aaronmeharhello.. quick question, apart from performance hit, can anyone think of an issue with having a RAID10 and RAID1 part of the same logical volume?
supo12aaronmehar, LVM is lot like honey badger it just don't care
aaronmeharsupo12, that is my thinking.. the only 'effect' I can see.. is slow write when the file is the R1 but read is the same speed
trae32566[w]LVM <3
trae32566[w]aaronmehar: why a raid 1 and a raid 10 tho?
trae32566[w]linux raid 10 may allow you to do what you want with a singular array
trae32566[w]it's incredibly flexible
aaronmehartrae32566[w], the RAID10 is already in place and used and the server only has 2 more slots.. Dell state the spanned arrays can not be expanded
aaronmeharits Dell PERC H710 mini RAID array
trae32566[w]oh, hardware raid
trae32566[w]never mind
trae32566[w]FTS, I prefer JBOD + MDADM
trae32566[w]more flexible, more universal, and same performance
trae32566[w](most of the time, depending on cache config, etc)
EvolutionFINE ashp
Evolutiondocker -28 is coming out
trae32566[w]calm down Evolution
trae32566[w]it's 6AM
Evolutiontrae32566[w]: NO
trae32566[w]OH. WELL I GUESS IT IS NOW.
Evolutionalso, just ... *wow* http://imgur.com/gallery/ZTv1mPX
EvolutionI won't doubt the 'finding bigfoot' shows on tv anymore
Evolutiondallas better goddamn have nice weather today/tomorrow
trae32566[w]Dallas? o.O
trae32566[w]are you in dallas?
trae32566[w]if so, I can come bother you
Evolutionwife and I are coming up for a day trip
trae32566[w]o.O why the hell would you want to come here...
Evolutiongonna go check this place out -> http://carerescuetexas.com/
trae32566[w]any reason o.O
Evolutionbecause KITTY
trae32566[w]that... actually looks cool.
trae32566[w]actually not cool unless you get to pet them
trae32566[w]I miss living in florida, lots of fun animals
trae32566[w]huge fucking turtles, dolphins, snakes, foxes, bears
trae32566[w]I've encountered them all at some point
trae32566[w]the foxes are skiddish as fuck tho
trae32566[w]Evolution: make sure you go tomorrow
trae32566[w]if you try sunday it'll most likely rain
trae32566[w]also, if you need anything or just get bored, LMK
trae32566[w]actually you'll be closer to madsara
trae32566[w]*** maxamillion
jokajakmorning #rhel
trae32566[w]* \o
EvolutionMerlinTHP: http://imgur.com/gallery/GO1tnLq
siXyEvolution: hah
siXyMerlinTHP might not be around though, as it's a bank holiday here
siXyyou know - those days when we don't have to work? Although other than the 4th of july I guess you guys aren't too familiar with that concept :P
billingsWow. Microsoft is vastly changing the requirements for kernel modules in windows, including filesystem drivers
billingsbasically making it impossible for open source
Bahhumbugbillings: citation?
siXyeh, if that's what they have to do to stop it being so damn easy to get kernel mode as an exploit writer, it sucks but I'll take it.
billingsACTION nods
billingsit just means that windows drivers are going to get insanely expensive
siXywell - the amount of singing they'll have to do will tick massively upwards, which might mean the costs come down a bit
siXyeconomies of scale and all that
billingsI know that it's going to basically kill the OpenAFS windows client
BahhumbugI don't blame them for their stance on this at all. It's a monetary issue for them and they are reacting as they deem necessary. And in the long run it's a good thing, really.
siXyyes, I suspect it's going to be a bit of a killer for AFS, initially at least. But AFS is firmly in special snowflake territory here.
billingsACTION shrugs
siXyin that it's one of a fairly small list of opensource projects that actually need to run in kernel mode on windows, and the userbase (counted as number of organisations) is really pretty small even for a FOSS project
trae32566[w]yeah but the other problem it will create is bigger
trae32566[w]imagine Nvidia, Intel, etc have to send EVERY fucking driver to Microsoft to validate. That shit takes a long time
billingswell, nvidia, intel, AMD, those companies probably have teh cash to do that
siXytrae32566[w]: nvidia drivers are already signed though?
trae32566[w]and each windows version requires a separate validation, and servers have an entirely separate - and more stringent - validation process
siXyplus what billings said
billingsI imagine that smaller hardware vendors are going to just be screwed
trae32566[w]that's not the problem >.<
Evolutionit'll just lead to driver shims
Evolutionsimilar to how uefi is done on linux now.
