ctagACTION daydreams that he actually knows how to 3d print
ctagHalf an hour into prints my extruder jams
ctagI suspect heat creep but don't really know
imrclywhat material
ctagat 240C
crankyhow does heat creep cause jams
ctagACTION shrugs
ctagI thought heat creep could cause jams
ctagBut there's a 40mm fan on the hotend, so I also doubt it, I just don't know what's causing it
ctagOh, no it's definitely clogged. I can undo the tension spring and pull the filament back a bit, and then it won't push through like it normally would by hand
crunch_what a tool
bill2or3cranky: melted plastic doesn't slide as easily as solid plastic, heat creep increased the amount of melted plastic, that increases the friction... jam.
crankyheh, taht was half a question I had a follow up
Lizards|Workcranky: what a scrub, he should git gud
crankywell I would expect a over hot hotend ould cause it to ooze out have stringing issues
crankyso I guess the filament softens and the extruder can't push it?
bill2or3cranky: yeah. and if it cools in that state, the heat wont get back up high enough to re-melt it. (well, it may, but it'll take a long time)
crankymeh, ups phone support is useless
JessayAWM 20624 E229188 80C 60V ribbon cable is perfectly fine for a heatbed that maxes out at 60 right?
TheRockok guys
TheRockwhat printer should i buy
TheRockand whcih toner
Mikeeeba dum tiss
TheRockshould i invest into a printer
TheRockor in a good camera
TheRocki recently uploaded photos from myself
DucklePhew that took some thinking to design this: https://youtu.be/dCITDSJlRpM
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCITDSJlRpM => 3D printing a programming fixture for mass produced keyboard => 1 IRC mentions
Ducklelooks really simple, but eeeeh
MikeeeAre you a producer of pornography or other lucrative photo-based services?
TheRocki uploaded explciit material but without my head
Jessaythis fucking guy
TheRockHi Jessay
Duckle^ there's the assembly :P
Jessayhad to figure out the ignore command tolerated that shit long enough
TheRockyour printer is very slow Duckle
DuckleTheRock: it's the first layer :)
TheRockin china they make 500 pieces in 1 second
tralamazzafancy pogo pin bed
Jessaylooks well laid out Duckle
DuckleThanks. This is the first time I'm having something assembled at a factory, and programmed
DuckleI really hope this programming jig will get the job done effectively, as we're paying per minute for programming time
TheRockhow much does a minute cost
Ducklewe haven't been qouted yet, but not too much
TheRockwhich country
Duckleit's ~0.55 USD / H
TheRockyou could use a worker fom Banglasdesh
TheRockhe will work 1 month fo 20 usd
Ducklemeh, I considered getting the PCBs done in china, but it's only ~300 usd cheaper (out of 2400 usd) and I'd have to ship the jig to china
DuckleWith this fab, the guy lives in the same city as me, so working out kinks is super easy
Duckleand I honestly trust a fab here much much more
JessayDuckle, and they will steal it
Jessayonly issue I have with using china for a full design
DuckleIt's open source, so have fun :)
Jessayit finally happened
JessayDuet is getting cloned and while it is open source the clones are leveraging the logo and no credit direct violated =/
Ducklewell technically it's not open source, because I haven't been arsed to put a license in there, but consider it MIT
DuckleJessay: that took a while
Jessayyea i was surprised its just now happening
TheRockput it under bsd so other can make profit
Duckleisn't MIT super open?
Ducklelike, Just attribute me, and do what you want
Jessaywell that is my issue
DuckleYeah, do whatever with it, don't even need to attribute
Jessayi mean how hard is it to just cite the creator costs absolutely nothing
DuckleI'm just not liable
DuckleTheRock: I probably should speed up my first layer xD
Jessayclone the duet all you want but take off the logo and give them the credit the engineering alone has deserved the nod of credit imo
Ducklethat is pretty slow. That said. let me place something for size ref
TheRockhat can i put inside the box
TheRockyou designed
DuckleTheRock: It's a programming jig: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/0f3e9184b26e80062f559904/w/0f8934dcf870ff177e2e3718/e/563d43d687004c5967acd4ab
DuckleIt's to be used to program the keyboards at the assembly line
DuckleTheRock: You can tune in to the stream and I'll explain it
crankyand that's that, not getting my shit till monday
mattwj2002hey guys
DuckleTheRock: If you go to the stream you can scroll back a bit and I've explained what it is
mattwj2002buZz: are you around/
mattwj2002hey guys how hard it is to calibrate a reprap?
mattwj2002I have an old i2 that I think needs some calibration
mattwj2002I think
gthxcalibration is [YouTube] http://goo.gl/aPqdQ6 and [calculator] http://goo.gl/4Bjq0U and [wiki] http:// goo.gl/AYTshi and [Triffid's guide] http://goo.gl/xPPGwf and [STL set] http://goo.gl/LLxJt3 and [blog] http://goo.gl/tYblwA and [STL] http://goo.gl/KqzX6p { also handy for axis identification }
mattwj2002thanks duckle
mattwj2002maybe something to work on this weekend
DuckleIt's a good bit of work, especially if you're new
Ducklewell it can be, depending on the state of your printer :)
merkur2k_ACTION pokes mattwj2002 
mattwj2002hey buddy
mattwj2002it has been ages!
merkur2k_i am printing again!
mattwj2002nice buddy
mattwj2002whatca ya got for a printere
merkur2k_dual extrusion even
mattwj2002how have you been?
merkur2k_still the same ol prusa i2 ive had
merkur2k_life goes on heh
mattwj2002I have a prusa i2 as well
merkur2k_i mean the original prusa mendel :P
mattwj2002I have my eye on a new printer
mattwj2002not a reprap though
merkur2k_yeah i am gonna be rebuilding my delta pretty soon
crankyI won't be building my delta soon
crankythanks UPS
mattwj2002nice merkur2k_
crankyall f'in week just looking forwrad to building this stupid waste of time and money
Ducklecranky: :/
DuckleI mean, was it promised to be delivered today?
crankytechnically I think they have until monday but all week it said scheduled delivery 12/1 on track
TheRockcan you make a fake product
TheRockand collect money on kickstarter
TheRockand then disappear
Ducklestupid bot >:(
TheRockyou cna print a playstation 5
TheRockbut inside its empty
crankythis printer is actually kind of interesting for me, the form factor would be perfect for me and it looks more wife acceptable in my office
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC0edZJfdUQ => Today's 3D Print 163 JG Aurora A5 Part 2 Unbox, Assemble, Print, Mostly Uncut => 1 IRC mentions
crankyprint quality on that printer looks pretty good out of the box, but I doubt it's going to be very modifiable, would almost order one of those if I knew more about it
crankyif it's only proprietary firmware that would suck
JessayI got rid of mine
Jessaylove my cetus though
crankyyou had an A5? they just came out
crankytha'ts not an anet, it's another chinese company, although this one seems to be very russianized, many videos from shady russians
Jessayjuora i know
Jessaythey reached out and sent me one
Jessaywasnt an a5 however
Jessaybut i donated it
crankywhat was it/how long ago
Jessayits like jaguora or whatever
Jessay3-4 months ago?
crankythe A3 was pretty janky looking but the new A5 and A3 plus actually look like a nice piece of kit
crankyyeah a3 plus and A5 are just shipping now
crankythat's probably what you had
crankyI could have ordered one of these new JGAurora A5s from lightinthebox.com for like $339 at point this week
crankybut I'm chicken little now, they're like $415
crankykind of seems silly to buy a second cheapy printer when the first cheapy printer hasn't even gotten here yet
Jessayno it was white and solid framed
Jessaya3 a3s or something
Jessaythere ya be
Jessayits not bad i just dont need another i3
crankyand it sucked, or sucked compared to a real prusa/other printer
Jessayits fine actually
Jessayi just have plenty of i3
Jessaywas able to donate to a local program
crankythat's pretty awesome to donate it
crankywhgat other printers do you have htat don't suck
Jessayhave 3 of those
Jessay2 extended one standard
AmeisenI took a one hour nap that lasted 5 hours.
merkur2k_i do that sometimes hehe
Valduarewhat are you guys printin tonight https://i.imgur.com/gvUUpEs.jpg?1
keynowhat is this Valduare ?
imrclytree frogs
keynoseems like a roof
imrclygoing to make ornaments out of them
Valduaresome sort of deck plates for a model for a customer
Valduareroughly 12in x 12in when done
keynowhere are your rails from?
keynoim searching actually for some, but yeah...the price -.-
keynono problems with them?
Valduarealiexpress you can find 3 packs for cheap
keynocarts also from there?
Valduarecomes with them
keynonice, gonna search them now
keynoMR9 or what do you have there?
Valduare5 of them
crunch_jeezus ruck
VanessaEgreetz, crunch_
TheRockyour printer cost more than flats in that area
GragagrogogTheRock there is a lot of gypsies in that area
TheRockdo you know that area
TheRockquite cheap flats
TheRockI will visit this area in noon
TheRockWhy is that so cheap
TheRockit's around 5-10km to germany
TheRockppl could work in GER and live in cz
gthxM206 is set homing offsets. Example: M206 X10 Y3 Z0.5 and is also set EEPROM values for Repetier
keynowhere is the different from manual_home_pos and M206?
sloththis is what i get on my printer with 100% infill
slothanyone know what my issue is?
keynounderextrusion when im looking at your skirt
keynomaybe also bedleveling
keynobut hard to say with that underextrusion
keynofix this first and we will see ;)
keynohunter calibration?
keynooh sry its german
slothah, cheers
keynothere you go
jeffdm_Stop looking at skirts
slothmy bedleveling is pretty shit
slothbut the bed gets stuck on the motor and maximum spring extension
keynothen activate mesh bed leveling
Nooblet101got a fan cooling the hotend? that almost looks like heat creep related issues
Mikeeealmost how
Mikeeeit shows no evidence of transition from "printing fine" to clogged
slothNooblet101: i do
Mikeeeyes, heat creep is something that causes upper hotend jams. No, there's nothing to suggest that's the cause from that image.
Mikeeesloth raise Z to 50mm. Set hotend to whatever the filament's suggested temp is.
MikeeeOnce reached, extrude 10. Wait a minute, extrude 10. wait a minute, extrude 10. Do a semi-cold pull (usually let it hit 170 before pulling it out). Take pictures of what the end of the pulled filament looks like.
ndnihilheat creep causes jams?
ndnihilsince when?
ndnihiland where did you read this?
