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intranickACTION returns
sgraceSo... How fucked are people with MacOS High Sierra right now?
learathsgrace: change the root password and you are fine
learathI believe the exploit requires physical access
learathsgrace: it does not?
sgracePeople have been able to VNC into Macs from PCs and Linux machines.
learathis that a built in thing?
sgraceNot only that: https://twitter.com/osquery/status/935688822678892545
sgraceVNC/ssh into a vul machine.
sgraceDo that.
sgracePeople are screwed.
learathsgrace: ssh *should* block root by default
learathvnc without a password.. ugh.
learathare people that dumb? :(
learath... I shouldn't ask that
ErinFoxeverything should disallow root without a root password being set, but oh well
learathErinFox: sure. but ssh should block root anyway, so that should not affect ssh
learathvnc.. meh
learathif vnc is enabled, passwordless, by default, ... fuck
ErinFoxlearath: what about su from a user shell?
learathErinFox: I'd have to try it. I don't have a macos machine handy
ErinFoxsame issue can work on freebsd or linux
learathand I think my gf's is pre-high sierra, which I have (turns out wrongly( yelled at her for
ErinFoxmy GF demonstrated it on our local build server
ErinFoxvia ssh and su
learathwell, the simple vuln is setting the root password to ""
learaththe badness is very implementation specific
sgraceScroll down on that thread.
ErinFoxfrom what i recall ubuntu had a similar problem in the installer
learathsure, it's happened before.
sgraceMakes me glad my two Macs are too old to run High Sierra.
learathI do think I may troll my "super sekrit squirrel" team :)
learathwho all run macs
ErinFoxmy macs are too old as well
learathbecause they are too cool to run windows :P
ErinFoxthey run system 7
sgraceIsn't there a script you could install so whenever they run Terminal, it goes through this really long script ascii movie?
learathsgrace: don't tempt me
sgraceI forget the name of the script.
sgraceI think it's an ascii movie of a train.
sgraceOh, yes.
ErinFoxmy gf used to put that program on systems she admined
sgraceI would go insane if someone in IT put that on my linux VMs.
sgraceI mistype ls so much.
learathhahah :)
learathalias it :P
ErinFoxdo aliases get searched first when executing a command?
sgraceI thought they did.
ErinFoxwould make sense
sgracejocafa: ping
sgraceWhat's the headphone review website that's really good?
sgraceLooking at the 1MORE Triple IEM for travel stuff.
jocafayou might also want to search around on the forums of head-fi.org
sgraceYeah, I was going to head there next.
sgraceInner-fidelity didn't have a direct review of the Triple Driver.
sgraceJust the graphs.
jocafathose can be really hard to interpret
sgraceI know what I'm looking for in a response curves.
jocafatoo bad goldenears.net is dead. they used to post measurements
jocafalast post on en.goldenears.net was like 2014
jocafaoh it looks like the 1more IEMs are in innerfidelity's gift guide this year
sgraceI was sad to see goldenears gone. :(
Buizelsgrace: status of playing fortnite with us :<!
Buizelwe won two squad matches tonight :3
intranickhi Buizel!
Buizelhi intranick :3
intranickhow are you?
Buizelintranick: I am good :3! But sleepy :< So I will sleep soon :3
intranickBuizel: my hours changed at work. instead of 3pm to 11pm
intranickits 10am to 7pm
Buizelwhy dis happen :<
Buizelproduction hours change?
Buizelor shift hours, i guess :3
intranickBuizel: welll im shifting into a new role, process technician instead of production supervisor. but ive been waiting a year since they told me i sucked at managing people and would be changing what i do
intranickand then my former boss got fired and my new boss is like "we cant keep pushing you to the back burner, i have a theory that you are going to do best at this new role, so im going to put you on a split shift to kinda push it the right direction"
Buizelneat :3
Buizelone of the process technicians at the plant i work at is retiring next month
Buizelbeen working with the dude for 5 or 6 years now
Buizelgunna miss the dude
intranickits funny
intranick8 months ago or so i got fired by my former boss
intranickand i begged for my job back like the next week, because i got fired for basically attitude after him and i got into an argument
intranickand he gave me another shot
intranicknow today, i was sitting at his former desk doing his former job
Bird|otherboxintranick, hopefully it works out :)
intranickBird|otherbox: i know it will
intranicki think my boss was actually surprised at how many of the little things about how we do things i know
intranicksomebody came in asking for a CAD drawing printout of a product we were setting up, and i had it printing before they finished talking, they didnt know i was listening even
intranicknor did my boss know i already knew how to get the numbers i needed to look up the drawing number
intranickBird|otherbox: it was actually funny he was like "wow tom always complained that you never called him for help on these things. im finally starting to see why" i said "what do you mean?" he said "because you didnt need it, you knew where to find it already"
intranickold boss wanted to feel important. new boss, likes the independance
intranickold boss got fired 2 weeks ago and we've just now got to the point where we decided somebody had to go back the last 2 weeks and do all the work currently not getting done lol
TimeDoctorI can't believe anyone would give a flying crap about what he thinks
RiemannTimeDoctor, I always fear that with advance of technology and RAM on embedded devices, eventually languages like python or even javascript may become the standard and C/C++'s nitpicking and micromanagements would become a thing of the past.
RiemannModern smartphones have >4GBs of RAM...
TimeDoctorI don't know why that is something to fear, but whatever
TimeDoctoresr is a dirtbag
SnertC/C++ has been around since time immemorial. esr has not.
RiemannTimeDoctor, because instead of assigning my time in learning C/C++ and focusing on the language's "way of doing things", I could have focused on python/js. Speaking of learning COBOL...
TimeDoctorif you learn C or C++ you can learn python and javascript
Snertif you learn C or C++ there's no need for python/javascript nor any interpreted lang.
JohnsonAskotPython is a waste of time imo.
TimeDoctorthey're tools for different jobs
TimeDoctoryou should use what works for you
Snertgetting away from python/javascript was the best thing that ever happened to me.
RiemannTimeDoctor, sure but I'm talking about time-management and learning future-proof tools
RiemannIf I get a PhD in Math: Abstract Algebra, I can learn Haskell
SnertYep. Best one can do is be a good/fast learner.