billingsthe shim won't ever be validated
siXyEvolution: reading between the lines of what's in that ML post, that may not be allowed
billingstheres no more self-signing. Everything has to be signed by microsoft
trae32566[w]previously once certified, companies could sign that same driver with newer code without re-validating. Now they have to do it for *every* upgrade, meaning the time between upgrades will be vast
siXythere'd be fairly little point in this if they were going to allow shims.
trae32566[w]or rather once certified, the driver could be self-signed on future updates
trae32566[w]and would be valid for all platforms
siXybut if you look at the post, the estimated cost for re-signing the new release is really very very small
siXyit's only $12k
trae32566[w]that's not the problem tho
billingsI wonder if this is leading up to them giving away Windows 10 for free to anyone with a previous windows version?
trae32566[w]the problem is how long microsoft will take to go through the validation process
trae32566[w]it will significantly slow the release cycle of any drivers
siXybillings: I doubt MS will make any money out of htis if that's what you mean - it'll cost MS a lot of money to audit this code properly
BahhumbugThis will put a damper in the 3748653897465897345 random driver updates that are pushed out everytime the wind changes direction and force vendors and developers to take more care in what the release and when.
billingssiXy: no, not monetarily, but because they're changing how to secure the system
trae32566[w]"Oops, there's a bug in the nvidia drivers that causes a BSOD. Better plan on fixing it for the next annual driver release"
siXytrae32566[w]: you're making assumptions about the efficiency of MS's re-signing process that might well not turn out to be valid - I suspect MS has thought of this, and worked to mitigate that as far as possible
billingsbasically, bringing the walled garden approach into windows
trae32566[w]siXy: a lot of things would need to change. It takes a decent amount of time currently
billings$12k would be a lot for some of the scientific hardware vendors I've dealt with
MerlinTHPsiXy: I like the way you think I have something better to do on a bank holiday ;)
MerlinTHPAnd I'm not just sat on the sofa watching netflix
siXyMerlinTHP: ha!
billingstoday's a bank holiday? I wonder if that's why traffic was so light today.
Bahhumbugbillings: "Good Friday" nonsense.
BahhumbugMany places have the day off.
billingsoh yeah
billingsI wodner if they cancelled school today
BahhumbugI didn't realize it was a bank holiday, however.
BahhumbugACTION sighs
billingsyup, my wife said that there's no school today
Evolutionwtf... why would you do this.... https://twitter.com/centoslinux
siXytwitter is an unusual way of reading a mailing list
Evolutionfirst-world problems. I made too much money last year, so now I owe the IRS
trae32566[w]07:49 <eatmyid> Mint's a gateway OS tho, ay.
trae32566[w]07:49 <Corey84> gateway to what tho
trae32566[w]07:49 <trae32566[w]> ^
trae32566[w]07:49 <trae32566[w]> Heroin
stpierreEvolution: 362 followers...
BahhumbugThat may be the single most idiotic thing I've yet to see on twatter.
BahhumbugAnd that is, to be fair, an accomplishment.
romgo_Hello, I'm looking for a RPM for NTP.pm any idea ?
romgo_I didn't found it on RHEL repo yet...
trae32566[w]so um
trae32566[w]romgo_: pkgs.org
trae32566[w]and make SURE you set up priorities
trae32566[w]yum install yum-plugin-priorities
trae32566[w]man yum-plugin-priorities
stpierreromgo_: i don't see any Net::NTP packages anywhere. you may have to build your own
stpierrecpanspec makes it pretty easy
romgo_I would prefer avoid compiling on my monitoring server :/
BahhumbugI can build this and make it available sometime today if you want. But it won't be until later this afternoon (US time).
stpierreromgo_: so don't?
stpierrebuild your RPM elsewhere
stpierrethat's, like, half the point of RPMs
trae32566[w]btw guys
trae32566[w]this is totally a thing
siXyanyone know if it's possible to make virtualbox (on windows) properly pin the host CPUs?
trae32566[w]never knew that
trae32566[w]siXy: um... why are you using VB :/
siXymy app is using 100% of core 4 in the VM, but on the host it's scheduled across multiple cores :(
siXytrae32566[w]: this isn't work
trae32566[w]yeah... and?
trae32566[w]use KVM
siXyon windows? yeah...
trae32566[w]well.... actually you could use qemu, but I was assuming linux considering it's #rhel <.<
trae32566[w]use Hyper-V
siXyI did say windows
trae32566[w]ahhh.. sorry
siXyACTION wonders if windows 7 comes with hyper-v
trae32566[w]not AFAIK
trae32566[w]only 8 enterprise
trae32566[w]yeah :/
siXyI have 7 ultimate
MerlinTHP7 has Virtual PC
trae32566[w]VPC is crap
siXyI wonder if virtualPC would be any better at cpu pinning though?
siXyfor what I'm trying to test, I really do need to make sure that a bound CPU on the guest is actually bound on the host
EvolutionsiXy: why do you sound like ashp this morning?
