mumptai_i'd like to use 2d barcodes for navigation, this part already partially works, but i'd like to the hide the markers. anyone know of ir-ink, transparent to visible light? or any other ideas?
Cmdr_datai forgot which .. but some plastic bags are transparant for infrared but arent for visible light.. So you can put a piece of that over a code
mumptai_sorry, forgot to tell, it weas to be short-wave ir, so illumination by leds is an option
Cmdr_datahmm let me find a remote .. a remote tester and some polyethylene :)
Cmdr_datahmm garbage bags dont seem to work .. but there must be plastic that works. Like i got a sheet of black plastic from a remote that was in front of the IR led. If you put it in front of a webcam it seems transparant. As it only lets IR through .. but IR from IR leds. Also IR receivers seem to be covered in the same dark material
Snertpoint the remote at your cellphone camera.
Cmdr_datai did :)
Snerteasy test equipment that way.
Snertbut there's different wavelengths of ir. differing results might be that.
Cmdr_databut i also soldered a bpw34 photodiode to a very old little signal strength meter from a radio.. Which is also usefull to test remotes as you can do it with one hand so you have a hand free to wiggle batteries and things
Cmdr_datasomething like this http://apsdev.com/lhacks/ledtest.jpg
SnertI often sleep on my remote. Not good for battery life.
Cmdr_dataisnt it a bit small
Cmdr_dataoh IR transparant plexiglas https://www.videofrank.nl/plexiglas-doorlatend-p-1345.html
Cmdr_datato hide ir cameras
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