Mikeeesince 3d printers existed
Nooblet101ACTION grabs popcorn
ndnihilhave you any evidence (even anecdotal would suffice) to support this theory?
ndnihiloh that's adorable, you're going to cartoon at me instead of supporting your argument
MikeeeIt wasn't an argument, it's just a stated fact.
ndnihilso it's safe to assume you don't really understand much about thermodynamics?
djdeloriendnihil: yeah, heat creep causes jams.
ndnihilfunny, I've been using heat creep to prevent them
ndnihilat least on the v5 at high speed/high retract
djdeloriethere are all sorts of heat/cold related issues that can cause jams
djdeloriefilament melting in the cold end is just one of them
Mikeeehttps://pinshape.com/blog/5-causes-of-a-nozzle-jam-and-how-to-fix-it/ https://ultimaker.com/en/community/4971-more-clogging-issues https://wiki.e3d-online.com/E3D-v6_Troubleshooting
Gragagrogogndnihil the issue is with non-smooth inner bore surface
djdelorieand different diameter
ndnihilGragagrogog: that's not a heat problem, that's a machining quality issue
jstevewhiteand that PLA likes to stick to shit when it's hot :D
Gragagrogog....which only surfaces with heat creep
ndnihilat higher speeds, allowing some creep prevents PLA from glassing over on high retract
ndnihilpreventing it from jamming
MikeeeWhen liquid plastic is squished back up the heat break, it takes time to cool so it can get higher than the surrounding temperature allows it to stay liquid
Mikeeethere are legitimate reasons and situations to allow a bit more heat in the heat break of a hotend, yes. Just like there's legitimate situations not to wear a seatbelt or a condom or put ketchup on your fries.
Mikeeebut for 99% of situations, that doesn't apply.
Mikeeeand in general, heat in the cold side of a hotend is bad.
djdelorieI put ketchup on 99% of my fries
Mikeeeit causes clogs.
ndnihilsounds like a workaround for bad machining
ndnihilrather than a root cause
djdeloriePLA will stick to a smooth surface too, if the temperature is right
djdeloriethe root cause is "you put heat where the designers didn't expect it"
Mikeeeyeah thats the main reason to allow heat creep, if you have out of tolerance filament or hotend
Mikeeebut as was stated, lucky 10,000.
slothMikeee: long smooth strand, running nails along it reveals its to be slightly corse in places
Mikeeeno camera?
ndnihilalso kinda curious what hotend you're using that maintains a melt zone in the upper if you allow some creep
Mikeeethe problem is that it doesn't maintain a melt zone
Mikeeeit's that at some point, molten plastic can work its way up and it might do so faster than it can cool, so it can get up above the point where it can ever go liquid
Mikeeehence the jam.
ndnihil22:35 < Mikeee> When liquid plastic is squished back up the heat break, it takes time to cool so it can get higher than the surrounding temperature allows it to stay liquid
Mikeeeyes. i stated it again for you.
ndnihilsounds like maintaining a melt zone to me
Mikeee"higher than the surrounding temperature allows it to stay liquid"
ndnihilparticularly the "allows it to stay liquid" part
Mikeeethat's the definition of NOT maintaining a melt zone
slothMikeee: phone went dead and wouldn't have had much detail
djdelorieit's a temporary melt zone, it's not maintained
MikeeeIt is PHYSICALLY HIGHER than the melt zone.
djdelorieand really, it's not a melt zone if it's in the cold end - it's a cooling zone that happens to be above the melting temperature
ndnihilalso sounds like you're equating heat creep with complete hotend cooling failure
djdeloriecooling failure can cause heat creep, sure. So can agressive retract
ndnihilwhere I tend to see creep as a controllable and desirable pre-heat/no-harden stage
Mikeeendnihil you're intentionally misintepreting for whatever reason, so I'm just not going to engage anymore.
ndnihilmelt zone above the break is a failure mode
ndnihilnot simple heat creep
Mikeeesloth hmm. google what extruder grinding is. Does that appear to look like your filament end?
djdeloriethat's what we've been trying to tell you. heat above the heat break is bad
ndnihilno it's not
slothMikeee: no
djdelorieok, it's bad for everyone else, except you, because you're a special snowflake.
ndnihilit helps pre-heat your filament so it transitions faster in the melt zone, and it keeps it from cooling/hardening on long retract
Mikeeelol he can't possibly be wrong. ITS JUST IMPOSSIBLE
ndnihildont get butthurt princess
djdelorieif you have a retract that long, it's too long
ndnihilsupport your argument or go play with a solidoodle
Mikeeesloth can you see your extruder gear?
slothdoesn't have plastic in it
ndnihilyou need long retracts on high speed through a bowden
Mikeeeits possible it's just skipping steps. Do you know how to test for that or would you like a guide?
djdelorieI have a bowden and do high speed; my retracts aren't so much that it's sucking hot plastic into the cold end
ndnihilwhat is your high speed?
ndnihilI'm talking ~300mm/s
DJHenjinwell my orders shipped, I should get the extruder and stepper wednesday, and the hotend could take until dec 20th - jan 1st,
djdelorieI've printed up to 100 mm/s, but I'm not as special as you.
ndnihilI bounced off the mcu clock around 310-320, shit got real wonky
djdeloriehigh retract on bowdens is to take out the pressure in the bowden, not empty the hotend into the cold end
djdelorieyou only need enough retract in the hotend to empty that tiny bit of nozzle that's the extrusion diameter, no more.
ndnihilthe faster you go, the hotter you have to run
djdelorieI agree, but that has nothing to do with retract
ndnihilit does
ndnihilhigher temps means more molten plastic, meaning you need more retract to work around it
DJHenjinso my all metal hotend, doesn't seem to like retracts
slothMikeee: its not skipping
ndnihilDJHenjin: PLA jamming?
Mikeeesloth how long has it been hot and how much did you extrude to determine it isn't skipping?
DJHenjinworks fine when there are no retracts, but as soon as the print progresses to an area that does retracts quite rapidly, it jams solid
ndnihilPLA I assume?
ndnihilit likes to glass over on long retract
Nooblet101shold really let him do the triffids you suggested its way more effective than this hit or miss questioning in between arguing a point
djdeloriendnihil: your physics doesn't make any sense. How does having more melted plastic mean you need to retract more to empty that tiny little orifice? The nozzle isn't *that* much bigger due to heating
ndnihilallowing heat creep prevents it from cooling and hardening
DJHenjinyes plla
slothMikeee: a while, about 20mm
djdelorie*heat* prevents it from cooling and hardening
djdelorienot retracting it into the coldend keeps it from jamming
ndnihilon my e3dv5, I cut the hotend fan to 5V from its default 12V
ndnihilto allow some creep, to prevent the cool, to prevent the jam
djdeloriewhat you think you're arguing for, is a longer melt zone. If so, buy a volcano
djdeloriehave you tried just not sucking the liquid plastic into the cold end instead?
Mikeeeor a melt zone with more thermal mass.
ndnihilmore melt zone does indeed help with high speed
djdelorieMikeee: it's not thermal mass, it's wattage of the heater and time in the melt zone. Faster printing requires a longer melt zone
Mikeeedjdelorie i meant for retracts.
djdelorieretracts shouldn't be that big from the hotend's point of view
Mikeeei have no idea what you're talking about I guess, I'm only seeing your half of the conversation
djdelorieif they are, you're not retracting, you're replacing the filament
djdelorieover and over again
ndnihilhowever, controlling creep gives you the benefits of no jam on retract, pre-heating the filament
ndnihiland letting you slow down without getting sloppy
djdeloriethat... makes no sense at all
ndnihilenjoy your slow
djdelorieand enjoy your excessive retracts
AmeisenAluminum _is_ easy to drill
Ameisennever done metal
Ameisenhonestly felt easier than drilling some of the harder woods
TheRockAmeisen: Google kakalaken
slothman its like my printer isn't even trying to print the solid layers
keynoive already seen this one
keynounderextrusion i guess
slothit might be a shitty model, anyone mind checking my model?
Ameisengonna try drylins on my y carriage
Ameisenwith 3 bearing setup
gthxhttps://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2683967 => Low Profile PCIE blank by sogemplow => 1 IRC mentions
sloththats what wont print
keynoset your skirt to 10 loops with 20mm offset from origin print
keynoand take a pic after 1st layer
keynodont print further
djdeloriesloth: I've had that happen when I'm not printing hot enough
djdelorieor way too fast
slothyeah, i'm wondering if its a dodgey file or my printer so i'm printing a test file that came with it
keynodid you ever print something successful?
abyxhey guys, what's the magic word i need to add to my googlefu for finding schematics and such for misc items? (i'm currently interested in making a case for the new ODroid XU4 (which is a beast btw), but i can't find diagrams of the dimensions
Gragagrogogabyx "download" or "torrent"
Nebukadnezaanyone using Onshape? (also ping imrcly ) … i’m trying to align parts in a grid-like fashion in an assembly, so i can then build something around them …
Nebukadnezabut it seems assemblies only can impose mate-like constraints, but not for example distances/dimensions
gezelligcan anyone help me figure out why my estimated build time in Cura is very far off of my actual build time
gezelligcura estimated 11 minutes. Using octoprint right now it says ~41 minutes estimated about a third of the way through
DJHenjinhaving weird behavior, on this one print, after every line of infil for the top and bottom solids, it is retracting,
Raazeerbah. no ramps-fd boards to be had that are clearly labeled
Loetmichel*hrrrpmph* forgot to thread the leatherman pouch and the cellphone pouch onto the belt this morning when putting on pants... 2 hours at the company, already tried 20 times to access the Wave that wasnt there. eiree how much you use a tool thats "always there".
RaazeerLoetmichel, get one of the button-on holsters
RaazeerLoetmichel, or maybe the removabel pocket clip.
DJHenjininstead of buying expensive sodastream syrups, just get a big bottle of lemon juice, and pour some in your carbonated water, wors a treat and tastes awesome, best part is, no sugar added
LoetmichelRaazeer: not needed. when i change the belt from "yesterdays pants" to the new ones its easy to thread on the tool/phone
pbrgle1hi guys. i'm getting weird thermocouple readings on my printer. I use marlin 32bit on ultratronics. the ''readings'' for T0 and T1 are constantly 329.9. any ideas?
Voltschrator wrong settings in firmware?
RaazeerI'm seriously beginning to wonder if it's worth shooting for 32 bit. all the boards are either not for sale or devilishly expensive.
duudewhos good with fusion
RaazeerIt's not like the processor would justify the quadruple cost, it's 10 above retail.
Raazeerwould I even notice if I rand my printer at 32bit compared to 8 bit, except from the increased lcd update rate?
duudeanyone design
Gragagrogogdamn.... my extruder driver just survived live plugging
Raazeerboy, I swear my printer has never been more eratic than since I added the bloody probe. I'm seriously considering pulling it out again.
Raazeerweapons what you don't know how to use might as well lie in the hands of the enemy
TheHexaCubesup nerds
RaazeerTheHexaCube, my nozzle apparently.
