thewsprobably has a little javascript timer
gthx => LIVE: Space X News Conference after SUCCESSFUL Falcon Heavy Launch, Most Powerful Rocket => 3 IRC mentions
s1car1usit popped up when i bought mine so i know some are real... and I saw it on my phone when ordering on my pc
djdelorieno, you know *one* is real
thewsopen chrome tools
thewscheck for the ajax
thewsprobably fake
jammiI'm super rich now, btw. got an email confirming I had won at some lottery, and I'd just have to enter all my personal information and all the credit cards, so that they could confirm my identity. would suck if some scammer would've got my lottery winning
djdelorieI told you to keep that a secret, you fool! ;-)
VanessaEyeah, we'll split it with ya, jammi ;0
DJHenjinmusk is on
GrantM11235If you refresh this link over and over, it will keep returning new data each time
jammiit's php. means you can look for yourself
jammijust pwn it
thewshit the water at 300mph
jammieasy peasy
thewstook out 2 engines on the drone ship
tjb1cant hear anything he is saying
jammishit stream
thewscore engine didn't ignite
Lizards|Workreally hoping for that blooper reel footage
tjb18 billion pictures of his face later
Lizards|Workway better audio
jammicool audio filter effect
thewshope there is recoverable footage
DJHenjinwould be awesome
DJHenjinwonder what exactly the failure was
Lizards|Work2/3 of the retro boosters didn't fire, if i heard correctly
tjb1I think he said they didnt have enough fuel
Lizards|Worklol BFR
Lizards|Workbig fuckin rocket
tjb1but that was between "click, click, click, click, click"
SpeedEvilRan out of TEA/TEB - which is the ignitor fluid.
thewsheard something about fuel and something about didn't ignite
DJHenjin"you can tell it's real because it looks soo fake" LOL
tjb1Who ever thought live chat was a good idea on videos?
jeffdm_home"I'm tripping balls here"
jammiwhat's the starfield effect of the starman live field thing btw?
jammidust floating around?
jeffdm_homefrozen nitrogen flakes
DJHenjinstarman feed?
gthx => Live Views of Starman => 2 IRC mentions
Lizards|Workstarman feed is trippin out
Lizards|Workdude, where's my car
DJHenjinall of a sudden the spacesuit moves
DJHenjinlooks at the camera
DJHenjinthat would be creepy
Lizards|Worklike the mannequins in I Am Legend
sideralaLizards|Work: why i ping
DJHenjinor the vashta narada in doctor who
Lizards|Worksiderala: crazy rainbow castle
sideralawhat about it
Lizards|Workdude printing/building a castle themed plotter
Lizards|Workalso there was a castle themed printer long long ago
Lizards|Workso uh
Rob235its still not very castley, just the front design thing
lowrizzlei want one like darth vaders castle
Rob235and the colors are terrible
lowrizzleexcept it can only print groots
thewsRob235: took me a bit to find his info
thewsread the comments
Rob235I will in a bit, finishing up a part design
DJHenjinit's only a few commentys
Lizards|Worklater dudes
crankythis is a long bed printer
durrf2thats the strangest thing you notice about it?
durrf2its a deltesian
crankyno, it's a deltisian
crankyit's the deltesian
crankynot sure there's another out there yet
durrf2it uses a combination of delta and cartesian motion mechanics
crankythat deltesian started as a Anycubic Kossel
durrf2that poor thing
durrf2now its a monster
crankythat deltesian is fucking awesome
thewsit is a bit of a monster though
thewsa just because kind of a thing
GrantM11235For people who love the complexity of a delta, but want the bed inertia of an i3 (and then some!)
durrf2all the negatives and none of the positives!!
crankylooks at the stills of the arms, that this is incredible for printing long items
thewslooks like it may be the same length as the other one
djdeloriein theory, you can take any crappy bedflinger and put a 10 meter Y axis on it...
durrf2thats what i want
djdelorieyou just need a 20 meter room to put it in
thews2 i3 heated beds long
DJHenjinin practice you would need a 20 meter printer space
durrf220 meter Y axis, 20 meter Z axis, 150mm X axis
crankyneed a longer bed
durrf2warping? hah!
GrantM11235What's with all the [m]'s?
DJHenjinno idea
VanessaEindicates people who use Matrix.
VanessaEspecifically the IRC<->matrix bridge.
VanessaE^^ that is what happens when the bridge shits itself.
durrf2is this... the matrix?
DJHenjinno neo, go back to sleep
intranickVanessaE: i pictured the bridge on a star trek ship all having bowel movements at the same time
intranickwhen you said that
intranick"bridge shits itself"
superkuhThe whole service went down briefly.
djdelorieyou mean [m]its itself
krae_laptopgonna mill some shit
gthx => CNC&#39;ing some HDPE printer panels => 1 IRC mentions
icebalI really need to print that Mostly Printed CNC Machine
djdelorieor at least mostly print it
durrf2im gonna print a fully printed cnc machine
djdeloriedoes copper wire count as "filament" ?
VanessaEbut that wire that welders use does :)
VanessaE(I forget what it's called)
djdelorieyou can mig with aluminum, I wonder if it's feasible to mig with copper...
VanessaEIn higher concentrations (up to 25% hydrogen), it may be used for welding conductive materials such as copper
VanessaEso, yes. :)
VanessaE(so says Wiki anyway)
durrf2can you use mig filament in an fdm printer
DJHenjinmig wire melts at too high temperature
djdelorieso, amusingly, "yes"
durrf2By forming a bad weld on the first layer, GMAW 3-D printed parts can be removed from the substrate with a hammer.[33][34]
DJHenjinexcept if there is large surface area on the first layer
djdeloriethen you need a hammer even with plastic prints
DJHenjinthen even a bad weld will be too strong to just smack it off
djdeloriethere's always a bigger hammer
djdeloriedoes anyone have any good recipes for PETG supports? Like, for a close-to-parallel slope?
djdeloriethe line between "enough support" and "can't remove" seems really small, if not negative...
jbanyone in this webchat anymore?
VanessaEthis is not a webchat
VanessaEthis is IRC, and yes, this channel gets quite busy at times.
mozzarellait's a weechat for me
jbmy bad,this IRC has saved my sanity before when nothing else worked (someone noticed my ramps didnt have jumpers) anyways for the life of me i cant get my prints to come out right. everything has chunks or holes missing in it. i built a prusa i3 and im using cura for slicing
jbone side comes out fine, one side is always nasty
jbdoes it randomly, regardless of CAD program used or whether or not I repaired mesh or mess with retraction or extrusion rates or temp
jbThe filament is Ngen
mozzarellawait, what am I looking at
mozzarellaboth balls have a good side and an ugly side?
jbit makes little chunks in the sides of things, like an under extrusion, but its not...
jband yes, both have a good and a bad side
jbsame for this
GrantM11235What style of printer do you have, and what side is this happening on?
jbPrusa i3 mk2s, it usually happens on the negative Y axis regardless of how the print is oriented.
jbbut the belt is tight so even if i was getting backlash, wouldnt it happen on the positive Y as well?
GrantM11235Negative Y as in front?
jbnegative y as towards the back
GrantM11235On my machine [0,0,0] is on the front right corner of the bed, but that is neither here nor there
GrantM11235Have you tried a different slicer?
jbmy stupid self just found a loose belt...i thought red loctite was enough... guess not, i bet thatll fix it. wow im dumb..
jband yeah, Slic3r just butchers the print
jbCura is decent, cant afford S3D
tjb1dont beat yourself up, S3D isn't that great
GrantM11235Plus it is
tjb1I'm actually using Slic3r now because sick of S3D lol
Mikeeecura is fine for structural prints, not so much for artsy prints
jbwhat do you use for the artsy stuff?
Mikeeelots of support manipulation. Takes time but gets cleaner overall prints
genebare we having fun yet?
GrantM11235jb: have you tried Slic3r Prusa Edition?
Mikeeebipolarbear - thats a name I haven't seen in a long time
jbGrantM11235: yeah, thats what butchered the print, but maybe it was just the loose belt, im about to find out
Cyber_AkumaRetraction distance doesn't effect bed adhesion, right?
jstevewhiteunless you retract so far you don't extrude enough :D
mozzarellaguys be honest with me
mozzarelladid cura 3.1 change the way/directory settings are stored?
mozzarellacura 3.1 has different settings than cura 3.0.4 for some reason
mozzarellait's like some settings have been reset
GragagrogogSpaceX revealing the truth:
genebFaaaake! Everyone know's there's four elephants and a turtle under there.
Ameisenestimated print time: 4 hours
Ameisen8 hours later...
Ameisenthey're at 70%
NowhereManpretty poor estimate
AmeisenI want to tinker with the planner damn it
Ameisenreally need two printers.
Gragagrogogyou probably need infinite accel for that estimate to be spot on
AmeisenJust need to get that printer with the reality distortion field installed
AmeisenI want to try to integrate angle-curves into Tuna
Ameisenon AVR
Ameisento eliminate the need for jerk settings
NowhereManthere will always be jerks
jeffdm_homeI think there's always going to be some form of jerk, even if it's expressed as something else
jstevewhitejeffdm_home: sometimes we call it 'assholiness'
Ameisenjeffdm_home - with proper angling and proper curvature of a movement curve, you hsouldn't need jerk limiting
Ameisenacceleration limiting, sure
mozzarellaguys, what's your favorite top/bottom pattern
nlancasterbasicalyl just line fill
mozzarellawhat about concentric? do you like it?
nlancasterit can look good. sometimes
mozzarellais it me or does it print faster (concentric fill)?
nlancastershould be a tiny bit faster
nlancasterdoesn't have ot make as many non print movies
mozzarellait's so satisfying to watch
nlancasteronce took a 3d printer to a lan party
nlancasterstarted a long print before i left for the night
nlancasterapparently a few guys got high and watched it print for 3 hours
buZznlancaster: :D
buZzthats like my entire first year of 3d printing
buZzjust smoking weed and staring at printer
nlancasterit sits next to me all day and all night
nlancasteri work from home
nlancasterprusa mk3 is great for talking on the phone while printing.
nlancastercan't hear it
buZzpermafleek \o
permafleekbuZz =8 8=
permafleekfist bump
buZzbelly flop
permafleekbuZz, the makerspace im joining next month sounds like your house
buZzcool! which one?
permafleek=-o->-c: lol belly flop
permafleekits called CTRL-H
buZzpronounced beep?
buZzah good, its a hackerspace, not a makerspace ;)
buZzfrom all the portland media i've seen, it looks like a really cheerful place to live in :)
permafleekIT can be
permafleekI had a rough time for a few years but things are coing together
buZzthat portlandia show is fun
buZzah well, as long as they dont unfleek you
permafleekits not a lot like that anymore but similarly wierdly
permafleeki saw a unicycler yesterday
permafleeknah i am hyperfleek these days
permafleekteaching a class in 3d printing
buZzcool stuff
permafleekand taking modular synth classes heh
permafleekhella eyeliner
Cyber_AkumaIs it reasonable, or even expected, to reduce stringing on prints to nothing?
buZzmake sure to mention
buZzCyber_Akuma: often tuning temperature and cooling helps a lot to reduce it
Cyber_AkumaI have reduces it considerably
Cyber_AkumaBut I still have a little bit, is it feasable to try to completely eliminate it?
gthx => Falcon Heavy Test Flight => 1 IRC mentions
permafleek buzz
gthx => Fat Labrador : Animated Song : Mr Weebl => 1 IRC mentions
permafleekwhat have you been making lately mr buzz
nlancasterpermafleek, you in portland?
nlancasterfantastic so am I
nlancasterwas it the unapiper? on the unicycle?
permafleekno idea nlancaster
permafleekjust a guy in shorts
nlancasternot the unapiper
buZzpermafleek: more planters :D
gthx => Unicycling Darth Vader upgrades to Flaming Bagpipes - Keep Portland Weird - The Unipiper *Official* => 1 IRC mentions
permafleeknlancaster, you ever make it to ctrl h?
nlancasteri have not
permafleekbuZz, +1x900
permafleek2 HD disks?!
buZzoh lol
nlancasteri have tried going to a few different hackerspaces, needed some help on arduino project. everyone I spoke to seemed interested asked for more info, then never responded to future inquiries about help. I was willing to PAY MONEY!
buZzdouble sided ;)
permafleeknlancaster, what help do you need ill take money
buZznlancaster: yeah they arent companies
buZznobody wants money :P
nlancasterpermafleek, its solved already
permafleekill take your bitcornmoney
permafleeknlancaster, ah kk
nlancastercoding for this.
gthx => First retail sign base. => 4 IRC mentions
mozzarellathat's a big thumb
nlancasteri am a big guy
permafleekso just rgb programming?
permafleekmy boss does that for work lolol
nlancastervarious patterns with a button to move between them, and memory to maintain pattern choice on restart.
permafleeksounds fairly straightforereeereward
permafleekbrb soda
DJHenjinfuck I coulda wrote that in an afternoon
nlancasterpermafleek, i am not a programmer
nlancasteri tried for 12 months to learn
Cyber_AkumaErr, so it is feasable to try to elimate stringing completely? Or is that even expected? Especially with PLA?
nlancasterCyber_Akuma, yes
nlancasterbut it is a temperatures/speed/cooling balance
permafleekyeah nlancaster the next timoe you need to code something hmu
nlancasterfunny you should say that permafleek
nlancasteri want to add a potentiometer to control speed of the patterns
permafleeki can do that p easy shoot me ur code
nlancasterpm your email
pink_vampiresomeone here?
mozzarellathere's me
DJHenjini'm around, kinda
bastardguten morgen!
gthx => Sugar rocket test => 1 IRC mentions
buZzintranick: verticle videos are death penalty
intranickfuck i recorded it on my phone.
buZzhave you heard of 'hold it sideways you smuck' ? :D
intranicki didnt care
buZzhence the penalty ^_^
intranickthe sound!!!
buZzyeah sounds like your nozzle is too wide :)
intranickcoulda lifted a falcon heavy with that bitch
Cyber_AkumaI think I may have reached the limit of when increasing retraction will help with stringing
Cyber_AkumaI also can't seem to print any colder
sensilleCyber_Akuma: yesterday I had to switch to a different filament and it is stringing like crazy, where the old filament was totally clean
Cyber_AkumaYah, I can't rule out that it's my filament either
Cyber_Akumait's old and was left out for like a year
Cyber_AkumaThing is though, I am just trying to reduce it for NOW
Cyber_AkumaBecause I want to try to finish these parts for a friend
Cyber_AkumaAfter that I am going to be doing all sorts of modifications to the printer
gthxswitch is a brand new and open switch-system for print beds for 3d printer with fused deposit molding technology. More information @
sensilleafter thinking about a sturdy frame for a corexy, I now researched belt elongation and realized that it's much worse than a frame built from 3030s... the belt on corexy is just too long
sensillemy calculation show an elongation of 0.5mm
sensillebut maybe it can be compensated for in software...
crazy_impdid someone in here use a 109bf12t2h131 fan (radial fan, used for example in external scsi disk arrays from sun) for cooling?
Mikeeethats a pretty common type of fan
crazy_impi got some, but they are not using the 0,72A and their airflow doesn't feel like it's up to spec - neigther are they loud enough :D
crazy_impnot sure if the yellow wire is some kind of tacho output or if it's used for controlling the fan
London3DThere's a thread on Twitter about people wanting to record their stories from the development of the Reprap.
London3DThere's now a site for doing this. Make an account if you want to add anything. New accounts can't post, but I'll promote people's accounts so you can add post.
NebukadnezaLondon3D: that … is an empty wordpress?
KeavonIs this because my printhead is too high above the bed surface?
DJHenjinwow wtf, minify that shit
KeavonErr, here's another link
buZzor drastic underextrusion
DJHenjinthe squash looks good, looks like an incorrect nozzle size
DJHenjinor that
buZzlike having it configured for 3mm filament, yet using 1.75mm
KeavonThat was my thought. Which confuses me.
KeavonI'm using the exact same gcode file which printed perfectly before.
buZzslippy hobbed bolt?
buZzsome hella consistent slip though
buZzhow does it look with some layers on top?
