Jack-o-MelonCuz if it's the triangle in the middle of the screen, it's not in the right spot
AstaelanYeah, I'm assuming he had it centered and swept along the path because it does do a proper circle
AstaelanIt just seems offset by about 300%
AstaelanLike someone came in and did an actual offset on the threads after.
Jack-o-MelonLooks like it's on the wrong sketch plane to me
AstaelanWe se the original helix on the inner threads.
AstaelanYeap, that's possible. But it seems centered.
AstaelanHard to tell from this angle of course.
AstaelanAnd I gotta go get my brother from work in 5 minutes, so hopefully you can help him out :)
AstaelanSee how the bolt goes, if that doesn't work then something else is up
jancoowwhat the hell
jancoowsame result..
AstaelanYep, so something in your workflow is off :)
AstaelanWe can confirm that now.
jancoowthe t riangle is on the front plane
XXCoderdid you "fork" the design?
jancoowlike the tutorial was saying
AstaelanTake a picture of the triangle sketch
XXCoderbecause freecad really dont like that'
AstaelanI gotta jet but I'm sure these guys can help.
AstaelanXXCoder: this is OnSHape, not freecad
XXCoderthat dont look like freecad so nm
Jack-o-MelonOnshape is paid software?
Jack-o-MelonI thought it was free
AstaelanIt's free(ish)
jancoowdoes it have to be on the same depth level as the helix?
AstaelanOnShape can be used by hobbiest, same as F360 I believe
Jack-o-MelonYeah that sketch4 plane needs to be centered on the helix
thewsfree for public use
jancoowfor real
Astaelanjancoow: the center of the triangle should be right on the end of the helix
jancoowwhy doesn't the tutorial say that..
AstaelanIn all 3 planes
AstaelanNow that the helix is finished, let’s sketch the thread profile. For a standard thread, sketch an equilateral triangle. Use a pierce constraint to attach the thread profile sketch to the helix.
jancoowFor real, why doesn't say the tutorial anything about this?
AstaelanIt's not explicit, but it does say so :)
jancoowI did use a pierce constraint
AstaelanUse a pierce constraint to attach ... that would do it.
jancoowI did use a coincident contrain
AstaelanLittle shit will get ya every time.
AstaelanIt constrained on 1 plane
jancoowbut when using that pierce I get
jancoowSome of the entities could not be used.
AstaelanThat might be okay, if it's saying the overlapping part is going to be ignored
AstaelanNot sure what warnings it might pop on more recent versions, so try it.
jancoowIt isn't actually applying the constrain
AstaelanAlso make sure you only have the triangle selected
AstaelanSounds like you got other entities selected at the same time maybe
Jack-o-MelonI clicked "i'm a maker / hobbyist" and it's asking me all sorts of questions about my company
AstaelanOkay, really gotta go now, b ack in a bit
jancoowthanks for the help anyways
jancoowmaybe someone else could help me further?
jancoowBecause how can a constrain move the sketch plane..
crunchwhy the fuck did i move to the midwest
crunchfuck this shit
VanessaEcrunch: I warned you :P
VanessaEthe midwest sucks bat farts.
crunchthe food sucks
crunchthe people suck
crunchthe weather sucks
nlancastermove to portland oregon
XXCoderheh also warned
VanessaEmove to NC. the food, people, and weather suck less. :)
XXCodernah move to washington
XXCodergreen year around, awesome people and many different awesome food
crunchall fucking people talk about here is their fucking church
crunchi dont do jesus yo
VanessaEcrunch: suddenly I like you a lot more. :)
crunchits all simple minded fucks
XXCodersome places church and all kinds of devent sex is all they have
crunchsheep here
Jack-o-MelonACTION is also in NC
jancoowI just don't get it..
jancoowWhat is the pierce contrain acutally doing
VanessaEJack-o-Melon: what part of the state?
jancoowand why is it failing
VanessaEno shit.
VanessaEACTION is in Waynesville.
Jack-o-Melonsmall world
crunchhamburgers , jesus , cold weather
nlancasterPortland oregon, Beervana, and more porn and strip joints then anywhere else per capita.
crunchfuck this
VanessaEcrunch: so what are you gonna do now?
Jack-o-MelonWtf are you doing in Waynesville though lol
VanessaEJack-o-Melon: my late husband and I moved here in 2011. love the mountains.
Jack-o-MelonAre there even jobs out there? There ain't any here in Asheville :p
Jack-o-MelonAh gotcha
crunchdunno ride out thefilament game and see
XXCodercrunch: house next to mine is on sale lol lets move there so I can walk 6 steps to buy filiment ;)
VanessaEcrunch: ride it out?
crunchtill it dies
crunchor i sell it
VanessaEwhy would ...wha?
crunchfdm wont go forever
crunchthink vhs and dvd
djdelorieand he may want to retire in a couple decades
XXCoder30 years of church people isnt too bad ;)
VanessaEtrue but DVDs have been around since the 90's and will still be around for quite a whole longer yet
XXCoderall devent sex you want lol
crunchthe church thing here is really really excessive
Jack-o-MelonWhere are you from originally crunch?
crunchlos angeles
XXCoderhes super conservite from la heh
Jack-o-MelonAh yeah
XXCoderaka very liberal where he is now lol
crunchthey are super uptight
Jack-o-MelonVanessaE: did you get any snow today? It was snowing here a few hours ago!
crunchcnt fart
nlancasterhes a conservative from LA, so that would make him a Liberal in the midwest.
crunchcant fart if they tried
VanessaEJack-o-Melon: just a light dusting.
XXCodercrunch: usually how it works they are very super uptight in public
VanessaEa few flurries an hour or two ago
XXCoderthis is why areas where you live has highest porn and weird porn searches of all
crunchim a loud mouthed vulgar fuck
crunchi dont click well here
crunchfuck i regret this
nlancasterportland oregon!
nlancasterstrip joints!
jancoowokay i dont get this
VanessaEcrunch: any chance you can move but leave the facility in the care of someone else? without selling?
XXCoderlol https://img.washingtonpost.com/rf/image_960w/2010-2019/Wires/Images/2017-10-29/Getty/AFP_TT4UB.jpg&w=1024
jancoowthis is failing over and over again..
crunchhahahahahha no
VanessaEyou know, big CEO lives in NY, has factories in china sort of thing
jancoowwho pointed out the thread tool in onshape or something?
XXCoderVanessaE: im sure quality would go shit as soon as he looks away
thewscrunch: you join the church of satan yet?
thewsout of spite?
VanessaEXXCoder: well I assumed he'd choose someone he can trust, but clearly that's out of the question in this case.
XXCoderone of other factors is some workers there dont do shit when no attention is on em
crunchgod damnit fuck this place
thewswhere I'm from people are nutty religious too, but there's good food to be found
thewsdown here in FL it's watered down a bit
thewsbut still excessive
crunchits insane here
crunchand the minute they find out you dont do jesus they turn on you
VanessaEcrunch: you gotta do *something*
VanessaEgtfo somehow
thewsbible belt
XXCoderrust belt
crunchfucking like clones
jeffdm_workbuggy belt
crunchall got the same bin file
XXCoderlol yeah their priest
thewsjust be like me and go awkwardly silent any time religion comes up
thewsit's better for my life to behave that way
crunchneighboor is like why are you not married and have kids.....because my cpa told me its better this way.
crunchthey got all offended
jeffdm_workGo Mormon on them.
jeffdm_workwell OK that won't fit
thewsmight as well get married in that case though
XXCoder"have you heard of good news of no jesus?"
thewsor split up
jeffdm_workOr just say you're married
VanessaEtell them you follow the FSM :)
crunchi dont need to please these fucks
crunchthey can lick my sack
crunchif they dont like it
XXCoderyou sure you wanna let em nbear your sensive organ?
thewswhy do you talk to them?
thewsI'm pretty silent everywhere I go
crunchim at fucking dinner and the server comes up and starts this god bless your child shit
crunchout of no where
crunchim like what are you doing?
jeffdm_workThere's reasons people go and build a cabin in the woods.
thewsmy marriage is child free so I get to bypass most of that
crunchin LA people respected choice
XXCoderyeah liberals
crunchno one imposed
XXCoderand less nutty conservites also
thewspeople do ask when we're having kids all of the time though
nlancasterportland is the same crunch
thewsportland isn't religious at all compared to other places
XXCoderthews: "when you stop asking for 10 years"
nlancasterwe have lots of churchs
crunchi got this gay dude working with me , they are rough on him, in LA it would be like whatever
nlancasterbut that is offest by the Beer, Porn, and strip joints
thewsportland doesn't have many churches
Jack-o-Meloncrunch: what do you say when someone asks you what church you go to
crunchi dont do the jesus stuff
thewsgotta travel some to see diversity I guess
Jack-o-MelonThe trick is to avoid the word "Jesus"
nlancasterChurch of the FSM!
jeffdm_workThe Church of Saint Guadalcanal
Jack-o-MelonTell them you don't go to church, will go over much better
jeffdm_workPatron Saint of island hopping warfare
crunchid rather speak the truth
thewsor just be silent
crunchi dont do jesus
thewslet them fill in the blanks
VanessaEchuch of the subgenius ;)
thewssilence intimidates those types
thewsthe blanks to fill in haunt them
crunchim middle eastern
crunchmaybe tell them im muslim
XXCodercrunch: form your own church. call it
XXCoderokay forget my joke thats just funny
nlancastercrunch observes church of the perfect filament!
XXCoderThe holy plastic
crunchtrump is king out here
crunchshows the iq level
XXCoderwow what a surpise :P
thewscrunch: shows the pain management clinic level
Jack-o-MelonChurch Organization League of Nincompoops
Jack-o-MelonCOLON for short
thewsmidwest is full of opiod addicts
thewsnutty people
crunchive never seen so many basic people
crunchbasic bitches
crunchno culture
crunchno nothing
crunchchurch , burgers , factory job
crunchmarriage kids
VanessaEwhat's wrong with burgers?
crunchthats all they fucking eat here
crunchall they fucking have
VanessaEok fair enough
crunchits fucking horrid
XXCoder:( no sushi, no monglian grill, so on..
thewsstuff is bad up there
VanessaEmaybe the fact that I grew up in Kansas makes burgers kind of a thing for me. I could live on them :P
VanessaEnot even chinese delivery?!
crunchi had so much variety in LA
XXCoderno wonder the golden arches is king there
thewsno shit
thewsyou come from a diverse city
thewsnothing is going to compare besides another diverse city
crunchwhat the fuck did i do
nlancastercrunch, why did you move to the midwest?
thewscrunch: gotta start a greenhouse and get a farm to table place opened up
thewsmake bank
VanessaEcrunch: you can't move the business somewhere else?
VanessaEtoo expensive I guess
crunchits cheaper to run here
crunchi was getting killed in la
corecodewhat about bbq
crunchhad problems with epa
zzingCan PLA lift off of a bed if there is a desk fan pointed at it? (there is no parts fan)
XXCodercrunch: you moved too early. trump is killing epa
VanessaEzzing: if the bed is not clean enough and can't hold its temperature.
thewsindiana isn't a good bbq place
thewsXXCoder: environmental stuff isn't killed in california
corecodeso potatos then
VanessaEzzing: my printbed can't sustain more than ~95C when the fans are on (but who needs fans if you're printing ABS)
crunchmofos were on my ass
crunchenviromental stuff is started in ca
thewsmost of what they're doing is warranted, california has limited resources and pollution becomes concentrated
XXCoderchina killed 40% of facrories
XXCodersay goodbye to cheap stuff
XXCoderyeah china is finally fed with pollution killing people
VanessaEcrunch: I have to wonder why they were harassing you.. it's not like noxious chemicals or smoke or whatever are involved in making filament (since you don't make the actual granules)
XXCoderonly thing I can think is abs fumes
thewsppm levels
crunchlots of fumes are made during production lol
zzingMy friend is using a room temperature bed using a spray adhesive - no idea what it is. The printer is a taz 3 with that stuff they used before pei
zzingPET bed
crunchabs is yucky
crunch2nd is pla
nlancasterroom temp bed, aquanet extrahold hairspray
VanessaEthey were worried about fumes? jeez.
crunchpetg is nada
nlancasterjust a piece of glass for the bed.
crunchVanessaE worry no , pay to play
crunch28k a year permit plus 110k scrubber
crunchgood to go
VanessaEok, I assumed you had something like that in place
thewsyep big scrubber stacks and level monitoring
thewswhat's worse jesus or govt regulations
VanessaEfrankly, jesus freaks are worse...
thewswalking on water and turning water into wine
crunchgovt regs atleast make sense and have a purpose
zzinggovernment regulations exist for a reason quite often
thewswhat's to hate?
thewszzing: cause industry lobbiests?
XXCoderI know bunch nice jesus people, but then there is others that scare crap out of me
XXCoderexpecially 45 supporters
thewsgovt regulations in early days were there because of outcry
crunchthey are so fake
VanessaEthews: it's the people, not the guy they suck up to.
crunchi notice
thewsnow it's because of lobbiests
AstaelanThe religious nuts are fine, they just want the world to end. Government on the other hand, wants to be the one to end it.
thewspeople pray for the world to end
thewsso jesus will come back
VanessaEbah, fuck all that
XXCoderso they can have sex with jesus
crunchi love the , wow your from la. do you know any moviestars ... yes many...,wow who. i dont name drop sorry
VanessaEI didn't mean THAT, XXCoder :P
crunchthen they get all pissy
XXCoderwouldnt be surpised with all tha freaky porn shit they keep searching for
crunchstupid people
Astaelanthews: exactly lol
thewsend-time prayer movement
thewsgoogle it
XXCoderlike "sister sex incest with mom"
crankylinuxuserwtf did I walk in on?
Astaelanthews: on the other hand, you know, Trump can't wait to push the button that actually ends it all.
crunchdid you vote for obama?
crunchdid you vote for trump ... no
crunchwhat church you go to...
crunchi dont do jesus
VanessaEAstaelan: trump's a moron but frankly I worry more about the nutjob in Pyongyang.
crunchok we gotta go
thewscrunch: just act like you didn't hear them
crankylinuxuserwelcome to indiana crunch
thewsdon't even twitch like you registered it
thewsit works for me
crunchthe last one i just start drolling on myself
crunchmade my day
AstaelanVanessaE: I worry less about that end, because I envision them sitting over there goes "How can we piss off Trump today? This is fun!"
rpifan drooling?
crunchlike on my shirt
crunchand let out a extra loud huh
crankylinuxuserlike a Rick
VanessaEAstaelan: well it's just that I don't think trump has the balls to press "the button", but Kim I think does...and is crazy enough to do it.
crunchthis state sucks asshole
crankylinuxuserwho's your morty, crunch?
thewsjust ignore them like you're deaf
AstaelanTrump most certainly does. It's just all the (thankfully) red tape between that stops it all.
crunchwtf is a morty
crankylinuxuserRick and Morty...
thewscrunch is trollin
crunchwtf is that
crankylinuxusera fucked up adult cartoon
crunchi dont have tv
Ducklecrunch is not trolling. He's crunching
crunchyoutube for the win
AstaelanThat, and an arsenal of other things to drop first.
Ducklecrankylinuxuser: Netflix?
crunchdumb rednecks here
DuckleSeason 1 is freaking amazing, season 2 is good, season 3 is ok
thewscrunch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GC5rAX0xHg
crankylinuxuseri watch it on dailymotion before they nuke them
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GC5rAX0xHg => RICK AND MORTY MCDONALD&#39;S SZECHUAN SAUCE FREAKOUT!!!! (ORIGINAL VIDEO) => 1 IRC mentions
crunchflannel packing idiots
AstaelanBut, I digress, back to my show :P
Ducklethews: That sauce stuff.
thewscrunch: that's all you need to know
DuckleThe show is good, most of the fans of the show, hate some of the fans of the show
Duckleit's kinda funny
crunchdid that guy eat too many edibles
thewshe's just a fan of the show and didn't get the limited time sauce
Ducklenope, just people being waaay too desperate to belong to some group
thewssome very bad fans
crunchi have to wait for housing to crash again to move back to la
Ducklethews: I mean, don't pretend that all fans are like that :)
thewscrunch: does eating too many edibles freak anyone out like that?
thewscrunch: thought it just gave you some super bad couch lock that lasted a long time
nlancasteroregon has legal weed
thewsDuckle: I mean I watch the show, but I didn't care to find the sauce
crunchi have seen people trip the fuck out and become disconnected with reality
thewsnlancaster: I had some smokiez last time I was there
Ducklethews: Nah fuck that. The sauce stuff was insane
nlancasteri don't partake, but I voted to make it legal
nlancasternearly 200 million in taxes for the general fund from it.
crunchweed kills
DuckleI mean, I live in Denmark, but if I'd seen a queue walking past the local mcd, I'd have noped away
Duckleweed kills drug rings
Ducklelegal weed that is
nlancasterstates with legal weed have less opiod deaths.
Duckleopiods are the real killers
thewsopioids are ruining the country
thewsmost trump supporters I know go to pain management clinics
crunchyou know you live in a moron state when people think pizza hut is legit
crunchsimpleton fucks
thewscrunch: that pasta though am I right?
DuckleI miss pizza hut
thewshave never tried it
thewsbut people say it's good
Duckleall you can eat pizza :(
Ducklethey closed down in Denmark
thewsDuckle: dunno about all you can eat
cruncharbys , mcdonalds , taco bell
thewsmost of them don't have buffets anymore
crunchthe fucks here think taco bell is mexican
crunchstupid fucks
DuckleAll I have are childhood memories of it, It was where we ate on the family christmas gift shopping trip
VanessaEcrunch: is there at least a Subway there?
Duckleit's been a while
thewscrunch: are you far enough north that there's not real hot sauce in restaurants?
thewsthat's a thing
crunchsubway taste like cardboard
thewsit drove me crazy when I worked in michigan and indiana
thewsno hot sauce
Ducklesubway is always disapointing here :/
crunchi come from a pretty diverse background
VanessaEdamn dude. what are you used to, filet mignon?
crunchthis place is killing me
crunchVanessaE yes actually
Duckleoh pizza gut closed here in 2009, so last time I was there was probably 2008, 10 years.
crunchi usually ate $100 plates
thewscrunch likes that steak tartare
crunchi dont think i can find a single high end joint to eat here
crunchits fucking awful
thewsbet there's decent stuff in south bend
thewsnot much of it
thewsbut probably a few decent places
crunchim in warsaw
crunchits horrid
thewsof course
thewsyou moved to a shitty state in a rural area
crunchit aint rural
crunchits a shitty state
thewsyes it is
nlancasterindianna crunch?
crunchimiss my la
crunchthe traffic i dont miss
thewsI'd bet highly that warsaw had lots of rural route roads renamed after 9/11
Viper168mobHow can you miss la
thewsthat means it's rural as fuck
Viper168mobTool even wrote about it needing to be flushed
Viper168mobLike a toilet
Viper168mobI'm sure the place isn't that bad it's just the people that are turds
crunchjesus and burgers
crunchwelcome to indiana
thewsit's nice to be in an area with lots of options
thewsit sucks to be in an area with tons of traffic
thewsgotta change yourself to be okay with something like rural indiana
Viper168mobI get stuck going to Iowa and Nebraska every fucking weeknight
crunchneed to make my money and get the fuck out
Viper168mobIndiana would be a relief
nlancasterwow, that is a small town crunch
crunchnlancaster fuck you
crunchbuy some noodle
thewscrunch: https://www.indeed.com/q-Delivery-Driver-l-Warsaw,-IN-jobs.html
nlancasteryou don't got my color!
thewssearch the page for "rural"
nlancasteryou get my color, i buy more noodle!
thewscrunch: when your job descriptions say "rural" it means something
nlancasteruntil then. NO NOODLE!
crunchwit u want ?
nlancasterroyal blue
nlancasteri am on the email list when its in stock. :D
crunchtuesday prolly
thewsalright time to shut down
thewscrunch: hope god blesses you in your sleep so you can have some comfort
crunchyou one of them ?
nlancasterhes just being an asshole
thewsis joke
nlancasterok, time to get serious about replacing this delta pos
crunchi should get a license plate to piss off everyone here
nlancasterjesus was a zombie
nlancasterhow else did he come back to life 3 days after he died?!
crunchjesus mowed my lawn in ca
crunchno joke
VanessaEyeah but we ain'
nlancasterjesus mows my lawn!
VanessaEain't talking about hayzeus. :P
nlancastercrunch, can't say it enough. i love your filament
crunchits like liquid butter
nlancasterprinted silver, perfect red, and cherry red today. all the same settings.
DuckleI prefer esun
DuckleACTION has never tried either
crunchfuck your esun
nlancasteresun? GTFO!
VanessaEbyte your tongue, Duckle
imrclyesun is gooey
DuckleI've never tried esun or atomic :) I buy my stuff locally, because I can bike there and don't need to pay for shipping :)
crunchfuck this place
Duckle"Selling windows 7 professional.... Used... No key included"
Ducklefrom here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPVplTn3QPc
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPVplTn3QPc => r/delusionalcraigslist Top Posts of All Time => 1 IRC mentions
jstevewhiteI miss anything cool?
Mangy_Dogthe world blew up
Mangy_Dogand im going to bed :p
VanessaEjstevewhite: jut crunch crabbing about his digs
Mangy_Dognn all
ndnihilI've seen crunches digs
ndnihilhe's hood-rich
ndnihil$3k worth of rimzz on a $3k car type rich
crunchthe what
crunchfuck indiana
crunchstupid shithole i moved to
ndnihilgot cold didn't it
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUQ3-GUCUk4 => r/quityourbullsh*t Top Posts of All Time => 1 IRC mentions
crunchpeople are lame
ndnihilyou're going to love the next few months
crunchwtf is a digs
VanessaEcrunch: the place you live
VanessaE(usually your home but I was talking about your general area)
crunchhome is cool
crunchstate is not
VanessaEcase in point.
genebBeats California. :)
imrclyyeah Indiana is horrible to even drive through
ndnihilthe whole of the midwest is kinda crap
crunchgeneb no
crunchi miss cali
imrclyi like Kentucky
ndnihilimrcly: they make a delicious jelly
genebKentucky is too deep into Tardistan.
nlancastertardistan, i like that!!
nlancasterportland oregon has a suburb in Washington called vancouver. when you dont like them we call it Vantucky
crunchiq in indiana is like room temp
genebmacegr lives in Vancouver, so it can't be all bad. :)
jstevewhiteI keep meaning to get out to portland when I'm in Seattle, but never quite make it.
crunchfucking 32f
crunchwhat the fuck is this shit
_omega_it's called Fall
_omega_to fall
_omega_it's overdue
crunchfuck this shit
genebWe should probably set up a GoFundMe to get crunch a nice cheese platter to go with his whine. :D
crunch64 back at my cali spot
genebat 4x+ the rent...
crunchgeneb fuck you
crunchthis place sucks
crunchcome have a church burger
crunchpiece of shit midwest
nlancasterso for a AC heatpad on the bed. would a 360w 12x12inch be enough?
nlancasterwas that yes for me crunch?
jstevewhiteI like the Midwest. I like Cali, too, though.
jstevewhiteAnd Seattle
nlancasteri have been all over the west, everywhere except AZ
jstevewhitePhoenix is Dis
nlancasterand i wouldn't live anywhere except the Portland Oregon area
jstevewhitethe city at the gates of hell.
crunchim gonna goto arbys and get some shitty dinner
crunchbecause there is nothing high end here
imrclybronco berry sauce
ndnihilI mean
ndnihilthere's ihop and dennys
ndnihilthat's high end compared to arbys
crunchthats ghetto
VanessaEcrunch: any Huddle House there? they're reasonably good, for a dennys-ish diner
VanessaEwell shit
imrclyhuddle house is a dennys fucked a waffle house
crunchfuck midwest
nlancasteranyone ever build or use a moving XY gantry machine? moves in Z
nlancasterany disadvantages?