Raazeerfor some reasone I thought it would be less up or down with autoleveling, but it isn't.
RaazeerI just found out that UBL on Marlin is currently patently unsuitable for Deltas.
Raazeercost me a dozen prints or so off the life of my belts too.
RaazeerI also either shot my slicer settings to hell, or shot myself in the knee with the nozzle wipe code I devised.
imrclyNebukadneza: you can offset sketches from assemblies
Nebukadnezamh, lemme see, sec
Nebukadnezaimrcly: hum … where/how?
Nebukadnezalet’s just assume i have 1 big box, and 1 small box
Nebukadnezaand assume i want both boxes to stand on one plane, are centered along X, and are 25mm apart?
imrclyoffset plane in part studio
imrclyright click on plane or surface
Nebukadnezamh, but i want to do this in an assembly?
imrclyyou edit in context there is no creation in assembly
Nebukadnezamh ack
Nebukadnezaso … maybe i don’t understand the workflow
Nebukadnezalets stick with the 2 boxes
Nebukadnezathese represent parts i want to make a box for
Nebukadnezai know how i want the parts laid out in the box later
Nebukadnezaso i modeled each part in a separate part studio
Nebukadnezamy assumption is that i would now make an assembly, place the 2 parts a certain way (with certain offsets to each other, etc)
Nebukadnezaand then create a new part in the assembly context, and model the box around the now-defined architecture of the 2 parts
Nebukadneza… no?
imrclysounds right
Nebukadnezaso … the part i’m struggling with is the „placing the parts within the assembly“
Nebukadnezai made a planar mate to both of their bottom-faces, so i can now only move them around in one direction
Nebukadnezabut what’s next?
imrclycreate the new part and insert it into the assembly
imrclytop bar in assembly far right there is a create in context button
Nebukadnezamh, create in context creates a new part, right?
Nebukadnezawhat i meant is: which mate-relations can i use to absolutely place the 2 parts i inserted, with certain relations to each other
imrclythat stuff is new to me i have only done fastner mate and the mate connector
RaazeerLadies and Gentlemen, take this comic https://xkcd.com/963/ and replace "opening Xorg.conf" with "adjust the bed leveling manually"
durrfRaazeer: lmao
jammiRaazeer: kinda, good manual leveling is once a printer setup thing
durrflook at this guy
durrfwith his ~PHYSICS SIMULATION LEVEL~ accuracy
imrclythere needs to be a finger point and laught emoji
durrfkvirc has that kind of finger emoji
jammiimrcly: use two or more of them
durrfbut its a different finger lmao
fbn👉😎👉 zoop
Raazeer-.- you guys quite done yet?
RaazeerI'll have you know that I'm up the curve by well over two weeks now now.
fbn👈😎👈 zoop
Raazeerguys, I think I'd like to print myself one of them there good old-fashioned three-fin science-fictiony rockets. Anyone got any recommendation thingiverse-wise?
euz100_what kind of recommendation do you require?
Raazeereuz100_, just the general "try this, it looks cool" kind.
euz100_the superiority of the model will be become apparent after you have looked through a few
Raazeereuz100_, the what now?
SpeedEvilRaazeer: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2565361
gthxhttps://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2565361 => SpaceX BFR/Interplanetary Spaceship v2017 (with booster and landing legs) by Zastro => 1 IRC mentions
durrfi cant find the ones i printed but they were one-time-use because there was no parachute deploy
durrfoh wait you dont mean ones to launch
SpeedEvilI wish I could find the proper CAD files, but then I don't have an 8m bed printer and 70 tons of carbon fibre filliment
Raazeerdurrf, no, I don't intend to launch em, I just want to waste some plastique.
Raazeercreate some conversation pieces.
durrfim printing gift nametags right now
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdSxDNnqRlo => The Sky Calls (1959 Russian Sci Fi Movie ) rocket landing scene => 1 IRC mentions
SpeedEvilNote the similarities
Raazeerand it took us what, 57 years to make it happen?
RaazeerI wonder, has anyone of you ever tried cura's spaghetti infill?
euz100no, it took Elon's perpetual financial bubbling machine :)
SpeedEvilIt took someone actually seriously trying it. Nobody has.
SpeedEvilThe technology has been essentially enough to make it doable at the same difficulty from about 1990 on.
euz100much earlier, if it had been deemed necessary
SpeedEvilAt that sort of time, all of the components are of more-or-less similar weight than their modern alternatives, from a system POV
[Syntax]Have a weird problem, my printer said heater decoupled... first time I though.. just a glitch..
SpeedEvilMuch before that, and positioning and guidance and ... become rather heavier, reducing margins
RaazeerDoable, yes, easy probably not. Many rocket engines aren't even restartable once they are shut down.
[Syntax]2nd time I printed the same object and it did it in almost the same spot, I thought, the polyfuses on the ramps are acting up after it runs for x hours..
euz100there's no will for economic development by either developing space, or raising the poor out of the poverty
[Syntax]but now I chopped the object down.. and when it gets to the same part of the print, I get heater decoupled again..
Raazeer[Syntax], your thermocouple is seated all right? I got the symptoms when mine was loose.
[Syntax]print is 1/3 smaller now.. and its where it switches from infill to the first solid layer
[Syntax]Raazeer, if it was a loose thermister.. it wouldnt be doing it in exactly the same spot every time on the same object reguardless of scale.
[Syntax]this indicates something else going on.. not sure what it could be though
[Syntax]first 3 times it happened the object was 34 layers tall with 4 solid layers on top and bottom... and it died at layer 30..
Raazeereuz100, right, the onyl way we'll ever get anywhere in space exploration is if we send pioneers up there instead of scientists.
[Syntax]so I scaled it down.. object was 24 layers tall.. and it did it on layer 20..
Raazeerrugged men with rugged gear doing rugged jobs and not scaredycatting arount every possible failure mode beforehand.
SpeedEvileuz100: Mr Musks latest plan involves ~$1000 passengers to orbit.
[Syntax]obviously the object was resliced when I chopped the height down.. so I dont think its a bad slice..
SpeedEvilWhich would really change things quite a lot.
RaazeerSpeedEvil, I'd grab some of that action in a sec.
Raazeerwon't happen in my lifetime though.
RaazeerAND I think Mr. Musk's plans are a leeeetle out of whack there.
euz100that if, if Musk's backers don't backstab him
SpeedEvilWell, if you believe that rapid reusability is plausible, the math works. Otherwise, not so much
RaazeerSpeedEvil, the whole discussion was about the second stage reusability and very large rockets, but the numbers don't add up and that doesn't even involve things like the faa getting in on the bureaucratic infighting.
SpeedEvilHow don't the numbers add up? Neglecting the FAA.
RaazeerIt's one thing to send up a few crazy billionaires a year, but sending up a whole rocketplane of passengers is a different matter entirely.
euz100Musk and profits don't go in the same sentence
euz100in case you didn't notice
RaazeerSpeedEvil, first, there'd have to be a market for the very large rocket he plans beforehand, else he'd have to offload the cost onto the passengers, which would pretty much mean you can kiss your 1000$ ticket goodbye.
RaazeerSecond, there's the fact that his plans don't include the necessary infrastructure.
SpeedEvileuz100: He started with ~$300M or so. He now has >50% of the global space launch market by competing on being rather cheaper than anyone else.
euz100SpeedEvil, are his investors making a killing?
SpeedEvilRaazeer: BFS is planned to be paid for by the launch of the communications constellation largely.
SpeedEvileuz100: It's a private company (spacex)
euz100heh, I applaud Musk
euz100but he's not playing by the rules, and they will try to take him under
RaazeerSpeedEvil, and that plan has to come together before we can talk about anything else, and that's exactly where I'm doubtful.
SpeedEvileuz100: The plans of the existing rocket companies for reusability are partial, and several years to several tens of years down the road.
euz100as for what Raazeer is saying, salvation could be hiding in redundancy
Raazeercall me a pessimist, but I'll remind you optimists can't be surprised except unpleasantly.
euz100there is data to be mined from the failures, which then might be remedied with cheap electronic control
euz100also, material sciences has the bad habit of creating loads of useless materials until industries find an use for them
Raazeerok, let's get this print started...
jammiSpeedEvil: tintin also got it right
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1UhyuyWHZ8 => Herges adventures of tin-tin objective moon full length English => 1 IRC mentions
Raazeernot so bad for the time. Somebody must have researched their space tech.
RaazeerConsidering how long it took me to get the error on the martian to stick on moviemistakes...
jammidisposability was probably more of a side-effect of using rockets primarily as icbms
jammithe civil stuff mostly being about showing the enemy how much payload (how big warheads, how far) they can carry
Raazeerjammi, interesting thought, you mean the "build'em cheap, the world will end when they're used" attitude kinda stuck?
TheHexaCubein 50 years musk will just be driving his tesla on mars
TheHexaCubewhile everyone else has to use those slow big rovers :(
RaazeerTheHexaCube, don't set him off on another target.
jammihe better equip with another gear to drive faster then
RaazeerTesla M, purpose built for low-pressure atmospheres.
jammisince less air friction, less road friction and so forth
TheHexaCubemagnetic tires and roads! :P
TheHexaCubeliterally stick the car on the road ;P
jamminot on a planet with that much ferrous dust around
Raazeerhttps://www.moviemistakes.com/entry216323 by the way
TheHexaCubewell, maybe not *permanently* magnetic? :P
TheHexaCubeI'll let the engineers figure this out
RaazeerNah, just add two more tires and build roads with one surface below and one above the car.
RaazeerTesla model S2 will be the first to use the new off-earth sandwich roads.
TheHexaCubetime for a MCU layout
Raazeerapropos of the tintin snip, you wouldn't want to lay on your stomach though.
Raazeerwould feel like being stapped to the horse.
Raazeeryes, that once was a form of torture, immagine the things from sports classes, only you're strapped over them belly down, with weights tied to hands and feet.
Raazeeranyone know the english name for those leather-covered things you were supposed to jump over?
RaazeerHm. I don't think that torture instrument even exists outside Germany. It looks like a vaulting horse, only shorter. Anyone know what I mean?
RaazeerOk, once more into the breach. See if I can't get the bloody printer under control.
LoetmichelRaazeer: i know qhat you mean. No idea what its clled in EITHER german or english though
Loetmichel"judas cradle" would be approbiate though ;)
RaazeerLoetmichel, it's called "Bock" in German.
RaazeerOr as I liked to call it "Ouch, who set that bloody block of shit so high, a horse couldn't leap over it! I'm only 165, not a giraffe!"
TheHexaCubeoh come on kicad why don't you have STM32 footprints
merkur2k_mornin kids
TheHexaCubehmmm, STM32F411 should be fine right?
merkur2k_for what?
