DJHenjinI would test increasing "minimum distance before retract
durrf2so previously working gcode still works?
Cyber_AkumaDJHenjin: Is that a cura option?
DJHenjinshould be
Cyber_Akumadon't see it
DJHenjinyou might have to enable visbility of it
DJHenjingive me a sec
DJHenjinyou have to go to "preferences" then to "configure cura" then "settings" and you can search the list for retract
DJHenjinthe setting seems to be called "retraction minimum travel"
DJHenjinturn it up to something like 5mm or so
Cyber_AkumaWhat version of cure do you have? I see an expert settings
Cyber_AkumaBut if I go to preferences there ins't much
DJHenjinit's in the top bar
Cyber_AkumaAh, I am on 15
DJHenjinold hat
DJHenjinprobably under "edit" then
DJHenjinor one of the dropdown menu
Cyber_AkumaMight be under expert config
DJHenjinprobably actually
Cyber_Akumai see a minimal extrusion before retraction option
DJHenjinthat's the one
Cyber_Akumaam I supposed to increase ot decrease it?
DJHenjinwhat's it at?
Cyber_AkumaIt's set to a ridicusly small size, 0.02
DJHenjinincrease it some, maybe 1mm
Cyber_Akumafrom 0.02 to 1?
DJHenjinyeah, it's troubleshooting
Cyber_AkumaGreat, just great. Accidently broke a few fins on my extruder fan
LatheBuilderbummer CA
jeffdm_workI bet that woke you up
jeffdm_workI've done the same a few times
jeffdm_workbreaking fan blades
ccecil_fan blades are tweezer magnets
Cyber_AkumaI should consider putting a grill on mine... but that would add weight, plus longer screws
jeffdm_workI made an intake duct like this, it seems to help control air flow too
jeffdm_workfans without intake ducts have a rotor wash and that quashes it.
Cyber_Akumarotor wash?
jeffdm_workwhen the blades fling air "out" instead if through the fan
Cyber_AkumaAnyway, going to have to find a replacement 40x10mm fan
VanessaEok. I feel almost dirty now....I've resorted to trying to print onto kapton because I'm impatient.
Cyber_AkumaHmm, there are dust ducts I can put on it, but I am worried about the increased weight, plus i would need longer screws
Cyber_Akuma.... also seems that noctua makes a good 40mm fan... but it's considerably heavier, and expensive
jeffdm_workYou only need a few mm of duct
Cyber_AkumaCome ot think of it, not sure how well a duct could conn....
Cyber_AkumaAnyway, I am sure for now I can keep printing with 3 broken blades
crankyhow exactly did you break the blades on the fan "accidentally"
lowrizzleby putting a pen in to stop it acuz it was loud
lowrizzlenow it won't spin do you think i broke it
lowrizzleits on dads computer
jeffdm_Like with a screwdriver trying to remove ior install screws
crankyI've removed a lot of fans, never accidnetally jammed a screw driver through one
Cyber_Akumacranky: my tweezers hit it
lowrizzlei've stubbed my finger pretty bad touching an uncovered 40mm fan at full speed
lowrizzleit's like an instant bruise right on the fingertip
Cyber_AkumaGeez, and I thought the stock fan going for $8-9 was expensive, the noctua one is like $13-16
Cyber_AkumaAt least it's blades are like 3x thicker though
Cyber_AkumaNah, the fan blades were practically thin as paper
Cyber_Akumalikely why they broke
Cyber_AkumaI doubt it would hurt my finger
lowrizzlethat little fan does
lowrizzlei need to print a grille for it
lowrizzleahh it's a 13000rpm fan
lowrizzlei must have yanked it out of a supermicro chassis
DJHenjinyou know you are in one of the best beef producing areas of the world when even you r cheapest steak is AAA rated
HrdwrBoBwhat does the rating mean
lowrizzleit means if it breaks down on the side of the road it can get 3 free tows a year
DJHenjinAAA steak is basically the highest quality rated steak in the world
DJHenjinaside from that japanese steak,
HrdwrBoBbased on what
Cyber_AkumaShould probably keep that stuff away from this house
DJHenjinwagyu is actually the non certified version of it
lowrizzlei can get 2 half lb 'wagyu' pattied for $10 on amazon fresh, they're fan-tastic
lowrizzleprobably the best burgers i've made at home
Cyber_Akuma"The steak is dry again" ".... did you make it well done again?" "I probably cooked it too long" "I told you NOT to try to cook it well done" "It's cold now too. It's ok, I can just microwave it"
lowrizzlethey're fake wagyu obviously
Cyber_AkumaIt would be a crime to bring anything other than rated Z steak here,it would all end up tasting the same
DJHenjinHrdwrBoB, look at the canadian beef merchandizing guide on that link and you will see what AAA really means
tjb1What setting do I need to change in Slic3r to prevent the infill from basically turning solid like in the picture?
HrdwrBoBDJHenjin: yeah I'm not saying your steak isn't good
HrdwrBoBbut saying 'AAA' without context in a global sense is meaningless
DJHenjinour cheapest steak here is AAA
HrdwrBoBbecause there's plenty of ways to bullshit standards
lowrizzletjb1: is that infill with no top layer or something
lowrizzlebecause the lower top layer looks fine
tjb1yeah just infill
tjb1I dont understand what happened, it did grid infill before that
DJHenjinHrdwrBoB, yeah, that's why I clarified by saying where you can see the standards for here
HrdwrBoBDJHenjin: yeah equivalent to US Choice
lowrizzleis it 100%? you may want to make sure it's grid and not rectilinear infill
HrdwrBoB(note: I'm in australia anyway)
tjb1sorry, cubic infill
DJHenjinthough I am pretty sure what we had today was prime rib
lowrizzleive never used that infill or slic3r for anything other than vase mode
lowrizzlei'd say overextrusion but your other top layers look fine
DJHenjinphenominal meat
lowrizzlei wonder if rustled cattle tastes better than honest
tjb1I have everything at 0
DJHenjinthat is not the right setting
DJHenjinyou need infill percentage, that is all widths
NowhereManhonest cattle tastes better to me but I think the stolen stuff you like better
tjb1yes I know but that will control how close they are
tjb1percentage is 60%
DJHenjinthat's far too high
DJHenjinand those will not control how close they are, those settings are for widths.
DJHenjintry something like 20% infill
tjb1Why would I want 20% infill
DJHenjinbecause that is what everyone uses when they want a non solid part
NowhereMan21% is better
NowhereManby 1
tjb1thats silly
NowhereManit depends on the part and the use, really
DJHenjinyou want to argue, feel free
durrf2i print a lot at 0% infil
NowhereManboard game pieces? they dont need a high infill at all
durrf2i have some prints with like 5 perimiters and 0% infill and shit is solid as fuuuuuuuuck
DJHenjinNowhereMan, they do when you have a 50 micron layer height
tjb1That's great but you cant just avoid high infill
NowhereMannicely printed though, good job
DJHenjinotherwise the tops will never fill properly
tjb1The slicer adjusts the path for infill, a setting being off is causing it to overfill
NowhereManok then, I'll buy off on that excuse DJHenjin
DJHenjinshow us the sliced gcode render then tjb1
tjb1I did
DJHenjinshow us the infill
DJHenjinyour extrusion rate is off then, that image shown should not result in folid infill
DJHenjinor your nozzle size setting is off,
DJHenjinthere are quite a few possible causes really
dorked196Does anyone have experience with
dorked196It's only $140. I've been away from this scene for a few years, and I'm shocked. I thought I'd never see one for less than $200. Also, I'm on a solar system now, and maybe this would run straight off 12v power?
Cyber_AkumaSeems I can't add any type of duct to my fan, since it woudl reduce my x axis
crunchsup fucksticks
crunchsame old shit
crunchanother overwhelming day
VanessaEhating the midwest?
crunchcali was a dream
crunchdont realize whats gone till its gone
crunchhills , shops , bitches
VanessaEI know that feel, crunch :-/
crunchbible land out here
crunchshits whack
VanessaEto put it mildly.
NowhereManyou just need to take jesus as your personal savior, boy
VanessaEfuck that.
crunchno no
crunchfuck that
crunchi dont follow no one
crunchthink for myself
crunchsheep out here like mad
mozzarellalooks like I'm going to have some purple glue stuck inside of my print?
genebwell...for various values of "think" anyway. ;)
VanessaEmozzarella: can't wash the part out?
crunchgene u thumpin that shit?
mozzarellaI thought the purple was supposed to disappear
Cyber_AkumaIt just won't stick to teh bed
genebnot a chance.
mozzarellaVanessaE: it's still printing
crunchjehovas bible homie
mozzarellabut I think it's going to be *into* the first few layers
crunchonly shit im thumpin is 2pac on some 15's
mozzarellaI don't know, we'll see
VanessaECyber_Akuma: I've resorted to trying kapton (to put petg onto). seems to work, at least for the first 7.7 mm so far.
mozzarellahow often do you need to reapply glue?
VanessaE(bed at 85°)
VanessaEmozzarella: it varies.
genebI ran some t-glase last week at 250C/60C with glue stick. worked great.
crunchwhat color gene
Cyber_AkumaVanessaE: I have a PEI bed and am printing PLA
VanessaECyber_Akuma: and it STILL wont' stick?
Cyber_AkumaI think it might be pulling it off
mozzarellaCyber_Akuma: wash it off with alcohol
genebwipe the bed down with an alcohol wipe.
NowhereManthe group think in cali is worse than in a church
crunchcali was great
crunchso much variety culture , fine ass girls
VanessaENowhereMan: better cali groupthink than church.
crunchthis is some flat corn infested shit called indiana
crunchwith lame ass people
crunchlike kraegar
VanessaEcrunch: fwiw, while there don't seem to be a lot of "fine ass girls" around here, western NC has beautiful land, mountains, etc.
NowhereMani worked at lawrence livermore a while, hated cali
VanessaEthe level of tech is acceptable, internet is fast, and the cost of living is reasonable
crunchNowhereMan why u hate it
crunchso much food , nightlifr, bitches , cars , pimp shit to do
crunchu cant beat it
Cyber_AkumaDoes anyone else here print PLA on PEI?
VanessaECyber_Akuma: do what geneb said, alcohol.
crunchi do
Cyber_AkumaVanessaE: I am going to
VanessaEthen btw you might want to wipe it down with plain water.
Cyber_AkumaI just was curious what temperatures people use
Cyber_AkumaHmm, I knew 70C was too high
genebThat's WAY too high for PLA.
crunchi wipe my pei down with methlyene chloride
crunchhelps expose a fresh layer
buZzi have bed on 62. PEI covered metal
crunchsounds about right
buZzi love these, but i really need a faster printer for em :P
buZz~7 hours to print one at 100x100x100mm
crunchare you a farmer
durrf2gonna be a rough harvest with those things
gthxdurrf is <durrf2> id let that man hit my balls if you know what i mean i mean i run a golf club and her presence there would be great for the other golfers
NowhereMana suck u lent farmer
NowhereManoy vey
buZzcrunch: no, just someone who tends to keep curtains closed
durrf2to be clear i was talking about Paige Spiranac in that quote ;)
buZzi thought introducing a 'window garden' would help me see more sunlight
crunchopen the blinds bro?
buZzfirst more plants :P
crunchi used to grow indoor hydroponic tomatoes
NowhereManor ganja
buZz'FBI kept stealing my tomatoes'
crunchhydroponic cherry tomatoes
crunchi had a bunch of hydro gear and fired it up witht omatoes
crunchhad a giant bowl everyday
VanessaEsounds good.
crunchprolly have pics somewhere
VanessaEwish I had some, I love cherry tomatoes
VanessaEwith a bit of ranch dressing to dip
buZzand a steak
buZzas seasoning
dork196Hey. I'm on a solar system. How many watts does your typical printer take w/heated bed?
buZzwithout heated bed ~100
dork196Damn. I've only got about 400 Watts of panel, that's nowhere near enough even ignoring other drains in the system.
VanessaE360 max, dork196. about 200ish in practice.
buZzbetter get another 2-3 panels dork196
buZzor just dont operate it 24/7 ;)
dork196I suppose. But this is the first time in years I've had both time to work on a project, and money to buy parts. I'm gonna have to be cheap to make it possible
dork196Or but a battery charger and plan on running the gen set a few hours a day...
buZzmaybe easier/cheaper to just get membership at a local hackerspace/makerspace , then ;)
dork196As if. I'm in the boonies of Hawai'i. Free rent is the only reason i have money for parts.
dork196Er thanks guys. Gotta run.
buZz2 in honolulu
buZz1 in walluku
buZzand 1 in alea
crunchbuzz u like 2pac?
buZznever met her
crunchhes dead
buZzoh, sorry
buZzwere you close?
buZzhope you dont feel to bad then
crunchhes just hiding
buZzlike tom cruise?
buZzwhen will you friend 2pac come out of the closet?
crunchwhen you come visit
buZzsad that he wont embrace his desires then
durrf2you knew 2pac???
crunchgangster parties and shit
durrf2i bet 2pac would be into 3d printing if he were out of hiding
crunchprint some shnks
durrf2he would do a reprap rap called raprap
durrf2ok now i wanna do the reprap rap
crunchg code
durrf2gonna mostly be about how to level your bed
durrf2lmao g code
gthx => Going Back To Cali (2014 Remastered Version) => 1 IRC mentions
buZzi saw M.I.A. was into 3d printing
buZzat least one of her videos
gthx => M.I.A. & The Partysquad - Double Bubble Trouble official music video Uncensored => 1 IRC mentions
gthx => Pack In The K&#39; - Kaspersky Lab => 1 IRC mentions
durrf2kaspersky lab rap is on point
s1car1ushey guys, question for anyone familiar with the MKS Gen 1.4.... I have uploaded the firmware with no problems, but then when I tried to install it into my printer right now, hook it up to 12v and power it on the board does not come to life... is there any jumpers or anything to switch from 12 to 24v?
buZzs1car1us: did you connect USB?
s1car1usno but it should not need to be connected... I am powering it through the power supply
s1car1uswith the usb connected it powers up fine but that 5v wont power the whole thing
buZzs1car1us: correct, normally you power the printer with 12V and the electronics through USB
buZzif you want to run it differently you need to configure that MKS board for that, i think
buZzat least, thats how it works for normal RAMPS
buZzi assume they cloned that behaviour aswell
s1car1usbut correct me if im wrong, the usb should not need to be connected at all? I am switching over from a MKS base and that was the way that one was, also used a due and same thing
s1car1usso what would I need to chang in the config?
buZzin the hardware config, some jumper or a bridge that needs to be cut/made
buZzcheck the documentation for that board
s1car1usya i am looking but it just says can take 12 to 24v
buZzthen you need better documentation ;)
buZzmks base is a completely different thing anyway
crunchbuzz lots of cigarette smoke in that video
buZzthe way i am running my current printer, is with 12V -and- USB connected
buZzusb goes to a octoprint setup
buZzcrunch: thats vapé
buZzpinky extended and all
crunchtoxic for health
buZzmostly glycerine vapor
Cyber_Akuma.... I am going ot punch something
Cyber_AkumaI think the issue really was just wiping the PEI down with alcohll
Cyber_AkumaAssuming it dosen't screw up now
Cyber_AkumaI was wiping it down with a paper towel...
Cyber_AkumaWTF? I just noticed that ultimate3dprintingstore seems to have some kind of notification pop-up in the bottom-left that tells you when someone purchases something from them.... including name and general location... WHY?
jeffdm_homehaha to be obnoxious I guess
jeffdm_homeProbably to make them seem popular
NowhereManmake it appear they are selling a lot of stuff
Cyber_AkumaMy point is they are saying the person's name and state they live in
Cyber_Akumasometimes city too
_-maitre-_Hi, can someone please let me know if the following is a bug in slic3r? Fan is enabled only if the layer is 12s or below. But my bridging fan speed is 100%. However, when I am bridging, the fan is off.
samsagazwhich other hotend and extruder recommend for a new printer? e3d have 0 in stock :/
samsagazand titan extruder are out of stock too
Valduaresamsagaz: j-heads and titan extruders are nice
crunchwhat a fucking wierddude
jeffdm_homeCyber_Akuma: ouch! I wouldn't want a site leaking customer data like that
Cyber_Akumajeffdm_home: Look at the bottom-left:
Adam76New here - trying to decide if I should use smoothieware or Marlin for my 3D printer. What's the pros/cons or major differences? I like how smoothieware uses a config instead of having to use Arduino to upload the code.
durrf2RAMPS pros: cheap, common
durrf2other board pros: everything else
Adam76durrf2: Is ramps a good choice for a Delta printer?
durrf2i have a ramps-based delta
durrf2i dont have issues with it but i havnt started pushing it to its speed limits, which is where the 8-bit board will start to show its flaws
Adam76Was about to ask
Adam76anything else?
durrf2everyone will say to go with a 32 bit controller for a delta
durrf2but my 8-bit setup works just dandy for my applications
durrf2which is mostly hobbist bullshit lmao
Adam76I like how smoothie you simply copy the firmware/config to the SD card to update. Very fast and simple.
Adam76But what are the real pros/cons? For example marlin has LInear Advance but smoothie doesn't
durrf2having only used marlin-based printers i cant speak for anything else
Adam76is marlin being actively developed?
Adam76or is it slow?
durrf2but i havnt reached/been hindered by the limitations of my 8 bit boards, but theres always room for improvement
durrf2yeah, dunno how fast the releases are
Adam76I see
durrf2but its fast enough that all my printers are running different, outdated versions that were the latest at the time of flashing
durrf2and i have only been printing for a year!
Adam76Anyone else?
Adam76comparing smoothie and marlin - pros/cons?
durrf2a ramps setup can be had for like 20 bux
durrf2and its not like you are gonna be constantly reflashing firmware anyway
NowhereManif it works fine why mess with it?
Adam76right, what else is there that sets marlin and smoothie apart?
Adam76Marlin seems to have more users
durrf2dont smoothieboards have network interfaces
jstevewhiteas do duets
Adam76Marlin has network capabilities too, no?
Adam76Like wifi
jstevewhiteMarlin is software
durrf2whereas i gotta interface my printers with a rasperry pi running octoprint
durrf2there might be a way to add an esp8266 or something to add wifi but eh
jstevewhiteIf you're running a delta, 32 bit > 8 bit. if you're running a bedflinger, not so much.
jstevewhiteA corexy, 32 bit > 8 bit
Adam76Yeah I'm using a delta
jstevewhiteFor any delta 32 bit > 8 bit.
Adam76so anything else that sets it apart?
Adam76sets both apart*
jstevewhiteFaster math for 32 bit, much higher stepping rate
Adam76right, I got that part :)
jstevewhite== smoother curves, less noise
jstevewhitefaster motion
Adam76Marlin has faster motion?
jstevewhiteno, 32 bit systems do
Adam76Ok, yes I know that
Adam76I'm specifically talking comparing Marlin and Smoothie
Adam76What are the pros and cons of both
jstevewhiteWell, I hate marlin, so there's that. But I was pretty happy with Repetier until I ran into motion problems, which I fixed by going 32 bit :D
NowhereMandoesn't smoothieware use actual circles while the 8 bit does short lines?
jstevewhite(speed related)
jstevewhiteNowhereMan: nope
NowhereManstill lines?