Jack-o-Melonlol imrcly
Jack-o-Melonnlancaster: not sure what you mean
Jack-o-MelonLike the Gantry moves instead of the build plate?
nlancasterso instead of moving the print surface in Z move the XY axis in Z
nlancastero wait, jeffdm did it!
Jack-o-MelonThat's totally doable, but you can pretty much guarantee decreased stiffness in XY moves
Jack-o-MelonResults in more artifacts, reduced accelerations & top speeds etc
Jack-o-MelonI wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for precision. Might get you a little more build volume?
nlancasterhmm, need to talk to jeffdm about it. I have seen his printer. it s ahuge printer
nlancasterif i did it, i would be using tru linear rail for the Z, not round rod.
nlancasterbbl, dinner
jstevewhitejef79m doesn't have artifacting problems. It's all about structural rigidity.
jstevewhiteer, jeffdm_ , not jef79m
jeffdm_Well I had some troubles but I had specific reasons for doing what I did
jeffdm_You want a rigid XY frame and constrain it well
jeffdm_I have a welded tubular steel frame
jeffdm_Water jet cut ATP-5 plate for XY
jstevewhiteI didn't mean to suggest that MOAB was perfect on the first go. I'm just saying I've seen quite a few of your prints and see no reason to beleive that you're suffering terribly due to your moving X/Y platform.
Jack-o-Melonjstevewhite: just saying it would be reduced stiffness compared to an almost identical setup w/ a rigid Z axis.
Jack-o-Melonjeffdm_: oh man, yeah that's gonna be rigid af lol
jstevewhiteJack-o-Melon: I wouldn't disagree, but would submit that almost no one would build an 'almost identical' setup with a moving X/Y platform. >:)
jstevewhiteI mean, it's basically deltas and custom rigs
Jack-o-Melonlol true
jstevewhitethough I've seen a couple... is that tiny M3D one a moving xy?
jstevewhiteI haven't seen a lot of prints from it.
jeffdm_It has considerable problems from trying too hard to be cheap
jstevewhiteyeah, but to be fair, it's possible to build a shitty printer of almost any motion stage if you go cheap enough hehehe
jeffdm_Ordinarily I would do my mechanics on a smaller scale but I have different reasons for doing something different
Jack-o-MelonAre you downloading a car?!?!
Jack-o-MelonHow big of a printer did you build anyway?
jeffdm_680mm cubed
Jessayyou have ruined my 3d printing motivation
kraegarJessay: https://imgur.com/a/hvhSv
Jessaynailed it
Jessayepisode 8
Jessaywow this ebayer accepted my lowball offer on flexion
Jessaybrand new flexion for 100 buckaroos with high temp addon
Jessaydont mind if i do!
sHR00mprinting this atm https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:76369
gthxhttps://www.thingiverse.com/thing:76369 => Turbine Rotary Tool 60,000 rpm by RichMac => 1 IRC mentions
Jack-o-Melon680 cubed
sHR00mhopefully it wont warp
Jack-o-MelonACTION devides by 25.4
Jack-o-Melonooh that's a pretty good size
jeffdm_Here is a table with some of my parts https://youtu.be/1pXeo2L9Zns?t=13m12s
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pXeo2L9Zns => Live At Midwest RepRap Festival => 1 IRC mentions
Jack-o-MelonsHR00m: I too enjoy exploding plastic! :D
sHR00mI hope PC-ABS will help with that
sHR00mand will substitute for steel spacers
sHR00mlets see
sHR00mplanning to use it for sanding only, so I think there might be hope
Jack-o-Melonjeffdm_: holy crap that airplane!
Jack-o-MelonThat's dope af
Jack-o-MelonWhat nozzle size are you using?
sHR00mprinted some screws earlier which are ridiculously stable
Jessaydude jeffs moab
Jessayive been obsessed with like 4 months now
Jack-o-MelonI wanna see ittttt
sHR00mjeffdm_, woah
Jessayhe has a zelda i think it is?
jeffdm_Jack-o-Melon: 0.6mm for jet
Jessayhe used the green atomic filament i love to do it so jelly
Jack-o-Melonthat's a long print
Jessayi look at my pitiful kits and begin to cry not realizing it
jeffdm_20hrs per wing
jeffdm_But I use up to 1.2mm too
Jessaypush over my cetus and maker selects and finish my tantrum
Jack-o-MelonYou said you did a welded tube frame? 3/4" tube?
jeffdm_2”x4” tube
jeffdm_Some 1x2, 1x3 etc
Jessayim going back to stranger things this will get me riled up i need a larger printer so badly
Jessaykraegar, railcoreII go now!
Jessaymakes it biggggerrrr
Jessayhow much longer before chinese new years want to get a few more orders in before i go for my next round of orders
jeffdm_My current photos are old but this might show scale https://flic.kr/p/Mzy2om
jeffdm_I’ve been totally redoing the insulation
Jessayyou guys can see it on his youtube in action
Jessaygthx, moab
Jessaylame i have it saved
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb91MpPZ2VY => "3 Lobes" by Cosine Additive built on MOAB 680 => 1 IRC mentions
sHR00mjeffdm_, you got any hints for nice settings with a 1.2mm nozzle?
sHR00mvase mode or so?
kraegarsay what now Jessay?
jeffdm_Mostly vase mode
jeffdm_But Aria is a regular part
kraegaryou want the 300^3 version?
jeffdm_I hope to get it running again next weekend
Jessayi was just going on a rant about wanting a larger printer and waiting on railcoreII to go larger yeppers
Jessayyou know what though the current railcoreII is what 250?
kraegarI've started the f360 "remodel" of it
kraegarcleaning up the 250 version. Once that's done I'll work on the 300
Jessaymight just go ahead and build it then
kraegarthe issue we're having right now is the side panels
kraegarcan't find the material to get them cut
jstevewhitethat is, the way we made ours. You can use most anything rigid if you can find someone to cut it.
jstevewhiteRailcore1 is pegboard :D
kraegarthe source I thought I'd lined up fell through, and I can't find the melamine.
kraegarright, there are other options. but you'd have to find your own person to lasercut or mill them
Jack-o-Melonjeffdm_: oh square tube
Jack-o-MelonI was thinking round
Jack-o-Melon2x4 is big
jeffdm_The frame still looks slender
Jessaybeen re-organizing my garage
kraegarI *may* have 2 or 3 sets worth of panels soon. but they'll disappear quick I think
Jack-o-MelonI used 3x3 for an industrial machine with a lot more weight on the gantry
JessayI have brand new in boxes impulse purchases of linear rails from 250 to 400 shit even a 860 iko rail for some reason
Jack-o-Melonor was it 4x4? i think maybe we went up to 4x4
kraegarmy neighbor wants one, and one of the guys building now does as well
Jessaywell let me know the cost i can probably prepay even
kraegarJessay: for the 250 you need 4 x 300, 1 x 350 (or 5 x 350 works)
kraegaradd 50mm for the 300^3 version
JessayI really might be covered ive apparently impulse purchased random shit over the last few months and never tracked it
Jessayone thing i definitely dont need is silicone wiring in 10-16awg and i would definitely need to purchase 3d controller boards
Jack-o-Melonkraegar: ugh it's HIDEOUS
kraegarthere's the 3d model if you want to play with it. there's a lot of cruft in there, the cleaner version is a week away at least
Jack-o-Melonkidding it looks good :)
Jessaynice kraegar
Jack-o-MelonIs this a design that you've already built and you're just re-making it in F360?
kraegarprobably a couple weeks away
kraegarJack-o-Melon: that's the design we built our printers off of. it's good and usable.
Jessaysucks how tedious it can be
kraegarI'm just cleaning things up
Jessayhim and steve!
kraegarjstevewhite did the bulk of the f360 work
Jack-o-MelonAh gotcha
kraegarI did the BOM, documentation, and PR
Jack-o-MelonLooks like a CoreXY with no crossover?
kraegarand a little in f360
kraegaryep, duo planar corexy
kraegarsingle z stepper, belt drive to the second screw.
Jack-o-MelonThose are solid kinematics
kraegarall linear rails
Jack-o-MelonThe "second screw"?
JessayACTION has become a linear rail fanatic
kraegartwo leadscrews on z
Jack-o-MelonMan, linear rails are great
kraegarone stepper
Jack-o-Melonoh ok I see what you mean
Jack-o-MelonI TA'd a 3D printer design class last year, one of the teams made a very similar printer, just more OpenBuilds rollers instead of linear rails
kraegargallery of prints from the RailCoreII: https://imgur.com/a/QNLli
Jack-o-MelonHow hard did you find it to align the square rail
kraegarnot at all
Jack-o-MelonThose are excellent prints
gthxExtruder is the part that pushes the plastic into the hotend and is also http://smoothieware.org/extruder
Jack-o-Melonthanks gthx
kraegare3d v6
kraegarbut you can drop in whatever you want
kraegarit's direct drive, could easily be bowden. doesn't matter
Jack-o-MelonDamn you guys just about had it tuned in before the first print, too!
kraegarhere's a video of it printing tonight: https://youtu.be/sJCsEvEdIDA
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJCsEvEdIDA => Pirate Coin Printing on the RailCoreII => 2 IRC mentions
kraegarI pretty much always print @ 75mm/s
Jack-o-MelonYou can do better than that
kraegarI've done 150mm/s, yep
Jack-o-MelonWith how rigid that setup is lol
Jack-o-MelonOh man is that just a square rail with nothing else supporting? Haha that's awesome
kraegarreally open / modular build. pick your hotend, extruder, controller, z-probe, etc.
ndnihilgah this is brutal
kraegarvery easy to modify to use something else
ndnihilmine is chugging along at 30mm/s
kraegarhere's the finished print from that video: https://imgur.com/z4amlct
ndnihilon the up side, polyflex through a lengthy bowden is working
srkkraegar: nice!
kraegarJessay: we have optional milled aluminum parts on the way, too
kraegarstepper & idler mounts.
djdelorieyoutube's anti-wobble feature makes it look like your extruder *is* wobbling
kraegarI don't expect a huge improvement in quality or anything, but they sure look shiny
kraegaryeah djdelorie, it turned that stuff on automagically when it uploaded and won't let me disable it.
Jack-o-Melonkraegar: dude wtf how did you print that pyramid
Jack-o-Melonthose are some huge bridges
kraegarit's a spiral vase mode print
Jack-o-MelonUnless it's a trick of th eeye
kraegarno bridges at all
kraegarI accidentally broke that print taking it off the printer, lol.
kraegarthat was the last shot of it looking good
kraegaranyway Jessay, been working hard all this week, the documentation is done in at least a rough form. and two people are building them and giving corrections / feedback as they go
kraegarmostly minor errors like a few bolts not added in, or a typo on the size. it's all going together well.
ndnihil`sup monica
crunchfuckijgn awful food
crunchfuck this place
VanessaEfuckity fuck. :)
ndnihilfast food is garbage no matter where you live
ndnihilcrunch: make a flex filament that is rigid'ish until after its printed
VanessaEthat would be kinda difficult since you have to heat-extrude to make filament in the first place.........
ndnihilI didn't ask for your logic
Ccecil_laptopcrunch: glad you moved to the midwest yet?
Jessaykraegar, I am pretty much done roughly taking inventory of all my last few months of impulse purchasing if I can start the build I'll give you a heads up only thing I want to do alittle more research on is going duet or looking into BBB/replicape
JessayseemeCNC i heard is really interested in bbb
crunchCcecil_laptop fuck this place
gthxbbb is http://beagleboard.org/black
JessayACTION storms off exit stage left
Ccecil_laptopcrunch: you have a fanbase :) how cute
crunchi do?
Jessayyea sidarela
Jessaystranger things season 2 so good
Jessayfuck its 11 already and 5am so close
Ccecil_laptopcrunch: at least you are out of LA though...right
Jack-o-Melongo sleeps Jessay
nlancasterjeffdm_ whats your youtube channel?
jeffdm_Did you find it?
nlancasterjust searched jeffdm. lol
nlancasterits like a super stiff ultimaker XY
jeffdm_That’s probably the one
nlancasteroh i saw your printer
jeffdm_Crossing gantry but slides aren’t on the pivot rods
nlancasterpivot rods?
nlancasterah, its called a "crossing gantry" never heard of that before
jeffdm_Well the perimeter rods transmit rotary motion for one axis but is a slide for the other axis
jeffdm_On an Ultimaker
nlancasteron the ultimaker yeah
nlancasteron yours you have linear rail
nlancasterstill deciding if I want to go corexy or regular
jeffdm_h_with separate rods for transmitting force for belts
nlancasteryours is sort of a hybrid
nlancasterin that the Y or X motor is not on the gantry
jeffdm_h_I might have gone overboard on the frame but I originally thought I'd put a spindle on the gantry
djdeloriebe different! Go corexyz ;-)
nlancasterwtf is corexyz?!
jeffdm_h_It's the work of Satan
nlancasterjeffdm_, you have linear rail on your z-axis also, right?
jeffdm_h_see the back wall
nlancasterall 4 corners?
jeffdm_h_only 2 are needed to constrain
nlancasterbut 4 ballscrews for Z right?
jeffdm_h_when I'm finished with upgrades I should take some photos & videos
nlancasteri have got to build something to get away form this delta
nlancasteri think 1 tower, no matter what I do, loses steps randomly
nlancasterussaully only once during a print
nlancasterchanged stepper driver, changed stepper..... checked tension
jeffdm_h_oh on a delta that has to look weird
nlancastereveryting i can think of
nlancasterit is normally s small enough step that it only shifts over towards one tower like .25mm
nlancastersometimes its a big skip and ruins a print
jeffdm_h_I can't wait to get the beta firmware on my Duet
nlancasterwhat does the beta add?
nlancasterbecause i am thinking of going duet for my next printer
jeffdm_h_now that he's enabled missed step detection so I can rule out whether I'm missing steps or if I just have my steps/mm wrong
nlancaster ,k
jeffdm_h_It's nice that firmwares are starting to use advanced driver features
nlancasteri am really tempted by the new pruse mk3 and its advanced firmware
nlancasteralmost tempted to buy one just ot get the controller and firmware
jeffdm_h_I wonder if that's why dc42 enabled missed step detection because it was added like last week.
jeffdm_h_The drivers had it all along
jeffdm_h_but in all fairness the firmware has been advancing on many different fronts
XXCoderhttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/DM8PPVPW0AAfeax.jpg get ready with TP
jeffdm_Ooh nasty
XXCoderit is
nlancasterwhat, chicken broth cubes?! asshole
XXCodernobody figured that she was trolling or missed that those arent candies
nlancasteri did!
lowridahhttps://photos.app.goo.gl/PzspV1fQwjTOiSn82 all 3d printed wood robot is moving
lowridahi even 3d printed out bushings in wooden filament instead of bearings since nothing moves more than 115 degrees
lowridahit took hours trying to figure out why i could sweep with an arduino but not with a nodemcu, their pins aren't mapped the same
station1whats the best string wall ploter recipea???
bastardguten morgen!
nlancasterlowridah, neet. dog is like WTF?
norlevomy heated bed takes 55 minutes to reach 100°C after I installed a borosilicate glass plate. I have some thermal-silicone-sheet-thing in between...is this normal?
Nooblet101do you have insulation under the bed?
Nooblet1015 minutes is too long, 2-3 minutes is my typical goal
station1whats the way togo for a cable bot / wall plotter these days
VanessaENooblet101: not for a PCB heatbed.
VanessaEmine takes 11 mins to 105°C if I cover it during heating (17 mins uncovered)
norlevothanks guys, I'll try and figure out what's wrong then
VanessaEnorlevo: you've got enough power going to it?
norlevoI'm not really sure
norlevoI haven't done any measures
VanessaEwell, my printer's run from a 30A 12v supply if that helps
Nooblet101norlevo: why dont you tell us a little about your setup (or link to the machine if bought) so we can make some educated guesses
Nooblet101that'd save a whole of questions and guesses
norlevoit's a monoprice maker select v2, I did the mosfet-thing...I use an atx power supply which should provide up to 30A for the whole thing
VanessaEstation1: no clue about cable bots
Nooblet101ok I dont see any great pictures of that bed but it appeard to be the typical design with an airgap, I would adda layer of cork to the bottom (wallmart sells 12"x12" sheets in a 4 pack) and cover the bed while heating.
Nooblet101its probably just under powered and even with that done will take 17 minutes like VanessaE s setup
Nooblet101I would make some suggestion about changinf the bed voltage woth a 19v laptop powersupply, but depending on the guts of the thing that may be more complex
VanessaEfor reference, mine is a common PCB heater with a sandwich of cardboard-polystyrene-cardboard held snugly under it, and boro glass clipped to the top
VanessaEso the usual sort of setup for its day
Nooblet101the pcb heaters are just barely able to do abs, I prefer 24v and or kapton film heaters for abs. for PLA thos are plenty
norlevothese are some really great suggestions that helps a ton...thanks a lot Nooblet101 and VanessaE !
VanessaEgood luck
Nooblet101norlevo: be careful the first tthing most people end up with (besides marvins) is a whole nother printer
Nooblet101an upgrade here an upgrade there and an addiction is born
VanessaE*looks at moderately-upgraded printer* *carefully slides it behind something boring and not-upgraded*
norlevohaha, yeah, I can already feel it sucking me in
norlevoI like it though
alteregoYup. upgrades lead to spares.
alteregoSpares lead to new printers
alteregoNew printers lead to upgrades
alteregoUpgrades lead to spares.
VanessaEthe printer has you. knock knock, alterego.
alterego"knock knock" ...
alteregoIs that the delivery man?
alteregoMaybe it's my new trinamic stepper drivers.
alteregoI wonder what I should do with my old TMC2100s
alteregoWell, I have a spare RAMPS too ..
VanessaE... . o O ( He doesn't get the reference? )
VanessaEThe Matrix.
alteregoI thought that was "Wake up neo"
VanessaEmaybe I blew the line
VanessaEoh well
alteregoAnd she wonders why I don't get the reference
VanessaE"The matrix has you..." and shortly thereafter, "Knock, knock" (maybe "..neo" or not, I forget) after which someone actually knocks at the door.
alteregoOh yeah
alteregoThe follow the white rabbit
alteregoMan, the D7s are so cheap on aliexpress.
VanessaEI was about to ask, "$521 is cheap?" until I noticed it's SLA
VanessaEwhich IS cheap
alteregoInteresting ..
alteregoCan get the LCD and driver board for a D7 for 60 quid
LoetmichelVanessaE: wasnt that a white bunny?
Loetmichelwho knocked
VanessaELoetmichel: she was among the group that knocked yeah
LoetmichelMAAN is that a long time since i wached that movie
Loetmichelshe had a tatoo of that bunny, amirite?
VanessaEinb4 someone shits on the other two movies bearing the name
VanessaEyeah, on her shoulder I think
alteregoAnd what I presume is the single access controller board is only another 50 dollars.
alteregoWell .. Maybe I'll build one ..
alteregoProbably still cheaper to buy a D7 than building one.
alteregoWhat a surprise we talk about the matrix and nebukadneza turns up
XXCoderNebukadneza: isnt that yolo lol
XXCoderyou only ho' once?
Nebukadnezahoes ho multiple times though
Nebukadnezaalso … i’ve chosen that name before matrix, after the ancient king
Nebukadnezawhich batteled another ancient king which is the prototype of my real name O.o
VanessaEACTION wanders off to bed
alteregoKing Dave?
Nebukadnezadarius …
p0g0I think the large bottles of champagne are also named after Nebuchadnezzar and those ancient kings, the Jerobaum for example
p0g0In case anyone tries to mistake you for a large bottle...
Nebukadnezadidn’t know that
Nebukadnezathere’s worse names to be called than a large bottle though
p0g0I bought a Jerobaum once, served 42 people... the bottle became a prop at the local children's theatre, it was so big that it made normal stuff look tiny.
Nebukadnezafor reference
DuckleI just loudly said "Dah Dah Dah Dah... Dah Dah Dah Dah" to my phone to find the name of an orchestral song.... It freaking worked :o
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXFSK0ogeg4 => Carl Orff - O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana => 1 IRC mentions
Nooblet101the most depressing song about christmas ever
Nooblet101OMG for a second I thought the left could meme, this Trumpu Bear commercial is its own parody
BrandanoGood morning
XXCoderNooblet101: http://www.optipess.com/2016/11/28/holiday-injection/
corecodeNebukadneza: so?
corecodeare we calibrated
Peshohey all, got a question - are there any common issues with swapping a NEMA17 motor for a NEMA23 one?
Peshotalking about Z here, so rotor inertia isn't a big concern
Brandanomainly what current the driver can supply to it
Brandanowhy a nema23?
Brandanogenerally Z has a lot of reduction, doesn't need a lot of torque
Brandanoand it doesn't move very often either
Pesho@Brandano - i'm looking at hollow-shaft motors that will ensure my Z leadscrews are straight
PeshoNEMA23's are the ones that have a bore where you can insert a 10mm leadscrews right in
Brandanothere's nema17 with T8x8 leadscrws in place of the shaft, or with a t8x8 nut in place of the shaft
jancoowI'm designing some kind of speaker holder, but I don't know if it the design can hold my speaker
jancoowis there any way to calculate this? ;p
Brandanoand either would be a cheaper alternative
Peshothere are NEMA17 ones but their internal diameter is 6mm so the screw would need to be turned down
jancoowthe speakers are like ~1kg
Viper168mob are the numbers for Motors like those other scales that decrease in size as the value increases
BrandanoI'd consider a nema17 with a built in leadscrew
Pesho@Brandano - i've looked at those, they can get bent in shipping
Brandanowell, you could have a static leadscrew and rotate the nut instead
Viper168mobThat's what she said
Peshosounds a bit over-engineered:D
Brandanoit might be bent, but at least the print will at most be as bent as the leadscrew
Pesho@Brandano - there is a video on youtube that shows you how to replace the screw on those
Brandanoit's not too overengineered. It's what the hollow shaft motors are normally used for
jancoowI've no clue how much PLA will hold before it breaks
Brandanothey generally have an inbuilt leadscrew nut
Peshobut its like... you gotta crack it open and epoxy it... a hollow-shaft motor on the other hand lets you use whatever pitch and shape of leadscrew you want, even ballscrews fit
Pesho(theyre designed for ballscrews actually)
Peshothis is the NEMA17 version with a 6mm bore
Brandanoa 6mm bore ballscrew should also work quite well for a z axis
Peshoit would, yeah
Peshoim a little tempted
Peshothough i've read that since ballscrews can be backdriven, the weight of the X axis might be too much
Brandanobtw, in all these solutions you either need to fit the motor at the top of the frame and pull up ballscrew and Z axis, or you have to fix the motor on the Z axis
Brandanoyou'd have to counterweight it
Brandanoor to keep motor brake on
Peshohow come?