TheHexaCubeif I'm bothering with this, I'd like to go one step upwards from the entry level STM32F401
TheHexaCube3d printer controller
TheHexaCubethe F401 should work just fine but I want leeway if I'm bothering with my own layout
merkur2k_i like the nxp stuff
merkur2k_lpc1768 and such
|Jeroen|somthing with a nic
merkur2k_can get them in embed modules too so you can breadboard up your prototype
TheHexaCubehuh, never heard of those
TheHexaCubethough personally I wanna go with something that's as common as possible :P
merkur2k_this is probably nxp's most popular mcu heh
|Jeroen|isn't the 1700 series old?
|Jeroen|wel not the latest i mean
TheHexaCubehow expensive is that MCU, merkur2k_
merkur2k_kinda yeah
merkur2k_$10 or so iirc?
merkur2k_you could also just get a smoothieboard and do your dev on that ;)
|Jeroen|yeah i run smoothie on a simplecortex
|Jeroen|but might be better to get that lpc the new smoothie wil run on not?
merkur2k_depends on the goals of the project i suppose. its a lot more powerful (and more expensive)
|Jeroen|true :p
|Jeroen|would be nice if there was a generic firmware that would work on all mbed boards
merkur2k_oh hey i think i just discovered another mcu with a built in CAN PHY, yay
merkur2k_oh wait no, reading it wrong. damn
merkur2k_the only one that i know of is the lpc11c24, and its 32k of flash is pretty limiting
K3|Chris... is there some way to change the name of the .gcode file you're sending from slic3r to octoprint? split a model into pieces and I'd like to upload the pieces as individual prints, but since they were the same file they end up as the same filename...
|Jeroen|if it is one print is has to be one gcode file i think
merkur2k_you can change the filename format in output options in slic3r. pretty manual way of doing it but it will work
K3|Chrisit's not one print
merkur2k_you can also save your stl and reload it
K3|Chrisyeah, or save the gcode to drive, rename it, drag to octoprint
|Jeroen|why do you need a can phy merkur2k_ ?
jammiwhy not just send to octoprint?
merkur2k_actually, the dialog after pressing the send to printer button has an option to change the filename...
K3|Chrisanother feature I'd really like: "send this part to new instance" in slic3r, if you split a model in half and you want the other half in a new print, currently you need to re-split the same exact way and keep the other half...
merkur2k_|Jeroen| save board space on a project of mine
K3|Chrisjammi: can't, already printing a file of the same name
K3|Chrismerkur2k_: I don't get a dialog
K3|Chrisit just does it
jammiK3|Chris: so have slic3r rename the files based on timestamp
merkur2k_huh. newest slic3r? im using the dev one
K3|ChrisI'm using prusa
|Jeroen|i was browsing the mbed site, this board had a can 2.0B -> https://os.mbed.com/platforms/ST-Nucleo-F746ZG/
crankyhow quickly does filament absorb moisture?
K3|Chrisjammi: oh, that'd work, "[input_filename_base].gcode" is the other tags documented somewhere+
jammiI have "[input_filename_base]-[timestamp].gcode"
jamminever getting duplicates that way
K3|Chriscranky: not very, but nylon and ABS does it fast enough to make printing it non-ideal if left out in areas with some moisture in the air
merkur2k_heh thats a serious overkill mcu for my project. and no phy
K3|Chrisjammi: thx
crankyK3|Chris: seeing some people make boxes to print from
|Jeroen|looked like a nice board to me :p
merkur2k_hmm my abs that i havent used in a couple years is still just fine. and i live in seattle
|Jeroen|could suite 3D printing
merkur2k_yeah it does look nice
K3|Chriscranky: yeah, I store my ABS in large ziptie bags, suck out the air using a straw to make it look vacuum packed, and some silica packs in there
jammiI just have buckets with silica cat litter socks in them
crankyI have some silica packs in my amazon cart for the next order
K3|ChrisI just save silica packs from my filament shipments
jammieach bucket has room for 3-4 rolls
jammisilica is super cheap, like 10€/5kg or less
K3|Chrisyeah, but all filament rolls I've ever bought came with 2-3 packs, so, might as well re-use em
jammi"crystal cat litter" and such; same stuff, possibly misleading name depending on where you live
K3|Christhough I guess at some point I'll have to refresh em in the oven
merkur2k_|Jeroen| this is the size of board i am working with heh https://photos.app.goo.gl/uWwLSa2J1dS04eaC2
|Jeroen|ow yeah a bit overkill then lol
merkur2k_for doing this https://photos.app.goo.gl/4RR9Oewbqj1hsgVq1 (the 2 on the left)
|Jeroen|plane controls?
merkur2k_gauges for car
|Jeroen|ah yeah right
K3|Chrishmm seems : in the output field crashes slic3r...
K3|Chrisso much for nice time format
merkur2k_a : in a filename is pretty iffy depending on os, best to avoid heh
K3|Chrispretty funny how octoprint says newly uploaded files were uploaded in a few seconds
K3|Chrispretty safe to assume if a timestamp suggests it's from the future to change it to "just now" or similar...
merkur2k_clock wrong or something? :P
K3|Chrisyeah guess the rpi is running a tad behind
merkur2k_ok time to reaquaint myself with openscad i guess
K3|Chrisnow I need to re-save all my print settings with that output change...
K3|ChrisI really wish slic3r had a more modular approach to settings, let me set some baseline and make profiles change things from base
merkur2k_i was really unimpressed with the prusa edition when i looked at it
K3|Chrissame as standard + some extra polish?
K3|Chrislike single layer view etc
merkur2k_extra stuff very hard coded in source for his printer
K3|Chriseh, it works fine with other printers
K3|Chrisjust don't use his profiles unedited
merkur2k_i tried to modify the purge tower stuff to work for my printer but it makes too many assumptions about the setup
K3|Chrisa lot of extra starting g-code you don't want on other printers
K3|Chrisyeah that I could see
K3|ChrisI don't use multi material (yet)
K3|Chrisprusa uses that fancy motor swapper board, I imagine trying to use prusa slic3r multi-material with other setups would be tricky
merkur2k_nothing fancy about it, its just a t-splitter setup
K3|Chriswell a bit more than that right? disconnecting motors that are powered up is a no-no
K3|Christhough I guess if it powered of the motor...
merkur2k_normally yes. for this kind of stuff, not a big deal
merkur2k_this is my first successful multimaterial print from last night heh https://photos.app.goo.gl/Wub5xtYmtcWuKIoF2
K3|Chriskk, all mention I've seen of it even relating to 3d printers had that "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!" undertone
K3|Chrissplit bowden?
durrfwhat is it
merkur2k_e3d cyclops
merkur2k_just a couple test blocks
durrfno multicolor benchy?
merkur2k_not yet hehe
merkur2k_todays project is to make an rpi camera mount since theres one showing up today hehe
K3|Chrisis there some useful thing you can make of plastic that's small and shows of printer calibration? I kinda feel guilty printing benchys and cubes
merkur2k_heh not really
K3|Chrismerkur2k_: actual rpicam or a webcam? not a fan of rpicam, comes with a super short ribbon cable so camera and rpi need to be very close
crankyaren't those the points of benchy's and cubes to print smaller items to determinat calibration
merkur2k_besides, 20mm calibration cubes are like legos, what else are you gonna step on in the middle of the night? :P
K3|Chris*pieces of lego
merkur2k_actual rpi cam. also got a longer cable
K3|Christbh not sure rpicam has any benefits over a regular ol' usb webcam? and webcam comes with a longer better cable
merkur2k_its smaller and lighter, which is important being as its going to be attached to the bed
K3|Chrismine's fixed
jammithere are standalone ip cameras that are better, cheaper and lighter
SpeedEvilPicam also goes through the internal GPU codecs, which lets stuff that isn't quite as easy on a webcam happen
SpeedEvilbut, that
jammialso independent from raspi, so you don't have to waste the cpu cycles there just for video handling
jammilike, ip camera modules
SpeedEvilhttps://www.aliexpress.com/item/1280-720P-1-0MP-Bullet-IP-Camera-IR-Outdoor-Security-ONVIF-2-0-Waterproof-Night-Vision/32225491510.html as one example
K3|Chrisjammi: yeah but then the camera isn't in the octopi UI
durrfmy pi runs 2 hd webcams and 2 printers just fine
SpeedEvil(do not expose this camera to the net)
jammiK3|Chris: of course it's there
jammijust set the camera url in octoprint. it doesn't have to be on the same host as octoprint
K3|Chrisdidn't know that
jammiit's right there in settings and you have to set it anyway
K3|Chriswell, I didn't
XXCoderSpeedEvil: basically dont expose any security camera to net. nobody making security cameras knows how to make em secure.
jammiunless you're using octopi
SpeedEvilXXCoder: yes
K3|ChrisI am
XXCoderironic as fuck
SpeedEvilXXCoder: that one is guaranteed extra insecure though
jammibut it's right there in the tutorial for setups on other distros
merkur2k_i use zoneminder to access my cameras externally :P
K3|ChrisXXCoder: yeah funny how you can google for certain strings and get tons and tons of open webcams
K3|Chrisa lot of webcams seem to be insecure by default, or maybe always
SpeedEvilAnd by extra insecure I mean has remote code execution vulnerability being exploited in the wild if you leave it openn
jammiI don't care if someone wants to fap to my printer
SpeedEvilLetting it do arbitrary stuff in your net
jammi"ooh, print it baby!"
K3|Chrisyeah though don't share an octopi camera stream online :P
K3|Chrisrpi gets overloaded and starts printing jerkily
K3|Chrisneed to "re-host" it
K3|Chrisie twitch/youtube/other PC
K3|ChrisI learned that the hard way
jammiK3|Chris: or just don't host the camera on the raspi in the first place
K3|Chriswell yeah
jammithe video codec it's using is super duper sucky as well
jammiabout as bad as if it was streaming a gif
K3|Chrisyeah I think it uses mpeg2 or something, a bit confused since I assumed an rpi would have native h.264 support
K3|Chrissomething to do with codec licensing?
jammiso you're basically going to saturate its networking as well
jammiit's even worse
jammiso jpeg frames, no inter-frame compression
K3|Chrisis that jpegs flipped at 30 fps?
jammior 60, if you have it set like that
jammiand unless your usb cam has rgb format, the raspi's cpu goes even higher because it needs rgb for the mjpeg
jammiand most usb webcams are yuv, so yeah..