JohnsonAskotFuture proof, you'd be better off investing your time learning c/c++ and the relationship between it and asm. C/C++ won't be replaced until cpu architectures evolve
TimeDoctoranyway, I don't think arguing about languages is valuable, I was just extremely disturbed to see anyone talking about an opinion from esr without the context of his behavior
RiemannFor example, I've recently wrote a game on TM4C123. Coming from Java (First OO language I learned) I "feeled" how difficult it was to implement the code without the concepts of objects, type-safety, GC...
JohnsonAskotYou can still apply the concepts of objects in just about any language.
JohnsonAskotYou just have to manage and maintain those states in your head :)
RiemannTimeDoctor, Actually I don't know him. I thought Slashdot's editors and users only post/comment on competent folks in tech...seems not to be true
Snerthe gots no credibility with me.
TimeDoctorI used to look up to ESR, thought he was someone to be respected
TimeDoctorgot into Linux in 99/2000 because of slashdot and him and other people that I met at Linux World
TimeDoctorwhat a fucking disappointment
RiemannWhile we are at it, I want your advice on something. I am more or less familiar with Java, C and MATLAB (and nothing else). My background is controls and robotics and I want to work in these field like industrial robotics and motion/motor control. So I think I should have learned C++ instead of Java cause every offer seems to favour C++, python and ROS. Am I right?
JohnsonAskotRiemann: Do you enjoy programming?
RiemannI also very much liked JavaFX. I've written a control GUI for a simple data-logger application with arduino's in the low-level side. If I want industry-proof applications and speed is important, I should have implemented the high level side in QT/C++, right?
RiemannJohnsonAskot, I enjoy many things. If I assign my time in becoming pro in python/nodejs, I can not mess with FPGAs and motor drivers
Riemannor learn advanced math theory of robotics
Snertthe rest of thy life awaits thee. You'll learn all things in time.
Snertthings that move are just kinda more fun.
Bird|otherboxJohnsonAskot, I suspect that we are overdue for a better systems language than what C and C++ have delivered upon us
JohnsonAskotBird|otherbox: I don't disagree with you, I just have trouble wrapping my head around a more suitable language that integrates as well as it does with the byte code that it's compiled in to.
Bird|otherboxyeah, Rust is not exactly the most intuitive language on the planet, but it is a valiant effort to extend our typesystem vernacular, so that's probably why :)
gchristensenTimeDoctor: you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain
RiemannAnother question: I want to use MAX756 to boost 1.5V AA to 5v (or 3v3). I've tested the design on breadboard but it did not provide the required mAmps. I've been told that the problem is due to the ground capacitance in breadboards. Datasheet suggests connecting GND pin of the IC directly to ground plane of PCB. I want only 2 layer in my PCB and I don't want the bottom layer to be all ground. Can I use a few cm^2 area ground in my PCB and expect the
RiemannIC to do its job?
gchristensenBird|otherbox: I've found that any time rust was confusing to me, I didn't adequately understand what I was doing without rust's nitpicking
Bird|otherboxgchristensen, good point
marvin2why does displayport have three times shorter max cable length than hdmi?
myselfI'm guessing something about receive equalization
myselfbut since a lot of devices do both, the equalizers are probably there and may be active on both signals regardless of what connector you're using for it. So it's worth trying a long DP cable, it may just work.
myselfIf you really need long distance video, convert to SDI and run fiber.
RiemannDoes anyone know of any open-source equivalent of Digilent Analog Discovery 2 which I can build with off-the-shelf parts?
marvin2full picture: I am buying a graphic card and I am wondering if I should look for one with 3 hdmi outputs (which would severely limit my choice) or not? I have three displays, TV (1080), VR (2160x1200 or 1080x1200 per eye) that are 50 ft away from the PC and have just hdmi input, and monitor that is 30ft (10 m) away, running 1920x1080p, and it has both hdmi and dp inputs.
zypI don't think there would be a big difference in the cable lengths actually achievable by hdmi vs displayport
zypto transport the same amount of data (resolution), they use a comparable bandwidth
zypthere's also active displayport cables, e.g. https://www.startech.com/Cables/Audio-Video/DisplayPort/15m-Active-DisplayPort-Cable-M-M~DISPL15MA
marvin2zyp yeah I found even longer ones on amazon. so technically it doesn't appear to be an issues. cost wise though, they seem to be several times more expensive than hdmi cables of same length
zypeconomies of scale
zypthere's a lot more people that wants to connect a tv to a computer far away than people that wants to connect a monitor to a computer far away
myselfOr just move the PC and extend the keyboard/mouse cables. :P
marvin2PC is in another room. cheap way to complete silence :)
myselfcheap until you figure the cost of cables!
myself50 feet is pushing it for HDMI; this is one of the places that cheap vs quality cables actually matters. I mean, try the cheap ones, but if the display acts up sometimes, you might want to invest in some Blue Jeans Cable or sometihng. They're one of the few vendors I know who actually tests their stuff to the spec, not just "plug it in see if it sorta works".
marvin2true that
marvin250 ft works fine for my tv. but it is just 1080p, my VR set is 2160x1200 @ 90Hz
myselfyeah, shoving a 3x-faster signal over the same cable isn't guaranteed to produce the same results.
myselfLook up "signal eye diagram" for a quick peek at what receivers have to cope with.
myselfBasically what you're seeing there, the top and bottom of the eye are the "guaranteed to be detected as a 1" and "guaranteed to be detected as a 0" regions, and then the crossing region is where the signal changes or doesn't change between successive bits, then it's sampled again in the middle of the next bit.
myselfTime goes left to right, voltage goes up and down.
myselfSo, if you crank up the signal rate, you're squishing the left-right dimension, so the middle of the eye gets pinched. Go too far and the signals are still changing when you're trying to sample them.
marvin2what artifacts will i see if cable is too long, or not of high enough quality? especially when transmitting the signal to VR glasses
zypI had a bad quality DVI cable once, it had pixels randomly turning red
myselfIf you have a scrap cable sitting around, carefully slice the jacket and flay the cable open, then put various interference sources (motor-driven toys are especially good) against the inner wires while watching the result.