Brandanomany firmwares disable power on Z while not moving
Brandanowell, many cartesian ones
Ducklenot smoothie :D
Peshoso you think it would slip?
BrandanoDuckle: smoothie too if you ask it to
Brandanoit's a config option
Ducklewell, not by default
Duckletheir reason is that you loose position info though.
Ducklemakes sense
BrandanoPesho: well, ballscrews have very little friction, so it would tend to e backdriven
Peshoi don't see how using a motor like that is any different from one with an integrated screw
Peshoah yes, ballscrews - thats why i want to use a leadscrew:P
Brandanowell, a motor with an integrated screw always stays at the same end of the screw, while the screw turns
Brandanothe part that moves is the nut
Ducklezoom zoom, goes the motor :P
Peshoi'm currently using TR10x2, maybe i could just have it turned down to 6mm
Duckle8mm is more common
Brandanoexactly. With a hollow shaft motor with integrted nut, either the motor moves or the screw moves
Peshonot sure if that would affect rigidity or not
Peshoim talking about the one without the integrated nut
DuckleThreaded rods shouldn't take any load other than Z
Duckleand Z loading is rather static, not really a dynamic load on 3D printers
Peshoi'm just sick and tired of shitty shaft couplers
Peshono matter what you do its off-axis
Brandanomake a good shaft coupler?
DuckleThe linear rods / rails on Z is what should take XY loads
Brandanohave someone with a lathe drill a 5mm hole in one end of the leadscrew, then cut two slits in a cross shape and machine a tapered nut
Peshoi'm also looking for a cheap elegant solution and either integrated leadscrew motors or hollow ones are ideal
Brandanoyou could fit a gear to the leadscrew and drive the gear instead
Pesho@Brandano that was the plan yeah, to have it machined with a hole in the end for the little "key" to fit
Peshoit uses an M3 thread there and a slit to key it in
BrandanoI don't think that any grubscrew will ever ensure the coupler stays centered
Brandanomachyinists use collets
Peshohmm, know of any motors with a collet?:D
Brandanothat's why I'd prefer an adapter with what's essentially is a collet on either end
Brandanoor have the leadscrew have an integrated collet
DucklePesho: pfft
Ducklebetween centers 4 life
Peshothat sounds kinda neat, if only i had a lathe
Peshobtw why are 8mm screws more common?
XXCodereveryone and their weird uncle makes em
DucklePesho: Why are tires around 16"?
Peshoone would think the more rigid the screw the better
Ducklefor the usecase, it just happened to work good, and 4mm more don't really make the printer better, and 4mm less doesn't really make it cheaper
Pesho8mm are a way more bendy-feeling
Ducklealso, 8mm fit a NEMA17 quite wey
DucklePesho: Don't bend your leedscreews, they are designed for axial load, not radial :)
Peshotell that to the postal service
DuckleI did. I shouted it while in the shower, and I hope they heard it
Peshobtw the integrated screw motors aren't really any cheaper than the hollow ones
Peshoi might as well have a more "modular" setup for the same money
Ducklei wouldn't know. I went Delta a while back :)
Peshothat just means you traded one set of problems for another :P
DuckleIt's been treatin me great :)
Duckle1.5m tall delta, 400mm usable diameter, smoothieboard :)
Pesholike, how would you print flexibles on that
Ducklenicely :)
Peshoa geared sxtruder is too heavy
Ducklenope :P
DuckleNEMA11 :D
Peshoyou could get away with a bowden and 3mm
Duckle27:1 planetary :)
Peshothe planetary would make it weigh the same as a NEMA17 though wont it
Ducklenot even close :)
Duckleit's really cute
Duckleand 42 buckerinos :S
DucklePesho: I printed this in TPU :) https://imgur.com/OJ04Gqb
Duckle1.75 mm
Duckleprinted untill it was at the top of the key in height, then placed the key in, and resumed the print
Peshonot bad
DucklePesho: https://i.imgur.com/IQiQakr.jpg
Ducklethere's the struder :)
Duckleit uses a stainless steel tube as the idler inside that arm
Ducklewith a slot milled out
Ducklethat means the filament path is entirely constrained too :)
Peshoit does look a bit ghetti the way it sticks out to the side
Duckleit's cute :3
Peshonow do dual extrusion lel
Ducklefuuuck nawh :P
Peshoactually you might be able to with a bowden
DuckleI don't care for dual extrusion
DuckleI print functional parts, and I don't want to spend the money for dissolveable supports
DucklePVA is just too spicy in price
Peshoyou dont need dissolvable
DuckleI don't want to print ABS
Peshojust print PLA with PETG support or the other way around, they dont stick to eachother
Duckleif I need suppots, I didn't design the part right
Peshoyou can't not have supports for most parts
sHR00m_Duckle, whats the matter with abs?
jammior you don't have enough cooling for overhangs and bridges
DucklesHR00m_: It's smelly, hot and doesn't stick to a cold bed :)
DucklePETG does me fine :)
DucklePesho: wat.
PeshosHR00m_ toxic fumes...
sHR00m_toxic shmoxic
sHR00m_yeah I know
Peshoand shrinkage
DucklePesho: https://imgur.com/a/sbmaH
Duckleno supports
DuckleI mean, you might want more cooling if you need supports most of the time
sHR00m_Pesho, thats why I use ASA. Its close to ABS, less shrinking, less warping and less smelly (which likely means also less styrene toxicity)
sHR00m_but it doesnt like part fans either
Peshoi'm in the PETG camp here too
Peshoits ABS-ey enough
Ducklesticks to cold interrior glue too :)
DucklePVAc I guess
sHR00m_I still have PTSD thinking about getting it not to curl up and/or throwing dirty blobs into the print
sHR00m_but yeah, it can be good for sure
DucklesHR00m_: PETG?
Peshoand it sticks to glass hard enough to bite it off if youre not careful
DuckleI print it cold :o
Duckleuuh, cold bed :P
sHR00m_I do so too since I use PEI
Ducklethe hotend is plenty hot :P
sHR00m_but on glass it was a nightmare
PeshosHR00m_ PETG is kinda ozzy but it can be dealt with
sHR00m_yes but its slow
Ducklenah man, it's osborn
sHR00m_on ASA I can print up to 150 mm/s with crazy motion settings
sHR00m_not gonna happen with PETG
Ducklewait it's slow?
sHR00m_but yeah, personal preferences
Duckleprints plenty fine for me, but I don't tend to go over 80mm/s
sHR00m_80 seems nice indeed
Peshome neither, thats probably why i never noticed
Brandanocurrently I am printing PETg
Brandanoworks well on plain glass with hairspray for me
sHR00m_it can
Peshoit works with gluestick too
Brandanoand I can still pull the part off without having to hammer it
Peshoon a cold bed even, as Duckle mentioned
jammiboro glass + hairspray here as well and it works fine
sHR00m_hah hammering...
Pesho(though heated is better)
sHR00m_this damn pei
DucklesHR00m_: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d6gjw5fjjhq5tod/DrinkCooler.stl?dl=0 how long does your slicer say this takes?
sHR00m_but at least I dont have to smear stuff on it
DucklesHR00m_: 8h in PLA for me
Duckleoh, should mention that's with 2 perims, 0.4mm nozzle, 0.2mm layer height
jammibut at the moment I'm kinda wasting the remaining abs so that I get rid of it before it spoils and is too old, and I'll not buy any more of it
Duckleand 5% infill for the cylinder part
TheHexaCubewhats up slackers
Ducklewhat's up SLAcker?
sHR00m_5,5 hours under optimal settings I guess
TheHexaCubeoh god not Duckle
TheHexaCubeACTION hides
DuckleACTION finds
DuckleACTION pokes TheHexaCube with SLA resin
TheHexaCubefucking arrow, come on and ship my stuff
sHR00m_20% infill, 3 perims, 0.2
TheHexaCubeACTION dies
DucklesHR00m_: dats vevy nice and fast
sHR00m_yeah, was an experimental setup though
Brandanohmm, I need to restart this terminal
TheHexaCubewait huh
TheHexaCubeit says partially shipped?
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8OzOqmrrms => Benchy, 120mm/s, Ultimaker motion settings, Ender-2 => 3 IRC mentions
TheHexaCubesomething's fucky
DuckleTheHexaCube? just means they shipped some of the stuff
TheHexaCubeyeah bullshit all they did is transmit information
TheHexaCubepackage not yet picked up >:(
TheHexaCubeand it'll probably take like... 2 days for it to get to germany
TheHexaCubeplus any customs clearance >:( >:(
Duckleordered PCBs for 50$ 5 days ago... gunna be fun when customs grabs it
sHR00m_ah and no, would be closer to 7 hours with 120 as far as I can tell by slicer
TheHexaCubeDuckle: where'd you order them?
Duckleso chinaaaa
jammisHR00m_: such quiet motors
TheHexaCubeask them to declare them as $20 or something :P
sHR00m_im quite happy with the capabilities of that little ender-2
TheHexaCubewell maybe DHL does customs clearance aswell so... it's gonna *cost* me, but at least it'll be fast
sHR00m_could use some heatsinks for that I guess
sHR00m_that setting
TheHexaCubebecause I just cannot figure out how to declare items myself
DuckleTheHexaCube: I'm getting paid to get a free uni education, I can pay import taxes :)
TheHexaCubeDuckle: fair enough
TheHexaCubeDuckle: actually, paid by the state?
TheHexaCubeor paid by a company?
TheHexaCubeohhh, that's really neat
RoBo_Vhey guys, I'm getting mirror prints as my endstop is at X max. What to do ?
jammiTheHexaCube: customs should send you some stuff in the mail
Ducklefree uni, and monthy pay to cover living expenses
jammiTheHexaCube: and then just follow instructions
Ducklebecause uni is considered full time here
Duckleaka, you don't have time for a job
jstevewhiteRoBo_V: switch your homing to xmin and reverse your motor?
TheHexaCubehere we have something similar Duckle, but you apply at a company, they pay you x money and you *usually* study but also get to work in the company
jammitypical government form filling bureaucracy with the assumption everyone's time is free
DuckleTheHexaCube: We have that too, that's a different thing
jammiand/or exists just to serve the bureaucracy
RoBo_Vjstevewhite: ah I see, let me try it
TheHexaCubeDuckle: i see - friend of mine does exactly that, seems pretty neat
TheHexaCubebecause I personally couldn't be arsed to study AND find another part time job
TheHexaCubethen again, I go to school a week per month, so that could be considered being paid for school too :P
DuckleTheHexaCube: I mean, masters at uni are usually done at a company
jammischools are free and students get some student social security payment for the time they study
jammiwhich isn't much though, much less than something like unemployment benefits
Ducklejammi: DHL prepays customs, then sends you an invoice with a nice fee :/
Duckle"can I pre advice my shipment and send you the invoice to prepay it?" Naaah
Duckleoh right, that'd be too effecient
RoBo_Vjstevewhite: switch homing to xmin, you mean put endstop on x min side ?
TheHexaCubeDuckle: exactly that is what I was thinking of, why CANT you do that >:(
jammiDuckle: over here the biggest issue is dealing with the classifications of each product
jammiplus the several days delay a package takes when it goes through the customs
Ducklehere the biggest issue is the 25% import tax on anything over 11 USD -_-
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGEaKOiwr2k => Dangatang! => 1 IRC mentions
sHR00m_currently printing a mouth piece in PC-ABS for my e-cig
sHR00m_vase mode
PeshoDuckle: only if you let them
jammibasically you get a paper in mail (and email, if the post office has that on record), then go to the customs website, enter the customs issue number and fill in the form
sHR00m_not too shabby looking so far
jammiand finally pay
DucklePesho: ?
DucklePesho: I want my stuff
Peshoyou can choose to have all the lovely waiting in line for 2 days at the gov't customs office yourself
jammiand then it's released from the customs typically by next day
DucklePesho: Nah, you can't
Peshoyou can. i've done it
Peshoit was super miserable
DucklePesho: You're not allowed to do import taxes as a private person
Peshowhere are you located?
jstevewhiteRoBo_V: no, if you're printing inverted in X, you've got a left handed arrangement going on
DucklePesho: Denmark
jstevewhiteand "max" should be at the other end
DucklePesho: Private individuals can't import goods, the importing company has to do that
Ducklein this case the shipment company
Peshocause if your eint he EU you can have an EORI number issued to you and you can import shit yourself and pay the taxes yourself
jstevewhiteso if you invert the motor, you could move the endstop, but then it would still be "max"
DucklePesho: Intersting
PeshoDuckle" thats what i had to do
PeshoDHL wanted my EORI number and im like "uhhh"
RoBo_Vjstevewhite: there must be some config to correct it in settings, I have my origin at Xmax, Ymin, Zmin
jammiI've just got a pre-checked "[x] Pay shipment company to deal with customs" usually with orders from US
DucklePesho: Looks like EORI is for companies here
PeshoDuckle: you can choose to have them do it on your behalf but then you have to get a.. notarially? signed document allowing them to use your private data
Peshothere are two types, personal and for a company
jammiunchecking either allows to bypass customs or go via the customs website
jammidepending on "luck"
DucklePesho: Nope, they prepay the import fees here, and then have you pay
DuckleI guess danish law doesn't want us common people dealing with that stuff :/
PeshoDuckle: so they can use your private data without you haveing to allow it?
Ducklemy private data?
jstevewhiteRoBo_V: in firmware you can usually invert motor direction. Invert the motor direction for x, and change X to home to min. That should invert your X axis.
Duckleyou mean my name and my address that's on the package?
jammiso, I guess denmark might be alone or in a fairly small club of countries doing it like that
PeshoDuckle: DHL isnt allowed to deal with sensitive private data here, so they need permission with a document. otherwise they can import stuff using your name, for stuff you didnt order
DucklePesho: I mean, they import it for themselves
Ducklethen they sell it to me
PeshoDuckle: only the gov't postal service is allowed to do it because its a govt entity
TheHexaCubethe way it was with fedex is that they sent me a small document, asking me to tell them the content of the shipment aswell as my agreement on importing it
RoBo_Vjstevewhite: invert motor is fine, and how to do X home to min - just pluf endstop from X max to X min connector ?
Peshoat least thats how it is here... you still pay the fee in both cases
TheHexaCubethe downside to all of this is that they demand like 15€ for doing the importing for yo
RoBo_Vjstevewhite: oh this #define X_HOME_DIR ?
TheHexaCubeso 15€ plus 19% import tax
Peshoyou can let DHL import it on your behalf but you still have to mess about with legal documents to give them permission
jammithe postal service in finland is an ex-government entity, but it's been privatized along with most other goverment companies. it does have some special obligations though
jammihowever, pretty soon you're supposed to be allowed to select which company you want to use for incoming mail as well, not just sending
jstevewhiteRoBo_V: I have no idea. That sounds like Marlin :D
Pesho@jammi our gov't postal service has leaky moldy ceilings, thats how you know it hasnt been privatized :D
jstevewhitebut it SOUNDS right, RoBo_V.
RoBo_Vjstevewhite: yes marlin, so I have to do both settings via software only right ?
jammiPesho: our postal service doesn't have service. that's how you know it's been privatized. actually most of the service is outsourced to supermarkets and such
Peshosounds kinda lame
RoBo_VI thought I need to adjust it on hardware.
DucklePesho: I can't really see what sensitive documents you need?
jstevewhiteRoBo_V: I can't really speak about marlin as I've never used it, but in the firmwares I have used I would definitely do it in firmware.
jammithings like handling incoming/outgoing packages of mail that are too large to fit in a mailbox/mailslot
PeshoDuckle: not sensitive, they have to be notarially-verified before you submit them to DHL
DucklePesho: Like, I'm getting a stack of PCBs, worth 43.51 USD, DHL is shipping them to me, once they enter the country, they, as a company, import them, and pay the import fees, then they send me a bill for importing services equalling the 25% + 125dkk fee
Brandanohad to reinstall a few libs
TheHexaCube$wa 125dkk in eur
DumDuckBot(TheHexaCube) Result: euro16.80 (euros) - https://is.gd/m4ogaK
Duckledoes my plugin not work anymore?
Duckle125 dkk in eur usd
DumDuckBot(Duckle) 125.0 DKK is 16.80 EUR or 19.50 USD
Ducklephew. It fixed itself again :)
TheHexaCubesorry Duckle I just got used to WA :P
PeshoDuckle - thats how it would work here too if you give DHL documents allowing them to do that
Peshoaka, a certified law-person has to look at your document and say "yep thats legit" and hit it with a stamp
Ducklethat's kinda dumb
Peshoand then you give it to DHL and then they do the import fee shit like it is over there
Peshooh, AND you need an EORI number
TheHexaCubefedex specifically said EORI numbers are only for companies
DucklePesho: so when you buy a webcam in a local store, do you have to do that too?
Peshoheh no
DucklePesho: Because that store just imported a webcam on your behalf :P
Peshothis is only when importing from outside the EU
Duckleit's pretty much the same in my eyes
DucklePesho: I mean, if you buy a webcam, it's probably from china, so the store imported it then sold it to you :)
PeshoDuckle if its a 150$ webcam from china you have to
Ducklethat's in essence, what DHL does here too. you ordered it in china, they handled shipping, but in the eyes of the tax stuff, they imported them into the country and sold it to you
TheHexaCubesoooo I decided to have a UV-blocking but non-opaque door for my printer
TheHexaCubeso you can look into it
Peshoit has to exceed a certain value for it to be subject to import tax
Ducklesure, but still
TheHexaCubebuuuuut I wonder if I should bother with lighting
DuckleDHL just imports it as DHL, then sells it to you as a local company
Peshothats why the chinese are always nice enough to lie about the value of the contents :D
DuckleI won't mark down the value. I doubt they'd beleive me when they get 1KG of PCBs :P
sHR00m_TheHexaCube, hey, werent you working in a cnc corp?
TheHexaCubesHR00m_: indeed I am
sHR00m_in germany, right?
DuckleHeck, the actual price of 43 USD is amazing as is
TheHexaCubeDuckle: what do the PCBs do? :P
TheHexaCubeDuckle: anyways, I don't mind paying import tax, it's those additional 15€ that annoy me
Pesho@Duckle - here it's like, if youre importing a solid gold bar through the govt postal service nobody gives a shit, its at your door
Peshobut if its DHL, the gov't is like "holy shit what a nice box there must be goodies in there lets tax em"
DuckleTheHexaCube: Keeeebs
jammihere, you get two sets of products from aliexpress at 19.50€ + 18.70€ which you were careful to get under the 20€ limit, but the seller happened to be the the same for two different things, so you end up with a single 38.20€ package being shipped. once customs decides you have to pay VAT for the item, you get an email (and mail) about the issue, go to the customs website to upload a copy of your
jammiinvoice(s) and select the customs product categories in the shipment. then it shows you owe them 9.22€ in VAT (24%) and you pay it with your online banking account
Pesho"this guy obviously is importing good stuff if hes using DHL"
DuckleTheHexaCube: With hotswappable keys :)
Pesho@jammi ew, that sounds unfair
DuckleTheHexaCube: Sockets for MX style keyboard switches :)
Peshothey probably started wising up to people shipping stuff in multiple small packages
TheHexaCubehuh, interesting
TheHexaCubejammi: dang I wish it was that easy here :(
TheHexaCubethat'd be amazing
jammiPesho: the thick is to not order everything the same day, rather wait for one thing to be shipped before ordering the next shipment from the same seller
TheHexaCubeI wonder
TheHexaCubeif I light my printer with IR light
jammiTheHexaCube: nah, it still sucks ass. the website is typical government-ordered bullshit to the lowest bidder
Peshoyeah... i try not to order expensive stuff from china if it can be found anywhere in the EU
TheHexaCubecould that potentially fuck with tv remotes and stuff?
DucklePesho: Tadah import taxes work :)
jammiso usability has low priority and it's basically like an online version of some paper forms
DucklePesho: Sadly, having my PCBs produced here in the EU would be closer to 300 USD vs 40
Peshoyeah, for PCBs youre out of luck
Ducklealso, chinese fabs tend to do more for the base price
TheHexaCubea custom made keyboard would be hella awesome
Duckleplated slots? sure why not
Ducklefree v-grooves?
DuckleTheHexaCube: I still have extras :)
TheHexaCubeouuuh :P
DuckleTheHexaCube: 30USD for the stuff I'm getting together, expect final price to be ~90 USD when you get switches and arduinos
jammiI made custom keyboards in the early 2000s
DuckleTheHexaCube: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/75fj17/interest_check_i_designed_a_version_of_the_lets/
jammimostly because I wasn't as accustomed to the apple laptop layout yet and there were no new mechanical keyboards made by anyone
TheHexaCubea... 40% keyboard?
DuckleI don't really plan to use it :)
TheHexaCubeno, what does 40% mean in that context?
DuckleI want to make it though, and have a store interested in selling the PCBs :)
DuckleTheHexaCube: 40% of full size
Ducklethere's 48 keys, which is 40% of a normal keyboard
TheHexaCubeI actually want a large keyboard :(
jammiand still, the only nice looking keyboard layouts of mech keyboards don't come in an iso version (ansi only) and most of them have those shitty cherry mx switches
Ducklesmaller keebs = space for your mouse
Ducklejammi: Shitty cherry mx?
TheHexaCubeDuckle: I have about an A3 space for my mouse already :P
DuckleTheHexaCube: Not without breaking your arm
jammiDuckle: yeah, shitty compared to the other options out there
Ducklejammi: such as?