K3|Chrisbut why?
jammibecause it's not really thought out well
jammior implemented by someone who has no clue about video codecs and image processing
K3|Chriskk, just seems silly when the arm chip probably has accelerated h.264, but h.264 isn't open source friendly as far as I know
K3|ChrisI'll pick up a wifi camera at some point
jammithis is what I got: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/LUCKER-SECURITY-CCTV-IP-Camera-module-Board-XM510-H42-SC1135-720P-960P-ONVIF-H264-Mobile-Serveillance/32785727327.html
jammiprobably what's inside the thing SpeedEvil linked
SpeedEvilBroadly similar if not perhaps the exact board
SpeedEvilIt's rather annoying there is no source, there is a quite capable linux board in there
K3|Chrisif only we had some way to put it in a custom enclosure...
jammiSpeedEvil: well, the chinese linux-capable soc's are probably like 50c apiece or less
K3|Chrisisn't just about everything above a certain degree of complexity these days basically just a phone?
K3|Chrisarm chip etc
jammiit's the boards, assembly and other chips that add up
SpeedEviljammi: yes, but there is no open source stack for them at all.
K3|Chrisisn't it fairly generic ARM?
SpeedEvilthe vendors of the SoC distribute mostly binary images, with limited customisation options.
jammimany of them would probably just respond with uboot if you found their serial console pins and would boot some vanillaish armhf
SpeedEvilthe processor is. But.
K3|Christhe chinese aren't known for their adherence to open source
K3|Christhey like to grab open source stuff, modify it to their needs and then whistle as they walk away
SpeedEvilNow how is the camera connected, what are the various functional units (devignetters, ... ) that the camera can be connected to, how is this then connected to the codec, ...
jammiK3|Chris: yeah, but probably mostly due to ignorance
SpeedEvilit is not uncommon to get a system which will boot, respond to serial console (if you compile it yourself) and then do absolutely nothing without a year or three of reverse engineering.
K3|Chrispretty sure 95% of chinese 3d printers use customized marlin, hidden to various degrees
jammisince that's how they'll treat commercial software with source as well if they get their hands on it
K3|ChrisI read somewhere china's PCs mostly run pirated XP
jammipirated some other windows now
K3|Chrismore recent windows versions are a lot harder to pirate
jammithere are fewer xp users in the world than linux desktop users
K3|Chrisand I think they use(d) an activeX think for banking
jammias in 0.3% or so of everyone
jamminot at all hard to pirate
jammimicrosoft thrives from piracy, because it keeps people from cheaper alternatives
jammiand always did
jammicompanies, edu, oem manufacturers are what they're after, not private individuals warezing their windows
K3|Chrismakes you wonder why they don't sell windows very cheaply in china etc, though tbh I think you could make a case for make windows free, MS never made much money from selling windows to end users at least, some from OEMs
jammisame with dos before that
K3|ChrisMS makes more money from services and office than windows itself
jammiand windows is primarily their platform to run ms office on anyway
jammithe oem stuff is about as much about lockin licensing as income
jammibecause if most pc's come with windows, microsoft can sell office to them
jammiand there won't be many alternatives emerging
K3|Chriswell to be fair most people aren't interested in alternatives, no matter how good, they're used to what they're used to
jammisure, but if microsoft didn't have their oem deals like they have, the oem's would ship computer with different os's
K3|Chrisdidn't dell ship PCs with linux for a while?
jammiand if they weren't reinforcing it, the computers would come with pirated windows + linux + whatever multibooting
K3|Christbh don't think there is much demand
jammiespecially now with uefi secure boot, you can't really even multiboot without fucking with bios settings
jamminot at least if one of the os's is windows
jammiand the legacy bios boots sucks as well, just for other reasons
srkjammi: check that ^^
jammisrk: yeah, I think I read it
merkur2k_heh slic3r you buggy pos
jammisrk: about the pressure feed within the melt chamber of the extruder, right?
K3|Chrisis it using filament like FDM or some resin cured by lazers stuff like SLS?
jammiat least that's what I got out of the article
srkjammi: yeah, looks like laser melting is the key, also different screw drive
srkstill it won't go 10x faster as the layers need time to cool down
jammibut instead of relying on the extruder pushing in cold filament, it also has an auger screw type of compressor within the melt chamber / nozzle cavity
K3|Chrishow on earth is the plastic settling as it should at those speeds? I thought there was some maximum speed
K3|Chrissrk: a part cooling fan would help with that, odd they don't have one
jammiwhich overcomes the grip issues on filament and rather pushes liquid plastic at high pressure
srkyeah, they say they need to use active cooling
K3|Chrislove the retro blue tape and old school prusa heated bed
jammithere could be other ways to implement that, basically anything that you'd find on hydraulic motors/pumpus
jammiI'd rather vouch for the tooth on tooth kind of cogged pumpus
K3|Chrisisn't it kinda dicy to have a mechanical setup feeding hot molten plastic? just seems prone to mechanical problems
jammialso, similar to superchargers for forced induction of air into engines
K3|Chrisplastic sticks to the mechanism and builds up and clogs it up
jammiI'd bet it's less prone to mechanical problems than the usual filament shredder on printers
jammiK3|Chris: no, it's molten plastic and it's only used when it's hot
jammiso basically it's just a liquid pump pumping fairly viscous liquid
K3|Chrissure but if you use that cog setup to feed the plastic, wouldn't some plastic carry along on the cogs and end up elsewhere?
K3|Chrisunless you head up and seal the entire chamber with the gears inside
jammithere's an example of a car engine oil pump, the same mechanism would probably work well with molten plastic as well
K3|Chrispumping oil isn't the same though since oil is a lubricant, molten plastic isn't, and if it gets cold it stops it working entirely
jammiit's just a viscous fluid in both cases
srkuntil it cools down :D
jammisame regarding oil
K3|Chrissure but how do you keep the gears moving in molten plastic with no oil etc?
jammi-40°C outside, and your oil is thick as honey
K3|Chrispretty sure room temp oil is still pumpable
jammianyway, why would you try to extrude cold plastic?
K3|Chriswouldn't, but that means you need to heat everything around the cogs
jammithe traditional way would just jam as well
K3|Chrissince the cogs would carry plastic around with them
jammisure, around the cogs is the hotend
SpeedEvilProper injection pumps do not work like reprap pumps.
SpeedEvilThey very much do pump the hot plastic
jammiand you can have a heat break on the driving axle just like you have on your filamet throat
jammiplastic at hot temperature isn't much different from motor oil at room temperature
K3|Chrisjust seems dicy to have heated spinning gears with axles sealed to not allow molten plastic to squirt out under pressure and you can't use oil to lube it etc
jammiK3|Chris: the plastic is fine lube when molten
K3|Chrisbut yeah plastic injection is an established science
merkur2k_pretty sure that most stuff that injects molten plastics uses a screw type extruder heh
K3|Chrisyeah seems more sensible than gears
jammithey don't aim for as high pressures
K3|ChrisI guess you'd need some way to feed the right amount of filament to keep the auger fed
merkur2k_its a very effective way of going from pellets to liquid while also allowing air to escape
K3|ChrisI guess that's how filament is made?
jammiwith a gear pump, you'd want the plastic to be molten at the point it enters the pump
K3|ChrisI guess switching materials would be a bit more wasteful
jammiyou'd not switch materials often if you go for something that refined anyway. you just want it to keep doing what it's doing for as long as possible
K3|Chrisyeah but in everyday 3d printing you want to switch materials sometimes
jammior just use some secondary extruders for other filament
jammiand when you switch, push out the old stuff until only new stuff comes out
jamminot that different from what we have now
K3|ChrisI guess direct extrusion is the only option with a setup like that? unless you use a heated/insulated/both tube?
K3|Chrisyeah but there is a bit more volume in there to push through I'd guess
jammislightly better image http://53ez82p1xgbdzuy8ma1qotwh.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Hydraulic-Pumps-3.jpg
Raazeerboy, all I want for christmas from the cura developers is decent travel and z hop control.
K3|Chrisbtw the 3d builder thing in windows is mostly pointless but it has one feature I wish other software had: settle, makes the model into a volume with mass and does a physics simulation, mouse picks it up, can nudge, lift it and you poke/lift the point you point at etc, useful for re-arranging prints with weirdly angled flat surfaces
crunch_do it yourself?
RaazeerI can't even tell the bloody thing "avoid crossing outlines, and if you have to, do a Z hop.
K3|Chrisuse slic3r? fixed.
crunch_fucking wrx clutch job fml
RaazeerK3|Chris, I might try that again. last time failed miserably.
jammiI bought new suspension parts for my car yesterday
jammisprings, shocks, linkages and all that
crunch_mmust be old
jammiyeah, the old ones are like 5 years old. not like new anymore
jammiand these are supposed to corner better
crunch_wut car
jammiaudi B4 quattro, 1994
jammiyou didn't have that model in north america
crunch_94 too old for me
jammialso sent a call for offers to an ev conversion company
K3|Chrisold european cars are in much better shape than old american cars
crunch_i gotta do clutch , flywheel , brakes , rotors , change turbo, exhaust , all fluidsthis weekend
K3|Chriseuropean cars are better looked after and weren't built to be disposable
crunch_i dont touch american cars
jammiyeah, we have annual inspections that basically require things to be close no perfect condiction
jammi*close to
K3|Chrissettle is a pretty cool feature: https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/QuestionableImpassionedEmeraldtreeskink
jammianother picture https://i.imgur.com/NYiAkxV.jpg
K3|Chriswould be cool if E3D or something else made a fluid pump style hotend
jammiK3|Chris: a better system infrastructure on the printer is needed first
jammithe monolithic model won't go very far imho
K3|Chrissystem infrastructure?
jammiyeah, how the different parts of it are connectend and how they communicate
K3|Chrisah, you'd want something more modular I'd guess?
jammiand what happens when you switch one type of part out for another
jammior add something
K3|Christhough if you standardize on connectors and add some protocol to either identify parts or distribute things that's not very open source friendly anymore
K3|Chrisalso it would require a massive list of companies to agree
jammiI'd say quite the contrary
jammiwith open interfaces, standardized protocols and connectors, you can mix and match commercial and open source parts as much as you want and each can be as bare bones or advanced and complex as you want
jammiyet still be intercompatible
jammijust like devices on internet are
jammimonolithic only makes sense in end-game situations where nothing much evolves anymore, and it's just little implementation tweaks here and there, which is sadly pretty much the state of hobbyist 3d printing at the moment
K3|Chrisit's pretty understandable though, odds of getting that many companies to agree on a standard seems remote
K3|ChrisI'm so confused why slic3r still doesn't have rotation/scale widgets etc, so clunky using a text box
jammiwell, actually most stuff is pretty much agreed on common reprap conventions at the moment, so getting a better spec out there is what eventually happens
jammialso, early reprap had the distributed stuff almost right from the start, but went pretty quickly to single board designs and stuck there
jammiprobably mostly due to the proof of concept level rough first implementation(s)
jammiand arduino emerging simultaneously
K3|Chrisarduino supports a bunch of communication protocols though, I've networked em before wired and wireless
jamminow get it to communicate rapidly enough to matter in a system like this
jammilike one per extruder/hotend assembly, others for axial movement and so forth
Valduareso I put this together last night http://amzn.to/2jEmhTV just about the coolest peiece of kit on my bench now!
jammiso, like a bus pirate but with a screen?