Evolutionis this an invasion of the body snatchers thing?
siXyEvolution: well, it's kinda because of ashp that I'm doing this
siXyI thought I might make a start on some proper haproxy tuning documentation
siXybut I need an environment I can actually count on doing the right thing, first - it doesn't particularly have to be fast, but it does have to be reproducible
ashpoh wow, awesomehahahaha
ashpuh, that hahaha was in response to what sixy said
ashpi don't know what i wrote "oh wow, awesome" to
ashpnothing in #rhel, ever ;D
MerlinTHPACTION loves netflix's "hey, are you still watching this?" periodic pop-ups
Evolutionthey really need to change teh wording
Evolution"hey, get off the $device and GO OUTSIDE"
trae32566[w]ashp: oops, server reboot
trae32566[w]sorry 'bout that
davegarathHi all, I'm trying to setup a dual node cluster with quorum disk, but I have a problem with quorum : http://fpaste.org/206913/68558142/
davegarathcan someone help me to understand what happing ? :)
davegarathRHEL 5.4
NameWitheldEvolution: On April 1, between episodes of the same show you had the option of moving to the next episode or watching a Netflix video "Brush your teeth" "Walk the dog" "Take a shower" were the only ones I saw.
BahhumbugIs 5.4 still in EUS?
siXydavegarath: 5.4?!
siXythat's properly old
davegarathsiXy: yes I know
trae32566[w]davegarath: upgrade
trae32566[w]upgrade dammit
davegarathbut I have an old cluster in production and I have to replicate same version to test some task before apply that in production
trae32566[w]what reason do you have for not upgrading >.>
davegarathI can't upgrade in production right now
trae32566[w]there's a couple of problems. I can look at it, but you may not get much done
trae32566[w]you're using an un-updated release, and 5.x is soon to be EOL
fedbotRHEL5 goes end of life on 2017-03-31, which is 1 year, 51 weeks, 5 days, 10 hours, 9 minutes, and 43 seconds from now
trae32566[w]keep in mind the issue may be fixed in 5.5 - 5.x
BahhumbugThat's all well and good, but is 5.4 still covered under extended support or has that been EOL'd as well?
stpierredavegarath: two-node rhcs was complete and utter shit back in the bad old days that you're living in. i'm not surprised that you have a problem.
EvolutionI think 5.4 is EOL'd for EUS
Evolutionit's 5.7 currently I think
EvolutionI'm not sure. I'd need rigeld2 or Zathrus
trae32566[w]he needs an adult.
EvolutionI do. I require adult supervision
siXydavegarath: are you using exactly the same config as your production cluster?
stpierrerhel 5.4 is six years old. you haven't found time to update in productino in six years?!?
Evolutionhe works for sony
davegarathsiXy: as I can replicate. I'm using iscsi instead of fc storage because I don't have a fc storage in stage
stpierrei was trying to check and make sure that i had used RHCS on 5.4 -- that was three jobs ago, after all -- and it turns out that i was running 5.5 at that job by the time I left. I've had four jobs since they last ran 'yum update'. and i'm not ashp.
davegarathI want to understand the mechanism of quorum device in order to change quorum device in production ( we have replacing our storage with new one )
stpierrethat sounds like an *amazing* opportunity to upgrade your ancient-ass RHEL, too
davegarathand I want to do experiment in my dev place to test the task before do it in prod
siXyACTION wonders if you need twonode=1 when using qdisk
EvolutionsiXy: two nodes, one device?
siXyI'd look it up but I don't trust docs for 5.11 to apply to 5.4
stpierreEvolution: "Two nodes, one cluster" is just as disgusting and wrong as the original
stpierreespecially on 5.4. yeesh, i'm having nightmarish flashbacks
siXyEvolution: OOOH.
ashpstpierre: hahahahaha
ashp4 jobs for me == 4 weeks
Evolutiongraphical representation of siXy and I... -> http://imgur.com/gallery/56uifVv
Evolutionstpierre: tax guy tells me yesterday I owe the irs ~ $3500
stpierreman, i haven't checked imgur in like 15 minutes, why isn't there anything new?!?
stpierreEvolution: sad :(
stpierrewhen we were going through our acquisition stuff they kept prattling on about the tax benefits of donating stock to charities, and i'm like, bitch who do you think i am, bill gates? donating stock and shit. turns out that it's actually a hella good deal if you've got lots of capital gains, and i'll probably be looking at doing so this year
stpierrealthough "thankfully" we took a bath on the sale of our house, so i get to offset my options vesting with that big capital loss! so yay!