KeavonDefinitely not slipping the extrusion
KeavonIt doesn't really get that far, the print expodes before it can really do many layers
buZzaybe just clogged nozzle?
KeavonMaybe, that could make sense. I haven't changed the gcode so that seems like one of the few possible variables. But still, no filament is slipping (I hear when it slips) so the filament has to be getting used at the correct rate.
KeavonThat's the second or third layer, hard to get a good photo
buZzdoesnt look too bad
KeavonSubsequent layers look fine.
KeavonSo why the heck is it not squishing out on the bed wide enough?
crazy_impnozzle to cold (freshly heated up without giving it time to spread the temp?)
London3DNebukadneza: I've litterally just made the site this morning as the Twitter thread has grown out of control. It's got all the back-end stuff and ssl certificats, that's as far as I got before I needed to go to work.
KeavonThe nozzle is at 220
Cyber_AkumaWhy is it always the same part of the print keeps coming off the bed, and yes, I made sure the bed is level
buZzKeavon: you could be -too- close to bed
NebukadnezaLondon3D: :-)
NebukadnezaLondon3D: whats the idea anyways?
KeavonbuZz: Going any higher makes it bead up
NebukadnezaKeavon: woo, i see a shround and ABL
buZzbut are the lines together then?
buZzit will bead up on too close aswell
KeavonNebukadneza: Yep! I've been busy with school though, and still am.
buZzby the nozzle pushing out more material then the space between nozzle and bed allow
KeavonbuZz: I don't really understand what you mean.
KeavonIt's currently at the edge between sticking nicely and being a bit too high so it beads up and the nozzle is visually elevated from the bed a bit too much so it doesn't stick and beads up inconsistently
London3DNebukadneza: On Twitter I said Dr Bowyer leaving the Reprap project to focus on his Reprap company was the end of real collaborative work happening on the site as he handed the credentials over to people I didn't know from working with Reprap and who couldn't run a server. An argument broke-out which ended in everyone deciding there needed to be a collection of stories from the Reprap project before we all die or d
London3D - The place to record your stories of the Reprap project and look at stock photos that come with Wordpress.
VanessaEwow. man, fuck me sideways, leadscrew-driven Z is fast as hell compared to M5 allthread
London3DVanessaE: Belt driven is even faster.
VanessaEI'll bet
VanessaEI expected it to be a *little* faster, but after dialing it in, it's...unnerving
VanessaEI just wanted to get rid of those M5's, more crooked than the US congress
Cyber_AkumaARRRGH! Just stick to the bes dammit
VanessaECyber_Akuma: I resorted to printing on kapton. ironically, no sooner do I start doing that, does my sheet of printbite arrive in the mail.
VanessaE(I haven't "installed" it yet. surroundings are too messy yet)
Cyber_AkumaI am using PEI
VanessaEoh yewah
XXCoderlol/ watched 8 bit guy video about Advanttech I.Q. it was released in 1991, and was 8 bit portable computer.
XXCoderhe said it was doomed to failure in 1991. we are using 8 bit cpus here :P
Cyber_AkumaThere, re-leveled my bed
Cyber_AkumaAnd wiped it down with alcohol
Cyber_Akuma... really hope I didn't make it even worse, I suck at leveling my bed >.<
Nebukadnezai think i killed the middle part of my lokbüild
Cyber_AkumaKilled the what of your what?
DJHenjinlokbuild is a print surface
DJHenjinmiddle part would be the center of it
gthx => Keyboard In Acetone => 1 IRC mentions
DJHenjinI used to have that exact keyboard
XXCoderwho didn't? ;)
DJHenjinpretty sure my current keyboard would stand up to aceton,
DJHenjinmost of it is aluminium
XXCodersame for me
XXCoderalumboard apple keyboard.
DJHenjinI mean obviously the keys would dissolve, but the frame would be fine
XXCoderif its not abs maybe not
DJHenjini don't know what the key caps are made of, some sort of plastic
DJHenjinlikely ABS
gthxmm32 is some 32bit board from malyan ;
Cyber_Akumafirst layer wasn't even filling in all the gaps anymore
Cyber_Akumalovely, set my bed too high, I knew I shoulden't have tried to re-level the bed
Cyber_AkumaI suck at it
sideralaso whats the final word on the center core?
DJHenjinbottom of the ocean
DJHenjinhit the water at 300mph, it did not survive
DJHenjindidn't have enough chemical igniter on board so a couple engines did not fire. retro burn wasn't powerful enough and.... sploosh
Cyber_AkumaIs the first layer of extrusion supposed to look somewhat flattened?
sideralaCyber_Akuma: the technical term is "smushed"
Nebukadnezaor maybe »squished«?
NebukadnezaACTION unsure
Cyber_AkumaOk, so are they supposed to be smished?
Cyber_AkumaNot sure if I am supposed to smish my first layer
Cyber_AkumaIt looked kinda correct when it was all smishy
durrf2i forgot to change filament this morning
Cyber_AkumaThat dosen't look right
Cyber_AkumaThere's a lot of holes in all three examples
buZzwhat kinda bedsurface is that person using
durrf2well the layer isnt finished
buZzlooks like some kitchen tile :P
durrf2the last one's only hole is the part that didnt complete
durrf2it is indeed a strange texture
Cyber_AkumaI meant between the lines
buZzCyber_Akuma: those lines are 0.2mm though ( or something )
durrf2sure its not printed on a stratysis machine
buZzso those holes you see are like 0.002mm
buZzwhich is good enough
Cyber_AkumaI don't get holes in my prints like that
Cyber_Akumaunless my bed is too high
durrf2a squished first layer will also cause "elephant foot" effects
durrf2where the base of the print is slightly wider then its supposed to be
durrf2because the nozzle is just a little bit too close
Cyber_AkumaI hope I didn't damabe my print surface
Cyber_Akumasince apparnetly it was so close it was practically dragging across the bed
Cyber_AkumaNo wonder the print kept tearing off the bed
durrf2yes thats a pinch too close
durrf2leveling the bed is one of the most important parts of printing
durrf2and its the most fucking finnicky shit if your bed has any issues
durrf2the bare PCB heatbed that came with my printer was bowed after ~6-8 months of use
durrf2i dunno when it started, but by the time i figured it out it was like
durrf2the glass wasnt touching it properly lmao
Cyber_AkumaI think the issue is that my PEI has burrs on the edges from when I cut it
Cyber_AkumaIt makes me think my feeler gague is hitting against the nozzle when it isn't
Cyber_AkumaI need to sand those down
durrf2cut it slightly oversized and bend it down over the edges next time!
Cyber_AkumaActually, that was my original plan
Cyber_AkumaI was told that is a bad idea, because it will curl up if I do that
Cyber_AkumaWas hoping ot increase my print bed slightly originally by doing that
s1car1usIf anyone here isn't upgraded to TMC2130s yet and thinks it's not worth the money to upgrade... But then and if it's not worth it to you I will refund
durrf2what if i have 3 printers and i dont find its worth it after upgrading all 3
s1car1usCaveat...Unless you have 2100s cuz I don't know if those are maybe almost as good lol
durrf2all my printers have pololu drivers afaik
s1car1usI'll buy them all because it's not possible
s1car1usAll removable drivers are pololu
s1car1usThat's just the configuration the chip is mounted on
durrf2well the shitty low end ones
durrf2whatever the cheapest ones that usually comew ith ramps are
Cyber_AkumaI don't care about the noise
durrf2hey they work though
XXCodera9980 or drvshittynumber
durrf2same my printer is in its own room
s1car1usIt's not just the noise
s1car1usIt's a whole new printer
s1car1usThe accuracy and the smoothness it's like magic
s1car1usIt's going from 1/16 to 1/256 accuracy...
XXCoderhonestly I dont know why people bother going past 32 microstep.
XXCoderit does not directly tranbslate to precision too far into microstep
s1car1usI disagree but it's debatable
s1car1usYour right about direct translation to accuracy
XXCoderit actually drifts a little and averages out
s1car1usBut where I notice immediate difference is in the... resonance?
XXCodersometimes it dont actually move
s1car1usI think that would be the right word
XXCoderyep thats what microstep is for, precision limited benefits
durrf2my ender-2 dosnt have any ringing at all even at high speeds
XXCodermy cnc router I use 8 because that has pretty low resonance
durrf2its dope
s1car1usBefore my printer would vibrate at certain speeds, and I swore it was because of the bushings...
XXCoderdurrf2: thats frame rigidity
s1car1usIt's not
XXCodermine is as rigid as paper so have to be quite low to prevent ringing
durrf2or overall carriage weight
s1car1usNot in my case anyways
durrf2its a combination of a lot of things afaik
s1car1usIm telling you, new drivers now, and it's like it's riding on air
XXCoderrigidity-wise my cnc router would be great for cnc router. too bad its way too heavy to actually run as printer
s1car1usI used to keep putting oil thinking it wasn't sliding smooth, but it was the motors causing the vibration... It's crazy how frequencies work but at the right freq. It would just vibrate enough to probably take up the tiny Gap between the bushings and rail
s1car1usNot not back lash....
s1car1usIm talking about the gap around the bushing
durrf2:( something is taking up all the free space on the sdcard on my pi
Cyber_AkumaBut then how will I make my printer play mary had a little lamb while printing?
s1car1usDid you free up the discs to begin with
durrf2i wanna make my 3 printers sing a song together
s1car1usdurrf2: sudo raspi-config
XXCoderdurrf2: could do 3 voices with 3 steppers
XXCoderso 3 printers could do 9 voices, assuming you ignore other steppers
XXCoderlike xteruder
s1car1usdurrf2: did you do that already?
s1car1usVainglory? Anyone?
willmoreACTION has been playing with stepper motor controllers for fun.
willmoreThe difference between the s4988 and the DRV8255 is huge. The DRV is way quieter even at 4x (compared to 16x on the A4988).
euz100not as fun as burning controller out
willmoreI have a tmc2130 arriving before too long to compare.
euz100I own some DRV8255, haven't used them yet
willmoreI was having some odd results where high microstepping would work,but 1x woundn't at the same speed.
willmoreTurned out to be the program was pulse rate limited, so the 16x really wasn't the same RPM, so the motor worked at the lower RPM, but not at the real set RPM that 1x was using. *facepalm*
willmoreI need to write up a better test harness code.
willmoreI now see the difference between a proper bipolar drive and repurposing a unipolar drive.
willmoreThe bipolar is way better.
willmoreBut, I'm running at 12V. 24V might be different.
willmoreI need to find a better bulk motor supply cap. The one I'm using is only good to 16V. I have to have some higher voltage caps around...
sensillewillmore: do you also measure the torque at differen RPMs?
willmoresensille, Not directly. I measure the highest RPM I can acheive without using acceleration.
willmoreSo, that's close to a stall torque test, I guess.
willmoreI need to rig up some kind of a force tester, etc.
willmoreWonder if I can print one? ;)
sensillewhy not use acceleration?
willmoresensille, the test program I'm using doesn't have good support for it. I'll need to do something else.
willmoreRight now I'm at a "can I make this thing spin" stage.
willmoreI had never realized that 'normal' single stepping was dual coil. That's counter-intuitive.
jstevewhitewhy does the pocketbeagle have a graphics accelerator but no HDMI connector?
jstevewhiteor video connector of any kind?
willmorejstevewhite, RDP?
willmoreBecause it was there in the chip design and we just didn't put an HDMI on that board.
willmoreIt's not like they designed that chip just for that board. ;)
jstevewhitethat makes sense
jstevewhiteI picked one up to play with
DJHenjinfuck food poisoning is no fun
jstevewhiteDJHenjin: that is a fack, jack
willmoreI have some "Orange Pi Zero" boards. They have a GPU, video decoding, etc. logic on the chip, but the board has no HDMI. It's there because the SoC was made that way, but the board designers didn't need it.
willmoreDJHenjin, no, no it's not.
DJHenjinsecond time in as many months
willmoreDJHenjin, WTF are you eating?
DJHenjinapparently, bad oysters
jstevewhiteoh, fuck oysters
willmoreWell, there's your prblem.
crankylinuxuseryoure supposed to *eat*, not fuck.
jstevewhiteI gotta figure out how to use beaglebone's PRUs
jstevewhite(for fun and profit)
sensillewillmore: if you've found an easy solution for dynamic torque testing let me know :)
willmorejstevewhite, that's the part of the chip which interests me, too. I've been looking into klipper.
willmoresensille, LOL. :) Okay.
Cyber_AkumaWrite a gpu-based slicer, slice on the printer itself! XD
DJHenjinI think a few of us have been looking into klipper, I know I have
willmoresensille, I would suggest hooking up a DC motor as a load and modulating a mosfet as a load on that DC motor.
willmoreDJHenjin, it looks very promising.
DJHenjinindeed it does
willmoreI think it's a good proof that 8 bits isn't enough even for a cartesian.
willmorePlus, there's someone looking at porting to a bluepill board. So, printer controller for $1.60. ;)
DJHenjinyeah, I really like that it offloads planning and stuff to a faster computer, and the MCU just does step gen
willmoreYep. That makes way more sense than trying to do motion planning on a little 8 bit chip. Or, even a 32bit ARM core at <200MHz.
willmoreThe beaglebone+replicape is starting to look better. Seems they were just a bit before their time.
sensillewillmore: ?
DJHenjinyeah, I have been considering putting klipper on my BBB,
Cyber_AkumaWell.... I'm definitely getting better bed adhesion now, one of the parts BROKE attempting to remove it from the bed since it was still warm. Not an issue though since I have a zillion copies.
willmoresensille, yeah, klipper makes sense on CPLDs, too, maybe. You'd need a uC of some sort to control things, but you can probably do that in most low end FPGAs. It's not like it has to be complex.
willmoreCyber_Akuma, what's your bed?
willmoreAhh, okay. cool.
Cyber_AkumaStringing seems to have gone UP though
Cyber_AkumaSo I guess 1-1.5 retraction was the sweet spot
Cyber_AkumaSince at 2 i got a little bit more stringing
Cyber_AkumaI guess next thing I can try is retraction speed, that originally didn't make a difference, but let's see if it does now that I increased retraction distance
willmoreThere's a tradeoff between stringing and blobbing on start of the next print.
willmoreGood luck!
Cyber_AkumaMaybe I can try printing at 180C instead of 185C as well now that I have better adhesion due to better leveling
willmoreMy thermocouple must be way off. I have to print way over normal temps.
Cyber_AkumaI am worried that the part broke so easily since it seems to be some sort of pin or whatever
sensilleCyber_Akuma: or print the first 2 layers at 190C and the rest at 180
willmoreI should look into a replacement. I wonder if they shoved the wrong ones into a batch of pritners? I wouldn't put that past Wanhao.
willmoreCyber_Akuma, what was the part that broke?
Cyber_Akumawillmore: some kind of pin/raiser
Cyber_AkumaFriend wanted me to print the model, I didn't look at the instructions of how it's put together
Cyber_AkumaI am worried that the part broke so easily since it seems to be some sort of pin or whatever, I hope this thing will actually support whatever it's supposed to for them
willmoreAhh, okay.
Cyber_AkumaI even printed it at 0.1 layer height at 100% infull
willmorePrinting without knowing the function of a part? Good luck!
DJHenjininteresting, seems it wasn't the oysters, as one of my room mates is also experiencing food poisoning symptoms
willmoreDJHenjin, that's not better.
Cyber_Akumawillmore: I know it's meant to hold a gpu, that's it
DJHenjinbut with that, I am going to go lay down
Cyber_Akumanot how it does it
willmoreCyber_Akuma, what plastic?
DJHenjinwillmore, didn't say it was better, just that it was interesting
willmoreDJHenjin, best wishes for a speedy recovery.
DJHenjinthanks, I'll catch you all later
willmoreCyber_Akuma, okay, lower layer height can make weaker parts depending on your layer adhesion strength.
Cyber_AkumaI thought the opposite?
Cyber_AkumaThat's why I went from .2 to .1
willmoreNope, there's a chance to break at every layer interface. Minimize those to maximize strength.
willmoreExcept for PETG, that stuff has such insane adhesion that it doesn't matter.
willmoreThough it can be hard to print at very thin layers.