Valduarecomponent tester
merkur2k_no its for identifying and testing components
jammiand the socket thing rather than jumper headers
Valduarebeen throwing all kinds of components at it. it shows a schematic symbol on the lcd and all the values and pinout even
merkur2k_eevblog or someone like that did a quick review of one, said they are actually pretty good
jammiso basically all kinds of dil packages; is it networked or something?
Valduarealso is pwm generator, could be handy for testing servos and controlling an esc brushless motor
Valduarefor testing.
jammior does it just have an in-eeprom database of things?
Valduareits same arduino chip the uno uses
Valduaregoing to design a nice case for it to 3d print soon
merkur2k_check thingiverse, i bet someone already has heh
Valduarebut today i got a new toaster oven that i need to convert to a reflow oven
Valduarei dont like the ones on thingiverse
jammimerkur2k_: the typical situation about thingiverse is that there's usually not what you're looking for, just a shitload of bad stuff
merkur2k_yeah. i end up having to modify most stuff but its still usually faster than starting from scratch
Valduarenot if your good at fusion 360 :)
jammior maybe once in a 100 things in the search results, there's one thing that'd be fine with slight modifications
jammiI find it faster to just design new stuff
merkur2k_i dont own a copy of fusion 360 :P
Valduaremerkur2k_: free to use
merkur2k_guess i should look into it
jammiat the moment I'm designing a new extruder carriage mount thing for my printer
merkur2k_i am usually happy with openscad tho
jammimerkur2k_: that's like "I don't need openscad, I'm usually happy with perl"
Valduarei dont need computer aid drafting im usually happy with graph paper
jammiI don't need a keyboard and mouse, I'm happy with a binary switchboard
merkur2k_for those of us that code, openscad is very quick and easy
jammiI rather spend the remaining coding motivation for things that matter
jammiwell past the coding for the sake of it
kraegarI'm glad I learned cad in f360. made moving into cam with it much easier.
kraegarso far, anyway :)
jammimost of these things wouldn't really be humanly doable with something as ascetic as openscad
merkur2k_and theres things that can be done very easily in openscad that cant be done or are very difficult to do in other cad programs :)
merkur2k_parametric stuff is a good one
jammif360 is great for parametric stuff
merkur2k_math vases
merkur2k_but yeah i do intend to learn f360, i just didnt know there was a free version
merkur2k_one of the cnc guys i follow on youtube uses it
Ducklemerkur2k_: NY CNC?
merkur2k_yes lol
euz100it's not a free version
Ducklemerkur2k_: In fact, that's why he uses it
euz100it's free for home users
Duckleeuz100: It's a free version
Ducklestop nit picking :)
Duckleif you make more than 100k USD / year off of fusion 360, it's not free
euz100it's not crippleware, as far as am away
Ducklebut if you're making 100k USD / year, it's still practically free to pay for
TheHexaCubeif it's more 100k a year you also can afford F360
merkur2k_yeah i really like that licensing model
Ducklein any practical term it's free
Ducklemerkur2k_: If you use linux I'd also highly recommend onshape
TheHexaCubehow are the studies going Duckle
Duckleit's browser based
DuckleTheHexaCube: Like crap
TheHexaCubenaw D:
DuckleI'm making a keyboard for some reason
crankydammit I can't find it now. a while back I saw a video where the guy was printing a custom luminaire that projected a custom image on the ceiling walls
Duckleinstead of studying
TheHexaCubeI always wanted to do that
jammiand if you make that much using it, the support and such that comes with the paid license is still worth it. probably even at a lower point
euz100f360 really sucks if you use linux
TheHexaCubebut with like, a neat enclosure
crankyanyone know where the site/generator is for that, you gave it a picture and it gave you a stl to project am image
TheHexaCube(also getting PCBs that large is prety expensive)
DuckleTheHexaCube: Not that expensive
jammieuz100: when you buy it, the computer price doesn't matter anymore; you're getting dedicated hardware to run it
TheHexaCubewell it's not 4.90$ anymore :P
jammihence, linux doesn't really make sense
euz100jammi, I can't hack using windows
Ducklelook at dirtypcbs, seeed, pcbway, easyeda
euz100as in, I can't handle it
jammiif you're its target audience, you don't hack on the computer; you don't run anything else than f360 on the computer
Ducklefusion 360 is not made for hacking
merkur2k_i am generally more productive in linux. windows is for playing around :P
Duckleit's made for making, and making money
Ducklethat said, I'd much rather use solidworks in any professional setting
TheHexaCubeDuckle: hm, around $40
Ducklemerkur2k_: You're more productive in the OS you're used to :)
TheHexaCubeactually less than I thought
euz100you prefer solidworks over inventor?
DuckleTheHexaCube: Yeah, not bad :)
merkur2k_my work computer is linux with a windows vm (stupid outlook). home is windows with a linux vm for work stuff hehe
TheHexaCubeconsidering you're getting 10 boards for that
Duckleeuz100: Yes
TheHexaCubeand $32 for 5
TheHexaCubeso... that's pretty darn neat
TheHexaCubeI do wonder how much those switches cost though
Ducklemerkur2k_: Take a look at onshape for sure
merkur2k_Duckle i use both quite a lot. i know which one is more efficient for various tasks :)
euz100windows vm for outlook, lol
euz100how whack
Ducklemerkur2k_: It's free as long as you're okay with all things being public
Ducklemerkur2k_: Gotcha
DuckleTheHexaCube: This is what I'm working on: https://github.com/Duckle29/let-s-Split-v2/tree/onboardMCU
merkur2k_euz100 yeah stupid corporate america. i hate owa more than i hate running a windows vm tho
TheHexaCubewootpatoot :D
DuckleI'm having 100 made, which is 2400 eur
TheHexaCube100 O_O
Ducklestore in the US was interested in my prototypes, and wanted to make a completed version
DuckleTheHexaCube: That's assembled btw
TheHexaCubethe headphone jacks are for power I assume?
Duckleassembled and programmed at a danish factory
DuckleTheHexaCube: It's for connecting the two halves
Duckleit's a split keyboard
merkur2k_yeah im not ok with someone else dictating what i do with my stuff so onshape is out
Ducklemerkur2k_: They aren't dictating :)
TheHexaCubewell yeah but... okay I see
TheHexaCubehow are they powered?
Ducklemerkur2k_: You have the option to buy it :)
euz100I have a question for you guys, if an optical mouse sensor is an ultra low quality webcam
DuckleTheHexaCube: Well, I mean it's not like it's a keyboard :)
DuckleTheHexaCube: How's your keyboard powered? :P
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So2pZYWAsfc => Security Ball Bonding => 1 IRC mentions
euz100is it possible to use a webcam as mouse?
TheHexaCubewell over a wire. But there's also wireless ones
TheHexaCubeI dunno how those are powered :P
DuckleTheHexaCube: This isn't wireless :)
TheHexaCubeDuckle: ahaaah!
TheHexaCubeI see :P
DuckleTheHexaCube: https://camo.githubusercontent.com/dfbf83ee712079b862fccb951aefbb508b8a631d/687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f797551754e4a552e6a7067
DuckleTheHexaCube: USB :)
TheHexaCubedamn that looks pretty neat
TheHexaCubeI personally would love a wooden keyboard
TheHexaCubelike, wooden case or sth
TheHexaCubeor maybe actual metal
TheHexaCubebut a uhh... full size
Duckleyou're supposed to make your own case here too :)
TheHexaCubelike the normal logitech I have right now, but prettier
XXCoderlol someone added chair to collection. been a while
DuckleThis is porn: https://youtu.be/4v3WfcDimsM
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v3WfcDimsM => IC wirebonding, HITECH volume 2, 2017 => 1 IRC mentions
Duckleand just super hard to beleive that that is at 2k fps
TheHexaCubeDuckle: I don't even wanna know how much that shit costs
DuckleTheHexaCube: It costs money
TheHexaCubelike.. .this is like... the pinnacle of technology
TheHexaCubehigh speed, high precision
DuckleTheHexaCube: But seriously, just think about how hard we work to position our 3d printer heads somewhare accurately
Ducklenot to mention dealing with acceleration and deacceleration
TheHexaCubeand I mean it's one thing moving a cnc machine at maybe 100mm/s at 1um precision
TheHexaCubebut doing it at 10000 mm/s at 0.1um
jammiah, that's basically what IC manufacturers are doing
Ducklewell yea
Ducklethat's what we're amazed at
TheHexaCubethat's just nuuuuts
TheHexaCubeand then that machine runs for weeks 24/7
DuckleThere are days where I don't think terminator was far off with the whole "You left an arm and that's how we've gotten this far with computers this fast" bit
TheHexaCubeI think the only thing more complicated might be space travel and fusion reactors :P
TheHexaCubelike, on a scale of complexity
DuckleTheHexaCube: Nah
Ducklethe 11nm CPU production stuff is insane
Ducklelike, you're dealing with the wavelength of light
euz100only if by space travel you mean ftl
jammicomputers are on their own level of insanity
TheHexaCubealright time for my STM32 layout
jammicurrent level is like, more impossible than any fusion stuff if you go a few decades back
euz100space colonizing is child's play compared with sustainable nuclear fusion
DuckleTheHexaCube: Are you aware of how cpus are made?
TheHexaCubeDuckle: I am, photolithography I think the process is called?
TheHexaCubekinda like PCBs but far more complex :P
DuckleTheHexaCube: Exactly
jammialso, we'd have space colonies on their way to neighboring solar systems if we'd have put as much r&d into space tech as computers
TheHexaCubewhat I am not aware of is how the fuck they DESIGN CPUs
DuckleTheHexaCube: They have to have 2 masks of the circuit
TheHexaCube"here's a slice of silicon, now make it do things"
DuckleTheHexaCube: And offset one mask a fraction of a wavelength of the light they're using
jammialthough those space colonies would be running on electron valves and relays for computing
DuckleTheHexaCube: because otherwise the featuresize is too small for light to pass through
TheHexaCubewell that... kinda makes sense
jammiand a shitload of spare parts to replace every few hours
euz100if the Russians had the money sunk on NASA, the solar system would be colonized already :)
DuckleTheHexaCube: They are using the wavelike charactaristic of light, to force it through holes it can't fit through
DuckleTheHexaCube: You know, the double slit experiment things
TheHexaCubeACTION tries to remember physics
TheHexaCubeman that's like... far too many pins :( https://i.imgur.com/YSbbiji.png
XXCoderall pins you can eat
DuckleTheHexaCube: qute
jammipin buffet
DuckleTheHexaCube: That chip is smaller than 10x10mm right?