MerlinTHPIt's a bank holiday, I'm bored, why are there no new pictures to look at on my regular subreddits?
NameWitheldChromeOS has a developer preview version that runs Android apps. https://developer.chrome.com/apps/getstarted_arc
Evolutionstpierre: yeah. I can do that next year.
siXyMerlinTHP: what are you doing looking at reddit when there's compiling to do?
Evolutionstpierre: this year it was "you make too much, so you don't get to claim your wife's educational status, or your student loan interest..."
stpierreEvolution: i feel like such a grimy scumbag asshole even considering it, though
MerlinTHPEvolution: what was that event you did in Edinburgh last year?
EvolutionMerlinTHP: linuxcon eu
Evolutionwas .... 2 years ago?
siXyactually - how is the arm stuff coming along?
MerlinTHPACTION loses track, apparently
siXydoes it actually work yet?
Evolutionand I need it for build dependencies.
Evolutionalso maven and a few other things.
MerlinTHPI have a thing that boots on qemu-arm
MerlinTHPI need to get it working on real hardware
EvolutionYES. YES YOU DO
MerlinTHPYeah, between the week and a bit of constant dental pain and work, I've not been doing stuff :(
trae32566[w]9AM and Evolution is already in caps-lock mode
siXyEvolution: estimated time until you give up and use fedora's java?
pipelinebuilding java sucks hella bad
pipelinei've been experimenting with the graal stuff and building my own jdk is not fun at all
pipelinethe build scripts are really complicated
pipelinei can only imagine how bad it was in the early days, or worse, pre-openjdk
EvolutionsiXy: that'd be cheating, and I won't lower myself to it.... http://fpaste.org/206932/80702031/
UssatEvolution, since when
siXyyou quitter you :D
Ussatevil knows no limits (upper or lower)
siXybesides you're already using the fedora kernel
ashpthank god it's friday, guys
Ussatmeh, I am off today :)
siXyACTION too
ashpI love that america is the religious country
ashpand yet we're the ones working friday/mon, what the fuck
ashpeven the uk gets this right
siXythe uk has lots of public holidays
Evolutionashp: dude, pilgrims came here to be *more* restrictive, not less
Ussatwhat ya blabbering about ? I took it off because I wanted to
ashpamerica hates days off
ashpUssat: in the uk friday/monday is a national holiday
ashpas it is in like, most countries
Ussatashp, I donno, I have a good vacation schedule, no complaints here
ashpUssat: do you get 6 weeks off a year?
UssatYes actually
Ussat6 weeks vacation + holidays
jnixashp: we're not a catholic country
jnixi think our national cathedral is Presbyterian
Ussatashp, why you ask /
jnixtechnically, i get 6 weeks. I have 4 weeks of useable vacation and a 2 week furlough from a few days before christmas til jan2
Ussatjnix, is that furlogh paid /
Ussatso ashp , not sure why the question
ashpUssat: Just that I consider 6 weeks to be "decent"
ashpI was just wondering if you had that much vacation :)
jnixhe's just angry congress doesn't wear wigs =p
UssatI see
jnix(does the HoL still wear wigs?)
Ussatfeel free to hop the boat back :)
jnixACTION eyes ashp's tea
ashpwhen I worked shifts I could get 12 days off by taking 4 days vacation
jnixACTION eyes boston harbor
ashpso I could get about 8-10 weeks a year with careful management
ashpnow i'm lucky to get 8-10 days
billingsACTION checks his leave balance
billingsI hve 400 hours of PTO
Ussatashp, nice........sounds like you need a better job
ashpjnix can't handle real vacation amounts, his mind is blown
ashpUssat: technically we have "unlimited vacation" which is so dumb
jnixi've never taken a real vacation
Bahhumbugs/catholic country/christian country/
ashpinstead of unlimited they should have -minimum- amounts of 4 weeks
siXyashp: uuurgh
jnixas you know, on account of being an american now, it's not cheap to travel
billingsI like taking vacations, but I don't really enjoy driving or flying
siXyashp: some of the more recent startups I've seen have unlimited with mandated minimums, which I approve of
shortbus-billings: 400 hours? when was the last time you took PTO?