myselfthat won't be precisely the same as weak signal degradation, but it'll be fairly similar, since the first thing that happens with a weak signal is you become more susceptible to noise.
myselfMy favorite tool for slicing open the side of a cable like that is one of these, set so the blade protrudes just a tiny bit: https://officedepot.scene7.com/is/image/officedepot/977010_p?$OD-Large$&wid=450&hei=450 and then nestle the cable in a V-block like a drafting scale https://images.yswcdn.com/-8721609321732783807-ql-80/550/402/ay/yhst-57587333958251/alvin-2200m-5-aluminum-metric-drafting-scale-30cm-
marvin2so it should be pretty obvious I guess that cable isn't cutting it?
marvin2that is better than slight degradation, and never being completely sure if you are getting full video quality
zypno, not necessarily
zypthe one I had was just showing a light sprinkling of red
myselfThere might be a fairly narrow range over which the equipment will still detect a signal but work only marginally. Above that it'll be fine, and below that it'll simply behave as if nothing's plugged in.
myselfOr, it might know something's plugged in (because i2c/ddc will still negotiate) and just see no signal at all, and go off into the weeds.
marvin2in VR case can one of the sideffects of poor signal be delay?
marvin2for TV it doesn't matter, but for VR it could cause motion sickness
zypHDMI (and DP for that matter) has no mechanism for detection and retransmission of lost data
zypwhich means that you're either getting it in the first place or not
myselfit's all moving at a substantial fraction of C (what's the velocity factor of 100R twisted-pairs, anyway?), so the length of the cable is trivial compared to things like panel refresh speed.
myselfYou might be a physicist if: You think of cable length in nanoseconds, rather than feet or meters.
mkiiwondering if there is a way to use PWM to make a car horn play a christmas tune
myselfmost car horns have an intrinsic resonator and can't play arbitrary notes, no.
myselfyou could put a loudspeaker out there and do whatever with it, yes.
myselfcar horns are cheap enough to buy one to take one apart just to see how it works, and have money left for earplugs too :)
myselfYou may find that you can couple the resonator into a more efficient horn assembly which will get more sound out of it, or focus it into a narrower cone, too. Not the original goal, but possibly useful for other pranks!
pwillardYEAH... car horns generate the sound mechanically from a constant 12V. I imagine it would sound like a sick llama with PWM applied.
myselfwhich might not be a bad sound, if your goal is to make people so uncomfortable they can't help but get out of your way
sgrace_wrkWhy not just replace the horn with one that can play music?
jocafamake them uncomfortable, you say...
jocafaplay something lewd
polprogor many horns ;)
jocafathe duke boys 'r at it again
myselfThis is more my style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLfD1AFsb1I
myselfAs someone who drives a small hybrid and has that problem of not being taken seriously on the roads..
sgrace_wrkI'd laugh if I saw a Prius with a horn like that.
jocafaget a big horn setup like on a big rig
sgrace_wrkSo I'm parsing a log file for some time.
sgrace_wrkBasically how long a command takes to run.
sgrace_wrkBut there's a bit of fluff between the data I want.
sgrace_wrkHow do I do the group of regex with grep?
sgrace_wrkPrefer one-liner command.
sgrace_wrkNo script.
sgrace_wrkNVM got it.
learathI'd cheat and wrap the command in 'time'
learathbut I'm lazy :P
sgrace_wrkOh, this is parsing Vivado log files.
learathah. yeah that wouldn't work.
learathI'd probably perl it then, what'd you use?
sgrace_wrkWell, actually grep is doing what I want.
sgrace_wrkNow it's just trying to make the regex more complicated to remove shit. :P
learathyeah. it can be done with grep, and I'd guess you did
learathbut the regex would be.. complicated
sgrace_wrkNot _that_ complicate.
polprogso far i only managed to make a group regex in emacs
sgrace_wrkgrep -Eo "(^.*:).*(elapsed = [0-9]{1,2}:[0-9]{1,2}:[0-9]{1,2})"
polprogoh jesus
polprogokay. i understand some of those characters
sgrace_wrkLike I said, not that complicated. :P
learathheh. I've written worse, but only once in a while.
learathand it's involved a *lot* of debugging
learathand praying I never have to change it :P
sgrace_wrkOh, the first group has this stupid phrase "Time (s)" that I need to filter out.
sgrace_wrkThat's where it's starting to get complicated.
learathrelated, http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596528126.do
learathsgrace_wrk: can you pipe multiple greps?
polprogi have the sed and awk book ;)
sgrace_wrklearath: I can!
learathI tend to string them, and abuse -B and -A
learath(if the output is fixed length)
sgrace_wrkLength isn't fixed.
learathah. oh well
sgrace_wrkBut piping should work for what I need.
sgrace_wrkCause the lines I want to remove have the "Time (s)" at the beginning.
learathmight be better to use awk or sed
learathbut, I really don't know. it's too dependant on exactly the details
polprogi know fail2ban uses regexes to parse logs
polprogbut im not sure wich type of regex they use
learatheveryone uses regexes :P
polprogthey are cool
polprogand useful
learathwhat was it.. oh! I wrote a regex to convert uuids from microsoft-corrupt to standard
learathI think it ended up being awk.
polprogooh... fog all day tomorrow. this is gonna be interesting
polprogas well as snow
learathbeautiful as long as you are not driving
polprogi take the train to school
polprogso i might be affected as well
jocafaif only there were some sort of track for the train to ride along
learathjocafa: you mean like a land-train but on rails instead of a road? :P
learathsorry, "road-train"
jocafasomething like that. seems silly now.
ErinFoxthey have those in montreal
ErinFoxrubber tire'd subway cars
learaththe local airport did that too
ErinFoxsmooth ride, but lower wheel life and lots of extra heat generated in the tunnels
learathI can't for the life of me figure out why
learathare rails that expensive?