TheHexaCubei think it's exactly 10x10mm
TheHexaCubeLQFP 64 10x10x1.4
merkur2k_dont use lqfp if assembling yourself, those are a biiiiitch
Ducklesee, tiny chio :)
euz100easy :)
Ducklemerkur2k_: LQFP are nice and easy
TheHexaCubeLQFP is still better than a QFN :P
Duckleqfn is where it get's hair tearing stupid
Duckledon't even mention BGAs :P
TheHexaCubethe LQFP of the TMC2130s were totally doable
merkur2k_well i guess not that they are a bitch, but if theres a solder bridge you wont be able to see it or fix it
euz100BGA :)
TheHexaCubemerkur2k_: oh you totally can
euz100you can see it with x-ray
Duckleon tqfp you can easilly see shorts
TheHexaCubefind the solder bridge https://i.imgur.com/FiHKbBJ.png
Ducklemerkur2k_: tqfp are the ones that have leads sticking out
euz100I have so many boards with fault BGA, it's not even funny
merkur2k_oh i must be thinking of qfn
DuckleTheHexaCube: judy make sure your pads are longer than your pins
Ducklemerkur2k_: probably, the n in qfn means no leads
TheHexaCubeDuckle: yeah kicad does that on it's own :P
DuckleTheHexaCube: well no, someone made a package that had that
DuckleTheHexaCube: Don't trust them blindly ;)
merkur2k_been awhile since ive done pcb design :P
TheHexaCubeDuckle: check out that link pls :>
DuckleTheHexaCube: Neat, why thermals on power pads?
euz100are there any good open-source projects for a BGA soldering station?
merkur2k_alrighty, time to go out and get some lunch. hope my printer doesnt catch on fire!
Duckleor are those not power pads?
TheHexaCubeDuckle: where?
Ducklenvm, those are electrolytic smds right?
Ducklecool :)
DuckleTheHexaCube: I'd use less vias under the package
TheHexaCubewhy, if I may ask?
DuckleI particularly wouldn't let them go past the edge of the pads
DuckleTheHexaCube: to prevent shorts
Ducklefrom pad to pin
TheHexaCubewell there's still solder mask
TheHexaCubeand I thinkt he gnd pad of the IC is larger than the pad on the PCB
euz100if you trust the board's quality...
TheHexaCubequality has been pretty nice so far :>
DuckleTheHexaCube: I'd always leave them within the pad
TheHexaCubethe problem is that I don't really have a large ground pour for the heatsink
TheHexaCubeso any additional via helps :P
DuckleTheHexaCube: no
Ducklemore vias will not help
TheHexaCubewhu what
DuckleTheHexaCube: if you don't have a large enough heatsink, then having more thermal conductivity to a too small heatsink will do you no good
Raazeerwhat's the way to make a raft when slicing with slic3r?
TheHexaCubeDuckle: I'm thinking of something like this: https://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTAwMVgxMDAx/z/2AEAAOSwe51Z~Umx/$_10.JPG?set_id=880000500F
Duckleanyways, I got to go to the store before it closes
TheHexaCubebut in the right dimensions :P
TheHexaCubethanks for your input, I'll think about it
DuckleI've been putting it off for 4 hours now :(
merkur2k_yay my printer didnt catch the house on fire while i was gone :D
jammiare you sure it's working?
svideoit's the small victories in life
svideohey it still works
svideoexcept the url is wrong now
Ducklewhat's the right one?
svideo?remember ?stream-svideo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjAVY4GijVE
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjAVY4GijVE => Printing things => 1 IRC mentions
svideo?remember stream-svideo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjAVY4GijVE
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjAVY4GijVE => Printing things => 2 IRC mentions
svideook i guess not
Ducklesvideo: Also that's not a permanent url
Ducklethat's for the current stream only
svideoyeah that seems to be the case
svideonot sure how to make a perm url, that previous one used to work
Ducklesvideo: I don't think the stream can be hidden
Ducklesvideo: that's the embed link
svideothat should be perm, except... i don't think the embedded version is the way to go here
Ducklethat kinda works
Duckleit's fullscreen :D
svideoyeah that's not so bad now that i think about it
Duckleand if people want the site they can use the youtube button bottom right
svideoyou have bot access? i have no idea how to change the link there
Duckle?remember stream-svideohttps://www.youtube.com/embed/live_stream?channel=UCGZp7v0RQTiV0NoKsgD1mkQ
Duckle?remember stream-svideo https://www.youtube.com/embed/live_stream?channel=UCGZp7v0RQTiV0NoKsgD1mkQ
Duckleyes, I can't remember the remember command :P
Duckle?r stream-svideo https://www.youtube.com/embed/live_stream?channel=UCGZp7v0RQTiV0NoKsgD1mkQ
svideobeen monkeying around w/ the borescope camera, focal length is too long :(
svideo.remember stream-svideo https://www.youtube.com/embed/live_stream?channel=UCGZp7v0RQTiV0NoKsgD1mkQ
Duckle$r stream-svideo https://www.youtube.com/embed/live_stream?channel=UCGZp7v0RQTiV0NoKsgD1mkQ
Ducklesvideo: You don't have remember access :P
Ducklethat's the default config and I couldn't be arsed to change it :P
Ducklenp :)
svideoprobably don't have remember access on account of all the weed is smoked this morning
svideothe bot knows, man
Ducklesvideo: Hah
Ducklesvideo: you need to sync up those video feeds!
Duckleyou can add delay in obs
svideoyeah that's not a bad idea, i'm still sorting this out
svideofor some reason OBS doesn't like one of my mjpeg streams so i'm pulling it through the browser plugin by way of blue iris
svideothe borescope is mjpg-streamer and it works like it should for whatever reason
Ducklesvideo: http://alax.info/blog/1216
djdelorieso yesterday I was explaining how heat creep causes coldend jams, and today I've got one :-P
svideothat's exactly what i'm using for this
Ducklesvideo: Ah ok
svideoworks w/ mjpeg-streamer, doesn't seem to work w/ blue iris
Ducklesvideo: I've noticed you have to make sure the resolution is set to what is actually being streamed
svideoscratch that, OBS doesn't like it. open the video source in vlc or mpc or wahtever, works fine
svideoyeah so that's another thing
svideoso i set it up in alax thing, and defined the resolution there in a couple of ways, neither work w/ obs
svideowhen i open the mjpeg stream url in VLC is says this: https://i.imgur.com/Vd16GP9.png
svideoi've tried both 1088 and 1080
svideoin alax config
svideoyeah i know right
Ducklethat's a 30 : 17 ratio
svideoall the cool kids are broadcasting in 30:17
jammidoes mjpg even support yuv?
jammiat least mjpg-steramer doesn't afaik
Duckleyeah that bit's weird too
jammineeds to be rgb
DuckleI don't think it's mjpeg
svideoit does if you have an updated version, you can hand it a cmdline switch to do that
svideobut this source isn't coming from mjpg-streamer, that one works
jammiyeah, but then you need something like vlc to support it
jammirather than a web browser
svideo-y: Use this if your camera doesn't support MJPG, pictures will be captured in YUVY
jammisvideo: yes, which should convert it to rgb
svideostill that's not the issue
jammiwhich uses a shitload of cpu
jammiand it's apparently not converting it
svideothe borescope one is using mjpg-streamer, the device does mjpg natively, and it's plugged into my octoprint server and doing the needful
svideothe printer cam is a samsung tragedy that is fortunately supported by blue iris
svideoso bi ingests it and transcodes to mjpeg
svideothen vlc is happy with it, chrome is happy with it, mpc is happy with it
jammibut why transcode *to* mjpeg in the first place?
jammiit's like the suckiest animation format next to gif
svideoagreed, but that's what i need for it to embed in octoprint
Ducklejust udp dump it
jammiuses a shitload of bandwidth *and* cpu
svideoneither are a problem in my usecase, bi is running regardless, when someone opens the mjpeg stream it starts transcoding
jammiyou can embed anything into octoprint that your browser supports
jammilike vp9 or mpeg4/h264
svideobut my vspher farm has plenty of cpu, no worries there
jammiit's not octoprint doing anything to it
jammiit just embeds an url in the "html" of the page
svideooh i get that, but mjpeg works nearly everywhere
jammijust like gif "works"
svideoi understand that it isn't a good format, but it's widely supported and comes for free off of my nvr
svideoso nbd
jammibut you don't stream gifs even if it works on something as old as ncsa mosaic
svideoif that's what the use case was, then sure i'd do that
jammibecause it sucks as a format
svideoi'm not sure what your arguement is here
svideonobody thinks mjpeg is a good format
Ducklestream PSD files with one JPEG in them
Duckleper frame
jammiif your browser doesn't support any of the current standard video formats, it's going to be outdated anyway
jammilike, in an insecure as fuck way outdated
jammiclick the wrong clickbait in google results and you're pwned
jammithat level
svideoanyway, so how to get obs to talk to my rtsp source?
svideook got it! vlc video source in obs only seems to work for me if i check always on
svideothat lets me pull directly from both mjpeg-streamer and my rtsp source
svideoand it's almost in sync!
Duckle17 month cheddar is best snac
djdelorieyay! printing again. Propane torch FTW
|Jeroen|propane torch?
|Jeroen|thats not standard procedure
djdeloriehad a cold-end jam. Removed the heat break, warmed it up with the torch, pushed the jam through with a 2mm drill bit
ccecilI prefer to boil it
ccecilless chance of damage...assuming it is PLA
djdelorieit was pla. I only used the torch for a split second
djdeloriemuch faster than boiling water
lowridahmy old he280 nozzle used to clog a lot and i'd burn out plastic with a torch
djdelorieand I don't print in just pla, so I figured out the torch trick early on
lowridahwhat's the worst that can happen, you deform a $5 nozzle
djdelorieACTION whould buy some backup heatbreaks, and possibly a new 0.4mm nozzle finally
TheHexaCubehahaha https://imgur.com/gallery/j86Wy
Ameisensorry, cat was apparently on keyboard
DuckleTheHexaCube: are you using the nightly build of kicad btw?
Ameisendjdelorie - if you were Hank Hill, your printer itself would be propane powered
TheHexaCubeDuckle: i am
DuckleTheHexaCube: It's awesome right? :D
TheHexaCubewell It's not the most recent nightly
TheHexaCubebut I do like the step conversion
djdelorieAmeisen: well, if the street power goes out, it *is* propane powered :-)
DuckleTheHexaCube: Step conversion?
TheHexaCubelike, they switched from whatever dumb file system over to .step files
DuckleTheHexaCube: Do you mean support from step?
Ameisenbut without an electricity step.
