jocafaheh i just finished watching that a few minutes ago
ias_ssjeesus sgrace! haven't seen that nick for a few years (I've been the one mia for 4)
learathsgrace: just watched that
sgraceias_ss: Welcome back!
sgracelearath: Nice.
sgraceI've been kinda sleeping all day today...
learathPretty cool
ias_ssbeen working on getting a phd. grad school is hard
sgraceI bet.
ias_ssand someone stole my old nick cbx
ias_ssTIL conductive fabric is a thing
jocafait's a neat thing
jocafasee also velostat. is neat.
ias_ssEeonTex Conductive Fabric is highly conductive with a tunable surface resistivity of 8 Ohm/sq to 105 Ohm/sq.
ias_ssis sq a new unit I haven't heard of?
Cmdr_datasquare ?
ias_ssgimme datasheet SFE
ias_sssquare squirrels?
jocafaohms per square squirrel
ias_ssAdvisor: "Someone lazy like you wrote that datasheet"
sgraceSFE writing profesonal docs?
sgraceThat's unpossible!
sgraceI write professonal documentation.
jocafa"Listen mates. 'Ere's how them FPGAs work, yeah?"
Cmdr_dataHeh .. formula one cars these days are hybrids with high voltage batteries. There just was a race and a driver was told to stop over the radio as the car was unsafe. Then quickly get out from the front .. so walk over the nose. And with another car in the pits they wore thick rubber gloves because of the battery. With the cars being made from carbon fibre a loose wire might turn a car into a hazard
learaththat's uh fun uh
learathjocafa: you forgot "ZYNQ IS THE BESTEST!"
sgraceIt is the bestest!
jocafaone of these days i'll have the gumption to play with fpgas
learathjocafa: I really can't recommend it :P
jocafaall i can really do now is software pwm leds over shift registers and drive stepper motors. i are noob.
Bird|otherboxias_ss, sheet resistivity is always spec'ed in ohms/square
Bird|otherboxbecause it is independent of the actual size of the side of the square :D
jocafa= is more resistant than []
jocafai think
jocafasee noob statement.
jocafabtw, has some really neat conductive yarns
jocafalike copper wrapped with bamboo
r3so I've had one of these: [ ] for a LONG time and finally got around to doing something with it. I have 5 lengths of the standard EL wire and one of the special "braided" ones. After mucking about with the programming for a couple of hours, wife and I put them up outside around the windows. While it is cool, they just aren't bright enough for outdoor
r3use like a string of x-mas lights. So am going to take them back down, figure a way to get 12VDC on my person and maybe wrap the strings around me and answer the door for trick-or-treaters that way. Any other suggestions?
Cmdr_datadont they use high voltage
jocafagot a hooded cloak? light up the inside of the hood maybe
jocafayeah i think the drivers output high voltage AC
r3(if it even thinks about raining/snowing, I have got to take at least the board and the DC wall wart indoors anyway as they aren't rated) ... Cmdr_data: the 12VDC supply goes into an inverter that kicks out about 145VAC for the lights.
r3then one needs a 9V battery to run the processor
r3first time wife saw it running, she asked me why it was playing a tune. It was that inverter doing its thing and making a high pitched doodle whenever strings would go on or off. :)
jocafayeah those high pitched whines drive me nuts. on a quiet night a couple of my chargers really grate on my nerves heh
ias_ssBird|otherbox: Interesting. Just went through a quick wikipedia lesson
Cmdr_datamaybe pot the transformer or coil ?
HyratelCmdr_data, not always possible
genebAnything is possible given enough money or high explosives. :)
Aviso if i have const uint16_t ascii_8x8[] = {blah blah what do i put in the h file?
sgraceWhat do you mean?