NowhereManACTION shakes his head
jstevewhiteThey can both consume gcode arcs, but slicers do not emit them
Adam76so... anything else? :)
jstevewhitehowever, the higher stepping rate of the 32 bit systems means the lines can be shorter :D
jstevewhite('smoother curves')
NowhereManok, but still not real arcs
jstevewhitenot unless you hand-write your own gcode
jstevewhiteSTLs are not made up of curves, NowhereMan
NowhereManso if I throw some gcode from other CAM systems?
jstevewhitethey are facets; short lines.
jammithere's no good way to even have slicers support them as long as we have formats like stl
jstevewhitejammi: +++
Adam76going off topic peoples! lol
jstevewhiteWell, smoothie with the system I'd recommend is a good bit more expensive
NowhereManI never liked STLs
Adam76yeah I noticed smoothie boards tend to be a bit more expensive
jammithe features do make sense for better gcode generators, like cam for cnc mills and such
jstevewhiteI'd use the Azteeg X5 GT with the bigfoot TMC2660s (that's the board I bought)
jammiand you can use the same boards with other cnc machines as well, it's not like either's limited to 3d printing
Adam76I got that
Adam76Boards I got covered now
jstevewhiteYeah, my true blue smoothieboard is running my PCB CNC Mill
Adam76Do either produce better printing results?
NowhereManI can generate gcode from Pro/Engineer but it doesn't slice
Adam76Assuming Slicer is the same for Marlin and Smoothie and so are setttings, etc.. will either firmware produce better results?
jstevewhiteAdam76: I would say you *can* produce better quality@speed with a 32 bit board
jstevewhiteIt's not guaranteed.
jstevewhiteSmoothie can't make your printer mechanically better
Adam76jstevewhite: Ok lets say I use same spec'd board for both firmwares, which would end up producing better results?
Adam76or both will be the same?
Adam76In other words, neither has better programming?
jeffdm_Smoothie has better cornering algorithms
jstevewhiteBut given an arbitrarily good printer, you'll get the same quality at, e.g., 25mm/s
jstevewhiteand as the speed increases, you'll get better quality from smoothie
Adam76Really, so smoothie calculates moves better than marlin?
jstevewhiteDefinitely better than repetier :D
Adam76Not interested in repetier, there's not much development going on.
jammithere are things like tmc stepper drivers that are likelier to give you better results before going let's say marlin to smoothie
jstevewhitejammi: while true, the TMC steppers are still much better on smoothie
Adam76Are there 32 bit ramps as well that are open sourced?
jstevewhiteWell, there's Re-arm that runs smoothe and accepts a ramps board
jstevewhiteadn I think there are some versions of marlin that build for due
jstevewhitedue + radds or something
jstevewhiteyeah, it looks liek due+ radds is the 'go to' config for marlin 32 bit.
jstevewhiteBut I'd rather stab myself in the eye with an icepick.
jammithe marlin 2 branch is very different from 1.x
jammiso much that I think they're going to have a nice second-system-syndrome at hand, with 1.x still being actively developed as well
jstevewhiteAs long as bedflingers live, so will marlin 8 bit :D
jstevewhitelike DOS in those old factories
mozzarellahow do I remove a print from my glass bed
jammiit's not even 8bit vs 32bit
natewalck@mozzarella What material?
natewalckIs it completely cooled? (the bed)
jstevewhitedid you have hairspray on it?
natewalckI normally use a scraper to try to get under an edge
jstevewhiteor glue stick?
jammimarlin 2 supports both, but since they decided to restructure everything, it's going to be a pita to merge the 1.x patches
mozzarellaglue stick
jstevewhiteyou can put a bit of rubbing alcohol on a corner of it and let it sit for a while
natewalckif its PVA, heating it to 60C should weaken the glue and release it, no ?
jstevewhitethen try again
Cyber_AkumaBah, by tweaking my settings the stringing was slowly going down... but with this latest attempt the stringing has gone up again >.<
jstevewhiteyeah, but 60C will also make the PLA soft :D
natewalckI was thinking PC
jstevewhite"Why did my gear turn into a potato chip?"
jstevewhite(the voice of experience LOL)
natewalckcan't wait for my RailCore to be done
jammiCyber_Akuma: just make moves faster and the stringing goes down
natewalckinstalled an AeroStruder on my Lulzbot Mini
natewalckand support told me "the fan is too good"
jammiand the remaining stringing can easily be removed with a little heat
natewalckso unless I turn the part cooling fan down, the hotend can't hold temp
mozzarellawhat kind of scraper?
Cyber_Akumajammi: Pretty suure I am already operating close to my printer's limit
mozzarellaI've got a plastic one that came with my printer
natewalcknot sure what @jstevewhite suggests, but I like the Oyster knife my lulzbot came with
natewalckplastic one should work too
jammiI've been sure I'm nowhere near my printer's limit ever since I misconfigured it with 1/4 stepping on one axis rather than 1/16
jammithe bed was flung, with high acceleration and speed
Adam76So are there any ramps that are 32 bit or are they all 8 bit?
Adam76Does Ultimaker use 32 bit and does it run Marlin?
mozzarellaI fucking cut myself
mozzarellacan't believe it
jammiAdam76: ramps are no-bit
jammithey're just passive backplanes on whatever you hook them up to
Adam76I see
Adam76So what's the cheapest Marlin board out there?
jammiprobably melzi
Adam76Does Ultimaker use Marlin?
jammior actually seems like a mega + ramps + a4988 driver bundle's cheaper
jammithe scale of manufacturing is a strange thing
jammiso basically 14€ vs 18€, both with free shipping
jammimany, see aliexpress and choose by yourself
Adam76I would prefer to not have two boards sandwiched together but just one board
jammithen get a melzi, but it's going to have a weaker mcu (not as much ram) and not replaceable anything
jamminot as much flash in fact
jammi128k vs 256k
jammiand both board types have plenty of issues
jammiespecially in the cheapest end
DJHenjinit'd be interesting to have a 3d printer run off a teensie
jammialthough it's not even that simple, because some of them are the same, just more expensive
oldmanbeefjerkyhey, what price range should i be looking for, for a CNC mill able to do brass or hardened alu
jammiAdam76: at least take a read on this before you buy anything:
DJHenjinoldmanbeefjerky, that's not going to be in the low end,
DJHenjinprobably a couple grand depending on the frame construction
oldmanbeefjerkyim aware
oldmanbeefjerkywould they just be good aluminium mills?
DJHenjinnot sure what you mean exactly
oldmanbeefjerkymills for milling aluminium
oldmanbeefjerkyas opposed to hugeass steel mills
DJHenjinmost hobby CNC kits can barely do alu
DJHenjinXXCoder, you around?
oldmanbeefjerkyim not looking to buy a cheap mill, but, i dont want to overpay for a quality one
oldmanbeefjerkymostly ill be doing aluminium but i wanna be able to mill brass now and then
DJHenjinyou would almost be better off building your own CNC machine with steel and alu parts if you have half a mind about you
oldmanbeefjerkyfor parts that need to be strong
oldmanbeefjerkylike smaller gears
DJHenjinare you familiar with This old Tony on youtube?
jammiget a welder, grinder and steel
Adam76jammi: Interesting article
DJHenjinoldmanbeefjerky, look him up, he built a really capable CNC machine and the videos go into details about what considerations he made
oldmanbeefjerkyso, even pro mills are overpriced/shit then?
Adam76jammi: Is this the latest revised one?
jammialso, you could make a decent one in the hundreds rather than thousands if you don't count tool investment
oldmanbeefjerkyi dont mind paying thousands
DJHenjinif you want to spend 50 grand for a mill, tormach.
jammiAdam76: no and you're not going to find the one linked anywhere easily
oldmanbeefjerkylol nah not 50k
oldmanbeefjerkyi thought like 1-5k
Adam76jammi: Why's that?
DJHenjinbut if you want to save money and know about what your machine is capable of, with the possibility for upgrading, I highly recommend building one yourself
jammiAdam76: because china
oldmanbeefjerkyi dont have a lot of free time, but i have a job so....
oldmanbeefjerkyi 100% wont buy a mill kit or whole mill from china
Adam76jammi: I mean the open source files, have they been fixed/revised to address the issues in the blog post?
jammioldmanbeefjerky: so, get a cheap shitty premade one then, and learn what you need to order for the more expensive one
oldmanbeefjerkyplus i doubt i even could without paying like $1k in shipping
DJHenjinoldmanbeefjerky, take a look at this video and it's following videos
gthx => Fixed Gantry CNC Router Build Part 1 => 1 IRC mentions
jammibuilding a cnc machine is almost as much of an undertaking as rebuilding an old car
DJHenjinyou can easialy get a metal shop to do all the welding and fabrication of the parts, and it shouldn't cost terribly much, but if you have a friend who is a welder you will pay probably 1/2 to 1/4 as much
DJHenjinjammi, not really. they are pretrty simple
jammi"just a little straight-forward fix" -> "end up spending 1000x more time on it than you thought you would"
oldmanbeefjerkynah, ill buy one, this is the sort of mill im after anway
oldmanbeefjerkywould be rather difficult to build myself
jammiDJHenjin: if he's rather buying one and not really having much time and interest in buying one, it's definitely going to end up as something taking years to complete or maybe never completing
DJHenjinthat's a drill press with a CNC table on it,
oldmanbeefjerkymy school lied to me
jammiyeah, the shittiest of the shitty
oldmanbeefjerkythey said it was a CNC mill and it was too complex to let me use
DJHenjinoldmanbeefjerky, CBeam by openbuilds should do what you need
jeffdm_Ouch that is a drill press spindle
DJHenjinbe about 1300 set up
jammiI'd still say just get a really cheap one, then either improve it or learn from it about what you really want
DJHenjinbut it is a kit you have to assemble, not nearly as hard as building a CNC from scratch, but you still have to assemble it, which could take a couple days
jammiit's a very bad idea to go build your own without having any prior experience of using one
oldmanbeefjerkyso, even the tormach pcnc 440 is shit :(
jammiyou'll just end up with features you thought you'd like but end up hating
Adam76jammi: So there's no open source version of the fixed Mezi board?
DJHenjintormach is a good brand.
oldmanbeefjerkybut thats a drill press not a real cnc like you said
DJHenjinthat machine is capable ot what you need. but it is very low end machine
jammiAdam76: sure, go ahead and build one. the chinese fabs are churning out the same old stuff they've always done, hence being cheap
Adam76jammi: And that's the cheapest board there is - the Melzi?
Adam76jammi: Right, but I'm looking for the version with the outlined issues in the blog - fixed.
DJHenjinyeah, that is a machine that is designed to be a CNC machine, it isn't a drill press that they put a CNC table on
oldmanbeefjerkywhat are the pcnc 440s weaknesses then if its low end
DJHenjinit won't be as fast as a larger machine, it will be limited in terms of cut depths
oldmanbeefjerkythat all?
DJHenjinpretty much,
DJHenjintormach know what they are doing
oldmanbeefjerkywhats the cut depth?
oldmanbeefjerkyfor that model
DJHenjinthat depends on the material, and I haven't got any hands on with one
oldmanbeefjerkycan it do steel, if only slowly?
jammiAdam76: that's not quite how it works
oldmanbeefjerkyhere i was thinking id have to spend $10k+ for a steel one
oldmanbeefjerky10K and like several tons
DJHenjinbe prepared to spend money on endmills,
oldmanbeefjerkyi only need to mill small stuff
Adam76jammi: I don't follow what you mean?
DJHenjinespecially as you start, you will probably end up with a sizeable collection of broken ones
oldmanbeefjerkylike, metal components for 3D printed things
jammiAdam76: manufacturing something cheap means making the same design over and over and over again in huge volume, because the expensive part is the setup, and how many of each component you stock. getting 100k components is much cheaper than getting 1k components is much cheaper than getting 10 components
Adam76jammi: I get that... I'm asking if there's a link to the fixed open source version?
Adam76jammi: The blog outlined several issues...
jammiAdam76: what do you mean? the blog has the link to it iirc
jammiAdam76: you'll just have to have it made. the chinese are just churning out whatever they setup their production line with many years ago
Adam76jammi: That's what I'm trying to do. A one off, but I don't see a link to the fixed PCB design
jammithey're not going to be bothered to change it until people end buying the boards
DJHenjinoldmanbeefjerky, I would recommend picking up 2 or 3 of each endmill you buy when you buy one, so that you have spares
Adam76jammi: Here is the blog, where is the link to the fixed PCB design?
Adam76I only see the wiki page link
DJHenjinnothing worse than working on a part, breaking your endmill, then being unable to finish it because the endmill is in 30 pieces
jammiAdam76: right, but if you're going to make one of those, you're going to spend much more than getting a nicer board in the first place
jammiAdam76: since I bet you're not going to make let's say a million of them
oldmanbeefjerkyDJHenjin do you think the pcnc 440 could do fairly small precise stuff?
Adam76jammi: I'm just curious that is all - is there an updated version out there?
DJHenjinoldmanbeefjerky, easily,
Adam76jammi: I don't see a link on google anywhere for Scott Rider's version, unless I'm mistaken
Adam76jammi: Or maybe I should be asking a different question - is there a better board out there for Marlin?
Adam76Any help appreciated
oldmanbeefjerkyand, any problem with steel? that cant be solved by slowing the mill down of course
DJHenjinAdam76, RAMPS 1.4
DJHenjinplus mega
jammiAdam76: yeah, like basically any board, and like I said earlier, you're getting ramps bundles cheaper than the melzis
oldmanbeefjerkyso basically, good detail on steel too?
Adam76But that's 8 bit right?
Adam76I am interested in 32 bit for a delta
DJHenjinI got a RAMPS board with drivers, LCD and mega for $50 CAD a couple months ago
jammiDJHenjin: they're around 25€ now
DJHenjinnot here jammi
jammiwithout lcd, something like 13-14€
oldmanbeefjerkyguess im saving up for the tormach PCNC 440
jammibare board without mega2560 and stepper drivers; <5€
Adam76Ok but those aren't 32 bit
jammiDJHenjin: sure, this is with free shipping from china, meaning 1-6 weeks for shipping. sometimes more
DJHenjinI won't buy electronics that get anywhere near mains from china
jammiAdam76: no, mega2560 is an 8-bit mcu just like mega1280. the difference is just how much flash memory they have (256k vs 128k)
Adam76jammi: Ok well what's the best 32 bit board for marlin?
oldmanbeefjerkyoh hey, whats a "4th axis" for? will that let me mill in 4 dimensions?
jammiAdam76: dunno, I have no interest in such things
DJHenjin4th axis are generally rotary tables on the CNC table, they allow making more complex parts
jammi32bit marlin is barely experimental at this point
DJHenjinnot something you want when just starting out
oldmanbeefjerkyso like, for milling something like a dice?
DJHenjinkinda, but it will only get you access to 4 of the sides
jammioldmanbeefjerky: no, more like milling something like gun parts
oldmanbeefjerkyyeah i know
jammicomplex parts that need to be continuously turned while you machine them
oldmanbeefjerkywhich gun parts exactly?
DJHenjinAR 15 lower could benefit from it
oldmanbeefjerkyso like a ball joint for example
DJHenjinas you would only need to re-adjust stuff once
DJHenjinor, dare I say it, a ball on a stick
jammiand complex gears and stuff like that
oldmanbeefjerkywhat kind of gears need it?
DJHenjinheringbone gears
DJHenjinwhere the teeth aren't straight
oldmanbeefjerkyah i see
oldmanbeefjerkywith normal gears are gear cutter heads used or just a fine endmill to cut a disk?
DJHenjinrough the shape, then use a fine endmill to cut the teeth
jammigear cutter bits are for 4th axis typically
oldmanbeefjerkyim gonna make so many gears, printing them is shit
oldmanbeefjerkyah right
oldmanbeefjerkythe center hole on printed gears is always a little off, so i cant even drill it out
oldmanbeefjerkywithout precisely measuring dead center
oldmanbeefjerkyplus plastic so, GL press fitting anything i printed
jammia 3-axis machine is not going to be much better than 3d printing to make gears
jammicould even be worse
oldmanbeefjerkyeven if im milling nylon?
oldmanbeefjerkywith super fine bits
jammithe materials can be better, but you're not going to get as complex shapes and the precision will be similar
oldmanbeefjerkyyeah im fine with that then
jammiand if you're into precision gears, it's going to be much more cost-effective to just buy ones
oldmanbeefjerkyor injection mold them XD
jammiif you're going to make a million of each, yes
oldmanbeefjerkynah for like really fine gears
jammithe mold's going to cost as much as a really good mill
oldmanbeefjerkynah, i mean milling a mold
jammilikely not "a", especially if you don't have experience of making a few hundreds of them to get the hang of it
jammi..or education equivalent of it
jammiand it's still not likely to be a single-shot thing, which is one of the reasons it's so expensive
jammimill, get it into the injection molding setup, test, fail, repeat many times
oldmanbeefjerkyit just occured to me that the smallest ill probs ever go is like, lego fine
oldmanbeefjerkyeven for really small stuff
DJHenjinbuy a lot of fine endmills
DJHenjinthose things break if you look at them funny
jammilego is like super precision stuff
oldmanbeefjerkyi meant the size though
jammimeans investing a few million to make a single brick model similar in quality
oldmanbeefjerkywould it be easy to make gears of the modulus or whatever of lego?
jammiwhich is also why the lego knockoffs are so shitty; they're not getting their return on investment if they'd invest that much
oldmanbeefjerkynot compatible with lego, just, of that tooth/diameter ratio
jammialso why legit lego are so expensive even if they make huge volumes of them
oldmanbeefjerkyi have made a lot of stuff out of lego and a lot of RC stuff i mess with uses a similar size
oldmanbeefjerkyi dont know what the standardized size/modulus/pinion-thingy would be
oldmanbeefjerkyive printed gears that worked with lego
jammithere's no "the"
Adam76jammi: Would this require an additional board?,searchweb201602_5_10065_10344_10130_10068_10324_10547_10342_10325_10546_10343_10340_10548_10341_10545_10084_10083_10618_10307_5722316_10313_10059_10534_100031_10103_441_10624_
oldmanbeefjerkynot well but, they worked
jammialso, rc gears are super cheap as is
oldmanbeefjerkybut two of them meshed well together
DJHenjinAdam76, that's still an 8 bit board, but no it does not need anything else
oldmanbeefjerkyvery well actually
jammiAdam76: no
Adam76DJHenjin: Thanks, didn't realize.
oldmanbeefjerkyif what is printable is the res limit of a PCNC 440, then im happy with that
jammiAdam76: or well, any of them "require" an external mosfet board for the heated bed
Adam76jammi: Ahhh
Adam76jammi: This page doesn't list which boards are 32 bit... :(
jammibecause its 32bit support is merely experimental
oldmanbeefjerkyoh hey, is it easy to use a cnc mill like a drill press?
Adam76So marlin doesn't really support 32 bit? Is Prusa running on 8 bit?
oldmanbeefjerkyi dont own a drill press
jammihence, the selection of available stuff years from now is going to be vastly different, when they're maybe into stable 32bit
DJHenjinit can be once you learn a bit
oldmanbeefjerkyi mean like with on board controlls and such
oldmanbeefjerkyor will it need a dedicated computer at all times
Adam76jammi: years from now is in the future :)
DJHenjinyeah, once you know what you are doing it gets easy
oldmanbeefjerkyoh good
Adam76jammi: Are you saying Marlin doesn't support 32 bit too well?
jammiAdam76: obviously. they don't have super predictive powers
oldmanbeefjerkydo endmills mill down or just sideways?
DJHenjinAdam76, marlin is not built for 32 bit, if you must have 32 bit go for a smoothie board and smoothieware
jammiAdam76: that's one way to put it, but not even that
oldmanbeefjerkylike, if you wanted to mill a concave shape, would you start by inserting a drillbit then it expands it layer by layer
jammiand all of those boards listed are 8-bit
DJHenjinoldmanbeefjerky, both, but sideways is easier to get done than straight down,
DJHenjinyou typically have to do what is called peck drilling to go down straight
Adam76DJHenjin: All the smoothieware boards on aliexpress are $50+ it seems.