Ussatashp, why should places offer a minimum ?
siXybut plain unlimited tends to equal almost none :(
billingsshortbus-: last month I think
ashpUssat: It forces people to take vacations, which is good for them
billingsbut I earn 16 hours every month
ashpsiXy: yeah, that's what I'd like to see
UssatsiXy, I have 320
shortbus-siXy: i had unlimited at my last gig, and i took at least 4 weeks a year
shortbus-billings: not bad.
siXyUssat: because without a minimum people tend to feel guilty about taking what they feel is "too much", and this ends with a downward spirial of everyone taking less and less
jnixchoirboy should come back to IRC
billingswe're getting into a time when we're aren't allowed to take off a whole week except for conferences
jnixI heard he started an internal shitfest over indiana
UssatsiXy, hmm...well. Most jobs start with 2 weeks and you get more as youre there longer
shortbus-billings: wait, 16 hours a month sucks, that's only ~8 days a year
Ussatwhich seems fair
billingsits 24 days a year
stpierreshortbus-: that's two hours a month, which is 24 days a year
stpierrewhich is pretty damn nice
shortbus-ACTION sighs
billingsI also get nights off.
stpierredo you even math bro?
billingsfor free!
siXyhere everyone gets 4 weeks min (excl. self employed/contract), which is a reasonable amount
shortbus-math is hard. i did 16*12/24 instead of 16*12/8
ashpwork has managed to creep into my dreams, so I don't even get nights off
pipelinei had unlimited at my last gig, and that basically translated to two weeks at christmas.
gaurdroplus christmas->new years off
siXyashp: do you work from home?
pipelinei would really hesitate to take another job advertising unlimited vacation haha
stpierreashp: i don't want to be that guy, but if you stayed at jobs longer you might actually accrue some PTO...
ashpsiXy: not anymore
billingsyeah, we get 4 days of 'winter holiday days' we have to use between xmas and ny
ashpstpierre: Stay at a job? I'm not sure what you mean
Ussatstpierre, ++
siXyworking from home is the worst thing for never getting to switch your brain out of work mode
shortbus-what i really don't like is that our PTO is use or lose
ashpsiXy: I find myself trying to explain our problems to people in my sleep :/
Ussatshortbus-, most is after a certian ammount saved
pipelinethat's standard now, in 20 fucking 15 i don't think you get to bank pto unless you're union :(
siXyashp: I know what you mean :)
gaurdroI just wish I could cash out my vacation time.
billingsyeah, I stop accruing PTO after I earn 400 hours, I think
billingsso I might have already lost time
ashpTime to learn troposphere to write my cloudformation stuff :(
pipelinegaurdro: aren't they legally obligated to cash you out when you quit? :)
billingsnot here
Ussatpipeline, not true, I can bank pto and am not union
billings(I work at umich.edu too)
pipelineUssat: public employee?
gaurdropipeline, depends on how you leave actually.
UssatI work at a .edu yea, but not union
pipelineok, then. i should have said, "union or public employee" haha
gaurdropipeline, for certain types of firing, and leaving you get your vacay paid out, others not.
billingsas far as I know, there is no staff union
Ussatpipeline, many private jobs offer that also, last one did
pipelineUssat: i think that is fading, but i do not have an HR trade rag article to point to
stpierrei put together a graph of my PTO + sick leave over time the other day. kinda depressing as i transitioned from .edu to .gov to .com :/
Ussatits not exclusive to union or public
gaurdrobillings, it be bad for the Universities mission to allow any more unionization than they absolutely have to.
billingsyou only say tht because they sent union-busters after you
Ussatpipeline, I can name a few right off top of my head that do that now
pipelineUssat: i'm sure the count is more than 0, but it's an increasingly rare benefit. i sure don't know anyone who doesn't have vicious nasty accrual setups at work :(
shortbus-every job i've had but the unlimited pto and this one i could bank pto
gaurdroACTION is spitting distance from 300 hours. 
pipelinemaking the big change from annual lumps to accrual might just be the time that execs decide to make rollover a bitch, and the two policies are otherwise unrelated
UssatI guess, but I never worked for one. every job I have been at allowed banking up to a point
gaurdrobillings, that was actually from an email from the grad school.
gaurdrooh, and if people are looking for a good cause that's tax deductible. donations to kiva are if you're in the US.
ashpI only donate to the coffee for myself fund
jnixmy coworker, a unix admin, is coding a website to correlate vms to the host/cluster they're on
jnixhe's doing this with powershell/asp.net/sql
jnixand here i am deploying the manageiq vm
jnixI wonder who will win
jnixboss is having him do it because he said he could, and he's on like week 4 nowj
siXyhaving used manageiq, I suspect it'll take you both about the same amount of time :)
jnixi just downloaded and configured the virtual appliance and it's done it's discovery in about 49 minutes
pipelinejust to report on whether VMs are acheiving a desired redundancy level?