Avii want to include the arra in both an lcd dceen library and an led screen library
Avioh, extern
sgrace_wrkHappy Monday everyone.
jocafais it?
modlesany nordic mcu guns for hire here?
modlesneed some custom bootloader work doing
sgrace_wrkjocafa: Maybe?
r3So I've got one of these: [ ] powered by one of these: [ ] and I have two questions: Any thoughts about a portable/wearable 12VDC source and how touchy is that [EL Inverter - 12v] ... would it accept 18V? 9V? I just don't have a 12V source handy that's wearable.
learathdata sheet says 11 min, 12 typ 13 max
learathso, 9 and 18v would be very iffy.
r3I must have missed the datasheet for that inverter
learathlooks like it's a fixed ratio, 11 gets you 70, 12 gets you 90, 13 gets you 110... so 18 would get you... a lot
learathand probably blow your lights
learathbut that far out of spec, who knows
learath9v would probably get you ... nothing
learathbut, those may not line up like they seem to
learathin fact they probably don't.
r3That board can also be powered by [ ] which it says can run fewer lights. I suppose that would be the ticket for a wearable solution
learathThat accepts 2.7-4.2v, looks like it's designed for lions
r3and says "they accept anywhere from 2.7-4.2V" which is better
learathI'm unclear if the limitation is more parallel or series
learathanyway, it should run a 3m length just fine
sgrace_wrkDepends on the current of the Elwire/LEDs.
learathit sounds like 3 3m lengths it's worthless
r3I mean better as in wearable. I wonder if I could find one of those old lantern batteries, oh wait those are 6V
learathso the limit is somewhere between 1*3m and 3*3m
learathprobably closer to 1*3m
learathlions ftw.
s73v3rnot last night
learath? Hockey? :P
r3hmmm... I've got a cordless drill battery at 18V, could slap a voltage divider circuit on there to bring it down to 12-13ish - but I am not sure I've resistors that could handle the heat
learathI don't think I'd recommend a resistive divider for that.
learathunless you like fire
r3yeah me either
r3just spitballing
jocafathat will also make flickering light though
learathreplace teh el wire with carbon arc? :P
sgrace_wrkRead that.
r3man I bought this EL kit like a decade ago and haven't found a use for them yet
Mathsterkr3: slap it in a bowl, light it up, claim it's radioactive spaghetti
sgrace_wrkThinkGeek did a Technomancer costume with El wire.
sgrace_wrkElwire is cool, but is it really worth it since they don't last as long as LEDs due to AC and frequency adjustements?
sgrace_wrkIf you really think about it, Elwire is just a modern way of doing a filament bulb. :P
r3well you can trim it, it doesn't heat up (like an LED), you can curve it tighter than LED tape (maybe, haven't tried)
s73v3rup until recently, there were ways you could use ELWire that you couldn’t really do with LEDs
r3I suppose you can trim LED tape too
r3it is 360 degree radiant rather than one-sided like led tape
Mathsterkled tape can only be bent in one axis
s73v3ri don’t feel it’s as bright, though
r3no, it really isn't very bright
MathsterkEL would be a horrible way to actually light something up
s73v3rbut that does mean it can provide an accent without affecting lighting
r3every haloween/xmas I seem to run across the project bin containing the strings and board and I ponder putting it to use. Thought about putting them up outside, but the "smarts" aren't weatherproof ... might just wrap them around a pumpkin or something I guess
s73v3rcould you throw them in a project enclosure?
s73v3rand then seal the holes with hot glue?
Mathsterkjust use cable glands
jocafai still wanna make a wood, resin, and EL thing of my logo
Mathsterkthen do it :D
s73v3rthat could look awesome
sgrace_wrkYou could Elwire all your IoT devices.
s73v3rdo you have an example pic?
r3I did, but the hookup is a bit funky. So you've got the inverter coming in to power the lights, but you also need either the FTDI port or a 9V battery wired in to the batt-in port to power the computer. There is an on-board micro-switch to change between the USB or BATT, and I had put it all in an enclosure, then realized that I had to be able to switch that to turn the battery "off" when
r3no USB was connected. Needs an external switch. Also the enclosure needed to be larger to contain the inverter as well, and I didn't have an enclosure large enough, so it got velco'd to the outside. Not very weatherproof.