Cyber_Akumaone of the parts I eventually want to print in petg will just BARELY fit on my printer
Cyber_AkumaIn fact, I think I had to mess with it's bed size in software a bit before it woudl print
willmoreBarely is good enough.
Cyber_AkumaI was able to do a successful test print on pla though
Cyber_AkumaBasically an 8 inch turntable for a 3d scanner
willmoreAhh, you linked that a while back. I would think PLA would be better for that part--stiffer.
Cyber_Akuma..... am I just ASKING for trouble trying to print that in PETG?
Cyber_AkumaWait, really?
Cyber_AkumaI thjought PETG was stronger?
willmoreNot really, but that's not a good choice of plastic.
willmoreDon't confuse strength and stiffness.
willmoreThink of glass as an example.
jstevewhitePETG is a bit tougher, but not stronger, and not as stiff
willmoreYep, it flexes nicely but takes a lot of force to break.
willmoreLike ABS.
jstevewhitewithout the stinky bits >:)
Cyber_Akuma..... what is reasonable to use instead of PLA then? So ABS is a no-go as well?
willmorePLA is very rigid.
jstevewhiteAnd very strong; but it fails catastrophically when it goes.
willmoreYes, jstevewhite without the stinkey bits. And it's a plastic that we'll have in the future now that ASA is replacing ABS industrally.
jstevewhiteI wanna try ASA; several people have told me it's not as stinky as ABS
willmorejstevewhite, PETG fails catastrophically or were you talking about PLA? PLA bends and fails pretty cleanly.
jstevewhitePLA breaks, PETG bends (depending on formulation)
willmoreFor me PETG shatters when it breaks.
jstevewhiteI have PETG that will snap, and I have petg that will bend double before it comes apart
jstevewhiteI think formulation and moisture level have a lot to do with that.
Cyber_AkumaHmmm, I am reading that smaller layers bond to each other better and thus are stronger
willmorejstevewhite, could well be.
jstevewhiteCyber_Akuma: Where did you read that?
jstevewhiteEvery test I've seen showed thicker layers being stronger
Cyber_AkumaI was googling discussions on forums about it
jstevewhite(up to ~60% of the nozzle width)
jstevewhitewell, more layers == more interfaces; interfaces are weaker than extruded plastic... :D
Cyber_Akumathe interfaces are bonded better though
willmorePLA bonds well, it's mostly ABS that is noticeably weaker at the layers.
willmoreCyber_Akuma, nope.
willmoreThe interfaces are weaker.
willmoreCheck out Thomas's filoween videos.
willmoreHe prints parts lenghtwise and vertically and then breaks them.
Cyber_AkumaHe needs to be more careful if he keeps breaking them then
willmoreThe difference in strength is quite noticeable.
jstevewhite < there's a test with some data
Cyber_AkumaYeah, I just saw that
willmore:P If you know a better way to test ultimate strength, there's a few hundred thousand mechanical engineers who'd like to hear it.
kraegarjstevewhite: they're being paid off by the big layer lobby.
willmoreACTION facepalms
jstevewhitekraegar: shhh.... don't tell anyone, but I'm a charter member of the Big Layer Lobby
willmoregotta run!
Cyber_AkumaI wonder if these parts will be too rough if I print them at .3 then instead of .2
Cyber_AkumaBTW, I assume more layers would also increase stringing?
Cyber_AkumaThat quality chart confuses me...
Cyber_AkumaWhy does quality instantly drop to low for everything if at 100% infill
jstevewhiteCyber_Akuma: quality is the surface appearance, and 100% infill is super-tough to 'get right'
jstevewhiteat 100% the slightest variation in filament diameter will show up
Cyber_AkumaThese parts are so small that it's pointless to not do 100%
Cyber_AkumaIt's going to mostly be 100% anyway because there isn't enough room for an infill
K3|Chrisanyone using recent slic3r 1.3 dev? any idea how to make it you know, re-slice? there doesn't seem to be a button for that and I'm sitting here with nothing in the preview tab
crazy_impMikeee: solved the fan speed problem, it got its own temperature control inside
sideralahas anyone seen any pics or footage from the center core yet?
jeffdm_homeyou mean the pieces of it?
K3|Chrisno but musk confirmed it crashed
durrf2it hit at 300km/h
durrf2took out 2 of the droneships engines too
K3|Chrisran out of fuel?
jeffdm_homeIIRC hit water
jeffdm_homeran out of the igniter material
Mangy_DogThis is serioulsy disturbing, regardless of what you think of John Worboys (never met him despise what hes done and hes been punished according to the law) The so called legal challenges to his release are tantamount to mob rule. Victims and suspected victims of him should have NO say in the legally seated release of him. As they are incaple of being dispationate and emotionally disconnected
Mangy_Dogfrom the descision making process. Law is not meant to be personal. Its not meant to be grey its meant to be black and white and the same for everyone.
kraegarran out of fuel, hit the water
sideralai know that
sideralai want to see the debris
sideralamusk confirmed they have video of it
sideralawonder if they will release it
jeffdm_homeI expect eventually
sideralaits all fake anyway
jeffdm_homeThey did eventually release crash videos of all the previous attempts
sideralathat teslas in a soundstage somewhere
TheHexaCubesup nerds
kraegarand I guess they missed the orbit
abondishi, anybody knows about a layer fan shroud/duct that I could print in PLA for an 80mm fan ?
kraegarovershot it a tad
sideralakraegar: wont konw for sure for a couple months
TheHexaCubewhat debris?
TheHexaCubeof the core stage?
sideralaabondis: 80mm is pretty big for layer cooling
sideralaTheHexaCube: yes
durrf2gonna hit the asteroid belt
TheHexaCubewait, missing orbit?
sideraladurrf2: any idea how long they are projecting we will still get live footage?
TheHexaCubedid the payload fuck up aswell?
abondissiderala: that's all I have, and I'm hoping that it will be strong enough to cool down the filament coming out of the 1.2mm nozzle
durrf2siderala: im not sure
durrf2streaming from space is probably a little expensive
sideraladurrf2: its free
durrf2TheHexaCube: no only the landing of the core booster failed
sideralaunless comcast got there first
TheHexaCube'exceeded mars orbit'
durrf2everything else was A1
durrf2the payload was a joke and they were just nudging it into place anyway
durrf2well nudging stronger then other nudges
TheHexaCubeexceeded as in, "as planned" or, as in "we overshot our target"?
durrf2you know a 28,000km/h nudge
sideralaabondis: at that size just put fans around the peremeter of the printer
TheHexaCubeawww :(
TheHexaCubesooo do they know where it's gonna end up?
sideralaa far far way from here
abondisI tried with a desk fan, but it didn't seem to do a good job
TheHexaCubethanks Dr. Siderala
sideralalocation=distance x + my location
durrf2TheHexaCube: drifting
durrf2it was never supposed to go anywhere
durrf2just sit in a heliocentric orbit
durrf2(around the sun)
TheHexaCubeahhhh, okay I see
TheHexaCubei thought it was supposed to get a mars orbit or something(?)
durrf2 oh
sideralafuck how did this person model this chain
TheHexaCubemaybe I misread
durrf2in around 10,000 years jupiters gonna launch it out into deep space
durrf2TheHexaCube: the orbit originally was supposed to be somewhat similar to the orbit of mars
durrf2just a little offcenter
TheHexaCubesiderala: probably with CAD software
TheHexaCubesiderala: but I'm not an expert
durrf2using vr headsets
TheHexaCubealso, solid edge sucks ass
sideralafuckin beautiful
TheHexaCubesiderala: possible model a single chain link, draw a curve/path/spline however you wanna call it, and then do an array that follows the curve?
TheHexaCubesooo, what are SpaceX's next plans?
TheHexaCubethanks Dr. Siderala
sideralathey are launching another one in like 4 months
sideralai dont think its disclosed yet if anything of value will be on it
TheHexaCubei hope it's you
jeffdm_homeLaunch from Vandenberg
sideralashow me where to sign
sideralaim there
Cyber_AkumaI doubt they will do it
Cyber_AkumaBut they did say they wanted to launch high speed internet satelites by 2019
jeffdm_home"Feb 16, 2018 on reused Falcon 9 from Vandenberg. Launch time reported as 1422 UTC, 0622 PST. First stage may be expended. PAZ is 1400kg and going to a 514-km polar orbit. SpaceX is expected to launch their demonstration satellites, Microsat 2a & 2b (a little under 400kg each, plus dispenser?), for the internet constellation on this flight."
jeffdm_homenext launch
durrf2so musk really is the bad guy from the kingsmen
TheHexaCube400kg and that's what they call micro, heh
Cyber_Akumayou mean Simpsons :P
jeffdm_homePicosat is nominally 1kg per cube I think
kraegarmusk == scorpio
Cyber_AkumaYup, after that flamethrower thing it was confirmed
durrf2no but in the kingsmen
durrf2thats what that badguy does
durrf2gives free internet to everyone
TheHexaCubehow much did the falcon heavy cost?
Cyber_AkumaI need to watch that, have it on bluray and digital...
jeffdm_homebase price $90M
siderala90 million
durrf2TheHexaCube: bout 20k
sideralafor entry level
sideralaif you want the gold package
TheHexaCubeso, $90M for 64 tons of payload?
sideralapretty much
sideralaso a duffel bag and TheHexaCube mom will fix
jeffdm_homeWell it's a sliding scale of weight per distance
jeffdm_homeThe farther you want it to go, the less you can throw
durrf2if you get bigger
TheHexaCubesoo, that's 1400€ for a kg
TheHexaCubethat's actually really cheap innit
sideralaTheHexaCube: yes
durrf2whats the BFRs eta
gthx => Stephen Crowns Elon Musk As The King Nerd => 1 IRC mentions
durrf2goddamnit musk
durrf2my favourite part of the tesla in space is that it says dont panic on the dash
jeffdm_homeBFR 5 years assuming it goes well
jeffdm_home"grasshopper" flights of a mockup maybe next year
sideralawhat does bfr stand for
sideralabig fucking rocket?
durrf2big fucking rocket
TheHexaCubebig flying rocket
jeffdm_homeBig Fucking Rockeeeeeeeet
ecocodea car in the space is nothing more than garbage..
TheHexaCubewhat difference does it make if it's a car or a block of concrete?
sideralacar is 100000X cooler
sideralado it for the vine
Smugtrioin space, it doesn't make a difference
Smugtrioit's all garbage
ecocodeWell I guess Musk didn't find any other garbage to put in the space
jeffdm_homeIt's a stunt but it probably paid for itself
Nebukadnezawell, a better target would be to bring the garbe somewhere where it doesn’t interfere with future plans?
TheHexaCubeNebukadneza: well, the car won't be cluttering any orbit soo nyeh
Nebukadnezaso far that’s marketing-bullshit on the shoulder of more meaningful future endavours
Smugtrioit's set to follow mars in solar orbit
jeffdm_homeIt's going to the asteroid belt
Smugtrionot really in the wya or anything
TheHexaCubenow if we were talking about putting the car in LEO that'd be another thing
TheHexaCubeor i guess uhhhh a high orbit
Nebukadnezawell, not any earth orbit …
kraegarlong as it's not cluttering earth orbit, and they know its location, doesn't matter at all.
TheHexaCubelow orbit and the car comes down sometime soon :D
Smugtrioit'll probably get taken out by some space-shit
jeffdm_homehot wheels!
TheHexaCubeand in 20 years Musk can do another PR stunt:
TheHexaCubeget the car back down to earth
kraegarSmugtrio: extremely unlikely
TheHexaCubeand drive it around
jeffdm_homeI think the car stunt paid for itself
TheHexaCubejeffdm_home: totally did
Smugtriounlikely, but in the scheme of things if it's in solar orbit for a billion years, it could potentially get hit by something
jeffdm_homeI thought it was stupid but it came out really cool with the videos
jeffdm_homeit will get hit
kraegarsure, given enough time it will
jeffdm_homeeverything gets hit
Smugtrioalso, I think it was more of just a "I'm Elon Musk, why the fuck not"
Smugtriotype of deal
TheHexaCubeSmugtrio: ++
Smugtriobecause I can, that's why
kraegaror it'll get enveloped in the sun's expansion
TheHexaCubemaaaan, noctua coolers are expeeeensive
TheHexaCubeat that point I could get a watercooler too *grumble*
Smugtriofor a computer?
Smugtriojeez, yeah you could get a corsair h80 for like 80 bucks or something
kraegarbut don't underestimate just how vast and empty the solar system is. outside of planetary orbits, there's not much out there. even the asteroid belt isn't anywhere near what's depicted for how close they are to each other
Cyber_AkumaACTION is considering getting a noctua fan or two for his printer
TheHexaCubeI think it'd be around 120€ for the noctua + 2 fans in the 'right' color
Cyber_AkumaSmugtrio: ummm, it cost me like $75 for the noctua cooler for this pc
TheHexaCubevs. 150€ for a very very fancy matercooler
Smugtriojust sayin, I'd rather have a water cooler for the price as well
durrf2whooo filament is in
durrf2got the grey i need to finish my falcon
Cyber_AkumaI hear those closed loop coolers can leak
TheHexaCubenzxt kraken x62
TheHexaCubejust... sexyness :D
durrf2with an infinity mirror in it
durrf2thats dope
TheHexaCubeand it's a fully adressable RGB ring
durrf2thats the only thing thats cool about that
SmugtrioThey can leak, sure
durrf2the fact that its on a waterblock
Cyber_Akumathat waterblock.... looks familiar...
Smugtriomy waterblock just says corsair :(
gthx => FALCON HEAVY LANDING 02/06/2018 => 1 IRC mentions
gthx => Best RGB Lighting - Aorus Z270X Gaming 7 Motherboard Review => 1 IRC mentions
Cyber_Akuma <---- Noctua NH-D14, the cooler I have that I paid $75-80 for
Cyber_AkumaThough it's been replaced by the D15 now
Smugtriothere's my thing
durrf2the best rgb lighting
durrf2is when you set it all to 000000
London3DHey. I've made a site for people to record their stories about the Reprap project.
durrf2the wiring in that printer is too clean
durrf2i have never seen a mendel (?i think?) with clean wiring i guess
DuckleYeah that's not allowed if you head page 323.6 of the reprap handbook
Duckle"Wires habe to ne routed in such a way that every 50th print fails due to a tangled cable
durrf2motor disconnect during prints? yeah dont print above 200mm problem solved
Smugtriodurrf2, the goal with this new PC was to be as ridiculous and RGB-full as possible
SmugtrioI really wanted RGB fans as well, but 80mm rgb ring fans don't exist
DuckleRGB can look sweet :)
durrf2i have clients who are poor and want fast computers so instead they invest their money on 300 dollar cases
Smugtriothat's the best thing to invest in
Smugtriothat mini ITX case was 200 bucks
Duckledurrf2: ok I agree that is dumb
durrf2i think i might have bought one case new in my life
Duckledurrf2: wat
Smugtriobut I was playing with free money so I was very whatever about it
durrf2the rest were all recovered from garbage
DuckleI mean I don't mind spending extra on a good case
durrf2i got an antec nine hundred for free
durrf2why would i spend money on something that has 0 impact on performance
DuckleIt makes working in it much more enjoyable
durrf2my old case was a beige piece of sit but it was awesome because it had a handle on the top
durrf2it was fugly but the handle made up for it
DuckleI care about how easy it is to cable manage and cool
Smugtriodurrf2, everyone knows a cool case makes it go faster
Duckleand how easy it is to fit things in, even after the pc has been built
Smugtrioits like stickers on your car
Smugtrioproven fact
DuckleAlso, some people want the PC to look good WHILE being a PC
durrf2i cant even see my case
Smugtrioif mine weren't going on my desk I wouldn't have gotten a nice case
DuckleI use mine as a spare table for stuff
Duckleit's pretty tall
DuckleIt's about 550mm
DuckleAnd then I have the base of my wireless headphones on there, other stuff
SmugtrioI had one of these for a long ass time$_86.JPG
Smugtriosans window though
DuckleI'll never understand why that was considered good looking
Smugtriome either
durrf2i like that look a heck of a lot better then some of these fucking douchebag cases they got today
DuckleWasn't much choice back then
Smugtriolike my glass case?
