prpplagueACTION grumbles
prpplaguefreakin install eagle 8 to test some of the new features, and it jacked with all icons for my eagle 7.7
prpplaguefreaking autodesk
prpplagueinteresting, i didn't know zilog still sells z80 in modern packages
learathwhat? 1x1 wlcsp? :P
prpplaguelearath: hehe
prpplaguelearath: well QFP
learathbah, that's so old! :P
learath90's tech!
prpplaguewish you could get 6502s in QFP
learathyou can't?
prpplaguelearath: only in small qty
learathprpplague: they claim it's a new product
learathwhich is... hilarious.
prpplaguelearath: and their I/O chips that go with it aren't available in SMD either
learathhah - 100 pin qfp
learathI guess if you have a super low volume super high price 6502 based design?
prpplaguelearath: yea
prpplaguelearath: yea their VIA and PIA are only available in DIP or PLCC
prpplagueyou can always solder down PLCC, but it's not ideal
learathprpplague: it seems like at any kind of volume ti would be worth moving to a newer design
prpplaguelearath: yea
prpplagueguess i could just do smd plcc sockets
TsoulusHi, not sure if this is the proper place for a question but what is the difference between a warm redundant component and a cold one?
zicold is usually not online, just something sitting available (spare transformer in a box)
TsoulusSo generally its a better option of viable?
zihot standby is usually something that is in the eletrical path and can transparently failover if the component fails
ziwarm standby might be a component that is there, but not active (so perhaps a relay controls which component is in use)
ziusually depends on cost/complexity/requirements
zia spare lightbulb sitting in a drawer could be a cold standby
TsoulusI was thinking of it in terms of a non-active standby component
zibut if you're in a sensitive environment where you cant have the lights go out, maybe you want to have two bulbs in a fixture, so you still have light when one burns out
zi has some pictures
Tsoulusthen both bulbs are WRC, right?
Tsoulusfor the purpose of illumination
Tsouluswarm redundant component
Tsoulusbut if you have said two lamps, then the one lamp that is a used as an emergency light would be a CRC
zicold usually implies manual action to flip over
ziwarm usually implies it's off, but automated (or minimal) action can bring it in play
zihot usually implies it's on and ready to take on the duty automatically immediately
ziso in our light example:
zispare bulb in a drawer: cold standby: requires you to swap the bulb
zispare bulb on a switched circuit: warm standby: first bulb dies, but you can flip a switch to bring the warm online
zispare bulb is actually on: hot standby: first bulb dies? you still have light without any action
TsoulusSo how come the survival rate function is different for a cold and a warm one?
zisurvival rate function?
Tsoulusthe probability that a system is healthy at time t
zioh well
ziit takes less time to flip a switch tobring the warm online when compared to the time/effort required to swap the cold component in
TsoulusDoesn't it have to do that the WRC is "active" but not utilized and therefore reducing its life length
ziin our example, the warm lightbulb is not receiving power as the switch is off
ziit isnt until the primary bulb dies that the warm bulb receives power and starts reducing its life span
TsoulusI'm trying to make sense of this math, hehe
TsoulusFor a WRC we have that the life length is max{T_1,T_2} and for a CRC it is T=T_1+T_2
Tsoulusso in practice that should mean that the warm RC system has a lower life expectancy than that of a cold RC system
ziwell to be fair, that page doesnt mention the word warm on it at all
ziit only talks about hot and cold
Tsouluspage 7 is what I am thinking about
zioh heh
ziignore everything we just talked about then
TsoulusHaha why :D
ziin that example, 'warm' means it is online and in use at the same time as another component (so two light bulbs on in parallel)
TsoulusAh okay
Tsoulusthat makes more sense! :)
ziin that example, 'cold' means the component isnt online
ziyea i think they are focusing on math and trying to use a generic example that could fit into different real-life scenarios
ziheh yea:
zi Latest news
zi Teachers
zi Course literature
zi Program
zi Computer labs
zi Course requirements
zi Examination
ziTMS150/MSG400, Stochastic data processing and simulation
ziHomework for a a math class
TsoulusDefinitely a math course
TsoulusBut I think this is how you do it, with some variations ofc, for very large systems
TsoulusLove the labs in this course, hehe
TsoulusFinally getting to utilise tools while completely understanding all the underlying mathematics
weaI need some advice on linker script
weais kseg0_program_mem where the program code is stored?
