Helldeskthe technology for identifying and manipulating individuals to buy stuff quickly leads to some dstopian capabilities if that power goes unchecked
myselfYep. I'm sitting here debating which kit of tools I don't need..
learathHelldesk: who'd a thunk it?
Helldeskthe algorithms for targeting us for the sale of products also work for ideas and flow of information in general - and you don't need to manipulate very many people too much to achieve a lot
Helldesklol @ "you're never hardcore enough for youtube" since it recommends harder stuff
Helldeskgive an algorithm the task of optimizing for the most viewed minutes and it achieves that by recommending the most hardcore stuff possible
learathI think I'm going to have to whine that 'hardcore' is too confused a term to be used here.
Helldeskright, what I mean is "more and more appealing"
learathSure, but that's a really complex thing
HelldeskAI doesn't care what it is as long as it's successful in serving more addictive content
myselfafter this, go watch a few of the talks about porn addiction, and the implications for our mental autonomy are not great
Helldeskoh dear
learathmyself: as far as I can tell, most people are barely sentient
myselfI, for one, do not welcome our new AI overlords
learaththey watch insipid tv, and quote whatever authority figure they subscribe to
Helldesk...and somebody owns them and managed to get us to fund it all
learathheh, very smart really :)
myselfthe dystopian short story in my head is feeling more and more outdated by the moment
learathmyself: 1984 was the optimistic view
myselfI should still write it down :P there's 29 hours left in nanowrimo, right? ;)
Helldeskcharles stross has written about how hard it's been writing near-term fiction that keeps becoming reality juuust before publication date
learathor leapfrogging it entirely
Helldeskwhen a preposterously laughable scenario after another start to happen earlier and earlier from the moment of thinking it up...
myselfand yet, as I close the youtube tab, I'm right back staring at the "add to cart"...
Helldeskwrite it on some to-do list and sleep on it (figuratively, not suggesting transforming a bedsheet into a notebook)
myselfthis is likely the best price all year, it's smaller versions of tools I rarely use, would I use them more if they were more convenient? I don't already own anything on that battery system, but my previous small-tool line is all but useless since the manufacturer dumped it and the batteries are unobtanium.. I have the money...
learathHelldesk: that sounds perfect for kickstarter!
learathblackboard painted bedsheets! :P
learathWhat could go wrong?
myselfNope! Closing the tab. Don't need it. I think part of my problem is buying stuff I seldom use. Buying less is progress. Bam.
learathhah. I need to get better at finishing things too
Helldesklearath: it would be good for taking notes on weihing the decision on backing further kickstarter projects
learathhah :)
Helldeskthink of the opportunities on twisting the meaning of "you've made your bed, now sleep in it"
learathhah :)
Helldeskmaybe do an entire series of products for cultural jamming
Helldesktake idioms and twist them with a physical product
jocafalike a bed, that you can sleep in
Helldeskthere's an entire spacewalk available on archive.org
Helldeskhttps://archive.org/details/EVAGoPro well that's weird
jocafa"issues with the item's content"?
Helldeskhttps://ghsmp.org/us-astronauts-go-pro-hd-space-walk-videos-from-space-station/ oh well, there should be copies but... copies of copies tend to get annoyingly shittier over time
Helldeskhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyvE_B9RxgQ this one at least doesn't have watermarks on it yet :p
jocafasomehow it always surprises me just how fast they're whipping around
learathit's what? a 90 minute orbit?
learathmy bad. 92 minutes
jocafaclose enough
jocafaalmost 5 mi/sec
jocafawell 4.76
Helldeskand spacewalks can last as long as the EMU can support you, eight hours or so
learathonly 285 miles.. a minute
learath(I forgot a 60 for a second and was like "only 285mph? that's not that fast...")
