Ameisenjeffdm_home - no
Ameisenthe holes for mounting the belt are on one side only
AmeisenThis is what it is:
AmeisenThis is what it should be:
sideralawhats up fuckers
nlancasteranyone in the portland area selling a decent used printer....
nlancasterbecause i think i have had enough trying to figure out this lost step on this delta i have.
AmeisenBecause of that weird carriage design... if you go with three point leveling and three bearings... the leveling screws and bearings are on _opposite sides_
Ameisenwhich is dumb
Ameisen:- leveling screws, -: bearings
nlancasteri must be getting only part of a conversation. lol
Ameisenmy Y carriage, if you use it in three bearing mode, has the 'middle' bearing on the wrong (stupid) side
Ameisenit puts the 'middle' bearing on the powered side instead of the free side, and also opposite of its mated leveling screw if you use three-point leveling
durrfi broke tfhe tfhingiverse customizer
durrfit dosnt work at all
durrfon any browser :(
WillyWankawhen you have a symmetric structure do you alway only draw half of it and mirror it? but drawing some half circles is awkward
DuckleWillyWanka: Do whatever is easiest?
Ducklewhy constrain yourself to only create a half?
durrfyou can do the whole thing and chop it up
durrfyou can do a quarter and just rotate it 3 times
Duckleyou can do a 1deg slice and rotate pattern it 180 times
durrfTHEN mirror it
Ameisensometimes when my X carriage mvoes during the print, something vibrates/rattles hard
Ameisenbut I can't figure out what it is
zzingIs there any reason why M666 X-1.17 Y-2.80 Z0.05 followed by M500 won't show the newly saved values in M503?
Ameisennormally it glides extremely smoothly
Ameisenhaven't figured out what's causing it
Ameisenit usually happens during travels, but not always
WillyWankain sketch mode when i draw some lines and to make a shape and then draw another shape, how can I combine them?
WillyWankalike in sketchup when I draw to squares that intersect, it automatically creates new edges which can then be used
lowridahin what
WillyWankain fusion 360
lowridahoh join faces
lowridahi dunno, i use sketchup
WillyWankaeveryone told me fusion is better and easier
lowridahit may be, but when i used it, it felt like a fancy web app
WillyWankanow cant even figure out how to cut out a part of a square by drawing a small square in the corner, they remain separate i cant delete the edges
imrclyfusion made me literally pick up a screw driver and want to stab a developer in the face
imrclybut I couldn't find one
lowridahi used it for a few days and went back to sketchup, i'm extremely quick in it, and with a few solid-check tools it's a really solid cad for simple things
imrclyi use onshape
lowridahcleanup3, solidinspector2, and roundcorners are most of what i use
lowridahi even use it to generate svgs to export to laserweb for laser work
WillyWankabut in sketchup you cant really modify dimensions of individual edges of your model without screwing up everything
lowridahthat is true
lowridahit does require that you do things in a specific way and it's not ideal
lowridahi tend to copy/save iterations a bunch to have things to go back to, and once you get one thing out of square the whole model is often a waste
Nooblet101during the press pull you can join them, afterwards you can select the bodies from the tree and in a menu join them (iirc)
kantlivelonganyone know if there is a speed setting in slic3r for overhangs?
jeffdm_homeAmeisen: that super exaggerated?
Ameisenwhat is?
jeffdm_homeyour diagrams
Ameisenno, that's pretty much the placement on these carriages...
Ameiseneverything's reversed from what it should be.
durrfjust flip it upside down
Ameisenthey should have just mirrored _all_ the holes.
Ameisenthen the belt mount is on the wrong side/
jeffdm_homeyou know, some careful marking and drilling of the belt mount holes you can flip the plate
Ameisenthere's no mounting screws for the belt carriage on the other side.
Ameisenoh, sure.
AmeisenJust saying, I have no idea why it's designed thi way
Ameisenit's bizarre.
jeffdm_homeis this an i2 bed?
Ameiseni3 plus
imrclyclone a willy
jeffdm_homeAmeisen: wanhao?
jeffdm_homeI mean, RepRap had a lot of vestigial bad ideas, I'm not sure if this is a Wanhao stupid or a heritage stupid.
Ameisenjeffdm_home - wanhao clone, but yes
Ameisenwanhao stupid.
Ameisenmy choice is basically to redrill belt mounts on the opposite side, and redrill a mounting screw hole on the other opposite side
Ameisenharder to drill bearing housing holes since they're wide to allow for some freedom
jeffdm_homeBut it's only five holes right?
crankythis stupid CR10S for $379 shipped is tempting
TheRock2do you guys know any printer that can print on paper ?
TheRock2is there any technology ?
crankynope, we can only print in 3d
Ameisenjeffdm_home - yup
Ameisenjust need to align them perfectly.
durrfTheRock2: apple makes this great thing called the imagewriter
durrfitgs fantastic
AmeisenI print all my documents using the 3d printer
Ameisentex documents? I'm basically shipping the IRS clay tablets.
TheRock2is there is also a 4d printer
TheRock2like if you print cancer, you will get it ?
Nooblet101get yerself a bottle of bleach and a bottle of ammonia
jeffdm_hometripple dog dare
TheRock2i heard 4d printers are much better than 3d
durrfthey are 1.333x better
jeffdm_homeOne more D
jeffdm_homecan never have too many Ds
jeffdm_homelike your phone, gotta make sure it has enough Gs.
Nooblet101how many rams can my phone hold?
jeffdm_homeAll the GBs
durrfif you let a ram hold your phone its gonna drop it
durrfcause it has no thumbs
Nooblet101do I place them under the dial? or do I need a screwdriver?
Nooblet101ok ok enough bad troll impression
Nooblet101big bird is verified? must be a liberal
TheRock2This channel is perfect for trolls
Nooblet101tfw when ya cant tell dunning kruger from trolling, thats what this channel breeds
Ameisenthe 4d printers are useful as you can print supports after the fact.
Ameisenand then phase the supports out so they go away when the printing is done
AmeisenYou need hyperdimensional filament, though
AmeisenI think atomic has it
TheRock2so if i puchase a printer
TheRock2i must fill in material ??
crankyis this a silly question, but if you build a CoreXY with a pulley bed, do you have to be concerned about the weight stretching the belt on really large pieces?
Ameisencorexyze printer
AmeisenI can only imagine how insane those pullies and belts would be
crankymeaning, at what point can the item be heavy enough that it causes the belt to stretch and give you layer problems
Ameisencranky - yes
AmeisenIIRC, for very long belt lengths, you want reinforced belts so they don't stretch
Ameisenotherwise you will get not-fun effects from the belt stretching/rubber-banding
TheRock2can i put any material in the printer
TheRock2like serials
AmeisenI put other 3d printers in my 3d printer as filament
TheRock2and then it will make me a product ?
Ameisento let me print more 3d printers
TheRock2are you a troll ? i don't think this is possible. i have an enorm interest in 3d printers therefore i ask these questions
Ameisenjeffdm_home - still waiting for some parts to finish printing
Ameisenthis is a 6 hour print
TheRock2how fast are you nozzles moving
TheRock2and how long will it take to make a car battery
Ameisendepends what kind of car battery I'm using as filament
Ameisenthe duralast ones tend to jam
TheRock2my car has problem lately, but if you think i can print the paats i think a 3d printer could be a good investment
HrdwrBoBwhat parts
crankyI know chines printers are frowned upon in here, but I'm really curious to see how the JGAURORA A5 actualyl is, it looks like a pretty polished product but something tells me it's probably crappy
TheRock2Chinese printers count to the top products
TheRock2Low priced, good quality, multiple laser nozzles, modern and leightweight design
ndnihilchinlee printer so good for happy fulfilling print time
crankyare you suffering a head injury?
djdelorieTheRock2 is a bad example of a troll, ignore him.
crankyI am not CLU
crankyI'm just regular ole cranky
imrclywhy does a printer need lasers
imrclyclosed loop system?
Ethan_LAre you really not CLU?
Ameisenhe might be tron
Ameisenhe's clearly sark
crankyso ignoring chinese crap printers, and ifI didn't want to do a coreXY build it myself, are there any other kit alternatives to the real prusa worth looking at
crankycorrect, I've been cranky for many years
gthxfirst is If you have to ask what your first printer should be, have limited funds, or are otherwise indecisive, chances are you want a Prusa i3. See: i3?
gthxi3 is is BOX FRAME: or SINGLE PLATE or MINI: - see repo: build docs: bom: build videos: reprap wiki build info
TheRock2You guys are in constant danger. You print plastic products in your home and toxic is released to the air from burned plastic by the laser nozzle of the 3d printer
djdeloriecranky: if not prusa, perhaps a rostock?
crankybut I am not CLU, and oddly enough you're the second person to ask if I'm CLU
imrclyTheRock2: carbon filters
imrclycranky: delta is so much more fun than cartesian
djdelorieTheRock2: the rest of us are cyborgs, immune to toxins. Get with the program
Ethan_Lseen crankylinuxuser
gthxcrankylinuxuser was last seen in #siderala 1 day, 5 hours, 34 minutes, 39 seconds ago saying ''.
crankyimrcly: to mess around with I have an anycubic kossel coming tomorrow or friday
Ameisenimrcly - you know what's more fun than Delta?
djdelorietwo deltas?
