Cmdr_datai think they delete those videos on youtube anyway
rogero_grI'm looking into playing with FPGAs
rogero_grbut I have no knowledge about electronics
Cmdr_datathat might be a problem
rogero_grwhich things would I need to learn to cover the required background knowledge?
Cmdr_dataHmm .. sgrace is the resident FPGA expert .. or one of them. I guess these days you can even program FPGA's in languages like C .. so you need to know less about digital gates..
haffeYou would at least need to know about switching theory.
haffeI.e. know what a NAND gate is.
Cmdr_databoolean logic
haffeI remember constructing a circuit that counted the number of ones stored in a prom by using two counters and some support circuit.
haffeThe blueprint took up an entire A3 paper.
_anomaly_karnaugh maps
_anomaly_they're fun
Cmdr_dataespecially if they are 4x8 size :b
_anomaly_i suppose they can come later though
rogero_gris there a name for the field that encompasses all that?
Cmdr_datadigital :)
_anomaly_boolean algebra?
rogero_grdigital electronics?
Cmdr_dataas opposed to analog
Mathiassgrace is probably going to recommend an arty or something
_anomaly_pynk perhaps
Mathiasdepends on what you want to do
rogero_grthen there must be some sort of resource/book that covers all the necessary material, right?
rogero_grany recommendations?
_anomaly_i'm fond of the cypress psocs for small things, nice and cheap but not much fabric
rogero_grbooks preferred, but any medium is fine by me
Mathiasrogero_gr: both the arty and pynq has guides and online resources
Mathiasbut i recommend to wait for sgrace's reply
hafferogero_gr: Switching theory and logic design probably.
haffeIn my language we call it Digital Technology.
Cmdr_datayou made a language ?
Cmdr_datadid parallax ever made that propellor 2 chip ?
Snertlooked like Logic Gates - 101 to me.
haffeCmdr_data: No.
Cmdr_datalong march 5 launch ..
haffeSlow day today?
prpplagueguess so
prpplagueACTION is procrastinating on doing work after spending a week in silly valley
sgraceSame here.
sgraceprpplague: Were you in SV last week?
prpplaguesgrace: yea
sgraceWe should've met up for drinks or something.
sgraceI was in SV for training.
prpplaguesgrace: unfortunately i was booked from the time i arrived to the time i left (with the exception of the hours delayed at the airport due to fog)
sgraceDamn. :(
prpplaguesgrace: but yea, if i had had some time, that would have been cool
prpplaguei have like 10^24524524525636747812 things to do, and i am not doing any of them :(
Cmdr_datasplit every atom ?
learathprpplague: welcome to my world
Cmdr_dataits erect and will launch in an our of 5
learathCmdr_data: an our of 5 eh?
prpplaguelearath: cute flasher
mumptaiI'd like to clean my pcb from flux and burned residues. I currently use warm d.i. water + ipa and a brush
mumptaibut i still have stuff sitting under parts and sometimes vias, which gets visible after drying (white residue where the solvents dryed out)
zypuse no clean flux, stop caring about it
mumptaii would also like to avoid ultrasonic cleaners
mumptaii need to apply some type of conformal coating, and need really low leakage currents
mumptaibut yeah, otherwise i'm totally prefer decent no-clean flux ;)
deshipubattle pastry is no joke
deshipuI used to be an adventurer, and then I got a croissant in the knee
prpplaguemumptai: 99% IPA bath and stiff brush scrub does the work of getting most of it removed
prpplaguemumptai: if you have stubborn "stains" of flux, you may have to soak the board for longer to soften the flux
prpplaguemumptai: after IPA bath, you need to clean it with warm water
prpplaguemumptai: i actually use a foam handsoap
prpplaguemumptai: that tends to remove any additional oily residue
prpplaguemumptai: and leave the board clean and not sticky
mumptaibut how flush everything from beneath the ICs?
mumptaiit is soluable, but very stubborn
mumptaii did some extended soaking at high temperatures, but some stuff always stuck
prpplaguemumptai: if you have that much flux left over, i think most likely you are using way too much to start with
mumptaiits more like some less soluable residue
mumptaidunno maybe its just, higher temperatures, longer time and more turbulent agitation
intranickwhos going to watch the launch?
gchristensenmy brother is already there
intranickno video feed tho yet right?
Cmdr_data18 mins to go
WereWoofweather permitting...
Cmdr_data40% chance ?
WereWooflaunchcast is live tho..
WereWoofthats what they were saying
Cmdr_datawhoops .. the big chinese rocket launched earlier today failed .. 2nd launch of the biggest chinese rocket
Cmdr_dataweather looks nice in the picture
WereWoofand launchcast is live
WereWoofdoes for anyone wanting to watch
Cmdr_dataoh they forgot to screw on the landing legs
intranickim giving them more than a 40% based on that image
WereWoofyah... looks pretty darn nice
intranickwhere the hell has kate tice been?
WereWoofI was just saying that
WereWoofwe need us some kate
WereWoofelon is getting cheap
WereWooftime to complain I think
WereWoofI would say we are about ready to fly
WereWoofACTION turns up the volume on the woof sound system..
WereWoof1 minute
WereWooflaunch abort
Cmdr_data58 minute launch windows
WereWoofyah... but if there is an issue.. it likely will be at least a day delay
Cmdr_dataprolly some parameters just outside the correct value
WereWoofsame bat time..... same bat channel....
Cmdr_dataif they miss the window tomorrow it might be a long wait
Cmdr_dataas the range goes on holiday
WereWoofno flight today
WereWoof<^The_MaXX^> got me all excited
WereWoof"I have a headache honey.. we need to stop!"
WereWoof"aw but baby... I was only 9 seconds from finishing!"
WereWoofwell... maybe tomorrow