mpanettasgrace_wrk: Yeah they have to move through perl first :P
AlphaEchompanetta: Unsure?
AlphaEchompanetta: I don't use kicad libraries
AlphaEchoI use my own.
sgrace_wrkUgh... I'm stuck at a point in my debugging code where I need to provide a diff-like tool to analyze key files.
Buizel:3 :3 :3
sgrace_wrkDebating whether to use the current LCS stuff from struct::list, or if I should determine what OS is on, and locate a command line diff tool.
sgrace_wrkBoss hinted at doing it outside of TCL, but not sure what to do in reports (since there's parts of the files that can be safely ignored).
sgrace_wrkAt least things are SLOWLY coming together (gotta get this project done by 12/20).
Buizelship me with your product and i will manually check the keys for bad stuff :3
sgrace_wrkYeah... No..
sgrace_wrkBe a waste of your time.
learathsgrace_wrk: can you do something like a fingerprint of the key?
sgraceFingerprint key?
spamftwis there a name for the "slim" male usb a connectors you see without the metal housing
prpplaguesgrace: all prepared for the apocalypse!
spamftwtrying to buy some for a project and having absolutely no luck
gchristensenspamftw: I thought most of them were made on the pcb
spamftwYeah I think a lot are. Looking for something like this (this is some non-standard I think)
sgraceprpplague: Nice.
intranickyes.. FRIDAY
SoggyWaffles_\o\ /o/
polprogone step closer to embedded stuff
SoggyWaffles_except that i 100% forgot about a group advising session this after noon
sgrace_wrkFuck FAEs that don't really help me help them.
SoggyWaffles_FAE's? Fat Assed Engineers?
sgrace_wrk"Hey, I am getting this issue, can you help?" "Sure, can you provide me with a project or two and steps to recreate?" "Ummm..."
sgrace_wrkI got a script to recreate an IP, but no STR on what the fuck they're trying to do.
SoggyWaffles_well, when you are done helping them, can you help me get my video card settings corrected. I'm getting some ghosting on my monitor
SoggyWaffles_but i'm not at my computer, and i don't remember which monitor I have or which card it is
SoggyWaffles_thanks in advance!
SoggyWaffles_oh, its a big wide curved monitor, if that helps
learathSoggyWaffles_: yes but which way is it curved? :P
SoggyWaffles_from left to right
SoggyWaffles_up and down would be silly
sgrace_wrkSoggyWaffles_: Update drivers.
sgrace_wrkHave you also tried turning it off and on again?
SoggyWaffles_its been an issue since day one honestly :( this monitor and a geforce strix 970
SoggyWaffles_"game mode" makes it worse
SoggyWaffles_I love it for productivity though, so much real estate
sgrace_wrkDoesn't this require 2 HDMI inputs?
SoggyWaffles_it does not
sgrace_wrkJust one Display port?
pwillardEmail... to me (and my boss) this morning titled "PROXY Server problem with skype" Says "Have there been proxy changes?" and says: "Here is the error code." ... I think to myself "cool, now that you have everybody jumping up and down worried about proxy issues... " I go on to explain that they are having certificate issues which makes it *not* a proxy problem.
SoggyWaffles_sgrace_wrk: yeah, just one. using DVI (if memory serves, starting to doubt myself on that as i sit here no where near my house)
sgrace_wrkYeah, I don't think DVI has the power to drive that thing.
sgrace_wrkIt's really like 2 monitors in 1.
SoggyWaffles_it looks better with dvi than it did with hdmi
pwillardI'm not convinced curved makes a lot of difference.
SoggyWaffles_but i haven't tried a monster cable!
SoggyWaffles_pwillard: i really like it, up close it makes a difference, but far away like a TV, nah
pwillardmaybe thats why. Never used one up close
SoggyWaffles_sgrace_wrk: some time I'll hit you up on steam when I'm sitting in front of it and we both have a minute
sgrace_wrkI won't be on 'til later tonight.
SoggyWaffles_Moustachemas in Africa this year!
sgrace_wrkI'll be on for the most part tomorrow.