Ameisengetting a Canadarm and programming that to print
crankyfigure I'll cut my teeth on something I'd consider disposable
gthxhangprinter is a printer that uses a room's walls as frame, running wires with all controlling hardware on the 'head' ; |
TheRock2if a printer can print anyting, why you don't print food for afirca
imrclybecause fuck africa
djdeloriehe wasn't talking about africa, he was talking about afirca.
imrclysorry type
crankyand the seemecnc rostocks are bank
imrclyI have one it had an orifice I would do it
TheRock2Do you guys knw that beathing plastic is dangerous ?
cranky* Added TheRock2!*@* to ignore list
imrclydid you know breathing water is deadly
djdeloriedid you know that breathing large anvils is deadly. And cows.
imrclyprinting all the hangprinter parts
imrclywaiting on slowboat for vslot bearings
TheRock2so what ar you guys printing riht noow
djdeloriemostly cows
TheRock2i remember one guy was printing an egg cup holder
imrclya gun to shoot myself so I don't have to talk to you anymore
TheRock2after 5 days of printing he realized, he can pucahse it in a store for .99$
crankyimrcly; /ignore TheRock2
imrclyhe is slightly amusing me right now all my other channels are sleeping right now
crankythat first picture
gthx => Isopod Pill bug by lordlilapause => 1 IRC mentions
crunchwhat the fuck
gthxcrunch is crunch is the supreme overlord of to whom you should pay your crunch tax to and is also a captain: and is also "[08:09] <crunch> i need more filament, i am out" and is also sexy as fuck
nlancaster_what di dyou do now
nlancaster_mmm chilli
nlancaster_chilli = farts
nlancaster_this is a truth
DJHenjinwell, I am back now
DJHenjinFinished the first transmission swap today,
djdelorieor ouch?
DJHenjinIt's a good thing
DJHenjinwe put a new transmission in dads friends semi, the transmission we took out will go into my dads truck, and the transmission from dads truck will be given to someone else
DJHenjintook 3 working days to complete the swap, testing showed zero issues, once we got the seized bearing out of the flywheel this morning it went pretty smoothly
WillyWankain fusion, how can I enter the name of another edge as reference for length instead of a number
DJHenjinThough I gotta tell ya, doing all the work on the top of the transmission once it is bolted to the engine, has to be done through the shifter hole in the floorboard, which is about a 6 inch diameter hole. would have been a lot easier, and faster if I had a big enough hole to work with both hands
nlancaster_WillyWanka, i don't think you enter a name, i think you create an association
WillyWankahow do I do taht
nlancaster_they are called "constraints" should have a window. you want hte "equal" constraint
nlancaster_to make lines equal eachother
nlancaster_and they don't have to be parrellel to be equal
WillyWankain Inventor you had variable names for each edge e.g. h1 and then you could just type math expressions like lenght = h1/2 for another edge
gthx => Fusion 360: Sketch Constraints => 1 IRC mentions
nlancaster_pretty sure you can still use math expresion in f360, but that would different then making something equal
WillyWankaok i figured out instead of typing a number in the distance window you can click on any edge and it inserts some variable referencing to it
DJHenjinJust put in the orders for parts to get dual extrusion happening!!
nlancaster_thats my goal for my next printer
nlancaster_going to try e3d cyclops
DJHenjinI am going to give this guy a shot
jeffdm_homenlancaster_: did you buy a cyclops kit yet
nlancaster_not yet
jeffdm_homeIf you're going to buy genuine wait a bit.
jeffdm_homethey teased an update recently
Nooblet101I guess the pallete is still a thing
nlancaster_how long is a bit?
jeffdm_homeI suspect in a few weeks
nlancaster_i wanted to get this done before christmas
jeffdm_homeI think you can see it in an interview with Tom Sanladerer after TCT show
jeffdm_homethey also teased a video session they did last week
nlancaster_hmm, must have missed it will check
nlancaster_i am subbed to tom
nlancaster_wait, TCT show is that a different youtube?
jeffdm_homeits a trade show
nlancaster_the live qa?
jeffdm_homeI think so
jeffdm_homeI think it's in that video
nlancaster_you mean the watercooled unit?
WillyWankai want to constrain something so that the midline of its edge is at the xy axis origin. but I cannot enter zeros in the distance constraint why not???
nlancaster_WillyWanka, why nto use the midpoint constraint?
Nooblet101I think that pallete might use as much material on its prime tower as it does for the print.
WillyWankadunno how that works
nlancaster_thats why i linked the video WillyWanka
WillyWankaok i watch it
nlancaster_jeffdm_home you refering to the watercooled cyclops?
heli0snew vidya
heli0smy new microphone...should arrive tomorrow
heli0ssorry for potato mic
gthx => D-Bot Build: Mechanical Pre-Assembly => 1 IRC mentions
WillyWankawhat if I want all midpoints aligned on one axis?
nlancaster_you can apply multiple constraints to a line
tralamazzaheli0s: the thingiverse link doesnt work for me, can you link it here?
WillyWankai still cant figure out
heli0stralamazza: which link
tralamazza"D-Bot on Thingiverse:"
WillyWankahow to make the midpoints of two lines align along the x axis
heli0stralamazza: hmm weird works here
nlancaster_WillyWanka, do you mean make to lines colinear? or just cross?
heli0sthingiverse is super slow
heli0sit honestly might work but take like 15s to load because thingiverse is a steaming pile
gthx => D-Bot Core-XY 3D Printer by spauda01 => 13 IRC mentions
tralamazzathanks loaded now
WillyWankai want to add as constraint that all midpoints have to be on the axis x=0 but can be anywhere on the y axis
nlancaster_so draw a construciton line, and then constrain the midpoint of hte lines you are drawing to that line
heli0supboat me on reddit
heli0snobody on /r/3dprinting likes my videos I don't think, they just want pictures of groots and benchies it seems like
heli0sso maybe when the series is done I will make a video that prints groot, benchy, and asks about some problem with the printer without posting any information about the printer or settings
WillyWankai dont know anything about construction lines
tralamazzafusion 360?
gthxfusion 360 is a free, entirely cloud-based modeling software from Autodesk. Handles similarly to Inventor, except worse. Free for hobbyists and small businesses up to a point. and is also go to #F360 for help
tralamazzasometimes i want to kill this bot...
heli0sbad bot!
DJHenjintip to get around those traps,
DJHenjinfusion 360 ?
gthxfusion 360 is a free, entirely cloud-based modeling software from Autodesk. Handles similarly to Inventor, except worse. Free for hobbyists and small businesses up to a point. and is also go to #F360 for help
DJHenjinfuck, nvm, he ignores the space
gthxf360 is a a CAD software that's free for hobbyists, students and startups making less than $100k/year and is also #F360 for help
DJHenjinfusion 360.?
DJHenjinthere we go, put a dot between the term and the ?
tralamazzafustion 360?:
tralamazzagood the elvis operator works too
DJHenjinyeah, it's just disrupting a regex, so a space after the ? should work too, and be invisible
DJHenjinfusion 360?
gthxfusion 360 is a free, entirely cloud-based modeling software from Autodesk. Handles similarly to Inventor, except worse. Free for hobbyists and small businesses up to a point. and is also go to #F360 for help
tralamazzacan't beat elvis
DJHenjintralamazza, yours didn't trigger due to a spelling error
DJHenjinfusion 360?:
tralamazzadamn it
tralamazzafusion 360?:
DJHenjinbut, it does work when spelled correctly
tralamazzai will stick to corky operators
DJHenjinlikely any non-space punctuation would work following, or preceding the ?, to interrupt the regex.
DJHenjinthough those are two different mechanisms of action on how they disrupt it
gthxf360 is a a CAD software that's free for hobbyists, students and startups making less than $100k/year and is also #F360 for help
ndnihilooh, it do parse
ndnihilfancy shmancy
DJHenjinyeah, IMO the regexes are a little too aggressive
gthxf360 is a a CAD software that's free for hobbyists, students and startups making less than $100k/year and is also #F360 for help
DJHenjinI might just decide to tune them back a bit
ndnihilI guess it strips out all the upper charset
DJHenjinndnihil, are you trying trailing spaces?
DJHenjinbecause if you are, IRC is stripping them
ndnihilyeah man, trailing spaces
ndnihilthat was totally it
ndnihilI just started the irc last month
ndnihiland space is in the upper charset
DJHenjinI think I am just going to tone back the regexes a bit
ndnihilwas the last string
ndnihila simple ^B^B fools most irc libs/clients
ndnihil/for instance when you want to display a leading slash
DJHenjinwell, gthx isn't an IRC lib or client really
ndnihilyep, totally not connected to irc
DJHenjinit is a text parser that just so happens to get its input from an IRC channel
nlancasterjeffdm_home, you there?
bastardguten morgen!
WillyWankalets say I have a square with a hole in the middle and then extrude it but I want the hole to get smaller in the direction of the extrusion.... what tools do I have to look up to do that
mozzarellaever heard of cones?
WillyWankabut if its more comples than just a circle
WillyWankamaybe place two sketches and the loft tool?
AmeisenIs PLA strong enough for gears to used to gear stepper motors? PETG?
z3r0_ddraft angle on the extrude feature?
CarkoAmeisen, depends on the torque
Carkobut PLA is quite strong
jammihere's how I made a ghetto gt3 belt pulley
jammisorry, wrote descriptions in addition to uploading the images
jammiI ran out of "proper" ones and the last one installed started clicking (it has only two of those 3/7mm bearings)
jammiso I think this way I have longer lasting bearings
jammialso, printed ones tend to wear out from the belt rubbing on them
jammiplus they aren't as smooth
WillyWankahow can I copy and paste a sketch to another plane? (f360)
jammiflane as-in position?
jammiselect it in the sidebar, copy, paste and move after pasting
jammiif you want to move them to other components, just drag and drop
jammiand if your model is complex, consider making a folder for it, splitting out the components into separate designs and insert them into one where you assemble the thing
jammialso has the added benefit of importing only a certain version of each component
jammiupdating is done manually
WillyWankai dont even see any copy paste option in he sidebar
jammijust right-click
WillyWankaim too stoopid, when i select all sketch objects i can right click and select move/copy, but it will only move them where is the copy???
jammithere's a checkbox for "create a copy" in the dialog
WillyWankatheres nothing in my version:
WillyWankaok copy is also greyed out in the right click menu, maybe something is wrong with my stupid sketch
LoetmichelHmmmmpf... Somehow Insulation milling isnt THAT good for series work... Toolk me 1.5 days now to mill that 22 pcbs. And i still have to populate the boards. (Our pick&place guy has set us up. should have delivered 130 of these on last monday)... ->
WillyWankaah now i get it, i have to be in edit sketch mode to paste
WillyWankawhy doesnt it tell me that
DJHenjinseen kraegar
gthxkraegar was last seen in #siderala 5 hours, 43 minutes, 13 seconds ago saying ''.
slothshort of getting solidworks, anyone know a good way to convert sldprt files to stl?
tralamazza0:15 / 0:15
tralamazzaThe Hitman’s Bodyguard
tralamazza0:15 / 0:15
buZztralamazza: wtf you spamming some social media site for
Mangy_Dogbcus hes social init
buZzlooks like a bot
buZzor he'd respond, right?
