sgrace_wrkHappy Friday yah silly billies.
jocafathose silly qi elves
polprogwhat do you think?
sgrace_wrkI went from a test engineer, to a SME and a professional technical doc writer.
sgrace_wrkWhat a year and a half transition.
prpplaguesgrace_wrk: when do they promote you to waste disposal engineer?
sgrace_wrkI am regurgitating stuff...
sgrace_wrkNo, I just got another tutorial to write.
sgrace_wrkThat makes a total of 11 tutorials I own.
prpplagueACTION trolls sgrace_wrk 
prpplaguesgrace_wrk: making a big book of "Xilinx FPGAs for Dummies" ?
sgrace_wrkprpplague: Oh God...
sgrace_wrkFPGAs for Dummies would take like 5 volumes.
prpplaguesgrace_wrk: naw, it's just one page: "no, just don't even think about it... seriously... the end"
sgrace_wrkWith another page of, "This Page Intentionally left Blank."
prpplagueyes exactly
s73v3ri’ve always hated that. almost as much as “This is left as an exercise for the reader"
sgrace_wrksupersat: ping
modleshello all, anyone used redbear duo?
modleshaving a right mare, cant work out how to get it out of listening mode
sgrace_wrkNever heard of the redbear duo.
sgrace_wrkGot a link to it?
prpplaguebaldengineer: loss of hair due to marketing and sales over committing on features?
sgrace_wrkmodles: Documentation that is provided doesn't help explain things or tell you?
baldengineerI have always been in sales or marketing my entire professional career.
learathI think that's called an unprofessional career. :P
modlesnot unless im being dumb. cant get it to run any scripts, its just stuck in 'listening' mode
sgrace_wrkSounds like it may need a firmware reset.
modlesyeah going to try that now
modlesthat seems to have bricked it, oh well
sgrace_wrkOh, ouch. Sorry. :(
modlesnot your fault
sgrace_wrkI hope not! :x
modlessorted with dfu-util
modlesand working as expected, thanks man
sgrace_wrkAwesome, nice. Time for some IoT weekend work, right?
modlesha indeed
modlesgot to get a quick proto up for a client
modleswhats the equiv of BUILD_UINT16 in arduino?
sgrace_wrkI have no idea what that datatype specifically is.
sgrace_wrkYou could do short uint.
sgrace_wrkWhich is 16-bits.
modlesyep (xx << 8) | xx) did the job
learathcrazy -
jocafacrazy indeed