Duckletopre? alps?
jammialps dampened complicated switches are my favourite by far
DuckleMX blues for me :)
Duckleall about dat click
jammimx blues have a shitload of noise but no tactility
Ducklethey have a ton of tactility as well
jammiit's like placebo tactility by having noise instead
TheHexaCubeACTION never owned a mechanical keyboard
Ducklethat's the main reason i don't like greens, they are heavier, which is nice, but they are mushier
jammitry an alps
sHR00m_I got one (again) now after over 20 years
jamminot the shitty ps2 things using simple alps or simple alps clones
sHR00m_is ok.. but yeah, hype
jammiwhich are basically comparable to mx blues
jammimore like the sgi keyboards or old apple extended II and such
Duckleno thanks.
DuckleI like having money for rent :)
jammithey're not that expensive?
jammialso, I've dissassembled several just to harvest the switches
TheHexaCubeoh what I was wondering yesterday
TheHexaCubecnc router spindles usually go quite fucking fast, right?
TheHexaCubehow *SLOW* can they go, though?
jammidepends though
jammithe large industrial ones can have like 0.01° of angular precision in their rotation and can move as slowly as you want to, but also as fast as you want to
TheHexaCuberight, I'm talking about your china VFD spindles
TheHexaCube*your average
jammior well, there are upper limits on how fast they can go, but more than you want for a milling job anyway
TheHexaCuberight, I wanna know if there's a lower limit though :P
Duckle10k is rather common right?
TheHexaCubeto be more specific, I wanna know how you'd drill holes with such a spindle
TheHexaCubeat work I calculate the RPM needed for the diameter, which is like... 3000 rpm max
Duckleyou'd spin it, and move downwards in the Z axis
jammiTheHexaCube: well, they're modified 3-phase motors, so think of them like really coarse steppers that can go very fast and are very efficient
jammiso you can drive them very slowly, but it's not ideal
jammisince it'll get pretty choppy
TheHexaCubeand down to like.. 800rpm, which isn't much for spindles, I think?
jammiyeah, shouldn't be an issue
DJHenjincalculate the SFM the bit likes for removing the specific material, and check the specs for feedrates for that SFM that material, for that bit
DJHenjinsame exact as you would do for a milling op,
Brandanojammi: actually, you can drive them extremely slowly
Brandanolike in a camera gimbal
Brandanoas long as you PWM the signals between the phases to do a sort of microstepping
Brandanoalso, with the right driver you can get a stepper to spin at over 10k RPM
BrandanoI expect with no appreciable torque left
jammiBrandano: yeah, but not particularly efficiently
jammisteppers are large, heavy and bulky and generate as much heat as torque
jammiwhereas permanent magnet 3-phase motors ("bldc") are fairly efficient, at typically over 90% in their ideal range
sHR00m_hah, this filament is brutal
sHR00m_my e-cig mouthpiece was sticking to the surface like concrete
sHR00m_which means the parts that warp must have an incredible force
gthxpetg is https://rigid.ink/blogs/news/175700615-petg-filament-heres-what-you-need-to-know || http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyethylene_terephthalate || https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8XaUfVZEP4 || http://forum.makergear.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2593 || http://reprap.org/wiki/PETG
sHR00m_I almost ripped the pei off and it only made contact at a small ring shape
jammiand yeah, the warping forces are pretty extreme
jammihad some larger dense prints explode from the internal tensions if shrinkage
jammi*of shrinkage
jammisounded like some pretty large popcorn and pieces were ejected from the main body of the print
DJHenjinthe warping force can be up to the tensile strength of the material, multiplied by the cross sectional area of the print in a certain direction, meaning it can be insanely huge for bigger prints
sHR00m_I guess this stuff really needs an enclosure
jammithe lesson was to not attempt large & dense printing in abs
sHR00m_the turbine housing came out great over night but ofc, warped too
jammiI think some heated, temp-controlred enclosure is pretty much a must for larger objects in filaments that are have a lot of thermal expansion (and contraction)
jammito minimize warping
DJHenjinand of course, as jammi said. if the warping force exceeds the tensile strength of the part overall, it can just fail catastrophically
Brandanosome prints might even need an annhealing chamber
Brandanolike glass does
sHR00m_quite possible Brandano
Brandanothe simplest example of thermal shock inducing cracks is just dropping an ice cube in your drink
SpeedEvilTodays fun fact.
SpeedEvilThermal expansivity of metals is approximately inversely proportional to their melting points.
jammiI think it's a fun coincidence that steel and mortar has almost the same thermal expansion, making concrete so practical
SpeedEvilThough prestressing is a thing which makes that somewhat irrelevant
jammiisn't steel reinforcement somewhat implied?
jammihowever, if those two materials weren't so similar, would the mortar or steel part be the one to be switched out?
jammilike, if there wasn't cheap and common materials with similar properties for either job
jammior would civil engineering just look vastly different, with entirely different approached to build the bulk of large projects
SpeedEviljammi: Lots of concrete isn't needed to be reinforced.
TheHexaCubewhat I wonder
TheHexaCubewhy aren't there.... 'earthscrapers'
SpeedEvilYou can use strong rope reinforced concrete just fine - you just put the rope in tubes, and stress it.
TheHexaCubelike skyscrapers, but downwards
SpeedEvilTheHexaCube: there are. They are more expensive to make typically - hence...
SpeedEvilAlso, glass fibre reinforcing concrete rods are a thing
jaimie__if you were looking for rails and screws in scrap where would you look for it?
TheHexaCubedid I post this already? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHXoMG2s5yE
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHXoMG2s5yE => DIY Automatic Fence For Chop Saw => 2 IRC mentions
Jupp3jammi: In China, they commonly replace some of the concrete with random trash :P
SpeedEviljammi: large printers/plotters and CNC, basically.
jaimie__Think im gonna take a peek and see if I can find some
BrandanoTheHexaCube: seems belt driven
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwOtZnjqKGA => HYPNOTIC Video of Extreme Heller CNC Machine Tools in Action: CP 8000, FT 4000 => 1 IRC mentions
TheHexaCubeTHAT is cool
Brandanoat least, it's a bit flexible when he bumps against it
TheHexaCubeBrandano: yeah, belt driven with a large motor that also has an encoder
TheHexaCubelike... nema42 or even larger
Brandanocould be a leadscrew, it would work the same
TheHexaCubebut I've been talking about a cutting jig for accurately doing extrusion cuts
TheHexaCubethat seems like a cool idea if you need different lengths
TheHexaCubeshould make for a nice drilling jig too :P
Brandanoyes, but you can just set it up manually for the parts you need
theresajayneI tried calibrating my printer with the wizard on that site and its got worse and worse, should i get it back to default and try again or is this expected
Brandanoif you need 4 or 5 lengths drill pegs at the lengths you need
kraegartheresajayne: I'd keep making it worse, till it comes back round. ;)
kraegar(if it's getting worse, I'd reset, and figure out why... keeping going won't improve things)
theresajaynewell the test points are fine but after a couple layers it gouges the piece and is going down not tight on the bed
jammiTheHexaCube: yeah, interesting arrangement for a 4-axis
jammino, apparently more than that, since the tool tilts at least vertically
jammicam-ing becomes pretty expensive at that point
BrandanoWhen your robot becomes more expensive to maintain than employing an human it its place, the reason for using a robot has to be very compelling
TheHexaCubewell, the very reason for robots *IS* that they're not more expensive though :P
TheHexaCubein most, if not all, cases where robots are seriously used, it's because they do things better
Brandanohumans are generally cheaper
TheHexaCubeare you sure?
TheHexaCubeI was taught that wages are the single largest cost factor in companies
Brandanorobots are more reliable and complain less
jammiyeah, but the thing for robots is more like "employ three people to service the robot, which does the job of 30 people"
kraegardepends on your definition of a robot. mcdonalds automated ordering system is cheaper than a human, with less mistakes.
dzhoslope vs intercept yo
kraegarrobots generally work more hours.
jammiservice/maintain/feed jobs to it
sHR00m_jammi, sure but there comes the point where a robot would be overkill still, which is why we work towards a low wage economy
TheHexaCubeconsidering that a person gets days off, gets ill, has a non consistent quality output and is employed for what, 50 years?
sHR00m_well we germans at least
jammisHR00m_: yeah, the feasibility of such robots is at larger scale. if your shop in total employs just you and maybe a few others, it's probably not robot time unless you started with workloads large enough to make robots feasible from the get-go
TheHexaCubepaying a wage for 50 years adds up :P
sHR00m_dropping peoples wages has been considered a major archievement
kraegarrobots also don't file lawsuits for injuries.
kraegarstupid humans
jammiin socialist europe, lawsuits file robots
kraegaragain though, depends what you call a robot. technically a 3d printer or a cnc is a programmable robot. it's a blurry line.
jammikraegar: I think the point is the line here is when to replace all the manual work with robots
TheHexaCubekraegar: interesting that you mention it
jeffdm_h_Hell, there's TV shows where radio control vehicles are called 'robots' and they mash each other to bits.
TheHexaCubejapan's statistics have a VERY high amount of robots
jammilike, replace a generic shop that has some cnc stuff with a fully automated production line
TheHexaCubebecause they consider coffe machines, vacuums etc. robots
TheHexaCubewhere in germany, robots are something like robotic arms doing actual production work
kraegarjammi: well, take a cnc. if I can have just me running 3 cnc "robots" that's a lot of automation and efficiency gained.
kraegarand if a cnc isn't a robot, what differentiates from say a robotic arm that welds joints
jammikraegar: yeah, but remove yourself from the steps in between and it's proper robotization of the work
jammiand what's left is just the human tasks of ordering stuff, feeding it into the feeder, getting the produced stuff out of it and ordering some periodical maintenance
kraegarmost shops I've seen with robotics have a mix of human & robots, usually with the humans positioning the stock, etc.
kraegarlike a more advanced tool & die setup job
kraegargotta get really big to go to the fully automated line, for sure
jammithe 1980s pipedream was to fully automate production of stuff. some apple factories got pretty close to that, as long as they ran their own factories in the west, and before outsourcing to china where half the stuff was done by cheap generic robots (humans)
SpeedEvilAnd foxconn in china and other factories are increasingly roboticising.
jammisure, people are becoming an increasingly expensive commodity even in china
TheHexaCubejammi: that's why you move to india ;P
jammihowever, there are still places they can outsource work to in their turn
jammiwhich is probably the next phase of large parts of africa
jammiand kinda ongoing, catching rapidly up to the rest of the world, having been entering agriculture in places and such, industrialization coming next
TheHexaCubeI wonder if 100% automation is something I'll get to witness :D
SpeedEvilEven at $9/day (minimum wage in the cheapest part of china), that's ~$500K if you can replace 10 workers with a robot working 24h/day
SpeedEvilAfrica has systemic problems which mean manufacturing there has all sorts of expenses and risks.
SpeedEvilFor the cheap bits at least. That's why they're cheap.
euz100starting with logistics
jammiwhich is why agriculture is kinda the entry level stuff
BrandanoSpeedEvil: lot of chinese investment in Africa, AFAIK
jammiBrandano: it is, yes
euz100actually, logistics account to such a large extend of problem in any country, it's almost unbelievable
jammiand they're doing a lot of infrastructure building there; energy, roads, education and so forth
SpeedEvilBut it's not a simple straightforward 'plant factory' operation, and has considerable leadtime, risks, ...
jammipretty much colonializing in some extent
SpeedEvilAnd roboticising your plant at least has very different unknowns.
DJHenjinand of course https://i.imgur.com/T01Xsgg.jpg
SpeedEvilBut controllable to a degree
jammieducation is the thing that takes the longest time there
Brandanoonly 12 tabs?
jammikid is born -> gets education -> is still grown up in the uneducated society-at-large -> reproduces -> their kids grow up in a slightly more educated society and so forth
DJHenjinI didn't make the image,
DJHenjinif I did, it would be a lot higher
BrandanoDJHenjin: what is heavier, an ounce of gold or an ounce of feathers?
euz100jammi, there's also useless education
euz100or miseducation even
DJHenjinneither, you can buy ounces of feathers pretty easily, so your conscious would be clean
jammieuz100: of course, and that's happening everywhere for every society, and leads to all kinds of hard-to-rid myths and stuff
BrandanoDJHenjin: nope, an ounce of gold. Because it is not the same fecking ounce
Brandanoand the imperial system is fucked
euz100what are you talking about, when the imperial system crashes US probes, I think it's kind of cool :)
Brandanogold is measured in Troy ounces
jammiin practice the "imperial" (us customary really; it'd different from british imperial) is nowadays just metric with silly conversion factors
euz100gold is measured in troy ounces by "tradition", not an universal constant
Brandanosame as other precious metals or stones. other stuff is measure in avourdupois ounces
euz100it is tradition that keeps the imperial system going
SpeedEvilGold is nowhere weighed in grams - pretty much
jammiSpeedEvil: it is weighted in grams, it's just that the standard gold bar is 12.4kg (400 troy-ounces)
euz100US kept the imperial system in order to subvert industrialization efforts in the 3rd world
DJHenjinif you are using the same word ounce to refer to two things in a single question, it is safe to assume the units are identical,
euz100this is pretty well know
SpeedEvilI mean - sold
euz100and it worked, to a large extent
SpeedEvilThe customary unit it's sold in is nowhere grams or kilos.
jammithe gold bar weight being a tradition thing
SpeedEvilUnlike in the UK you'll now get a kilo of cheese by default
DJHenjin"what is heavier, a ton of water or a ton of ice?" which ton, short ton, long ton, fuckton?
Brandanothat's a lot of cheese
jammiUS and UK units weren't the same either
DJHenjinwithout specifying "a troy ounce of gold, or an avoirdupois ounce of feathers" the ambiguity is too much, and there is no actual correct answer
jammithey had the same names for some parts, but the units themselves weren't exactly 1:1
FuchikomaSAE vs IP?
jammisince they had different prototypes and diverged several hundred years ago
Brandanothe internetional measure is generally referred to as a "tonne"
jammias-in a million grams (or 1000 kg)
kraegar(insert yo momma joke here)
Brandanoand when using kilos normally it's assumed to be weight, but kilogramm-mass and kilogram-weight are not the same thing
jamminot the US long/short ton stuff
DJHenjinwithout having had the units specified up front, I am not going to accept that I was wrong, since even if I answered "1 ounce of gold is heavier" then it is just as easy for you to have said "wrong they are both 1 ounce and so the same weight" or, "i meant troy ounce of feathers and avoirdupois ounce of gold"
DJHenjinand technically, by following pure logic, assuming they both refer to the same designation of ounce, is correct.
BrandanoDJHenjin: you could have asked what units of measure I was referring to
Brandanobut the imperial measuring system is still an horrible mess
Brandanoand not just because it has absurd conversions
Brandanobut because when you talk about pints, you have at least 3 to choose from
jeffdm_worka pint of piss or a pint of a different kind of piss are two different volumes
euz100I think Americans should incorporated the hexadecimal system into their imperial system
euz100like 1.F inches
sHR00m_well they use decimal inch /s
jammieuz100: especially since they're so fond of fractions of 16
sHR00m_oh IC
jeffdm_workor binary multiples or divisions thereof
euz100if you're going to use a moronic system, at least be suave about it
jeffdm_workhexadecimal isn't suave
euz100you think it's ham-fisted?
jammicould also be a sign of a young culture, clinging hard to the small amount of peculiarities they have
euz100like I said, it was tactical decision, in large part successful
euz100the nefarious effect of it in Brazil, at least concerning the railroad system is incalculable
sHR00m_how would I go best about a heatr
euz100you can only stand up and applaud, seriously
sHR00m_heated chamber? Just putting a heater in it surely would cause temp variation even with regulated temp, no?
jammisHR00m_: you need a fan to mix the heated air
jammiwithin the chamber
euz100you don't even need a heater, just build and insulated changed, with regulate air outtake
jammiand if you have really good insulation, you'd probably need a cooler as well
sHR00m_euz100, not sure when I use PC but I am gonna give it a try for sure first
sHR00m_I smell a watercooled hotend
euz100you just need to redesign the print around an insulated chamber
jeffdm_workI do forced air heat
jammisHR00m_: the hotend is so much hotter than the air inside, it doesn't really matter
sHR00m_so electronics aside
SpeedEvileuz100: you'd need to properly control the hotend heat dissipation though
euz100could the servos and the belts
sHR00m_I would need to cool the hotend I guess
SpeedEvilWhich can be done of course
jammisHR00m_: more like if your chamber is well insulated, it'll heat by the devices within alone, and you'll need to let in cool air to not get it over target heat
jeffdm_workbut I was also using a bedflinger which makes doing shrinky plastics harder and makes enclosures larger per unit of build volume
sHR00m_sounds like a nightmare if the material doesnt like draft
euz100I put mine inside a styrofoam box for ABS printing
jeffdm_workthat's a way to go
euz100it's wait to hot though, I need to rework the whole thing
jeffdm_workfor Ultem I had to have forced air heat or otherwise the bed wouldn't get hot enough
jammiif you live in a cold climate, there are small cheap space heaters available for cars
sHR00m_ultem Id love to try too at some point
euz100infrared lamps are interesting too
jammilike 30€ for a 1kW unit or so, that has its own recirculating fan
Loetmicheldiesel or petrol car?
jeffdm_workeh do ultem in a garage
euz100ceramic heating elements
jammiLoetmichel: doesn't matter. ac.
sHR00m_jeffdm_work, toxic?
jeffdm_workI don't think so but it makes the air taste bad
jammiLoetmichel: at least here in finland, it's usual to get a shuko plug inside the car cabin when the block heater is installed
Loetmichelwhat i wanted to say: MOST diesel have an engine heater anyways that can be upgraded to work as a cabin heater as well
jeffdm_workthe thing about Ultem is that its combustion products aren't toxic but at the very least, the offgas is kinda gross
jammiso that you get the interior heater going at the same time as you plug in your block heater
sHR00m_apparently there are two kinds of ultem filaments
sHR00m_which one being considerably easier to print
jammifuel-powered heaters are much more complex and expensive to have installed
Loetmichelah, usin g a car heater to heat the garage, i get it now
jeffdm_work1010: https://imgur.com/a/xNs4Q
Loetmichelsorry, thought someone wanted to have the car cabin war,
jammiLoetmichel: no, we have electrical sockets outdoors at parking lots. you plug your car into those
Loetmicheli know. but usually only block heaters as far as i know.
jammiusually operated by a timer that you set to something like half an hour before you'll use the car
Loetmichelnever heard of plug in interior heaters for cars until now.
LoetmichelTIL... ;)
jeffdm_workI have 9085 parts but it doesn't look like I've ever posted photos
jammiLoetmichel: they're some of the more common products of defa and calix (which afaik are the remaining manufacturers of block heaters and associated systems)
jammiespecially since the block heater lasts the age of the car, but the interior heaters don't
Loetmichelwouldnt the block heater do that job as well? iof the block is at 80°C the interior is heated up in mere minutes if not seconds.
jammiLoetmichel: not quite and it'd still be frozen all over when you're going to start the engine
jammihaving the interior heated means much less to do regarding frost and snow on the roof and windows of the car and so forth, plus it's warm before you start the engine
jammialso, the block probably isn't anywhere near 80°C anyway, because the engine isn't thermally insulated
Loetmichel<- broke a convertible leather seat that way a couple decades ago... let myself "fall" into the seat when trying to start it at -10°c.... tuned out that the canopy was leaking and the seat leather was frozen solid
jammimore like maybe somewhat above 0°C or so
Loetmicheldint take the impact well
jammiat least when it's properly cold outside
jammiI don't like leather seats to begin with
Loetmichel"properly cold"= when you can see and hear your breath freeze in midair and fall down as snow?
jammiLoetmichel: pretty much yes, and when the sound of snow compressing under your feet goes to ultrasonic pitch
jammiso that you don't hear it anymore
Loetmichelthats DAMN cold
jammia healthy gasoline-powered engine with synthetic oil and a charged battery should start ok at down to -30-35°C or so though
AstaelanMornin folks.
jammiit'll just pollute a lot and the oils are going to be syrup-like
TheHexaCubesup Astaelan
AstaelanAnother day, another dollar :)
jammiso not much of engine lubrication for the first 15-30 minutes of idling or so
jammiplus the transmission will be pretty stiff to operate
jammiwhere a trick is to lift the clutch while in neutral gear and rev up so that the engine doesn't stall and then let it run at higher revs like that until the transmission has warmed enough from the friction that its oil is fluid
jammiwhere the stalling is mostly an issue on the smaller engines, like 1.6l and below
jammithey don't have torque for shit at idling speed typically
jammiespecially when cold
TheHexaCube$wa time in the US
DumDuckBot(TheHexaCube) Result: 9:56:58 am EDT | Monday, October 30, 2017 - https://is.gd/jl2SEF
Loetmicheljammi: a german diesel has usually no problems starting down to -32°c, too
Loetmichelthe older the better ;)
jammiLoetmichel: if it has an infinite battery
LoetmichelWe had an old MAN from the 60ties that did prety well at the cape of norway in winter
Loetmichelonly 8 liters displacement though
jammidad used to have an W123 200D mercedes back in the day, but iirc it pretty much required to be plugged in
jammi'77 or something like that
Loetmichel... a little RV: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=16316&g2_serialNumber=1
jamminonsynthetic oils and all that as well, though
jammiand if it wasn't plugged in, it required a spray of ether into the intake to start
Loetmichelif the glowplugs in the 200d are OK and the battery is healthy it should start in less than a minute in down to -32°C
Loetmichelbeen there done taht
jammithis was in the 80s though
Loetmichelthem MAN didnt have gloplugs thoug... but 1:35 compression direct injection :-)
jammithe only diesel I've owned was a 2.0L first-gen hilux
jammior was it 2.2
Loetmicheland you shouldnt have stood anywhere near the exhaust for a few minutes after starting in that cold ;)
jammiyeah, it's pretty black soot
Loetmichelit didnt smoke. it puked bricks ;)
jammiI learned relatively recently (maybe within the last two years) that the american detroit diesels are 2-stroke
jammiprobably pre-WW2 (or possibly pre-WW1) when there were "small" 2-stroke diesels in europe
Loetmichel... that may have had to do something with the fuel we usually had in there: a mix of used transformer oil, used hydraulic oil, used deep fry oil from the local french fries box, some petrol to get it fitting thru the fuel pump...
jammithe ship engines are all 2-strokers above a certain size though, but that's mostly for engines the size of a house
jammiprobably no way to make a reliable valve mechanism at that scale
Loetmicheljamesarm97: yes, detroit diesel were (turbocharged?) compressed air 2 stroke
Loetmichelsorry, fabfail
jammithe only personal experience in 2-strokers for me are chainsaws and mopeds
Loetmicheli have a 2 stroke 5cc moped...
jammithe latter got quite expensive, because the modifications made it an illegal motorcycle, and I was caught
Loetmichelhttp://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=15295&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 <- its all i am allowed to drive with the car license
jammisome 3000FIM or so in fines
Loetmichelbuy italian, they run 80kph from the factoy. no need to modify them ;)
jammiwhich is about 700€ in modern money, inflation-corrected
jammiitalian mopeds back then were the equivalent of 3500€ of today
Loetmichelthe sounds pretty cheap for driving without license with a vehicle without insurance and government sticker
jammimine was a 20 year old finnish one, with a puch engine (austrian apparently)
Loetmichelthe 700 eur fine
jammiwell, it was pretty much for a nominally zero income of a 15-year-old
Loetmichelthe problem with the piaggo eaglet on the picture fo me: it as a 5 shift manual gearbox.