Helldeskand each squeeze of the hand to grab anything takes its toll... it's a pressurized glove in a vacuum after all
Helldesktrying to straighten up like a balloon animal balloon
Helldeskjust much more strongly
jocafaACTION pets everynoise.com
pwillardExplain how a cable/data common carrier service provider with a captive audience that has legal protection to prevent 3rd party vendors from entering their controlled market areas is competitive. They want to control that last mile but they can't be trusted to not charge like AMC does ($20 for Popcorn because you're a 'captive audience') in a "thousand cuts" fashion so there are controls on how they need to behave
pwillardas a consumer protection step. Consumer protections are a good thing. ...why are they fighting so hard against it? greed.
learathoops - https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/11/this-weeks-failed-russian-rocket-had-a-pretty-bad-programming-error/
Helldeskyeah, when the launch site changed they didn't tell the rocket
pwillardNo way! Thats a pretty damn big mistake
HelldeskI'm not competent in orbital dynamics and/or the steering algorithms on upper stages, or Fregat in particular, so I don't know how it goes wrong when it does
myselfI think it tried to make a huge correction but didn't have the fuel for such a big change, and ran out of fuel while making the correction, before it could achieve the orbit it wanted
Helldeskyes; I just can't explain what the correction is exactly
Helldeskstarting from further east for a polar orbit ought to only change the timing when you fly over whichever region, right?
Helldeskthe devil's in the details and there are plenty of parameters that can matter but what are they exactly
myselfbut if it wanted to be in a particular orbital plane, it would aim for that..
myselfI'm sure some rocket scientist will have an analysis up on youtube soon
Helldeskyeah; what exactly does it use to judge that it's off that plane
Helldeskhttps://hackernoon.com/more-than-a-million-pro-repeal-net-neutrality-comments-were-likely-faked-e9f0e3ed36a6 identity theft hooray
pwillardtheft? Verizon already has your deets
learathpwillard: hah, wouldn't that be fun? "it turns out every single fake comment was from a Verizon subscriber..." :P
sgrace_wrkI would be hella-pissed if that happened.
sgrace_wrkI'd be calling for a class action lawsuit against Verizon for that.
s73v3rI’d be calling for tar and feathering
learathsgrace_wrk: they'd say 'it was an honest mistake' and fire an intern
learathand the US Public would forget in 7 seconds
pwillardno kidding
s73v3rnot to mention, they’d point to the part in your contract where you waived your right to class actions
sgrace_wrkNot when it's a matter of identify theft.
s73v3ri would hope you’re wrong, but I wouldn’t trust it
sgrace_wrkI like Ars' article on Pai's whole "Expansion that happened under Clinton's administration" which was more strict than Title I, but not as regulated as Title II.
learathsgrace_wrk: I don't understand the whole thing :(
learathlike, do they think it's going to work?
learathor are they deliberately distracting people?
learathor are they betting the US Public is actually *That* stupid...
learathwhich is a terrifyingly good bet :(
s73v3rwell, think about it: Since the Trump Aministration has taken office, who has actually been held accountable for anything?
learathI swear modern US politics is two retards screaming "I'M MORE RETARDED" "NO I'M MORE RETARDED" while beating their skulls in
s73v3rI can think of one or two people
sgrace_wrkI think the biggest thing would be to look at the demographics and locations.
learaths73v3r: part of it is the Democrats have somehow managed to not get their shit together
learathlike, he's offered them the very best possible administration they could possibly ask for (mid-term)
learathand they are squabbling like children
sgrace_wrkUS politics has gone from what the representative's constituents want to what the lobbyists want.
learathTo a large extent, yes :(
sgrace_wrkIt's not about the public, but who wins and who loses.
pwillardhaving been manupulated in to loving Trump... I'm pretty sure the powers that be do feel that Americans are "stupid enough".
sgrace_wrkMy dad keeps saying I threw my vote away this last election.
sgrace_wrkBecause I voted 3rd party on everything.
learathI absolutely did
learathIt is the only way things will get less fucked up
sgrace_wrkBecause I didn't feel either are actual human beings that deserve to still be alive.