Mathsterkbetter prep next time :D
SoggyWaffles_ah the smell of advising week
SoggyWaffles_fear, frustration, confusion
r3maybe wire up the candy bowl for trick-or-treaters. Hrmm.
Mathsterki considered putting high voltage on a bowl
jocafatesla coil bowl
jocafabzzzzt bzzzzt
Mathsterkjust make it play a tune, so you'll have to know when there's silence in the song
r3if I could sort out a portable power solution I would wear them
jocafamario 1 underground music. doo-duh doo-duh doo-duh *grab*
Mathsterkli-ion battery?
jocafa9v and two AAs?
r3hmm. I hadn't thought of using a combo
r3li-ion would be superior, I just don't have one handy at the right voltage (or part of the right voltage)
Mathsterkthey aren't that expensive
SkrubisThis 3d printer was found in the trash
polprogreviving it?
SkrubisAny ideas what model this could be?
jocafait's newer than mine
SkrubisSeems like laser cut acrylic, and parts feel like it is one of those aliexpress printers
learathlooks homebrew.
polprogi would get one if only it did not stink that much, i get a feeling im inhaling stuff i would not like to
polprogcant really provide good ventillation either
SkrubisWell it feels like put togther in China l, derived from some homebrew source. Need to find the source, some body panels are broken
jocafapolprog: PLA smells pretty good
SkrubisToo lazy to draw them
SkrubisFunnily enough a friend of mine sent me a pic of it that a homeless person sent to him on whatsapp
jocafafriend gave me his old prusa mendel
SkrubisSaid that will exchange it for 5eur worth of alcoholic beverages
polprogthat's pretty cheap
polprogin fact id actually feel bad if i gave him only 5 euros worth of alcohol for that
SkrubisWhat times are we living in- homeless persons slinging 3d printers found in the trash on whatsapp
polprogwhat a time to be alive
SkrubisHe was complaining that there's so little copper in it
polprogthe only useful thing i pulled from trash once was a pair of good ASUS ide cables
SkrubisCould this be some sort of printrbot derivative?
SkrubisThey are the only project I know of using this single support z axis
learathyou really should identify the control board
SkrubisNot there
learathand work from there
SkrubisProbably ramps
learathand the hot end?
SkrubisNothing that helps identifying it
SkrubisNo extruder or controller in it
SkrubisThe person who threw it out prolly knew better to at least harvest the arduino out
SkrubisFound it
WereWoof2 hours till launch
Cmdr_data108 mins
sgrace_wrkWhy not say like "hour an a half"?
Cmdr_datacause thats like saying the result of the calculation fits in 8 and a half bits
WereWoofaccording to spaceX "live in 94 minutes"
WereWoofif they can be trusted! O.o
Cmdr_datai bet in a minute they change it again :b
sgrace_wrkMore so than Manafort! Hiyo!
WereWoofgood chance of that
Cmdr_datadidnt paul manafort (no relation) plead quilty ?
sgrace_wrkSo did his partner Gates.
s73v3rthey did? Last I heard it was just the one guy
sgrace_wrkHowever, they were not indicted for collusion, but other stuff.
sgrace_wrkManafort and Gates are turning themselves in (right now).
sgrace_wrkAnd another member of Trump's campaign already plead guilty.
s73v3rStart with them, and the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate
Cmdr_dataso what will that mean for trump
jocafa<kif> Ugh.
s73v3rwe have yet to find out
WereWoofprolly not much I reckon
s73v3rSo apparently, Manafort & Gates did turn themselves in, but plead Not Guilty
jocafa"I did some bad stuff, but for the record, I didn't do those things."
Snert_"Im here for my spanking now....."
s73v3rgenerally, turning yourself in can be seen as more of a sign that you’re not guilty
SoggyWaffles_trying to find a "neutral" news source on this, I would have better luck getting 100% my students to complete an extra credit assignment.