Mangy_Dogi would have sugested giving him a minute to respond, he might have just gone to get a coffee, or do a wee or poo...
buZzbwa, its just a kick
Mangy_Dogthe amount of times ive posted something then rushed off for a crap
tralamazzasry, I' m checking what happened here
buZztralamazza: you were spamming some social sharing website and some '0:15 / 0:15' nonsense
tralamazzano idea wtf was that, I'm checking
buZzand the name of a 2017 movie
jammimiddle mouse button paste shit enabled?
tralamazzadoesn't explain wth is that website
jammimaybe your irc client is pwned
jammiand/or computer
NebukadnezasHR00m__: ping
buZztralamazza: its a social clicktracker, it seems
tralamazzasomething on this windows machine, fucking great
buZztralamazza: defenestration time \o/
Mangy_Dogspybot search and destroy time
XXCoderwindows deinstallation time
buZzisnt upgrading to linux just easier? :P
tralamazzathis is my gaming machine
Mangy_Dognothing about linus is easier
tralamazzagl gaming on linux
tralamazzamy daily machine is arch
DocGonzo420Linux is great for one thing... accomplishing the same things as windows, just with more hassle.
Mangy_Dogand even then you cant do everything windows does
DocGonzo420But, it does afford one the most massive gains in epeen girth per minute of work
XXCoderlol hppy father's day.. theres 3 bags, one with Vadar, one with batman, one with superman
Mangy_Dogi hear it also gives +10 neck beard
buZztralamazza: i have steam on linux
buZz~10-15% of steam catalogus has linux versions
jeffdm_Steaming pile?
buZzand increasing
jeffdm_I think the problem is that the software tries to be everything for everyone and ends up just being a pain when you hit edge cases.
buZzwindows? dno, i think running virusses is completely within its intended case?
DocGonzo420Lol I always love that defense angle
blkhawkany icesl users here?
tralamazzamaybe putty hijack?
XXCoderor you have irc based malware
Nebukadnezablkhawk: wow, that looks nice
XXCoderlook though your irc connections
XXCoderhey blkhawk
blkhawkhey XXCoder
blkhawkNebukadneza: you mean iceSL?
blkhawkI am trying to use it instead of openscad
blkhawkits a bit of a learning curve
XXCodersaw one funny pic, facebook person posts "found lost cat, fed 3 cans of tuna, was muddy so bathed it. Is it tabby or what?"
Nebukadnezaah … i meant the slicer only so far
XXCoderpicture is of puma in tubm being bathed.
blkhawkthe slicer is something else as well
XXCoderpuma is LOT bigger than even tubby cat.
XXCoderpicture shows puma being head and shoulders above tub top
blkhawkmaybe its a tabby puma
XXCoderno its a puma, no mistake
XXCoderlemme save and upload
XXCoderits very not a pet, its some wild animal. pretty amazing calm considering most cats hate bath
jammiI wouldn't say most cats hate baths
jammithe ones I've had so far haven't been bothered with washing them up every once in a while
XXCoderbetter to do only if dirt is dangerous for them to wash off themselves, like oil
jammiit's probably more about people not knowing how to handle them or develop a trust bond with them in the first place
XXCoderyeah but that puma is wild cat
XXCoderits endangered species too if I recall right
jammithat particular puma?
jammidoesn't seem very wild
jammicats as species are barely domesticated, if at all
XXCoderthing is they found cat outside in rain
XXCoderthey was thinking its some tabby cat
jammimaybe it was someone's pet
XXCoderits illegal
jammipeople do plenty of illegal things
XXCoderthats true
jammiespecially taking big animals as pets and then find them incovenient, so they release them in the wild (to die)
jammior at least here it's basically death sentence. people taking a kitty for the summer and abandoning it in the spring
jammi*in the autumn
jammiand then they freeze to death, because cats are basically hot climate desert dwellers
XXCoderdepends on breed
jammiwhich is also why they don't have a strong instinct to drink
XXCodernot all cats are from hot deserts
jammialso why they develop kidney failure sooner or later
XXCodertheres plenty from cold weather
jammias a species they are
jamminamely, the common housecat
XXCoderoh not talking about common housecat onlt
jammiyeah, tigers and lynxes and such are adapted to cold climates
XXCoderalso, puma isnt housecat breed :)
jammino, but housecats and pumas aren't all that different taming-wise
jammialso, dogs are essentially retarded wolves
jammiwhat makes them friendly towards everyone is a syndrome that probably exists in all mammals, including humans
jammibut it also causes intellectual retardation
XXCoderheh dogs is retarded wolves :P
buZzXXCoder: i want a Maned Wolf as pet :D
jammithis is what it looks like in humans
buZzthe long-legged fox-wolf-dog
XXCoderI already have all pets I want to have
jammibuZz: actually none of those things
buZzlook at them legs
jammiit's the only animal in its "family"
buZzthey're like the dutch people of wolves
jammiand they spray their territory like cats do
jammiso probably not all that nice as an indoor pet
XXCoderjammi: so i looked up puma
tralamazzafull scan spybot + offline scan, nothing found
XXCoderits decreasing pupulation but "least concern". buit eastern puma is exinict. I think I was remembering latter.
XXCodertralamazza: check network irc connections
XXCoderif you have more than your client, theres something
XXCoderscanners can only scan for what they know
tralamazzanothing funny afaict
tralamazzayes i am aware of that
tralamazzaputty checksum matches, upgraded in any case
XXCodergood idea
XXCoderthats odd
jammiso how about the machine your irc client is running on?
jammiassuming you use irc properly; run it on a unix box and access it via ssh or mosh
XXCoderfunny for the day. pretty one one really.
gthx => Green Light - Cyanide & Happiness Minis => 1 IRC mentions
tralamazzajammi: the server needs more checking. i'm wth is this bitdefender message i got while doing the offline scan
jammikinda offtopic, but this is the nicest case mod I've seen and now I want one like it
jammihowever, I think it'd be easier to build one from scratch than the extensive modding and gluing he's doing there
jammi*extensive cutting
SpeedEvilOften the case
jammialso, I think this is mostly good enough:
jammiit's just that the service accessibility of it seriously sucks, unlike on the apple g5 and powermac designs
SpeedEvil comes to mind
jammi*powermac g5 and mac pro
jammiSpeedEvil: seriously; I find that horrible
SpeedEvilMy PC case is legal, and has extensive rust.
jammiliquid cooling?
jammior just using it outdoors?
SpeedEvilIt was badly stored for a period
XXCodersome replies there is way overdone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!one!1
jammiit's also kinda silly how many usb and analog audio ports these machines have nowadays
jammiboth my mac laptop and pc desktop are connected to the same display, and each machine has just usb, dp and power connected
jammithe usb of each goes to a 4:1 usb switch, which connects to the display, which has a usb hub and I connect my trackball receiver, keyboard and speakers to it
jammispeakers being via dp audio to the display, which provides a 3.5mm receptacle, which connects to the amp
jammiif only there were some sanely priced 4K+ capable USB3 + DP KVM switches
SpeedEviljammi: now think about USB2 peripherals, if you want full rate and how many you can connect
jammiUSB2? you mean keyboard and mouse?
SpeedEvilIt's a really quite low number as you can't use hubs, and one port is one device
SpeedEvilNo, 480mbps, like webcams that are not USB-SS
jammiand generally, there's not all that use for usb to me except for powering things up with usb psu's
SpeedEvilUSB3 hubs actually act like USB2 hubs - they have parallel wires.
SpeedEvilSo, you can't do at first obvious things like connecting four cameras to it at all.
jammithe PC motherboards don't have many real USB ports either
SpeedEvilEven though the bandwidth would trivially allow
jammithe way they provide the shitload of USB ports is via internal hubs
SpeedEvilyeah - which is an issue with the USB2 thing, as each of these ports shares bandwidth for USB2 stuff, and you care about the number of root hubs in the end.
jammianyway, USB3 is 5Gbps and 3.1 is 10Gbps?
SpeedEvilYes, if your devices support superspeed
jammiI don't have need for nearly anything like that on USB
SpeedEvilUSB3 contains no USB3-2 transaction translator spec.
jammiok, but still doesn't matter
jammifor video streaming I prefer to use my phone anyway, and it works wirelessly
jammifor mass storage, I have a separate networked PC humming along the tool closet, so that I don't have to listen to the disks
jammiand I access that wirelessly as well
SpeedEvilTo you, sure.
jammi1.3Gbps wifi at the moment
jammiof course varies sligtly on where in the apartment I'm in
jammiat worst, it's like 800Mbps or so
SpeedEvilI was wantinng to do things like put ten cameras in a box, which I can do with USB2 for $50 or so.
SpeedEvilBut, that doesn't actually work as there are only three or four root hosts on the PC.
jammithe diy gt2 pulley thing btw works fine
jammi(idler pulley)
tralamazzathis sain smart tpu prints well, nice
jeffdm_homenice well!
tralamazzait's not super soft, that probably helps
jammi what's a fucking matrix?
tralamazzafinally some good news, my reamers arrived
kraegarSome other good news - I started cutting with the shapeoko last night, with good results:
jammidid you at least give the cardboard box(es) to the cat?
kraegarhe loves it for 15 minutes, then forgot about it and moved on.
kraegarwasn't interested in it once he realized we weren't annoyed.
jammiprobably too noisy to have in an apartment though
kraegarthe shop vac is the loudest part of it, by far.
jammielectrolux makes some very quiet vacuums
kraegarcouldn't hear the cnc cutting over the noise of the vacuum
jammiyet has plenty of suction
DJHenjinhey krae, you did dual extrusion with a Y right?