DJHenjinAdam76, you get what you pay for, but I mean the legit smoothie board
jammiAdam76: no, churn out >$100 for a smoothieware board. the ones on aliexpress have no support and smoothieware people won't support them
oldmanbeefjerkyim gonna start putting a 3rd of my paycheck into my savings, after 6 pays i should have enough for that tormach
jammiyou're on your own with them basically
oldmanbeefjerky(im paid monthly XD)
Adam76jammi: Is only the main smoothie board open source or are there other?
oldmanbeefjerkybtw is that normal, when on a salary, that you get paid monthly?
jammiAdam76: it's up to the manufacturer to support the board. the chinese have no support, the sellers barely know what they're selling
oldmanbeefjerkythis is my first proper job
jammiif you make your own, it's you supporting it
DJHenjinoldmanbeefjerky, depends on where you are
Adam76jammi: yes I get that. I'm asking if there's only 1 smoothieboard that's open source? the main one?
Adam76or are there more open source smoothieboards?
oldmanbeefjerkyim an instrumentation technician trainee
oldmanbeefjerkygas sensors and such
oldmanbeefjerkyand all the free lithium batteries i want!
DJHenjinsend me some!!
oldmanbeefjerkywell, inflated/broken
jammiAdam76: there are probably many, but it doesn't change a thing
Adam76jammi: Are you sure? I can't seem to google up any.
Adam76Only the main one
oldmanbeefjerkytheres 2 types, one is a hige 20Wh single cell (hopefully it multi-parallel)
oldmanbeefjerkythe other is a board with 3 cells on it which can be safely desoldered
jammiAdam76: you could make breadboard style boards out of any of the supported mcu's
oldmanbeefjerkythe former once it inflates canot be fitted into the sensor its for so its binned
jammiwhich counts as open source, since there are many such documented
oldmanbeefjerkyso its binned if it puffs up, regardless of if its capacity is diminished
Adam76jammi: I know. I'm simply wondering how many open sourced smoothie boards there are out there.
oldmanbeefjerkyi have a lipo at hole which puffed up yet still has almost full capacity
oldmanbeefjerkyits a 3S battery
oldmanbeefjerkybrand new
jammiAdam76: countless until you count them? re-arm is another
oldmanbeefjerkyno idea why it puffed up
lowrizzleAdam76: smoothie is a firmware, the board just runs it
oldmanbeefjerkybut it was to no detriment to the battery
lowrizzleso the answer is kinda larger than the question
lowrizzlethere are a bunch of boards that run smoothieware, there's one smoothieboard
Adam76lowrizzle: I only see arthur wolf's smoothieboard
Adam76That is open source
ccecil_there is only one smoothieboard...there are a bunch of smoothieware compatible clones
lowrizzleand there you go
Adam76so his board is the only one open sourced?
oldmanbeefjerkyanyway, once batteries reach a certain age, or show signs of inflatation, they bin them
ccecil_Adam76, no
lowrizzlewell, the spec and firmware is open source
oldmanbeefjerkyso, they are still usable for me :)
lowrizzlei don't know if you're asking the right question
lowrizzleor what you're even on about
ccecil_technically anyone using the fw is supposed to opensource their work
oldmanbeefjerkydepends on the license
jammilowrizzle: he's thinking he can make his own cheaper
jammilowrizzle: without understanding the basics of these things
gthxsmoothieware is a firmware for 32-bit printer control hardware. It was written for Smoothieboard. There is an IRC channel for it at #smoothieware and its website is and is also bae
Adam76ccecil_: Are there any other "smoothieboards" out there that are open sourced?
ccecil_Adam76, there are no other "smoothieboards"
Adam76boards that run smoothie
ccecil_there are many smoothieware compatible clones
ccecil_many are OS and contribute to the project...some are not and do not
Adam76ok, I can't find any open sourced boards on google... maybe I'm not looking correctly
gthxazteeg is and is also and is also
Adam76Azteeg is open source?
Adam76I don't see any schematics
lowrizzleare you actually thinking you have the stuff to mass produce smd boards of good quality based on a spec
ccecil_I don't know much about them :)
oldmanbeefjerkyif a board supports marlin i dont know how much more opensource it could get
lowrizzledo you fab complex boards already
Adam76I'm not looking to mass produce
lowrizzlewhat are you on about then
lowrizzlewhats your desired result
ccecil_you can breadboard up a smoothie compatible board :)
Adam76I am looking at getting or making an open source board
lowrizzlebuy a smoothieboard
lowrizzlethey make those you know
ccecil_smoothieboard is about as open as it gets :)
lowrizzleyou are not going to make one
Adam76Ok that's great. I want to compare features of boards that are open source
oldmanbeefjerkyi used to use a printrboard
Adam76So I'm wondering if there's anymore boards out there that are open source that run smoothieware
oldmanbeefjerkyit did marlin, worked nice
Adam76ccecil_: Do you know if smoothieboard by arthur wolf is the only open source board that runs smoothieware?
ccecil_yes...I do is not :)
jammiAdam76: you're asking the same questions over and over again like you'd understand the answer better the more it's repeated to you. it doesn't work like that
Adam76jammi: No, I just keep getting the wrong answers... like about "mass production"
Adam76Never said I'm planning on mass producing anything.
jammiwhich means you don't understand, you have a huge valley of learning gap to cover to understand the answer
jammiand you have to educate yourself, it's not like we're your dedicated teachers for that
lowrizzlemaking one is going to cost dude 10x buying a board
lowrizzleso just indulge him
lowrizzlewhy not just reference the actual smoothieboard spec
lowrizzleits free and published and what the author had in mind hardware-wise when he designed the firmware
ccecil_breadboarding isn't bad...but glitchy...that isn't the point though
Adam76lowrizzle: You're absolutely right. However I am interested in seeing and learning how others have modified it.. if any have.
lowrizzlei had amazon deliver me a mks sbase for less than $60 overnight (no shipping) that runs smoothie really nicely
lowrizzleit's bad that they don't contribute to the project, but i wouldn't try to implement the board in HW
Adam76Hence why I asked if there's anymore open sourced boards that run smoothie.
ccecil_it isn't open
lowrizzlei have 4 boards running smoothie in the house fwiw
lowrizzleone genuine, two mks, and a cohesion3d in my co2 laser
Adam76cohesion3d isn't open sourced right?
lowrizzlei would never entertain the notion of drawing lines of my own, literally, to make a board
lowrizzlei doubt it
lowrizzleemail dude and ask him
lowrizzlei didn'
lowrizzledidn't make it
Adam76kinda sucks people are ripping off designs and keep it closed source
lowrizzlewell, i don't disagree
lowrizzleat the same time, if you publish a free open source firmware, you have to expect people to implement it
ccecil_not exactly ripping off is their own...but the firmware is what they use
ccecil_lowrizzle, issue really wasn't that...the irritation comes when we need to handle their support as well :)
jammiand schematics aren't really a board design either
ccecil_not OS'ing is only part of it
lowrizzlewhy would they handle it, mks and c3d should
ccecil_lowrizzle, runs smoothieware
ccecil_and if we don't we get slammed online
lowrizzleit dillutes it i agree
lowrizzlei only bought knockoffs because 1) the mks are backups and 2) the c3d is plug-and-play for k40 lasers
ccecil_getting swamped with issues on a board we can't troubleshoot if we wanted to :)
lowrizzleeven the traces were lines for the stock k40 board's standoffs
ccecil_or at least...I won't
ccecil_lowrizzle, so does a smoothieboard :)
lowrizzlei never even moved my laser with the stock board, i just fired the tube and did the conversion straight away
Adam76ccecil_: I don't think they get it...
ccecil_well...there is a cutout for it :)
lowrizzleAdam76: no, we get it, and we got it before you came in here telling us we didn't
ccecil_lowrizzle, I am using a smoothieboard in the k40 I am working on...I use the term working very loosely
lowrizzleits why i told you to just buy a smoothieboard to begin with
lowrizzleit was one of my first suggestions, my only good one in fact
Adam76My intension is to custom design a board. I want to see and inspect other open source boards
lowrizzleim working on my steel engraving workflow now
lowrizzleand uh
lowrizzleworkpiece holding and alignment
lowrizzleand resolution
lowrizzleccecil_: i would probably just smoothieboard it now that i know, i had to replace a stepper driver on the c3d from the beginning
lowrizzleand it had a bad microSD card, so the savings vs genuine were nil
lowrizzlethe board also runs GRBL though, which was a draw when i bought it
ccecil_bot doesn't know em :)
lowrizzlein reality preaching about ideology here is kinda moot, most of these people are here to print groots
lowrizzleand none of the groot models are licensed
lowrizzleit's groots all the way down in fact
lowrizzlemcrib: i am groot
mcriblowrizzle: I am in the config, that way i am groot. makes a kit, i was gifted said kit... it's a prusa i3 v2
Cyber_AkumaWe are groot?
jammiI am groot
MikeeeI am batman
gthx => I am Groot! Compilation - Guardians of The Galaxy Movie => 1 IRC mentions
Cyber_AkumaI am Sparticus
Foosball_Patriotoh boy
MikeeeI am jack's medulla oblongata.
Cyber_AkumaI am Legend
lowrizzlemcrib: i'm the goddamn batman
mcriblowrizzle: Goddamn it, i'll get a the relevant parts in the bag implodes.
MikeeeI am not amused.
Cyber_AkumaI am Dad
MikeeeI R Babboon
ccecil_This is why you all had to stay late after class
DJHenjinI never had to,
lowrizzlemcrib: isle of man
mcriblowrizzle: Man is a list of things to change. There are some controverial vets that basically say most of his show tricks lol.
DJHenjinmcrib, fuck you
mcribDJHenjin: Haven't figured out i just meant you could you help me finding where the hotend cabling is a giant fuck you up.
lowrizzlemcrib: real shushi sandwiches from a real shushi lady, with shushi meat, peaches, and guacamole.
mcriblowrizzle: I bought the k40 and a lot of meat.
lowrizzlei've never engraved meat.
lowrizzlei have engraved tortillas.
lowrizzlei suppose you could laser-jerkey pre treated beef
lowrizzlei was thinking you could cut and char white oak in one go earlier, so why not.
lowrizzlethere's a vid of some japanese dudes photographing bacon, processing the image, and only laser engraving the fat sections
DJHenjinwho says you can't put nitro on a foamie
gthxbeer is "Cause of and solution to most of life's problems." - Homer Simpson and is also apparently a decent thing to spray on your printbed for adhesion and is also good
DJHenjinscotch tonight lowrizzle
lowrizzlei don't know nitro going into a foamy scotch
DJHenjinno no no, I thought you were asking what I was drinking
DJHenjinNitro engine on a foamie plane
lowrizzlei had to think about that in a few ways before it registered
lowrizzlefoam core airplane model, nitro burning motor
lowrizzlei was going toward why do you need nitro in a foam trailer
lowrizzlei know 0 about either!
DJHenjinthe TLDR of it is, foam melts
lowrizzleyou don't say
lowrizzlebut i suppose if you contain the thermal envelope you can make the frame out of it
DJHenjinit's actually not difficult to put a nitro engine on a foam plane,
DJHenjinpeople say it cannot be done because they don't know that fast flowing air cools the foam to a point where it won't melt
lowrizzlepeople said we couldn't put a man on the moon and we're still arguing about it
DJHenjinyeah well, you and I know the truth in that one
lowrizzleyea, kubrik is a genius
lowrizzlenah we went there
DJHenjinof course we did, it would have been impossible to fake back in the 60s
lowrizzleand the site still stands, among a lot of other data
lowrizzlewhat isn't conspiracy is that the race to the bottom won out though
lowrizzlei bought a cr-10 knockoff, a rip off of a cheap printer, for $330 shipped, and it'
lowrizzleit is my most reliable printer now
lowrizzlereally well dialed in, mechanically sound, super cheap
DJHenjinI was my printer was that cheap
lowrizzlesomeone today got a replacement extruder that was a 2nd generation copy of the e3d titan and didn't get how meta it was that they got a copy of a copy
lowrizzleand they're going to dual extrude and it'll probably work fine with it
lowrizzleit was a tevo/triangle labs/tevo extruder with e3d engineered on the plastic
lowrizzlepainful to see because all the guys on facebook had no clue
lowrizzlethey're just buying printers and making better looking shit than i put out in my first few years of dialing in
DJHenjinI think I even produce better prints than you in a faster period of time
lowrizzleprobably, i make ugly prints
crunchthis chan is so nerdy
lowrizzleeat a fish taco
lowrizzlefrom del taco
lowrizzlethey are fantastic
DJHenjinor some wasabi peas
lowrizzlelaser engrave some bacon idk, whatever centers you
lowrizzlei'm pretty nerdy i guess
DJHenjinif I had a laser I so would
DJHenjinwasabi nose is not fun
sensilleI don't get the idea behind 'jerk'. I can understand jerk as the derivative of the acceleration, but as a 'jump to speed'?
sensilleeither the system can accelerate that fast or it can't
DJHenjinjerk apparently isn't implemented correctly in marlin, and doesn't really mean what it means in physics
Mikeeeisn't jerk just the play in the system while the motor accelerates
DJHenjinno, it is meant to be instantaneuos speed change threshold
lowrizzlejerk is how fast you can accelerate
sensillein my understanding it can only put the energy into the frame, which in turn gives it back as ringing
lowrizzleit's not accelerate, its an espression of acceleration
lowrizzleif your frame causes ringing it is moving on an axis
lowrizzleits not square
lowrizzlejerk is how fast you can multiply an acceleration along an axis iirc
lowrizzlehow fast you can ramp it up
sensillethat's the physical meaning, yes
sensillebut the term is misused in marlin
DJHenjinAmeisen knows more about it as he has actually played with it in marlin
lowrizzlei have not used it in marlin, i know it through parker controls
lowrizzlenot tuned it, i've set it obviously
bastardguten morgen!
sensillemaybe it's misused everywhere...
sensillepaker looks like a company that should know what they are doing...
sensillelowrizzle: how is parker connected to 3d printing? are you using components from them?
lowrizzlesensille: they are linear motion control, so they use jerk, accel, relative and absolute motion etc
lowrizzlejust meant to be scaled up for industry instead of groots
sensilleyes, i've found their website
lowrizzlei work with large linear actuators professionally and 3d print as a hobby
lowrizzlei have never tuned my accels or velocities or jerk and i've printed since 2014
lowrizzlei just trusted the machine makers but i guess my prints are kinda shitty
sensillei'm very new to printing, but my impression is that the software could do much more to control the quality than it does now
lowrizzlethe software is pretty good versus other cam in other mediums
lowrizzleif you want to cut out stuff instead of make it, that's been thought of a million ways
sensilleone could build a really really sturdy frame and let the software jerk around, or make the software smarter to better control the motion
lowrizzleif you have real insights into slicing the world would like to know, i have a few suggestions to make splitter-style dual extrusion simplier for single solid parts
lowrizzle3d printing is really comedy
sensillei'm still trying to understand the physics...
lowrizzleit's tragedy plus time
lowrizzleso, i have put up free parts on thingiverse for years, like, since 2014, lately, people have been using thingiverse as a way to get them printed
lowrizzleany of you had that? i cad'd a part, someone printed it and it was too tight
lowrizzlei felt responsible and loosened up the model
lowrizzlethen someone paid to have something i'm not proud of at all printed out
sensilleeverything I print is too tight, but I blame my printer
Mikeeelowrizzle its up to the user to measure shit
lowrizzleprint a calibration piece and measure it with cheap calipers
Mikeeeyou can just pull it up in an editor and measure the holes and tolerances
lowrizzlesensille: ^^
lowrizzleyou can dial in easily
lowrizzleMikeee: i know, i just kinda feel somehow responsible
lowrizzleon the second part even more because i meant it to be 'measure these holes' and 'dont make this stupid thing'
gthx => Honda Ruckus battery box geometric plate by lowrizzle => 1 IRC mentions
lowrizzlei meant it to be the holes at top and along the bottom and you make the piece that fits with them
lowrizzlethe actual geometry was make lines and delete and raise and delete
lowrizzleon my last make that i meant to be for people with really tuned printers, someone sent away for 30
gthx => Better X-Wing Miniatures Movement Dial by lowrizzle => 1 IRC mentions
lowrizzlethey had to cut holes to make it fit
lowrizzlesuggest printers and not printing services i guess
LaminaePrinting services are a tough sell
LaminaeIf you are a average joe on 3d hubs a major failed print isn't a minor thing
LaminaeYou don't have the capital or production capability to just eat the cost
LaminaeBut that also mean as a customer you run the risk of getting screwed
lowrizzleim just glad i have a day job i guess
lowrizzlein this new economy one bad apple can seem to spoil the bunch
lowrizzlei'm just surpised people print my models and even pay for bad prints
lowrizzlei wanted to offer to print what they saw but i know that wasn'
lowrizzlewasn't the agrement
LaminaeThe struggle is real man
nytanyone print pcmax on printbite?
sensillenext stop on my journey through the physics: when the velocity of the head changes, the extrusion rate has to change accordingly. are there any numbers how fast the extruder can react? and isn't a bowden-style extruder much worse in that regard?
DJHenjinsensille, printed on a bowden, mine never suffers not being able to react fast enough
Mikeeesensille yes, but theres slicers and firmwares that work through pressure, not extruder distance
Mikeeethe benefits are negligible for most people so its rarely implemented
sensilleDJHenjin: nice idea brinting board games :)
DJHenjinwasn't my idea
DJHenjinjust my execution of it, those are all printed with 50 micron layers too
sensilleDJHenjin: at what speed?
DJHenjin60mm/s motion speed
DJHenjinbut I can get higher speeds now at the same quality
lowrizzleits about 6mm/s at 30-60 at average
lowrizzleper m
DJHenjinlowrizzle, you are making no sense
sensilleDJHenjin: nice. what is your printer?
DJHenjinheavily customized mendelmax 1.5
sensillelowrizzle: filament transportation rate?
lowrizzledisregard the last few minutes pls
lowrizzlei am drunk
sensilleMikeee: i imagine pressure is much harder to control through a bowden
DJHenjinnot if you set shit up right
Mikeeeyou just measure it and calibrate
sensillea closed loop would be nice. hotend with pressure sensor
Mikeeethat'd be kinda useless.
sensillewhy? doesn't the properties of the bowden change over time?
Mikeeenot really no
sensilleiirc someone talked about wearing them out here yesterday. getting loose after having printed some spools
DJHenjinthat's over a long long term
sensilleso I guess it all boils down to the quality of the bowden and the precision of the filament
DJHenjinreally it actually all boils down to having a head about your shoulders.
DJHenjinthink about things before you do them, after something goes wrong think about why, etc etc
DJHenjindon't just mindlessly change things without knowing what they do, and you should be in a spot to get great prints
sensillei'm trying to think as much as i can before ordering the first parts :)
DJHenjingood, you are starting in the right directino then
LaminaeI suggest trying to use items that are well documented
sensilleare there any?
LaminaeTroubleshooting uncommon or new to the market items is very difficult
sensillestepper motors and control, maybe
Laminaeextruders, hotends
Laminaee3d, bondtech, or similar
DJHenjinwhats up tonight
nlancastergot my new spool holder partially built for my prusa mk3
DJHenjinwell that's something!
