaybe its different region to region
jeffdm_homeOK that could be different there
jstevewhitenah, I'm pretty sure we got UK users in here
buZzthey're all users man
buZzi've seen em
buZzthey do nothing else :P
TheHexaCubehmmm, bismuth is pretty
Mangy_Dogoh btw, flexible material... is there any decent rubbery filliments good to use as gasgets?
jeffdm_homegaskets for what fluids?
Mangy_Dogbasic weather protection
Mangy_Dograin and such
jeffdm_homeProbably any of them but dunno
jeffdm_homeI laser cut my gaskets or design around off the shelf o-rings.
Mangy_Dogi could use a liquid paste gasget
jstevewhiteTPU makes a decent gasket if your printer is solid
fakenullieI'd just use some silicone sealant
jstevewhitealso, depending on how much pressure you get on the gasket
jstevewhitefakenullie: sure, unless you don't want to stick it together
fakenullieyou can tear it if you need
Mangy_Dogyeah i want my speedo case to be able to unscrew :p
Mangy_Dogok yes :) its free :D
Mangy_Dogjust the site doesnt say it in the uk for some reason
Mangy_Dogthe enthusiast option is there
Mangy_Dogin the programme
jstevewhiteI thought we had some UK folks in here that used it
Mangy_Dogthough not keen on the cloud side of it... I want to be able to store my files locally
Mangy_Dogalso im not online all the time
jstevewhiteit stores them locally and works offline
jstevewhiteAnd you can export them to formats liek "STEP" in case you're paranoid of it being turned off.
jstevewhitethere's a button in the upper right corner that you can click to set it to "working offline"
Mangy_Dogill try that
jstevewhiteThe files are *duplicated* in the cloud, that isn't the only place they're stored
Mangy_Dogif i can get it to stop crashing :p
jstevewhitewhat are ya doin' when it crashes?
ArdrakeI'll have to give fusion360 a try one of these days, I use Solid Edge pretty much everyday, so I keep falling back to it....
Mangy_Dogselecting groups o objects
kraegarI think the song "Irish Rover" by the pogues (old irish song, though) is about an insurance scam
jstevewhitehuh. Weird.
Mangy_Dogits my import from autocad
jstevewhiteby the pogues? I heard it from Tommy Makem and the CLancy Brothers.
jstevewhiteused to know all the damned words. LOL
Mangy_Dogtbh im still keen on using solidworks once im back on pc
Mangy_Dogautocad was just.... a painfully buggy programme that doesnt do what its meant to do well
jstevewhiteSure it is; that's why it's the MOST USED commercial CAD program in the world. >:)
Ardrake2D cad, I agree, 3D, i'm not so sure
kraegarjstevewhite: pogues / dubliners recorded a version. the song is super old.
Mangy_Dogwell im going by the mac version
Mangy_Dogmaybe windows version is a bit better
jstevewhitekraegar: Yep.
Mangy_Dogand ive just noticed my model inport has lost the correct scale
Mangy_Dogit bloody well is
hypermisti want a prusa i3 but can't buy it because i have no way to turn me funds to usd
jstevewhiteI thought PR accepted btc?
hypermistdo they ?
hypermistthat they dont
jstevewhitewoop, sorry. Thought someone said they did.
jstevewhiteI'm not one to bee checkin' the prices on bedflingers, so :D
hypermistwhat printer do you have jstevewhite :p
jstevewhitehypermist: which one? >:)
hypermistjstevewhite, the cheapest and best one you've got
jstevewhiteRight now I have an old flashforge that I keep around for dual extrusion projects, and two corexy printers I designed and built.
hypermistah k
jstevewhitewell, one I designed and built, and one kraegar and I brought into being as a joint project.
hypermistTOTAL: $823.59 :|
kraegarI just bitched and moaned at him
kraegarhe did all the work
Ardrakejstevewhite I have a flashforge dreamer I need to adjust nozzle heights, will probly take the extruders apart tonight....
dreamerACTION looks at his nozzle and disagrees
jstevewhite I've got the old flashforge that's essentially a makerbot replicator dual
jstevewhiteit's surprisingly good, though noisy and slow as fuck
jstevewhiteand uses x3g, which pisses me off.
Ardrakepretty sure it still a makerbot clone
jstevewhiteyeah, like I said
jstevewhite"essentially a makerbot replicator dual"
jstevewhitecomplete with laser-cut wood box
jstevewhitemine's an unbadged clone, but all the parts say "flashforge" in side, including the electronics, so
jstevewhitelike someone bought factory overstock and assembled their own hehehe
kraegarman I lucked out on having a spare bowden coupler for a titan on my delta.
kraegarjstevewhite: you see the all metal FT5 matt linked on FB?
jstevewhiteLOL no
kraegarThat's a beast of a printer
jstevewhiteyeah, it's a beast all right. :D
jstevewhitethe ALU bits are very pretty
Mangy_Dogthat a metal printer?
jstevewhiteit's a printer made of metal, not a printer of metal
Mangy_Dogor just using machines alum?
Mangy_Dogand yes theyre pretty
TheHexaCubeuuuuugh I finally figured out how to add custom signs / images to a PCB
jstevewhitebut, kraegar, as I've observed many times, it would be *much* more rigid if they bolted sides on it instead of supporting it at the corners :D
kraegaraw, shit, having an allergic reaction to something. wonder what triggered it.
jstevewhiteor epi-pen
kraegarnot that bad.
kraegarzyrtec or benadryl.
kraegarhands are getting hives. skin allergies, but it happens quick.
jstevewhiteoh, man, I hate that shit
jstevewhiteDoesn't happen to me very often, but when it does it drives me bugfuck
kraegarclothes washed in Tide would damn near kill me
kraegarthe PSU holes already there, or do I need to drill those, too?