Duckledurrf2: Lol what? Examples?
durrf2this one
jammiBitFenix Prodigy M is a nice compact, pretty and functional mATX case
Duckledurrf2: That's not really a practical case. It's an art piece
DuckleI think it looks okay, but kinda unfinished
durrf2a case is a place ot screw your motherboard in and house wires
K3|ChrisI used this case for quite some time: -
K3|Chris200mm fan on the side
Duckledurrf2: Why? Why can't it be art too?
durrf2thats a good case other then one fact
jammiI've been otherwise happy with mine, except I had to slightly mod the button/led section. the original leds are bright blue, switched them to traditional green for power and red for hdd, and turned them "upside down" to be right side up on the back side of the case
durrf2there dosnt seem to be much space behind the mobo
K3|Chrisdouble layer steel panels with plastic between
jammiI recommend furnishing one with both fan slots at top and bottom populated
DuckleI love my case:
jammisucking cool air from the top and blowing it out from the bottom
durrf2...thats the opposite of how its spposed to be i think
DuckleI feel like the prodigy fails at doing what it's kinda meant for, being a small formfactor
jammihas a filter on top and in that orientation it doesn't gather a pile of dust under the case like they normally do
durrf2supposed to blow hot air out the top
jammidurrf2: nope
Ducklenatural convetion is a thing, but it's weak
jammidurrf2: and passive convection forces are small enough to not matter at all in any system with a fan
jamminevertheless at least half a dozen of fans like a modern pc
jammiif you plan for something to hold a lot of hdd's, get something bigger though
Duckledurrf2: Yes you can find a lot of funny images of people convinced that going against natural convection will blow up the PC, but it's such a neglible difference that you can't meassure it
jammiI use mine with M.2 ssd's
DuckleThat said, why top down jammi
jammiDuckle: because I said why
durrf2i think linus tech tips does something on positive/negative pressure
Duckledurrf2: That's for dust reasons
durrf2but yeah its not like computers are rocket ships anyway
jammifilter is on the top and if you suck from bottom, the psu will anyway blow in that direction and you'll just get all the floor dust into the case that way
Ducklesuck in air through filters and have positive preassure so any gaps have air coming out, keeping dust out
jammithe psu is mounted in front bottom on these
Ducklejammi: ah
Ducklejammi: I missed the line where you said why
jammiand it applies to pc cases in general
DuckleNot a bad idea
jammithe air is going to be cleaner at the top than on the floor
DuckleMy case only has filters front and bottom though
Duckleand I prefer to keep the top of my pc closed, to avoid anything settling in
Duckleor if I should spill something
jammiget some vacuum cleaner filters if your case doesn't have a filtering system by default
DuckleIt does. As I said bottom and front
Duckleand that
Duckleah new keyboard
DuckleThat's a bad tip, because vacuum filters are far more restrictive than normal case filters
jammiall the cases I've had during the last ten years or so have been practical to convert into suck from top, blow out from bottom type
Ducklecase fans, even static preassure ones would deal really poorly with a vacuum filter
DuckleYou can get plenty case filters on ebay, even magnetic ones
DuckleBut I prefer to keep the top closed
jammiDuckle: they're not that restrictive, but depends on the vacuum cleaner filter type of course
DuckleI suppose
Duckleall the ones I've seen have been really restrictive
DuckleI mean, they're also for 2.6KW vacuums
jammithe home server case has vacuum cleaner filters on top, because it did come with just a coarse mesh
jammiand it stays at about room temp + 10°C
jammi30-32°C or so, or slightly warmer in the summer
DuckleIntersting, link to the filters used?
jammijust some storebrand supermarket stuff
jammiexhaust filters anyway
jammiones you mount on the blowing side of the vacuum
DuckleThat's the HEPA filter? :o
jammino, hepa filters are sold separately as such
DuckleYou have weird vacuums >:(
jammithe stuff I have does have some active carbon, which doesn't really matter in this application
jammithe primary purpose on a vacuum is probably to remove smells
jammias trap the dust that passes its inlet filter / dust bag
Brandanoso tired
jammibut it's not hepa level
jammi*and trap
DuckleThis is the kind of filter on the outside of my vacuum:
Brandanouse an oil bath filter
Brandanolike on old cars
DuckleAnd then this on the inside, after the bag, but before the motor:
jammithe specifics don't matter much anyway, as long as it traps most of the dust
jammibecause dusty pc cases just suck ass
DuckleI mean, it has to let air throug
Brandanoif it's fine enough it will get to hepa levels fairly soon
Brandanowhen it packs up with dust
Brandanoset up cyclone separators on the intakes?
jammiDuckle: my vacuums have some builtin super fancy hepa filters
jamminonreplaceable type except for the neato
BrandanoI think stove hood filter material is good enough for PC cases
Ducklenice.. :/
TheHexaCubeDuckle: hey there, I'm not sure I asked, do you have the pcpartpicker link you once sent me still around?
jammithe one with a bag has like 1/3 of its voulme in filter / sound dampening
pink_vampirehow do i calculate the SFM from the chip load and the rpm?
TheHexaCubeI reset my windows so I can't look in the browse history
DuckleTheHexaCube: No :/
jammialso very quiet, something like 50dBA max iirc
jammiquiet enough to not even bother the cat
Brandanobtw, i didn't notice yesterday, but on the landing sequence where they showed the same camera pretending it to be one for each booster, you can see the landing burn of the other booster at the top of the frame
jammiI have a bagless vortex type of thing for rougher stuff, to clean up shavings and stuff from cleaning 3d prints, working with metal or wood and such
jammiwhich is 70dBA or so max
Brandanogenerally you still need a mechanical filter after a vortex separator
Brandanoor many stages
jammiyes, but in theory not user replaceable
BrandanoEverything is user replaceable in some measure
jammiin practice you could disassemble the vacuum and try to dust it off or something, but you won't find replacements anywhere
Brandanolike everything can be air-dropped at least once
jammior they cost more than the vacuum
Brandanoyou can cut HEPA filtering material and fit it over the older filter frame
thewsran into a new thing today
jammiwhich is why I rather try to keep the accessible parts pretty clean
thewson cisco USCM environment they charge you to see port utilization
jammibecause the cleaner they are, the less dust you get into the harder to access places
Brandanoyou can clean up a vacuumm filter using a vacuum cleaner
jammianyhow, I expect to get some 5-10 years of service from it and at that point the new models are upgrade-worthy anyway
Brandanowhich can pose some logistical problems
jammiefficiency of vacuums have gone up a lot recently after EU set limits on power consumption
Brandanostill not as power efficient as a dusting cloth
thewswhere were the efficiency gains?
jammiand they've got much quieter as well, old ones were basically on the level of risking hearing damage
thewshigh quality motors and impellers have been around for a long time
jammiwhereas new ones are quiet enough to not disturb neighbors even if you vacuum in the middle of the night
Brandanothews: probably fluid modeling of the air paths
Brandanojammi: that's an odd hobby
jammithews: old ones were basically sold by electric consumption
jammithews: so they were usually as inefficient as possible
thewsyou don't check cfm and inches of lift?
jammilike, 3000W and whatever
TheHexaCubeDuckle: it'd be nice if you checked that one out
TheHexaCubeI did some part swapping
jammiwhereas new ones with more suction are well below a kW
TheHexaCubeDuckle: the 1070Ti is just a placeholder though
TheHexaCubeI won't be buying one
DuckleStealing is illegal
thewsI care more about performance
BrandanoTheHexaCube: mine is a Zotac 1070 mini
thewshow much water it can lift, and how many cfm
Brandanothe Ti is actually cheaper
TheHexaCubeDuckle: I'm keeping my 1050Ti and I'm gonna wait for the next GPU gen
Brandanosame goes for the AMP
thewsas far as I know new ones aren't doing any better on those metrics
DuckleTheHexaCube: Clever boi
jammithews: yes, which is what they're finally focusing on rather than using as much electricity as possible
DuckleTheHexaCube: The 1050ti is more than enough for a while
jammithe oldschool vacuum sales was basically "the higher the motor power and louder the noise, the better"
Brandanothe 1070 is definitely plenty for someone my age
DuckleTheHexaCube: In that case, you have money left over for a threadripper build... right...right? :P
jammiand "motor power" as-in electric wattage
jamminot in suction power
TheHexaCubeDuckle: recently I bought 64GB DDR4 for 260€ on amazon, too bad it was a scam ;_;
BrandanobuZz: 45
DuckleTheHexaCube: wah?
BrandanoI shouldn't be still playing games
DuckleTheHexaCube: Got your monetos back?
TheHexaCubeDuckle: yeaah
buZzBrandano: does that mean that once you turn 50 you get a (equivalent of) 1080ti?
TheHexaCubestill kinda sad though
TheHexaCubethat'd be the deal of my life
buZzcause i'm 38 and have a 1060 :P
Cyber_AkumaHas the magic bean mining ended yet so GPUs don't cost more than a solid gold car?
BrandanobuZz: nah, you start using computers to do serious stuff and trade the GPU for more CPU and RAM
buZzyeah i really should get a new motherboard & cpu
buZz4cores aint cutting it no mo
Cyber_Akuma<---- 34.... has two GPUs in SLI and multiple consoles
pink_vampirehow do i convert settings from steel to brass?
BrandanoCyber_Akuma: I bet XKCD would like a graph of owner age vs PC specs
Brandanoon the one hand as you age you get more disposable income
durrf2as a kid i had all the free time in the world but no money to buy games
Brandanoon the other hand you also get less time to faff about
durrf2now that i have money to buy games i have no time ot play them
TheHexaCubeaaaaalso, my workers union finally came to an agreement
buZzthe next workstation i'm eyeing has 2x 650 usd new cpus
TheHexaCubein another state which has very very similar conditions to bavaria they agreed on 4.3% more wage
buZzand up to 1TB ECC DDR4
BrandanobuZz: ECC?
Brandanoon a workstation?
durrf2i have a 4790k and its good enough for me for a while still i hope
buZzyeah its a server motherboard
Brandanook, for a server it makes sense
durrf2i still see it on high end cpu charts so i guess i did gut
buZzi like to get server hw as workstation
TheHexaCubea one time payment of 70€ (100€ for normal workers), and 200€ (400€ for normal workers) plus 27.5% of a monthly wage as a bonus every year
Brandanobut ECC generally loses a bit of performance, on top of the higher cost
TheHexaCubestarting next year
buZzplus higher powerusage
Brandanoservers trade performance for reliability
jstevewhitelook, it's tamarin
buZzi can downgrade it to unbuffered, but then the max gets 256GB :P
BrandanoWelcome fellow primate
jstevewhitedid you just assume someone's species?
tamarinThere's only one way out of this.
Brandanonope, only his order
tamarinIt seems very quiet for #reprap
jstevewhiteit's you, bro.
buZzyeah i got everyone in /ignore too
tamarinEveryone is playing MHW.
BrandanoI am stil at work
Cyber_Akuma<durrf2> i have a 4790k and its good enough for me for a while still i hope <--- 3770k here, still good for most things I do....
Cyber_Akumawish my OC haden't failed though
Cyber_AkumaSince that did impact my emulation and video encoding
jstevewhiteI've got a GTX780 and a 7980 Raydeon
jstevewhiteold, but still chugging. Though I think one is dying.
buZztamarin: whats that?
Brandanohmm, two families of drivers?
tamarinbuZz, Monster Hunter World
buZzMini Hash Wrothers
Brandanoisn't the OS complaining at all?
buZznever heard of
jstevewhiteBrandano: nah
jstevewhiteMac Pro handles it fine, though my windows buddies insisted there was no way it could work LOL
Brandanodid you manage to hack it so that one is in SLI and the other is Crossfire?
jstevewhitelol no
jstevewhiteBasically I just have apps that require CUDA and apps that require OpenCL
jstevewhiteSpecifically AMD opencl
jstevewhiteso I needed both of 'em
kraegarman I cut the shit out of my spoil boards last night
jstevewhiteyou fucked EVERYTHING up last night, didn't you?
kraegarI did
Brandanoso now the spoilboards are finally shitless?
kraegartotally shitless
Ameisenwhat can you use to glue PLA back together
Ameisenhad a print that broke while removing supports
durrf2i use CA glue
BrandanoAmeisen: CA glue works
jstevewhitethat Go2 stuff works well. kraegar recommended it, but it's good anyway.
BrandanoAmeisen: another option, but not for looks, is friction welding
kraegarjstevewhite: definitely doesn't work on petg
Ameisenproblem with superglue is I'll have to clamp the parts
Ameisenwhich won't work well here
kraegarit seems to, but then it'll snap
Brandanoif it has to be structurally sound, drill holes in it and use filament pieces as pegs
durrf2you can use an activator, Ameisen
durrf2which will greatly reduce the time needed to hold the parts in place
durrf2glue->activator->touch the parts together and its dry
Brandanouse CA remover to separate the part from your fingers once it's glues
kraegarcam paths for a full set of railcore sides. optional ZL bottom panel, too
AmeisenAlso, are there any filaments that are flexible, yet rigid at the same time
Ameisenthat is, can be bent and put into positions
Ameisenbut hold those positions
Brandanomalleable, you mean
TheHexaCubeput PLA in boiling water
TheHexaCubebend in shape
TheHexaCubelet cool
Brandanobtw, that's one way to make PLA springs
jstevewhitethat friendly plastic shit works really well like that.
buZzthere's that sculpting filament
buZzwhat was that again?
Brandanojstevewhite: polymorph? Caprolactone, IIRC
jstevewhitepolyprolactone or some shit like that
Ameisenwas thinking for robots like Bender or Roberto
Ameisenthe arms and legs should be malleable
jstevewhitethat stuff is tough as nails when it cools.
BrandanoI think it's the first thing that REPRAPs ever printed
Ameisenalso, I cracked a tooth last night
jstevewhiteMUCH stronger than most of the shit I can print
Ameisendon't have money right now for a dentist :(
buZzprint dentures
buZz> Clean up your print, smooth it to a perfect finish, add detail, and even continue sculpting, as though you had started the piece by hand.
jstevewhiteI have a leatherman holster made of that shit that's eight years old
AmeisenI briefly considered vaporizing MEK to smooth PLA
Ameisenthen I realized that that was a terrible, terrible idea
Ameisenunless I want to die
jstevewhiteI tried printing when I got printer,s but none of those holsters lasted more than a month or two.
BrandanoMEK is nasty, but probably not outright lethal
buZzi think wanting to die is a lot healthier than the opposite
buZzbut here's that filament @ Tested ;
gthx => 3D Printer Material You Can Sculpt! => 1 IRC mentions
BrandanoWell, you die wheter you want it or not
jstevewhiteI think that confuses the meaning of 'healthy'
BrandanoIf I were to print a poseable Bender figurine I'd buy a few cheap USB clip on lights and use their flexible shaft for arms and legs
AmeisenAny of you guys tried IceSL":
jstevewhiteI screwed with it for about ten minutes I think. I hear they're still workign on it
jstevewhiteit emits curves instead of many short lines
durrf2whoo 250 8mmx1mm neodibblium
jstevewhitewhich is interesting
buZzadaptive layering?
buZzwhat does that do Ameisen
durrf2adapts the layers
durrf2so if theres a lot of detail it will be thinner
jstevewhitekisslicer does adaptive layering too
durrf2and if its just printing bodywork its gonna get thicker and thicker
jstevewhitereally well.
BrandanobuZz: Slic3r can do that too
DuckleMan that looks really cool
buZzaber was ist das!
Ducklelooking forward to a tested video on that sculptable stuff
BrandanoAmeisen: what's the licence?
durrf2it seems buggy because if theres 2 models with different height, turning on adaptive layers (in cura 3.2 beta) cuts the taller model down to the height of the smaller one
buZzah varying layerheights
Brandanojstevewhite: creates arc moves?
TheHexaCubeDuckle: things that also look cool: this :P
TheHexaCubenot really done yet though heh
gthx => Car is space! - Entire Starman feed sped up over 100x => 1 IRC mentions
Brandanoanyway, i think I'll head home
jammiAmeisen: does it work?