ErinFoxits not as much about the rails as it is about maintenance and ride
ErinFoxrubber tire trains ride smoother
ErinFoxand are cheaper to maintain by a bit
sgrace_wrkWelp... I can't do my negative lookahead with grep.
sgrace_wrkFUCKING SHIT
learathsgrace_wrk: are you using grep or egrep?
learathstupid as it sounds it makes a huge difference.
learathok, had to ask
learatha lot of advanced regex features are not available in grep, and are in egrep
sgrace_wrkI was doing this: grep -Po since lookahead should work with the perl style.
sgrace_wrkWell, I will just delete these lines out manually, since there isn't too many of them.
WereWoofhey gang..
WereWoofwho recycles scrap electronics these days in the metro area..
learathLast I heard DC was still throwing their recycling in the trash. but I suspect that is the wrong "metro"
WereWoofyeah.. was thinking front range colorado
sgrace_wrkWereWoof: You looking for a recycle center?
sgrace_wrkWereWoof: https://www.bouldercounty.org/environment/recycle/electronic-waste/
sgrace_wrkHere's Boulder's stuff.
WereWoofnice... yeah we are near boulder
WereWoofapparently staples does as well.. and we buy all our office supplies from them..
Cmdr_data"NASAs Bill Gerstenmaier confirms SpaceX has approved use of previously-flown booster (from Junes CRS-13 cargo launch) for upcoming space station resupply launch set for Dec. 8."
Cmdr_datawhat ?! "Aluminum is not a great conductorit heats up when a lot of power is pushed through itso a snack bag would potentially melt if it was used to try to block a strong radio signal from inside. "
Cmdr_datamaybe he just wanted to make sure the device didnt get wet :b
sgrace_wrkGet wet from dropping in the water hazards on the course.
Cmdr_dataheh so spacex in december is going to launch a CRS mission on a rocket already used for a CRS mission with a recycled capsule .. and an iridium mission on a rocket that is already used for a iridium mission. And a falcon heavy with 2 reUsed boosters.
WereWoofapparently they changed from 2 reused boosters on the falcon heavy test to 1
WereWoofgetting some use from "flight proven" equipment tho
WereWoofwhich is good
WereWoofand the new block 5s are meant to be extensively reflown
WereWoofcool beans
Cmdr_datahmm really ? from what i read they tore 2 used boosters (b1023 and b1025) apart to strenghten them and put gear on it to connect to the center booster https://www.reddit.com/r/spacex/wiki/cores
Cmdr_datamakes me wonder if they already have 2 landing spots at landing zone 1 :)
WereWoofI have seen recent stuff indicating both ways.. I am sure we will get the straight poop sometime before launch
WereWoofthey do
WereWoofI believe
WereWoofand OCISLY of course
WereWooflets hope they need them!
Cmdr_datawell .. this is all the data i can find: Core: B1033 (New) Side: B1023.2 (Thaicom 8) Side: B1025.2 (SpX-9)
WereWoofeven elon has his doubts about this
WereWoofeven the pre flight test firing should be a sight to see..
WereWoof27 Merlin 1D engines lit at once
Cmdr_datayeahr .. apparantly they are going to start them in a staggered sequence 2 at a time instead of all together
WereWoofI will be watching...
WereWoofshould be good
Cmdr_dataand it isnt even using cross feeding which is going to make it even more complicated if they are ever going to use that. It will increase payload, because at the moment the side booster detach they leave a fully loaded center booster
WereWooffrom what I have seen... the cross feeding idea went away quite some time ago
Cmdr_dataas now the center booster has to throttle down so there is fuel left when they detach .. decreasing efficiency. And it can burn a lot shorter
WereWoofwith the increased performance realized of the standard falcon 9s
WereWoofand now the push to BFR...
WereWoofI doubt they will waste any valuable resources on that, going forward
Cmdr_dataAlso if the load on the 2nd stage is 2.5 times bigger they 2nd stage can add less speed to the load. So the center booster has to fly faster .. like mach10+ .. so they need to reserve more fuel for the center booster to slow down before reEntering
WereWoofthe hope they get to that point
WereWoofhopefully they don't damage the fresly rebuilt SLC-40
WereWoofit is cool that nasa is getting on board with the booster reflight tho
WereWoofone thing is 100 percent for sure
WereWoofSpaceX has made spaceflight FUN again
WereWooffor the watcher
Snert_All it took was a man with a vision and $ to say just do it.
Snert_we could use more of that!
WereWoofdarn right we could
Cmdr_dataabout $20 billion worth of $
WereWoofa man who was not afraid to risk money..
Snert_Look at GMC, Ford ... it's well now many years since electric cars were a thing. Where is my battery-op pickup truck?
WereWoofin fact a man who figured there was only a small chance of success with spaceX
Snert_detroit has zero vision.
WereWoofso went into that with expectation of loss
Cmdr_dataand tesla is now something like $60 billion and has shipped the most electric cars of all car companies this year
WereWoofthey are certainly coming along..
Snert_ and an electric semi too....to boot.
WereWoofbut of all the endeavors.. spaceX is the most solid at the present
Snert_and they wonder why american industry is sucking hind tit.
WereWoofits really a world wide thing
WereWoofbig companies are loath to take serious risk
WereWoofthats where Elon has such a huge edge
WereWoofand why spaceX will stay private for the foreseeable future
Snert_Detroit can build this wonderful "concept car" for millions of dollars....but will not make me a battery-op pickup.
Snert_talk about a waste of $.
myselfYeah, they keep talking about it, and keep not delivering.
Snert_misplaced vision.
myselfDodge was talking about a hybrid Sprinter a decade ago, never happened.
Cmdr_dataheh well .. investors might not like the mars plans of spacex and want them to only launch satellites on reuseable rockets. So going public might be tricky
WereWoofgoing public would be easy
WereWoofbut spaceX would lose its edge by doing so
myselfbut then Elon wouldn't be the final say-so in company plans anymore, and that would kill it.
WereWoofand that, Elon wont permit
WereWoofso they stay private
Cmdr_datawell elon musk said that when tesla went public it caused a lot of head aches
Snert_good for Elon.