TheHexaCubeso the 3d models are easily importable to f360 etc
AmeisenThat would be an interesting setup, actually
Ameisendangerous, though
DuckleTheHexaCube: There's no conversion going on :)
TheHexaCubewell not converion
TheHexaCubebut they support .step files now
TheHexaCubewhich they didn't do in the past
Ducklethe whole 3D engine has been overhailed :)
DuckleTheHexaCube: Yep :)
Ducklethey support a ton of formats now
Duckleand the pcb export is actually usefull
buZzdoes anyone know the most silent 30mm fan? :P my coldend fan needs replacement :)
DucklebuZz: Just get a fan and don't hook it up
Ducklesuper silent :)
Ducklealso I think buzz has me on ignore because he didn't like DumDuckBot
[Syntax]I asked in the middle of the night... so I'll try again, see if anyone has an idea..
[Syntax]my printer is saying heater decoupled as it starts the first solid top layer
Duckle[Syntax]: how cold is it?
[Syntax]I printed a design 34 layers tall. and one 24 layers tall
[Syntax]3 times...
[Syntax]I have it set to lay down 4 solid layers.. and it failed every time.. on 30 and 20
[Syntax]I didnt see the temp when it shut off, its like a 4 hour print.. so I just left it.. and came back to it dead
[Syntax]but I am seeing the extruder temp fall while its printing certain patterns..
[Syntax]and then rise when its printing others.. like external walls..
[Syntax]I did a extruder heater calibration a week ago.. and now Im having these problems..
[Syntax]did the calibration when I was trying to solve a problem being caused by the polyfuses..
svideodo you have a graph or log of hotend temp when this happens?
svideois it gradually dropping or just falling off of a cliff?
svideoif it's gradual, it's your heater losing heat for whatever reason (likely cable open)
svideoif it's falling off a cliff (sudden drop in temp) it's your thermistor
DuckleSomeone in here is bound to know. what's the difference between HSS-CO, HSS-R, and HSS-G ?
[Syntax]it gradually falls.. then recovers...
DuckleI'm guessing co is cobolt
[Syntax]infill - falls.. falls falls.. falls.. external wall.. rises.. rises.. recovers.. next layer.. same thing..
djdelorieare your walls and infill extruding at the same rate?
djdelorieand/or is your part cooling fan blowing on the hotend when doing the infill?
[Syntax]could be.. I could disable the extruder fan and see what happens with the temps..
[Syntax]never had the problem this bad though where it caused decouple errors
[Syntax]had this printer 3 years now..
Nooblet101when you did your extruder calibration for pid I assume was the parts cooling fan running (if you have one)
Valduaremmm beef ramen with egg
buZzman, 30mm maglev fans arent cheap :D
jammibuy something made for something else
jammilike laptop spare parts and such
scott_theres this sushi place that i had the first real ramen ever at a few weeks ago
scott_i only ever had itchiban/mr noodle
scott_this place had like thick different tasting ramen with miso/beef broth base and the egg/bamboo shoots all that stuff
jammiapple used them back in the ibook era, then went with conventional, because the maglev stuff was too loud
lowridahreal ramen is cheap enough that i never buy instant
jammiand then went with something aerodynamically custom designed to sound quieter
scott_im just a pleb
heli0swhy is /r/3dprinting so terrible
lowridahi used to love 'oriental' flavor
lowridahheli0s: universal mediocrity
heli0sLOL i just see groots and people who can't level a bed day in day out
heli0si guess it's kind of like computing, everyone has a computer more powerful than was used to send people to the moon but they play solitaire on it all day
heli0sso maybe not a surprise
DANITSAHello im i alone here ?
djdeloriethe other 506 of us are figments of your imagination
Nooblet101tbf 66 of those are bots
djdeloriethose are figments of our imagination, in code form
gthxLooking for lurkers...
gthx87 of the 508 users in #reprap right now have never said anything.
Nooblet101so the no smartass answer to your question is fire away, bored people in here love to speculate
djdeloriewe could try answering his question before he asks it, that's always fun
Nooblet101the answe is always triffids
djdelorieor "it depends on your budget"
merkur2k_why is there so much shit on thingiverse for the anet a8
DANITSAWhy do start like that i came here to ask couple questions
merkur2k_people on the internet are a bunch of snarky assholes
DANITSAIm not noob i just havent been printing for 4 years
djdelorieand you still haven't asked your questions
lowridahmonoprice mini delta has been on gso truck out for delivery for 101 hours now
lowridahi suspect it's just not gonna happen
lowridahif you ever buy printers off monoprice make sure it's not shipped by gso
DANITSAI used to have i3 is it still a thing or should i build something else maybe from anet a8 frame or similar ?
djdeloriea prusa?
djdeloriethe genuine prusa i3 is still a thing
djdeloriethey're up to mk3
djdelorieand it's still one of the top choices in it's category
DANITSAWhat did happen to that hot end that josef designed ?
teepeedead and buried
DANITSAWas it bad ?
teepeewell, I still have one and that's working fine :)
teepeethe first one yes
teepeethe later one with the big cooling fins does fine for me, even for PLA
DANITSASo what is the best hot end at 2017? :)
merkur2k_i am still a fan of e3d stuff
DANITSAI might try to bring my old i3 back
djdelorieACTION likes his e3d volcano
merkur2k_i just got my mothballed printer going with e3d cyclops
DANITSASo e3d is the thing
DANITSAMy i3 had milled frame is there some upgradw kit for bed etc or is it better to buy a whole new frame ?
djdeloriethe mk3 is very different than the mk2 even; compared to even older, might as well buy a whole new kit
djdelorieyou'd have to check the prusa web site to see what options are available for a parts-only partial upgrade
teepeeno full upgrade, there's some 2.5 upgrade
Nooblet101just to offer other data points, as long as the hotend is genuine and not a clone; e3d, jhead and hexagon are all good
djdelorieyeah, beware of clones that use the same name
heli0se3d hotends are great, I have volcano and standard 1.75mm with bowden
DANITSADo these printers still run from arduino and ramps ?
djdelorieiirc the mk3 uses a 32-bit processor now
DANITSAOkey that explains a bit i see these are going now like 700+ usd
djdeloriewell, they're not cheap $$ because they're not cheap quality
DANITSAI builded my i3 like 300 euros :) but it was like 4 years ago :)
heli0sarduino/RAMPS is still a good board and used lots,
heli0speople use it with a relay or external mosfet to run the heatbed to avoid issues with burnt connectors
_Raazeersuppose I wanted to create g code not for a 3d printer but for a cnc mill, which software could I use on linux?
djdeloriealthough ramps clones can be fire hazards
gthxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylk6VMBLrvM => Fujitsu TS Mainboard Production Augsburg HD => 1 IRC mentions
_Raazeerand in the end, man (or in this case woman) still has to touch it.
TheRockGragagrogog: I just came back. I visted the flat today ( https://www.sreality.cz/en/detail/sale/flat/3+1/litvinov-janov-ulice-albrechticka/3022258524#img=3&fullscreen=false ). It costs only 1900,00 €. The reason you mentioned before is correct. The neighbours suck. Lots of chinese/drug dealers and i saw a fight within 15 minutes. You don't want to be there in the night.
TheRockBut perfect to register my panama company and vehicles.
durrfhttps://www.thingiverse.com/thing:203114 printing this
gthxhttps://www.thingiverse.com/thing:203114 => Giant Lego Christmas Wreath by slimchaps => 1 IRC mentions
heli0sTheRock: is that $3000/month?
heli0sor $3000 total to buy it
heli0si did conversion 50,000CZK to CAD with google
heli0scame out $3000?
TheRockheli0s: the flat is only 1900€, purchase. the area is bad, i'm looking for a fake residency to register certain companies/vehicles.
heli0sthat is fuckin hilarious
TheRocki cant do that from germany
TheRockthe area is SHIT
TheRocktrust me
heli0si live in a shit area in Canada I can only imagine what a shit area there is like
heli0s1 side is gang bangers the other side is a trap house
TheRocklots of youths no jobs
TheRockthey hang around and do damage
heli0sbut they both keep to themselves and dont shit where they sleep so everything stays peaceful and in check
TheRockI also visited this flat
TheRockit will be around 4000 euros
TheRockthe area is slightly better
heli0sim thinking about this one -- except for living in and working from :: https://vimeo.com/223822158
heli0sits slightly more expensive tho and not for a place to register companies/vehicles ahahahahah
TheRockyeah thats nice
heli0syou doing that for tax purposes or?
heli0syou dont have to answer.
heli0sim just curious
TheRockboth lawyers and tax stuff. i plan to run a inet business soon
heli0sthat place has gigabit fiber run to it on 38 acres, well, septic system, chicken coop
heli0svery cool
heli0s30km from the coast
XXCoderwonderful. billion businesses main office building in same tiny shack
TheRockthis one you showed me is good if you wanna live there youself
heli0sya thats the plan just finding my wife a job in Nova Scotia now
heli0sproperty is cheap there because there are no jobs
heli0s"cheap" i guess relative term
TheRockhere in czech you can find houses from 10k usd
TheRockor even cheaper
TheRockbut there are no jobs around
TheRockand only gypsies
heli0sthat place is 276KUSD with not much jobs around, no gypsies though
TheRock270k is not much actually
TheRocki m from munich, we can get here small flats with 30sqm for that amount
heli0snot for 38 acres with 21 year old construction 30km from coast, not much
heli0syeah its the same in Vancouver/Toronto here in Canada
heli0svery very expensive housing
XXCoderheh if we had teleportion system cheap lands would be taken up so fast
XXCoderI would move to area where my neice lives, so cheap land
euz100define a 10k usd house
euz100what happens when it rains?
XXCoderbut still work where I am now
Nooblet101it is possible to find a us $10k house that is weather proof, the bathroom is down the hill, and the closest water is 3 miles away and needs to be boiled. The good news is your nearest neighbors are black and brown... bears
euz100good, when we can sell it to some fundies
TheRockyou can look yourself. houses in that country begin at 3k-4k. https://www.sreality.cz/en/search/for-sale/houses?status=very-good-condition,good-condition&order=cheapest
euz100"at least you can burn bear turds for heat" sort of thing
heli0sanyone want to work on reprap.io with me tonight...:P
heli0si will buy a DO server and point the domain to it
TheRockyou can sell you 3d printer
TheRockand buy a house
Ameisenwhat wire gauge do most people use for their steppers
XXCoderAmeisen: im sure typical answer is "ones that come with stepper"
AmeisenXXCoder - err, so how do you run it longer?
XXCoderdunno lol
Ameisena nema17 motor, afaik, uses about 2A... at 24V, that is a 22 AWG wire
Ameisen2A absolute max
XXCoderisnt there wire gage calculator?
JessmanI use awg 24 but you can use a wire inductance calculator to confirm
Jessmansince length of wire increases inductance