Ameisenno idea
jammiI'm not going to bother, since it's linux/windows only
jammibother trying it out, that is
Cyber_AkumaJust install windows then XD
jammiwindows is for games only
jammiand windowsonly-game at that
Cyber_Akumaand linux is for development and macos is for.... umm.... facebook? XD
Cyber_AkumaIf that thing is open source though, can't you compile a mac version?
jammimacos is for development, linux is for deployment and windows is for... windows games
Cyber_Akumawindows games is like 99% of games, epsecially if they aren't indie, but I would have to disagree that windows is just for games :P
jammicurlyears: no, more like 60% or so
jammimost of the games that matter are crossplatform, or at least macos + linux
jammibut there are some that are windows only, and some run better on windows, others worse
Cyber_AkumaAs someone who has windows, macos, and luinux machines, and has signed into his steam account with over 1000 games on all of them, no, it's much higher, especially for non-indie titles :P
Cyber_Akuma"GPU requirements" ... huh, so this thing uses the gpu to slice?
Mazhiveguys i wanne upgrade my 3d printer i am using a direct drive mk8 hotend and want to upgrade to a all metal hot end. i am using a prusa i3 pro b clone , so can any of you give me some suggestion to which brand or model i should be buying. i also intend to buy a allmetal x carriage some one has experience with those carriages ??
Cyber_Akuma"How about MacOS?" "Unfortunately, and as far as we know, there is no support for OpenGL 4.2 under MacOS and we need this to port IceSL. If OpenGL 4.2 becomes available we will work hard to port IceSL to Mac! "
jammiCyber_Akuma: I often pass games that are windows only, but out of mine maybe 20% are windows only
Cyber_AkumaErr, wait, I thought all the three major operating systems supported OpenGL?
jamminot 4.2
Cyber_Akumais 4.2 either really old or really new for macos to not support it?
jammithey're probably not going to support it, because they're going with their own 3d hal/driver stuff; metal
Cyber_AkumaOh right....
GrantM11235"Release date: August 8, 2011"
Cyber_AkumaYeah, that's going to get games ported to the platform, refusing to support a standard everyone else does
TheHexaCubecertainly not a new apple practice :D
Cyber_AkumaActually, which os has more game support on steam, linux or macos?
Cyber_AkumaWell duh
Cyber_AkumaI meant between those two
GrantM11235They don't support vulcan either, so at least they are consistent
durrf2linux because of wine im going to say
Cyber_AkumaErr, wine is kind of cheating
jammiCyber_Akuma: macos has probably an order of magnitude more games on steam than linux
Cyber_AkumaThat's like saying macs support it if you install windows or use a vm
jammilikewise as much more users
GrantM11235I don't think even windows has an order of magnitude more games that linux
Cyber_AkumaI haven't tried using my mac (at least in macos) for much gaming, namely because it jhust has intel integrated
Cyber_Akumabut I tried booting lionux on this.... it dodn't go well for gaming
jammiTheHexaCube: actually it's a fairly new apple practice
durrf2then macs do
durrf2because of bootcamp
jammiTheHexaCube: it used to be microsoft pushing their own proprietary bullshit rather than standards, now it's both microsoft and apple
Cyber_Akumasoundcard didn't work, 3d vision does not work, sli had to be force-enabled from a cli command and it utterly broke everything
Cyber_AkumaAnd games had glitches in them
Cyber_AkumaEh, MS stikll pushes directx
Cyber_AkumaShame that 3d vision only works with directx :(
Cyber_AkumaI also remember the first time I loaded Steam on Linux
durrf2lmao 3d vision
Cyber_Akuma"Huh.... it almost looks like my entire library is avaliable here... wait, it IS, and it claims that manyt of them are already installed, wtf?"
durrf2library sharing?
Cyber_AkumaThat's when I realized that Steam actually defaults to STREAMING from a Windows machine if it detects you have one on the same network with steam, rather than default to running linux games natively
Ameisentesting icesl
Cyber_AkumaFor the linux version
TheHexaCubewoooop, last day of work tomorrow
Ameisenit seems to have some dfificulty with spherical objects, mainly with supports
TheHexaCubeman this is so nice
Ameisenso does slic3r
Ameisenand cura
Ameisennone tend to use towers
Ameisenkissslicer might work better>'
Cyber_AkumaFull spheres, or even say, a disk-shaped object?
durrf2for proper spheres you need to cut them in half typically
gthx => 3D Printed Slimes [Slime Rancher] - Boom, Phosphor, Rad & Honey! by ChaosCoreTech => 1 IRC mentions
Ameisenthat one in particular
Cyber_Akumadurrf: Hey! I love 3d!
Cyber_Akuma.... shame Nividia killed it by being propitery idiots about it
Cyber_Akumagthx: Just use something like model-resource to print ripped models
Cyber_AkumaThough you might have to pose them
Cyber_AkumaI remember it feeling so weird to physcially print something I pulled out of a game years ago.....
jammiit'd be great if there was a third player in the gpu market
jammiamd vs nvidia vs someone else as competent
jammijust two roughly equal players in the market seem to always end up in cartel-like price-setting
durrf2there is
jammidurrf2: *as competent*
Cyber_Akumaintel is about as muhc as a player as internet explorer is in the browser wars
Cyber_Akumaand yes, I know it's Edge now
jammiapple does push powervr a big time though, but they haven't bought it yet
jammibasically every apple arm chip with a gpu has powervr
durrf2its not edge now, IE and edge are two veeeeeeeeeeeeeerry different browsers
jammibut it's not in the desktop market exactly
jammiabout as different as firefox and chrome
Cyber_AkumaThey replaced IE with Edge
Cyber_Akumait might as well be
jammialthough it's more like an old webkit fork vs blink
jammiat least in the technical sense
jammiactually, seems like apple did abandon powervr in favor of something of their own
jammiin A11 (and probably future models)
durrf2they actually added edge, ie is still there
Cyber_AkumaHuh, so it is
Cyber_Akuma..... though the people who still would use ie are a definite edge case
Cyber_Akuma(not sorry)
jammiie has been unsupported for new webdev things for quite a while already
jammiwould probably be a pretty rough experience trying to use it as an everyday browser
Cyber_AkumaEven rougher trying to use it in a VM of windows 95/98
AmeisenI'm trying to print this slime model with all slicers
Cyber_AkumaCoulden't even connect to sites DESIGNED to download dos/early windows era software
AmeisenI've printed Cura's already
jammiand the only reason they still have it to have something almost backwards compatible to their era of ie-lockin stuff for intranet apps and such
AmeisenCurrently, Slic3r's is printing. Then IceSL, then KISSlicer
AmeisenI don't have S3D
Ameisenam I missing any:?
Cyber_AkumaI assuem S3d is still in the triple digit?
Cyber_AkumaHmm... could have sworn I recall some new expiremental slicer I heard about in 15 that started with C
Cyber_Akumano, nto cura
jammiwhich still looks like it's at least 15 years old and from some cde-era X11 stuff
jammiback when some still thought tk is a pretty nice gui framework
Cyber_AkumaI need to organize my downloads folder
Cyber_Akumaepsxe version 1.9? isn't that like... barely xp era?
Cyber_AkumaAh, it was Craftware
Cyber_AkumaACTION just googled top slicing software to find it
Cyber_Akuma... first result was "17 best 3d slicers".....
jammiorganize, why?
jammijust archive it on the nas at the point your root/home volume ssd is full
Cyber_Akumathis desktop IS also my main storage
Cyber_Akumamy download folder is on a raid5, not my os drive
Cyber_Akumaactually, my main os drive is down atm
Cyber_AkumaI am temporarely using a 5400rpm hdd....
Cyber_Akumanormally I have two SSDs in raid0
jammiI haven't had hdd's on any desktop/laptop system for quite a while
jamminas-server only basically
Cyber_AkumaI don't really have a need to access the storage from any other system in the house
Cyber_AkumaAnd I need fast access to it from this desktop
jammihdd's are so slow it doesn't really make a difference whether they're at the end of some lan network or not
Cyber_AkumaErr, no, not at all
Cyber_AkumaAt least mny raid5 isn't
jammior possibly is even beneficial since the nas box can basically allocate its free ram as hdd cache only
Cyber_AkumaMan, this list is REALLY taking liberties
Cyber_AkumaStuff like repetier or octoprint really should not be on here
Cyber_AkumaIIRC those are not slicers
durrf2octoprint CAN slice
K3|Chrisoctoprint can slice
durrf2but it uses curaengine iirc
jammioctoprint uses slic3r
Cyber_AkumaAh, I thought it was just a print server
K3|Chrisyeah or something less terrible using plugins
Cyber_AkumaDoes it slice on the system it's running from though?
durrf2octoprint does soo much stuff
jammialso, I don't think it has any slicer enabled by default
Cyber_Akumaor does it connect to a x86 system?
jammioctoprint is super inefficient as well
Cyber_AkumaHuh, how fast is slicing on a pi?
durrf2i dont know i never tried it lmao
Cyber_AkumaI was going to see if I can install octoprint on one of my C.H.I.P.s
Cyber_Akuma(I really wish they picked a better name)
jammisomething like that should run smoothly on something much less than a rpi1, but it brings down an rpi3 to its knees
K3|ChrisI just send the g-code to octoprint from slic3r on my PC, don't really need to send octoprint .stls and have it print them... useful on the go I guess using a phone?
jammibut that's what you get for using python, I guess
Cyber_AkumaWell, these chip things are basically a pizero
Cyber_AkumaThough they existed and were a kickstarter campaign before the pizero was ever announced
Cyber_AkumaThey are kinda better suited out of the box than a pizero actually, built-in storage and wifi
Cyber_AkumaBut they lack any sort of video out other than composite without addons
Cyber_Akumaalso only one usb port...
Cyber_AkumaACTION looks up craftware
jammirpi doesn't have more usb ports than that really either, it just has a builtin usb hub and ethernet and shit as usb devices
Cyber_Akumathing is chip also uses that for power
Cyber_Akumaso you would need a hub to control a printer with it
jammiimho better to make the hub stuff optional/external and have some real non-usb devices for ethernet and such, like the better soc's
Cyber_AkumaAlso chip is only 512mb of storage... but I assume that is enough for octoprint
GrantM11235Cyber_Akuma: lol, nope
jammiCyber_Akuma: it'd be fine for something sanely written yes, doing something similar to octoprint
jammibut not octoprint
Cyber_AkumaI see
Cyber_AkumaWhat, doies octoprint install a full GUI os?
jammiyou'd really want some new 16-core xeon with 64GB ram to run octoprint
GrantM11235It requires build-essentials
jammiit's just going to be degrees of slow to super slow and nonresponsive on lesser hardware
durrf2The 14 tightly wrapped foil packages looked just like burritos when officers found them during a routine traffic stop in Angelino Heights, but on closer inspection it turned out to be methamphetamine.
jammioctoprint is more or less the result of the webdev generation that just goes "fuck efficiency, our employer pays for google app engine and no-one cares if it runs like shit since it's out of our hands"
GrantM11235My octoprint system is currently using 1.3GB
jammiwhereas something with the power of a rpi3 would be enough for hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users if it was decently written
jammialthough you'd need a better NIC for that
AmeisenCyber_Akuma - there's a LOT of experimental slicers
Ameisenjustmost are terrible
durrf2jammi: and yet many ipads are used SOLEY to play candy crush saga
GrantM11235Only 158MB in the OctoPrint folder though, so the rest is just dependancies
jammidurrf2: yeah, the inefficiency is everywhere and I guess many modern devs are just really out of touch
durrf2optimization isnt necessary when you have so much overhead :P
GrantM11235The main thing that I wish was faster in OctoPrint is processing gcode to figure out a ETA
durrf2it cant figure it out accurately
durrf2sometimes it says 2 hours left when theres 10 minutes left
Cyber_Akumaapparnetly people have gotten octoprint running on chip
TheHexaCube*sigh* i gotta start thinking about software development soon
TheHexaCubeACTION shudders and gags a bit
Jupp3jammi: And also the good old "Why should I care how this runs, because it does (barely)?"
GrantM11235This is basicly all you need to know to install it on anything debian-based
Cyber_AkumaI just want to use it to control my printer, basically make it wifi, not slice on it
jammioctoprint more or less does current layer / number of layers times time spent
GrantM11235Cyber_Akuma: Slic3r has a "Send to printer" button next to slice button that works with octoprint
jammiand that's a pretty shitty way of estimating print time, but it's not much better in anything else either
twygFunny you're talking about octoprint since I have a question that may be answered from the board side, not the pi side
twygRegarding estimates this site has been pretty spot on -
twygSo I have a question that I'm having trouble finding the answer to. I'd like to not pass power to the printer board via the USB connection back to the pi. I know I could just "cut the red wire" on the USB cable though was wondering if there's a software way to remove the power. (Kinda like a network switch disabling PoE)
Jupp3twyg: I guess the first answer should be "Depends on your hardware". You probably can do same things on many, but on some boards, it's much easier (probably just set a jumper or so)
GrantM11235jammi: False. If you let it process the gcode before printing, it will have a fairly accurate estimate based on the contents of the gcode
jammiGrantM11235: so where's the indication it's processed shit?
jammiand honestly sounds more like a flaw
GrantM11235While the file is being processed, the dropdown arrow is greyed out. Once it is done, the arrow will become active, allowing you to see the estimated print time and the filament use
GrantM11235Now that you mention it, some sort of loading icon would be much more intuitive
Cyber_AkumaGrantM11235: I know, buty my printer itself isn't network enabled
twygCyber, do you want Octoprint just for estimates or to control remotely?
GrantM11235Cyber_Akuma: I mean that the button in slic3r sends the gcode to a different device like a raspi that is running octoprint
Cyber_Akumatwyg: what do you mean by estimates?
Cyber_AkumaGragagrogog: Don't most slicers do that? I mean, I would still need to setup octoprint then won't i?
jammiGrantM11235: regardless it's inaccurate enough that it could just stick with time spent vs layers left
GrantM11235I don't know about other slicers, but yes, you would need set up octoprint
twygSorry, meant time estimates. Were you just looking for octoprint for that reason?
GrantM11235I just meant that it is pretty easy to use once everything is up and running
Cyber_AkumaGragagrogog: Ah, my issue was more setting up octoprint, especially on a device as weak as the chip
jammiTheHexaCube: r/mechanicalkeyboards?
TheHexaCubehehe nah
TheHexaCubejust popped up in the feed
GragagrogogCyber_Akuma idk but i'd guess so... slicers don't even have accel info most of the time
bpyeHas anyone tried adding a small pcb to the x carriage with connectors for the thermistor, heater and fan cables?
jammiI have a small pcb with connectors for the fans along with caps and leds, but the rest are just wire to wire connectors
jammithe fan board originally because I wanted to see on camera whether the fan is on or not
jammi(fans are)
GrantM11235It is about the same as the raspi zero that I use, so it can definatly be done, it just involves a lot of waiting for things to compile
TheHexaCubeheh, what I was wondering today
TheHexaCubewhy isn't watercooling fluid being actively cooled?
bpyeAlmost finished my X carriage mount based upon the MK3 design ( ) but decided it would be nice if I could just remove the front half without touching the x carriage or wiring
TheHexaCubethat should make heat transfer work better, right?
jstevewhiteI gotta figure out if the pi0W will behave as a bluetooth sink of any quality
TheHexaCubeas in, cool the fluid below room temp
jammiTheHexaCube: one word: condensation
jammiyou don't want your sub-room-temp pipes, heat blocks and such dripping water on your electronics
jammibecause that's what'd happen
TheHexaCubefair enough
TheHexaCubeI kinda thought condensation would only happen near freezing but now that I think abou tit
K3|Chrisyou need a lot of insulation to go sub ambient, even more to go sub zero
lowrizzlemcrib why aren't you as smart as your brother from another motherboard
mcriblowrizzle: And from you on the motherboard.
lowrizzle mcrib> craigber: Everybody dies frustrated and sad and that is the one asking all the stupid questions.
mcriblowrizzle: Why does everybody on the dies.
FuchikomaEverybody dies frustrated and sad and that is beautiful ~
Lizards|Workmcrib: beetlejuice
mcribLizards|Work: If even supermarkets start using them for about $800.
