AndyCapravinix: that is what kickstart is for?
ravinixbut we need to boot system and type the ks.cfg file location ! i am asking i dont wann do that manually is it possiable in kickstart with out pxe boot
MerlinTHPYou can specify a kickstart location on the kernel command line, e.g. via PXE.
ravinixhow can we do with out pxe
MerlinTHPHow are you booting?
AndyCapravinix: by editing the command line on whatever you boot from
ravinixthis is asked by interviewer
ravinixi said all i know like pxe boot ,
ravinixtyping pathin whn boot screen apper
AndyCapand you can make a new boot medium with the correct command line as default
ravinixhey andy
ravinixquestion is perform a kickstart installation with out type any path in clien system
ravinixis it possiable
AndyCaphow do you boot?
ravinixi dont know answer andy
ravinixmybe we need to create boot disk with ks.cgf file path
AndyCapyes you do
ravinixokay how should we do boot disk with kick star file
ravinixthank you andy
Trae32566fun fact
Trae32566load averages are not indicative of CPU usage, but instead of time that applications /request/ the CPU
Trae32566I'm using < 10% CPU and load average is like 3.x
MerlinTHPWelcome to "I/O Bound", population: you!
Trae32566no not really
Trae32566but not really drastically or even problematically
Trae32566raid 10 with SSD caching (raid 0 SSDs), / sits on raid 0 ssds
Trae32566IO is pretty much not a problem <.<
Trae32566hell, I almost never cap out my RAID
Trae32566I don't really do much intensive on it except the occasional game
Trae32566 MerlinTHP "The state in question is CPU load—not to be confused with CPU percentage. In fact, it is precisely the CPU load that is measured, because load averages do not include any processes or threads waiting on I/O, networking, databases or anything else not demanding the CPU. It narrowly focuses on what is actively demanding CPU time"
Trae32566so from my understanding it's essentially misused 80% of the time.
Trae32566hence why I found it so interesting
Trae32566conversely you could also have high CPU use and low load averages
ComnenusMerlinTHP: surely you knew that.
EvolutionComnenus: found your vacation spod
Evolutioner spot
ComnenusEvolution: sooo many rabbits.
ComnenusEvolution: I want to introduce a cat or two into the crowd.
Trae32566Comnenus: meh, I didn't
Comnenusthe gitlab channel is dead.
AndyCapComnenus: did you kill it?
ComnenusI'm going to kill whoever develops gitlab.
ComnenusThis is such a simple thing and I have wasted days.
ComnenusI'm really getting genuinely pissed off at this.
MerlinTHPThat's the one that sshs to localhost to update the git user authorized_keys file, right?
MerlinTHPI mean, the CGI script does.
ComnenusIt's a fucking open relay. this should not be difficult. but it is.
ComnenusOK I got that working finally.
Comnenusthis exists: etc/systemd/system/ -> /opt/gitlab/embedded/cookbooks/runit/files/default/gitlab-runsvdir.service But systemctl list-unit-files --type=service does not list gitlab at all.
ComnenusI'm not sure why... is there a cache to rebuild or something?
plarsenComnenus, I don't think systemd will look in /opt for services?
Comnenusplarsen: I had a feeling that was the case.
plarsenComnenus, what does pkg-config systemd --variable=systemdsystemunitdir return?
Comnenusit returns /usr/lib/systemd/system
Comnenusthat makes perfect sense.
Comnenusso whoever packaged this did get that wrong.
plarsenComnenus, check "man systemd" there is a lot of details on where the files are located, how to manage that etc.
Comnenusand copying the original file into that dir, and fixing the symlink, makes things work.
plarsenand man systemd.unit gives you even more interesting stuff in regards to location
Comnenushah, can't enable it though due to a missing [Install] section.
AndyCaplooks like systemd uses O_NOFOLLOW
plarsenComnenus, you can set $SYSTEMD_UNIT_PATH for user mode and not use symlinks?
Comnenusthere are some that centos put in place though...I just followed suit.
AndyCapAnd it seems systemctl accepts full paths
fedbotAndyCap: Title: 8088 MPH by Hornet + CRTC + DESiRE, Views: 301, Rating: 98.139534%
GudduWhat is the cheapest solution for a firewall that permits NAT to be installed on a RHEL Amazon EC2 Instance? I need this to act as te Gateway for a Site-To-Site VPN configuration. Please help.
joobzhi guys.. i think my ipsec tunnel is up but doenst seem to be routing traffic.. can anyone lend a hand with troubleshooting htis?
Guddujoobz, Also
Guddueth1 is not showing up in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts . . What could be the issue?
SokelGuddu: You need to create it if it's not there.
GudduSokel, Thanks I will do that now.
SokelYou can copy eth0 over, and take care of the mac address, device line, and other configuration you need to set.
GudduSokel, Perfect. It worked :-)
SokelVery good.