intranickminnesota girl shoots boyfirned with a desert eagle to record youtube video to gain popularity. unfortunatly her boyfriend was wrong and the round went through the book and into his chest, killing him.
_anomaly_you'd think they'd test the theory first
intranick_anomaly_: what do you expect from a 19 year old girl
TimeDoctorif you read the article it was the boyfriend's idea
intranickyeah it was
_anomaly_they both failed there
intranickdoesnt mean they arent both idiots
TimeDoctorI don't understand why you're blaming the woman
_anomaly_if i tried to do that my wife would be all 'HELL NO YOU IDIOT, move the book out of the way'
_anomaly_TimeDoctor: i'm blaming both of them?
TimeDoctor20:02 < intranick> _anomaly_: what do you expect from a 19 year old gir
_anomaly_maybe the boyfriend was also a 19yr old girl
WereWoofCharles Darwin would nod, knowingly..
TimeDoctorif you were blaming both you'd say "I don't know what you'd expect from two teenagers" or something
intranicki think you're overreading what i said
_anomaly_i think you're assuming intranick even read the article ;)
intranick_anomaly_: i read it ;)
gchristensenI'd expect them to test it :P
intranickthey did test it
intranickit didnt go through the first book
intranickand we cant even get him a darwin award
_anomaly_i wonder which books they tried each time
_anomaly_lord of the rings trilogy vs gideon's bible
WereWoofbut hopefully he got to at least enjoy one last.. "OH FUCK" moment
WereWoofas the lights went out
_anomaly_i doubt he had time to say or think that
WereWoofbrain death is not instantaneous... takes a fwe moments
WereWoof"I just knew I should have snuck this piece of 3/8 inch AR500 behind that book... if was absolutely determined to do that!
gchristensenI imagine no matter what it doesn't end well to be on the receiving end of that
_anomaly_yer even of the book stops it you'd have some broken ribs, at best
_anomaly_maybe collapsed lung
_anomaly_desert eagle at point blank...
marcidyHi, I'm having issues with the pro micro boards on Linux. I bought 3 boards and none will enumerate. I followed the unbricking tutorial, but the bootloader serial port never presents itself, at least that I can see, in the IDE or logs. I tried different cables to no avail.
marcidyDoes anyone know what to monitor on Linux to see the Leonoardo/Pro Micro bootloader serial port present itself?
intranickWereWoof: yo
Bird|otherboxo/ WereWoof
Helldesk driving an EL display like the DSKY sounds like it'll take some doing... high frequency sinusoidal current preferred; original ran at 250 volts and 800 Hz, but the new chemicals might take some experimenting to get the brightness and colour right
Helldeskand the load changes with the amount of elements switched on or off, and a suitable power supply doesn't like running without a load
Helldeskand the display elements are like capacitors
Hyratel1and the capacitance and inductance is length-dependent
Helldesk AGC's schematic for the DSKY power supply
Helldesk the complete lunar module systems handbook has been scanned in
cleverdepending on the size, i feel it might weaken the dowel, and cause it to split in half, leaving just a small nail in a large hole
marvin3quite possible
stilldavidmy guy says "no", but I think it does depend on size
Aviwhats the simplest through hole way to make a 1/20th voltage divider thats accurate in 0 to 50c outdoor temp range
Cmdr_datahow about impedance or voltage.
AlphaEchoAvi: Depends on what you mean by 'accurate'
Avi20v (to 1v) full scale, accurate to at least 1dp, possibly 2
Avi1v after divided i mean
AlphaEcho1 decimal point at 1V?
AlphaEchoSo 1V +/- .1V, or +/- .01V at best?
Aviwhen adc has 1v, reading sho7uld be 20.00
Avias in (1024)
Cmdr_datahmm get 20 identical resistors and put them in series ?
Aviwont they all change with temp?
AlphaEchoSo make sure they all have the same temp coeffient.
AlphaEchoAnd you only need +/- 10%
cleverbond them to the same heatsink, so they have the same temp?
AlphaEchoMaybe +/- 1%
AlphaEchoBut I would gather if you take 1% resistors, and then look up the temp coefficient in ppm of them.
AlphaEchoYou want 20:1, so get a 191k resistor and a 10k resistor (It's off by 1% automatically there)
AlphaEchoI'm just finding parts on digikey, and I'm specifying by +/- same PPM
AlphaEchoLooks like 191k is available in +/- 50ppm, so lets use that as an example
AlphaEcho50ppm = 50 * .000001 = .00005 = .005% over 50 degrees
Avithats like nothing then oh ok
AlphaEchoMultiply that by 20 (divider network), .1%, maybe double that just because, you're at .2%
AlphaEchoSo you've got 1% due to having a 191k instead of a 190k resistor, and .2 due to temp coefficient
AlphaEchoTack on another 1% or so because they're 1% initial tolerance resistors
AlphaEchoYou can probably do better by using 19x 10k resistors if you really want to get accurate
AlphaEchoas 10k resistors are cheap common and plentiful, and are available in tolerances down to .005%
Aviyes i ahvnt worked out that anoying ressitor selection yet, lol, there should be a calculator that rounds the besat match in a resistor seriues
AlphaEcho(They're not cheap actually)
AlphaEcho$5 a pop at 0.01% tolerance
Avi$5 is nothing given shipping is $50
AlphaEcho.1% can be had at $0.46 a pop
AlphaEcho(in onsie qty)
learaththat's pretty good
AlphaEcho25PPM temp coefficient too
AlphaEchoSo $6 in resistors
learathI wonder if something hit it
AlphaEcho19 resistors in parallel will probably have better than .1% tolerance as well
AlphaEchoSo assume ~.2% worst case tolerance initially worst case, with a worst theoreticaly case temp tolerance below .1%, not accounting for the fact that they're all the same material, and as the temp goes up and down, the resistor values should roughly track each other
AlphaEcho.1% = 1/1000 => approx 1 LSB @ 1V
AlphaEchoer, 1 10-bit converter LSB
Avi10mv=1023*(0.01/1)=10.23 adc counts
Avifor 2dp
AlphaEchoAvi: What ADC are you using?
Avithe one in the ESP-07
AlphaEchoBuilt in ADC's I've found usually have a lot of noise anyway
AlphaEchoProbably have to take a dozen samples and average to get rid of noise.
Avii have tired the one in the ESP-12E it was unusable :-S
Aviyes i have heavy median and averaging
AlphaEchoMCP3008's are handy, cheap, handle 5V and have an external reference input
AlphaEchoI put a cheap 4.096 reference on it typically so that I can measure actual voltage
AviTIL that exists