TheHexaCubesup neerds
kraegarDJHenjin: sure
TheHexaCubekraegar: did you break stuff yet
DJHenjinwhat slicer did you user?
kraegarTheHexaCube: nothing broke!
kraegarDJHenjin: s3d is best at it. cura is second best. don't bother with anything else
jammimy vac is loud as hell and doesn't suck much, whereas my gf's vac is quiet and sucks much better
DJHenjinWe got the big rig transmission swap done yesterday hexa!
TheHexaCubeohhh neat
TheHexaCubedid everything go well?
jammibasically the noise level a microwave over or something
DJHenjinyeah kraegar I would be using cura
jammiat max power
DJHenjinpretty much everything went well, We had a bitch of a time pulling a bearing that was no good out of the flywheel, but once we got that done, it only took 6 hours to get everything put back together and working
kraegarDJHenjin: yeah, cura, outside of the occasional "wtf cura, you ruined my print, you peice of shit slicer" bug, does fine with filament switching.
TheHexaCubekraegar: very neat
DJHenjincool, and it deals well with the whole 2 filaments 1 nozzle thing?
TheHexaCubekraegar: so when are you shipping it to me?
kraegarDJHenjin: yep. I offloaded some of the switching to my duet, but you don't have to.
kraegarTheHexaCube: the ring I cut? $25 + shipping, and it's yours
DJHenjinyeah, I ordered a hot end with 2 in 1 out last night, should have it in a week
TheHexaCubeit'd usually be $5 right? You're adding a "$20 Hexa-Fee"
DJHenjinthanks kraegar, when I get this sucker, would you mind helping me set it up a bit?
jammikraegar: their site is pretty poor. does it have router speed control?
TheHexaCubehmmm, so eventually I might be able to get a free signal generator from my school
TheHexaCubeit probably is broken
TheHexaCubebuuuut let's assume I could fix it, what would one even do with a signal generator?
TheHexaCubeapart from generating signals
kraegarDJHenjin: sure thing.
DJHenjincool, thanks
kraegarjammi: does who what have router speed control?
DJHenjinmy printer is down for a bit right now since I think I fucked the teflon in my e3d clone
kraegarWhat Y splitter you getting?
kraegarbtw, a v6 style e3d *sucks ass* for filament switching. v6 lite will switch all day, no problem
jammikraegar: shapeoko
DJHenjinintegrated into the hotend
kraegarjammi: the controller has a PWM pin for it, butt the routers (dewalt and makita) can't do it
DJHenjingonna see if I can make this sucker work well
jammikraegar: ok, but a modded one probably could
kraegaryou can use a super pid to make them do it (third party add on, requires shorting around the dial in your router)
kraegaror you can use a real VFD spindle
TheHexaCubeso all a VFD does is vary the frequency of the sinewaves, right?
jammiTheHexaCube: yes
TheHexaCube(assuming the spindles are 3 phase motors?)
jammi1-phase motors are really just dc motors with added quirks, hence they're called universal motors
jammiand bldc are really just 3-phase motors
TheHexaCube1 phase motors have those coal brush thingies, right?
TheHexaCubeACTION didn't learn about motors in school yet
jammi(carbon brush in english)
durrfi didnt learn about a lot in school
durrfschool is for suckers youtube has all the info you need
gthx => Kurt Vile - "Pretty Pimpin" Official Video => 1 IRC mentions
durrflike kurt vile videos
TheHexaCubewell trade school seems to be nice to learn the basics quick :>
jammithe bldc/3-phase motor in my washing machine is beautiful
durrfi think great scott has videos on the different kinds of motors
durrfit might not be him
jammiwas the first and maybe still the only manufacturer (lg) with that style of motors
TheHexaCubeugh Great scott is nice and all
TheHexaCubebut I just can't listen to his accent
durrfi like it
jammiseems to be a common thing for germans
durrfhating russians!!
TheHexaCubeI mean, I probably have an accent that's just as bad
jammihomo fasciens has the same accent
durrfor is he german?
TheHexaCubebut listenting to it is just incredibly irritating
TheHexaCubeGreat Scott is german
jammiprobably an effect of all english language movies in germany being dubbed, so you don't evolve a sense of tone for english
durrfgerman/russian same thing right
DJHenjinwait, you can't listen to a german accent TheHexaCube??? aren't YOU german?
TheHexaCubedurrf: well... if WWII went differently perhaps
TheHexaCubeACTION hides
jammiwell, the mass raping by soviet troops in germany probably changed the demographics in the east by a lot
TheHexaCubeDJHenjin: the reason why english lessons are really exhausting for me :P
DJHenjinyou would prefer to have a native english speaking teacher?
jammi1.5-2 million women raped and a few hundred thousand raped and killed
durrffuck war man
TheHexaCubeDJHenjin: oh totally
durrfthe only war thats any fun is the one in the stars
jammimurdering and torturing plenty of other civilians as well
TheHexaCubeDJHenjin: I'd be happy if I had a teacher that at least *studied* english
TheHexaCubebecause right now, I don't
TheHexaCubeshe's my english teacher because she spent a few months in the US
TheHexaCubelike, for holidays
TheHexaCubeit's horrible
TheHexaCubewe wrote a surprise test
TheHexaCubecoworker translated "vorsichtig" with "cautious" (which is totally correct)
TheHexaCubebut she didn't give him a point with the reason: "Yeah but you spelt it wrong, I entered the word into"
TheHexaCubeI told her it's written correctly -> "Oh well maybe I entered it wrong"
DJHenjini'd tell her to stuff it
Mangy_Dogmy abs slurry has set in its jar
Mangy_Dogand welded the lid shut
DJHenjinad more acetone
buZzTheHexaCube: rofl
DJHenjinoh fuck
DJHenjinyou could heat the lid up a bit with a torch at the center button, should get hot enough to release the ABS pretty fast
TheHexaCubebuZz: it makes me wanna cry
TheHexaCubeI wish I could just stop attending because what the fuck am I supposed to learn
TheHexaCubeI probably already know most of the 'industry terms' too
jammiTheHexaCube: how is it possible to have such sucky teachers?
TheHexaCubejammi: lack of teachers
TheHexaCubeunderstaffing the schools
jammibut still, can't be that hard to find people who can speak one of the most common languages
TheHexaCubewell she can speak it
TheHexaCubefar from what i'd consider "good"
jammiwell, speak and spell
TheHexaCubeI mean, I myself don't speak/write perfect english
jammiI learnt it from computers before it was taught in school
buZzyou do use it daily TheHexaCube
jammisoftware and manuals, and a dictionary
buZzwhich isnt what these teachers do
TheHexaCubeI actually was pretty bad at english a few years ago (getting D's in class (no one laugh about that))
TheHexaCube'Let's Play' videos are what got me into learning english
jammithose weren't a thing until I was 30 or so
TheHexaCubeheh, yeah. I started with pewdiepie, back then he was far funnier and my humour was even more basic than it is right now
buZzi like to assume joining #reprap saved you
euz100_quick question, is it possible to configure cura to allow object to be closer on the build plate?
TheHexaCubebuZz: depends on your definition of "saved" :P
buZzeuz100_: no but you could add start gcode to that effect
buZzif you just dont wanna actually move your endstop to fix z=0 ;)
kraegarjammi: I'll probably pick up the super pid at some point. lets you run the makita / dewalt down to 5k rpm. which will make cutting aluminum drastically easier.
TheHexaCubethat's... still pretty fast D:
euz100_kraegar, what's the price for one of those?
kraegarTheHexaCube: right now I'm 10k - 30k rpm only
jammieuz100_: seems to be $1k or so
kraegareuz100_: $150
euz100_do you mean a frequency modulator, right?
TheHexaCubekraegar: I think the fastest I ever drilled (which should use similar speeds to cutting) alu was 3krpm
euz100_lower rpm, same torque
kraegareuz100_: for the super pid. it has a feedback loop to set the speed of your router on the fly.
TheHexaCubeand that was a 3mm drill bit
kraegarshines IR at the spindle, like a tach, so it has fine grained speed control
jstevewhiteoh, that's interesting
euz100_oh wow, it's locked to tool's model?
TheHexaCubeman, 155€ is... expeeeensive
jstevewhiteis that makita you've got on there a trim router or a full-size router? I can't tell from the pictures.
kraegareuz100_: no, they'll work with any router, I think that's just so they can give you the right docs, etc
TheHexaCubewatching a dude taking 700mg of LSD and he's NOT completely shitfaces, what the heck
jstevewhiteoh, 'compact router'; that's why it looks so small.
kraegarTheHexaCube: I'd pay a lot more than $155 if I tried to build one myself, lol
TheHexaCubeyou have a router, you can even make the PCB yourself!
kraegarin theory, yes
jstevewhiteTheHexaCube: "shitfaced" is what alcohol makes you. You can be tripping balls and still speak fairly clearly
euz100_155 is indeed steep, but yeah, I wanted one of those in the past
euz100_it's a great idea
TheHexaCubewait really? that's pretty interesting, I honestly thought people would be less... articulated
jstevewhitehallucinogens are entirely unlike alcohol
kraegareuz100_: it's on my list of things to do. would really simplify things. for now, the laser tach works great, though.
TheHexaCubejstevewhite: I honestly have to say that after taking the shrooms i *kinda* felt like being drunk
Nebukadnezai rigid-mounted my bed
TheHexaCubebut without having the slur or coordination issues
Nebukadneza… and of course, it rattles loose
Gragagrogog...what would a waterjet-usable compressor cost
jstevewhiteTheHexaCube: huh. shroom don't feel anything like 'drunk' to me. at all.