s73v3rvoting 3rd party won’t work until First Past the Post voting takes off
sgrace_wrkBut since GOP and Dems control how the debates and elections go, a 3rd party is almost impossible to get in.
s73v3rerr, gets removed
learathuhm. I think you got that backwards
s73v3rwell, look what happened with the Tea Party. They formed a “3rd party”, but ran on the GOP ticket
learatha smart move.
s73v3rthus, they didn’t have any of those problems
sgrace_wrkWell, they were also funded by the Koch brothers.
s73v3ralso a smart move
sgrace_wrkBut the Tea Party was going to be GOP leaning anyways.
s73v3rright, but the point is that they ran on the ticket of one of the major parties
s73v3rthey didn’t try to do all the 3rd party stuff, with all the baggage and hurdles that come with it
sgrace_wrkTrue, but the party doesn't exist anymore.
s73v3rdoes it matter? They got more or less what they wanted
sgrace_wrkDid they?
sgrace_wrkI don't think they really did.
sgrace_wrkIt was all smoke and mirrors.
s73v3ri would say they had more success than not
s73v3rthey put a halt to an agenda that they really disliked
sgrace_wrkWhat was that agenda?
sgrace_wrkI don't remember.
s73v3rthe Obama Administration
sgrace_wrkWell, they were going to win that after his term limit anyways. :P
s73v3rright, but they stopped it from going further during his term
s73v3rnot to mention they succeeded in holding up tons of judicial appointments
pwillardwhich are now going through
sgrace_wrkTHANKS OBAMA?
pwillardSo yes, this is because the people who voted felt "they lost so much" when Obama was in office and in truth they didn't. This was, however, the emotional factor that Trump used to to gain a win.
sgrace_wrkOh yes... People making decisions on emotion.
pwillardTo appease them... he is still trying to cater to the birther movement
pwillardKeep tem happy...and they keep supporting
sgrace_wrkI wonder what the age demographic it is that voted for him.
learathpwillard: Also the candidate the Democrats put up *really* did not shine
sgrace_wrkDid you read the op-ed from the interim DNC chair?
learathsgrace_wrk: which
sgrace_wrkThe one that basically said that all DNC funding went through Hilary's campaign?
pwillardTrue... the whole campaign was a bit lack luster from the DEM side... and cleary the majority was awed by the celebrity of the Apprentice star.
sgrace_wrkWell, I think the dems had more in-fighting than the GOP.
learathsgrace_wrk: well all the non-trump candidates were attacked right from the outset
pwillardI think GOP was in denial at first... and then they went... damn... Ok... we hate this guy but we will take the win.
learathPretty much everyone figured Trump was the weakest candidate
sgrace_wrkIt's the whole, "Playing to not lose vs Playing to win" scenario.
pwillardexactly... and we are being scammed daily as a result of the "winning"
learathAnd Bernie was a good candidate
learathpwillard: we didn't have an option to win
learathI'm honestly not sure which option (long term) is worse.
pwillardEverytime I hear "fake news" now , I do 2 things I never had to do before. 1) I believe its true if Trump yells its Fake 2) Go to snopes.com to check if it really is fake or not.
learathThough, it may become obvious if neither party learns a god damn thing from this.
learathpwillard: that is 100% the fault of the media
learathtrump is absolutely playing to it, but it is not his fault
sgrace_wrkpwillard: Have you tried Fact Check? http://www.factcheck.org/
ErinFoxwhy shoudl either party care? they're in power, they got theirs :p
learathErinFox: :(
ErinFoxthey have their good healthcare and pensions
Helldeskneither have learned from disastrous results in the hopes that the next time it's their turn to lose and fuck it up less than the enemy, thus managing to snatch a default victory for a term or so
ErinFoxthey dont need to worrry about anything that concerns the working class :p
learathHelldesk: there are so many obvious and important lessons from the last campaign
Helldeskwhichever party wins, the donors win
sgrace_wrkThe ultrarich win, no matter what.
learathTo this day I think it's obvious that Bernie could have won, pretty easily
learathmeh. I dunno
learathmaybe I'm overestimating the public
pwillardActually... i believe congress very much trusts the government to give them Excellent health care benefits while insisting "government will just mess it up" to any one who will listen... no loss to them.