WereWoofthats exactly what elon has said... he wont turn the vision over to the control of a "board"
WereWoofwhich is super!!
myselfThe perceived mass-market pickup truck drive cycle doesn't have a lot of overlap with BEV usage, and nobody wants another niche-appeal product. Dumping all those Cubes really hurt Nissan, and they weren't even electric, just niche.
myselfAt the moment I think your best bet, Snert_, is to get a crashed Leaf and El Camino it.
Snert_Yea. I'll just have to wait yet another decade.
myselfYeah, probably.
Cmdr_datathe electric truck drop a lot of tech from trucks .. like 18 gears, 8+ cylinders, turbos, several diffs, brakes that wear out quickly .. it just has 4 electric motors on 4 axles.
Snert_that's why Elon's semi only cost 180K I bet.
Cmdr_datathe electric truck makes it a LOT easier to travel through a mountainess area with more power, no gears, more power .. torque at every rpm
WereWoofits still waiting on battery tech..
WereWoofbut showing promise now
WereWoofand battery tech is advancing quickly
Cmdr_dataalso its more streamlined and .. and the center of gravity is lower as the bottom is the battery. Also the bottom is streamlined now as well :)
Cmdr_datatrucks cause a lot of pollution .. so if electic trucks are available a lot of BIG cities with pollution might only allow electric trucks inside the city
Cmdr_datalike over here older cars cant enter a number of big cities
myselfOh neat: http://pubs.rsc.org/services/images/RSCpubs.ePlatform.Service.FreeContent.ImageService.svc/ImageService/Articleimage/2011/EE/c0ee00777c/c0ee00777c-f2.gif
myselfHere's another sort of startling one: http://www.plugincars.com/sites/default/files/lithium-ion_0.jpg
myselfI had no idea that the energy density of the "same old" chemistry had more than doubled since its introduction
zypthe improvements gets obvious if you follow the EV market
Cmdr_datathere is a lot of news on tech. sites on improvements on liIon tech
zypI bought an EV last year, pretty much anything I can buy today have at least 50% more range
Cmdr_databut do you need that range ?
myselfYes and no; this is a point I made some time ago to a colleague. My company does consulting in the EV field, so when the Tesla 3 pre-release was held and reservations were opened up, one of the consultants sent around an email asking anyone who'd pre-reserved to explain why -- what's special about the model 3?
zyp┬źneed┬╗ is not an absolute, I could argue I don't even need a car, but I couldn't imagine being without one
myselfSo what I said is, for 95% of my driving, no I don't need that range, but the other 5% is roadtrips -- I loooooove taking roadtrips, I consider them an essential part of the American experience, and I think a lot of Europeans (who I guess take the train?) might not be sensitive to that.
myselfAnd the standard line, oft-repeated by EV evangelists, is that I should simply rent a car for those trips, and leave my EV at home.
zypI'm european, but I guess that's halfway implied by me owning an EV :)
myselfbut I hate renting cars -- having *my car* is part of why a roadtrip is better than taking the train, after all! -- and if I have to alter my lifestyle to suit the limitations of the car, then that means it was the wrong car. It should serve me, not the other way around.
zypmyself, can you describe a typical roadtrip?
myselfSo for that 5% of the year when I've vanished off to parts-unknown, the huge range and supercharger network is crucially important. The rest of the year, no, I don't need the range. It just means I'm hitting my battery pack only a tiny bit, and it'll last longer as a result.
Cmdr_dataheh well .. keep your old petrol car for road trips and get a new electric one for day to day trips
myselfOkay, for me, roadtrip winter 2015: I had a bunch of vacation time that I had failed to spend, and I had to take it before the end of the year. So, mid-December, I tidied up my desk at work, threw some clothes in a bag, and did my usual thing: "Get in the car, drive south".
myselfThe weather was horrid so I spent the night (sleeping in the back of the car) at a highway rest-area in West Virginia, and the next afternoon I reached Florida, and made it to Skycraft an hour before closing time so I could do some shopping D
myselfI spent the next two weeks just wandering. Hotels some nights, rest-area parking some nights, visiting makerspaces, taking photos, wandering around parks, going back to some places I remembered being when I was very young.
zypah, so just a matter of going, not actually getting anywhere
myselfthat, to me, is a roadtrip. There may be a plan, there may not be, but I can stop any time I like, pull into some little roadside farm-stand and buy some vegetables or fresh-baked bread or whatever, loop back to that scenic beach I forgot to grab some shells at (my great aunt took me there to gather shells once when I was 4), go anywhere, do anything. No schedule.
Cmdr_dataheh sounds like you need some fold out solar panels then
myselfWell, sometimes I may not cover 100 miles in a day. If it's an exploring day. But some days I may do 1000+ if it's a hammer-down day.
zypas long as you've got charging infrastructure in place, I don't see any reason you couldn't do that in an EV
zypI live in norway, so I'm pretty well covered in that regard
zyplast year I visited every county in the country except the northernmost one
myselfI used to take a lot more roadtrips with friends, we'd stuff 2 or 3 guys in a car with a cooler full of snacks and drinks, and find ourselves halfway across the country by the next evening. These days it's mostly solo, but still just as important.
myselfI don't know any EV that can make 1000+ miles in a day, until the Tesla came out. That's the point, that's the thing the Leaf won't do.
zypon long trips, it's not the battery capacity itself that matters, it's the charging speed
myselfAnd I'm not a fan of the Teslas as cars, I hate the controls, I hate the touch-everything, I hate that the car is a big cellphone and it's connected all the time and can randomly update itself and change features you were using. I loathe everything about that. But the range is a game-changer.
myselfThe capacity means flexibility in where the chargers are placed, which is important for logistics. There's a critical radius below which it's not feasible to start a charging network from scratch.
myselfI'd imagine that depends on the size of one's country, too.
myselfNorway is slightly larger than Arizona, smaller than Montana. Hmm.
zypnorway has a goal to have all major roads covered with fast charging stations at least every 50km
learathhm. TIL buzzfeed had staff - http://money.cnn.com/2017/11/29/media/buzzfeed-layoffs/index.html
zypI think most of the countrly already have that coverage
myselfI'm slightly jealous of everything there being so close together, but on the other hand, I like wide open places. :)
zypnorway is fairly sparsely populated
zypso I can't say I've had that problem :)
myselfOh wow, in 2014 norway was the first country to have 1% of its cars be EVs
WereWoof battery energy density and perhaps even more importantly... safety are increasing very rapidly
Cmdr_datawas that when they imported an electric car ?
learathThe improved safety is good, the capacity is.. still not something I think is generally practical
learathbut, musk is insane, so who knows?
learathif his semi hits even 90% of his claimed price/distance/etc it will be amazing
learathIIRC industry estimates were his total price is about what the batteries alone cost
zypmyself, the incentives are pretty hardcore
WereWoofthere have been lots of pretty fun INSANE people in the past...