TheHexaCubeperhaps it was a feeling of intoxination?
jammiwhy does the titan extruder have to be mounted *that* way around
jammia mirrored one would allow me to use more bed space
Gragagrogogthere is a mirrored version
jammiby rotating it 180° on X/Y
jstevewhiteI think they have a mirrored one, don't they?
kraegarI very nearly screwed up my first cut. I'd been simulating all my cam stuff with some estimates. One of those was that the end mill had a 1" stickout. Had actually copied the file down to cut it, then remembered to measure it. 1.25". I was about 15% too fast on my speeds. (probably would have just meant chatter, not breaking things)
jammino mirrored clone that I know of
jammiand the original is pretty expensive
Gragagrogogare those 15$ clones usable?
jammiI think I paid 30€ for the clone
GragagrogogI might not trust the gears long term...
durrfjammi they have mrrored titans
durrfthey announced them when the titan aero came out
jammiand another maybe 10€ for a titan aero upgrade part (clone)
durrfcloners gotta be on it
jstevewhiteI bought a $25 clone to take apart, ended up using it. It's ok. not quite as good as the real deal on my other printer
durrfnow i wanna get my titan aero back up and running
jammiI had issues with the hobs on my first one, but bought another hob for a couple of € and that's been working fine
durrfi gotta get my other printer off my i3's bed lmao
jammithe first one was tooled in a way that chewed through filament
jammimaybe slightly off center cutting or something
durrfmy authentic only chews through filament when theres a jam, and i only am getting jams now that i had to replace the heatthroat
jammifilament was basically like hacked at a slight angle
durrfbecuase i fucked up a cold pull and i havnt been able to get the filament out of the authentic heatthroat
Gragagrogogi might endup bulding something similar, but with loop belt, a bit heavier ofc
jammibut otherwise, it's been working fine
jammihad some issues with my previous v6 clone coolend, which were probably my own fault
Gragagrogogusing the motor shaft as a pivot point for the spring arm solves some space issues
jammibasically caused jamming of pla and petg, but not abs
jammiand now that I've inspected it, I think the real cause was the slightly off center ptfe channel I drilled into the extruder end of it
Gragagrogogyea that'll cause oozing....
jammiso it probably got too narrow in certain situations
jammior had an off-center edge
jammiare there even flatter nema17 motors than 25mm yet have enough of torque for extrusion?
jammi20mm would hit the sweet spot of X clearance near X0
jammistarts at +4.5mm on X and -6.5mm on Y
jamminarrowed the Y down to -1.5mm in the redesign, which is good enough and allows some off-bed wiping area
theresajayneok i am having a strange issue wonder if anyone knows whats going on here
jammibut X is as narrow as the motor allows
theresajayneMy firmware is setting the Z home pos to 324.05
theresajaynebut after uploading the firmware and auto homing its reporting as 324.04
theresajaynealso after calibrating its not changing at all
jammialso, does anyone else have some weird f360 focusing issues on macos?
jammilike, cmd-tabbing to another app (like this terminal), and then cmd-tabbing back into f360 sometimes loses focusability on any of its controls, which is annoying
jammiand then random window switching has to be done to regain focus of it
Valduarei fullscreen everything and three finger swipe back n forth no issues
jstevewhitejammi: I do have an occasional issue where command-tab leaves the browser on top of other windows, but no problem focusing
buZz3 middlefingers?
jammiI have little need for fullscreening because I like having stuff in overlapping windows
Valduarejammi: your missing out :)
ValduareI have 3 monitors plugged into my mbp as well as the mbp screen. everything fullscreen and can three finger swipe on any of them
Valduarei have ALOT OF STUFF open all the time
jammiI'm not, and the gpu fan speed goes 1:1 with the f360 window area
jammiso I rather not keep it bigger than necessary
jstevewhitethat a 4k monitor?
jstevewhiteI used 2 side-by-side, but yeah, a 28" 4k full screen is a little bit of overkill for lots of apps
jammialso rotated the extruder 90° now although I don't like a massive thing like the stepper hanging that far out from the linear guides
Valduaremy screens are setup in shape of D-pad on a controller
jammiat least gives enough clearance
jammijstevewhite: I used to have three 4K monitors side by side, rotated 90°
jstevewhitejammi: I like having a single 90° rotated monitor, but not all three
jammididn't like the gaps and it was slightly too much to utilize
Nebukadnezai wish there was an f360 lunerix version :(
Nebukadnezai so loath rebooting just for modelling around a bit
jammihowever, a 8K monitor would be nice
jammior even a 5K one, but the price per (mega)pixel doesn't make sense
jammialthough I did pay a couple of k€ for my first 4K (WUXGA) monitor a decade ago
jammiback then it was totally worth it, and it definitely paid back its price in increased productivity
Nebukadnezajstevewhite: »Linux«
SpeedEvilIt's annoying that monitors top out now at 40" for sane widths
jammiviewsonic's rebadged IBM T221 (viewsonic vp2290b)
jstevewhiteNebukadneza: you can try onshape. it works pretty well on linux
SpeedEvilThat is - not counting 10" high ones by 60" wide or whatever
jammi24"-ish is the best size imho, at my viewing distance
jammibasically just right to fill the effective field of vision
jstevewhiteI like my 28" ones
SpeedEviljammi: yeah - I am using it at double normal viewing distance for reasons
Nebukadnezajstevewhite: mh, never tried it
jstevewhiteNebukadneza: it would be my second choice after F360
jammisome 50-60cm or so from eye to monitor
jammialso allows me to utilize it more efficiently without enlarging everything
jammiplus at my near-sigtedness I can view it perfectly well without glasses at that distance, but at 100-120cm it gets blurry without glasses
jammiand also slightly too small even with glasses
kraegaranyone got an idea what kind of countersink bit this guy's using? puts a small bevel on each hole.
gthx => Machine-Leveled Supplementary Wasteboard - CNC Project 85 => 1 IRC mentions
jammikraegar: just a moment, I might have one
buZzSpeedEvil: find me a 42" with over 250dpi plz
Nebukadnezajstevewhite: its as intuitive as f360?
jammibuZz: 400dpi-ish ftw
SpeedEvilbuZz: what is your normal viewing distance, that seems unlikely you can actually see that
jammi(or ppi, since a monitor)
jstevewhiteNebukadneza: hard to say. they both seem pretty easy to me
Nebukadnezamh nice
Nebukadnezai’ll have a look, thanks for the headsup
jammikraegar: something like this maybe:
buZzSpeedEvil: on my desk? like 50cm
buZzmaybe 60
kraegarjammi: hmm, maybe. I'll see if I can find out what he used.
buZzoh more like 90, now that i measured
thewskraegar: looks like a 60 degree countersink
buZzSpeedEvil: oh you thought i ment 'tv' usage? nah
SpeedEvilbuZz: 90cm at 250dpi exceeds human resolution from memory
buZzcool, doesnt change anything though
jstevewhite*average human resolution
thewsit does when there's other noise for sure
thewsin near total darkness our eyes are really sensitive to small pixels, but not when there's lots of light
NebukadnezabuZz: SpeedEvil
Nebukadnezaanything more than ~4k on ~28" doesn’t really make sense at a healthy viewing distance
buZzdid you know sharp makes a 5" 4k lcd panel? :)
buZzreally cool
Nebukadnezawhat for?
Nebukadnezato view it with a microscope?
buZzHTV Vive for instance uses that kinda lcds
SpeedEvilI found someone commenting they had a friend who had 960K 16MP 5" displays surplus
buZzwhat resolution?
SpeedEvilThat is enough for a 130m or so diagonal display, at 15 terapixels
TheHexaCuberofl, friend sent me a chat between his gf and him
Gragagrogog...human eye has different resolution depending on how distant it is from "center"
TheHexaCubeher: "baby, I think my sister's screwing with a guy in the room next to me *disgusted smiley*"
TheHexaCube4 minutes later: "I think they're done"
TheHexaCubebuZz: you seen those yet? :P
jammiNebukadneza: that's what they said about phones as well
jammifor retina and viewing distance
Nebukadnezajammi: yes, and with more than full-hd, you’d cannot notice a difference anymore at healthy viewing distances
Nebukadnezawaste of money and power
jammibut it does make a difference. 4K TV's also make a difference (not only via HDR) at viewing distances where those charts said there'd be no difference
Nebukadnezablind tests?
buZzwho cares, both those are in abundance :P
Gragagrogogyea because your tv is like 60"
jammi42" fullhd vs 49" 4K in my case
buZzTheHexaCube: quite nice :P
jammiI think the charts only make sense for some average of "perfect" natural vision, but glasses do enhance it
jammilikely makes me see sharper than I would with bare eyes even without my nearsightedness
jammiyou can't really see subpixels on either, but the clarity sharp vs blurry picture makes a real difference
Gragagrogog...when you don't normally wear glasses and you put them on for a few minutes: "wow i forgot real life has this resolution"
jammiGragagrogog: yeah
Gragagrogogbtw you can get corrective laser surgery very cheap now...
Gragagrogoglike 600$
jammiyeah, but my face with my cool hipster glasses look better than my face without them
jammiso I'd probably wear them just for the looks
Gragagrogogi never liked having the "frame" limiting my viewport...
TheHexaCubecontact lenses :D
jammiyou can't clearly see the out of frame area anyway due to the limits of eye movement
Gragagrogogthat's even worse, my eyes itch on their own
TheHexaCubewell if you're putting them on correctly you stop feeling them :
TheHexaCube* :P
Gragagrogogi only have 1 dioptre anyway
TheHexaCubeACTION has 4
jammi-1.2 -ish here
buZz15:59:12 < Gragagrogog> that's even worse, my eyes itch on their own
buZzyou know thats a symptom of a STD?
jammiastigmatism is the worse thing; flaring the high contrast stuff more the further away they are
jammibuZz: or a symptom of just living somewhere where outside is freezing cold this time of the year
jammimakes the air extremely dry
GragagrogogbuZz :D possible
jammiand cats sparkly
Gragagrogogi have atopic exema, skin arround my eyes itch, i scrath it, occationaly contaminating my eyes
buZzjust saying, siffilus has that as symptom
buZzah ok, thats probably not the same
Gragagrogogit's the same since childhood, so...
Gragagrogog...and some1 here is singing christmas songs...
Gragagrogogffs it's not even december
SpeedEvilI think it's legal to shoot people for that.