Loetmichel200kg and 3kw engine isnt good for automatic... ;)
kraegarthere are a total of 661 nuts/bolts/washers in the railcoreII build. wonder how that compares to other printers.
Loetmichela drive in the city with traffic lights is a constant left hand/left foot workout :-)
jammikraegar: including pre-made subassemblies?
kraegarjammi: not counting the ones in say, the PSU or internal to the steppers.
kraegarjammi: that's the count you need to purchase to build one
jammikraegar: sounds like a lot
Valduarethere’s 28 nuts on my tiny delta kraegar :P
kraegar169 x m3 nuits
jammiI'd ballpark the amount of such M3/M4 screws/bolts to some tens on my chinese prusa i3 clone
jammiof which less than half has any nuts and washers
kraegarto be fair, there's probably 60 or so spare m3 nuts you could leave out
jammiactually, I could probably count them in a few minutes ->
jammiok, so some 120-150 bolts/screws that aren't part of some separate preassembly, by counting half the printer and multiplying by 2
adypopHi Everyone! Having some issues with the Pause at height plugin in Cura 2.6.38
jammiLoetmichel: looks like a pretty large moped
jammihow many cm³?
jammi50cm³ is the limit here, and didn't require a driver's license of any kind for people like me, born before 1985 or something like that
jammiand not even helmet required for people born before the 1950-something or possibly 1960-something
jammisince retroactive laws for such hasn't been a thing
Hawkui'm in the first age group which needed the moped license
adypopPrinting with a LulzBot Mini, print has paused at desired layer height, I changed the filament and now the issue is I can't find how to resume the print. I've tried M24, pressing the pause button and then resume
fx9this e3d hotend fan is quite loud, has anyone tried to replace this? it looks like 30mm fan
CasteilACTION should get his 3d printer up & running again
Casteil(really all that entails is plugging it in.. just haven't set it up since I moved into my new house)
jammiI had one of these: https://cdn.nettimoto.com/live/2175375/Tunturi-SuperSport-a23f2e74fcf8eea5-medium.jpg and one of these http://www.kolumbus.fi/juha.seppanen/kuva/pappa/02.jpg
TheHexaCubeugh I hate being cold and warm at the same time >:(
karradmornin all
jammiCasteil: I was pretty surprised mine didn't require a bed releveling even though its X/Z axis gantry was disassembled for moving
jammiwouldn't fit in its transport box otherwise
Casteilnice lol
Casteilmine's just a tiny little monoprice mini, gets the job done
jammiwas also sitting like a month or two after moving before I reassembled it
adypop92anyone know how I can resume a print after using the "Pause at height" extension in Cura 2?
TheHexaCubenaw, no IR led strips :(
adypop92Printing over USB
TheHexaCubeactually, there *are* IR strips, but they're like 50€ per meter, lol
BrandanoTheHexaCube: buy a bunch of SMD IR LEDs and mmake your own?
TheHexaCubeyeah, I'll probably do that, heh
BrandanoI love being cold and warm at the same time
BrandanoSpecifically, I love being in a warm pool while it's snowing
Brandanopossibly with a nice drink handy
TheHexaCubenah I have super cold feet (because the floor is just ice cold) and my upper body feels way too warm
TheHexaCube1st world problems
Lizards|Workwool socks
Brandanoelectrically heated carpet
TheHexaCubeBrandano: that's what I got, but those break super fast :(
Lizards|Workturn the floor into lava
TheHexaCubebut the carpet works quite nicely indeed :P
TheHexaCubetakes a while to get warm though
Lizards|Workit's starting to get chilly here, so i've been wearing my alpaca wool socks :]
TheHexaCubewell you're a lizard, I can understand it why you want it warm
TheHexaCubeyer a lizard, harry
Lizards|Worki've been thinking about starting my headless PC mining eth or something to generate some heat
srkworks quite well :)
srkespecially with 1080s
DJHenjinI just use a thick fluffy blanket, the ones that you get that have pictures of animals or stuff like that on them, typically found in like tourist shops
TheHexaCubeI wonder, I assume that shorter wavelengths should work better for IR than longer ones?
TheHexaCubeeg. 850nm is better than 940nm if I wanna be able to capture it?
SpeedEvilfor what IR
SpeedEvilYou mean for cameras?
DJHenjinlighting to iluminate prints so you can see them with an IR camera so you don't fuck up the resin?
SpeedEvilIIRC silicon is generally good out to around 950
TheHexaCubecheap sensors are still pretty sensitive to IR afaik
TheHexaCubethe original idea was to have an entirely opaque enclosure (so you can't see into it at all)
TheHexaCubebut a window that's tinted orange (UV-blocking) would be a better Idea I guess
TheHexaCubebut even then a camera would be nice, be it for just viewing it from a better angle (?) or over the web
TheHexaCubeor at night :P
SpeedEvilhttp://hamamatsu.magnet.fsu.edu/articles/images/quantumefficiencyfigure1.jpg claims significantly lower at 950
TheHexaCubebut yeah that's the idea DJHenjin
SpeedEvil850 is very, very far from what will activate typical resisn
TheHexaCuberight, I could go with red LEDs too but that's not really pleasant to look at either :P
SpeedEvil850nm LEDs are almost invisible unless in the dark
TheHexaCubeyou mean visible to the eye?
TheHexaCuberight, I'm talking about camera only for that
SpeedEvilSomewhere under a millionth of teh brightness
TheHexaCubebut huh, those LEDs are actually pretty pricey
TheHexaCubethe THT leds seem to be cheap at least
DJHenjinsomeone made an hour long linerider track,
jammiTheHexaCube: you could just use any webcam or such
jammiand remove the IR filter
TheHexaCubeof course but you still need a lightsource :P
jammiif you want 2d IR
jammisure, a candle will do
DJHenjinyou only need a few LEDs for IR illumination,
jammior incandescent light; those are pretty efficient at producing IR
DJHenjinyou don't need 1000 of them, or even 100
TheHexaCubeDJHenjin: well I was thinking about two strips of 0805 leds or whatever I can find cheaply
DJHenjinin your (relatively speaking) tiny enclosure, I am not sure that you would even need more than 2 or 3
TheHexaCube0805 doesn't put out that much light
TheHexaCubeand the camera sensors aren't exactly light sensitive :P
TheHexaCubebut it's yet another thing to test out
jammiTheHexaCube: actually they're super sensitive at IR
DJHenjinyes, but you just mentioned that THT LEDS ones are cheap
jammias long as you've removed the IR filter from them
jammithe IR filter blocks some of the other wavelengths as well
tamarinYou don't need to remove any filter from any common webcam.
TheHexaCubeDJHenjin: i was assuming those don't put much light either, but I see
jammiit's typically a separate piece of glass between the lens and sensor
tamarinExperiment with your TV remote or similar if you have doubts.
jammihence, pretty easy to remove
DJHenjinsecurity cameras that have IR illuminators only have about 8-10 LEDs, and those illuminate huge areas potentialls
TheHexaCubeneat :D
DJHenjinsome, like that one use more like 40, but still, those are designed for huge areas outdoors
TheHexaCubewell i can always PWM them :P
TheHexaCubei'd rather get them too powerful than too weak :D
DJHenjinof course, just letting you know you may end up with too many LEDs, and flood the build area with too much IR to get a good image, even at the lowest possible pwm
TheHexaCubeheh, right
DJHenjinI'm am a huge proponent of overbuilding things to make sure they work 100% to their specs, but sometimes there is such a thing as too much overbuilt lol
DJHenjinthat being said, those IR rings are cheap, pick one up and test it to find out for sure.
NebukadnezaACTION uploaded an image: file1509376391582.jpg (758KB) <https://matrix.ghostdub.de//_matrix/media/v1/download/ghostdub.de/uDEuAoCXjhyYaeBcpXMgiQKY>
NebukadnezaI wonder what's happening to the bottom and top layers...
DJHenjino/ neb
corecodeis that petg?
jeffdm_workDon't talk about your X
corecodeperimeters first?
TheHexaCubeuuuuugh my order STILL hasn't been shipped
TheHexaCubewhat the fuck
TheHexaCube$wa time in the US
DumDuckBot(TheHexaCube) Result: 11:16:59 am EDT | Monday, October 30, 2017 - https://is.gd/jl2SEF
Nebukadnezathat’s PLA, with outermost shell first
DJHenjinthat's east coast, it's only 8AM on the west coast
corecodeNebukadneza: very odd, eh
Nebukadnezacorecode: you remember the cubes that looked ugly outside?
corecodeit almost looks like there is some slop somewhere
Nebukadnezai get the feeling that i didn’t solve the underlying problem
corecodeyea, they still do
Nebukadnezawhatever it is
Nebukadnezai just masked it by going outer-shell-first
corecodeno, it still shows the same variation
corecodeso now you need to do differential diagnosis:
corecodeis it the slicer, or is it the printer
Nebukadnezabut … by orders of magnitude less
corecodeuse slic3r with same temperature settings
corecodeand see how that changes things
NebukadnezaPETG is still printing wonderfully
corecodedid you calibrate your pla temperature?
Nebukadnezaso i’d still kind of rule out mechanics
Nebukadnezanot yet …
bill2or3to see if it's the filament, print the same gcode twice, and see if they're identical. If they are, it's not the filament.
corecodedo that before trying to get looks right
Nebukadnezayou recommend that break-away test?
corecodethat test is good
corecodebut it takes time
Nebukadnezabecause printing so many of them?
corecodekisslicer has a temperature test mode
corecodewell, several
Nebukadneza4 or 5 is no problem
corecodeyou print at 195 at the moment
corecodeso maybe print at 190 and 200
corecodemaybe even 185
corecodeand see the effects
corecodetemp test also means tuning the layer fan
Nebukadnezalayer fan i’ll wait for my new one …
corecodeyou don't have a layer fan?
Nebukadnezacurrently it’s full throttle all the time tbh :[
Nebukadnezai have one, but it’s rather weak
corecodehow come this is a commercial printer
corecodeif you need to change everything
Nebukadnezai wanted to do one thing
Nebukadnezaupgrade to an all metal hotend
Nebukadnezato be able to print PETG and later other technical filaments
Nebukadnezabecause it make with an PETG-lined hotend they called „MK10“
Nebukadnezaturns out it wasn’t a real MK10 … when i ordered the micro-swiss MK10 upgrade kit with heatbreak and nozzle, they didn’t fit … china-MK10 was 1mm smaller in bore and thread
ccecilyou can print petg without all metal
Nebukadnezaso i went to my friend with the mill and lathe, we enlarged the hole in the heatsink and re-tapped the heating block
ccecilI use jhead mk-vb hotends for pla, abs, petg
Nebukadnezaccecil: tried, at ~245°C the china-PETG started charring
ccecilthat isn't the hotend :)
Nebukadnezabut i wanted the microswiss nozzles anyways
corecodedon't buy china filament
Nebukadnezacorecode: the PETG-liner, not filament
ccecilNebukadneza: I suppose you mean the teflon started charring
gthxpetg is https://rigid.ink/blogs/news/175700615-petg-filament-heres-what-you-need-to-know || http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyethylene_terephthalate || https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8XaUfVZEP4 || http://forum.makergear.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2593 || http://reprap.org/wiki/PETG
ccecilif you have a petg liner...something is very wrong :)
corecodeoh shut up gthx
corecodeyou mean teflon liner
Nebukadnezanot PETG
corecodeyea ofc
Nebukadnezaboth contain P, E and T -.-
corecodethat's why you need an all metal hotend
Nebukadnezafreudian typo
Nebukadnezayeah, so … microswiss
Nebukadnezasince they’re said to be the best anyways …
corecodeis it actually swiss?
ccecildon't buy hotends not made to spec
Nebukadnezaso after modding … now i got this mess
Nebukadnezayes, ow it is
ccecilprobably isn't proper ptfe
Nebukadnezaccecil: it came with the printer
Nebukadnezado i waste time of my life
Nebukadnezaor order genuine v6?
corecodewhy change the hotend again?
corecodefirst figure out the reason for your print results
corecodethat's really the FIRST thing to do
Nebukadnezai printed petg with the ptfe lined hotend
Nebukadnezaptfe charred
Nebukadnezaso i ordered the microswiss allmetal upgrade kit
Nebukadnezaupgrade kit doesn’t fit
Nebukadnezaso i modded heatsink and block to fit
corecodeyou changed the microswiss kit?
tralamazzawhat do you mean charred? how hot did you print?
ccecilbuy cheap?
gthxbuy cheap is buy thrice, living on the edge, also see fire
Nebukadnezai bored the CR-10 heatsink, and re-tapped the heating block
Nebukadnezawhich were part of the original hotend
corecodeso what is the microswiss kit?
corecodeif it is not hotend nor heat block
Nebukadnezaheatbreak and nozzle only
Nebukadneza„upgrade kit“
corecodehell of a kit
corecodeokay then
corecodecalibrate temperature!
Nebukadnezaand since it’s made for a real MK10 … it was 4mm smooth heatbreak, and M4 thread
TheHexaCubeDuckle: sorry to ask probably again, did I show you my PCBs that arrived a few days ago?
Nebukadnezacorecode: well, i didn’t change the thermistor …?
Nebukadneza(also, the control board isn’t flashable yet)
bill2or3corecode: but I want to print noooowwwww!
Nebukadnezacorecode: got it, sorry to make you furious :-)
corecodeNebukadneza: are you looking for advice or do you just want to vent
ccecilcorecode: this is IRC...you guess :)
Nebukadnezai just wanted to make my line of thought clear to understand why you give which advise
Nebukadnezasorry if this felt differently
Nebukadnezai really do appreciate (and still follow) your advise :-)
corecodeyou need to find the best temperature to print at
corecodeand this can even change between summer and winter and when you change your layer fan, etc.
Nebukadnezayeah, i’m just pre-heating again with those break-away thingies on the SD
corecodecertainly changes with filaments
corecodeprint a couple of test buttplugs
corecodelabel top and bottom with the right temperature
corecodeand then break them apart to find the right temperature
Nebukadnezaok, will do
Nebukadneza(and thanks alot!)
Ameisencorecode - CLBAEAIRT!
AmeisenWhich is, of course, Welsh.
normkOk - if you were to build a corexy printer, which one would you buy??
normkor ... excuse me... build
Ameisenall custom parts, 10x10x10' printer
Ameisenextruders on every axis, pointing inwards
normk10', huh? why so small?
TheHexaCube$wa 10' in mm
DumDuckBot(TheHexaCube) Result: 3048 mm (millimeters) - https://is.gd/ddm4ol
TheHexaCubewait what
TheHexaCube' or "
AmeisenI wrote ', afaik
jammiso, a 27m³ printer
jamminot so small then
Ameisennormk has bigger printers, clearly
Ameisenonly peasants have such small printers
TheHexaCube"Oh, the print is gonna take 2839 hrs? Neat"
jammiare you building car body parts with it or something like that?
Ameisenat that size? You're printing the car.
jammior small boats
Ameisenand the garage.
normkI wish - there is a company printing homes, here.
jammionly half a car really, unless you're into smart cars
Ameisenthat's true
Ameisenbut he can use the 10x10x10' printer to print a 20x20x20' printer
jammior use an Y-axis extension to build a full car
normkSeriously - I've built cartesian and makerbot clone - now I want corexy... soooooo... what one do you suggest??
AmeisenIdeally, though, he extends into the fourth dimension, and builds a hypercube printer - 20x20x20x20'
Ameisenhe can then print things that our minds cannot even comprehend
TheHexaCubeprinting 20' into the future? ;P
TheHexaCubeACTION hides
TheHexaCubeACTION is aware the 4th dimension is not time
jammi20' of accumulated moss on the print once it's done printing
jammileave it printing for the grand-grandchildren to enjoy the results
normk.... something tells me I shouldn't have asked... ;)
jancoownormally I can remove support pretty easy but this time.. It just almost won't get loose and the result isn't very pretty:
gthxlaunchcast is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUjH14vhLxA
jancoowany clue why?
jammiwhen's the bfr going to be launched?
Nebukadnezacorecode: for the temp tests, is initial layer temp = current testing temp + 5°C fair …?
jancoowThis is my first print with a density of 80%, has that something to do with it?
corecodeNebukadneza: sure
jammitry another with 15% and find out
corecodeNebukadneza: pick one that will stick
NebukadnezaAll of them stick well
jancoowyeah idk just asking jammi
jancoowi dont have much expierence ;p
corecodejancoow: what is the problem?
NebukadnezaThat's the only thing had no problems with since lokbuild
iniazijancoow, either the temp is little too low, or possibly the bed isn't level around there? could also be a fluke. density doesn't matter for this.
jancoowiniazi: I never had this before actually
corecodewhy is it black
jammior too much temp with too little or too much cooling and so forth
jancoowcorecode: oh some old fillament in the head
corecodeoh, supports
gthxpla is http://reprap.org/wiki/PLA and smells like maple syrup and is polylactide (aka polylactate and poly(lactic acid)). It is biodegradable & nontoxic, though commercial PLA may contain additives that are less benign. It has a relatively little thermal expansion (which would result in warping). It melts ~185C and has a Tg (glass transition temperature) ~60C and
gthxhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polylactic_acid and is 1.210–1.430 g·cm−3
jammibasically try with different settings and try again and see if it got better or worse; it's pretty hard to tell from the resulting image without knowing the behaviour of the particular printer and its filament and slicer being used
corecodejesus gthx shut up
jammiyeah, I'd suggest gthx to require something like "what is pla?" to answer it
corecodei can't use supports with petg
corecodejust prefix with gthx:
jancoowI printed it like this
jancoowyeah pla
corecodemaybe printed hotter than usual?
corecodeless fan?
corecodei have no idea about supports
jancoowgonna check the settings
jancoowbut I didn't actually changed anything
jancoowas far as i know
corecodedoesn't work for petg anyways
Curlyearshiegh hough
jancoowJust don't get it
Curlyearsjancoow: what is it that you don't "get?"
jammijancoow: if those are from raft-type underside supports, it's pretty normal
Curlyearshry there. jammi, you pain in the arse! :b
jancoowjammi: uh
jancoowjammi: this is build plate support ;p
jammiyeah, so rafts?
jammiCurlyears: how so?
CurlyearsjammiL: "how so?" what?
jammijancoow: yeah, so basically rafts. why do you have them?
Curlyearsif you are asking why you are a pain in the arse, I would submit that you were probably born that way X-P X-P
jancoowjammi I can't print in the air
Curlyearsjancoow: the blue elements are the supports? what is your question about them?
jammijancoow: sure, but you don't have to have the entire model floating either
jancoowjammi: why not?
jancoowCurlyears: It did stick very hard to my model
Curlyearsjancoow: he has a good point. Why do you have supports under the main bodty of the part?
jancoowand it looks awefull; Normally the support is quite easily to remove
jancoowbut this time.. idk
jancoowbecause I printed it like this? :)
jammiprinting bottoms on rafts like that results in surfaces like you showed, it's basically similar to bottoms of bridges
Brandanojancoow: possibly some difference in temperature or cooling?
jammijancoow: yeah, which resulted in the pretty much expected bottom surface quality
jancoowmm okay
jancoowso what can I do better next time?
jancoowTo prevent this
jammiexpand your settings to "advanced" or whatever and disable the raft thing
jammiif it doesn't show otherwise
jancoowthis where my settings
Curlyearsjancoow: A) get rid of the supports under the main body of the part. b) replace the support structure under the horizonal cylinder with "pillars" spaced evenly along ghe leength. They will be MUCH easier to remove cleanly
Brandanohmm, that won't really work for that part
BrandanoI'd consider printing it split in halves
Brandanopossibly model holes for a locating pin to include in the print when glueing it back together
jancoowBrandano: well
Nebukadneza„retract at layer change“ seems like the dumbest thing ever
jancoowthis is uhm some speaker holder
jancoowit needs to hold 1kg eventually
Nebukadneza„please REALLY make sure there is either a blob or a melting mark at the z-seam position“
jancoowbit of an experience tho
Brandanoshould hold it just the same if it's split vertically
jancoowfirst time I created threading
Brandanoeven a tad better since it will have a bunch of solid layers in the middle where it would only have infill
jancoowthat didn't went very well without support in that hole ;p
Brandanooh, it has a threaded hole?
jancoowI tried without support
Brandanocan't work
jancoowIt's a bit dripped down in the top
jancoowand my bolt doesnt fit :p
Brandanoit would have unsupported parts printing in midair
Brandanomight work better if it sat on that face with the threaded hole in it
Brandanowith support for the top part
jancoowbut that make it less strong
jancoowif it's printed upwards
Brandanoactually, I have seen prints split in either way
Brandanodepends on how hot they are printed
jancoowno I mean
jancoowthe layers
Brandanoprinting hot the layers can be stronger than the other direction at time
jancoowthis was the idea :P
jancoowno clue if it will hold
Brandanohave you tried printing it laying on the side towards your hand? Look like only the peg at the top would need support then
jancoow1kg is quite heavy
Brandanoand you could remove the threads on one side of the threaded hole to compensate for the tendence to droop
linexmy filament keeps breaking, what can be the cause of this ? It was ok before ?
linexmy filament keeps breaking, what can be the cause of this ? It was ok before.
jammior just have a slightly smaller hole than actual thread size and tap those threads
Lizards|Worklinex: humidity?
jammiprinted threads rarely work very well unless they're huge in size
Brandanowell, one advantage of 3D printing is that we don't have to follow standard manufacturing rules
Brandanoyou can easily make partial threads
RoBo_Vdamn, I have fans installed and it really stick print to bed. it is not coming off... suggestions ?
linexLizards|Work: it only break if I have left it without printing. It does not break while printing.
Brandanolike, a hole with threads only on two quarters of it
jammiBrandano: yeah, but at least my experience has been that the best result is by having enough perimeters around the hole, then drilling/tapping or drill-tapping them
jancoowwell, the threads looks pretty good \
jammimetal thread inserts are another option
jancoowbut the bolt is slightly to big
jancoowno clue why
Brandanoso that you can fir in a bolt with the opposite pattern and twist it 90 degrees for locking
linexLizards|Work: Can it also be that it comes in a roll and the round shape of it is stressed when it is straighten
Brandanojammi: my experience is that it's best to trap an actual nut
jammiBrandano: yeah, depends on the kind of torque you're going to put on it
Brandanolinex: PLA goes brittle with moisture
linexBrandano: I see. It goes brittle with moisture.
jammiand how deep the holes are
Brandanostore it in a sealed container, with silica gel packets
Brandanolinex: if you have an oven with good temperature control try to bake the spool at 40°c for a couple of hours
linexBrandano: Yeah. I do that but in a big zip bag.
jammidrill-taps are very quick to deal with though, just snap onto your drill and let the printed hole guide it
Brandanoif you have an ehated bed ramp the temperature to 40°c, put the spool over it and a cardboard box on top
fx9Brandano, thats hardly worth it when a new roll is about 15 bucks
BrandanoI don't like wasting stuff that could still work
linexBrandano: thanks for the tip. will do.