WereWooflike Jules Verne and other faves
WereWoofthey make things happen
WereWoofeven if they dont live to see it
myselfOh this is neat. The route from Kristiansand to Vardo, opposite corners of the country (while remaining on land), is about 2300km or 2700km, depending on whether you shortcut through Sweden ;). For comparison, the opposite ends of the state of Michigan (Luna Pier and Copper Harbor) are 1024km apart by road. I've done that drive to attend a picnic. :P
Soutbetter have been a dam good picnic. Gas would be pricey :D
zypI currently live close to Kristiansand, my parents live in the north, around 1700km away
zypand yes, I've driven my EV there
myselfWell, picnic plus lasers plus thermite plus H2 balloons.... it was good :)
myselfNice! How long is each charging stop? What do you do during charging stops?
myselfI keep thinking it'd be super amusing to find a place that has overhead wires for electric streetcars, and put a pantograph mechanism on a normal EV. :)
zyp20 minutes typically gets me to 80%
zypand at 80% the car halves the charging current, which when paying by the minute doubles the electricity cost
Cmdr_datamaybe put coils in the road to recharge while driving .. and a coil under the car ... or neodymium magnets in the road !
WereWoofif ur gonna do that then just make the road the propulsion source
WereWoofLinearMotor Parkway
zypwhen I went up north last year, there were a stretch without fast chargers, so I spent three hours charging from a 3.7kW outlet instead
WereWoofare you a tesla owner?
zypand another where a fast charger were defective so I had to do another four hours
WereWoofACTION has not been paying attn
zypboth of these now have more fast chargers
zypWereWoof, no, that trip would be super trivial in a tesla
WereWoofah ok
zypI have a 2016 egolf
WereWoofah right
WereWoofmy partner has two teslas...
Cmdr_dataheh just read an article that self driving cars can cause problems too .. like instead of finding an expensive parking place some one delivering parcels might just program the car to drive a block and return
WereWoofnice cars
zypa tesla model s has 3-4 times the range and 3 times the charging speed
zypoh, and costs three times as much :p
WereWoofyeah... they dont include CHEAP as a standard feature
sgrace_wrkYeah, too bad the deductions for getting a vehicle like that would be going away...
WereWoofstill, his model s is prolly the nicest car of any sort I have ever driven
WereWoofso they are making progress
zypsgrace_wrk, well
learathmyself: the eu is small, but dense
sgrace_wrkAssuming the tax bill gets passed.
sgrace_wrk(Which is most likely won't)
learathYeah, I don't see the GOP pushing through any major changes
zyphere in norway, I have a lot of benefits like free road tolls and stuff, and even though some of them (free parking, free ferry carriage) has started disappearing, I'm not too worried
learathbut then, the world no longer makes sense.
learathI expected trump to lose in a landslide.
zypthe largest usage benefit is the price difference between electricity and gas
WereWoofwhat we do need to push.. speaking of electric vehicles.. is FUSION
learathfusion, fission, I don't care which
WereWoofthats what its all about
learathhonestly? both.
learathfusion is great
learathfission is practical today
zypdriving on gas costs at least five times as much as driving on home electricity, for comparably sized cars
WereWoofyup... but today is not the key
WereWooftomorrow is.. and only fusion will do it
learathWereWoof: the problem I have with fusion is it's been "20 years off" as long as I've been alive
learath<- just a *bit* older than 20 :P
WereWoofI would love to see a much greater push..
WereWoofI know...
Cmdr_dataover here gas costs twice as much as in the usa because of all the taxes .. which makes electric driving interesting
WereWoofbut advances are happening
learathI mean, I'm not arguing *against* fusion R&D
zypCmdr_data, where's here?
WereWoofwe need someone like MUSK to really jump on that
learathCmdr_data: wow, so 75% of your gas cost is taxes?
sgrace_wrkI'd rather not have a fusion reactor in my vehicle.
Cmdr_datathe netherlands
WereWoofwhere... 20 years from now just doesnt work
learathsgrace_wrk: aww! but EARTH SHATTERING KABOOM!
WereWooffor life in space... fusion is a must for musk
sgrace_wrklearath: With me being vaporized when the magnetic shielding fails.
learathWereWoof: so, my view, is that if fusion is practical in 20 years, that still means another 20-40 without fusion everywhere
learathsgrace_wrk: boring!
WereWoofI no longer subscribe to that long a lead time
learathWereWoof: so, we step on it with fission now, and then move to fusion when we can
WereWooffission wont be acceptible
zypCmdr_data, ah, right
WereWoofI dont believe
learathit's better than anything we have now
WereWoofwe need to get serious on fusion
learathI mean, I agree, it will be blocked, in favor of coal, at least in the US
WereWoofand make it happen at musk speed
zypCmdr_data, you guys are second in EV adoption after norway, right?
learathbut if you claim co2 is an exestential threat, you need to be all in on nuclear power, today.
Cmdr_datahttps://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benzineaccijns petrol was $8.37 here when it was $3.45 in the usa ..
WereWoofCO2 is actually a very needed item..
WereWoofand more would be good
WereWoofif we intend to try to feed a rapidly growing population
WereWoofsince CO2 and sunlight feed the world
Cmdr_dataaccording to that article 64% of the petrol price is pure tax .. and then the producer and garages also pay tax
Snert_Yea, they don't actually want us to not burn gasoline. Not without tax mechanisms to replace the lost buckage.