HelldeskI believe it's called being electable
learathpwillard: to be fair, I totally believe them when they say the'll fuck it up :P
Helldeskout of the three big names he was the only one that wasn't obviously off-putting to a majority of the population
sgrace_wrkNice video.
learathdelivering healthcare to 600 people, and delivering healthcare to 300m people are two totally different problems
Helldeskisn't he still the most popular politician?
learathnearly unrelated.
learathHelldesk: yeah. he was a bit crazy, but he wasn't dangerous
Helldeskamong popular ideas endorsed by the voters, but not their elected leaders
Helldeskright up there
pwillardThe government has a long history of delivering good healthcare to large numbers of people... like everyone in the military.
learathsgrace_wrk: ye is 100% right
learathpwillard: that's a thing that you said
sgrace_wrkI know if I show that to my very conservative family they'll be like, "FAKE NEWS! SAD!"
learathsgrace_wrk: so, I think my view on this is that nobody has even hinted at suggesting that we pay less for healthcare
learathsgrace_wrk: *nobody* has suggested that we replace the DHHS with the NHS, without *insane* tax increases and doubled spending
sgrace_wrkI like his note about Bernie's idea.
learathI think if someone *were* to suggest that.. well, and somehow survive the medical industry revolt
pwillardThe problem is... we have allowed certain industries to run free in the interest of profit... like insurance and hospitals. They now have huge profits and huge costs that are nowhere in sync with the rest of the economy. Fix that... and we can fix healthcare.
sgrace_wrkWhich is to basically do a gradual transition.
learaththey'd get support of nearly 100% of the population
learathI like the phrase "privitize the profits, socalize the losses"
polprogim looking for a cool poster to hand in the physics classrom
sgrace_wrkpolprog: What kind of physics you looking for?
learathsgrace_wrk: meh. I wish they'd researched this better :(
learathI really like the spectrum charts
polprogsgrace_wrk: highschool grade physics
polproglearath: spectrum charts are nice ;)
sgrace_wrklearath: Vox does a good job on simplifying things for people to understand, but I think they tend to over simplify.
learath(something like http://www.unihedron.com/projects/spectrum/closeup.html )
sgrace_wrkpolprog: What about a "levitation" machine?
sgrace_wrkThat basically says, "Physics teaches you that this isn't an anti-gravity device."
pwillardA poster that says "It's OK to use your calculator on Physics math problems" ;-)
polprogi purposefully asked this question in a very general fashion, because all i find are electronics posters ;)
polprogpwillard: we are told to use our calculators ;)
learathsgrace_wrk: anyway, I think that initial chart *is* really important
learathmaking it clear that we *already* pay for competently run universal healthcare
polprogand this is not really aproppriate: https://theamphour.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/bob_widlar_digital1.jpg lol
sgrace_wrkpolprog: https://shirt.woot.com/offers/in-harmony-29?ref=sh_cnt_wp_8_9
pwillardYes, I know... but in 1977, it was forbidden until I asked about it... and I convinced the teacher that it was OK. This was not a MATH class, it is a "how do you solve this physics problem class".
learathpolprog: I like that one :P
polprogpreferably PDF or JPG format as we have limited budget lol
sgrace_wrkI have this shirt.
pwillardHe was a truly enlightened Silicon Designer
learathI have an *ancient* map of the internet
pwillardStill love the uniqueness of the LM10.. which I'm pretty sure he designed.