Brandanoalso, you might need to match an earlier print
Brandanoshould be fine up to about 60°c, but temperature eradings are not very reliable
CurlyearsRoBo_V: have you tried "scraping" it off with a putty knife or kitchen spatula?
BrandanoRoBo_V: what sort of bed is it?
RoBo_VBrandano: glass bed
RoBo_Vdid I make mistake adding two fans?
Brandanoif it's really tough, remove the clips and stick the lot in the freezer
RoBo_VBut print came out really nice, i think it helps
Brandanoit's definitely not the fans
RoBo_VCurlyears: Yes trying that
Brandanoif anything fans will cause the print to come loose
CurlyearsLinex: NMO
jammiRoBo_V: so what did you surface the glass bed with?
RoBo_VYeah it came out
jammior are you printing straight onto the glass?
RoBo_Vjammi: straight
BrandanoI generally use hairspray ALSO to let the print come off
jammiBrandano: yeah
Brandanoit helps the print stick, but not so hard it can't be removed
jancoowso when creating threaded. My nut is 10mm. Should my bolt be 9mm ?
RoBo_VBut layers along Z seems good 03mm print, fan helped I guess
jancoowBecuaes now they are both 10mm but it doesn't fit ;p
jammijancoow: that's just the regular printing inaccuracies
Brandanolinex: if you bake the filament, remove it from the ziplock bag first
Brandanolinex: you need somewhere for the moisture to go
jammijancoow: hence, rather tap/die or use metal inserts
linexBrandano: :- ) ok
linexBrandano: I am in Malaysia. Its hot here. Can I just put it in the sun.
jancoowjammi: but that would make it a bit more difficult not.. I downloaded once a model where threaded worked great
Brandanoessentially, warm air has a higher dew point and will draw moisture off the filament. Within limits. If ambient moisture is 100% it won't help no matter how hot it is
jammijancoow: no, it's much easier that way than trying the basically impossible of getting the perfect print calibration
linexBrandano: its an oven here
Brandanoyes, but unfortunately it's more kind of a sauna, I suspect
jancoowjammi: yeah but I don't have the required tools to tapp a hole
linexBrandano: ah yes, it hot and humid
Brandanoif you have air conditioning it tends to dry the air as well
linexBrandano: like a sauna but not that extreme
Brandanounfortunately hot and humid is not ideal for PLA
jammiif you have 60mm threads and have something like 1mm of tolerance designed in, printed threads may work, but small sizes like that are basically hopeless
BrandanoI'd consider an enclosure, at least for the filament spool
Curlyearslinex: it also tends to be quite humid there. Bakle it in a closed oven
jammijancoow: go get some
BrandanoCurlyears: the problem is that the oven will still get air from ambient
jammijancoow: it's not like a basic kit is expensive
jammiand you don't need some super fancy 200-piece tungsten carbide super quality thing for plastic
jammithe cheapest kit will work just fine
Curlyearsbrandano: nowhere near as much humidity, though. If the oven is set to 200C, the humidity won't survive the intake
BrandanoCurlyears: neither will the spool
jammisame regarding the drill taps if you want to time-optimize making threaded holes
BrandanoI mean, if you want a lump of PLA 200°C is fine
linexI hate put filament in and out. Its tedious. And sometimes I get a small broken piece inside and I have to open things up and put them back.
CurlyearsBrandano: so include some packets of silicone gel, abnd lower the temp to 100C
Brandanojammi: actually, for plastics you could probably cut a flute in a bolt
jammiBrandano: sure, but it won't remove as much material in one go
Brandano100°c is still pretty bad for PLA. TG is 80°C
linexI saw some pictures where the filament is in some kind of white tube. Whats this for ?
Curlyearsjammmi: he isn't looking for high volume production efficiency here
jammimore flutes / deeper flutes allow more plastic to be ejected and also just drilling them in one go
Brandanothat's a bowden extruder
linexBrandano: bowden extruder ok .. will google that up
Brandanoit's common for delta printers. the extruder motor is fixed, and the tube supports the filament up to the hotend
jammilinex: the reason it breaks in the first place is because you left it in the open to spol
linexjammi: yes I did. I did not know that it will spoil when expose to normal air.
jancoow80% density is pretty strong tho
jancoowI hope this will hold my speaker xD
Brandanogenerally it takes a lot of times. But warm and humid climate is probably worse
jancoowjammi: the bolt does like cool tho :P https://jancokock.me/f/628e6
linexIt cannot get worse from where I am at then
Nebukadnezanice thread!
jancoowwould be more nice if it did actually work lol
jammifor something like that, I'd suggest just priting the thumbnut part and heat sink it onto an actual 10mm bolt
thewscrunch: you move yet?
jancoowwut jammi xD
BrandanoI'd just thread the bolt into it, and glue it
Brandanoor make a recess for an hex bolt head
jammijancoow: things like these, just bigger: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:39459
gthxhttps://www.thingiverse.com/thing:39459 => Thumbwheel for M3 standard and nyloc nuts by andygock => 1 IRC mentions
jancoowjammi: oh thats cool
jancoowwell first gonna try make it 1mm smaller
jancoowjust wanna check if that works
jancoowit's only 25 minuts of printing anyways
Brandanojammi: wow, that manages to be an even worse use for a bed spring than the average
jammiBrandano: yeah, it was just a first hit on thingiverse
Brandanoall the disadvantages of a sprung bed while eliminating the advantage of easy adjustment
kraegarjammi: we modelled thumbscrews and used brass inserts for the railcore. works well
jammiit's also old. people 5 years ago didn't know better than use springs
kraegarwe use rubber hose instead of springs.
linexM3 standard, whats the minimum nozzle size to print size screws or nuts ?
kraegaracts like a super stiff spring
Brandanono, springs do have some advantages. Just not really for an expetrienced user
Brandanothey can save a bed from a nozzle crash
jancoowhappend to me xD
linexI might be wrong but 0.4 is too big, right ?
jammiBrandano: unless there are also flexible z-couplers which also save from it
jammialso, the z motors are rarely strong enough to cause any actual damage before skipping
Brandanoor z isolators
Brandanoon a prusa type
Brandanothe nuts will just come off
kraegarhow we did the bed adjustment on the railcore. https://imgur.com/7TXcVVb
thewslinex: you don't print m3 screws
thewsyou buy cheap ones and try to forget you ever had that line of thinking
Brandanokraegar: rubber tubing in place of springs?
kraegarBrandano: yep
Brandanokraegar: well, at least the bed is not moving in XY on the railcore
Brandanobut I'd still prefer jam nuts
Brandanoit's a bigger hassle when leveling, but it stays put
kraegaryep, could use jam nuts if you preferred it
linexI mean an M3 thread is very fine.
Brandanokraegar: does the machine screw thread into plastic or you have an M3 captive nut in the thumbwheel?
kraegarBrandano: brass insert in the thumbwheel
Brandanothat will work. a bit harder to source, though
kraegaramazon sells them in packs of 100
kraegarwe use them in a few places
Brandanoright now I am using bare nuts because thumbwheels would reduce my print area
BrandanoI have to make a couple of small M3 keys
Brandanogrind them out of a PC slot cover or something
kraegarI'm going to talk to 713maker about some "bling" parts out of aluminum, including the thumbwheels
Brandanothose could be solid brass
kraegardo they need to be aluminum? absolutely not. but they'll look awesome :)
Brandanoaluminium thumbwheels might strip too easily
kraegarmaybe. there's not much strain on the threads.
TheHexaCubekraegar: just mill the printer out of alu in 1 piece
Brandanotitanium frame
TheHexaCubecast iron >:P
TheHexaCube"Oh your printer fell from the 3rd floor? Whatever"
TheHexaCube(then again, cast iron is rather brittle, no?)
kraegargoing to carve the entire thing out of the core of a big meteorite.
kraegarjust as soon as I find one big enough
TheHexaCubewell now we're talking
Brandanokraegar: actually: https://www.amazon.com//dp/B01HSTVJZ0/
TheHexaCubeman those iron crystals (??) inside meteorites look soooo pewtty
BrandanoTheHexaCube: never saw pirite rock?
TheHexaCubeI did indeed
TheHexaCubebut it's not as pretty :P
jammia titanium printer would probably survive that fall
jammibut cast iron would shatter like glass, yes
kraegarthose would work
TheHexaCubehow's that other one called that forms those very colorful crystals?
TheHexaCuberather low melting point
TheHexaCubem... m something
kraegarbut since you're buying a bajillion brass inserts for the railcore anyway, printing them is cheaper
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K38qLAvUfrI => Making an Off-Axis Superconductor Ring => 1 IRC mentions
TheHexaCubethis also looks pretty neat
TheHexaCubeapparently no m :P
jammiyou can make bismuth crystals at home pretty easily, as long as you have the bismuth
jammithey're basically grown
Seeker`I've got a bismuth crystal on my desk right now
Brandanoyup, bismuth crystals are pretty, and fairly non-toxic
DJHenjinkraegar, how is 713maker for getting custom parts milled, they reasonable priced?
NorxMALYes, you can also grow crack, but crackusers aren't patient enough and smoke it before it has a chance to grow. There is no evidence of this being true, I blame that lack of evidence, on the cracksmokers :P
DJHenjinobviously it would take a while for me to get anything I ordered up here, but they seem to be quite reliable in terms of 3d printer parts
Brandanokraegar: there's oodles of m3 thumbnut listings. All for 3D printer beds, it seems
Brandanopeople loses them
jammisome of them are pretty good
jammiI made my own, maybe I should upload to thingiverse
DJHenjinalso, how complex can they do, only 2d, 3d profiles, or full on complex parts that need to be worked on more than one axis
TheHexaCubeDJHenjin: i think they do whatever you pay them for :P
TheHexaCube3 axis for sure
TheHexaCubesaw some pocket stuff from kraegar
kraegarDJHenjin: prices are awesome. they currently can only do panel router style designs (top down cuts)
DJHenjinthough I suppose I could rework my x axis to take only flat parts that bolt together
Brandanoapparently they are a stndard. DIN466 and DIN467
kraegarhe's getting a vertical cnc soon-ish
kraegarthis page gives a good idea of what he can do: http://713maker.com/ft5.html
kraegarand he's clever, will help you change up parts if you need.
kraegarhe knows 3d printers and how they work, so it's not like some generic cnc shop. but his prices are hard to beat, too
gthxhttps://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2615503 => Yet another M3 thumbnut for M3 nuts and bolts by jammi => 1 IRC mentions
kraegarsiderala sent one of my parts I got for $60 off to someo cnc service, and it was almost 3x as much there as from 713
TheHexaCubekraegar: does he do only milling or also surface finishing?
TheHexaCubelike sandblasting, powdercoating etc.
Brandanojammi: no SCAD file? :)
jammiBrandano: I don't use scad
jammimade it in f360
BrandanoSTL is not a real exchange format
kraegarTheHexaCube: anodizing
jammiBrandano: sure, but that's what's things on thingiverse typically are
TheHexaCubekraegar: neat, maybe I should hit him up for an offer :P
jammigrabcad on the other hand typically has the design files as well
DJHenjintahnks kraegar
kraegarDJHenjin: sure thing.
kraegarDJHenjin: I've had him cut all kinds of stuff, he's good to work with
TheHexaCubeactually, thinking about it, what i need also requires a lathe =(
jammiBrandano: also, seems like f360 isn't happy to export it as step or such at the moment either
kraegarf360 exports step files fine
Brandanoyep, the geometry isn't very simple to replicate
jammikraegar: sometimes, when it wants to. now it doesn't
thewsCurlyears: what you cookin?
Brandanobut I can think about a couple of approaches
kraegarthat's how I send things off to 713.
kraegarjammi: that's weird
jammikraegar: similarly, sometimes it doesn't want to open files it has in the cloud
sideralaUSER ERROR
Brandanoanywhoo, I think I'll head home for the moment
Brandanosiderala: remove the user and try again
kraegarsiderala: shut yer pie hole
DJHenjinwhat fileytpe does he need kraegar ?
sideralaFUCK UR HOLE
kraegarDJHenjin: step
TheHexaCubenow now children
TheHexaCubebehave yourselves
DJHenjinkk, thanks again
kraegarDJHenjin: yep, sure thing
TheHexaCubeespecially you little siderala
TheHexaCubeor else you get the hose again
kraegarI'll tell him you'll be in touch. (chatting with him now about some parts he's doing for us this week)
sideralathere aint no cage that can hold me
tralamazzadouble negative
DJHenjinsweet, thanks bud
DJHenjinmay be a while, still have to design the parts to be machinable
DJHenjinprobably a month
kraegarok, he says bring it on
thewsACTION needs to print some TPU arm rests
TheHexaCubegotta use that .1 nozzle right siderala
sideralafor fine detail and most pleasure yes
DJHenjinno, because your dick is soo small
TheHexaCubeDJHenjin: gets it
sideralabruh i got a 12x12x12.5" build volume and will have to print it in two parts
Ameisenwho the hell do I email about MIPS licensing and stuff
Ameisenimgtec is selling it
Ameisenbut their buyer appears to be a venture capital company, who is going to resell it presumably
Seeker`https://www.mips.com/contact/ ?
Ameisenso I question if they will have the technical expertise to understand
AmeisenSeeker` - was already there
Ameisentheir contact form doesn't work
Ameisenthrows an error
AmeisenPlus, it emails imgtec... who is selling it
Ameisenso I question if they'd care enough to respond
DJHenjincontact@mips.com ?
Seeker`Ameisen: what address at imgtec does it try to send to?
RoBo_VPrinting this type part for first time - do I need support for it https://thingiverse-production-new.s3.amazonaws.com/renders/ac/93/9e/82/07/Z-EndStop-XMotor_preview_featured.jpg
Ameisennot sure. The address below is for imgtec, so I presume someone.
AmeisenI just sent an email to both imgtec and the VC firm
bill2or3RoBo_V: depends how big it is.. some printers can do a bridge like that.
AmeisenI was already in correspondence with imgtec last year, but they stopped responding
Seeker`Ameisen: try replacing the 'imgtec' with 'mips' in the address
bill2or3RoBo_V: if you rotate it, it'll print without support.
AmeisenI've been trying to get either permission to open source my MIPS emulator, or expand it into a development platform for MIPS
Ameisenbut I can't do either without them to do patent issues
Ameisendue to*
RoBo_Vbill2or3: ah good call lol
sideralayeah but did you guys see the part about my penis being huge
Ameisenand, being in the US and having property like a house, I'm not willing to 'do first and ask for permission'
Seeker`Ameisen: you could try calling them
AmeisenSeeker` - social anxiety issues dictate that I not.
TheHexaCubesiderala: you mean the part where you lied?
AmeisenI actually was emailing with the VP of MIPS at one point
TheHexaCubesiderala: riiiight
Ameisenbut they just stopped responding abruptly. Probably due to them preparing to drop MIPS.
Seeker`Ameisen: who was that?
AmeisenI'd have to look back through my inbox.
AmeisenHe was the one who responded to my first email to imgtec
Ameisenbut that was... last year at some point
Seeker`I don't know how you feel about just waiting a week or two :P The sale was only completed last week, and it was done fairly quickly
Seeker`Might take a little while for the dust to settle
AmeisenSeeker` - sure, I can wait as long as I need
AmeisenI haven't done much work on the emulator since last year
Ameisenmainly because to expand it further requires either permission or cooperation
AmeisenI think the ideal outcome is working with them to establish a development platform using the emulator. Second ideal outcome is open-sourcing it.
Ameisenworst case, they say no
Ameisenin which case, all development other than internal use is dead in the water
sideralaseen mutl*
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DJHenjinI miss the days of linerider being soo prevalent in school computer classes,
lowridahlol i jwas just thinking about linerider the other day
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qasxqKScOfY => This Will Destroy You: A Line Rider Feature Film => 1 IRC mentions
DJHenjinan hour long linerider track
DJHenjini think it might be editing tricks though to make it look like it is continuous, but still, to create something that blended soo seamlessly from on part to the next is hella impressive
linexCan 0.4mm nozzle print an M3 screw nicely ?
SpeedEvillinex: no
DJHenjingod no
linexSpeedEvil: I thought so. Too big.
SpeedEvilM30, maybe
linexhaha .. ok
TheHexaCubehow would I build a bending brake for plastic
DJHenjinhow I do m3 threads on 3d prints,
SpeedEvilM30 may be slight exaggeration, but not very
TheHexaCubewith like... various radii
SpeedEvilDJHenjin: you just do the hole, and screw the screw in
bill2or3DJHenjin: you don't. use a tap.
DJHenjinis I design the hole to tightly fit an m3 shank, then screw the bolt in with a lot of patience and force,
SpeedEvilUse a tap if you're fancy
linexJust curious .. can a 0.1mm nozzle an M3 screw ?
lowridahi find a tap for m3s entirely unnecessary
linexJust curious .. can a 0.1mm nozzle print an M3 screw ?
lowridahjust print at a 1.4mm radius and the screw self taps
DJHenjinSpeedEvil, I am not fancy ;) just jam the fucker in
bill2or3linex: no way to know, the first test print is still going.
bill2or3 a 0.1mm nozzle would be make for unbearably long print times.
linexbill2or3: woh .. you are printing an m3 screw with a 0.1mm nozzle as we speak ?
lowridahlinex: m3 screws are really cheap
lowridahwhy would you bother printing them
lowridahthey would be weak even if they were accurate
CurlyearsTheHexaCubeyou need a way to evenly heat the plastic sheet to it's softening temperatuere (which of course, depends on ther plastic chosen) and then bedn it around a jig with the radius you desire
linexlowridah: I know .. just for discussion sake
bill2or3linex: no, no I am not.
Jupp3If it's clearly inferior to normal m3 screw, is it m3 screw? :P
SpeedEvilTheHexaCube: most plastics won't bend cleanly without sofetning
SpeedEvilMany will snap
SpeedEvilsome won't bend at all
TheHexaCuberight, I know I'd have to heat it :P
Jupp3Heh, m3 screw in vase mode :P
TheHexaCubeI'm more thinking about how to get those different radii
CurlyearsTheHexaCube: As I justtold you, you need a bending jig, a separate one for each individual radius you may wish to bend to
TheHexaCubeoh I'm sorry Curlyears I overread that
TheHexaCubemy bad
Curlyearsof course, if you have no need for a very specific radius, just bending the plastic will result in a radius
Jupp3I guess you aren't a real DIY person, if you ever ask "Why?"
Curlyearswhy why?
Curlyearswhy NOT why!?
DJHenjinTheHexaCube, you can build a bending jig that can do all the different radii, but it would be a bit more complex than building one for each
DJHenjinnot hard to build either
CurlyearsDJHenjinyes, exactly
DJHenjinand until you have more than a handful of different radii to bend, it just isn't really worth it
TheHexaCubeI'd be curious about the mechanism involved, though
CurlyearsDJHenjin: actually, if you don't require tight precision, I can think of a bending jig that could produce diofferent radii, that is quite simple to buid and use
DJHenjinI could design a real simple effective way to do one that is compatible with all radii, but it might be a bit hard to actually implement
DJHenjinand would probably be quite fiddly to use
SpeedEvilIt's 'easy' for metals.
CurlyearsTheHexaCube: think of a "table" that is split in two. Lay your sheet to be bent upon it. Adjust the gap between the halves of the table, narrower will produce smaller radii, wider will produce larger radii
SpeedEvilIn that you can 'just' use three rigidly mounted adjustable rollers, and get cones or nice long bends
DJHenjinmainly because your bending backrests have to be tangential to the radius of the bend you are trying to make, even worse is it has to be tangential to the radius, polus the thickness of the pastic you are trying to bend
SpeedEvilBut plastics don't yield like that
TheHexaCubeCurlyears: actually I was already wondering if that was the way to do it
TheHexaCubebut I was unsure
DJHenjinSpeedEvil, I think it is for corners of a box, so that type of bender wouldn't work anyways
TheHexaCubewouldn't i need a way to hold the plastic "down" ?
DJHenjinTheHexaCube, if you do it that way, you can use a former in the gap to ensure the plastic meets the radius perfectly
CurlyearsTheHexaCube: of course. simple adjustable holddown brackets will suffice, however
DJHenjinjust a piece of pipe which has the correct radius, for the inside of your corner
DJHenjinhell, you can do it by hand if you have a nice flat table, a pipe of the correct radius for the inside, and a flat piece to use as a backer when you bend the plastic
CurlyearsDJHenjin: true. But you need a way to maintain the position of the bender bar, tangentially to the upper surface of the plastic sheet.
euz100bender bar?
DJHenjinthe backing plate used to hold the plastic around the pipe former,
DJHenjinas it is the moving backing plate, it can also be called a bender bar
euz100what's a good design for filament extruder?