pipelineyou would think that would be like a 2 day job
jnixsiXy: for this purpose manageiq out of the box is fine
pipelinevsphere api ain't rocket science
jnixpipeline: unless you're all talk and no walk, which is why we're having this demonstration today
siXyah, ok. we wanted to do other stuff with it - it's kinda a bit sharepointy in a way - it CAN do almost anything, but the flexibility can lead to a lot of complexity
jnixsiXy: yep, but i'm still going to end up using it for managing a "hybrid cloud"
jnixbecause I run linux and don't want to have to use a windows VM to fuck with vsphere and hyper-v
siXyvsphere webui works on linux btw
siXyassuming 5.5
jnixin chrome
jnixbut the latest version of chrome doesn't work with the client integration bundle so you get the crappy vnc console
siXyyeah if you wanna use lynx, opera or some other horribly limited browser it might not work
jnixyay, vmware \o/
jnixHonestly I just want to use firefox
jnixI dislike chrome
siXyif you actually need to get a console on a VM, something's gone horribly wrong
siXyor you havne't automated nearly enough things
jnixusually it's when something has gone horribly wrong so i need to open the console to fsck or whatever
jnixi use my paperweight like twice a month
jnixerr laptop
siXythrow vm away, start over :) easier than fsck
siXyfaster probably too
shortbus-jnix just use a windows VM, and RDP into that from linux
trae32566[w]jnix: specs on laptop?
shortbus-that's what i did for years, works great
jnixfuck yo windows vm
trae32566[w]we still haven't gone to texas de brasil
siXyI think the only time I've needed a VM console this year is when RHEV was throwing out a MAC addy for new VMs that our DHCP server didn't like
jnixtrae32566[w]: 16gb of memory, i7, latest gen dell latitude
jnixwindows 8.1 w/ secureboot
shortbus-you just leave the vsphere app running 100% of the time, it's like rdp to an app
shortbus-easier that dealing w/ a windows laptop, and you don't have to carry it around w/ you
gaurdrotrae32566[w], there's one up here. I wish they offered a 'salad bar only' option too.
jnixOh, i don't carry it with me
jnixit lives in a bag under my desk
trae32566[w]I want it
jnixit's a paperweight, I won't use it
trae32566[w]I need it :|
jnixtrae32566[w]: come work here, then i will have it reassigned to you
Evolutiondear google. I know how to leave my fucking neighborhood.
jnixmy desktop is bad ass though
Evolutiongive me the option to leave off some steps for google maps pls
siXyEvolution: lie about your starting location?
NameWitheldsiXy: GPS tracking.
NameWitheldOh, maybe not with maps. Nevermind.
siXyyeah but you can change from to be some other place can't you?
siXyif you care about that stuff
NameWitheldsiXy: I use Maps on my phone to go "Here I am, how do I get here?" and it always wants me to make an illegal turn onto a freeway on-ramp. -.-
trae32566[w]jnix: I dunno, I really love my job
trae32566[w]after seeing what a shitty job is like all my life, it's fucking awesome here.
ashpi got a fist bump from our CFO for being an atheist, lol
LzrdKinghow do i get a package into a base satellite channel? i need to make glibc-2.12-1.149.el6_6.5.x86_64.rpm available to all managed systems
Evolutiondude you're punching out a bit low don't ya think?
jnixisn't ejecting from that height pretty dangerous
jnixchute doesn't really have time to deploy and you're strapped to a chair
stpierre"Due to the constraints of automated processes, please do not include commas in your response."
siXystpierre: INJECTION TIME
gaurdrojnix, perhaps better than a boom?
shortbus-stpierre: what weak ass shit is that from?
stpierregrad school application
stpierrespecifically, the part where you get 300 characters to relate your criminal past, without commas
shortbus-is 300 chars enough for you?
shortbus-can you just include a link to your rap sheet?
Evolutionwait, no commas
shortbus-try semicolons
gaurdroregistered known jaycycler
stpierrei just put down "MENACE 2 SOCIETY"
Evolutionstpierre: needs to include `; AND 1=1;--;
Evolutionjust to test
LzrdKingi hate satellite :P i found that package in a base channel and some clones, but it's tedious to get it into all the other clones
LzrdKingand slooooow
NameWitheldrigeld2: Docker roulette? https://github.com/hiroakis/docker-sensu-server/blob/88e7d040adf2850f4e56b5734052af0b3a4b0243/Dockerfile#L33-35&v=3
stpierreNameWitheld: lines 18 and 21 are nice too
stpierreugh, and he has ADDs before running yum installs. use the cache, luke!