DJHenjinfuck helly hanson thermals are warm
nlancasterfront bar will hold an LED strip to light the work area
DJHenjinlooks good
nlancasterclamps on with 4 m3 cap screws from below
DJHenjinI have to design something nice for my printer
DJHenjinI want to be able to use 3KG rolls
nlancasteri think this could use a 3kg roll
DJHenjinisn't that a 3 kg roll?
DJHenjinthat looks huge for 1kg
nlancastersmall printeR?
DJHenjinbig core on the spool methinks
nlancastertehy do have a pretty big core
DJHenjinlooks like half the spool is core
nlancasteryou can see the core in the first pircute
nlancasteri blame crunch for it.
DJHenjinI wonder if crunch would do a 10kilo roll for me at a discount
DJHenjinotherwise it isn't economical for me to order from him
DJHenjinprobably end up being $200 of filament, but would last a fucking long time
nlancasterhe does sell some 3-5KG jumbo rolls
DJHenjinyeah I know he sells those, but I want even bigger
nlancasterguy online runs a 25kg roll....
DJHenjinivan miranda?
nlancasterjust a sec
DJHenjinI think he had a 25 kilo roll too
nlancasterivan should tho
DJHenjinfor the big printer
gthx => 25 Kg Spool Handler for 3D Printer => 2 IRC mentions
nlancasterhe built a pretty neet feed system
DJHenjinfuck me that's huge
nlancaster25kg of 3mm
DJHenjinI am going to wait to see how he does it, but I have an idea of how I would handle that
DJHenjinyeah, he is designing it about like I would
nlancasterprox probes are overkill
DJHenjinyeah, but still, same idea I would use
nlancastershould have just used a hal switch
nlancasterstill silent
DJHenjinhal? or you mean hall effect sensor
DJHenjinwtf is hal
nlancasteri thought one L
nlancaster2 i guess. lol
DJHenjingoogle says two
nlancasteri guess we don't want a HAL 9000 situation
DJHenjinguy looks like he never gets proper dirty though
nlancasterbauers lab, no too freakign clean
nlancastermakes me think its fake
DJHenjinI spent yesterday crawling around in the dirt under a house trailer, this guy looks like he hasn't had an honest days work ever
DJHenjinrookie mistake there,
DJHenjinhe measured all his threaded rod cuts before cutting, he really should measure one, then cut, then measure the next, since material is lost in the cuts
nlancasterbut if he allwoed for some overage it won't matter
DJHenjinhe did, but it's still not proper
nlancasteri would have just cut one, then used it to measure the others if they were the same
DJHenjinif he gets into that habit, and then needs precise lengths later he will be screwed
nlancasteroh yeah he will
nlancasteri will admit i think in terms of nuts and bolts and smooth rods most of hte time.
DJHenjinand I overthink everything ;)
DJHenjinhasn't caused me issues yet
nlancasterwell you heard my screw up right?
DJHenjinsaved me from a lot of harm
nlancasterbeen working on that big corexy design i want to build
nlancasteri wipped the flash drive that had the design on it by mistake.....
nlancasteroh well, design again faster and maybe better
DJHenjindamn, he did the same again
DJHenjinhe's already in the habit
nlancastertell him :D
DJHenjinit's more entertaining if i don't
sensillenlancaster: there are a lot of rescue utilities out there...
nlancasteryeah, i tried 6 of them
nlancasterno big
nlancasterno hurry
nlancastergot a prusa mk3 in the mean time, to replace my cursed delta
DJHenjinif it's that badly cursed send it to me, I will get it running ;)
nlancasterdj you have witnessed all my troubleshooting i thought.
DJHenjinmy memory is rather short these days,
DJHenjintoo much meth a couple years ago
DJHenjinthat's real talk btw
nlancasterSo I am done. I have a Anycubic delta that has been extensively modified. After months of trying to figure out why only one tower has issues with lost steps I give up. Anyone willing to trying troubleshooting for money? I cannot make it to the next 3d printer troubleshooting session.
nlancasterHere is a list of the issues and attempts to fix it.
nlancaster1. Lost steps only happen in one axis on one tower, lost steps are prefectly in line with only Y tower. All other tower function perfectly.
nlancaster2. Repetier 0.92.9
nlancaster3. Printing from Repetier host or SD Cards have the same problem.
nlancaster4. Happens with original trigorilla board, and Rumba Basic board.
nlancaster5. Happens with a4988 driver and DRV8825 drivers.
nlancaster6. No apparent sound or issue when it happens.
nlancaster7. Saw the print being printed offset but there was NO audible pause, catch, or skip from stepper or belt.
nlancaster8. Happens on small prints, happens on big prints.
nlancaster9. Have not seen it happen on a vase print.
nlancaster10. happened before and after switch to magnetic ball joints.
nlancasterAttempts to solve,
nlancaster1. Changed to Rumba basic board
nlancaster2. replaced origonal a4988 with pololu official a4988
nlancaster3. tried generic DRV8825 drivers
nlancaster4. moved all motion components one at a time to different tower, X tower. ( moved stepper driver, and tested. Moved stepper and tested, etc.) All motion components linear rail, belt, pulleys everything have been moved one at a time.
nlancaster5. Tried different driver output buy moving stepper cable and endstop of Z tower connections on board.
nlancaster6. rebuilt firmware from scratch
nlancaster7. tried cura, slic3r (current and beta version), prusa slic3r,
nlancaster8. Printed from USB and from SD Card
nlancaster9. replaced belt with brand new belt.
nlancaster10. Rotated end effector.
nlancaster11. stepper driver vref from .2v - 1v have been tried.
nlancasterTrying to build a new printer, but I also need to get things printed before the new one is done and running.
nlancasterinfo dump
gthxSorry, I couldn't find an entry for dump
DJHenjinyeah, I recall that
DJHenjinjust needed a jog
nlancasterit is cursed
DJHenjinI still would be willing to give it a shot
nlancasteryou in the portland oregon area?
DJHenjinunfortunately no
sensillenlancaster: so you shouldn't reuse any parts for the new printer, curses are transitive
nlancasteryeah, new parts only for new printer
DJHenjinbut I would look at it for free, just the cost of shipping one way
nlancasterat this point nothing even printed on the old printer will touch the new build printer
sensillenlancaster: what do you mean by 'big design'?
nlancasterLaminae, says he wants to give troubleshooting it a shot
nlancaster350x350x400mm print volume
DJHenjinand he is closer I would assume
nlancasterbut could easily be expanded to 1mx1mx1m
sensilleso medium big, not crazy big :)
nlancasterLaminae, is in portland
nlancasternot crazy big
nlancasterbig for a home desktop machine
DJHenjindefinitely closer
nlancasteri sohuld drop it off at his house
sensillenlancaster: and have you already decided what to use for the frame? and whether to use linear rails or not?
nlancaster 25x25 and 25x50 aluminum extrusion. mgn12h linear
nlancaster3 z-axis steppers for deut bet leveling
sensillesteppers on top?
nlancasterhere is what it looked like before hte data loss
nlancasterwill be about the same
nlancasterbut the redesign is maybe making me think of doing something a bit different
nlancastermove the XY stage virtically
nlancasterleave hte bed stationary
nlancasterlike jeffdm_home did on his printer
sensilledo rails actually make things easier or harder?
nlancasterrails have to be mounted more then just top and bottom
nlancasterbut that will also allow the machine to be stiffer
DJHenjini need to calibrate the offsets on my machine :( not looking forward to that
gthxdelta is also: PDF explaining the delta kinematics
nlancasterbecause using the escher page will help alot
DJHenjinmine? god no
DJHenjinthat's why I want to play with yours
nlancasterso what offsets are you speaking of?
DJHenjinx home to X bed edge
nlancasterah, see i am not going to worry about it.
nlancasterjust going to use a bed that is larger then my xy
DJHenjinI need to cal shit so I can use my full bed
sensillenlancaster: and for x, do you just use the rail itself or is it supported somehow?
DJHenjinthe one on the right is my main workhorse printer
nlancastersensille, debating, rail plus .125 inch aluminum plate, or rail+2525
DJHenjinbetter pictures here, but not up to date really
nlancasteron the resdeign leaning towards 25x25 extrusion backing up the linear rial
nlancasterA-frame prusa!
nlancasterer mendal
DJHenjinmendelmax 1.5 heavily modded
LaminaeNick, i think if you're still set on that design you should mill some corner brackets for rigidity
nlancasterlamniea, you forget 3mm alumacore panel!
nlancasterit will stand and operate fine without the panels, but for high speeds and to enclose it will be paneled
LaminaeThat is some expensive shit
nlancasterwhat polycore, or alumacore?
nlancaster$150 for 4x8 ft
nlancasteralready have over 1k in parts for this new machine
nlancasterwell maybe not 1k
nlancasterdon't have a real total. lol
nlancasterdon't want to really know
DJHenjinI need to design a maker coin
nlancasternot alumacorr, i keep thining alumacorr, but it is a plastic cardboard type core in alumacore
LaminaeBecause i decided to throw in active z leveling i threw another 350 into railcore
nlancastersolid abs core
nlancasteraluminum on both faces
nlancasterLaminae, lol
Laminaeplus all my personal mods i'm defintiely over 1600
LaminaeI picket up a bunch of nema 17.9s and i have enough mgn rails laying around i think i'm going to build a laser engraver
sensillenlancaster: do you source the rails from aliexpress?
DJHenjina bunch? how many
nlancasterebay, but probably still chinesium
nlancasterbut if it needs it I can upgrade to hiwin later
sensilleoh, hiwin is _really_ expensive
nlancasterinfact i could have got another 50mm of travel if I ordered the rail after my steppers
nlancasterabout $500 for all the rail for the machine if I go hiwin
nlancasterso I am designing int he possbility of going to 500m Z rail
sensillewouldn't it be possible to solely rely on 3 properly constrained leadscrews for the z-axis?
nlancasterif they are prfectly straight
nlancasterif tehy aint straight it will wobble
sensillesame goes for the rails...
nlancastersure, but rail has the extrusion backing it up.
nlancasterso it could be striaghtened out.
nlancastershims or bending of the extrusion
sensillei have no experience, aren't good lead screws perfectly straight?
nlancasterbut as far as I can tell the extrusion and rails are perfectly straight
nlancastera screw is alot more likely to be bent then a rail
nlancasterso the trick with screws is you have to pull tension on the screw
nlancasterthen it might be striaght
nlancasterbut to pull tension it has to be a stiff frame
sensilleyou'd need a lot of tension for an 8mm screw, i guess
mozzarellathe bottom of my print is not as shiny as I would have liked
nlancasterclean the print surface
mozzarellait's like the glue has given it a matte finish
nlancasterbottom of my prints form prusa mk3, like a mirror
nlancasterglue does that
nlancasterdid you wash the glue off?
mozzarellaI think yes
DJHenjinyeah glue gives a matte finish
mozzarellawater should be enough, right?
gthxelmers is
DJHenjinwater and scrubbing
gthxhairspray is and and
nlancasterbecuase yes
mozzarellaDJHenjin: it's going to become shiny if I scrub it hard enough?
nlancasterif there is glue, it might become shiney if you wash off the glue
DJHenjinno, you need to scrub the bed good,
mozzarellaso I remove the glue? lol
mozzarellait won't stick then
DJHenjinit may become shiny if you scrub the print, but I wouldn't be on that
nlancastermozzarella, if there was too much build up on the bed it might not be shiny
DJHenjindo you have a heated bed?
nlancasterif i print on fresh glass wtih hairspray my prints are glossy on the bottom
mozzarellaI do have a heated bed
DJHenjinso why glue?
DJHenjinclean the glass off really well and you shouldnt have adhesion issues
DJHenjinI have never used an adhesion agent on my glass at all
nlancasteri printed on cold glass with hairspray
mozzarellaworks with every kind of plastic?
nlancasterprusamk3 is heated bed with pei
DJHenjinthen maybe clean the PEI?
DJHenjinIDFK, it should just work (tm)
mozzarellaDJHenjin: what kind of temperature should I set the heated bed to?
DJHenjinI run at 65C
DJHenjinfor PLA of course
mozzarellawhen your print cools down it's easy to remove from the bed, yes?
mozzarellaI had a hard time removing my print
mozzarellawith elmer's glue
DJHenjinmy prints cool down, and pop right off
mozzarellaalright, I will try that
DJHenjinbut I wash my bed after every print
sensillecan I cut linear rails or do I have to order them to length?
nlancasteryou can cut, but better to order to length as they are hard to cut. Hardend steel ussually
nlancasterok i am out peeps
sensilledoes anyone know a trusted supplier for linear rails on aliexpress?
DJHenjinjust slammed my knee into the edge of my desk
sensilleI read somewhere that the range from total crap to quite usable
gthxis is set a factoid
DJHenjinyour last comment makes zero sense
sensille"that they range"
sensilleis your knee better now?
DJHenjinfine enough, it wasn't that bad a whack
mozzarellais there such a thing as m2.6 screws?
DJHenjindoubt it
sensille2.6? 2.54?
mozzarellalook at this:
mozzarella"2 holes M2.6 screw depth max. 3 mm"
DJHenjinwhat about it
mozzarellamaybe it's a m2.6 hole for a m2.5 screw? lol
gthxmaybe is YES ‽ NO
mozzarellalol, was it really needed? I'm sure we would do just fine with just 2.5 and 3.0 and no intermediate size
DJHenjinima watch a movie now, and try to fall asleep
Z-catis there any simple prototype to use with TeaCup and UnoR3?
mozzarellasounds like a good plan
DJHenjinmaze runner FTW
DJHenjinnight all
Cyber_AkumaSeems the key to reducing my stringing was indeed increasing the retraction distance
Cyber_Akuma.... so far
Cyber_AkumaIt could suddenly go in the opposite direction for no reason
Cyber_AkumaIncreasing the distance to retract just make it string even more...and create thicker strings
XXCoderDJHenjin: am now
DJHenjinI can't even remember why I was asking if you were around
DJHenjinoh right
DJHenjinsome dude was looking for CNC stuff
DJHenjinand I remember you work at a place that does it
Cyber_AkumaI thouyght I was done with printer parts, but now I am looking at a stupid larger list of parts I might need >.<
DJHenjinXXCoder, you were born deaf yeah?
XXCoderyeah whats up
XXCoderare you a king that needs some deaf guard to secrets? my pay rate is $100 a hour hazard pay, $50 a hour otherwise
DJHenjina lot of personal questions that I would feel better about asking when sober
XXCoderlol ok
DJHenjinsince then I stand a chance of actually remembering the answers
DJHenjinmostly things you have probably heard a thousand times before
Nebukadneza»heh, you don’t need TMCs« scnr
DJHenjinwell hey there Nebukadneza
Nebukadnezahello mr strange-man-dj :-)
DJHenjinoh come on, I ain't _that_ strange
Nebukadnezayour name says so, though
Nebukadnezacan’t help it …
DJHenjinactually it's mischief
DJHenjinDJ mischief
DJHenjinat least that is what my sister says
Nebukadnezadepends on how its written i guess, but i think the first association would be strange-human
DJHenjinjap and sneeze?
DJHenjinor shall I say, japanese
DJHenjinactually I used to call it yap and sneeze as a joke
DJHenjinI just mistyped
defsdoorI have some cheap hictop white pla that performs really well - cant find it anywhere now. It's not a vivid white, more of a milky white and I like it a lot. Can anyone recommend something similar (milky white pla)
DJHenjincheck out atomic
gthxatomic is atomic filament ( good stuff ) and is made by crunch ... REPRAP12 coupon for 12% off orders of 2 or more 1KG rolls (may only be used once per customer), no 3.5kg rolls or clearance items allowed for coupon use, please respect that, orders with 3.5kg or clearance items will be cancelled.
DJHenjindefsdoor, the proprietor of atomic filaments, crunch , is often in here, you could talk to him for the color you want possibly
defsdoorDJHenjin, does he have UK reseller now ?
DJHenjinno, but he has about the best filament around
defsdooryeah but no european channel - we've talked on here before about ordered a container load ;)
DJHenjinthat's a lot of filament
Nebukadnezai’d take a couple of spools of atomic-wild-fun
DJHenjini'd take a couple spools of meth
crankymy atomic filament will be delivered tomorrow
Nebukadnezacranky: whatever cool colors he has
crankycome to think of it I don't even remember what I ordered
crankyI ordered a PETG CF, Petg Matte gray and I think petg black
crunchwhat the fuck
XXCoderhey crunch how goes your city
Cyber_AkumaHmm, success, stringing is massively lower than it was before.... but still more than acceptable.... and I am worried about increasing retraction anymore.... maybe I can try recuding temps from 185 to 180 again
sensilleCyber_Akuma: I also got best results at 180 degree, the low end of what's possible with that given filament
XXCoderCyber_Akuma: from what I watched on tom's video, if you have ideal PLA settimg, only needed changes is lower fan, 1 mm more retract and hotter bed?
XXCoderforgot exactly details, theres recent video
Cyber_AkumaMy retract was already at .5, and I set it to 1
Cyber_AkumaAfter trying .7 and .8
Cyber_Akuma2mm would be kinda going too far
Cyber_AkumaIt's a direct drive
Cyber_AkumaI only want to temporarely get it to reduce stringing for now for some models I need to pfint for a friend
Cyber_Akuma..... since after that I am going to be replacing the bed.... and x-axis bearings.... and x-axis bearing blocks.... and extruder fan... and coldend assembly.... and the hotend... and the heating block... and the thermistor... and the heater cartridge.... and the parts fan... and the parts shroud... and adding z-axis supports.... and....
Cyber_Akuma.... well.... there will be little point in keeping my current settings is what I am saying
Laminaesound slike you're getting a whole new printer
Cyber_AkumaNah :P
Cyber_AkumaI mean, the control box is still the same
Cyber_Akuma..... exept for teh mosfet I installed.... and the reset jumper I removed....