SpeedEvilCheck your local laws.
jammihow loudly are they singing?
jammican't usually hear a peep from my neighbors unless someone has a party and they're really blasting it, or are using a masonry drillbit on the wall
Gragagrogogit's alright i've put some kawai metal over it
Gragagrogogthat's roommates, not neighbours
heli0swow /r/3dprinting is awful
jammiregarding blasting audio, I find it slightly annoying that my amp's night mode only works in dolby digital
heli0si posted the latest installment of my D-Bot build guide and it got removed for self promotion.
jamminot for instance DTS (or stereo)
jammialthough now that my TV has bluetooth, I could just use headphones
jammibut it's not really the same; I like the surround stuff and it's not available on headphones
heli0sbut this blogspam just chills there
heli0sand they remove my video
TheHexaCubeso I saw a PCB which had bypass capacitors placed on the other side of the PCB
TheHexaCubeand have it connected using a via
TheHexaCubegood or bad idea?
TheHexaCubeand here:
jammimaybe try #electronics for advanced topics
jammithere'll be people with plenty of electronics manufacturing experience there
jammimight make manufacturing a bit harder, but it's also minimal distance for the traces
MerkWerkthats typical, especially for bga devices
jammiso it's a tradeoff of those
TheHexaCubeI'll ask over there, thanks
TheHexaCubewell manufacture isn't really harder, all I gotta do is flip the PCB, heh
TheHexaCube(talking hand-assembling everything anyways)
TheHexaCubedoing it with a reflow station would indeed be harder I guess
MerkWerkits not critical for anything you are gonna be doing at home
jammiif you're outsourcing it to an actual factory doing it in the oven, they'd have to use glue for the bottom components and stuff like that
MerkWerkuse whatever is easiest for how you are assembling
jammior if you have reflow oven at home and just want to get them done in one go
MerkWerkand for soic packages it really doesnt matter at all. its important for bga cause being on the back is the only way to get close to the power pins (which are typically placed in the middle for this reason)
jammiso basically it's a cost of manufacture thing, just like 1 vs 2 vs 4 and so forth -layered boards
MerkWerkand a question of design. it becomes more important with higher signal clocks
TheHexaCubejammi: hah, I was assuming surface tension would keep everything in place if handed very carefully
MerkWerkit will for the most part
MerkWerkyou using hot air or a soldering iron?
TheHexaCubeI do have both
TheHexaCubethough I feel more comfortable with the Iron
TheHexaCubemight even be allowed to solder that at work, hah
MerkWerkive done a fair bit of smt design and board stuffing, solder paste + hot air is the way to go for small production :P
MerkWerkeven got a nice paste dispenser from a kickstarter
TheHexaCubeyeah, I might try that at some point
TheHexaCubeI do have solder paste here inside a syringe
TheHexaCubebut no nozzle for it :P
MerkWerki should get the pick n place pen too
filadomehas anyone here gotten Cura or Slic3r set up on CentOS?
crunchuse a real os
crunchwindows 7 or 10
Nebukadnezafiladome: no, but i don’t see how it could be a problem
filadomeNebukadneza, i've been trying to install all the dependencies
Nebukadnezalet’s stick with cura
Nebukadnezado you intend to build it yourself?
filadomei was able to run the .AppImage file
filadomeon the bottom of this page:
filadomeyes, there are no releases
thompsbp$wa 85C to Freedom Units
DumDuckBot(thompsbp) No results.
thompsbp$wa 85C to F
DumDuckBot(thompsbp) Result: 185 °F (degrees Fahrenheit) -
Lizards|Work$wa 85*(8/5)+32
DumDuckBot(Lizards|Work) Exact result: 168 -
Lizards|Workwhat did i miss
thompsbpwasnt it 2/5's?
Lizards|Work$wa 85*(5/3)+32
DumDuckBot(Lizards|Work) Exact result: 521/3 - Decimal approximation: 173.6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666... -
Lizards|Work$wa celsius to fahrenheit conversion formula
DumDuckBot(Lizards|Work) No results.
Lizards|Workfine dumduckbot
Lizards|Work$g celsius to fahrenheit conversion formula
DumDuckBot(Lizards|Work) -- Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion (°C to °F): "Celsius to Fahrenheit (°C to °F) conversion calculator and how to convert."
thompsbp$wa 1.8 to fraction
DumDuckBot(thompsbp) Exact result: 9/5 -
Lizards|Workso i was close but far enough off to not know
Lizards|Work$wa 85*(9/5)+32
DumDuckBot(Lizards|Work) Exact result: 185 -
Lizards|Workwell dare we go
thompsbpi wonder which cable package im gonna have to buy to keep using freenode after they kill net neutrality
Lizards|Worki wonder which tier internet i'll have to buy to get all my skub memes
DigitalReaperdon't worry, they're not going to block anything. they promised...
thompsbpat first they wont
DigitalReaperit's more about making the crap they're already pulling legal
thompsbpthey will want it to look like nothing changed and everyone was overboard with predictions, but they will slowly and gradually roll out paid prioritization and throttle services that compete with their own.
DigitalReaperi'm not even american and this whole net nutrality thing pisses me off
DigitalReaperone ISP already demanded netflix pay them or get throttled, I forget who... it was a while back
Lizards|Workthompsbp: who's fast-lane has the best porn partners?
DigitalReaperthey did throttle netflix, and netflix had to pay up =/
thompsbpjust like how NBC got kicked off directv for a month this year same shit will happen with services like netflix while they contract battle with isps
DigitalReaperI forsee an upsurge in VPN subscriptions
thompsbpthey can just block those too
Lizards|Workit's me, i'm the VPN
thompsbpdamn lizard people
Lizards|Workthe illuminati have decided that YOU KNOW NOTHING THOMPS B P
DigitalReaperit's pretty hard to block stuff on port 80, especially if it looks like http... if things get serious people will create workarounds like that
Lizards|Workbc proxies are always bulletproof
DigitalReaperor https, no inspection
wuselfuzzDigitalReaper, OpenVPN endpoint on port 443...
thompsbpits actually very easy to block by domain
thompsbpport 80 bound for some vpn domain? block it
svideoand what about the current administration in combination with comcast/etc gives you any reason to believe that anyone is concerned about annoying their users?
DigitalReapermost VPNs don't have domains
svideothey've got a monopoloy, it's not like you're about to say fuckit i'm moving my cable modem to dialup
DigitalReaperthe company providing them does, but the nodes themselves are just IP addresses
Lizards|Worki'll just launch my own satellite, become my own world communication conglomerate
Lizards|Workwith blackjack
Lizards|Workand hookers
DigitalReaperwooo \o/
thompsbpip addresses in a subnet that can be tracked to the service and blocked
thompsbpi used to work for an isp
DigitalReaper*lights a cigar*
Lizards|Worki used to be Cisco Certified for Network Dongministration
Lizards|Workall about administrating dongs
Lizards|Workthompsbp: where'd you get my christmas card?
wuselfuzzI made (another) delta hot end holder with integrated nozzle fan duct..
DigitalReapersure you can have an arms race of blocking and avoiding blocks... but who's gonna care more? the ISP or the VPN service?
thompsbpit was the first image when i google 'asshole lizard'
Lizards|Workthompsbp: i... that's me alright
GragagrogogDigitalReaper iirc, the whole net neutrality shit began when they started throttling bittorrent
thompsbpwell before that
thompsbpthere were isps who sold voice services and blocked voip
Gragagrogogwell, this bubbled it up...
Gragagrogogah that too...
DigitalReaperin other words the whole reason we have net nutrality laws
GragagrogogI'm sure it wouldn't be an issue if us didn't have isp monopols, i can choose between ~6 isps in mz house
DigitalReaperI think i've got a choice of 2-4 ISPs here
DigitalReaperdepends on who bought out who recently
djdelorieI have two choices! Cable modem or... 9600 baud dial-up.
DigitalReaperbut yeah, single ISP coverage sucks
thompsbpall of the major tech companies who care need to blanket turn off their services for DC. Any ip from a subnet assigned to an isp in DC gets a message about protesting NN and services will not be restored to DC area until there is legilation coding NN into law. Imagine all the congressppl losing google and netflix and pornhub
djdelorieno, just charge them $100/month for special priviledged access
DigitalReaperif only google was on board with NN, can you imagine the shitstorm if google and youtube dissapeared for a day in protest?
DigitalReaperor even just made people wait say 60 seconds for their search results I guess
djdeloriea popup that says "we charge extra for government access, please pay $1 per search via <paypal link>"
GragagrogogI can't imagine any isp doing that, they would be out of bussiness in a picosecond (here)
DigitalReapernot the ISP, google
Gragagrogog...ditto :D "nationalized" next day
Gragagrogogok, probably not
DigitalReaperpretty sure in google vs the US government google would win :)
DigitalReaperit's not like the USA is googles only source of income
thompsbpAtlas needs to shrug.
Gragagrogoggoogle doesn't have an army
DigitalReaperand everyone depends on it so heavily these days
DigitalReapersure they do, they have lawyers
Gragagrogogdo we, really?
ndnihil<bing> Now's our chance!!!
Gragagrogogthere are other services, just not as good
Gragagrogoggenerally speaking
ndnihilpersonally I prefer ixquick
ndnihiland yacy shows promise
DigitalReaperand the services you depend on dissapearing overnight? oops there goes your ability to run your US business
DigitalReaperthink of how many websites rely on the google API
thompsbpyall need to read Atlas Shrugged. thats basically the plot
DigitalReaperor businesses that use google mail, docs, drive, etc
Nebukadnezajstevewhite: indeed, onshape looks quite interesting
DigitalReaperif they go down you lose all your data
DigitalReaperyou should have backups of course, SHOULD
Gragagrogogit's a good plan to count with google's/cloudflare/etc. services to cut you off, they proved that lately
DigitalReaperpeople don't realize just how much of a grip google has on them these days
superkuhBe the change then.
MerkWerki completely understand. but so far google has acted fairly decently with that power...
DigitalReaperindeed, they're realitively beneign. however if someone decided to have a go at them...
Gragagrogogexcept tracking you without consent and deleting some1's email
DigitalReapereven the nicest of people will act in self defence
Gragagrogogand that's not even considering youtube, but that's kinda special case
Gragagrogogthey loose 2B$ on it a year anyway...
ndnihilthey dont lose a single penny on youtube
ndnihilthe data they gather makes them tenfold what its operating costs are
ndnihilthe ads are just to squeeze the extra bit out
thompsbpwhat ads?
ndnihilI watched some at a buddys place recently
Gragagrogogthat's possible, hard to quantify...
ndnihilsurprised me too
ndnihilnot hard at all to quantify
thompsbpad blockers are stealing
Gragagrogogfor me it is :D
thompsbpanyone following Prusagate?