SoggyWaffles_I won't be on until later next year ;)
sgrace_wrkAnd I won't be on for gaming on Sunday (flying out Sunday night).
sgrace_wrkWELL FUCK YOU TOO! :P
SoggyWaffles_I'll have time I'm sure. i find time to farm GTA every once in a while
SoggyWaffles_where are you going?
sgrace_wrkSan Jose for work.
sgrace_wrkI'll be back Wednesday.
sgrace_wrkMy credit card bill doesn't like all this traveling.
sgrace_wrkCause I traveled for a week before Thanksgiving, during Thanksgiving, and now this trip.
sgrace_wrkWhat's crazy is I have a few friends, who I know don't make a lot of money, and they travel to Europe yearly for their anniversary.
sgrace_wrkAnd I'm like... How the fuck do you do that?
myselfby spending even less than they make, presumably?
sgrace_wrkNot when they live in a much higher income area of Denver.
pwillardI might know these people. lol
sgrace_wrkOne works for the gov, another a software company (start up if I remember correctly).
myselfweird. Maybe family pays for it?
sgrace_wrkThat's what I think.
polprogrocky 478 "Single board computer" ; raspi for scale
polprogi will try to start that beast
SoggyWaffles_polprog: report when its running doom
SoggyWaffles_have a great weekend, i'm out!
polproghave fun
polproglooks like it wont start without the mainboard, which i have, but it's even bulkier
polprogpossibly i could make a faux-mainboard...
polprogtoo much work :P
myselfoh dude! PICMG!
myselfA PICMG SBC modern enough for SATA?!
learathmyself: that was about my response :P
learathmyself: I'm betting it's from some like 20 year old system, and the 386 they were using went EOL
myselfer, curiosity.. dammit
polproglearath: hello,
myselfThere's very little provided by a PICMG backplane, I believe it's just power really.
polprogill take a look at it later
myselfIf you have an ISA slot connector removed from a mobo, you should be able to fly-wire the power signals to it.
polprogthat's the plan
polprogi need to buy some isa stuff as the backplane that this was in costs 600 bucks on ebay
polprogisa sockets and an atx 24-pin socket
myselfMake sure to hit all the pins for a given power rail though; that sucker's gonna draw a chunk of current, and individual gold fingers aren't good for much
polprogand im good to go
polprogmyself: thanks, ill keep that in mind
myselfany PICMG 1.3 backplane should do, there are some for $25 that should work
myselfif you don't need a ton of other slots
myselfactually even if you do, wow
myselfI need to move my picmg box off the counter. Either divest myself of the architecture, or sit on it another 20 years until it's in museums ;)
polprogi will probably use it to mess around with the newly compiled kernels
sgrace_wrkWhat would be the easiest way to do the ignore of a diff command line without modifying the files?
learathsgrace_wrk: what do you want to ignore?
sgrace_wrklearath: Well, it's diffing two XML files.
sgrace_wrkOne file will have a lot more lines in it, which can be safely ignored.
sgrace_wrkAnd a few lines that are the same (like a name) will be different, but ignored.
learathsgrace_wrk: what exactly are you diffing? I'd be tempted to (if possible) filter *then* diff
learathif that makes sense
learathxml being fairly easy to filter.
sgrace_wrkWell, I can't change either file.
sgrace_wrkI was going to do a sed, but that won't work.
learathI'm not saying change the file
learathI'm saying ingest, filter, diff
sgrace_wrkWell, this is also in TCL.
learathah. I know jack about tcl
learathI'd use ruby probably
learathwhich has good xml libs
sgrace_wrkI'm building a TCL package for debugging IP stuff.
learathanyway, if TCL has an xml lib, I'd read the xml in, discard what you don't care about, and then diff
learathwhich also helps as XML's order can get a bit fucky sometimes.
learatha lot of things just dump xml out in random order
learathbecause it *shouldn't* matter
sgrace_wrkYeah, TCL doesn't have a tcllib that does XML parsing.
supersatTCL is a terrible language
sgrace_wrksupersat: I know.
sgrace_wrkBut EDA industry uses it.
learathI don't think it's bad
learathI think it's just out of favor, and older
learathwhen requirements and expectations were different.
learathhm. maybe that's bad :P
sgrace_wrkIsn't that every language?
sgrace_wrk"Oh C/C++ can't do what we want anymore, time for C#."
learathsgrace_wrk: no no lithp is super hot right now!
sgrace_wrkWhich is really just a hodge-podge of C++ wrapped.
learathsorry, I couldn't resist.
sgrace_wrkI mean, just released the ability to write FPGA HDL in Go.