Cyber_AkumaAnd the frame of the printer is still the same too
Cyber_Akumaalso the motors
Cyber_AkumaOnly reason I am reaplcing the heater block is because it's leaking like crazy
Cyber_AkumaAnd since I am already replacing the coldend and hotend, since the heater block that's currently encased in PLA is the only part left, might as well replace that too
Cyber_AkumaAlso, there are new types of thermistors that just screw in, my current kind is a very very fragile glass bead at the end of a cable
Cyber_Akuma... that requires a felt washer to attach so it dosen't short on teh heater block... a washer that might even be ruined now because it's encased in pla
sensilleCyber_Akuma: I'm using 2mm retraction at 40mm/s
sensillecoming from 6mm
durrf2my current i3 profile has 3mm retraction and its got a titan aero on it
durrf2(direct drive)
durrf2i havnt printed with it llately but last time i printed it was hunky dory
Cyber_Akumasensille 6mm? bowden? because that sounds massive for direct
sensilledirect, it was just some default or recommendation from anet, but 2mm works just as well. yes, direct drive
sensillemaybe I can go even lower, but currently I have no stringing at all
durrf2one thing that was causing really fine hair-like strings on two of my printers was Z-lift on retract
durrf2where it lifts the head every time it goes to retract
durrf2it would sit on the edge of a printed line as it retracted, then moved up, bringing up a fine hair of filament up with it where the nozzle was contacting the print
Cyber_Akumaz-list is off
durrf25 hours till the falcon heavy launch window
jammicool, along with the space car
jammiit'd be nice if more hackers had financial success, elon musks are rare essentially because most have the financial resources
jammi*most don't have
SpeedEvilWell, he got lucky too.
jammiyes, hence rare
SpeedEvilTesla and SpaceX very nearly couldn't make payroll at one point, and were going to die.
durrf2he didnt have any money
durrf2he was borrowing money from friemds and family to pay for food and rent and shit
durrf2but then both hit
jammidurrf2: he got a shitload of money along with paypal
jeffdm_homehe almost ran out of PayPal money
durrf2yeah but it was a very small % of the paypal money
durrf2but i mean when he was balls depe in tesla and spacex and neither had actually done much yet
SpeedEvilyeah - if it failed, he'd have been rich people broke.
jamminotch don't seem to have the balls to get to the next level, rather just living the easy life
jammiand doing twitter on the fuckyou-money level
durrf2he has a room full of candy
jammilet's see how it goes for BFR
jammiI think it's a pretty awesome concept and hope he makes it for the next mars transfer window
SpeedEvilIf I had significant money I'd be funding a BFR+S
gthxlaunchcast is
thewsgthx, info launchcast
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durrf2the launch is right after my lunch break
durrf2im gonna try to watch it but i know that right at T-30 seconds im gonna have a client come in and bother me with work shit
kraegar1:30 EST?
durrf2its gonna be big one way or another
durrf2cept if it gets scrubbed
jammiEnergia was my favourite heavy lift vehicle
jammiand the youtube launchcast description is kinda wrong regarding that
jammialthough buran was only 62 tons, energia launched 77 tons and was specced for 102 tons to lto, although it never used for a payload that hevy
durrf2im surprised i havnt heard more about the russian shuttle
jammithere was a lot about it at the time in popular science mags
durrf2soviet rather
durrf2i guess i wasnt as big of a nerd when i was a kid
jammiI was :)
durrf2i was a nerd but i guess i wasnt exposed to space stuff as often as i am now
jammisubscribed to a few science magazines as a source for that stuff before there were websites for that
durrf2im a huge space nerd now im printing a falcon 9 model and i just signed up to a space reddit gifts thing
durrf2this model is fantastic its almost a meter tall
durrf2i guess im gonna have to convert it to a FH though
jammiburan was more of what the US space shuttle was supposed to be, but thanks to the end of the soviet regime, the funding was cut
jammiand energia II would've been a recyclable rocket capable of landing on airfields, in the 90s
jammiand would've basically made buran obsolete anyway
jammibut the vtol nature of spacex recyclables is very cool as well
durrf2yeah i hope the two landings are gonna be really synrchonized
DrunkenDwarfHi all. I'm designing a second fan mount for my MK8 extruder cold end. I've seen many ducts on thingiverse wrapping round the heatsink and channelling underneath but im mounting a seperate fan. Should the airflow be directed to the throat, the heating block or the nozzle?
jammiwhat purpose would the fan serve?
Cyber_AkumaBah, adhesion failure
durrf2right below the nozzle if its a part cooling fan
Cyber_AkumaCleaned the bed off with alcohol and going to try a 180C print one more time, if it still fails then back to 185C and with higher retraction
Cyber_AkumaDrunkenDwarf: The point of those is to cool the plastic that was just extruded, so right below the fan
Cyber_Akumaright below the nozzle
DrunkenDwarfCyber_Akuma: perfect, thanks :)
DrunkenDwarfCyber_Akuma: i probably should have sked this bit first, whats the benefit of cooling that? better adhesion?
Valduarefalcon heavy launching today eh
oli-obklaunch? more like controlled explosion
durrf2its a very controlled explosion
Rob235my first wall! the shininess and supports make it look shitty in the pics but it came out amazing:
Rob235how do I stop those supports, is it the support to model spacing that I need to raise?
durrf2support options (at least in cura) have a minimum angle
durrf2if you increase the angle it will support only on more extreme angles
durrf2but tiny loose spports tend to fall over easily in my experience
Rob235well the edges are a 90 degree angle so its not that, I want the angle to be less than 90, I think if I change that spacing setting (its a makerbot at the library) since the overhang is only 0.75mm I can change that spacing to .8 and it should get rid of them
Rob235for some reason one face didn't print the supports and it came out perfectly
sideralagthx tell mutley i need da goods
gthxsiderala: I'll pass that on when mutley is around.
reifsnyderbseen mutley*?
gthxmutley85 was last seen in #reprap 4 days, 1 hour, 37 minutes, 14 seconds ago saying 'mm'.
gthxmutley was last seen in #reprap 6 days, 20 hours, 14 minutes, 44 seconds ago saying 'willmore: no worries'.
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Cyber_Akumaright, 180C does not seem to stick to the bed with my current setup
Mangy_Dogwhat material and what bed
Cyber_AkumaPEI and PLA
Mangy_Dognot sticking ? strange go a bit hotter on the pla though
Mangy_Dogand get the first layer down a little closer to the bed
sensilleare there any 3d file formats describing the objects as approximation of curved planes instead of vertices to get a better approximation?
bill2or3Cyber_Akuma: how warm is the bed?
bill2or3weird. that should stick well.
gthxamf is Unlike its predecessor STL format, AMF has native support for color, materials, and constellations.
gthx3mf is a silly format microsoft decided to push, current available objects in 3mf : 0 and is also
sensilleamf: The format uses a Face-vertex polygon mesh layout
sensilleand 3mf also seems to be based on triangles, have to take a closer look
gthxlaunchcast is
thewsLizards|Work, I want to slice my nurbs
Lizards|Workoh myyy
thewsdoes amf do nurbs?
thewsAn example of NURBS patches encoding a curved surface geometry precisely. The red dots are the control points of the NURBS.
AmeisenDJHenjin - what's up?
Ameisensomething about Jerk?
Ameisenthews - you were right
AmeisenI did motion modeling
Ameisenvelocities need to be scaled across all axes equally
Ameisenmotion is smoother otherwise, but not linear
thewsAmeisen, sounds like progress at least
AmeisenI think what linuxcnc does is adds curve segments near the end of their segments to transition
Ameisennot usable in 3d printing, afaik, since it would throw off flow calculations the slicers use
thewsAmeisen, youtube search machinekit 3d printer
thewsworks well
Ameisenisn't machinekit a low level platform to build off of
gthx => Arcus 3D printer at MRRF 2017 (video #3) => 1 IRC mentions
thewsAmeisen, machinekit was the fork of linuxcnc by tormach and others
thewsall of that motion planning from that video was for the fork
AmeisenI was under the impression it was a development platform
thewssome was put back
thewsported back*
AmeisenI still see an issue in creating curves like they do
Ameisenyou are changing the lengths of the segments
thewsyeah, but it's adjusted
thewsyou can tune it for your machine lash
AmeisenSure, it's just that some slicers make assumptions about flow characteristics over segmsnts
Ameisenif you change segment lengths/characteristics, you might get odd extrusion
thewsI don't think their way is the best way
thewsit's just the most practical that they could come up with
Ameisenit's a difficult problem
Ameisenyou can't do true smoothing of paths because you aren't linear
thewsAmeisen, slic3r actually has a setting to output gcode specifically for machinekit
Ameisenthough it's possible it still doesn't make it work perfectly
thewsbecause machinekit has an option to look at the line width
thewsand adjust everything perfectly for that line width
Ameisenmost of the gcode dialect options just enable/disable features/gcode options
thewswithout looking at all the E feeds
AmeisenI'll have to try it
gthx => Arcus 3D printer at MRRF 2017 (video #2) => 1 IRC mentions
thewsI think they're running the same board I have
AmeisenWhat are they usually running on
AmeisenI see ARM A boards like Beaglebones
samsagazwhich other hotend and extruder recommend for a new printer? e3d have 0 in stock :/
samsagazand titan extruder are out of stock too
samsagazi asked last night but cant see the log :/
thewsAmeisen, for 3d printers usually ARM
thewslike BBB or rpi 3
thewsbut shops are mostly using x86 with fpga cards
AmeisenI'm curious if anyone's done side-by-sides of quality between these firmwares
thewsfpga cards
thewsAmeisen, doubtful
thewsmaybe some old comparisons before the firmwares improved things
AmeisenDoes machinekit use a web interface, or something else?
Ameisen" If you’ve ever thought hard about how a physical printhead, with momentum, makes the infinitely sharp corners that it’s being told to in the G-code, this talk is for you."
AmeisenI know exactly how Marlin does it :P
Ameisenby coming to a stop on those axes, and then starting again
thewsAmeisen, uses a qt interface
thewscetus or machineface
AmeisenGood idea would be to use machinekit on the board, and then also have another board with my firmware
Ameisento compare againdst
Valduaresamsagaz: j-heads ofcourse
samsagazValduare, what about extruder?
thewsAmeisen, icebal and icecube45 both run machinekit I think
Ameisenok, this text version of the talk confirms what I figured they were doing
thewsas well as malcom2073
Ameisen"where the G-code said to make a sharp corner, the firmware would take a curved corner that’s close enough that it wouldn’t look bad, but also doesn’t require the nozzle to slow to a stop. "
AmeisenAdding a small enough curve that you don't notice it.
thewsprobably makes it more sharp than coming to a full stop
thewsooze considered
AmeisenIf the curve is small enough
Ameisencertainly should be user-defineable
thewsit is
Ameisenvery tiny segments would end up just becoming entirely curves
bpyeIt's such a great feeling when the printer is finally reliable enough that I can hit print and expect to actually get a usable part
bpyeInstead of having to fix 5 things first...
AmeisenI'm a little disappointed that they're still using trapezoidal motion
Ameisenand not s-curves
bpyeThere appears to some discussion on the klipper github about moving to s-curves
thewsMotion control features include: cutter radius and length compensation, path deviation limited to a specified tolerance, lathe threading, synchronized axis motion, adaptive feedrate, operator feed override, and constant velocity control.
bpyeTinyG can do it apparently too
Ameisenthere's two issues with s-curves
AmeisenI've analyzed it a bit
Ameisen1. There's no clean continuous formula ofr it
Ameisenthat is, it's non-trivial to generate reasonable delay periods for interrupts
AmeisenI've yet to succeed at it
Ameisenwhat I've been successful at is instead using the discrete formula, and running the interrupt at a fixed rate
AmeisenThere are, AFAIK, no public s-curve continuous formulae for discrete time periods
Ameisenthat allow variable tick lengths
Ameisenno papers on it, no documented algorithms
Ameisenit's a non-trivial problem, and I use that phrase gently - it's a _hard_ problem
AmeisenIf you have a fast enough CPU, though, you can use the discrete form.
tsalIs the discrete version "close enough"?
Ameisenthe discrete form will be accurate to within the timestep you choose.
AmeisenThe lower the timestep, the more accurate it is
AmeisenI usually choose a timestep roughly 1/2 the smallest expected gap between pulses
AmeisenHowever, the discrete form is very CPU intensive
Ameisenit is doing a LOT of processing all the time
Ameisenevery N microseconds/nanoseconds, it is calculating the current step for each axis, and seeing if it is time to step
Ameisenversus a continuous-discrete version, where you calculate the next step time, and just wait until then
bpyeAmeisen: Would it not be sufficient to approximate the s-curve as a series of trapizoidal movements?
Ameisenbpye - same problem
AmeisenIt's difficult to interpolate delay periods over a non-linear curve
AmeisenNote that trinamics controllers support that
Ameisenthey call it, IIRC, '7-step'
Ameisenor something
Gragagrogogorder a 10$ water pump from ebay, spend ~2 hours fixing the leaks and sanding the mold so the propeler does get stuck in the mold seams... pff
Ameisentheir fancy ones have s-curves
Ameisentheir less fancy ones do multiple-break trapezoidal
Ameisentheir cheapest ones support trapezoids and triangles
AmeisenI suspect they handle s-curves the same way I do
AmeisenThus why only the pricier units support it - they need a faster control chip
AmeisenIt's still one of the reasons I want to try designing my own control chip and selling it
Ameisenwill call it Quadnamic!
Ameisenbecause quad > tri
Gragagrogogcall it pentagram, penta > quadro
Ameisenbut penta is greek
Ameisenquadro is latin
NowhereManthen call it devil driver...
AmeisenLatin for five is quinque
Gragagrogogmath doesn't care
AmeisenMath usually uses greek
Ameisenthus, tetragram instead of quadrugram
Ameisentsal - I don't recall the last timestep I used on an ARM board, but it did have an FPU
AmeisenI haven't tried testing the discrete form on an ARM chip without an FPU
AmeisenI did test it on an atmega2560. It will need to be converted to fixed-point to have any chance of working acceptably there.
tsalcortex M4 and better then?
Ameisenstatic constexpr const uint32 pulse_width = 180;
tsalwhat unit is it?
Ameisenthe timer runs at 60MHz
Ameisenso, my current tick is 3 microseconds
tsalso an interrupt every 3 microseconds?
tsaland how long does the interrupt needs to finish?
Ameisendepends if the interrupt has to pulse or not
AmeisenI haven't calculated how long the interrupt takes on ARM
Ameisenon AVR, 'too long'
AmeisenIt's so far been fast enough to still allow me to input data over USB
AmeisenI do want to look into curve generation math a bit more
AmeisenWon't be usable on AVR, certainly
Ameisenhowever, wouldn't mind adding transitions to the end of segments
Ameisenthe ARM version currently runs on a Teensy
Ameisensince every damned ARM chip uses a different setup for interrupts and timers since it isn't spec-defined, it has to be rewritten for a different board
TheHexaCubesup nerds
natewalcko hai
tsaltimers I understand, but interrupts? Shouldn't it be the same across all processors with the same core?
AmeisenNope. ARM doesn't really define fully how this all works.
Ameisenit's left open for implementation definition
AmeisenARM M4 IIRC has some parts of interrupts specified
Ameisenlike priorities
Ameisenbut it isn't going to define how you set up the ISRs
Ameisenthat's something that's specific to the chip
Ameisenand they all tend to do it differently.
tsalyeah that is true
AmeisenI might be able to implement simple jerk-curves into Tuna/AVR
AmeisenI still have to replace the entire planner, which might give me enough cycles to do that
durrfan hour and a half till the window opens
gthxlaunchcast is
TheHexaCubehow likely is it that the rocket is gonna explode?
TheHexaCubeit's the first launch ever of the big one right?
thewsTheHexaCube, probably like 1 in 5 odds
thewsthere's more bad scenarios
sideralaidk you want me to text my ex gf she builds them
thewslike it separating when it's not supposed to
thewsand them having to detonate on purpose
TheHexaCubethews: well I guess the longer it stays in the air the better
TheHexaCubemore data to gather
TheHexaCubeI suppose
thewsdelayed to 2:50 now
sensilleAmeisen: very interesting. i'm new to 3d-printing and am still trying to grasp the physics of it. earlier i was thinking about the 'jerk' parameter and it led me to a similar path you just described
sensillewithout 'jerk', the head would have to stop after each gcode line to do even small turns
Ameisenthe Jerk parameter is used in Marlin, at least, when determining the initial speed of a segment
Ameisenit basically tries to 'start' a segment at the highest speed it can
Ameisenthough it takes the previous segment's end speed into account as well
sensilleso effektively the 'jerk' leads to an arc
Ameisenif you look at a velocity graph
Ameisennot in actual position
sensilleit might be better to call it arc instead
Ameisenmovement is by trapezoid, 'jerk' just specifies what velocity the trapezoid is allowed to start at
AmeisenI'm not a fan of the mechanism, but that's how it works
sensillethat's why i was asking for graphics formats using curves
sensilleand I was also thinking of taking a small fpga to do the calculations to control the steppers
sensilleespecially to get the timing off the cpu
thewsfpga stepgen
sensillehas it already been done?
sensilleso I'm a bit relieved I'm not on the completely wrong path here :)
durrfaww man the launch got delayed already
sensilledoes 'jerk' also mean it violates the maximum acceleration parameters?
thewsthere's some purists who believe using fpga's isn't opensource
jammiI don't think it works like this: "With three Falcon 9 cores, the acoustical noise generated by the launch is three times greater than a single Falcon 9 launch"
thewssensille, it can with firmwares like marlin
bill2or3sensille: jerk is exempt from the acceleration, so I wouldn't say it's violating them,exactly.
thewsjammi, it's not totally inaccurate
durrfone drummer makes a lot of noise
durrf3 drummers....
thewsdepends on where you're measuring the sound
bill2or3also a lot of noise, and too many solos.
thewsand if you're measuring simultaneously
durrfwhooo 80% off an 80 piece screwdriver kit from canadian tire
sensilleAmeisen: so are you trying to preprocess the gcode to smoothen it?
curiousthews: why using fpga would differ anyhow from using cpu ?
sensillein theory, a circle can be printed at maximum speed. are current firmwares doing this?
AmeisenMy preprocessor preprocesses the gcode to do a LOT of things
Ameisenthough it's not fully implemented
curiouslike ok, in case someone DIY etched his cpu in garage...
curiousbut diy fpga isn't impossible either
sensillecurious: because fpgas always have perfect timing
sensilleat least down to the ns
crunchpearl blue is bacl
curioussensille: i mean why some opensource purists reject the idea
thewscurious, for purists there's no free development stacks available
curiousand yeah, i know pros of using fpga's - timing, power efficiency, immunity to noise
sensilleah, ok, yes
thewsand there's lots of blobs int the chips
Lizards|Workugh where are my parts? that slow boat is too slooooow
thewsfpga can do lots of stuff parallel and instantly
thewscpus can't
ccecil_sensille, circle can't "print" at maximum speed..max movement speed and max print speed are 2 different things
curiouswell, no development stacks to fpga does not mean it is not opensource code, and you can just hand-craft it into PALCE or GAL device
ccecil_typically your machine can outperform your extruder
bill2or3good thing printers do one thing, serially.
thewscurious, that's why I said purists
thewsI'm not a purist
sensilleccecil_: what I mean is maximum configured speed, no need to print it slower than a straight line
ccecil_depends on the settings in your speed tab in the slic3r
curiouswell, it would be like claiming some visual basic program published being not opensource
ccecil_and if you are doing infill..perimeter..etc
curiouslike well, technically - yeah, if it does include proprietary libraries
curiousbut if it does not, like if can be ported anywhere - it is opensource and purism is bit misleading here
sensilleccecil_: my point is: if the circle is presented to the printer as a series of lines, it might not be able to tell that it can go full speed, and instead slow down after each segment
thewscurious, there are people who've reverse engineered the FPGAs for open source stacks to be available as well
ccecil_there are no "circles" in stl files
ccecil_always segments
sensilleyes, that's my point
ccecil_well..then it isn't a the point is moot :)
Lizards|Worktime is a flat circle
ccecil_firmwares can do arcs and such...slicers don't
thewsdon't all slicers do arc detection though?
sensilleso you're saying that a printer can't print circles
bill2or3/jerk is the speed-change, not just the start-from-zero change, so it's not going to slow down past that speed ..
ccecil_sensille, saying the gcode doesn't output circles really AFAIK
ccecil_slicer that is
thewsmost slicers quit doing arc outputs
thewsbecause firmwares acted up
curiousthews: well, verilog has opensource tools like icarus , and it can be compiled to any layout, even bunch of nand gates
curiousactually pure 74* chips step generator would be sexy
sensilleccecil_: I'm not content with that situation
durrfso do we know why the launch has already been delayed?
ccecil_sensille, fix back
ccecil_best of luck :)
sideralayeah what happened
ccecil_start with a model that isn't made of triangles
sideralait got pushed another hour
durrffucking weather
sensilleccecil_: that's why I was asking earlier for file formats not based on polygons
GrantM11235If you ask me, path planning should be done on a PC/raspi
thewsdurrf, I've been mentioning the delays
TheHexaCubewell we do have file formats containing actual object information, but those are all closed source afaik
TheHexaCubeie. iges and step
curiousthews: even more interesting
thewscurious, there's a few transpilers
ccecil_curious, for smoothie v2 the plan was to have the board interface with a papilio fpga board
curiouswell, you can even compile verilog to C (and back)
GrantM11235TheHexaCube: I think FreeCAD supports them, so I guess they can't be that closed
ccecil_curious, that one
thewsccecil_, is that still in the works?
ccecil_thews, of course :)
ccecil_most of the work going on is in FW though...hardware has been stalled while we work on other stuff
ccecil_everyone is pretty busy
ccecil_I suppose...if you use the term loosely
thewsI have to stall or give up on lots of things
ccecil_curious, thews
jeffdm_homeccecil_: does that FPGA do anything?