Mangy_Dogwhats tide|?
kraegarlaundry soap
Mangy_Dogi dont really have many skin alergies... i mean soap doesnt appear to really do much to me. but ive had whitehead acne since i was a kid
Mangy_Dogim 34 and still have it
Mangy_Dogso a fair number of scars and scabs and whiteheads still
Mangy_Dogon my upper arms and back and sides
kraegarif I don't do something once I start reacting, I look like I should be in a leper colony.
kraegarlike if you were covered in poison ivy
Mangy_DogACTION throws a whole bottle of camomile lotion on you
TheHexaCubespot the logo! :P
Simoniousbottom left?
TheHexaCubeif I did everything right, it should be shiny copper on the PCB once it's made :>
Simoniouswhat board house did you go with?
TheHexaCubeSimonious: planning to use seeedstudio
SimoniousI've been pretty pleased with them
Simoniousthey gave me a full credit on the one order they messed up
Simoniousthose boards still worked fine too - they just did white on white board silk
Eloqueanyone have a tip on retraction volumes
EloqueI see now in Slic3r retract is set to 9mm, this seems excessive
jstevewhiteyeah, that's a LOT
jstevewhitemaybe if you have a 2 meter bowden tube or seomthing
EloqueI have a direct drive Bulldog XL and E3Dv6 hotend
sideralaEloque: arent those counteracting statements
Eloquealso, i have problems after the first layer, seems related
Eloquesiderala: what do you mean?
sideralayou retraction volumes
Eloqueah, sorry, geared drive of course
sideralai think you either have retracting volumes or retracting length
sideralacould be wrong
Eloquelength, my bad
jstevewhiteif there's no bowden, you should be more like .9 mm
sideralaEloque: what are all your other specs, speed, temp material
jstevewhitethan 9mm
sideralapictures of prints and first layer
Rob235what do you use to wire a motor on a belt drive? flex cables look cool but I dont know if they can provide enough power and where to get a generic one anyway
jstevewhiteRob235: wait... what kind of motor, what kind of belt drive, etc?
sideralaRob235: im confused what you are asking
Rob235a stepper motor driven gt2 belt with 20t pulleys
sideralayeah whats wrong with that
Rob235what do you use for wire management
jstevewhiteAh, ok. What do you mean by "flex cable"?
sideralawire loom
sideralacable wrap
jstevewhiteI tend to use the LED four-wire multi-conductor stuff.
sideralapersonally my printer has vslot so i got vslot caps and ran them thru the channels
jstevewhitebut all my steppers are < 2A
Rob235jstevewhite: you mean the rgbb 'ribbon cable' stuff?
sideralaat least 22awg
siderala20 would be safer
jstevewhiteyeah, I tend to go with the heavier stuff, 20 or 18
Rob235I think i have some of that but its not as flexible as id want, i'll probably use cable wrap then
uberadminer000 gauge should be fine right
Rob235well i dunno hmm
sideralauberadminer: personally 4ought is my favorite
Rob235they are 1.7A steppers btw not that it really matters
jstevewhitewell, it does matter, of course
jstevewhitethat's why siderala. said 20ga or better
Rob235well yes but i meant that i knew what was said would be fine
jstevewhiteif it was a 700ma motor, you could probably run 22Ga
uberadminerwho wants to debate using rj45 for stepper wiring
FuchikomaRJ45 is a connector type... I suppose it's fine?
uberadminerwell cat5 cable
TheHexaCubeuberadminer: I've been thinking about it
gthx => Keystone Stepper Motor Mount - RJ11 / Ethernet by jtenkely => 1 IRC mentions
TheHexaCubebut i dunno, alot of work for :D
Eloquesideral: 3mm filament, 60/30 mm/s ABS, 230 to 245 degrees, 0.8 nozzle, 0.4 layers
FuchikomaIIRC if you use two wires per you're fine current-wise
FuchikomaAnd if you're smart you'd use teh twisted pairing to cancel out the EMI
uberadmineranyone ever used
uberadminerim trying to run hdmi from the living room to media room so i dont have to buy more xbox ones
uberadminerjust using an hdmi switcher
kraegarplay it safe, use bigger cables:
uberadminerkraegar reminds me that i need to replcae the cable to my panel and replace my panel.. sigh
uberadminerby money
Rob235where did you get 20 awg for the stepper, the leads coming out if it are 26 awg
FuchikomaYou need to consider both current carrying ability (which is based on conductor temperature) and voltage drop
FuchikomaSometimes you end up using a larger wire than the tables might suggest because you lose too much voltage
Oparsould I spot weld my cells or solder
TheHexaCubespot them
TheHexaCube*spot weld
TheHexaCubeyou're talking batteries right?
OparThey're not new tho
Oparso there are still some little nubbins
Oparand also my "spot welder" is a car battery
TheHexaCubewell afaik they don't like the "long" heat from soldering
OdonaySpot weld is always preferable for lithium batteries
OparI'm just not sure I can manage it
bill2or3test it first on a junk cell.
Oparhard to get direct contact onto cells because of the little nubs from the previous weld
OdonayYou could technically solder it but as stated earlier they really don’t like heat
bill2or3you can dremel those off, mostly.
Odonaywhat kind of lithium cells are you working with?
Odonayare they cylindrical or tab?
OparSamsung 15L cells
OdonayOpar: and they have to be spot welded? I’m assuming you’re making packs
Oparthey don't have to be
OparI was planning on soldering htem.
bill2or3just work fast, use a nice hot iron.
OparI'll just use a tig welder
Rob235what kind of 2.1mm barrel jack can I use for up to 8A?
TheHexaCubethey look pretty small
TheHexaCubei doubt there are many rated for that much current