learathnot really physics
polprogsgrace_wrk: i have got this printed recently: https://puu.sh/yqcKq/1b9f22c7a7.jpg
learathI think http://mikehoolboom.com/?attachment_id=2425 is the one I have
sgrace_wrkpolprog: Nice.
polproglearath: the internet maps are nice as well
polprogso far we only have a remake of the dark side of the moon cover art, the prism, you know
pwillardI'll admit though, I was a lot more interested in the electronics and magnetism aspects of Physics class than things like wave theories and forces.
sgrace_wrkpolprog: Any specific physics you did in college that would be better as a poster?
polprogpwillard: shame we only have resistance and capacitors in curriculum :(
sgrace_wrkNo inductors?
polprogand inductors
sgrace_wrkOh, good.
sgrace_wrkRLC circuits are best circuits. :P
polprogbut from the pysical, not EE point of view
polprogwe probably wont have filters
sgrace_wrkYou can make filters.
sgrace_wrkWith just RLCs.
polprogi know
polprogthat's what im saying
sgrace_wrkCould always make them do silicon lattice structures.
polprogwe have RLC, but nothing beyond that in the electronics direction
sgrace_wrkYou could do some signal analysis of transistors.
pwillardI won my science fair for physics by explaining how we moved from Thermionic Valves to silicon integrated circuits and how it was going to change the future. 1976.
sgrace_wrkSmall-signal mostly.
polprogwe dont have those ... :(
sgrace_wrkSmall-signal analysis is mostly with resistors and caps.
polprogi built a single opamp + beefy transistor speaker amp on the "science fair", hoked up an old scope
sgrace_wrkI bet you could make a really terrible transistor with just resistors and capacitors.
polprogalso shown some blinkenlights
polproganyway. Classical Mechanics is what is mostly being taught about.
polprogright now
sgrace_wrkYou doing anything with fluids?
polprogwe did
pwillardhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/7a/f1/05/7af105f9bc3a6144cd6b3f9537d6db94.jpg :)
sgrace_wrkFluids maps pretty closely with Circuits 101 stuff.
Helldeskpneumatic and hydraulic logic is a thing
polprogpwillard: im thinking more the infographics direction
pwillardIf you think of a wire like a stuffed up sewer pipe
sgrace_wrkYou mean resistor... Right?
pwillardActually no... even at an electron level... it doesn't flow like a liquid... more akin to a bucket brigade.
polproghmm. found nuclide map
polproglooks good
sgrace_wrkIs that really physics?
sgrace_wrkMan... I've been stuck on a Poisonblack kick today.
pwillardOhrwurm much?
mpanettaAlphaEcho: Uh... What did they do to kicad? The library stuff seems to have completely changed in the last few nightlies?
mpanettaOh hi all :)
sgrace_wrkHave you found our Lord and Savior, Raptor Jesus?
mpanettasgrace_wrk: I saw him once, but then he ran away
mpanettaI'm 're-toasting' PCB's today...
myselfwho sat on reddit's servers?
sgrace_wrkOoohhh... PB&J toasted are yummy. :3
mpanettaYay for interns putting the MCU on the board rotated 90deg out of alignment :P
sgrace_wrkmyself: Reddit is still up for me.
mpanettareddit have any good machine pr0n today? heh
sgrace_wrkI go to analyze log files and build reports, and I come back to mpanetta wanting machine pr0n.
Mathiassgrace_wrk: you need to analyze mpanetta's log files
sgrace_wrkYou're gross Mathias.
sgrace_wrkSuper gross!
Mathiasand crazy, don't forget that
sgrace_wrkGod damn... I didn't know building a TCL package was so damn difficult.
davidc__sgrace_wrk: anyone that writes new software to use TCL needs their head checked
davidc__so many good embeddable scripting languages
davidc__(or scripting languages that can easily use C FFIs)
sgrace_wrkdavidc__: Oh, I fully agree, but you can blame Synposys for keeping TCL around for EDA.
sgrace_wrkIt'll be a long time before the EDA industry moves away from TCL.