Raazeerhey all. Anyone know where I can get some decent V5 heatbreaks? I could only get ones where there are barely the threads filed off.
sensillebut first i need a hardware where it's worth putting tons of effort into the firmware...
ccecil_jeffdm_home, it the moment no
durrfRaazeer if you want to be certain, im sure you could find the authentic e3d heatbreak
BrandanoFalcon Heavy stream is starting
Raazeerdurrf, that would probably be for the best.
RaazeerBrandano, linkie?
Raazeersays here live in 110 minutes.
BrandanoOn PBS news
BrandanoWell, they had a static image until a few minutes ago, then some noise and a change of view
gthx => WATCH LIVE: SpaceX launches the Falcon Heavy, the rocket that could go to Mars => 1 IRC mentions
RaazeerBrandano, good, that gives me two views for later.
Raazeereven though they'll probably pirate the material of the official stream most of the time
thewsBrandano, still have to wait a while
Raazeeryou know, objects in a solar orbit can stay up for millions of years.
durrfBrandanoits been delayed twice
thewsthere's other livestreamers from the beaches
thews80 mins
feepotoh, probably weather scrub
thewsweather still looks good
thewswindow closes at 4:30 it hink
BrandanoI expect PBS either has its own cameras or has been allowed to use SpaceX material
RaazeerIf ever intelligent alien lifeforms come for a visit, probably long after humanity's turned to dust, their archaeologists will have one HELL of a time explaining that tesla up there...
RaazeerBoy would I love to listen to THOSE science discussions...
Brandanoit's not like SpaceX streams for the ad revenue. the more their stream is republished the more publicity they get
jammiso, 22:05 EET
BrandanoRaazeer: nah, easy, it's a religious icon
thewsjammi, 50
jammior 20:05 GMT
bill2or3Raazeer: they'll just ignore it, it's not even on the top-100 list of stupid things we've done.
Brandanoyou can tell easily that it's a matter of worship by the number of cars left
jammithews: "UPDATE: Liftoff window has been delayed to 3:05 p.m. ET. "
RaazeerBrandano, most likely guess, isn't it?
durrfthats the end o the window isnt it?
jeffdm_home3:15 now
jeffdm_home4pm ET end of window
durrfits not gonna launch today is it
Raazeerbill2or3, but it'll probably be the stupidest one that'll still likely be around it 10m years
thewsI don't have to come to the office tomorrow
thewsif they do launch tomorrow I can drive down and see it
Brandanothews: apparently it's not easy to get to a good viewing spot
jeffdm_homeI'm thinking the little launch slips is an indication they have reasonable hope but it seems to be getting close
Raazeerthews, I prefer the web stream, you get to see more.
BrandanoEveryday Astronaut just published a list of the best spots
thewsRaazeer, I watch that after seeing it in person
jammiany reasons for the reschedule?
thewswind shear
Raazeerjammi, the tesla wasn't fully charged yet.
Brandanojammi: because they can, it's likely to go wrong, and they want to try and make sure it doesn't
RaazeerBrandano, true, it's not like they have to hit any specific orbit today.
Brandanothey don't have a customer to make happy
thewsI don't think tomorrow's weather will be as good
RaazeerBrandano, they COULD have turned the tesla into the world's coolest amateur radio satelite, but NOOOOO, it had to be a solar orbit...
Brandanothe cool thing will be when they'll recover the tesla as a publicity stunt
jammiit's still silly they don't recognize energia as a more powerful rocket
RaazeerBrandano, that would actually be quite cool.
Brandanothey never said the most powerful rocket ever
jammias if only US launchers would count
Brandanothe Saturn 5 was more powerful, and so was the soviet Lun rocket
Raazeerjammi, has the energeia ever launched a tesla into orbit? No, it hasn't! So there!
jammiBrandano: they're claiming it's the most powerful since Saturn V
feepokay, after reflashing my cr10 it still won't take usb firmware updates
feepany idea why?
feepit's kind of annoying to have to open it up and plug in wires for every update
jeffdm_homeIt would be most powerful rocket *currently in service* they never said more
BrandanoHmm, I don't know if the Energia has ever flown in a more powerful configuration, maybe for Buran?
jeffdm_homeAnd when/if SLS EM-1 lifts off, then that crown is lost
BrandanoI believe the Shuttle also was more powerful. But neither had a bigger payload
jammiBrandano: the buran (62 ton) was under its capacity (102 ton)
jammiand the first launch of Energia was with the military satellite that was 77 ton
jammithat is, 102 ton to LEO
feepI mean, if that's the case ... any config options I should add that are not included in the cr10 by default?
feepsince I have a bunch of space free due to removing the sd card support
thewsenergia isn't as powerful in load capacity
jammiwhereas Falcon Heavy is only 64 ton to LEO
jammithews: it's more powerful
Nebukadnezafeep: which bootloader did you burn?
jammior was
thewsjammi, in thrust
thewsboosters had more thrust
feepNebukadneza: whichever was stock with marlin
sensillechanged filement and the new one is coming out very squishy, producing 1mm lines on first layer, even though it's rated at higher temperature
thewsbut less load capacity
feepI didn't realize I needed a specific one
thewsand load capacity matters
Nebukadnezafeep: there’s no „stock with marlin“ bootloader …
arthur-_BFR !
thewstons of thrust with a too heavy rocket doesn't matter
feepNebukadneza: arduino generated me a with_bootloader hex
Nebukadnezafeep: ah, then arduino might have done something for you …
Nebukadnezai hate that IDE thingy :(
jammithews: I don't understand your point. I think the point is how much it can carry to LEO
jammisince LEO is a good point of reference
thewsjammi, the falcon heavy has higher LEO capacity
feepNebukadneza: I mean, since it's not working it's probably the wrong bootloader :P
feepafk food brb
thews100,000kg vs 140,000
jammithews: nope, energia has a third more
Nebukadnezafeep: in the arduino IDE, did you install the sanguino board library, which comes with the right bootloader to burn?
jammithews: no, falcon heavy is only 64000kg
Nebukadnezafeep: also check out if you didn’t already
thewslbs vs kg
thewsmy bad
feepNebukadneza: yes I did
Nebukadnezafeep: mh
Ameisenthews - shouldn't be too difficult to jam corner-curves into something like Tuna
Ameisento do it _right_ would be somewhat difficult
Nebukadnezai avrdude’d by hand …
Ameisenbut even a hacky implementation woudl be better than nothing
jammiboth the spacex and pbs streams claim falcon heavy is next to saturn v, as in second-most powerful rocket
gthxtuna is a firmware for 8-bit architectures (such as AVR-8) in development in C++:
gthxYUMYUMYUMYUM YUM. Delicioso!
jammiSaturn V was 140 ton to LEO (310000 lbs
thewsjammi, whats GSO vs GTO
thewsGTO starts at LEO then speeds up
thewsseems that falcon heavy is more geared towards that than the energia was
Nebukadnezamh say
Nebukadnezais there any stream with commentary and stuff?
jammienergia was also geared towards reusability
thewsNebukadneza, usually
thewsNebukadneza, didn't see one this time
gthxlaunchcast is
thewsBrandano, add yours on there
jammiNebukadneza: look back later, it's still almost 1.5h to go
jammithe follow-up energia II had wings and would've landed the main rocket body on an airfield in airplane mode, without a stupid little extra shuttle piggy-backed
jammiand fully autonomous capability just like buran
thewswonder how far away new glenn is
jammithews: "expected to make its initial test launch in 2020"
jammiso basically vaporware at this point until proven otherwise, it's also just 45 ton to LEO
jammiBRF by comparison being 150 tons to LEO
AmeisenI'll start working on the math for doing corner curves later today
Ameisenstill tired
jammifalcon heavy is never going to carry humans to space, so it seems like spacex is focusing fully on getting BFR done now rather than wasting human-approval stuff and such for falcon heavy
natewalckhow soon on falcon heavy
natewalckgot delayed, correct?
jamminatewalck: more than an hour to go still
jeffdm_home3:45 ET is current target
natewalckpushed yet again
jammiunless it's cancelled
natewalckthats last moment
natewalck4pm is when the window closes
jeffdm_homeThat's a lot of time for the upper shear winds to kick up again
reifsnyderbicebal: I shipped your 2 J-Head Mk 8's out. :-)
durrfjust launch it with the heavy winds elon
durrfyou fucking PUSSY
jammihe just got an emotional attachment to his car, so he don't want to watch it burn
Raazeerdurrf, he's afraid his car will get scratched :D
reifsnyderbfalcon heavy is never going to carry humans.....who says?
jammireifsnyderb: scott manley just did
reifsnyderbscott manley said that? Where'd he get his info?
Raazeerreifsnyderb, ask him.
jammiwhich means they're cancelling the lunar orbit thing as well, at least using falcon heavy as the launcher
jeffdm_homeelon musk at yesterday's press conf
reifsnyderbACTION notes that Scott Manley flew a lot of KSP rockets himself. :-)
reifsnyderbHas SpaceX said this or just Scott Manley?
jeffdm_homeSupposedly. Lemme check the quotes.
jeffdm_homeThey didn't say never but supposedly Elon said they're making enough progress on BFR that they don't know this
Raazeerjammi, scott manley said they're going for the bfr, which is afaik all vaporwareso far.
durrfi cant wait for the BFR heavy
Raazeerthere's one thing you can say about elon musk, he never aims low.
reifsnyderb^^^ :-)
durrfcept with the boring company
jammiRaazeer: I'm fairly confident they'll do the BFR
Raazeerjammi, let's say they'll do it or go down trying.
Raazeerthat much I give Elon musk, he's not one to spout empty marketing nonsense for the attention.
RaazeerI mean why should he, if he can sell flamethrowers for the attention instead?
durrfwhat about his bid of support to the solar roadways project
jeffdm_homedid he?
jammimore like
Raazeerdurrf, did he promise that, or did he do that?
jammino, he said solar roadways would be silly
RaazeerMaybe he did watch a few of the myriad of debunking videos online and decided it wasn't such a good idea after all.
AmeisenCura's new tree supports are assimilating my prints
RaazeerAmeisen, tree supports? Want!
jammidurrf: so, where's that from
Raazeerwhat was the last boostered rocket appart from the sojus to actually carry astronauts?
jeffdm_homeside note, going super kerbal I guess: Musk: "The performance numbers on the SpaceX website are for Block 5 Falcon Heavy. You could actually add 2 more boosters and make it Falcon Super Heavy."
Raazeerjeffdm_home, sometimes I wonder why musk isn't green in the face by now.
Ameisenadd a few more boosters. Falcon Super Heavy Blue.
SpeedEvilthe new big rocket is enormously cheaper and fully reusable - ideally.
SpeedEvil(than super heavy)
Raazeerjeffdm_home, I think the rocket is actually called something else
Lizards|Workjeffdm_home: i think he means soyuz
jammithe tesla roadster to mars would also be doable with a regular falcon 9
blepppim having trouble with my new anet a8 i just finished building. loaded filament into it but nothing will extrude out when i start printing. anyone think they can help?
thewsnatewalck, they made the window longer
Lizards|Workbleppp: first printer?
Raazeerjeffdm_home, I guess you could also strap more boosters to the boosters and go asparagus staging.
jeffdm_homeRaazeer: Space shuttle was "boostered".
natewalck@thews woot
jammijeffdm_home: didn't he say in september that adding boosters wasn't as easy as they thought, which is why they're aiming for BFR instead
blepppLizards|Work: second printer ever. first one was a while ago though, so i'd say im still pretty new to the 3d printing world.
Raazeerjeffdm_home, point, but I meant classical rockets.
blepppdidn't get much printed on my old one and never really learned it in depth
jeffdm_homeSaturn 1B, final Skylab mission I guess?
Lizards|Workbleppp: can you manually feed filament through the hotend?
Raazeerjeffdm_home, thought so.
TheHexaCubeman those veins on his arm
reifsnyderbbah They already made a new version of the F1 engine. Bring back a whole, modernized, Saturn V. We know that worked. :-)
blepppLizards|Work: no, not possible with the a8 i believe.
Raazeerjeffdm_home, was Saturn1B boosted? I thought it was just stacked.
TheHexaCubeif he ever gets a cut there he'd probably bleed to death, lol
jeffdm_homeWTF what kind of definition is this
jammijeffdm_home: the theory was they'd just slap on falcon 9s as boosters to a falcon 9 core, but they eventually ended up making separate rockets for falcon heavy; they're not falcon 9s
Lizards|Workbleppp: how are you going to tell if it's clogged? or if the temperature is hot enough to extrude? lol
jeffdm_homejammi: yes
jeffdm_homebut press conference quote suggests they can still add two more, presumably in a + configuration
jammiwhich is probably true for a 4 booster configuration as well
Raazeerjeffdm_home, ok, definition time: What was the last manned rocket with SIDE ATTACHED boosters appart from the space shuttle that flew from anywhere but russia?
blepppLizards|Work: not sure what they were thinking with that, at least im like 99% sure theres no way to do it. it does show the temp on an lcd screen but thats it for that.
jeffdm_homeRaazeer: why exclude shuttle then?
Lizards|Workbleppp: what are you using for a controller? just the LCD thing?
Raazeerjeffdm_home, because it's not the classical cylindrical thing with a capsule on top.
jammiregardless this is a fine era for space stuff
jammithere's never been this much competition going on
jeffdm_homeRaazeer: then the answer might be Vostok
Raazeerjeffdm_home, I'm not trying to make a point, I just want to know.
blepppLizards|Work: yep. controlling everything using the lcd screen attached with an sd card connected to the mainboard for recieving files
thewsreifsnyderb, did you see the test fires for that engine?
jeffdm_homewhatever preceded Soyuz
jammithere's also the company having electrically boosted rocket engines
Raazeerjeffdm_home, so you don't know any non-russian rocket with side-strapped boosters that ever flew manned either?
jeffdm_homeBut that's also R-7 derived so arguably older version of the same rocket
Lizards|Workbleppp: idk man you'll have to figure out how to send the extrude commands from the screen...
jeffdm_homeI can't think of any
GrantM11235bleppp: Is there a lever on the extruder that you use to load or remove filament?
jammivastly simplified and made more efficient by having electric motors turn the fuel pumps
reifsnyderbthews: The F1-B? I think so. It's been a while since I read about it. I remember they test-fired the F1 turbo pump after first inspecting it.
Raazeerjeffdm_home, that's what I wanted to know.
gthx => SLS RS-25 Engine Test, 1 February 2018 => 1 IRC mentions
thewsthere's other videos too
blepppLizards|Work: it is supposed to extrude when im running a print. that is why im here asking.
Lizards|Workdon't try to run prints yet
Lizards|Worktry to extrude
Lizards|Worki'm asking if it's your first printer because you're trying to run
Lizards|Workyou need to crawl, then walk, then you might be able to run
RaazeerLizards|Work, lol
Lizards|Workgood luck dude
RaazeerLizards|Work, I did it the same way, remind me to snap you a picture of what's left of my PEI surface.
jeffdm_homeVostok is also R7 based so arguably also soyuz family
jammiLizards|Work: well, he got the first step right: before crawling you need to cry
Raazeerjammi, lmao
blepppGrantM11235: to load filament you're supposed to push this screw down to open an area, and then feed filament into there and let go. its very complicated.
Raazeerjeffdm_home, why ditch a winner?
reifsnyderbthews: I didn't think that was an F1-B. Are they using them on the SLS or something else?
thewsSLS will have 4 of those
blepppLizards|Work: just trying to get some filament out. not like im trying to do one of those working car engines as a first print for testing lmao. just trying to print a 20x20x20mm calibration cube to test.
thewsthe RS-25 is the newer version of it
reifsnyderbthews: No sign of an F1-B here --->
jeffdm_homeIt's probably fine. They've been gradually updating the Soyuz rocket and capsule over time too.
thewsoh nvm
blepppGrantM11235: i might have explained that badly. let me send a screenshot of the instruction manual section for loading filament
GrantM11235bleppp: Set the hot end to extrusion temperature, then once it is hot, press the screw and shove more filament in to the extruder
Raazeerbleppp, how much do you know about pronterface and g code?
jeffdm_homeF-1 was proposed as a future SRB replacement for SLS. Not an actual program yet.
thewsif this F-1B configuration (using four F-1Bs in total) were integrated with the SLS Block II, the vehicle could deliver 150 tonnes to low Earth orbit,[13] while 113 tonnes is what is regarded as achievable with the currently planned solid boosters combined with a four-engine RS-25 core stage.[14]
Lizards|Workbleppp: extruding stationary is a good first test... extruding while moving is not the same
blepppLizards|Work: good to know.
jeffdm_homeCore stage will still be RS-25 family
TheHexaCubethat's alot of fucking space inside
blepppGrantM11235: thats pretty much what it says to do, preheating and then inserting and im trying it again now.
reifsnyderbOk..Just found it. The RS-25 is a space shuttle main engine.
blepppRaazeer: not sure abt pronterface, know basics of gcode. why?
Raazeeron that live stream, there's a bunch of people chatting elaborate emoji comments which are visible maybe half a second each.
TheHexaCubea bit off topic, but do watercooled CPUs generally have better overclocking potential compared to your normal heatsinks?
Raazeerbleppp, those two will allow you to test pretty much every aspect of your printer in isolation.
AmeisenAny of you guys ever used, say, the Kraken extruder?
RaazeerAmeisen, didn't even know it existed.
jammiTheHexaCube: not really, but the potential to run quieter due to larger radiator area, hence lower fan speed and less turbulence
thewsreifsnyderb, that doesn't sound very impressive then
jammiand there are probably some practical limits on how big heatsinks you can mount on the motherboards
Raazeerare those water nozzles?
jammithat said, I haven't yet seen as big ones on intel systems as apple had on g5's
Raazeeron that note, has anyone got any practical experience with the pallette filament splicer?
TheHexaCubejammi: the reason I'm asking is that I found a cooling loop that just looks really great
reifsnyderbthews: I would guess the RS-25 is used because it was in regular use on the space shuttles. People are still around that have experience with it and it's been improved over the years. Just a guess.
TheHexaCubebut I don't want a watercooler if it might actually perform worse or just as good as air cooling
TheHexaCubegood evening curlyears!
jammiTheHexaCube: water cooling is very high maintenance
reifsnyderbthews: I am disappointed that they went to all that effort to resurrect the F1 and build a modern version then not do anything with it.
curlyearsheigh hough!!!!!
TheHexaCubejammi: it's one of those closed loop thingies
TheHexaCubejammi: one sec
jammiTheHexaCube: I guess it's fine if you like wasting time on configuring your computer hardware rather than running shit on it
sensilleAmeisen: you seem to have put quite some thought into the physics of printing, maybe you could shed some light on the other point I'm pondering... extruder control
TheHexaCubeit just looks... really good ;_;
sensilleif the head changes speed so rapidely, how can the amount of extruded filement be controlled accordingly?
gthx => The BEST Cooling Solution - Air or Water - FINAL ANSWER => 1 IRC mentions
reifsnyderbthews: When a read about the F1-B, it was said that designing an entirely new engine using computers would only get them something like a 3% improvement so it wasn't really worth it.