FuchikomaOkay reading up the word to use us "dewpoint" - you need to stay above the dewpoint temperature to avoid condensation
Lizards|Workstay above the triplepoint
lowrizzleyouse dummies thinking about water cooling your 3d printers now
lowrizzletomorrow it'll be overclocking your stepper drivers or some other nonsense
Fuchikoma"now" ? It's been a thing for years :D
lowrizzleit's been a point of diminished returns for years
FuchikomaWell yeah
Lizards|Worki'm trying to crystallize the metals in my ... i got nothin i'm just a big ol' troll
lowrizzlei'd love to see one of you dinguses setup a peltier element on your noozle and make it snow over your print
jeffdm_homeI water cool my cold end
jstevewhiteyou first
lowrizzlei have a bidet, i water cool my bell end
jeffdm_homeI've actually made 3 water cooled designs, and an extra variant on one of those
jeffdm_homefew extras
jeffdm_homeand I forgot to turn off supports
durrf2i want to know why there are not more submerged printers
jstevewhiteFUCK I hate IE
lowrizzlebecause why would you submerge a printer
durrf2why not
durrf2what if you want to print boats
jeffdm_workI'm really happy with Atomic Ruby Red translucent. Parts really sparkle
lowrizzleyou don't build a boat underwater
lowrizzleyou build it in a shipyard and launch it
durrf2yeah if you dont want to save time maybe
durrf2im not talking about marrinara trench depth
Lizards|Workjstevewhite: show me here on this anatomically correct web developer doll where the bad IE touched you
lowrizzlei 3d printed a 1:10 scale model of a boat
lowrizzlethat I CAD'd
durrf2i was expecting a giant benchy
lowrizzleto make sure if i decided to build it in high quality plywood it would all fit
Lizards|Worki remember my first benchy
lowrizzleno, i build real boats
durrf2can you build a lifesized benchy that actually floats
durrf2you gotta build it submerged though
lowrizzlebenchies would never float
lowrizzlethey're a horribly designed boat
durrf2well it dosnt have to have a flat bottom
lowrizzlefor a benchy to float it would need outriggers or a long daggerboard
Jupp3lowrizzle: Well, that's why someone just designed a sunken benchy!
lowrizzleif you had an enormous build volume you could print a nesting dory
lowrizzlethat might be neat, but it'd have to be a ginormous printer
jeffdm_workNesting dory
TheHexaCubewho wants to finish up my PCBs
TheHexaCubeand make the designs production ready?
TheHexaCubei can't get myself to do it
GrantM11235Whatcha designin'?
TheHexaCubea controller board for an SLA printer I'm working on
GrantM11235What CAD are you using?
TheHexaCubeFusion 360
TheHexaCubecuz it's da beeeest
GrantM11235PCB CAD?
DJHenjinread "cuz it's free"
TheHexaCubeACTION was brain afk
TheHexaCubeaw man.... I just realised today I'd be together with my now ex-gf for 3 years :(
TheHexaCubeI really should be getting over this shit by now
sideralaget over it
sideralai thought u germans werent supposed to have feelings
GrantM11235If you want to post the KiCAD files, I could look it over for any obvious mistakes
TheHexaCubeGrantM11235: the controller itself is actually pretty simple as you can see here:
TheHexaCubealso i'm not quite done with adding everything, hehe
VanessaEACTION peeks in
TheHexaCubeACTION stumbles back
VanessaE*waves arms wildly*
TheHexaCubeACTION plays dead
VanessaEwhat's news?
GrantM11235What is the thing to the left of the ESP32?
TheHexaCubeGrantM11235: it's a Serial/USB converter
GrantM11235I don't think I have seen modules like that before. Is it an off the shelf part, or custom?
TheHexaCubecustom :P
TheHexaCubeI figured creating 'modules' is a smart idea because that way I can reuse them
TheHexaCubeif I get PCBs made I could get up to 100 PCBs made for the same price depending on board area, sooo why not make use of that
GrantM11235Are U1-U4 Stepper drivers?
TheHexaCubeown design aswell, based on TMC2130s
TheHexaCubehrmpf I can't get the 3d models to display correctly on the new windows install
GrantM11235Have you considered using standard modules?
TheHexaCubethere waaaas a reason I didn't
TheHexaCubeI think it's my (unreasonable) dislike for THT components :P
TheHexaCubealso I see this as a great learning experience aswell
bpyeHm, any reason I shouldn't use XT30 connectors or similar for the heated bed and hotend instead of screw terminals?
sideralaother than they will melt na
DigitalReaperIIRC you said something about heatsinking the stepper drivers to the main PCB
TheHexaCubeyeah, i think that was another reason DigitalReaper
TheHexaCubenicer heatsink options
DigitalReaperbecause the polulu modules' heatsinking sucks
TheHexaCubeahhh, seems like kicad changed their folder naming
bpyesiderala: XT30s are rated to 30A, on the bed side sure you couldn't have one because yeah they won't be good to 130C or whatever, but on the controller side?
TheHexaCubebpye: should be fine
TheHexaCubedon't listen to siderala :P
Lizards|Workwew lad
sideralarated is one thing
sideralaperformance is another
TheHexaCubethen again
TheHexaCubesiderala did that as his job
GrantM11235Newer polulu style modules put the chip on the bottom and have thermal vias so you can put a heatsink on the top
TheHexaCubeso maybe he knows his shit for once
sideralaTheHexaCube: no more than any other time
sideralai just fuck sluts and bust nuts
TheHexaCubeuuuugh I have to redo aaaaaaaallllll footprints
TheHexaCubefuck you kicad
GrantM11235like these
Dax_ZAHey guys
dejanrhey all, anyone from Germany, and knows where to find good quality stainless steel smooth rods?
TheHexaCubedejanr: try ebay or misumi
TheHexaCubedold-mechatronik has them too iirc
Dax_ZAI am struggling with this error, Error: MINTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed. I know for 100% my thermistor is not the issue
Dax_ZAwhat other things can cause the min temp to triggure
sideralaDax_ZA: the thermistor not being connected
TheHexaCubeGrantM11235: yeah those seem pretty nice, though as I said this is also a learning experience
TheHexaCubeGrantM11235: I wanna git gud at PCB layouting and design
bpyeTheHexaCube: Do misumi sell to individuals in the EU yet?
TheHexaCubebpye: phew, no idea to be honest
TheHexaCubeI have a business account
sideralaDax_ZA: explain to me how you are 100% sure its not the thermistor
GrantM11235You could also design your own modules that fit the same polulu pinout
TheHexaCubeGrantM11235: then I'd have to use the small TMC2130s though and I'm not confident that I could solder those :P
TheHexaCubeI'm using the large QFP ones
Rob235ugh this replicator blows
Rob2354 hours wasted. the pla keeps warping like crazy
crazy_impprinting pla directly on glas - good idea or not?
TheHexaCubeGrantM11235: this will most likely be a one-off anyways
bpyeTheHexaCube: I remember just over a year ago they let me open an account and make an order. They then decided I wasn't eligible for an account and closed it. Still got the parts though so
sideralacrazy_imp: good
sideralabut might want to use some gluestick or whatever
crazy_impok, will try hairspray
GrantM11235PLA stick great to plain glass, but only if it is really clean
durrf2dax_za: if you replace a thermister with a different thermister you have to tell your firmware what thermister you put in
Rob235how do you stop pla from warping?
GrantM11235Washing it in a sink with soap and water works, but just wiping it down with water or isopropal alcohol doesn't
Lizards|Workneed more information
Lizards|Workhow and where is it warping
Lizards|Workoff the bed?
Dax_ZA@siderala, i tested it and checked the cables for breaks, the issue appeared when i upgraded my firmware
gthxoverhangs is for the beginner { }. General combat rules are: and is also better to design supports into the model from the beginning
Dax_ZAwith old firmware i dont have the issue
Rob235yea off the bed
crazy_impGrantM11235: good to know, took isopropanol before (didn't work). would acetone work?
sideralaDax_ZA: like you flashed the old firmware and it works fine?
Rob235the edges of prints with a large surface area bows on the edges
Dax_ZA@siderala yes
GrantM11235crazy_imp: I haven't tried it
Dax_ZARecv: T:25.45 /0.00 B:37.38 /0.00 @:0 B@:127 Recv: T:25.45 /0.00 B:37.67 /0.00 @:0 B@:127 Recv: T:25.45 /0.00 B:38.06 /0.00 @:0 B@:127 Recv: T:25.45 /0.00 B:38.46 /0.00 @:0 B@:127 Recv: Error:MINTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed
Dax_ZAyou can see that it never even reports a low temp too
Dax_ZAbefore the error
sideraladoes it error right when you try to set a temp?
Dax_ZASo if i use the pre heat on the actual printer its fine
Dax_ZAbut when i try run the PID tune on the bed it gives that error
Dax_ZAor if i try start a print and have that warm the bed up
sideralawhat are you trying to pid tune to
sideralaand what version of marlin
Dax_ZAi am trying to pid tune the heated bed
sideralai know
sideralawhat temp
Dax_ZAoh 60deg
Dax_ZAversion is the latest 1.1.8 i think
Dax_ZAdownloaded 2 days ago from the website
sideralawell min temp triggered is saying that the printer think the heatbed is on but the temp is reading below 5 c
Dax_ZAyeah, i even tried to set that mintemp to 0 and it still triggures
sideralabut if you use the old firmware it still prints
Dax_ZAfrom what i understood setting it to 0 would disable that feature because if there is no thermistor connected it would read 0 deg and that is not bellow that temp
Dax_ZAyeah but the old firmware is really really old and has a bug where i cant set the offset of the hotend correctly
PsychoHackAnyone on here use a Peopoly MOAI SLA printer?
sideralaPsychoHack: go check #dlp3dprinting
sideralaDax_ZA: i would try a different marlin
PsychoHackeven though its not dlp, they discuss them there?
Dax_ZAZzzz such missions this, is there a way for me to disable that check entirely rather. The heated bed is not powerful enough to heat past 100 so the risk is minimal to me
jstevewhiteIf it's anything like here, most of them don't know the difference.
sideralaDax_ZA: have you looked in the config.adv
Dax_ZAand i have a new build i just need some parts for, this will be retired afterwards
sideralaDax_ZA: then just use your old version
sideralaif it works
Dax_ZAi cant deny that logic, but this is annoying me too :/
sideralaDax_ZA: marlin is a mysterious beast.
TheHexaCubethe fuck
TheHexaCubekicad just removed the 3d model for the TO-220-3
sideralaive spent days trying to fix something then flash a different version and its fine
TheHexaCubewhat the fuck are they doing
sideralaTheHexaCube: litereally just trying to piss you off
jstevewhitewell, yeah, I can see you not being able to fix shit.
GrantM11235They probably just moved it
TheHexaCubeGrantM11235: well they have a folder solely for TO-THT packages :(
Dax_ZAmaybe i should try the bugfix build hmmm
TheHexaCubeand they have TO-220-5 and TO-220-7 models
TheHexaCubeand TO-220-11
TheHexaCubeah well
jstevewhiteAnyone seent the new Cloverfield movie?
Lizards|Workthews said he watched it jstevewhite
Lizards|Workjstevewhite: i didn't watch 10 cloverfield ln yet so it's somewhere down my "maybe someday" list
jstevewhiteImma have to watch it soon
jstevewhiteFrankly I only watched 10 cloverfield ln because of goodman
jstevewhiteand it was kinda his fault that it was decent
Lizards|Workhonestly the only reason i considered watching it before
TheHexaCubeGrantM11235: I wanted to show this to you earlier but I was trying to get all 3d models back
sideralaDax_ZA: i wouldnt kill urself trying to figure it out if you are moving to a new build
TheHexaCubedidn't quite work out but most of it is there now
jstevewhitesiderala, you're probably pretty used to not being able to figure things out, eh?
TheHexaCubeso if I started learning chinese now, I could be making muuuuch money in a few years
sideralajstevewhite: there is an art to failing
GrantM11235How did you make models for your modules? I tried to do that before, but I couldn't figure it out
TheHexaCubethere's an open position at work as a translator :P
TheHexaCubegerman/english/chinese needed, lol
TheHexaCubeGrantM11235: the nightlies of kicad allow exporting of the PCB
TheHexaCubein .step format
durrf2im like bighead i fail upwards
TheHexaCubesooo I did that, edited them a bit in F360
TheHexaCubeand then made a fitting footprint for it
TheHexaCubeaswell as a uhhh...
TheHexaCubething... for the schematic
durrf2goddamnit one out of four parts came loose on the buildplate
durrf2...but it sorta recovered
TheHexaCubeI forgot how they call those
TheHexaCubethat might be it
jstevewhiteYou know. A thing.
durrf2why do i do this to myself
durrf2print multiple big parts
GrantM11235Is that USB connector SMD only? You might want to use one with through hole tabs so that it doesn't break off
TheHexaCubeit is SMD only but it has two mounting tabs for rigidity
TheHexaCubethey're faaairly sturdy from my experience as long as you don't yank it
GrantM11235SMD tabs?
TheHexaCubewith looots of heat and a large pad it should work fairly nice
TheHexaCubelike, GND-plane
durrf2dont hamfist shit
gthxatomic is atomic filament ( good stuff ) and is made by crunch ... REPRAP12 coupon for 12% off orders of 2 or more 1KG rolls (may only be used once per customer), no 3.5kg rolls or clearance items allowed for coupon use, please respect that, orders with 3.5kg or clearance items will be cancelled.
durrf2hamfist is when you heavyhand shit as if your fists were made out of hams
durrf2and not fingers
TheHexaCubeerrrtermic filerment
TheHexaCubedurrf2: lol
TheHexaCubeI like that term
TheHexaCubethat's certainly a word german is missing
Lizards|Workgerman has so many good words though
GrantM11235It might help to put some vias under the tab pads to stop the copper from delaminating
durrf2 here let me just plug in this usb connector for you
TheHexaCubeACTION adds 'no durrf near printer' on notebook
durrf2i regularily use ziff connectors
durrf2i dont break those
durrf2i fix connectors i dont break connectors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GrantM11235What is the second chip on the usb/serial module?
durrf27 pins??
lowrizzlemcrib: whadda ya buyin?
mcriblowrizzle: Ya ive already figured out the rest of us, that have been working for ya over there.
lowrizzlemcrib: whadda ya sellin?
mcriblowrizzle: Ya. I read, i was able to see ya?
lowrizzledon't mind me, i mixed my red and yellow herbs this morning
Lizards|Workresident evil: code veronica?
lowrizzleno, it's a classic iron man spliff
TheHexaCubeGrantM11235: one is a CH340G
lowrizzleRE4 actually, i have the vendor's voice in my head
TheHexaCubeother one is called 'USB6B1'
durrf2tobacco in a joint
TheHexaCubewhich is meant for ESD protection
durrf2is the work of SATAN
TheHexaCubewait it's NOT a CH340G
TheHexaCubeit's a CP2102
TheHexaCubeand then there's two ideal diodes too
TheHexaCubewhich allow me to power the board from two different power sources (USB and LED PSU)
TheHexaCubeGrantM11235: anyways, on the right you can see the 4 GND pads with the number 6
TheHexaCubethat's where the USB connector solders too
TheHexaCube*if* it solders eventually it'll stay on :P
GrantM11235What do you use for ideal diodes?