WereWoof"Debut of SpaceXs Falcon Heavy rocket now planned early next year"
WereWoofwhich of course we expected
WereWoofat some point soon electric charging stations will be taxed I reckon.. commercial first and then private
SoggyWaffles_#spakrfun is really quiet and i was wondering why........
myselfOn the fission/fusion thing, actually I love to troll the anti-nuke people at green-energy events by promoting my fusion-powered car plan
Snert_I'd show them my coal powered TV set.
Snert_letem chew on that for awhile.
WereWoofbut but but... its from a wall outlet!
WereWoofthere is NO COAL!
WereWoof or NG
WereWoofor fission
myselfSee, there's this reactor that we run using gravitational containment, we don't actually know how long that'll hold but it seems to be working so far, and the radiation it kicks out is so intense you'd be incinerated if you got within shouting distance of it, but anyway, you just have a huge exclusion zone from the reactor and so far people are mostly okay but some of them get cancer from exposure to the
myselfand all you have to do is put these panels on your roof to collect its energy...
learathWereWoof: that view makes me so mad :(
learathpeople are so fucking dumb
learathif they can't see it, it didn't happen
WereWoofwillfully clueless is the technical term I think
myselfand you can use these panels to charge your car just like you do now from coal, but with these it's actually nuclear-powered!
learathdeliberate ignorance yeah :(
WereWoofbut not so very efficient
learathmyself: don't let the greens hear that, they'll murder you for telling them that solar is nuclear :P
learath#notbitter #lying
myselfHehe. I used to go to the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair every year, it was priceless watching their faces as they figured out where I was going
Helldeskmyself: nice
ErinFoxACTION is a fan of solar, and of nuclear
myselfinterest --> concern --> outrage --> gobsmacked outrage --> wait just a moment --> oh, you!
Helldeskone of the big challenges is our appetite for uninterruptible power on demand
learathHelldesk: nah it's easy we'll just fill texas with lead acid batteries.
myselfif I go back this year I'm gonna make shirts first
learathWhat could go wrong? :P
Helldesktexans, probably
myselfI'm also working on pamphlets for BURY A TREE FOR FUTURE COAL - THE RENEWABLE YOU CREATE in case the nuclear fuckery isn't enough
WereWoofbatteries and solar panels... would just about do it.. if you filled ever extra inch of texas
myselfI don't know what turns me into such a troll at these things, but... *shrug*
ErinFoxreducing energy consumption is a good path, but it shouldnt be at the expense of securing reliable cheap energy that wont fuck things up or run out any time soon
learathmyself: aggressive stupidity?
learaththat's what usually does it for me.
myselfprobably that
Helldeskmyself: the only fault in that plan is that the plant eventually takes out the planet because the practical operational distance is smaller than the minimum safe distance for dismantling the fusion reactor some billions of years from now!
myselfHelldesk: details! It's naysayers and NIMBYs who keep anything useful from ever being built!
Helldesknot in my front parsec!
WereWoofthat is exactly right
WereWoofand why musk is so refreshing
WereWoofhe just builds it
WereWooftakes his best shot... and builds it
myselfmore like this, please.
WereWoofwith the best people we can get
Helldeskrenewables go hand in hand with affordable energy storage and since nobody's solved that yet (nope, batteries of any kind are a rounding error and will be for a while, even if the cost comes down) RE won't solve our demand for electricity as it currently stands, and it's growing
Helldeskand that makes me sad
WereWoofno... re will never get it..
Helldeskexactly my point
WereWoofits about fusion
learathhey, hydro is great!
learaththough I think that's been declared un-green
ErinFoxwithout storage, RE cant do base load, but it can do some peaking and other niche things, like those solar panels you see on road signs and telemetry things
Helldeskeven pumped hydroelectric storage isn't scalable unless you go underground and make lower reservoirs in suitable geology
WereWoofsure.. it has its place
ErinFoxhydro is great but seems to have more impact on the environment than people want to admit
WereWoofand thats excellent
WereWoofsolar that is
ErinFoxnuclear power is where its at.
Helldeskin any case it's the currently most widely deployed form of energy storage
WereWoofof the fusion variet
myselfWe can also do a lot to timeshift the base load, that we're not doing now because the economic incentive isn't there
Helldeskyes... we could shave the peaks
myselfright now, power is cheapest in the middle of the night
Helldeskit's not happening yet because the pricing structure doesn't reflect the huge cost of the spot price at peak demand
myselfbut if power was cheapest when the sun and wind were doing their thing, what would change?
ErinFoxfusion power would be here if enough money were dumpted into it :/
Helldeskfor most customers that is; some already pay it
myselfif it could be priced per second rather than per hour
WereWoofthat is exactly it ErinFox!!
Helldeskit's enough to have hourly spot prices
WereWoofit needs to be a WORLD priority..
WereWoofnot something to play with
WereWoofbut something that needs to happen NOW
myselfthere already are hourly spot prices, but the prices are based on plants running at night, not on panels producing during the day. Base load will never adapt to RE's supply as long as the pricing disincentivizes that adaptation.
Helldeskwe effectively stopped funding fusion research at some point by not increasing the investment as needed
Helldeskmyself: I see
ErinFoxyea.., its nto even that the physics are unknown, its mostly engineering challenges because the physics say bigger = better
WereWoofI would love to see musk pick that up as a main focus
WereWoofhe drives things...
Helldeskthat would certainly connect the availability of power to its true cost better
WereWoofwill not take it cant be done for an answer
ErinFoxmusk drives things so long as his attention span doesnt run out
WereWoofand if he wants to colonize mars...
Helldeskand people would probably revolt :V
WereWoofhe must have fusion
WereWoofnothing else will do
myselfark ark ark
Helldesktee hee
ErinFoxregardless of hwo its done, access to cheap energy is critical for a stable world
WereWoofwe have materials in space... we have water in space... we have know how in space...
learathErinFox: I hope people realize that.
learathand stop fucking things up
ErinFoxme too...
ErinFoxpeopel need to be able to get access to/be able to pay for it
WereWoofin short, to push our species forward.. we need power..
WereWoofnear limitless power
Helldeskyeah... quality of life and longevity goes hand in hand with energy consumption footprint, and probably peace eventually
ErinFoxhell, to not descend back into feudalism!
