ChuckyGreetings. Is anyone out there? I have been looking for a power cord or preferably a box with binding posts that just outputs the same 120vac that it gets plugged in the wall. Cant find one. Thanks.
ChuckyI want to plug in devices with bare wires such as ceiling fans and have the wores secire on posts or clips.
ChuckyIs there a term for such a thing?
prpplaguedarn, missed chucky
prpplaguejust in case Chucky or anyone else is interested, here is a great solution for that -
Avioh big clive uses that
prpplagueAvi: yea that is where i saw it first
prpplagueAvi: had to spend some time tracking the 120V version down
prpplagueAvi: seems most of the retailers aren't too keen on selling it
prpplagueAvi: you know... Murrican lawsuits and such
Avihi Viper-7
Viper-7lo Avi
sgrace_wrkFire alarm testing...
sgrace_wrkThe strobes and the god awful noise impeding my work.
Cmdr_datahow do you know there isnt a real fire
polprogthere was no email
Mathsterksgrace_wrk have been burned plenty of times, i think he's immune now
sgrace_wrkCmdr_data: Cause building manager emailed.
polprogdear sir stroke madam
polprogfire! fire! fire!
polproglooking forward to hearing from you
polprogall the best
polprogMaurice Moss
sgrace_wrkI wonder... Should I play a scary game tonight or not.
sgrace_wrkAnd if I should stream it.
Cmdr_dataheh launch of some huge fireworks in a couple of hours
wea_Anyone familiar with mplap harmony?
wea_mplab x ide*
sgrace_wrkWhat is it?
Cmdr_dataoops telemetry lost on the rocket after 2 mins
Cmdr_dataheh minute later and telemetry is back
Cmdr_datalast couple of flights of this rocket the fairing didnt separate
sgrace_wrkIs it working this time?
Cmdr_dataall seems ok
Cmdr_datafourth stage ignited but its over the horizon
Cmdr_dataseems most satellites are separated now
sgrace_wrkHow many satellites are/were on this rocket?
Cmdr_data four SkySats, each about the size of a dorm room refrigerator,
Cmdr_data four Dove CubeSats
Cmdr_datathen the other two SkySats
Cmdr_dataso 10 satellites
piperlesterAhoy all. Hoping someone in here might be able to shed some light on why an logic level n channel mosfet, when hooked up correctly, never drives low enough to stop 12v (i.e. the multimeter shows ~12v regardless of whether the gate is supplied with +5 or not)
BuizelDo you have a pulldown resistor on the gate?
BuizelOr some kind of gate driver?
BuizelAlso, where are you measuring your "12v" from?
piperlesterThere is a pulldown resistor, currently 10k
piperlesterDriving the gate from a logic level convertor
BuizelA sketch of your circuit would help greatly here. There are too many things to list without you narrowing it down for us.
piperlester+12V<-->Multi<-->Source // Drain<-->Gnd // +5V (from LLC)<-->Gate
BuizelSo you have your multimeter connected directly to your +12v supply, and you wonder why it never changes?
BuizelYou're shorting out your power supply through your FET
piperlesterI get the same result regardless of the side of the FET I measure on
Buizel...I never suggested that you wouldn't
piperlesterSo, how would I measure whether the FET is operating? I had a load (simple PC fan) however it ran regardless of how I drove the gate.
piperlesterI quite honestly haven't much clue what I'm doing; I learn by doing
Hyratelpiperlester, you may have aburnt-out FET. they're frightfully easy to kill