NameWitheldstpierre: And 33-5 and 44-5 looks like copying someone's provided SSL cert and key. Meaning everyone has the same ones and access to the installs.. Right?
stpierrei don't think everyone has access, but it's definitely the case that, insofar as the traffic leaves the container, it is not meaningfully encrypted
stpierrei don't even understand why he's creating a user at all. i'm guessing he doesn't either
siXyNameWitheld: no, line 31 generates new certificates and keys
siXyNameWitheld: it's line 18 and 21 that are horrific
NameWitheldOkay, then. Yay for marginally less horrible!
siXythe rest of it is merely common or garden internet cruft
stpierrewhat makes me sad is the confident knowledge that someone at a Fortune 100 company is looking at this and using it as an example for how to structure a Dockerfile
siXystpierre: I'm not massively familiar with the inner workings of dokcerfiles - I'd be interested to hear why the ADD before the yum install is bad
EvolutionVOTE: http://siliconangle.tv/jim-whitehurst-vs-pam-murphy-cubemadness/
EvolutionsiXy: it's not really. but it can lead to wasted disk space due to cache issues.
EvolutionI dislike that he doesn't 'yum clean all' after each yum run as well.
stpierreADDs aren't cached very well (if at all?), so basically everything after an ADD has to be done every time. if he put his yum installs at the top, they'd be run the first time you built the container, and then cached
MerlinTHPBut he's ADDing repo configs
MerlinTHPSo surely he can't do that?
MerlinTHPOr is there a better way to add repo configs?
stpierrei'd be tempted to do it with a cat > sensu.repo (if there's no -release RPM available, of course)
MerlinTHPAh, right
stpierreor, if that's too nasty, just do all of the other yum installs first, then add the repo, then install the one package that actually requires it
Evolutionthe docker kids are pissing me off today anyway
Evolutionthey don't want to approve a systemd enabled base container, because it defines an ENV, and some volumes
Evolutionnot really sure how that's up to them
jokajakEvolution: I feel you may be biased ref. Jim Whitehurst vs Pam Murphy
EvolutionI didn't say who to vote for
Evolutionbut yes, I am slightly biased
Evolution(VOTE JIM)
Evolutionis Comnenus here today? http://imgur.com/gallery/PVOXWfq
ComnenusEvolution: yo
ComnenusThat is adorable
jnixwait, since when is spiderman on the avengers
jnixand who is this new attractive young spider man
MerlinTHPSpidey's been an avenger in the comics for a long time
jnixyeah, but not in the movie
jnixbecause Sony said no.
MerlinTHPAnd that's Andrew Garfield, from the last couple of Spidey films.
MerlinTHPWill be in one of the upcoming films, Marvel and Sony have reached an agreement.
jnixthis is creepy
jnixand woo
chri5pWOOT...it's Friday!
billingsACTION checks the calendar
Evolutionone of my favorites -> https://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/batman-ironman-spiderman-money-fight-2full.jpg
shortbus-when did they make a spiderman / avenger comic cross-over? those aren't even the same movies.
shortbus-bah. can't even troll well today.
MerlinTHPACTION pats
MerlinTHP( the answer is 1966, btw )
chri5pwow, it's quite in here today
chri5pmust have been ONE HELLUVA party last night or something
jnixit's Friday
chri5pso, no ones on here on Friday's? damn lucky bastards!
chri5pit's soooooo amazingly nice outside right now, I'd be at the beach if I wasn't working
Comnenuschri5p: ugh
Comnenuschri5p: yes, I have been super hungover all fucking day
chri5pComnenus: what was the exact poison? or was it a mixture?
chri5pthis is the beach about 2 miles from me right now: http://clearwaterbeachtourism.com/webcams/webcam-clearwater-pier.htm
Comnenuschri5p: moscow mules.
ComnenusI suspect they used *CHEAP* vodka
ComnenusThis feels like an Absolut hangover.
ComnenusI have never had a good experience with Absolut.
chri5pVodka, ginger beer and lime juice?
chri5psounds tasty
chri5pOH, if you want a good Vodka (hard to find in other places but you can order it from here): http://cane-vodka.com/
Baggypants12000I'm here but just to look smug.
chri5psome of the BEST vodka I've had...and the owner and founder took us on a tour
Baggypants12000I quite like Stoli
Baggypants12000Zubrowka is my fave though
chri5pI've had several high end vodka's, but this one has been my fav so far
Baggypants12000I had a vodka from texas when I was in the US, didn't rate it that much myself though.