Helldeskwith the modern availability of cheap energy every person has at their disposal the equivalent of a large amount of servants
WereWoofand its the only way we can Habitize space
myselfI know that personally, I can shift my energy use so that about 10% of my consumption happens at night, and I can absolutely throw enough battery in the basement to run the furnace overnight. I've proven that in small steps already. The rest of my consumption is either daytime-driven or trivially scheduled; my washing machine and dishwasher and stuff already support delayed start times, etc. It's just one
myself more step to make them start on a command from my RE system, for instance. If I cut down some trees to unshade my roof, I'd be sitting pretty, but the neighbors might dislike that.
WereWoofin order to access and convert materials into useful habitat.. we need tremendous amounts of power
WereWoofthats what is missing
WereWooffirst here, then in space
myselfI don't have a good sense of what the industrial base-loads are like, but at least residential, that's easy.
myselfDatacenters are nice because they can be pretty much anywhere, their only resources are power/cooling and fiber connectivity, so locating them near hydropower resources is already happening and should only increase.
myself(also, the tailrace of a hydroelectric station is an ideal heatsink..)
WereWoofyer hydro has been good for a long time
WereWoofbut just about maxxed out now
myselfAnd people are getting better at protesting further development.
WereWoofthat is a big part of maxxed out
WereWoofI had that mainly in mind
myselfIt's funny, servers keep getting more energy-efficient, but our appetite for them grows faster than that. I wonder if that'll ever change.
WereWoofsame with nuclear...
WereWoofat least fission
myselfI mean it would have to chage, at some point you've carpeted the planet in servers. Hopefully it changes before that.
Helldeskyeah... the power demand of number crunching for the various blockchains seems like something that could spell trouble if the cost to do that is sufficiently removed from its actual cost long enough
Helldeskas in it gets baked in to something we actually need
myselfThat's an interesting point, yeah. Hmm.
Snert_power demand of mining cryptos is almost exclusively on the part of the mining hardware. Not bitcoin servers.
Helldesksome of the big corporations have done enough greenwashing to claim their data centers run on 100% RE but it's irrelevant as long as the local energy mix at wherever they actually use is mostly not-hydroelectric or nuclear
Snert_the servers that assemble the transactions and do housekeeping/tracking are just normal power consumption boxen.
HelldeskSnert_: I refer to the power to crunch the numbers, that is, mining
Snert_yes, but that's dedicated bitcoin ASIC miners. They are not regular computers in any fashion.
Helldeskwe're talking about the power demand, and it is significant
Helldeskmining for bitcoin consumes more power than many countries now
Snert_mining does. Blockchain doesn't.
Helldeskwell duh, but I thought the technology only works if you mine :p
Snert_nothing but mining uses tons of power.
Snert_bitcoin servers consume very little power.
Helldeskand if you want the network to compute a transaction it requires mining
HelldeskI'm still not talking about the ancillary services
myselfSo there are other uses for blockchains (like the distribited VM / distributed ledger functions) that don't involve currency or proof-of-work
myselfbut those aren't where the interest is focused right now, because money
modleshey all
modlesdoes anyone have experience with Nordic nrf52 series or 51?
Helldeskhmm, looks like the estimated annual electricity consumption has passed 30 TWh
Helldeskmore than Ireland
modlestrying to get my head around the different options for software
Helldeskequivalent to Morocco
Helldeskanyway, barring some AI doomsday scenario, these aren't the big items in humanity's power consumption
modlesah i see its just dropped, time to buy some more
modlesits easy going to hit 30k+ by end of next year
modlesyou agree?
SoggyWaffles_damn, i know someone who bought 10 bitcoin in 2013 as a baby college fund....
Cmdr_datahmm where is my time machine
sgrace_wrkI have a BTC lost somewhere.
SoggyWaffles_lost? you print it off and lose it in the couch?
sgrace_wrkNo, as in, I don't know what hard drive it is on.
sgrace_wrkOr if the hard drive is even accessible.
modlesi bet there are millions of lost $
sgrace_wrkOh yeah.
sgrace_wrkSort of like the Mt. Gox ones.
SoggyWaffles_do lost coins add to the value inflation?
sgrace_wrkThe chain for it still exists, but you can't transfer it to anyone, cause the wallet is gone.
polprogwould someone here know the pinout for those 14-pin flex cable oleds? https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1CmcsQpXXXXbcXpXXq6xXFXXXT/0-69-inch-white-font-b-OLED-b-font-font-b-display-b-font-14-font.jpg . i have the very same one in a chineese wristband im poking around with a scope and i'd like to interface it to a micro
polprogdont have much luck with the flex cable pinout
myselfwhat controller chip is on it, polprog?
polprogor at least aliexpress ones that look exactly the same tell it
polprogi identified GND at pin 7
polprogsingle one
polprogalso did some measurements as well.
modlesany Nordic NRF52 guns for hire here?
polprogtestbed: http://picpaste.com/IMG_20171129_225221-JQQFLvIo.jpg
polprog(reused pcb after a different proto)
myselfwell, your vendor should be able to give you a datasheet with the pinout, yeah?
HelldeskCmdr_data: http://www.russianspaceweb.com/meteor-m2-1.html#culprit seems like they forgot to tell the Fregat it was launching from Vostochny spaceport instead of Baikonur or Plesetsk...
myselfWhoops. Someone's fired.
SoggyWaffles_fired? how to can fire someone who never existed?
myselfAh, of course. How could I be so foolish?
HelldeskI don't know, is there something to be foolish about? I don't see a reason for any debate...
Helldeskdid something happen?
sgrace_wrkFuck you American Airlines.
myselfI keep looking for the April 1 dateline
myselfThis thread is hilarious though
modles1anyone here taken a board to mass production?
modles1looking for some info/experience on mass flashing
myselfmy god. It's not a joke: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/11/29/567286235/oops-american-airlines-accidentally-let-too-many-pilots-take-off-the-holidays
modles1same thing happend (almost) with ryanair
SoggyWaffles_had a moment of panic about which airlines I was flying this winter
SoggyWaffles_not American
SoggyWaffles_Lufthansa and Air Namibia