TheHexaCubethe reason I didn't use a normal diode is because the voltage drop would be too large to power a common LDO
TheHexaCubelike the LM1117
TheHexaCubebecause I have to get down to 3.3V
TheHexaCubeand USB specs are like... down to 4.5V or something iirc
TheHexaCube4.4V even
Mangy_Dog so ive watched a few episodes of black lightening on netflix... and im shocked... reviews say its a good well written mature story and unfflinching reality.... wah seriously? Im watching it im british and all i can see is small minded sterotyping of black life in the 'ghetto'... even the whole "black power" message it puts out is so ham fisted... the whole thing actually ends up feeling like
Mangy_Doga rather racist show...
lowrizzledear diary
lowrizzletoday i saw someone rant on irc
Mangy_Dognota rant
Mangy_Dogjust a obervation
Mangy_Dogthough irc wouldnt be irc without a rant
lowrizzledear diary, today i saw someone rant on irc and say it was an observation
curlyearswell. v1.4 RAMBo reinstalled. USB cable connected. Little green LSD on controller board flashes. I have a text file of the lsusb I can uplink (if someone tells me how), but I don't know how to recognize the printer on that
bill2or3curlyears: you're trying to figure out which port/device the printer is?
bill2or3plug the printer in, then do "dmesg |tail" and look for the device path there
GrantM11235Probably /dev/ttyUSB0
bill2or3that ^^
curlyearsbill2or3: just trying to determine if curaa sees the printer
lowrizzleor tail -f /var/log/dmesg then plug it in and watch the device get reported
lowrizzleif you dmesg | tail then plug it in you probably won't see it
lowrizzlesince the event will have already happened
bill2or3but it will have *just* happened.. should see it ok.
bill2or3tl;dr: use /dev/ttyUSB0 (if that doesn't work, ask again)
curlyearshow does cura indicate that it sees the printer?
lowrizzleor ttyAMA0
curlyearsbill2or3: do you mean /dev/dmesg tl;dr: /dev/ttyUSB0
lowrizzlecurlyears: dmesg is system device log, /dev/tty* is the device
lowrizzlethere won't be a /dev/dmesg
lowrizzlehe's saying you can check the tail end of your dmesg for the instant the usb device gets plugged
lowrizzlei run multiple printers off one pi and they show up as /dev/ttyUSB0 and /dev/ttyAMA0
Lizards|Workask me anything 0
curlyearscd ../dev
lowrizzleLizards|Work: why da sky blue
lowrizzlecurlyears: if you cd into /dev do you see ttyUSB0 if you run ls?
Lizards|Workinterferometry :/
GrantM11235ttyAMA0 is the uart on the pin header, right?
lowrizzlefor me it's a usb printer
curlyearsnone of those things show up in a ls-al *tty*
curlyearslowrizzle: I do not.
Lizards|Work cd /dev && ls -l tty*
lowrizzlecurlyears: it's plugged in and the board is flashing LEDs, right?
lowrizzleramps/rambo whatever the board is
Lizards|Workcurlyears: i don't have any usb devices plugged and i got 98 results from `cd /dev && ls -l tty*`
curlyearsLizards|Work: yeah, I've done tthat. No tty* anything but numbers
GrantM11235Or just "ls /dev/tty*"
bill2or3do you mean ttyACM0?
bill2or3or really mean ttyAMA0 ?
lowrizzleit's AMA0
lowrizzlesee photo
curlyearsDAMN. I thought we were going to have a printer today :(
Lizards|Workdoes anybody have a rambo, can help curlyears figure out where his linux mounted the thing?
GrantM11235/dev/ttyUSB0 is there
Lizards|Worki'm afk a tick
curlyearscorrection: I see a ttyACM0
bill2or3curlyears: does it go away if you unplug the printer?
bill2or3if it does, then that is the correct device.
lowrizzlehe was already told how two ways
lowrizzledmesg | tail or tail -f /var/log/messages
lowrizzleplug it in
GrantM11235Unless you have some other usb/serial device plugged in, /dev/ttyUSB0 is your printer
curlyearsnote: while the little green LED on the RAMBo flashes a few times immediatly following USB plaugin, the LCD display on the printer nevere ;lights up
curlyearsOK. dmesg | tail identifies the ttyACVM0- as an ultimachine device, so the SYSTEM sees the RAMB0. Why does the printer not do something?
lowrizzlewhats it supposed to do
lowrizzlefire up a host software package and connect to that device
curlyearsloeerizzle: well, at a minimum, I suppose the LCD on the onprinter control box should light up and present me with a menu of options
lowrizzleis the power on to the board
lowrizzleor is it just usb power
lowrizzlethe LCD does not need the USB to function
curlyearscura should automatically connect to it. I can't find anywhere in cura that references the prinbtewr device directly
lowrizzleit needs 12v or 24v power
curlyearsthe 24DC PSU is connect
curlyearsand turned on
lowrizzleif you're powered up to 24v and the LCD doesn't turn on, something is wrong
curlyearslowrizzle: you think?
lowrizzleyou do not need to be plugged into USB to go thorugh the menu
lowrizzlei know
lowrizzlei don't think, i've done this a few times.
lowrizzledont get smart, i'm trying to help and i'm not the guy begging on irc for beginner linux help
curlyearswell, so far as c an tell, I have both USB and 24VDC power, but the LCD doesn't light up, and nothing else happens except the little green LED on the RAMBo, when it is first plugged into the USB
curlyearsI USED to know hoiw to use linux. But I ended up taking a 7 year "holiday" from so doing.
curlyearsnow, I can't remember SHIT
lowrizzlethe rambo board should light up the LCD without it connected to usb
bill2or3curlyears: did you start cura before or after connecting the printer to usb?
curlyearsbill2or3: after
lowrizzleif it's not, the rambo board is probably miswired
curlyearsThe RAMBo board was working at the facroey, rthey printed me a "roctopus" with is as a "final check" prior to shipping
lowrizzlelike, my rostock max v3 uses a rambo board, i never hook it up to USB because i dual extrude with it and repetier has serious issues with USB and dual extrusion
lowrizzlei turn the printer poewr on and the LCD fires right up
lowrizzlethen i print off sd card like a caveman
genebseen crunch
gthxcrunch was last seen in #reprap 1 day, 3 hours, 22 minutes, 33 seconds ago saying 'pearl blue is bacl'.
Lizards|Workbacl af
lowrizzlecurlyears: do you have a copy of pronterface? you should be able to select that usb port manually, connect using it, and jog the machine to verify
AmeisenAny of you ever built an hbot
lowrizzlefor that matter i'd reckon you should be able to manually select that device in cura
curlyearslowrizzle: no, I don't. Perhaps I should obtain and install pronterface
curlyearsI 6thought cura did poffer that, buit I can't find it in the menus
GrantM11235curlyears: aren't you using octoprint?
bill2or3curlyears: somewhere under "settings -> printer -> manage_printers" there's a setting for the printer comm port.
jstevewhiteAmeisen: I played with hbot for about a minute
Lizards|Workcorexy is more better than hbot
Lizards|Workat least... one more better
AmeisenWhy'd you stop?
jstevewhiteBecause corexy>hbot
Lizards|Workwasted space
Lizards|Workso much wasted space in an hbot
jstevewhiteand shitty motion effects
Lizards|Workyeah hbot still has a moving bed
durrf2ayyy cura 3.2 is out of beta
Lizards|WorkACTION ignores that corexy has z bed
durrf2lets see if it fixed the bugs i had with the 3.2 beta
gthxhbot is and is also
AmeisenWhy is corexy better? Seems the main difference is hbot can rack on poorly-built frames
jstevewhiteAmeisen: "poorly built frames" LOL
jstevewhiteAmeisen: a better way to put it is : "To make an hbot equal the performance of a corexy, you have to spend 50-60% more on motion gear"
jstevewhite(and use more space)
AmeisenI feel like you should be doing that regardless :|
AmeisenA lot of people seem to use the cheapest motion gear that they can get
Lizards|Workcorexy doesn't need the extra
jstevewhiteYou should just spend money for no reason?
Lizards|Workjust start with a better design, then also do extra
jstevewhiteYou're missing the point
curlyearsno, I am not using octoprint
Ameisenquality begets quality
Lizards|Workno, this is patrick
jstevewhiteit's not a quality of materials issue
Lizards|WorkAmeisen: look at railcore ii
durrf2why cant they make huge cantilever printers
jstevewhiteyou can build a corexy with one carriage with no quality sacrifice
Lizards|Workyou're not invited to build a railcore ii, but look at it compared to an hbot
jstevewhiteyou cannot build an hbot with one carriage that will work.
jstevewhiteThe corexy simply doesn't have the racking force you need the second carriage to compensate for.
lowrizzlecorexy also looks a lot like corky when you spell it out
curlyearswell, may I presume, with the little green light flashin on USB plugin, that the AtMega chip on the rambo board is functioning?
lowrizzlehe was the slow kid on life goes on
Lizards|Workam... am i the slow kid?
jstevewhiteNah, it's siderala
curlyearsLizards|Work: quit trying to steal my thunder!!!! :)
genebDammit. Atomic is out of that sweet, sweet, Gun Metal Gray. #sadpanda
lowrizzlelots of slow kids here
lowrizzlemost of them just sit around daily talking about how to make 3d printing way more complicated
jstevewhitelowrizzle: you're on a theme today, aren't you?
lowrizzleyes, it's called #reprap on a day ending with y
sideralaI think bitter
gthxwill be the GUI for the Bread slicer. see Bread
sideralaIs the word
curlyearsspeaking of which, I read an article this morning on using an injet style 3d printer to print very senstive motions sensors, using a simple to formulate carbon-based ink, anbd a generally available conductive ink.
lowrizzlehp had the technology a long time ago but chose to ignore it
jstevewhiteprobably because they talked to you and you said "fuckin idiots making it tougher than it has to be"
jstevewhitewell, 3.2 still loads like cold molasses
Lizards|Workit's me, i'm molasses
curlyearsHP also dragged their heels on minicomputer and later on microcomputers
lowrizzlejstevewhite: they weren't trying to water cool it as a hobby machine ;)
lowrizzlei'd have been there to roll my eyes if they were ;)
jstevewhiteI think Ultimaker fucked something up:
lowrizzlelooks like some sorta unicode issue
Lizards|Workjstevewhite: nah that's the special version
willmorejstevewhite, that a mac?
Lizards|Workyou gotta uninstall it and then slide back into the room on your forehead to access those
Ameisenlowrizzle - when the electric starter was first put into a car, would you have complained that people were making cars more complicated than they had to be?
willmoreAnyone remember talking about the tiny stepper motors on Aliexpress that were 10 for $0.70? I ordered some as a joke. They arrived today. They're freaking tiny.
Ameisenhow much torque?
willmoreThey're in the 'too small to do much with because they're so damn small' category
AmeisenGet enough of them, put them in a long series on one edge of your printer
Ameisenmaybe they'll have enough cumulative torque to move a belt
jstevewhitewillmore: the ones with the attached screw?
lowrizzleAmeisen: when the electric starter was put on, it was to simplify the crank that was a dangerous piece of equipment
lowrizzledon't talk out your ass, that's not even a fair analogy
lowrizzlethe crank start actually killed people
willmorejstevewhite, yeah
crankylinuxuserwho's the crank? you called?
SpeedEvilwillmore: I was pondering a display
jstevewhiteoh, yeah, I saw those
Ameisenlowrizzle - neither is making out every attempt at innovation to be overcomplexity.
XXCoderwillmore: make a cnc with 3 od those
willmoreNow I have to figure out how to drive them.
willmoreXXCoder, *LOL*
AmeisenSetting the goalposts as 'if it doesn't kill you, it doens't have to be changed' doesn't help, either.
jstevewhitesomeone used those to make a flipper display, IIRC
willmoreI was thinking lathe..
SpeedEvilwillmore: one stepper per pixel, chromed rod moved in and out.
jstevewhiteSpeedEvil: +++
lowrizzleAmeisen: and yet, how many 'innovations' have come out of the deep disgussions on closed loop servo control in here
willmoreMaybe a brail display?
SpeedEvilI forget what the music video I saw was
XXCoderjst nice.
lowrizzlejust saying
Ameisenwillmore - get a few thouasnd
SpeedEvilwillmore: that sort of idea, yes
Ameisenconnect them in a sequence
lowrizzlei hear a hell of a lot of bench engineering but nobody does it
XXCoderdoes it function like stepper?
XXCoderor servo
Ameisenlowrizzle - I regularly see attempts at innovation _anywhere_ stifled by negativity
willmoreXXCoder, it's a bipolar stepper from what I can tell.
XXCoderyeah its even labeled similiar
lowrizzleif me saying 'that sounds dumb' stops someone from innovating, they're probably dumb.
AmeisenExpectations of failure tends to be a self-fulfilling prophecy
lowrizzlei'll try not to be such a debbie downer
Ameisensort of like 'Government is inefficient and can't do things, and we're gonna prove it!"
lowrizzlemcrib: your idea of a hot dog extruder sounds dumb
mcriblowrizzle: Sounds good to about 120c for abs, one for 3a for the dumb part.
AmeisenI've been told that some of my software ideas are dumb and won't work (usually ignore people who say that since it's generally unlikely that they are more capable than me in that regard).
willmoreMy meter has them at 25ohm/phase.
jstevewhiteclearly water cooled cold ends don't fail; I know of several in use
lowrizzlebut i think you should investigate it
jstevewhitelowrizzle can still think they're dumb if he wants
AmeisenHell, Linus Torvalds wrote an entire rant about why C++ is useless and can't be used for anything
Ameiseneven though C++ is used in the majority of software in the world.
lowrizzlejstevewhite: they're not dumb, they're just a point of diminished returns for the most part
XXCoderAmeisen: Linus has 2 assholes. but linux is great :)
willmoreIs that the arguement here? Water cooled extruders?
AmeisenModern Linux isn't a product of Linus, though.
lowrizzlewillmore: no, it's overengineering a 3d printer
AmeisenLinux 1.0 was garbage.
Ameisenand was only adopted because the BSDs were engaged in a legal dispute with AT&T
lowrizzleit happens daily in discussions here and they're tired of me pointing it out
Lizards|Workloonax is best loonax
XXCoderlinux or linux kernel
AmeisenLinux is the Linux Kernel
Ameisenthere is no other Linux.
AmeisenI'm not using colloquialisms
willmoreOh, okay, because I've seen water cooled extruders at #MRRF and they looked really good. Very small and lighter than a big old fan+duct. You just need to add plumbing, etc. Made sense as this was a full color delta with 8 extruders.
AmeisenLinux became adopted because it: 1. Wasn't Minix, and 2. Didn't have any legal liabilities at the time.
willmoreNo way to stuff enough heatsinks and fans in there for air to work.
willmoreWater made complete sense.
durrfi been starting to call it GNU PLUS linux
AmeisenThe first version of the kernel was awful.
AmeisenGNU/Linux is more of a runtime environment.
XXCoderdurrf: usually linux/gnu
AmeisenThen Debian would be an Operating Systemn.
lowrizzlei love gnu linux pedants
willmoredurrf, I say what distro I'm running as that implies the kernel+user space.
lowrizzleabout 5 times a day i tell people 'um, you mean gnu-this' or 'gnu that'
AmeisenI'd argue that Linus still being involved is the primary reason why Linux hasn't superceded Windows in the user space.
willmoreNo need to go into details as the rest of userspace isn't GNU.
lowrizzle'um, that's my gnu stapler, but i suspect you gnu that'
jstevewhiteI'd argue that you're confused about the user-space
willmoreThe new gnu knew you.
willmorejstevewhite, me?
XXCodernot successful? depends. kernel is used literally everywhere
AmeisenLinus' influence extends past the kernel itself.
jstevewhitewillmore: nah, Ameisen. 1) linux (+android) has superceded windows in global computer userspace
AmeisenI am referring to desktops.
SpeedEvilAndroid is not really linux.
lowrizzlei'd say minix is way more successful
willmorelowrizzle, lol
cleeAndroid is definitely Linux
SpeedEvilAndroid could pretty much be android if it was on top of windows.
lowrizzleit is though
cleeit's just not GNU/Linux
XXCoderSpeedEvil: it uses linux kernel.
SpeedEvilThe windows core.
lowrizzleit's the most widely spread unix in the world
XXCoderso it is linux
SpeedEvilyes, it is on top of the linux kernel.
djdelorieAndroid really is Linux. It's just Android/Linux instead of GNU/Linux.
crankylinuxuserlol is that open sores?
AmeisenAndroid isn't tightly coupled to Linux, surprisingly
jstevewhitelowrizzle: you mean because all the CPU manufacturers stick it in their cores? LOL
Ameisenit's been run on top of BSDs
lowrizzlejstevewhite: yup
AmeisenRunning it on top of the NT Kernel would... take some doing.