Gragagrogogwhat, did he sexually harassed some1? :D
ndnihilnot him too
ndnihilwill the sexual harrassment never end
thompsbpnah, he promised powder coated beds and they aren't going to pan out so they are sending just normal pei sheets on the bed and flipping the bird to their most loyal customers. the ones who pre-ordered the mk3
imrclylike his source blows or the concept blows?
thompsbpif they want powder coated beds they can order them later for $30 + $40 shipping
thompsbphis source
unknown_lamerthompsbp: or you can opt to delay shipment and get the powder coated bed, seems fair enough
alteregoI don't think that is too bad.
Gragagrogog...there are industrial PEI coating mashines for food safe coating, not sure what would be the problem with a bit grittier coating
alteregoIt is a new technology. I guess they can't keep up with demand.
alteregoOr their supplier has ditched them.
alteregoAll kinds of things can happen to screw you over when you're building hardware.
alteregoIt's a shame, sure, buut hardly a deal breaker. The powdered beds were like the least interesting thing for me.
Gragagrogogthey would be the most interesting to me.... as in, I'd buy the bed only
Loetmichelthompsbp: hmmm. i am mildly annoyed being accused of using an adblocker by most german newspapers onlineservices. (only using noscript, no adblocker). Fine with me, one customer lost if they dont want me on their site. If they are not able to display ads without using loads of offsite scripts: their problem ;)
alteregoAt least PEI sheets can be replaced cheaply, where as these powdered steel sheets when they eventually wear out, will be way more expensive.
Nebukadnezaanyone happens to use onshape here?
GragagrogogDepends on the PEI thickness i guess
imrclyNebukadneza: i do poorly
Nebukadnezaimrcly: would you happen to know … i have a STEP file of a PCB i want to model an enclosure for
Nebukadnezai imported it … but i’m not sure what’s oneshape~ishs way of continuing with it is …
Nebukadnezai mean … for example i can’t multiply it in a part studio, that i’d have to do in an assembly
Nebukadneza(but my case is for 2 of these)
imrclywhat i figured which is probably the hard way is to create a new part then import that into the assembly than edit the part in context
Nebukadnezaand … i need quite a few other parts that should fit into the case too — but that’s again more assembly~ish, as i can’t move them around and position them easily in a part studio
Nebukadnezabut i need to do the modelling in a part studio — for the case
Nebukadneza„edit the part in context“ … ?
imrclyin the assemply studio right click on a part it should be an option
imrclyso i usually make a cube then import it then edit it in context
imrclyimport it into the assembly*
imrclyprobably an easier way but it works
thompsbpmov AX 0;
thompsbpMOV CX 10;
Nebukadnezamh, sounds quite good
thompsbpmy assembly sucks, i can remember which register is which
Nebukadnezaedit in context was what i guess i was looking for …
Nebukadnezathanks, imrcly!
Phischihm did anyone seen this?
gthx => Fast desktop-scale extrusion 3D printing => 1 IRC mentions
wuselfuzzPhischi, I wanted to, but the company internet sucked today...
ndnihilthat's supposed to be fast?
ndnihilACTION shrugs
ndnihillooks like the bed is gonna fall off
karradPhischi: the paper is great read
Phischiwell yeah, the quality seems pretty average for the speed
Phischilooks fuzzy at the edges
Lizards|Workoverfill and overflow
Phischimy printer is out of order... :/
Phischilooks like the thermistor is dead
Phischithermal runaway error...
jamminot an unusual thing, but thermal runaway is something that shouldn't happen in a correctly configured firmware
poptixi think the error is engrish though
poptixinstead of 'thermal runaway', it should say 'thermal runaway protection engaged' I think
imrclythermal runaway should says something wrong with your shit , to assist trouble shooting
Phischiyeah, I think the thermistor broke...
Phischiif not, I can rip everything apart. Anyway I couldn't get it to print reproducable sizes, too. Couldn't get it to be on size...... out of luck with this selfmade printer
jammiprobably shorted against the heater block
Phischishould have spend the money for a Prusa...
jammiwhich is the case of most thermistor failures
Phischijammi: printbed-thermistor.
jammisame there, except against the bed
Phischimaybe, have to check. I found another thermistor, though I have no idea what kind of it is :p
jammimeasure it with a multimeter and if it's reading ≈100kΩ, it's probably fine
jammialso keep it between your fingers to see if it changes, although just normal resistors react the same
jammiat least wire-wound ones, I'm not sure what a carbon resistor would do
PhischiI see.
PhischiTHere's still not a smallscale-200€ printer that will make Prusa-quality prints, right? :P
_abc_Been reading up on "Err: too far" in an anet like cartesian controller for a while. I do not follow exactly what the explanation is. Apparently the 'store offsets' hid menu command is NOT to be used to set table ofsset before starting job? Or did I ...
_abc_... misunderstand? I tried to set it with paper (no z sensor, no auto levelling), getting "Err: too far" every time.
_abc_This with actual Z at ~0.8
_abc_Must all axes be within 20mm or so of machine 0,0,0 for the offset to be accepted?
_abc_Whoa everyone is snoring? ;)
jeffdm_workthe rest of us are snorting
imrclyi have no anet or understanding of what you are asking
VanessaEall right... whoever decided that abs was a 3d-printer suitable plastic was a moron. abs sucks!
jeffdm_workIt's perfectly fine but you need the right machine
imrclyand temperature and a temportal conditions
jeffdm_work*not a bedflinger
crunchsup players
djdelorieI thought someone decided that abs was the *only* 3d-printer suitable plastic, way back when...
VanessaEdjdelorie: you sure petg can handle being close to a hot end... eventually inside an enclosure'
VanessaEah good. crunch convince me to buy some petg :)
imrclycrunch: thanks for the fast shipping
jeffdm_workit started out as ABS because that was the material available to hobbyists
djdeloriemy petg cooler has been 5mm away from the hotend for a long time, no problems yet, although of course the fan runs most of the time ;-)
crunchi dont have time to
djdeloriecheck the Tg though
crunchif u want it buy it
Lizards|Workcrunch's marketing: "idgaf, buy it or don't"
Lizards|Work"i'll take two, thanks"
jeffdm_workLike really a Flashforge is a good machine for ABS
jeffdm_workUltimakers with a lid and a door is good
VanessaEdjdelorie: ok so petg wants a layer fan?
imrclymy pla cooler caught on curled print ripped off and was destroyed this morning
crunchpretty much
jeffdm_workMonoprice D6
djdelorieI use 100% layer fan for petg, just like pla
VanessaEon hair spray-coated glass?
jeffdm_workopen, sliding bed machines are great for PLA, pretty good for PETG and IMO not much else without herculean efforts
djdelorieprobably, I use glue stick. petg sticks to everything like mad
VanessaE(gah this bad arm sucks.)
imrclyi use glue stuck
VanessaEaw come on crunch. out of stock on white petg 1kg 1.75 :(
jeffdm_workoh start with a different color
jeffdm_workwhite PETG, if your setup is prone to collecting PETG blobs on the nozzle, you'll get ugly dark blobs on part when they do fall
jeffdm_workreally makes the white part look bad
jeffdm_workonce you have settings dialed in then give it a shot.
djdelorieblack and white petg are my favorites
VanessaEok black it is.
jeffdm_workblack is a good choiec
jeffdm_workReally I have tended to focus on translucents
Lizards|Workyou can get whatever color you want, as long as it's black
jeffdm_workI have five colors of Atomic translucent
imrclyi don't even know what i have anymore
jeffdm_workall but starry night I guess
Lizards|Worki've got uh...
Lizards|Workgrey, red, black
Lizards|Workand uh
VanessaEthere. ordered some black petg and some white pla
VanessaEstarry night pla is nice, jeffdm_work
djdelorieTg of petg is IIRC about 10C higher than pla; enough to survive a hot car in summer but not as high as the Tg of ABS (70/80/105)
_abc_Again: now that you're snoring loudly (here): I get "Err: too far" every time I select 'Store axis offsets' in the lcd hid on an anet like printer. The real offset is 0.8mm or so on Z but much larger on X, Y. Do I have to have it <20mm (per some docs) ...
_abc_... on all axes?
gthxtg is the Glass Transition Temperature of a substance: "The glass–liquid transition (or glass transition for short) is the reversible transition in amorphous materials (or in amorphous regions within semicrystalline materials) from a hard and relatively brittle state into a molten or rubber-like state." and is also 60-65c
gthxfor PLA, ~105c for ABS, and 85-90c for PETG
VanessaEdjdelorie: petg is supposed to have a Tg of 88 or so.
djdeloriealthough this in pink petg felt a lot more solid than I expected:
djdelorieonly crunch knows for sure, they're his filaments ;-)
VanessaEoh vornoi style. ambitious :)
thompsbpsomone once told me that Crunch PETG had the lowest TG because it was the most pure. that all the others had fillers that upped the TG
djdelorie17 hours to print, and yes I expected it to fail at least once. It didn't.