DJHenjinbecause it it the one that actually does the bending
euz100something simple and reliable
DJHenjingregs/wades is reliable
euz100I mean from pellets to filament
euz100yes, fucking just happens
euz100dependent on proper lubrication though
kritterUsually it's intentional
Curlyearseuz100" have you looked at the "Filastruder?" I have hearn negative commentary on them, but it exists
kritterI just didn't figure it was appropriate to enter an IRC channel silently or without vulgarity
euz100I want something completely DIY
kritterand had nothing particularly disgusting to say, and also my printer works well, so that's why i said fuck
euz100time to take a baseball bat to the printer then
euz100otherwise you can't be here
Curlyearseuz100: thyen you need to do some research on extrusion and work with hot polymers, and flow characteristic. Building a decent filament extruder is not goming to be simple. It CAN be done, but there will be a pretty steep learning curve on it
kritterwanna add to what my man Curlyears said - it is virtually NEVER worth it
euz100a complex design might give issues for a day, but a bent frame will keep them going for a lifetime
Curlyears'if you have a steady source of polymer stock to extrude with, it MIGHT be worth it from a peraonal "I'm REALLY into recycling!" point of view, but economically, you'll not save enough $$ to make it wqorth doing
krittereuz100, this frame is pretty beefy
kritteralso you will never make filament as good as you can get from, say, crunch
crunchfyuck yeag
jancoowjammi: hi
jancoowjammi: https://jancokock.me/f/2b1e2 looks it fits1 :D
jancoowthe 9mm did the trick
euz100I'm not buying premium filament anyways
euz100and have no intention to, from Brazil
AmeisenYou're not buying the diamond-encrusted filament?
krittereuz100, are you new to 3d printing or do you have your shit together
euz100I leave that for the cool kids, Ameisen
euz100I'm pretty newish
kritterI HIGHLY recommend using the best possible filament until you are absolutely dialed in
kritterFDM is a finicky technology, and having to contend with shitty filament at the same time you're learning the weirdness of the system is a big pain
euz100sure, but this is Brazil, would you pay 600% more for premium filament?
kritterDo you pay that due to customs/taxes?
euz100customs and shipping rates are a nightmare
kritterand to answer your question
kritterYes, for one roll.
kritterTo learn on.
euz100I'm talking about buying from local merchants
kritterIs there something stopping you from ordering it from the USA?
euz100heh, how much do you think it costs to ship 1kg from USA to Brazil?
kritterLess than 600% of the cost of the filament.
euz100ha, you would be surprised
kritterI'm working on answering the question exactly btw
euz100anyways, I m getting good prints with generic ABS filament anyways
kritterlike i don't want to dissuade you from trying to make your own filament
kritterit's cool as fuck
kritterIt's just not financially sensible.
euz100my focus is printing parts anyways, nothing stylish
euz100I printed that for my cousin, just because I was curious
kritterWow, 66USD to ship a flat rate box to Brazil through USPS
euz100yeah, I tried to get my friend to ship me some books
kritteri mean most of us are happy to circumvent the great nation of Brazil's customs for you, but shipping is expensive
euz100shipping rates really did something funny in the last decade
kritterYes, I can see why shipping rates would increase for a rapidly industrializing nation which is building infrastructure. That makes total sense.
euz100shipping out of the UK used to cost pences
kritteri'm being sarcastic there's absolutely no reason it should cost that much to ship to brazil wtf
euz100it should cost more to ship to Russia now though, right?
kritterNot sure, USPS makes it as hard as they can to find intl shipping rates
kritterbrazil is an emerging superpower, maybe we should, you know, not fuck them over on transportation costs.
kritterbut that would require someone at USPS to know who the USA's strategic allies were. Or where Brazil was. Or how to read...
euz100emerging superpower, hahaha
theresajayneWHAT IS THE link to the kossel calibration wizard page
euz100Brazil did have some good years though
kritterWell, relative to all other powers on the continent, yeah
euz100things were looking up
kritterisn't Brazil actually one of the largest economies in the world
AmeisenBrazil might be a superpower if they hadn't deposed their Emperor
Ameiseninstead, they got rather corrupt government for a very long time
kritterDunno, it worked out well for France and for Japan
kritterlosing an emperor i mean
AmeisenJapan still has an Emperor.
kritterwhatever he's pointless
AmeisenJapan is still the Empire of Japan
Ameisentell that to the Japanese
Ameisenyou won't leave Japan alive
euz100well, sure, but Brazil has 200million people, the amazon, lots of arab land, and is the 5th largest country in the world
kritterI don't think I've ever met a Japanese person who knew who he was.
Ameisenlots of arab land?
kritterOr they dismissed it.
kritterhe means arable
AmeisenI prefer imagining arab
euz100I think it's the 7th or 8th largest economy in the world
Ameisenit is imaginative yet confusing
theresajaynewhat is the link to the kossel calibration wizard
kritterin any case, losing your nobility, as a country, is only a good thing
Ameisenkritter - except that he was a popular emperor, deposed by a military regime that brought in a lot of corruption.
kritterhistory shows that the more powerless and feeble the monarchs and nobles are, the better
Ameisenit ended badly for them.
kritterplus Pedro irritates me in Civilization VI
krittera lot
euz100he was Brazil's only emperor, considered one of the "enlightened monarchs"
Ameisenhe wasn't the only one.
Lizards|Worktheresajayne: i don't have it handy... but this is what is in my browser history http://web.archive.org/web/20160405081627/http://buildakossel.com/build-manuals/kossel_mini_build_manual/calibration-2/
euz100his hobby was gardening, I think
AmeisenPeter I and Peter II were both Emperors of Brazil
euz100Peter I abandoned his son after a few years to fight a civil war in Portugal
AmeisenPrior to that, Brazil was a Kingdom, equal to Portugal
euz100where he was potential heir
Ameisenmainly because the Portuguese monarchs for some reason preferred Brazil
Ameisenprobably because it wasn't at risk of being occupied by Spain
kritteri mean...have you been to portugal
euz100no no
kritterbrazil is way way way cooler than portugal
euz100they went to Brazil when Napoleon wanted their heads
theresajaynefound it in my history on another pc
euz100and ran back to Portugal when Napoleon was no more
AmeisenNapoleon wanted everyone's heads
Ameisenthat's why he lost
Ameiseneveryone v. you doesn't usually end well
kritterin any case, the economic reality of the situation in South America is that Brazil is fairly likely to be a superpower by 2050
kritterBut I doubt 2017 America cares about making friends with 2050 Brazil
euz100Peter I chose to leave an empire the size of a continent, to die in Portugal :)
Ameisenthe size of a continent, but most of it jungle
Ameisenfull of people who have no idea what Brazil is.
euz100not really
kritterBrazil is apparently the 7th largest economy in the world.
kritterAbove even India.
euz100Brazil has 5 regions, only 1 is a dense jungle
euz1001 is a light jungle
Ameisenand what percentage of that region is Brazil?
euz10035%, I think
kritteramazonas is a HUGE region iirc
kritterHoly shit
kritterBrazil is set to overtake france lol
AmeisenShould point out that 'Savanna', pretty sure wasn't originally savannah
AmeisenBrazil has done a really good job of destroying the Amazon rainforest.
kritterWell, we did a good job of destroying the west
euz100where was a minor tropical forest in the middle of the savannah
kritterand China did a good job of destroying everything too
jammiyeah, those jungle regions are future desert zones
euz100that's probably what you're thinking
euz100but the savannah was always here
Ameisenkritter - so, they should be allowed to do what they want?
kritterIt's sad, but right now, that seems to be the price we pay for industrialization.
euz100Mata Atlantica
Ameisenbecause other people did it too?
euz100it is nearly extinct now
kritterAnd I'm a hardcore environmentalist, but again, reality here - how can we stop them?
kritterWe can disallow it all we want.
AmeisenPutting another Pedro in charge
Mangy_DogHappy evning everyone.... https://imgur.com/gallery/Els8dYi
kritterBut we have no power.
|Jeroen|it wil ltake time
kritterWe could, say, offer economic incentives for NOT doing it
kritterI've often thought that we should just pay african nations to NOT industrialize
euz100supposedly the greenpeace only hunts down Brazilian mining companies
|Jeroen|china is already doing better then us when it comes to renewable energy
AmeisenWe will heavily arm the tribespeople in the amazon
Ameisenwith nuclear weapons
Ameisenthat will show 'em
euz100canadian mining companies can mine Brazil in peace
Ameisenand won't end badly at all
kritteri do not think they want nuclear weapons
euz100so there's that
Ameisenkritter - tough
Ameisenthey're getting them
kritterPoor tribal peoples.
Ameisenit's a foolproof plan
kritterimo if we paid African nations to NOT industrialize and we were very generous with our visas for those African people who wished to be involved in industry, that would be fair
kritterI also see China developing a conscience, slowly, about the idea that they should preserve their natural resources
kritterAnd I suspect the same is happening or will happen in Brazil, same as it did in the USA
euz100hahaha kritter
euz100China buys soy from Brazil, and produces grapes for Europe
kritterWell, that tends to bolster my assertion that Brazil will be a superpower.
AmeisenBrazil is more often a superpower in Victoria 2 games
Ameisenexcept when it gets beaten by Argentina
euz100it seems to me they just figured they need a healthy environment to grow grapes
kritterAt the present time, the unholy vaunted evil eldritch masters of agriculture are the USA/Canada. When Brazil finally achieves that level of agricultural technology, they'll probably put us to shame.
euz100Brazil has 4 yearly harvests
Ameisenso does Colombia
kritterso food will be a MAJOR export
Ameisenthough they harvest different things
kritterAmeisen, Brazil has much more arable land
euz100if it wasn't for subsidies, Chicago would be dead already
kritterCrucially, they also have fewer domestic terrorism issues
AmeisenChicago doesn't get subsidies
kritterChicago sucks
AmeisenChicago is a net-provider of taxes
kritterjust fyi
kritterthey are also a net provider of taxes that is true
euz100Chicago is the hub for agriculture business in USA
Ameisenand _insert_where_kritter_lives_ is the asshole of the world
Ameiseni guess
kritterHigh rockies, CO :-)
euz100it dictates crop prices worldwide
Ameiseneuz100 - what percentage of Chicago's budget is derived from agriculture?
kritterI can see this from my window right now.
kritterhow bout that for the asshole of the world, eh
Ameisenyup, awful
euz100Ameisen, I don't mean anything by it, but I imagine Chicago does better than most other US cities
AmeisenChicago's economy is set up like NY
euz100with money flowing in from Agriculture
Ameisenit's primarily a financial/service-oriented economy
kritteri mean...much less appealing than the mountains, but
kritterDe gustibus non est disputandum?
Ameisenas most very large cities are
euz100servicing farmers?
Ameisen<immature giggle>
jammiisn't the true name of gotham city chicago?
kritteralso what is your background why do you know about this
AmeisenNo. Chicago is primarily a financial/service city, like NY.
kritterFarming family? Intl relations major?
Ameisenseveral major banks are located there
Ameisenlots of major service companies
kritteralso chicago is indeed a major hub for east coast and texan farms/ranches
kritterwhich are a major industry
Ameisenyes, but that's not a giant part of the economy though
euz100anyways, USA prevents Brazil from selling ethanol, any ethanol
Ameisenit's there, but eliminating that doesn't kill Chicago
kritterethanol is a popular thing to drink
euz100I mean ethanol for ICE
kritterOh, no, we don't want that
AmeisenChicago's employment is 8% 'Construction, Transporation, Utilities, Natural Resources'
Ameisenwhich agriculture is under
kritterAmeisen, are you chicagoan
AmeisenI live in the Chicago suburbs
jammiethanol as a industrial solvent and fuel is probably the bigger thing than use of alhocol as a depressant
kritterdoes it suck
kritterjammi, true but i'm incredibly biased when it comes to biofuels
euz100as am I
euz100these deals aren't derailed because of the environment though
kritteri mean biased towards biodiesel
kritterof which i am a massive fanboy
jammiwhen it comes to biofuel, using biowaste as mash for fermentation is fine, so is using remaining dry mass as fuel to distill it to pure ethanol
euz100they probably just don't want to let Brazil finance biofuel research
Ameiseneuz100 - to be fair, if they weren't derailed, though
Ameisenit would certainly negatively impact Brazil's environment
euz100and get a leg up before switchgrass bonanza
Ameisenand thus the world's
krittereuz100, we let the philippines do it
jammithe biomass you use for fermentation doesn't have to be food grade and can be extremely spoiled beyond any regular consumption
kritterand i suspect brazil has more than enough land to make all the biofuels they ever wanted without clearing a single acre of land
euz100not to mention, sugar is terrible for humans :)
jammiand just composting it would release a shitload of methane vs the lesser "evil" of co2 from burning that ethanol in engines
kritterjammi, we can make biofuels out of the parts of plants that even cows won't eat
kritterUsually those components of the soy crop in the USA are tossed out
Ameisenkritter - given that Brazil is progressively destroying the rainforest to make more arable land...
jammikritter: yes, but that's for other kinds of biofuels
Ameisenit's not like they're going to stop using the land they're already using
kraegarman, it's been so long since I used my delta I can't remember wtf I was doing to it.
jammifermenting biomass requires sugars in it
kritterAmeisen, agricultural technology would probably change that
euz100and what's worse Ameisen, it turns into arable land of TERRIBLE quality
kritterPerhaps we ought to give it to them for free.
kraegarone of the titans is torn down. half the connections are apart
kraegarI was in the middle of some sort of work on it
Ameiseneuz100 - yup, but lots of plants grow in terrible quality soil.
euz100the clearing of rainforest is usually done by "city farmers" who want dirt cheap farm land
sHR00m_e-ciog mouthpiece works nicely
Ameisenkritter - cheaper to just take more land than to maintain/use better equipment
kritterWe could make it cheaper to not do that.
Ameisenespecially when the government 'looks the other way'
kritterBy sending them free ag equipment.
euz100Ameisen, the amazon has a self contained nutrient cycle
AmeisenSo, subsidize another country's agriculture, and thus hurt our own?
kritterHow would it harm our own?
euz100remove the vegetaion, and the soil is useless
kritterIt just lets them use a carbon neutral fuel
jammicleared rainforest is just simply future desert. just look at africa where the same progress has gone further
Ameisenkritter - you are letting them lower their prices.
AmeisenOur farmers buy equipment, they get it for free
kritteryeah, just don't let 'em export it to the USA
Ameisenthen you hurt their agriculture.
AmeisenAnd hurt our exports
euz100the best thing to do is clear a small area in the middle of the jungle, cultivate it for maybe 3 years, and let the jungle take over again
jammiit's too poor to sustain proper grassland or anything of the like, and then the remaining nutritiens blow away
kritterand fine, let's subsidize the American farmers too\
euz100clear another patch
AmeisenThen you hurt their agriculture
Ameisenthese things are all connected
jammisame as in turning the prairies to desert in US
jammior similar. over there they destroyed the grassland root systems
kritteri don't care too much as long as they don't fuck up their country's ecosystem so badly so quickly
AmeisenThe solution is obvious
AmeisenWe'll build a wall around the Amazon.
kritterimo Mexico should pay for the Amazon wall
Ameisenand employ Greeks to defend it
kritterunless we can find a way to make the Mayans pay?
jammikritter: that's easy. just go in reverse in the fourth dimension
euz100Ameisen, it would probably be better if the world paid insane sums for Amazon wood properly extracted
jammichange a few other things as well while at it
Ameisenwhich you can do with the four-dimensional 3d printer I described earlier
Ameiseneuz100 - I question if Brazil would use the money for it.
euz100and in turn demanded that Brazilian government destroyed all clearing operations
AmeisenGenerally, when huge sums of money are given as a functional bribe for proper environmental stuff... it ends up just being squandered, or used to exploit more
euz100people working on clearing operations get routinely shot already
kritterEh whatever I'm killing myself anyway
euz100and it was going down tremendously
euz100look at UN reports
TheHexaCubeoh hey kritter whats up
krittersup? how's your job?
euz100it's just that since they ousted the leftist government, anything left leaning is toxic
TheHexaCubekritter: a bit boring still, but the money is nice :P
kritterAmeisen, are you interested in national security matters
kritterTheHexaCube, did you find a way to take hour-long craps
Ameisenkritter - l'etat c'est moi
kritterso you can read
kritteri mean like...actual matters of national/intl security
TheHexaCubebtw, what I was just wondering about
kritterbut yes you are one very small component of the nation
TheHexaCubethere's a tool for manual mills, that are used for finding centers/boundaries of the stock
TheHexaCubeit's like two cylinders ontop of each other
kritterOh, man, you'll have to ask one of the old guys about that
TheHexaCubeand one can be offset
TheHexaCubehow's that called?
euz100right now Brazilian businessmen are talking to newspaper about the "ongoing communist coup" and the "bolivarian threat"
kritterlol commie coup
euz100and we have an alt right nightmare on our hands
kritteri'm sure it's a regular Shining Path out there
TheHexaCubeis that actually called wiggler?
kritterCompared to many, many other nations, Brazil's government is very stable
jammiTheHexaCube: or center finder
jammiat least that's what I've heard them being called
euz100yes kritter, we have no external threats, we can fight each other to our heart's content down here
kritteri mean...the internal threats aren't very important either
euz100maybe the international community to reabilitate argentina, to help as out
euz100get some perspective
jammialso basically no involvement from either world war, which pretty much underlines the level of isolation
kritterVenezuela has...everyone. Colombia has FARC. Dunno what Peru has now, but they had Sendero Luminoso or whatever.
jammi..from geopolitics of the rest of the world
jammiUS basically acting as the filter/barrier between south america and the rest of the world
euz100they're trying to drown all leftist parties throughout latin american right now
euz100the atlas foundation or whatnot
theresajayneOK CALIBRATED fine
theresajayneerror = 0 on all 7 points
theresajaynebut its still not printing
theresajayneany suggestions? https://www.dropbox.com/s/4qtqxp23azf2yhm/2017-10-30%2019.38.03.jpg?dl=0
stationis there any reconmandation on cheausing wich diy wal v ploter to build
Fuchikomaright hand rule?
gthxright hand rule is http://i.imgur.com/XpeJKgZ.png where "a" is the X+ axis, "b" is the Y+ axis and "axb" is the Z+ axis RELATIVE TO THE PRINT HEAD. A moving bed might make these *look* backwards, so think carefully.
Fuchikomastation: As long as the machine follows the Right Hand Rule you can set it up to go any direction you want
Nebukadnezacorecode: ping — you there?
Vike91Good evening to everyone.
gthxlaunchcast is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUjH14vhLxA
thewsTheHexaCube: edge finder / center finder
Vike91are 3d printer boards basically arduino?
TheHexaCubeVike91: no. They're often *controlled* by an arduino though
thewsand lots are powered by something better
TheHexaCubealthough new developments use more powerful ARM processors
Vike91And could an Arduin be configured to run a 3D printer?
TheHexaCube32bit and muuuuch faster
TheHexaCubeVike91: yes. The firmware commonly used for that is called Marlin
Vike91Okay. Good to know
thewsVike91: yes if you hooked it up to a board
thewsaka ramps
|Jeroen|arduino is depricated :p
Vike91it isn't
|Jeroen|arm is the futrure
thewsit should be
thewslets draw the line
|Jeroen|yeah it should be
TheHexaCubeVike91: you'll defenitely need some printer board, you can't run a 3d printer with *just* an arduino
thewsand you need specifically the 2560
thewsfor the IO required
lowridaharm is only part of solution
lowridahfull voltron need arm leg leg arm head
qixfortuneMy greg wade extruder ain't working well enough. Anybody know a good place I can buy one from? Shipping to canada
thewswhat's not working well about it specifically?
thewsshould be able to rig something long enough to print a replacement
Vike91|Jeroen|, your statement sparked a little discussion on #arduino channel :P
|Jeroen|lol nice :p
Vike91<svideo> i fully agree with that statement
Vike91<svideo> the avr is long in the tooth and lack of network is now nearly unacceptable
Vike91<svideo> i consider the esp8266 to be the natural successor
|Jeroen|dunno why arduino still gets so many fans
thewsVike91: he's in here
Vike91Because it's included in the course material
|Jeroen|ah could be that
Vike91Too long list to go through.
lowridahthe eps8266 isn't much faster and doesn't have eough IO at the die level
|Jeroen|still normal C++ isn't that much harder
lowridahso no, its not the successor
|Jeroen|esp is also not the way to go i think
|Jeroen|arm is
Vike91Using Arduino and programming things with it was taught to us
TheHexaCubelowridah: well it clocks much faster but yeah, lack of IO makes it a dealbreaker
thewslowridah: probably the successor to arduino uno
qixfortunethews: It seems like the teeth aren't catching consistantly. It ends up going tooth to tooth and then slipping.
lowridahdoes it even have enough io to replace an uno?
lowridahthe esp12e
|Jeroen|a normal arm is nice's for most stuff
thewsqixfortune: clean the teeth up if there's a problem with the teeth, or increase the tension
TheHexaCubethe ESP8226 has like... maybe 10IO ports?
|Jeroen|and an M4 for realtime stuff
thewsprobably good enough for most uno use cases, but not ideal
|Jeroen|the RTL 8710 seems nicer then the esp, it has a real arm
|Jeroen|but the sdk is a real mess
lowridahvoltron has 2 arms
lowridahdefender of the universe
thewsif only the BBB wasn't cost prohibitive
thews1ghz cpu with 2 200mhz pru
|Jeroen|there is the new baby bb
|Jeroen|but it lacks eth
thewswonder how machinekit is coming along
jeffdm_h_Yeah the PRUs make it attractive for those that can develop for it
thewshaven't powered up my cramps board in a couple of years
|Jeroen|yeah cramps sounds nice to me
|Jeroen|a bit expensive
thewsjeffdm_h_: a few libraries that translate arduino directly and some python stuff direct
|Jeroen|python it not realy good for realtime
|Jeroen|to slow
thewsthis is compiled to asm
|Jeroen|i dont like python :p
|Jeroen|C++ would be better
thews|Jeroen|: that exists too
|Jeroen|isn't linuxcnc c++?
|Jeroen|or isn't that anty good for printing?
thewsmachinekit is a mix of lots of things
thewsmachinekit was the fork of linuxcnc that made lots of improvements
thewsit prints well
thewsbut the time to setup a print is increased vs using ramps or smoothie
|Jeroen|ah i thought machinekit was kinde like a distro?
|Jeroen|but its a fork of linuxcnc then?
thewsit's a linuxcnc fork
|Jeroen|doesn"t it have a webinterface like smoothie?
thewsadded support for lots more hardware
thewsand allowing for external communication and stuff
thewsno web interface that I know of yet
thewsthat's the bad part
|Jeroen|ah configuring is mor work?
thewsbut there are some qt interfaces that are a big step forward
thewsconfiguring is a lot more work
|Jeroen|ah damn
thewscetus, machineface
|Jeroen|well webif might be easy to make, it runs linux so
|Jeroen|quite easy to code a nice php interface
thewsso to do that you have to make a middleman for machinetalk
thewslinuxcnc didn't have any ability for any external communication before that
|Jeroen|ah nice
lowridahmachineface sounds like a good name for an irc bot, or my halloween costume for tomorrow
|Jeroen|lol yeah just glue some printer parts to your fave lowridah
lowridahmcrib: machineface
mcriblowridah: Machineface sounds like a normal guitar.
|Jeroen|looks ok
|Jeroen|if its remote its as good as a webif for me
thewsit's much better than the UI's linuxcnc had before
thewsit's remote
|Jeroen|good then
|Jeroen|might just be time to order a beaglebone then
lowridahmcrib: cletus r. machineface was a lonely watchmaker from the black diamond hills of old dakota
mcriblowridah: Machineface sounds like a old idea.
|Jeroen|maby even the small one would do then,and stil a wifi stick in it
thewsunless the improved the usb power you have to use a hub
thewsbeen a few years since I've bought one
|Jeroen|ow no that sucks
|Jeroen|then a green might be better
TheHexaCubesooo lemme see if I got this right
TheHexaCubeI wanna drive IR LEDs with a 1.2V voltage drop using 24V
TheHexaCubesooo, in theory I could use *almost* 19 LEDs plus a resistor and draw around 20mA, yeah?