zypwea, which linker script?
zypprogram code is generally stored in the .text-section, any other names than that are likely platform/vendor-specific
weaZygo, I have a mini-32 board by microe that I bought, since I don't have a programmer, and I'm using mplab x ide for testing LED blink on the board, but it always resets, when I upload the hex with the bootloader provided by mikore.
weaI can get the led to light up when I work with harmony though
weaI haven't set the pins high though
weaThis is the linker script Zygo
wea /* Code Sections - Note that input sections *(.text) and *(.text.*)
wea * are not mapped here. The best-fit allocator locates them,
wea * so that .text may flow around absolute sections as needed.
wea */
BeekeyHi! I'm organizing a panel on IoT security for New Tech Longmont. Would love to know if an employee of SparkFun would be interested in being a panelist.
learathBeekey: sparkfun does not usually ahve employees on this channel anymore
BeekeyAh. Thanks for the info. I'll send an email then.
sgrace_wrkYeah, they long forgot us. :(
sgrace_wrkHmmm... I actually have tasks for my goals now... What is a good task tracking thing to help me stay focused on them?
sgrace_wrkPrefer it to be free.
learathsgrace_wrk: I'm trying to use onenote
learathbut that's not free
sgrace_wrkOh I have OneNote.
sgrace_wrkI didn't know OneNote did tasking.
learatheh. kind of?
sgrace_wrkHow you using it that way?
learathI'm using it at work, and I've just got tabs and lists - current, pending, done, etc
sgrace_wrkOh, similar to how Tello does it.
learathThere are more complicated system
learathbut, I've been convinced by various people that the most important thing is to use the system
learathThen, after using it, worry about if it's good
learath... does that make sense?
sgrace_wrkI've tried Trello before, it was good for small stuff, but some of my work now is multi-staged.
sgrace_wrkAnd I like your OneNote idea, cause I can kinda also use it to help dev the documentation with it.
sgrace_wrk"Living Documentation" if you will. ;)
learathI'm not convinced it's the best idea, but I'm convinced it's better than nothing.
learathI just leave it open
learathand try to refer to it whenever I'm lost
sgrace_wrkTotally get it, and I've been trying to use OneNote for a lot of that, but it comes/goes as time goes on.
learath(FWIW, I find it useful, but... I'm not sure if I'm doing it right)
learathhah same.
Cmdr_datai dont know trello but i like otto frello
sgrace_wrkSo I learned last week that Opera, which is based off of Chromium, doesn't provide its own install of Flash PPAPI.
sgrace_wrkWhich makes no sense, cause Chrome provides it.
sgrace_wrkAnd Adobe lets Chromium maintain the Flash PPAPI...
sgrace_wrkSo... Someone fucked up on Opera?
Snert_ummmm...flash is not well thought of.
Snert_it's yesteryear
sgrace_wrkBut I am using a system at work that requires Flash for tracking goals/performance shit.
Snert_I love opera actually.
sgrace_wrkOpera is a great browser.
Snert_yea I have to keep 4 browsers on all my machines.
sgrace_wrkJust... Still a bit laggy in things.
sgrace_wrkLuckily work is moving away from crappy M$ proprietary stuff.
Snert_our phone system will not work with anything but firefox and Avanti
Snert_SOme flavors of IE work but I don't bother.
sgrace_wrkYou could always install the IE extensions into Chrome/Firefox.
Snert_I could never keep up and keep that working across my 3 work machines. Not to mention my home machines
Snert_Gotta love it I guess
sgrace_wrkWell, if you use a Google login, it'll work on Chrome.
sgrace_wrkGet a firefox login, and it'll work on Firefox.
sgrace_wrkOH SHI- Haven't heard the banded "Sentenced" in a long time.