TheHexaCubeGrantM11235: I'll give that a watch, ty
jammiTheHexaCube: probbaly mostly a gimmick
sensilleAmeisen: the resolution of a direct drive stepper can't possibly be good enough for that
thewsreifsnyderb, no good comes from being stagnant though
thewsreifsnyderb, might as well keep designing things, future generations and all
blepppGrantM11235: trying to continue inserting filament just doesn't let it go through.
Ameisenthe filament doesn't flow immediately
Ameisenyou are applying pressure to a gooey liquid
bleppponly a very small amount can actually get into the extruder but then it just stops.
curlyearsGREAT NEWS!!! I *finally* picked up a USB printer cable. Apparentl.y the problem wasaa bad USB priter cable. When I plug my controller card in, the little green LED lisghts up. Same is true of the replacement controller! All this, because of a bad USB cable *groan*
TheHexaCubewaaaait curlyears - your printer is working now?
Lizards|Workcurlyears: you're freakin kidding me
curlyearsJesus Christo
jammiis it a micro-usb cable by any chance?
TheHexaCubeawwww man
GrantM11235bleppp: It is probably getting caught on something, try straightening out the end of the filament
TheHexaCubewell... congrats curlyears for finally getting it working... I'm waiting for your first prints!
Lizards|Worka USB A to USB B cable has kept you from fiddling with a printer for how long now curlyears ?
torin <- wold something like that be ok to filter out bad abs fumes in the enclosure?
TheHexaCubejesus that Threadripper CPU is fucking ginormous
torineven would*
TheHexaCubewhat the hell
Raazeercurlyears, it's always the part you least suspect.
Raazeerand who suspects an innocent usb cable?
curlyearsLizards|Work: 2.25 YEARS. *blush*
bill2or3torin: if it's really enclosed, you don't need to filter it.
bill2or3I mean,.. nothings getting out, right?
torinso if i'm going to open it after print, it's going to be all released right?
Raazeercurlyears, I was about to say I once spent two weeks trying to figure it out.
jstevewhitecurlyears: DYING to see your first print :D
torinnot going to leave it closed forever.
thewsTheHexaCube, not seen the latest xeons?
TheHexaCubethews: nope
TheHexaCubeI have about 0 idea about current hardware
bill2or3torin: I suppose you could run the filter for a few minutes before you open it, if you're concerned.
TheHexaCubeall I'm up to date on is nvidia gpus :(
blepppGrantM11235: still having the same issue with a more straightened piece of filament so i dont think its getting caught on anything
Lizards|Workcurlyears: i replaced a cellular phone once because i couldn't get it to charge... the cable had broken inside the sheath...
thewsTheHexaCube, the new xeon scalable (what they're naming new stuff) are long like threadripper
Raazeerboy am I tired...
jstevewhitedid you just fly in from Chicago?
RaazeerI think I'll watch musk's red roadster explode tomorrow.
curlyearsyeah . . .now the only yjimg impeding me from printing is swapping the controller cards back. I have to wait for a friend to come over tomorrow and assist me (act ads my eyes and hyands)
jeffdm_workRaazeer: I forgot about the Chinese program. China launches their people on Long March 2F
curlyearselon's Tesla gets launched TOMORROW
gthxtomorrow is a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievment is stored
Valduarethought it was today
Valduarethey are loading propellants right now
jeffdm_workNot finding any updates saying scrub
Raazeerjeffdm_work, those are the ones with the hypergolic boosters that drop on rural areas?
sensilleAmeisen: and is it really possible to control the pressure quickly and precisely enough with a stepper motor where each step amounts to about 20mm @0.4?
curlyearsjeffdm_work: I figured out that my original controller probably DOES work. Dead USB cable *groan*
GrantM11235bleppp: You should be able insert the filament almost to the tip of the nozzle. If you can't, that means it is getting caugth on somethin, or there is something jammed in there
blepppGrantM11235: how can i check if something is jammed in there?
thewsall I care about is watching this launch today
curlyearsnow I also have to figure out why I( can't get the "gate" on the extruder to lock shut.
thewselon is teasing
gthxlaunchcast is
Lizards|Workcurlyears: you fighting with an idler?
curlyearsLizards|Work: i THINK i MIGHT, YEAH
thewspics of the gate
curlyears*grrr* damned caps lock key
djdeloriethere's something magical about watching a 3dprinter draw a hilbert curve :-)
Raazeercurlyears, pry it out
GrantM11235bleppp: I suppose you could try shining a flashlight through it or something, but it is more likely that it is gettting caught, so I suggest trying to wiggle the filament in a few more times
Lizards|Workwhat kinda extruder is usually on a taz, anyhow
blepppGrantM11235: ok. thanks for the response. i will try that and hop back on if i have anymore troubles.
thewsLizards|Work, flexy dually
thewsor something like that
Lizards|Workoh right he had something crazy
Lizards|Worki think he has the st andard and the flexy dually
Lizards|Workand he was going to liquidate the flexy dually
thewstheir new one
Raazeeryikerillos indeed.
TheHexaCubesooo, does it actually matter if I go with 4*4GB or 2*8GB DDR4?
TheHexaCubeapart from upgrade-ability?
Cudadepends what multi channel kerboodle your board supports
thewsTheHexaCube, basically nothing unless you're doing some very specific thing
TheHexaCubewhat specific thing would that be, out of curiosity
thewsscientific computing parallel processing stuff
thewssome compression algos
thewsstill not huge differences
TheHexaCubeaw, okay I see
thewsbut doubt you're going to be compressing the entire contents of your drive over and over
TheHexaCubenah, you're right :P
TheHexaCubeit's a shame that hardware in the US seems to be alot cheaper than here :(
Lizards|WorkTheHexaCube: healthcare costs more than offset trivial things like hardware :/
TheHexaCubewell just don't get sick, duh
thews2.4% increase from dual to quad
thewsin winrar speeds
feepmake sure your board actually supports 2x8
feepsome old ones don't
TheHexaCubewell I'm buying a new board anyways
feeparright then
thewscompatibility is much better the last couple of iterations
thewsI'm running 2x16 in my mini itx machine here
thewsmy old 4x8gb setup in the i7-2700 sucks
jammiTheHexaCube: also consider the american prices don't have taxes included
TheHexaCube%wa 170USD in EUR
TheHexaCube$wa 170USD in EUR
DumDuckBot(TheHexaCube) Result: euro137.20 (euros) -
jammiall given prices they have are tax-free, so you add VAT and whatnot on top of it at checkout
GrantM11235It's starting!
TheHexaCube$wa 137€*1.19
DumDuckBot(TheHexaCube) Result: euro163.03 (euros) -
thews30 mins
feepstream is live!
TheHexaCubehow high is VAT in the US on average?
gthxlaunchcast is
thewsTheHexaCube, 0?
Raazeerhey, the spacex stream is on
Lizards|WorkTheHexaCube: local sales tax for me is 5.1%
BrandanoStill in the "loading screen" phase, but apparently the holy mouse click has ben pushed and launch should be at 3:45
TheHexaCube$wa 170USD*1.051 in EUR
DumDuckBot(TheHexaCube) Result: euro144.20 (euros) -
TheHexaCubeaaaand I pay about 180€ for the same thing here in germany
Lizards|WorkTheHexaCube: that's how i calc prices of things and my wife looks at me like i've got my hair on backwards
BrandanoTheHexaCube: yep, and you don't die when you get sick
RaazeerTheHexaCube, what're you shoping for?
TheHexaCubeRaazeer: PC hardware
TheHexaCubeI want a completely new build :P
BrandanoBad time to buy graphic cards
TheHexaCubeBrandano: yup, I think I'll keep my 1050ti for now
TheHexaCubeuntil GPU prices get more sane
Brandanodigital currency miners are hoarding them
TheHexaCubealso I'd probably want to wait for the newest GPU gen
Brandanomy card has increased in price a good 20% since I bought it last year
RaazeerWhen's spacex supposed to launch again?
sideralain like 20 min
gthxlaunchcast is
Brandanoif they don't scrub it
Brandanothey did start loading fuel already
jammithey already started fuelling it, so they may launch it as well
Brandanoso a scrub means a lot of work to get the fuel back to storage
RaazeerBrandano, seeing it on the PBS webcast.
Raazeergthx: pbs webcast is
gthxRaazeer: Okay.
gthx => WATCH LIVE: SpaceX launches the Falcon Heavy, the rocket that could go to Mars => 2 IRC mentions
BrandanoEveryday Astronaut is also livestreaming from 3 miles away from the pad
Raazeerspacex did the smart thing and disabled the chat function
RaazeerI think it's turkey against russia in the pbs webcast chat now.
thews28 engines?
Brandanoone on the upper stage
thewswasn't sure if there was one
thewsmakes sense though
Brandano9 on each booster and first stage, plus a vacuum one
Brandanothe main body separates before orbit is achieved anyway
RaazeerWhy do the emoji even include a swastika?
BrandanoI mean, the 2nd stage? what's the staging nomenclature here?
jstevewhiteso you can call someone a nazi
BrandanoRaazeer: which way round is it?
Raazeerjstevewhite, I never needed a swastika to do that.
jammithe chat is carcinogenic
RaazeerBrandano, your choice, it has both orientations.
BrandanoRaazeer: in hindu it just represents the sun
jstevewhiteyou don't need a smiley face for that, either
jstevewhiteor a poop emoji
jstevewhiteor any emoji
RaazeerBrandano, I know, but I challenge you to show me ONE case anyone ever used it for that on the internet
BrandanoI believe some alphabeth still uses it
RaazeerWe have visual on the countdown audio net
Brandanoanyway, you can't make complete use of the internet unless you give all the tools to put into effect Godwin's law
jstevewhitegood point.
jstevewhiteMe: "Let's print this fucking thing." Fusion360: "Fuck you and your STL file."
curlyearsRaazeer: I have tried. No room to get a screwdriver in to pry it withm, and I tried griping it with a pair of pliers, because of the shape of the keycap
jammiswastikas are also ancient european magic symbols, not just hindu
jammiand it's the symbol of the finnish airforce
curlyearsanyone know a URL I can watch the launch from?
gthx => Falcon Heavy Test Flight => 3 IRC mentions
jammifinnish airforce symbol:
jammiit's also a part of the suit of the president of finland
jammione of the official emblems
jammithe nazi swastika is just a very specific one
jammithe hindu stuff is like
TheHexaCubeGPUs are waaay too expensive
TheHexaCubelet's just make them cost... 10€
TheHexaCube10€ would be great
feepI think that's called an igpu
jammionce this gpu mining stuff ends, there'll be a shitload of cheap second hand gpu's on the market
durrfinb4 hold at t-4 and scrub
Lizards|Workdurrf: get fucked canada-man
sideraladurrf: shut up
Lizards|Workur a meme
sideralafuck u
sideralameme man
TheHexaCubehahaha meme-man
Lizards|Worksiderala: high-five?
durrfur a scrub!!!!!!
gthxACTION ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Lizards|Workhit'em wit it?
gthxhit'em wit it is oh snap ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
TheHexaCubei really really wonder how super nervous everyone who works on such a project is at the moment of launch
FuchikomaFalcon Heavy launch in under 3 minutes
Lizards|Work2 minutes
Lizards|Workyou're behind
jammiTheHexaCube: well, like super
Fuchikoma2 minutes us under 3 minutes
jammi1:30 on my stream
Lizards|Workcoming up on one minute
jammi1 minute
jammi10 seconds
Raazeerinteresting, I have liftoff on pbs, but still five minutes to go on the spacex one
Raazeerliftoff also occured on spacex stream 2
Rob235finally getting somewhere
Raazeerpbs seems to have given up on filming the touchdown.
alp__Do you guys know what happened to RepRap Champion? They made that Y-Carriage Plate upgrade for the Anet A8. It got pulled from Amazon (permanently out of stock) and Thingiverse today. I'm really kicking myself for not nabbing the design, they probably sold it.
jammithat was beautiful
kraegardidn't realize they were landing them so close to each other, that was awesome!
jstevewhiteThat's the most amazing thing I've ever seen
kraegarlosing signal on the core might not be a great sign...
Raazeerso they did separate them simultaneously after all.
Raazeeryes, and a douglas adams quote on the screen, epic!
natewalckoh my god
natewalckthat was beautiful
natewalckliving in the future is amazing
kraegarthere's a car in space :D :D
natewalckonly dreamed of this stuff growing up
Mangy_Dogthat was a great launch
jstevewhitethe FOURTH car in space
Mangy_Dogi like how they have dont panic on the central lcd
Lizards|Workaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa where's my damn confirmation about the drone ship
jstevewhitethat's amazing shit
Mangy_Dogstream ended
Mangy_DogNo news
kraegardisappointing the ended the feed without confirming the core
GrantM11235The drone ship is a hologram, wake up sheeple
natewalckThis just makes me so happy
natewalckCore is probably gone
natewalck@GrantM11235 LOL
feepgood shit anyway
Lizards|Workflat earth
natewalckthat was the FIRST flight
Lizards|Workgo away, globers
TheHexaCubesooo, is that it?
Lizards|Workball-earth is a myth
Mangy_Dogthough even if the core failed that was a seriously good launch and it completed its main mission regardless
natewalckthat is phenomenal for a first try
TheHexaCubeor will they update on the core?
jstevewhiteThere are flat earthers all around the globe
sideralahow long will itt take it to get to mars
Brandano"those camera views look very similar"... then they both aim for the same landing pad...
natewalck@thews did you see it!?!
Mangy_Dogyeah brandano
jstevewhitesiderala: about three hours
Brandanothat was either one major screw up or a cheap trick
sideralajstevewhite: no way thats true
Brandanojstevewhite: they are only on the upper side
Valduarethat was an amazing launch
jstevewhitesiderala: what, you gonna be whining "Are we there yet?" and "I gotta peeeeee"
natewalckthey forgot to mention the Teleportation tech
Brandanojstevewhite: actually, what happened to the rover that went along Apollo 13?
Brandanoor was that before they added rovers?
Valduareanyone have tabs on Elon ( as a radio signal comes in from the tesla roadster - elon over the air from within the spacex space suit says , hey guys…yeeee-hahh)
feepTheHexaCube: they usually update on twitter
Lizards|WorkValduare: literally wouldn't be surprised
Mangy_Dogyeah i really wouldnt be suprised if ne snuck on
Brandanovery much doubt it
Brandanonot a good seat position, and that suit is not meant for hard vacuum
Valduaredont spoil a good joke :P
sideralagotta love that hard succcc
Brandanoit's vacuum capable, but only as an emergency
Lizards|WorkE X T R A S U C C
Valduarewonder when they are going to give confirmation on core landing
GrantM11235Is "smuggling yourself to space for teh lulz" an emergency?
jamminot so much about not being vacuum-capable, but more about not including life support systems
jammilike, no active cooling and heat/cold shielding/insulation stuff and so forth
durrfso did the core landing succeed?
durrfdidnt hear them mention anything and the feed died right when it landed i guess?
jammibasically a suit you wear "indoors" in vacuum, in space
TheHexaCubedurrf: i thought it died before?
thewsLizards|Work, well I couldn't see the landing from here
kraegarno news on the core that I've seen
Lizards|Workright thews
Lizards|Worki couldn't see it from here either
durrfi had to pause it 3 times
Nebukadnezathe booster landing looked super cool
kraegaryeah it did.
Nebukadnezathose two things coming out of nowhere, „the wrong way around“ (visually)
TheHexaCubecool doesn't even describe it
kraegarI didn't figure they'd land em so close
kraegarin case one had an issue
Raazeerlast I heard was they don't know themselves and they will tell us as soon as they find out
Lizards|Worki was rather impressed with how close those landing pads were
Nebukadnezaand reducing their speed virtually on the last meters
defsdoorand at the exact same time :)
jammiyeah, very closely synchronized during the landing as well, almost looked like two cameras on the same spacecraft
thewsnatewalck, I got to see it go up, but not come down
defsdoorshowing off
RaazeerScott Manley said they were going to separate them separately.
thewsLizards|Work, yeah quite the cinematic landing
durrfit wasnt at exactly the same time, there seemed to be a second or two difference
jammiRaazeer: yeah, he said they'd land 15 seconds apart
Raazeerbut I guess musk wanted that simultaneous landing shot.
Valduarehow do they not have another ship in the area to report on the drone ship heh
Lizards|WorkRaazeer: well he was right, i came
thewsValduare, downrange has to be clear
thewsof all people
thewsor they can't launch
jammibut it might have been a misunderstanding, maybe the core was supposed to land 15 secs later on the barge
jammibut probably failed, since there's nothing on it
defsdoormight have just lost the feed completely
durrfboat wifi
Valduarethey need a gopro on there they can stand lava :P
Valduarefrom launch to landing was 7 minutes or less
Valduarenow if they hire some formula 1 pit crews they can have those falcon 9’s ready to go in a jiffy
thewsValduare, on one of the test burns they had a gopro near that melted
Raazeerwell, we'll know soon enough, and it would be epic without the third landing.
thewsmelted the outer shell, it was interesting
Raazeerthews, wasn't that a shuttle booster?
Valduarethey prob planned the core cliff hanger
Raazeerof course if it turns out they made the third landing -and it sure sounded like it on the 2nd stream - it would be bloody biblical.
Valduareso people didnt x out of their browser and go along with their days so suddenly :P
thewsRaazeer, orbital atk actually
thewsseems like some spacex guy was able to put one close to a launch too though
Raazeerstream's already up on their website.
jammiRaazeer: on youtube as well
Raazeerthat's the one.
kraegarat least one person is claiming the core is gone
jammipoppped up in the subscriptions a while ago
Lizards|WorkTheHexaCube: 740 Euro for a 1070Ti!?
TheHexaCubeLizards|Work: yeah i dunno, fricken overpriced
TheHexaCubebut I won't get that
TheHexaCubeit's just so I know power consumption
Raazeerhm, they looped that last bit of the roadster. Wonder if something's wrong with its telemetry too?
kraegarword is the core rockets didn't refire, and it smashed into the barge.
Lizards|Workthe last roadster bits were static images, not feed
Lizards|Workkraegar: yikes
Nebukadnezakraegar: oops
Raazeerkraegar, where from?
Nebukadnezawhere’s the word from?
Valduarethere’s a reason they landed core on drone ship vs a pad
kraegarRaazeer: found two reports on twitter, both from sources that appear to be valid
kraegarbut not official
NebukadnezaValduare: yeah, not enough fuel to turn around, right?
Valduarethey knew they’d have to clean up something :P
TheHexaCubekraegar: links?
jammimaybe gpu's are better virtual currency than the cryptocoins
RaazeerValduare, I bet the pad would be cheaper to clean up than the drone ship
kraegarhere's the first I found:
Mangy_Dogits amazing how many the core memes are turning up on twitter now
jammibuy one, keep it for a year, sell it, repeat
Raazeerbut destroying a drone ship is easier to cover up
defsdoorValduare, that reason is more likely because its too far out to sea by the time it separates
kraegar"we lost the center core"
feepmaybe, for the first time in years, they'll finally get a successful mission kill on the world's most unsuccessful ground-to-ground missile
Raazeerfeep, lol.