SoggyWaffles_the situation is so charged, that its hard to remove emotion from the presentation of the facts. almost understandably.
s73v3ri mean, it’s right there in the court records. you can’t really lie about it
SoggyWaffles_(not in defense) submitted records can be faked or taken out of context. however.... probably not these
SoggyWaffles_local small business incubator/makerspace/education center is teaching a course that i developed and i found out about it through their newletter email!
SoggyWaffles_i wasn't even consulted!
SoggyWaffles_which is awesome! they finally have enough experience/ confidence with the material that they don't need me. cause there is no way I have time to teach anything else this semester
WereWoofspace music time!
Cmdr_dataoh crappy music !
WereWoofand launchcast is now LIVE
Cmdr_dataoh the mounted all the hold down clamps for the falcon heavy on the platform
Cmdr_datano stream !
jocafawomp womp
WereWoofwebcast RUD
WereWoofthere we go
Cmdr_datasaw all the hold down clamps when the rocket rolled out of the hangar
Cmdr_dataheh loaded the stream twice on 2 machines .. and there is 10 secs of time between them ... or .. instant replay
supersatsgrace_wrk: out of curiosity, do you know if the PL controls the DDR pin connections on the Zynq at all? The DDR pins are exposed in the block diagram in Vivado but my understanding is that the PS brings up the PL, so I'm not sure how the PL would configure the DDR pins
sgrace_wrkThe DDR pins are owned by PS.
sgrace_wrkOn start up, the PS will configure and calibrate the DDR pins.
supersatthat's what i thought
sgrace_wrkPL can access DDR directly, tho.
Cmdr_datadoes the ddr still has some burst mode these days ? that addresses in logical order can be read faster ?
WereWooflet's fly a rocket, my little nerdlings!
Cmdr_datawhich is great for making a video signal
jocafagorgeous launch weather
Cmdr_dataalso .. daylight !
sgrace_wrkCmdr_data: Yes.
Cmdr_dataand instant replay !
Cmdr_dataheh NASA has agreed with using recycled rockets i think
WereWoofnice sep
Cmdr_dataspot the drone ship
sgrace_wrkIt's like half a pixel big from this alt.
Cmdr_datawouldnt it be cool if there was this little circle in the video with the ship
Cmdr_dataalso a camera pointed up must be interesting .. as it comes down a lot faster as it goes up
WereWoofentry burn going well
WereWoof3 merlin 1D engines
Cmdr_datathings are getting hot now ..
sgrace_wrkI blame you WereWoof .
Cmdr_datamight be the ionized gasses
WereWooflets see
SoggyWaffles_seas are choppy enough that they are worried about satellite link, but still going to land on the drone ship, neat
polproghere comes the barge
polproglet's see if they land
WereWoofsilly thing
polprogdamn, lost video ;p;
polprognot bad
sgrace_wrkWelp, 1st stage landed.
WereWoofACTION hands data a fire extingusher and sends him on deck
sgrace_wrkSpaceX made a record now.
WereWoofevery time they do that they make a record
sgrace_wrkWell, this record was for how many successful launches/returns they've made.
polprog"launches since last major fail"
sgrace_wrkWith a reused engine.
WereWoofits all records
Cmdr_datanext launch .. the mystery ZUMA payload
SoggyWaffles_what is the cost of a reused stage 1 now, vs before?
learathZUMA? isn't that a shitty mobile game? :P
Cmdr_dataall we know its low orbit
Cmdr_datadepends if it launched a low orbit satellite or a GTO sattelite ... as GTO rockets where never reused. As the current rev. has no heat shield yet
WereWoofthat was a very nice launch tho
WereWoofMerlin 1DV has done its job..
WereWoofdeployment coming up..
sgrace_wrkSpaceX has to know that everyone only watches the streams for the 1st stage landing.
s73v3rcall me old fashioned, but I still watch them for the articles
r3so they can park a satellite into geosynchronous orbit, land the first stage on a floating platform, but not get reliable video from said platform? :( <--- picking nits ... still awesome to watch ;)