Baggypants12000I see the nutters on Slashdot are going on about MS open sourcing windows.
chri5pthis one is in Florida...and the dude is obsessive (met him, he served me some seriously good spirits)
chri5pmakes Vodka, Gin and Moonshine
chri5pbut the Vodka is amazing
chri5pthey only do small batches so it's not as well known as many other larger names
chri5pbut they use as much "local" and "native" product as they can
chri5pso the sugar cane comes from Florida as do most of the infusers (orange, lemon, lime, watermelon, strawberry, etc)
chri5pwhich is why they don't always have all the flavors, they are seasonal due to the harvests
chri5pthey are fairly new too...think like 2011 or something
Baggypants12000So ... not likely to be in Wetherspoons any time soon then.
chri5pprobably not...you'd need to order it :/
chri5pit's fairly good price-wise though
ionelmcwhat does this rpm specfile macro mean "%{!?thing:other thing}" ?
ionelmcis there a good place explaining these obscure macros?
siXyyes, it's at http://place.something
jnixComnenus: i'm bored, i need entertainment
jnixfix it
Comnenusjnix: uh
Comnenusjnix: what do you want me to do?
Comnenuschri5p: I cannot order booze in this state. :(
siXyionelmc: as you obviusly didn't get that, that was a hint that obfustacating the information you're after isn't helpful
jnixComnenus: idk
jnixi should just go home early
Comnenuswatch something on netflix?
chri5pwhat state?
ionelmcsiXy: i'm sorry, i thought you were just trolling me ;-)
BahhumbugHe was :)
ChibaPetComnenus: Dance.
Comnenuschri5p: Massachusetts
Comnenuschri5p: we cannot order alcohol here - must go through a distributor. Pretty lame. I think they reached some agreement so people could join wine clubs, but that's about it.
billingsstupid blue laws
jokajakI've been waiting for mac mail to repair my inbox for over an hour. Up to 292367 of 356431 messages
ChibaPetPipe down and put your hair shirts back on, damn you.
chri5pComnenus: damn, and I liked massachusetts when I visited
LzrdKinghow do i get glibc-2.5-123.el5_11.1.x86_64.rpm into my base rhel 5 channel in satellite? do i need to sync it with redhat in some way?
Comnenuschri5p: I like it...it's just something we can't do. And it is a small thing.
Comnenuschri5p: where did you visit?
ChibaPetComnenus: Tell him about the "Droit du seigneur".
chri5pComnenus: North Attleborough (sp??)
chri5pwas beautiful up there
chri5ptook the train in to the city
ComnenusChibaPet: "there is no evidence this ever happened"
chri5pthere was soooooo much wood plank siding everywhere I looked (looks funny from my perspective because I live in FL)
Comnenuschri5p: It's a nice town.
chri5pMy ex is from there
chri5pit's one of the things I miss...not so much her, but going up there to visit and act like a tourist :D
ChibaPetchri5p: Visit Plymouth sometime. There's a lot of good tourist stuff around there. And did you do a duck tour while you visited Boston? That'd be worth it by itself.
LzrdKingglibc-2.12-1.149.el6_6.5.x86_64.rpm is in my rhel 6 channel, and i didn;t have too do anything
LzrdKingto do*
LzrdKingugh, its available on the satellite server to install via yum, but it appears not to be in any repo
polarratI am getting this error message when trying to connect via irssi in Centos 7 https://gist.github.com/kichuku/c477eeed4ec8882fbcc0 I am using the instructions found here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1010780 and replaced authentication type as PLAIN instead of DH-BLOWFISH as I read that blowfish is no longer supported
polarratI am trying to autologin when I am connecting to freenode
polarratBut it isn't working.
gaurdroACTION hates being an interviewer
kaos01better than being a job hunter :)
gaurdrokaos01, eh, at least in that case the interviewee would have some clue wtf was going on.
ChibaPetI used to enjoy both sides of that, but it's tedious being the subject and it's depressing having to reject people.
ChibaPetEven more tedious is identifying the perfect candidate and getting management resistance for no valid reason.
ChibaPetI was told that the candidate's accent was too thick, in one case, and that she'd have trouble communicating with some of the clientele. For a senior Unix sysadmin role.
gaurdroACTION damns that!
billingsgaurdro warned me about this place...
billingsthey lost my order
billingsthe guy was standing in front of the drink cooler, turning the faces forward.
billingsso it isnt busy at all
chri5pHave a Happy Holiday weekend! "May you find all the eggs before they expire"
mmercerhey guys, didnt ssh/pam make it so that you can explicitly force 2 authentication parameters, thought we had a slight discussion on this a while back
jhutchinsmmercer: Well, you can use a key with a password.
jhutchinsmmercer: I'm pretty sure pam has a mechinism for multi-factor authentication.
jhutchinsmmercer: You could configure /etc/pam.d/ssh* to require both key and password.