TheHexaCube*almost 20, actually 19
lowridahor get a transformer
lowridahor a go bot or even voltron
AmeisenIt's not even the real voltron
Ameisenit's the stupid animal one
AmeisenVOLTron is a good name for a transformer though
lowridahit's no machineface, that's for sure
Lizards|Workgot a machineface, it's better than the rest
TheHexaCubeokay sooo
TheHexaCubein faldstad, I can specify a forward voltage @ 1A
TheHexaCubebuuuut in the datasheet it's given at 20mA
TheHexaCubeis there some way to do a coversion?
bill2or31A = 1000mA
TheHexaCubebut 20mA != 1000mA
bill2or3so 20mA = 0.02A
TheHexaCubeand if I specify 1.2V @ 1A, and only run 20mA through it, the voltage drop is less than 1.2V
TheHexaCubeso if the forward voltage is 1.2V at 20mA, how much would it be at 1A?
bill2or3what happend when you run 1A through your led? go try it, I'll wait.
TheHexaCubeso I can properly enter that into the simulator?
TheHexaCubewell I don't *wanna* run it at 1A
bill2or3but what about my amusement?
TheHexaCubeI assume it's not something you can calculate, then? :P
euz100you could probably watch it flash at nearly 1A at 24v
euz100but you need precise equipment to catch it
bill2or3ACTION shrugs
euz100TheHexaCube, how will you solder these 19 LEDs?
bill2or3the voltage drop is per-led, so you have to know how many leds you have, right?
euz100voltage will be divided according to the internal resistance of each LED, no matter what the datasheet says
euz10024 / 1.2 == 20
euz100you want some extra brightness?
bill2or3Hexa: what's this for, anyway?
euz100in a spectrum you can't see, heh
gthxSLA is sterolithography and is also roll your own at http://buildyourownsla.com/
TheHexaCubeno, other side of the spectrum
TheHexaCubeIR lighting for a camera
bill2or3I suggest not using 20ma leds.
TheHexaCubewhy not? i thought those were the most common
euz100do you own an asymmetric PSU?
thewsTheHexaCube: https://sc01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1iGvdLXXXXXbSXpXXq6xXFXXXd/LT2-HR7035IR940-High-Uniformity-Infrared-LED-Ring.jpg_350x350.jpg
euz100uhhh, those with voltage and amp knobs
TheHexaCubeno i don't
bill2or3TheHexaCube: they're common, but why not use 1W leds?
thewsTheHexaCube: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/iZcSrb1pkJQ/maxresdefault.jpg
TheHexaCubebill2or3: well I *assume* they don't need any cooling at all, so I'd like to use many weak LEDs
TheHexaCubealso should make for more even lighting
euz100TheHexaCube, you bought SMD LEDs?
TheHexaCubei didn't buy anything yet :P
bill2or3TheHexaCube: a watt is a watt.
TheHexaCubebill2or3: right, but spread over a larger surface if using many small LEDs
TheHexaCubeinstead of one high power LED
nytanyone have any simple patterns to print for dual extruder offset calibration?
euz100I soldered a more than 60 SMD LEDs once
bill2or3TheHexaCube: maybe, or maybe 1 led with proper heatsink is better. I don't know.
thewsmore efficient
TheHexaCubealso, many small leds = soft shadows, soft light :P
euz100placed them on a glass, face down, dropped a tiny amount of epoxy
thewsare there ir cob leds?
euz100soldered after dry
TheHexaCubethews: i need the light to be directed-ish
TheHexaCubeone face of a PCB only, no need for a 360° cob
TheHexaCubealso I bet those are waaay more powerful
TheHexaCubeI only need to light a small-ish enclosure
bill2or3I have an IR illuminator on my garage that uses 3 big leds, I assume they are 1W each.
euz100you can probably find 5w IR LEDs, no?
bill2or3it makes a pretty decent flood light.
TheHexaCubethews: that's what I need to illuminate in the inside, long side is 475mm https://i.imgur.com/qh7DXL1.png
TheHexaCubewith the enclosure: https://i.imgur.com/XL534In.png
TheHexaCubeand possibly the transparent window will be black aswell
bill2or3hexa: btw, he 850nm leds have a dim red glow, but the 950's are non-seeable.
TheHexaCubeoh, that's good to know
thewsbill2or3: are they really non-seeable?
bill2or3why do you want IR inside a SLA printer?
euz100I always use aliexpress now, is it better to use alibaba?
thewsseems like i can see all of them at some angles
TheHexaCubebill2or3: to observe the print without curing the resin or making it look shite
lowridahalibaba is wholesale
thewseuz100: use express unless you are reselling
TheHexaCubeusing a camera
lowridahaliexpress is retail
bill2or3thews: in my minimal testing (stuffing one of each in an LED tester) the 950nm didn't glow.
thewsstupid links
bill2or3TheHexaCube: I think you can probably just use red led strips, and skip the camera entirely.
TheHexaCubewell I want a camera for viewing it over the web for example
TheHexaCubeand I personally think red strips look awful :P
bill2or3I'm thinking that you're overkilling, by a lot. Have you tested with the camera-in-question yet?
TheHexaCubenah, it's a long way until I'm testing that stuff
TheHexaCubebut doesn't hurt to think about it =)
TheHexaCubewell a camera without lighting doesn't make much sense in my eyes :P
thewsthe runcam owl impresses me
bill2or3I wonder if you can get that LED-strip-light in IR.
TheHexaCubeyou can, but it's hella expensive
TheHexaCubewas looking at a 50cm strip for ~20€
TheHexaCubewhere 100 ir leds (the 5mm or 3mm THT kind) costs 2€
thewsTheHexaCube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVp-QIzeFGY
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVp-QIzeFGY => Fpv Drone acro 4s Runcam Owl Night flying => 1 IRC mentions
thewscheap night vision
TheHexaCubeand awesome music, too
TheHexaCubeoh well, $44 :P
bill2or3perhaps the UV will have enough visible wavelength to not need other lighting..
TheHexaCubewell it's gonna be a UV laser, so very concentrated
TheHexaCubeI doubt it'd illuminate much at all
bill2or3oh, I was thinking projector, nm.
wuselfuzzI'm puzzled. for some reason my printer is printing the skirt at a much too high speed
TheHexaCubeanyways I think a nice panel for 3€ or so would be totally make-able
TheHexaCubemount the camera to it directly
TheHexaCubedone \o/
TheHexaCubeand using 20 in a row should 'use up' the 24V almost entirely
TheHexaCubeso i'll only need a small resistor
euz100you will need no resistors
euz100you could measure each LED with multimeter, and exclude those with values too far from the mean
euz100red probe to negative of LED, just the way you measure diodes
euz100continuity mode
TheHexaCubeare you really sure I wouldn't need a resistor
TheHexaCubebecause according to the simulator, if the voltage drop is just a little bit below the supply voltage, looooots of power is drawn
euz100well, this 24v source of yours is what?
TheHexaCubestandard LED PSU
euz100that you buy as local decorating shop sort of thing?
TheHexaCubewell, or ebay in my case
euz100and bought it already?
TheHexaCube80W or something
TheHexaCubeto be used in my 3d printer
euz100do you need it to be 24v?
euz100you could buy a 12v 5a PSU that are known to be reliable
TheHexaCubewell, 24V or 12V shouldn't make too much of a difference, just that I need twice as many LEDs in series with 24V? :P
euz100whatever PSU you buy won't be, voltage will be a little higher
TheHexaCubewell it has a trimpot so I *could* adjust it to be exactly 24V
euz100string 21 LED, test it, if too dim, remove 1
euz100like I said, test each LED individually, if you want something more... exacting
euz100no surprises
TheHexaCubethat's too much work lol
euz100are you building a PCB for the LEDs?
euz100testing will take 2-4 mins tops
TheHexaCubewell I don't quite see why I would want to test it?
TheHexaCubecould just use a resistor and it should work fine
euz100each LED is a sort of a resistor when under power
TheHexaCuberight but the resistance is super low
euz100I'm not seeing how adding 1 more will make a difference
thewsjust buy them
euz100you want to control current then
thewsconstant current driver
euz100you could use AC and run capacitors for that :)
TheHexaCubeeuz100: it's like saying "an led has a resistance, why use a 390Ohm resistor in front of it when powering it with 5V"
TheHexaCubelike you can see dozens of times online
TheHexaCubeif you don't, it'll burn out
bill2or3THis sounds like it'll work great, in simulation.
TheHexaCubeand afaik, constant current supplies are needed because the forward voltage changes with temperature, yes?
bill2or3thermal runaway?
gthxthermal runaway is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIA2yzb16Gk
TheHexaCubeso if the temp stays low enough, the voltage should stay roughly the same, making the use of a constant current supply unnecessary?
thewson the little LEDs you don't really need a constant current driver
TheHexaCubethews: is my assumption correct? Because they don't heat up enough?
thewsnot valuable enough to warrant it
euz100TheHexaCube, because they're 3.3v LEDs?
wuselfuzzO.o all of a sudden, Cura fails to put the feed rate into the very first G1 command for the skirt, and then it defaults to 9000.... ><
bill2or3think how much time you're saving.
euz100or you don't need full brightness
euz100if what you're saying is the case, then you will need 1 resistor per LED
euz100easy to draw into PCB, I guess
TheHexaCubeonly if I drive them in parallel though
TheHexaCubebut I wanna drive them in series
wuselfuzzadd forward voltages of all LEDs in series, subtract from your supply voltage. use R=U/I with U = remaining voltage and I = 20mA (or whatever your LEDs like) to obtain the resistance needed for the resistor in series
TheHexaCube24V-(20*voltage_drop_of_LED_at_20mA)) / 0.02A
wuselfuzzthe voltage drop of an LED is constant, not depending on current. (but might be dependent on temperature)
TheHexaCubeso if Vf = 1.1V @ 20mA, it should be 100 Ohms I gotta put in front of those LEDs
wuselfuzzalso calculate V_R * I to get the order of magnitude of power for the resistor.
TheHexaCubewuselfuzz: really? because in falstad, I gotta specify Vf @ 1A and if I limit the current to 20mA, the voltage drop is *less* than the specified voltage drop
TheHexaCubehence my confusion :P
wuselfuzzI might be wrong there.
TheHexaCubebut the datasheet provides the voltage drop at 20mA, so I can just calculate the needed values
TheHexaCubethe whole discussion started because I wanted to simulate it accurately in the falstad simulator :P
wuselfuzzat 20mA and V_R = 2V, there's 40mW loss
Snert_do some real world measurements with real resistors and leds. Then adjust falstad to match.
TheHexaCubewell the problem still is that *at one Amp* thing
TheHexaCubethe LED *can't* be driven at 1 amp :P
Snert_10mA is alot, even.
Snert_most of my 3mm leds pull 4-6mA.
Snert_and they are bright as miniature suns.
Snert_I could do real world measurements with those parts and then adjust falstad to match.
Snert_but why bother. Just measure the real thing.
TheHexaCubeSnert_: i'm not sure if you've been here at the start, but I wanna light an enclosure, so they can be bright :P
TheHexaCubewell ideally I wanna make sure the components I order will work, too
TheHexaCubenot the other way around :P
TheHexaCubecalculate first then order
Snert_so far, you've proven that falstad is leading you astray
TheHexaCubeit did give me an idea of what to do, though
Snert_how long you been messin' with arduinos...and you don't already have resistors and LEDs.
TheHexaCubewell I do have LEDs and resistors
thewsI don't have 20 infrared leds
TheHexaCubebut not the right LEDs
wuselfuzzwho had the grande idea to not make the API key in octoprint copy&pasteable?
Snert_ohhhh. IR.
Snert_Well, get them ordered.
Snert_cause you lnow you're gonna anyways.
TheHexaCubewell I haven't settled on which ones I want/need
TheHexaCube0805 or 3mm, 5mm, which wavelength etc.
fx9anyone know where I can get tmc2660's?
TheHexaCubefx9: digikey has them
TheHexaCubei think so, yeah
fx9ah these are ICs
TheHexaCubeohh sorry
TheHexaCubeyou were talking about complete driver boards
TheHexaCubemy bad
fx9yep, they got those for sale?
TheHexaCubejust the bare ICs :P
TheHexaCubewatterot has them
TheHexaCubegerman shop
TheHexaCubewhich... might not help you :P
fx9which leads me to my next question.... why the hell not?
fx9TheHexaCube, you know if I can put tmc2100s on my azteeg x5 v3?
fx9the pin out is the same hopefully
TheHexaCubephew, no idea at all
fx9ok then, i'm gonna check the pin out
thewsdon't think the 2660 is straight forward
thewsDuckle: ?
thewsfx9: 2100 should be fine o azteeg though
fx9thews, yea the pin out looks like it would work, these SD5984's are drivng me crazy
fx9can't hear myself think
fx9i don't do much of that lately
fx9but still :D
Spec> It reads like a company making a last ditch effort to win back the users they were so sure they didn’t need just a few years ago.
thewsfx9: I enjoy my tmc2100s
thewsI bumped the voltage quite a bit though
fx9thews, i have them on my old prusa
fx9i loved them
fx9the tmc2100 can go 1/32 stepping right?
TheHexaCubeRE: voltage drop at different currents
fx9it looks like it can go 1/256 stepping
TheHexaCubeif I say Vf is 2V @ 1A, and try to limit the current to 20mA using a 100Ohm resistor (supply voltage is 5V), then the actual voltage drop is 1.82V instead of 2V
TheHexaCubein the falstad simulator, that is
thewsfx9: 1/256 but interpolated
jeffdm_h_to use the interpolated mode you must configure it right. and that partly means 1/16 input
thewsyeah which isn't a bad thing
fx9jeffdm_h_, or you can get the tmc2130 version which has 256x stepping native https://www.filastruder.com/products/silentstepstick-tmc2130-stepper-motor-driver
jstevewhiteOr 2660
jeffdm_h_you don't want to do native if you're running ATMega
fx9jeffdm_h_, i'm running an azteeg x5 v3 mini, with smoothieware
jstevewhiteunless you just wanna run s.l.o.w
jstevewhitewhat printer, fx9?
jeffdm_h_Have you figured out how to get the X5 to fully configure that?
fx9jstevewhite, https://imgur.com/a/JVDZC
fx9i'm on 1/32 stepping
jstevewhiteis that an FT5 converted to corexy or something?
jeffdm_h_that doesn't look like anything I've seen before
jeffdm_h_neat though
fx9thews, awesome
jstevewhitethews: how long before that thing fills up?
fx9looks like something out of portal
fx9now all that garbage can needs, is aperture science logo
Lizards|Workwe do what we must, because we can.
jstevewhiteso, fx9, those look like 20t pulleys, so if those are 200 step motors that's 160 steps/mm at 1/32, 320 at 1/64
jeffdm_h_I wonder how you get the X5 to control the 2130 SSS board
jeffdm_h_you need to configure the SPI to set it up
jstevewhiteigus bearings
fx9jeffdm_h_, to drive tmc2130s I will need to manual adjust the voltage
thewsfx9: 3d printed extrusion under the bed?
fx9via screwdriver
jeffdm_h_OK that's the vref part
fx9thews, yes, that part is petG
jeffdm_h_but I thought the only way to configure the chip needs SPI
jeffdm_h_and if you don't use SPI then you might as well use the 2100 chips
jstevewhitefx9: why'd you give up so much Z?
fx9why not?
fx9its double tall
jstevewhitebecause if you decide you want to print something taller you gotta move shit
DJHenjinima be doing a thing soon
fx9jeffdm_h_, i would use 2100 but its native is 1/16 microstep
DJHenjinwith a rather famous youtuber, to get my start in youtubes
fx9while the 2130 is 1/256
sHR00m_so I was thinking
Lizards|WorkDJHenjin: you gonna shoot some aliens in the juicebox?
sHR00m_about simply putting a box next to the radiator as enclosure
thewsfx9: pulsing the extra microsteps directly has no real meaning
thewsmight as well let the microplyer do it's job
thewsfor that the 2100 is fine
thewsstill get the smooth stepping, just don't have to send nearly as many pulses
stationwhat do I have to change from xy to wallv plotter in GRBL or Marlin
station* Wall V plotter
fx9thews, they seem to cost the same though
thewsyeah no real difference
thewsusefulness wise
jeffdm_h_I have the Duet and I just have it use the 16:16 mode (1/16 input, interpolated 16x to 1/256)
jeffdm_h_TMC2660 chips
jstevewhiteI run mine at 1/64, because that's where I stopped screwing with it.
jstevewhiteI don't know if there's any difference because I've been unable to think of a test to see. So *shrug* :D
jeffdm_h_I had the impression that interpolation mode only works on 1/16 on the 2660
thewspretty sure that's all I saw i the spec sheet
jstevewhiteI believe that to be true, yes.
thews1/16 or less
fx9i was under the impression 1/32 would get better resolution than 1/16
fx9i'm starting to think that isn't true at all
thewsthere's not repeatable resolution in microstepping
thewsmicrostepping just gets you smoother steps
jeffdm_h_well what's your steps per mm, give µstep fraction with that
jstevewhitefx9: yeah, that's likely not true. Depends a bit on drivers and motors, but you're unlikely to achieve improved resolution with reprappable gear :D
jstevewhiteYou get better resolution from 400 step motors
thewsmicrostepping just isn't made at all for resolution
fx9160 steps per mm
jstevewhitebut I've been unable to tell the difference in changing microstepping beyond 1/16
jstevewhite( with Trinamics )
jstevewhitewith other drivers, it definitely makes 'em smoother, like thews said
thewsthe torque is at the steps, not between them
jeffdm_h_motor data sheets don't guarantee any better than 5% of a step
fx9i'm thinking that if I printed the same model in ramps and with my azteeg, i wouldn't be able to tell the difference in prints
jstevewhitefx9: depends on the speed
jstevewhiteYou can absolutely see a difference between ramps and smoothie at 1/32 and 100mm/s :D
jstevewhite(that's a test I've done hehehe)
jeffdm_h_I do pretty well with 1/16, there's only so much you can expect from a bead of melted plastic.
thewsjeffdm_h_: I compare it to stacking waterhose
jeffdm_h_I never assume that microplying beyond that is for anything other than noise.
jstevewhiteI'm mostly concerned about repeatability
jstevewhitestacking up layers, so to speak
jeffdm_h_and you do fine at that
jeffdm_h_well I probably should go to my machine and do more insulation
jeffdm_h_remount the Z cable chain
jstevewhitekraegar had an idea for a cable chain for railcore. He's got me wondering about it.
jstevewhitelol nice!
jstevewhitelove the view hehehe
fx9ohh so raw
jeffdm_h_I need to do back panel
thewsjeffdm_h_: gonna remote mount everything non metal for heated chamber?
jeffdm_h_then paint side panels
jeffdm_h_remote mount?
thewsyeah keep all things that can get soft outside
jeffdm_h_I just replace it with something that doesn't get soft
thewsjeffdm_h_: what cording are in those belts?
jeffdm_h_no steel is a bad idea
thewsjeffdm_h_: I figured you'd move the steppers outside of the chamber
thewsjeffdm_h_: why is steel a bad idea?
thewsthe white belts have steel cording
thewsseems to hold up better
jeffdm_h_my belts are black
jeffdm_h_My belts are Gates Powergrip 3mm tooth GT
jeffdm_h_GT2 I think
thewsthehebs went to steel corded belts recently
jeffdm_h_I don't anticipate getting terribly hot
thewscause he kept breaking the black belts
jeffdm_h_targetting 60˚C for start
jeffdm_h_I need to paint the side panels and put insulation them
thewssome of the commercial ones with hotter chambers have the steppers outside
jeffdm_h_yes under more ideal situations I'd do that
thewsI assume for ultem and pc printing
jeffdm_h_my next machine won't have axis motors in heated volume
thewsI'm curious to see how it goes, I imagine the parts will be quite a bit stronger
thewsand you can lower hotend temps
jstevewhiterailcore2 does not, but I'm not gonna heat it above 50c even when i get it sorted.
jstevewhitemy plastic parts in there are almost all PC
jeffdm_h_I have PC, ABS and SLS nylon parts inside the heated volume.
jeffdm_h_I realized I have cable clips that are PETG
jeffdm_h_I hope the fact that they're very low stress parts saves them but I can remake them
jeffdm_h_I haven't put much thought into the motors yet but I've done a lot of 60˚C+ motor operation with my smaller machine
jeffdm_h_After I peck away at my wish list I might make a cooling jacket for the motors
Nooblet101long as motor case temp stays belom 80c should be good
TheHexaCubehrmpf where is Duckle when I need him
TheHexaCubeACTION sacrifices a goat
MikeDXso. i'm still waiting for my £5 laser cutter from wish
MikeDXwhich of you bastards made me buy it
HrdwrBoBalso it's rubbish
HrdwrBoByou might be able to score thin paper
HrdwrBoBif you spent decent $ though you can get a decent laser
MikeDXno deal. i want my £5 worth
MikeDXits only been what... 100 years
Nooblet1015 pound laser cutter?
MikeDXits more like laser warmer
HrdwrBoBhaha yes
Nooblet101what does that $8 get you?
Nooblet101an eye poker or a computerized blinder?
Nooblet101(Warning do not look at laser with remaining good eye)
MikeDXi think it was a bastardised dvd player and a shitty aluminium frame
durrfMikeDX: LOL yeah im still waiting on my 30 dollar printer from wish
Nooblet101oh yeah those systems, salvage a CDrw or 2
MikeDXyeah. they sold a lot of them
MikeDXprobably shipped zero
MikeDXnet profit of a few $1000
MikeDXand nobody claimed as it was £5
TheHexaCubehoooly fuck the visuals in Kimi no na wa (Your Name) are *amazing*
TheHexaCubethat must be an incredible amount of work
Spirit532yeah it's a great movie
TheHexaCubethe dub came out today
TheHexaCubeso I'mma watch it now
Spirit532no go away
Spirit532you're being wrong
TheHexaCubeI hate having to read subs
Spirit532dubs suck
TheHexaCubeI know, BUT
Spirit532it's English practice for you
TheHexaCubebecause I never watch subs, I don't know HOW much they suck ;P
TheHexaCubeI don't need no practice
Spirit532sie machen
lowridahi guess i was very pro-subtitle anti-dub when i was a 16yo jacking off to anime 25 years ago
lowridaheventually you realize 'hey i don't actually know japanese well enough to get all the tone in inflection'
lowridah'i'm kinda fucking myself over here arent i'
Spirit532I know enough Japanese to get all the tone in inflection
lowridahthen you don't need the subtitles
Spirit532I don't know enough Japanese to understand almost any of what they're saying
lowridahhen i assure you, you're missing intonation and inflections
TheHexaCubeomaea wo mae shinderu!
TheHexaCubeor something
Spirit532roses are red, violets are blue, omae wa mou shindeiru
jeffdm_jstevewhite: were you the one that went to Duet 1.20 beta?
jeffdm_did the upgrade go OK?