SpeedEvilOnce you start to get platforms where you can't actually boot them at all and have graphics work without the closed-source stack, I question how much linux it is.
curlyears Ameisan: C++ *COMPILERS* are used for most software in the world. That doesn't mean all of the software is WRITTEN as C++ software.
crankylinuxuseryeah android is Linux, but its userspace is upside down. programs (apps) are users. and the user is the idiot behind the screen :P
willmoreI just want to run code on those cores in a chipset. I want to boot a motherboard with no processor in the socket--running only on the embedded cores.
djdelorieAs someone who works in the industry, please stop calling it "open sores". It's personally insulting. Just sayin'.
XXCoderI read about group of people who compiled android overlay in c#. it was pretty lot faster, but dunno if truth
Ameisencurlyears - your statement doesn't make any sense
crankylinuxuserdjdelorie, I was making a joke :)
lowrizzlewillmore: guess what
lowrizzlethat exists
AmeisenHow would you use a C++ compiler to compile your code if your code weren't C++?
djdelorieit's not the kind of joke we find funny any more.
lowrizzlethere are ways to offload the os to a pci-card with an arm chip
lowrizzleand have all the x86 as compute
XXCoderAmeisen: c++ "compiles" into c source which compiles as usual
AmeisenXXCoder - err
willmorelowrizzle, can I boot linux on those little cores? I bet you could. The old ones were AR1k and the new ones are quark or whatever Intel calls their repurposed ATOM cores.
AmeisenThat hasn't been true since, like, 1991.
crankylinuxuserlowrizzle, I guess you could do a shared memory arch. It could be a real pain though
lowrizzleno need to devote a core or system memory to a hypervisor
AmeisenNobody has used CFront since the very early 90s
lowrizzlecrankylinuxuser: its in mass production
XXCoderah well outdated knowledge then
djdelorieXXCoder: yeah, C++ hasn't compiled into C in decades.
lowrizzlea big bookstore bought a little network card maker in order to bootstrap this as a product
lowrizzleso all of an x86 box can be rented out and it can be logically managed with a $40 arm on a card
crankylinuxuserdjdelorie, I guess you **could** compile C++ into assembly and then run all of it in C as inline assembly :)
lowrizzleits actually a really neat system
AmeisenCFront was abandoned mainly because some of the newer features added by Stroustrup at the time weren't able to be converted trivially to C using preprocessing.
crankylinuxuserbut probably not the intent you were getting at
Ameisenbut regardless, sooner or later it would have been natively compiled
djdeloriewell, it's software, so you **could** do anything. But, we don't.
Ameisenbootstrapping on C isn't a great end-goal
XXCodercranky heh yeah I used inline assembly before. it was fun
willmorelowrizzle, what are you talking about?
lowrizzlenot having to use any of the box for the os
lowrizzlehaving all the HW for compute purposes
curlyearsAmeisen: simple: a C++ compiler will compile standard C just fine. (you really didn;'t KNOW that?)
lowrizzleimagine tossing a raspi into your desktop and having it run the OS and network
Ameisencurlyears - not entirely.
jstevewhite(using the minix core intel provides in their bridge chipsets)
AmeisenC++ is not entirely backwards compatible with C.
djdelorieeven my printer's firmware isn't C any more - it's C++
willmoreIf you're OS gets in the way of compute bound tasks, then your OS needs a swift kick in the pants.
crankylinuxusersame here, but it was for a crappy O(N^2) loop. Was able to lower the factor on N^2
lowrizzlewillmore: i'm talking about on machines that are multi-homed and high peak usage frequently
XXCodercrankylinuxuser: I was only one in my class that didn't use bubble sort inline assembly. I used merge sort.
Ameisen1. C doesn't have strict type rules, and thus C++ compilers tend to fail on valid C and the valid C doesn't have casts where C++ requires them.
lowrizzleyou mentiond something like imagine being able to use all of the box's hardware
lowrizzlei see it in action in a whole fleet of servers
Ameisen2. C++ has more reserved keywords, like 'class'. If the valid C codebase uses it as an identifier, it will fail to compile.
crankylinuxuserwell, bubblesort is easy to implement. :|
lowrizzlethe fleet-a-pita fleet, where christopher the chef makes crunch patties
AmeisenErgo, _some_ C codebases can compile as C++, but not all.
willmorelowrizzle, no, I just want to run on the cores that are built into the MB chipset--leaving the processor socket completely empty. Sort of a ghost in the machine.
jstevewhiteI love watching #reprap pissing contests
crankylinuxuserit is also pretty lean on ram at that. Just that speed to complete tho.....
AmeisenMore often that not, you will need to alter the codebase for the compiler to accept it.
djdelorieACTION once did a college homework assignment in assembly because the prof said I could use any language I wanted. Fastest matrix multiply in the class :-)
lowrizzlei'd lose the pissing contest
crankylinuxuserACTION pisses on jstevewhite 
Ameisendjdelorie - only assembly?
AmeisenYou didn't do it entirely in microcode?
lowrizzlei let a girl talk me into getting an extra hole in my junk and now it just dribbles down
willmoredjdelorie, you didn't take a class simply teaching assembly?
lowrizzleandi have to sit down to pee
jstevewhiteACTION smiles, knowing crankylinuxuser's dick won't reach that far
crankylinuxuserohhhhhhhhhhhhhh :P
djdelorieAmeisen: I spent 15 years bootstrapping embedded development tools. I've done my share of ones-and-zeros programming.
jstevewhitelowrizzle: LOL
AmeisenMicrocode would be fun to write the etnire program in
Ameisenyou could then claim that you wrote the entire program in one instruction.
Ameisenwith no statement as to how many cycles that instruction took to execute.
djdelorieAmeisen: get the riscv stuff, you can write your own microcode :-)
SpeedEvil Doom in one instruction.
crankylinuxuseryou *do* all realize what djdelorie has written?
jstevewhitelowrizzle: so this camp I used to hang out at was clothing optional, and there was a dude who ran around with an 'earring' the size of a master fucking lock in his junk. It swung around like a wrecking ball.
djdelorieALL THE CYCLES! :-)
willmoreACTION does
Ameisendidn't djdelorie write everything that exists?
SpeedEvil25 fpf
jstevewhiteno, just everything important
XXCoderlocked and loaded!
lowrizzlejstevewhite: the worst part is it will never close up
djdelorieexcept the apollo 13 computer firmware. I had nothing to do with that. NOTHING!
Ameisenjstevewhite - did he write me?>
crankylinuxuserjstevewhite, how much you wanna bet his mistress had the key?
lowrizzleso if he stretched it that wide it's like that for life
AmeisenI am heavily credited on a few popular games
jstevewhiteAmeisen: are you certain you're important?
Ameisenthey're important
Ameisenthus, I must be important
Ameisenotherwise they couldn't exist
lowrizzlei haven't had jewelry in my babymaker for a decade and the hole doesn't close
jstevewhiteYeah, importance isn't transitive
AmeisenI'm pretty sure importance is transitive
lowrizzleif i got 2 more holes i could teach a girl to play a full octave though
AmeisenIt was proven in 1566
lowrizzleor a guy, i guess this is modern times
djdelorieor a robot
crankylinuxuserskinflute, huh?
lowrizzleor a robot
Ameisenand then reproven by Euler, but since Euler discovered everything of importance, it doesn't have a name
djdeloriespeaking of robots...
lowrizzlemy robot only has x y z and theta though, it'd have a hard time satisfying me
Ameisenthough that means that djdelorie was created by Euler
djdelorieat one point during the Falcon Heavy launch I realized I was watching three robots help a fourth steal a car and escape...
crankylinuxuserthe grand robotic "hold my oil"
willmoreWell, it was launched from Florida, wasn't it?
XXCoderapparently telsa car have *made on earth by humans* on it
XXCoderon circuit board
Ameisenthe kisslice rprint finished
Ameisenit is inferior to the slic3r one
Ameisenwhich was a little worse than Cura's
AmeisenIce is up next
XXCoderice ice baby
pink_vampireXXCoder: !
djdeloriehi pink
Ameisenperhaps djdelorie is actually euler/djdelorie, like gnu/linux
pink_vampirei need to print a part
djdelorieone could argue I'd be dj/delorie
djdelorieso print a part
Ameisenanyways, I want this last print to finish soon
pink_vampiremy printer is junk
AmeisenI have some damned motion control stuff to work on
jeffdm_homePrint SW1500
Ameisenmight need to do it in an emulator instead
djdelorieACTION printed a snap-on container lid yesterday. Realized that dissolvable supports would have been fantastically useful.
willmoreOh, I also ordered some 28BYJ-48 steppers. The first batch I got were clearly used and removed from equipment. They were dirty. One had a bent shaft. All of them had their wires cut off a few inches from the motor.
willmoreMeh, they were $1.20 each and I got the to play with steppers.
AmeisenStarting to think I should write a software emulator for printer hardware.
jstevewhitethat's ugly
jeffdm_homewere they at least listed as used
jstevewhiteI have their big brother, like a 35BYJ-something
willmorejeffdm_home, nope.
AmeisenSo I can test firmware in a full software environment that actually mimics the behavior, and can report expected jerk/acceleration/etc
djdeloriewrite a printer emulator that uses steppers and high-res encoder feedback
willmoreThey seem to respond well to running on a real stepper controller--rather than the little transistor arrays that they're often sold with.
pink_vampirethose are the parts
willmorepink_vampire, how thin does it need to be?
jstevewhitewillmore: yeah, though some times you have to cut 'em open; depending on how the connector is wired.
pink_vampireabout 1mm wall thickness
djdelorieACTION recommends adding some gussets in the CAD that are 0.1mm away, designed to be broken off
pink_vampireit just a cover
willmorejstevewhite, I had to do surgery to split the common. It's ugly, but it works fine.
jstevewhiteyeah, that's what I meant
willmoreThey came unipolar 5 lead and left bipolar 4 lead. ;) The operation was successful.
jstevewhitesometimes it's easy becasue they bring all the wires outside the case and bridge them there
willmorepink_vampire, doesn't look too hard. Model it up in a cad program and print it. The curve might be a pain--you will have warping issues there.
willmoreYeah, jstevewhite, that's what mine looked like. The only challenge was that the plastic cover didn't want to come of, so I had to cut it off.
pink_vampirethe upper wall can be much much smaller
willmorepink_vampire, looks quite doable.
djdeloriepink_vampire: like this:
jstevewhitewillmore: I have a couple that are bridged internally, and they suck. :D
pink_vampireinstead of 3cm, it can be something like 2mm height
willmoreThat's what I understood, jstevewhite. Using them unipolar with the UNL transistor array sucks.
djdeloriejust far enough away that the printer prints it separately, but still just touching enough to support the part
willmoreWhomever pointed out those puzzle boxes, thank you. My kids love'em.
willmoreI'm printing one for a 2nd grade classroom that I help with math.
djdeloriewhich puzzle boxes?
willmoreThe tubular ones.
gthx => Labyrinth Gift Box by sneakypoo => 4 IRC mentions
pink_vampireis there someone here that want to print them for me? i need 2 of each one
djdelorieyou don't have a working printer?
jstevewhitepink_vampire said he had a sucking printer, djdelorie
djdeloriealso, the obligatory "approximately where do you live"
pink_vampirei have but the print quality is junk
djdelorieshe had a sucking printer
pink_vampirejstevewhite: *she
jstevewhitepink_vampire: sorry
jstevewhitewill try to remember :D
pink_vampirenp :)
djdeloriethese days color doesn't help hint at gender
pink_vampirealso true..
willmorepink used to be a masculine color.
lowrizzleuse sucky printer to print not sucky printer
willmoreBut I'm not that old..
pink_vampirei know
lowrizzlethrow sucky printer into dustbin
willmorelowrizzle, lather rinse repeat.
pink_vampiremy "printer"
willmoreHard drive? That's a color?
lowrizzleby accolade for the commodore 64
djdeloriesay it out loud like shatner... HARD... Drive...
lowrizzlehard drivin' was an incredible arcade game
pink_vampiremy inverted printer
willmoreThat's as bad of a color name as the Sherwin Williams paint colors.
willmoreWhat do these covers cover?
willmoreIf you've got metal working tools, just bend a piece of aluminum to shape.
lowrizzledoes that make a laser engraver a 2d printer
SpeedEvil on pink.
pink_vampirecorners with leds
djdelorieACTION has to bleach is eyes now, SpeedEvil 
pink_vampireSpeedEvil: ok. ok. i'm out
lowrizzledas one hald code pink n yerrow gang
SpeedEvilIt amused me.
jstevewhiteok, I thought it was funny too
djdelorieI didn't say it wasn't funny...
willmoreThat is not the kind of masculinity I was thinking of.
willmoreACTION isn't even sure that is masculinity.
djdelorieor any kind of inity
jstevewhiteit's pinkininity
pink_vampire my next project??
XXCoderjstevewhite: second result of pink infinite:
Ameisen[16:05:16] <djdelorie> write a printer emulator that uses steppers and high-res encoder feedback
Ameisenlike... physical steppers:
djdelorieACTION is printing outrun gears AGAIN
Ameisenor that emulates steppers and their responses
djdeloriephysical steppers, some mass to move, encoder to feed back out-of-band
Ameisencertainly could
djdelorieno actual printer
AmeisenCould also software emulate the stepper's physical response
Ameisensince all the variables are known
djdelorienot all the variables are ever known
lowrizzleyea dude, cosmic rays
djdelorieor in my case, jammed pulley
lowrizzlealso famous rays, pizza, in nyc
lowrizzlestripped grub screw
lowrizzlefamous rays makes good grub and won't screw you though
Ameisenmotors[0].spindle.gribscrew._stripped = true;
djdelorie"Remember, Mother Nature fills in all the unknown variables when you press the Launch button."
lowrizzleprofessionally i'm working on a big robot wiht a lot of motors and encoders
Ameisenbut yes
lowrizzleand the potential failure modes are myriad
djdelorieAmeisen: resulted in
Ameisenhaving a physical object would be best
Ameisenjust saying that having a software one would also work for quick sanity checks
Ameisenand could also let you run through a test print faster than realtime
Ameisendjdelorie - it was clearly trying to print horizontally
lowrizzleyou could probably modify camotics to handle that easier than rewriting the wheel
lowrizzlei use the crap out of camotics for non-3d printing gcode
lowrizzlecam-o-ticks, bake it, boil it, view your toolpath
Ameisencamotics is a gcode simulator
Ameisenwhereas I need something that actually operates as an MCU emulator
Ameisendifferent level of abstraction
AmeisenMCU + attached hardware emulation
lowrizzlei meant what djdelorie was saying vis-a-vis slippage and mechanical failure
lowrizzleif you're looking to wholistically model a closed loop system you need the whole system
Lizards|Workthe whole system is irrelevant
Lizards|Worki just want this tiny piece of the whole system
Lizards|Workand fuck you for telling me otherwise
djdelorieI don't want the whole system, just a few minutes with its source code and a quick recompile...
Ameisenin my case, I don't need that level of precision.
AmeisenI just need to validate that my firmware is being sane.
AmeisenPreferably without requiring hardware to test on at all times, preferably faster than realtime.
Lizards|Workhardware testing will be faster than writing an emulator for real world problems
Lizards|Workunless you've got the whitepaper for string theory
lowrizzlehow do you validate fw without test cases on it's intended hw
Lizards|Worklisten, don't try and tell me how to test
jstevewhitewhy not?
Lizards|Workbc i know better, obvi
lowrizzlemcrib: how i'm posta know how to 3d print some firmware
mcriblowrizzle: Right now i know i'm not a windows laptop. Whats the best print.
lowrizzlecorrect, you a perl script sitting on an openVZ jail
Valduaretakes sooooo long to upload gcode to smoothie :P
jstevewhiteValduare: you can get old doing that shit
lowrizzlethey say it's serial speed but it seems more like soup can speed
Valduarei often wonder about those wifi sd cards
bill2or3I tried one, they don't work in printers.
bill2or3something about being used in SPI mode, and not initializing the wifi parts.
bill2or3p.s. they run linux.
icecube45seen crunch*?
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Mazhiveguys i wanne upgrade my 3d printer i am using a direct drive mk8 hotend and want to upgrade to a all metal hot end. i am using a prusa i3 pro b clone , so can any of you give me some suggestion to which brand or model i should be buying. i also intend to buy a allmetal x carriage some one has experience with those carriages ??
Lizards|Workbrand or model