TheHexaCubekraegar: might that just mean telemetry though?
feepprobably means telemetry
Raazeeroh well, we'll know soon enough.
thewsTheHexaCube, now is not a good time to buy a GPU
feepis that the first time a spacex f9 engine has failed to refire on landing?
feepwould that be*
Raazeerand "friend who works at spacex" is likely one of the guys back in the crowd.
thewsI've been waiting on buying a 1070ti or 1080 for a couple of months now
TheHexaCubethews: yeah I know
djdelorie99% of the people are reporting *anything* hoping that they're right and can say "I said it first" :-P
TheHexaCubethews: I'm probably waiting for the next gen
TheHexaCubeGTX 11xx
ndnihil^djdelorie nailed it
thewsTheHexaCube, seems like I will be too
TheHexaCubethe 1050ti I have still is alright for gaming
thewsTheHexaCube, hopefully cryptos stay crashed
Nebukadnezathews: bitcoin crashed … wait a bit :-)
Valduareyou heard it here first, mary poppins was flying by and hit the core knocking it off trajectory
Valduarek lets see if im right :P
TheHexaCubeand it turns a 1700€ build into a 1000€ build :P
RaazeerOh well, landing those two boosters simultaneously was epic enough for one day.
TheHexaCubeand I have uhhh... ~700€ already :>
djdelorieagreed, there was plenty of epic to go around today :-)
Ducklethews: ....
Ducklethews: Those two falcon boosters landing in sync
Raazeerdjdelorie, two entries in the history book per day should be plenty for everybody.
Duckleholy shit
thewsDuckle, yep
TheHexaCubeliterally nerd-porn :D
thewslanding on a boat with a big rocket isn't very easy
Ducklethews: I missed the livestream, but am watching it now
TheHexaCubepoor boat, if the stage actually smashed into it
DuckleHaven't heard if the core landed
Raazeerthews, landing anywhere with a big rocket isn't.
TheHexaCubeDuckle: not yet confirmed if it did, or didn't
Ducklelanding a rocket is insane
Ducklethews: Ah
DuckleTheHexaCube: ah
djdelorieRaazeer: I count three - two landings and a trip to mars. 3.5 if you count "and simultaneously" separately :-) Hoping for 4.5 :-)
DuckleTheHexaCube: Odd that it'd take that long to confirm
thewsas far as I know they've never waited this long to mention if it was a successful landing
TheHexaCubeDuckle: they lost telemetry apparently
thewsusually do this big delay on it smashing
Ducklethews: : So it smashed then :/
thewsTheHexaCube, seems like the boat is okay with expolosions
djdeloriemaybe they're sending out BoatX to find out what happened to the antennas...
Lizards|Workelon just tweeted this:
Duckleit's a flat surface than can move out of the way
Raazeerdjdelorie, I count those two landings as "first ever simultaneous landing of rockets"
Lizards|Workbut nothing yet about the core
TheHexaCubeI'd be more concerned about a big hole in the boat, thews :P
Ducklethews: It's a flat pram
sensilleoh, 3030 extrusions alike ("bosch b-typ") a quite cheap here in germany. 13 euro for 3m
djdelorieRaazeer: sure, but... they *also* did two soft landings of recycled boosters
defsdoorthe feed from the barge before the feed was ,lost looked like boosters close to it to me
Duckleyou guys have three letters in common, its' not fair
Mangy_Dogim amazed how much spacex and elon musk have NOT talked about the central core
DuckleIt's probably smashed, so they want to get a complete image of why before announcing it
Duckleso people don't start making up sotries
Raazeerdjdelorie, yesterdays news.
Lizards|Workrapid unscheduled disassembly
BrandanoWouldn't be a big deal, I'd be more worried for damage to the drone ship
DuckleThose shots of the car xD
Ducklewith the music
TheHexaCubeI did some part-pushing :>
DuckleBrandano: It's survived plenty of those hasn't it?
djdelorieRaazeer: still epic. How many soft landings of *recycled* cores have they done so far?
defsdoorMangy_Dog, there's no one near it - if the feed is lost someone has to fly out to it
Brandanotook a fair bashing a few times
Raazeernobody but a few nerds cares wether those were reused or not, if they had landed one after the other, then that would be worth something.
icebalYou guys see the new snappy 3.0?
dzhothis just in: once the smoke and steam cleared and they re-established video for the seaborne landing barge, there was no sign of the center core. Instead, there stood a large black right-rectangular prism, totally black, with proportions 1:4:9 ....
BrandanoWell, the center core had some hardware that would be better recovered
Raazeerwhat's wrong with gthx?
Brandanothe struts especially
Duckledzho: And out came 3 white guys, screaming "the earth is flat"
djdelorieRaazeer: you say that in a channel full of nerds...
gthxgthx version 1.28 2018-01-09: OK; Up for 27 days, 14 hours, 49 minutes, 13 seconds; kthx is GONE mood: pretty good.
Brandanodid the center core have the old design ablative grid fins?
Raazeerdjdelorie, I said for the history books.
DuckleRaazeer: nothing? I don't think it responds to mobile youtube
Lizards|Workdzho: i'd die laughing
Raazeerthey still haven't updated their falcon heavy page.
Duckleicebal: What in the world
Duckleholy shit and it works
Duckleprobably prints better than my delta tbh. I haven't been nice to it
DuckleI just print too fast I think
Duckleicebal: What isn't printed on that printer?
Duckleonly motors and eleectronics?
DuckleI don't even see any metal bolts
Valduarethey are just messing with everybody on the core :P
Valduaregets people talkin heh
DuckleValduare: With any other company fuck naw.... but spaceX
djdelorieDuckle: that's why they don't call it "Bolty"
Ducklemaybe just maybe :P
Duckledjdelorie: Oh danm, I was thinking snappy as in fast
Ducklenot as in snaps together
Valduaregood for marketing heh
durrficebal thanks a lot now i really want to build a snappy
durrfDuckle its over 75% printed parts, that might have been for the v2, the v3 seems to even have fucking printed leadscrews (or are they ballscrews maybe)
Lizards|Workyeah fuck snappy i'm gonna build a railcore ii
gthxYUMYUMYUMYUM YUM. Delicioso!
gthxpot is see pot tuning
reprapperi see ^^
Lizards|Workreprapper: whatcha lookin for
Rob235I'm building a drawing robot with linear guide rails (mgn12) what kind of lubrication should I use?
Raazeerthat's it, I'm off to bed. We'll see what kind of news the new day brings us.
reprapperkthx Filafarm is an Onlinestore for 3D printer and equipment. More information @
gthxreprapper: Okay.
TheHexaCubeRob235: some kind of grease, graphite ideally
TheHexaCubeor molybdenum disulfide
reprapperkthx Switch is a brand new and open switch-system for print beds for 3d printer with fused deposit molding technology. More information @
gthxreprapper: Okay.
thewsDuckle, does it have a set screw on Z screw?
gthxFilaPrint is a printsurface for ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, Flexibles, Laybrick, Laywoo, Peek. Its available @
reprapperLizard, i com now more often here ;) thx
jammi"we lost the center core" at 38:30
gthx => Falcon Heavy Test Flight - Countdown Net Audio => 1 IRC mentions
gthxfilafarm is an Onlinestore for 3D printer and equipment. More information @
gthxswitch is a brand new and open switch-system for print beds for 3d printer with fused deposit molding technology. More information @
gthxfilaprint is a printsurface for ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, Flexibles, Laybrick, Laywoo, Peek. Its available @
gthxYUMYUMYUMYUM YUM. Delicioso!
Ducklethews: Yea a printed one
thewsheading out
icebalDuckle, glass bed, endstops, motors and elec board. Thats it
icebalDurrf, doooo eeettttt
Duckleand extruder right? That's really it
icebalForgot the extruder
durrfwell theres some (mostly) printed extruder designs
feep !
gthx => Live Views of Starman => 1 IRC mentions
Rob235TheHexaCube: why graphite over lithium grease?
Rob235is it the graphite dry lube stuff?
TheHexaCubenah there's graphite suspended in grease too
TheHexaCubedoesn't have to be dry
TheHexaCube(also I'm reading that lithium is the soap used, and graphite or molybdenum is the additive)
TheHexaCubesoo, graphite grease still contains lithium
gthxM3d is and is also Cyber_Akuma's printer.
TheHexaCubealright bedtime, cya nerds
icebalanyone know what type of plastic their tough ink stuff is?
gthxI3 is is BOX FRAME: or SINGLE PLATE or MINI: - see repo: build docs: bom: build videos: reprap wiki build info
gthxEustathios is and has been deprecated for
thewsdid I miss anything on the 3rd landing
sideralathews: crash
thewssupposed to be a news update at 6pm
Snert__2 out of 3 ain't bad
thewssome places are reporting that it landed on the barge
thewswatching local news atm
sideralathews: i think the difference will be hit/landed
Snert__heard 1 leg didn't lock and it fell over :(
thewsnews conference will probably clear it up
feepflashed ~again~
gthxgthx version 1.28 2018-01-09: OK; Up for 27 days, 16 hours, 20 minutes, 14 seconds; kthx is GONE mood: pretty good.
AmeisenTook a nap, and had a dream about how to handle look-ahead motion control
thewswaiting to hear from elon now
Lizards|Workany minute now
feepALMOST! forgot to set my jumper back to VREG.
feepthat'd have been a short 3d printer experience~
feep(with a sudden stop)
sideralathews: my volume is broken can you live tweet for me please
thewsif there's some other feed someone else might see it before me
feeppowering back up! wish me luck
thewsso do they have to keep it rotating on purpose to keep one side from becoming too hot?
Jessaywhat are you waiting on?
AmeisenIf I implement the parsed g-code commands that the planner needs to deal with as three forms - movement, immediate, and delay, I can have moves chained intrinsically, only stalling the process if a 'delay' instruction (one that causes the printer to have to wait, like waiting for temperature) is hit
Valduarethis live stream of the tesla is pretty neat
Ameisenotherwise, the movement code can 'jump ahead', letting teh planner execute interrim secondary commands, like temperature-related ones
AmeisenThis can let look-ahead work kind of backwards - instead of 'looking ahead', the movement system can instead operate 1 or 2 movements behind
Ameisenand only kick-off a move when it's been fully set up
VanessaEACTION pokes Ameisen ... because he's a convenient target :P
Jessayah there is a nice shot
Jessaythere ya go
Jessaythe planet looks so healthy from space ;(
djdelorieI don't know, it looks a little blue...
Jessayi thought blue was good!
djdelorieneeds some global-strength anti-depressants
JessayACTION slaps knee
djdeloriehe laughed so hard he broke his internet...
VanessaEhere's one for you, djdelorie:
VanessaE(an antidepressant that is)
djdelorieah, facey spacies. Complete with annoying "please join us to read this" popup. at least your post was short and not actually covered up :-)
gthx => LIVE: Space X News Conference after SUCCESSFUL Falcon Heavy Launch, Most Powerful Rocket => 1 IRC mentions
Valduarethey should have put some animatronics in the space suit heh
Valduaremake it jerk its arm once
Valduarethat would have gotten a people talkin :P
djdelorieonce an hour, have the suit turn towards the camera and wink...
Valduarewink? :)
Valduarewith its one big visor? heh
djdelorie"IT MOVED! It moved! Honest, I saw it move!" ;-)
VanessaE"psst. He moved. I saw the body move."
Valduaresomeone said elon’s tweeting live from the suit :P
Lizards|Worklegit that's what the office has been saying since we've been watching
Lizards|Workit's on the office tv, pretty entertaining
Lizards|WorkACTION waits for a jumpscare
thewspress person said 6:45 now
Lizards|Work20 minutes then thews ?
tjb1where is the center
thewsLizards|Work: most likely
jammiif he has a body to get rid of, putting it in the space suit is pretty good evidence destruction
VanessaEseen a few of space X's rockets go up, but they're kinda "Meh" now. I miss the Space Shuttle, it had that sci-fi airplane-in-space quality to it.
gthxSorry, I haven't seen a.
VanessaEoh shut up
Lizards|WorkVanessaE: yeah but reusing the boosters is way cooler than reusing the shuttle
djdelorie"mars" is way cooler than the shuttle
thewsalmost no one watched the shuttle launches
VanessaELizards|Work: granted, and tail-first landing it neat.
jammiairplane in space is very pointless indeed
djdeloriespace booster ballet
thewsseems like people still don't watch the astronaut launches
jammiand it was the result some bureaucratic bullshit rather than engineering & science needs
Lizards|Worki'm not interested in soyuz launches
Lizards|Workthose are as old-hat as possible
tjb1So is center core confirmed dead yet?
jammimore or less the same same as they were since sputnik
djdelorieshuttle launches were *supposed* to be boring. It was a space bus!
VanessaEjammi: "They say you make going to the moon about as exciting as taking a trip to Pittsburgh."
thewstjb1: no confirmation yet
thewstjb1: all of the detectives are out in full force though
tjb1Guessing it did die or they would have said something by now
thewspeople grabbing images from screens behind announcers
tjb1I mean they had a picture of the floating core not long after it landed in the ocean
jammiseveral things pointing at center core failure
thewstjb1: that'd be the norm
tjb1Of the last launch that is
thewsusually big delay = exploded
jammione of the streams has "center core defect on shutdown" and another "we lost the center core"
Lizards|Workrapid unscheduled disassembly
thewssounds like this time it may have had some failure before it had a chance to land
jammiand the last images from the barge were with the camera obscured by smoke/mist
Lizards|Workhigh-data density events
jammiwhere the image froze before they cut the feed
thewsthat always happens
jammicould've just fallen through the barge
jammiand damaged both
Lizards|Workyeah i'm not speculating at this point, we'll know soon enough
Lizards|WorkGrantM11235: lol
tjb1I love facebook posts -
Lizards|Work2-5 year old vehicle
Lizards|Workneeds to seat 20, NEXT
GrantM11235It's for church, honey. NEXT!
Lizards|Workthey're not drunk they don't need a sober cab, it's a church group. NEXT
djdelorieMust include space suit. NEXT... wait, what?
GrantM11235For anyone out of the loop:
thewshow bad of condition would a van need to be in to be worth $2000
jammithat's technically a van, at least as far as registration goes:
Lizards|Workthews: salvage title, probably hail damage and had a corpse decomposing in it
NowhereManor a little cat piss
NowhereMana little cat piss goes a long way towards destroying anything
Lizards|Workfox urine
thewsRob235: is that for the castle printer?
djdeloriebecause why print a cube when you can print a castle?
GrantM11235Why does your castle play set have rails and steppers?
thewsRob235: you the one with the castle printer?
Rob235its a drawing robot that I decided to design like a castle
thewshaven't seen that thing in a while
jamminewest van for 2k I could find
Rob235maybe I'm not?
jammiengine failure
Rob235what do you mean by castle printer
GrantM11235Press conference starting:
gthx => LIVE: Space X News Conference after SUCCESSFUL Falcon Heavy Launch, Most Powerful Rocket => 2 IRC mentions
thewsRob235: someone in the hangouts chat here used to have a big castle printer
gthxhangouts is a persistent audio and video chat room, open 24/7. - Requires a google login. (Blame Canada) and requires you to install a google plugin
gthxhangout is a persistent audio and video chat room, open 24/7. - Requires a google login.
Rob235oh, no, this is a fairly new project, I just started printing the parts, first time printing anything
tjb1jammi: has to have leather seats, remote start, heated seats, 3 sunroofs, kids console center, brand new tires
Rob235its not a 3d printer
thewsseen devtron
gthxDevtron was last seen in #reprap 2 years, 193 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes, 14 seconds ago saying '.'.
Lizards|Worki'm a 3d printer
Rob235a 2d drawing bot
thewsLizards|Work: remember who that was
thewsdo you remember seeing it?
thewsseen geneb
gthxgeneb was last seen in #reprap 21 hours, 2 minutes, 25 seconds ago saying 'That's WAY too high for PLA.'.
Rob235someone stole my idea before I had it?
thewsgene would know
Lizards|Worki remember seeing siderala print a gigantic rainbow castle
thewsRob235: yes
thewsit was pretty epic
Rob235mine is better I'm sure
thewsyou'd be surprised
thewsI remember who it was now
Rob235hah, this is my first project like this so I'm sure someone with experience would be better but I put a lot of time into this
Lizards|Workthews: ?
Lizards|Workthat's a name i don't have an imprint of
thewsseen dmserve
gthxdmserve was last seen in #reprap 140 days, 19 hours, 33 minutes, 47 seconds ago saying 'hangouts'.
jammitjb1: dunno about the kids stuff, but at 5k, there's this
tjb1jammi: what language is that
thewsRob235: yours more epic than that?
jammitjb1: finnish
thewsLizards|Work: ^
tjb1thews: v
Lizards|Workthews: lol... i have a .... vague memory of that
Lizards|Workvery vague
Rob235ok maybe not more epic hah but I like mine better ;)
Lizards|Worklike a dream from within a dream
jammithis thing has a sauna
thewsI had to break out the google fu to find that
Rob235I gotta print out the bricks in black that will snap into the corners of the towers, I think the blue/black combo is nice
NowhereMancareful now, Google spent the most money lobbying the US gov't in 2017
Rob235the ridges in the bricks might get lost in black though
NowhereManmake them grey?
Rob235thought about it but the rails/belts are black and the library doesnt have gray :(
Rob235they wont let me buy and bring in my own filament
NowhereMandamn them!
NowhereMananyhow, you do the best with what you have to work with
DJHenjinbecause their business model is based on selling you filament
Rob235yea, I'm happy with everything so far
NowhereManyou can add some color to the parts later
Rob235black/blue is good enough for me
NowhereManadd some to the cracks b/w
tjb1Whats a nice short print for showing off a filament?
Rob235what kind of paint or whatever is good for pla?
tjb1easy to print
s1car1usHaving issues, when I switch the driver from x to y or <>>< it works so I that it does work... any ideas?
NowhereManmost any paint would
DJHenjinacrylic paint works really well for me
Rob235ok thanks
GrantM11235tjb1: I am partial to 50% scale benchies
tjb1I dunno if I can do that with a meter of filament
s1car1usif I have red filament, can i make it print in blue?
thewsLizards|Work: can't believe he doesn't have better pics of that printer
GrantM11235I just sliced it, and it is 0.64m
s1car1usmy printer doesnt get hot anymore, can I still print in pla?
tjb1are you trolling?
NowhereMansure you can
NowhereManprint away and tell us how it goes
s1car1ushaha ok
NowhereManACTION winks at tjb1 
s1car1usNo one using the 2130s yet?
NowhereMansure, they might be afk right now
s1car1usYes I understand, I meant anyone that is currently available... (=
NowhereManI'm gonna go out on a limb and say no
NowhereManor they think you are a troll
s1car1usI ordered a new printer from 3dprintersonlinestore they said 6-8 days total time for delivery... been 10 now... anyone else experience with them?
s1car1usoh and their phone number never answered... live chat never online....
djdeloriewith a name that long, they've got to be good...
s1car1usyou would think right?
jammisuper3dprintersonlinestore is better
s1car1usI ordered a black widow
djdelorieACTION only buys from
s1car1usnow whos trolling...
GrantM11235"The #1 3D Printers Online Shopping Store"
GrantM11235I think they might be fudging the numbers a bit there
s1car1usbefore I bought i looked at reviews and saw good things...
djdelorieI'm pretty sure #1 is either Amazon or Ali Express
Lizards|Workreviews they host on their own website?
s1car1usmy experience thus far has not agreed...
Lizards|Workuser: totallynotashill
s1car1usNo not on their website
Lizards|Workreview: great product excellent devliery and sopport
jammiI'd guess there's going to be something on the live stream within a couple of minutes
GrantM11235Was it on 3dprintersonlinereviews?
s1car1us*amazed* what is this sorcery....? howd you do that?
s1car1usif you go to their website... a little popup appears intermittently and says what someone somewhere just bought... I am curious if that is at all real
s1car1usif it is valid then they sell a crap ton of printers... cuz it pops up almost non stop
djdelorieHA HA HA HA
djdelorienothing on the internet is real
jammiyou're all just figments of my imagination