VanessaE(or however its spelled)
_abc_Voronoi diagram style. Or Voronoi graph partition. Yes, very useful.
thompsbpisnt that the name of the angel from Mormonism?
wuselfuzz_how long can you print from a 3S1300 lipo....
thompsbpdepends wusel
thompsbphow hot, heated bed?
thompsbpnot long in any case
wuselfuzzheated bed probably not
thompsbpmy guess would be 2-5 mins
djdeloriewuselfuzz: Naomi Wu did a wearable printer that ran on lithiums...
gthx => Making a Wearable 3D Printer! => 2 IRC mentions
thompsbparent most print power supplies 30 amps?
wuselfuzzI'm using 12V 10A without heated bed on a delta
thompsbplooking at the mpcnc conversion to a 3d printer they recommend a 30 A, but thats with a heated bed
thompsbp$wa current draw for a 3d printer
DumDuckBot(thompsbp) No results.
wuselfuzzat 5 amps that would be 1.3Ah / 5A or about 15 minutes. hmm.
wuselfuzzI ran a small delta on a 12V 5A PSU...
wuselfuzzmeasured at about 4.5A max
djdelorieI could run my printer for about two days off the motorcycle batteries...
ndnihilwatt r u talking about, deltas dont even get out of bed in the morning for less than 80A
wuselfuzzthat's about half of what a quadcopter would pull from those batteries
djdeloriedeltas only have to melt plastic, not defy gravity.
thompsbpC rating not the issue
thompsbpcapacity is
Lizards|Workur mom
Lizards|Workhas a capacity issue
ndnihilC is a multiplier of capacity
thompsbpIts me, im the issue
ndnihiland using "a quadcopter" as a unit of measurement is dumb
djdelorieC is amps, not watt-hours
wuselfuzzI never mentioned C ratings....
ndnihilwatts, that's the number that matters
djdeloriewatt-hours matters, not watts
wuselfuzzyeah. 5A at 12V = 50W.
thompsbpi mean your lipo isnt going to be limited by the current being pulled like a liion might but rather by its total capacity
wuselfuzzbut yeah, battery capacity is given in Ah...
wuselfuzznot Wh
ndnihiloh, someone wants to run a printer on batteries?
wuselfuzzno, I just pondered
ndnihilwatts and amp-hours
ndnihilknow ur flow
wuselfuzzhow long you could print on a drone battery
djdeloriebecase wh depends on how many cells you put in series
wuselfuzzbecause I pondered about fitting an XT60 socket to my printer
wuselfuzz(and a plug on the psu)
djdelorie(battery watt-hours) / (printer watts) = (print time in hours)
djdeloriebecause #units
wuselfuzzyeah, 3S was specified.
wuselfuzzso 12.8V max, 11.1V nominal
thompsbprealy quadcopters fly off 4s
djdeloriequads fly off everything from 1s to jet turbines
wuselfuzzyeah, but printers run on 12V, not 14.4
thompsbpbut those arent #real quadcopters
thompsbp3s is for little bitches
_abc_thompsbp: the angel is Moroni.
gthxwat is
wuselfuzz3S850 on a 150 size. <3
thompsbps/150/little bitch/
wuselfuzzmy 180 on 4S1300 is a nasty little bitch, then.
djdeloriemine runs off a 3S1800, 280 size
djdelorieor a 4S2250
thompsbpyou know with all the sexual assualt charges being bandied about... how has Charlie Sheen gotten through this clean?
thompsbpaccording to a random site the mk2s pulls 110w printing ABS
thompsbpso at just over 9 amps thats roughly 9c on your 3s1300
thompsbpso 6-7 minutes printing ABS
thompsbponly 70 watts for pla
thompsbpso ymmv
MerkWerksilly people, printers run off 24v :P
_abc_So, how does one work around "Err: too far" upon selecting 'Store axis offsets'?
gthx => XRobots - 3D Printing on Battery Power, with a RepRap Lulzbot & Car Battery! => 1 IRC mentions
DigitalReaperTLDR; 3.5 amps at 12v, PLA, cold bed
Lizards|Workwhat's peak
DigitalReaperabout 3.5A
_abc_Probably 10A max peak, with cold head and motors on
_abc_40W is too low power for motors + head
_abc_But it may average 3.5A once warm
DigitalReaper2.4A while preheating the head
_abc_ looks like my problem.
_abc_Anyone knows how to deal with this? It is very confusing. The offset store is not what I think it is, right? In the lcd?
_abc_ related
AmeisenI tried printing at 0.075mm layer height
Ameisenthe actual print itself turned out great, but a _lot_ of feathery stringing
Ameisenmore than I could reasonably deal with
Ameisenwas hoping 0.075 would work for some parts that needed precision
djdelorieI've done thinner layers, but yeah...
jstevewhiteI think kraegar did a .01 LH
MerkWerkoh nice. slic3r prusa edition has a hard coded tool change retract. asshole.
Nebukadnezaanyone know anything good to fix semi-borken STEP files?
AmeisenVanessaE - why does BMesh suck so much
Ameisenbut Carve just doesn't always work?
Ameisenbmesh _never_ generates useful geometry for me, but carve sometimes just fails or says it can't (I'm guessing it can only be reasonably used on objects that are manifold?)
jaggzAmeisen, useful geometry?
jaggzAmeisen, you should code it so bmesh has an option to insert edge loops :)
Ameisenjaggz - not planning on modifying Blender any time soon
AmeisenIsn't Blender mostly extended with Python?
AmeisenACTION doesn't mind writing Photoshop extensions, since they're C++.
jaggzAmeisen, mostly doesn't apply here.. core is C. python is used for api and a lot of addons.. booleans are obviously processed in C :)
durrfis that for the linear plus?
wuselfuzzdelta effector with 40mm spacing, could work...
durrfnone of the effectors seem to be the right size for the linear plus
kraegarjstevewhite: yeah, I did 0.01 layer height. wasn't as good of a result as 0.02... just not enough plastic to bridge even tiny gaps.
wuselfuzzdunno. got it parametric
wuselfuzzin openscad
wuselfuzzaaaand the fan is too loose
wuselfuzza layer of tape might fix that
wuselfuzzI dissected my 101 hero, ordered some 2020 alu beams and will build something resembling a miniature kossel
wuselfuzzthat shall be the hotend holder with integrated nozzle fan duct
durrfso wait what parts are gonna be original from the 101 hero when you are done
durrfthe arms?
TheRockhi guys
TheRockcan you help to setup my 3d printer
wuselfuzzdurrf, errr... the glass plate.
wuselfuzzand the endstop switches
wuselfuzzmy anycubic kossel got alu corners, so I had these and drilled holes for the nema14 motors (which I earlier upgraded the 101hero with)
wuselfuzzafter all the upgrades, it's just the glass plate, really.
wuselfuzzwill use the arms, though
wuselfuzzcfk tube not here yet
wuselfuzzI pondered about printing slimmer corners
AmeisenAny idea why going to 0.075mm layer height caused a _ton_ of stringing?
Ameisenthe actual layers themselves looked incredibly smooth, but there was a ton of feathery stringing
TheRockmaybe you should change from nozzle to laser modus
dentistwhat's the problem there you reckon?
dentistplate misaligned?
dentistwell no i don't think it's that
dentistbasically, the filament jammed
Jupp3It tells to remove the material :)
Jupp3Maybe the print head is too close to the surface?
dentistno, i stopped the print, and i took a pic of setup just having after eject filament (bc it was jammed)
Jupp3Looks extremely thin, as you can see through it
dentistok yeah, so you're saying it's a problem of printbed misalignment?
Jupp3So maybe the print head is pushed too much against the surface, so not enough material can get through?
dentistthe close-to-user side is aligned up too much
Jupp3It COULD be
Jupp3I'm not an expert
dentistwell, the pattern of print suggests as such
Jupp3Seen similar behavior on library 3D printers too
dentistok on the back, not ok on the front
Jupp3But never had them get stuck (lucky me)
dentisti guess ill try to realign
Jupp3I guess IF the print goes on, it kind of "fixes itself"
TheRockjust print a working printer from your current printer
Jupp3So the further layers get closer to what they should be
Jupp3dentist: Maybe initial layer height increase could help too?
Jupp3dentist: If the print bed level is ok, you can probably adjust the print head offset only
Jupp3So that you won't have to bother with the corner screws :)
dentistJupp3: eventually it just stopped extruding stuff, that's why I stopped the print. filament was jammed
Jupp3dentist: Also looking at the picture - maybe the printer was set up for configuration with NO tape on print bed?
AmeisenPast the feathering, what is 'easier'/'better' for the printer to print - hard angles like /\, or smooth/curved like (
Jupp3As that raises it quite a bit
AmeisenI have some textured surface for grip, wondering if I should keep it pyramidal, or round them a bit
Jupp3Ameisen: Smooth curves, generally
Jupp3You can't get 100% sharp edges anyway
dentistJupp3: abs is impossible for me to print with if it's done with 1) blue rape 2) some glue
Jupp3And from my experience, round shapes stick better to print bed
dentisttape not rape
AmeisenJupp3 - that was my guess anyways
Ameisena smoother curve would have less jerk during motion of the head
Ameisensince the change in direction is less
Jupp3dentist: Well, if the print head height was set up without tape, that might be the issue
Jupp3Ameisen: That too
Jupp3Although obviously rounding works the best in X/Y
Jupp3If you do it for XZ/YZ, I guess it works, if you use it to narrow the print at top
dentistJupp3: hmmmm.... ok, ill realign the plate, and this time give the nozzle<->plate distance a little more freedom (so that there's almost no resistence when slide a paper between the two)
Jupp3Otherwise, there can be nasty angles at the bottom
Jupp3dentist: I think you can just tell the printer to start printing X mm off from where the Z endstop is
Jupp3Do NOT touch the screws, if they're otherwise setup properly
Jupp3If not - you should fix them anyway
Jupp3dentist: And looking at the pic, maybe left back corner is lower? Since there's more "color" in the extrusion
Jupp3dentist: And also check the initial layer height
Jupp3Unless you absolutely need to, leave it higher than "generic" layer height
dentistbtw what's been printed in that pic is not so much the "first layer", it's really just the brim
Jupp3dentist: Not sure, but I'd assume brim to be printed at the same layer height, as, well, the actual model layers
dentistJupp3: nope. for me they are often different
dentisti use cura btw
MerkWerkpff brim. thats for people that havent figured out bed adhesion yet :P
Jupp3dentist: Well, unless using transparent filament, I don't think they should be that transparent :)
dentisti often print very high res, but the brim is usually very "high", big layer height i mean
dentistMerkWerk: i dono man, when I need to print large abs parts, it's only when I do the following: 1) print with brim, 2) use blue tape, 3) use glue or hairspray
dentistthat i can get a part complete. if i don't do that, i end up wasting my time with shitty curly parts and stuff
Jupp3dentist: Well, it's generally better to have the entire first layer higher
MerkWerki just want a non-pos slicer that can do purge towers without assuming i am using a y-splitter...