Snert_prolly true.
supersatlearath: i'd much rather prefer "everything is an expression" over "everything is a command"
learathHDL in Go?
learaththat's either genius or idiocy
learathor both!
sgrace_wrkYou write Go, goes through their process of HLS and then produces HDL.
sgrace_wrkI don't know Go, or what I could use it for.
learathjesus that ramps up fast...
learathor is that including the cost of AWS?
sgrace_wrkHDL is still going to be used, period, but people are going to create their own versions of HLS to simplify it for non hardware engineers.
learathTheir docs start... badly
learathLike, yes, an FPGA can do *amazing* things
learathbut saying "10X FASTER THAN A CPU" is just wrong
sgrace_wrkDepends on what you're doing.
learathsgrace_wrk: hugely. yes.
sgrace_wrkBut in general, writing a circuit to do something will be faster, no matter the clock speed (staying in the 100's of MHz), than what a CPU can do in GHz.
supersatew, it's a service?
sgrace_wrkFaaS is becoming a thing.
learathsupersat: *everything* is a service!
learathsgrace_wrk: fuckup as a service?
learathshit! lemme tell my boss....
sgrace_wrkFPGA as a Service.
learathwe have no use for that
sgrace_wrkFor now.
learathbut fuckups, those we need an unlimited supply of!
sgrace_wrkDo you do any intensive log processing?
supersatI was kinda interested in Berkeley's Chisel HDL
supersatwhich is based on Scala
supersatbut in some sense, it's even lower level than verilog
sgrace_wrkBasically, FaaS is just a way for you to look at your code, figure out what is the slowest crap, and see if it can be accelerated.
sgrace_wrkI know Tesla is using GPUs for their "Autopilot" stuff.
sgrace_wrkBut they'll eventually go to FPGAs/SoCs.
sgrace_wrkBecause GPUs are way too heavy power based.
ErinFoxdepends on the algrithm
sgrace_wrkOf course, always does.
ErinFoxif it boils down to a problem that is efficient on the typ eof hardware gpus have, then they'll be more efficient than an FPGA trying to do the same thing.
learathErinFox: I don't think it's even that simple
learathI think it's more a venn diagram
learathwhere FPGA and GPU heavily overlap
sgrace_wrkMost GPUs follow the same pipeline structure, they just have a lot of compute units.
sgrace_wrkWhich means you have to write your application to handle it that way.
sgrace_wrkFPGAs just require strict memory management (which devs should be doing anyways).
learathbut while an FPGA would be maybe perfect for real time.. words words words
learathsgrace_wrk: lololololo
learathhave you ever met a (modern) dev that does some memory management?
learathmuch less 'strict'? :P
learathHeck, I'll settle for "any"!
sgrace_wrkI've talked to a few M$ engineers.
learathsgrace_wrk: oh, I assumed by "strict memory management" you ment "not using all available memory for solitare" :P
sgrace_wrkLet me put it this way, no dynamic alloc of memory for your accelerated functions.
sgrace_wrkIf you have to dynamically allocate memory in your functions at runtime, you might need to look at optimizing it.
ErinFoxfpga and memory management is a silly thought to me
ErinFoxprobably because i dont see FPGAs as processors, or HDL as computer code.
sgrace_wrkWell, you need to know how much memory is being used so the synthesis tool can make sure enough BRAM or LUTRAM is allocated for it.
sgrace_wrkYou want the FPGA to be processing data on the start of every clock cycle (what they call Initial Interval, or II).
sgrace_wrkA CPU/GPU won't be processing data on the first clock cycle.
sgrace_wrkIt'll easily be 4/5 cycles before it does.
sgrace_wrkTalking to one M$ engineer, they said that for them to really understand the power of an FPGA, they had to think of it as a co-processor.
sgrace_wrkOffload a time consuming function to it, and move on.
prpplaguesgrace_wrk: how did they select the time consuming function? was there time spent profiling the code?
sgrace_wrkYeah, they can do that.
sgrace_wrkI generally can get an idea of how time consuming a function is by looking at the dataflow/data movement.
sgrace_wrkIf I see a lot of it, then I know that it should be parallelized by expanding memory usage.
sgrace_wrkLike, for example an image that is 128x128 pixels.
sgrace_wrkDepending on the algorithm, you'll be pushing pixels around a lot.
prpplaguesgrace_wrk: Reed–Solomon one of those that get's mentioned?
sgrace_wrkI converted a CPU Reed-Solomon to FPGA.
sgrace_wrkIn the most simplistic app I wrote for it, it's easily 5x faster than the CPU.
sgrace_wrkThe issue I have now is giving the accelerator enough data.
sgrace_wrkIt's processing one packet at a time.
sgrace_wrkIf I can burst the data, then I can achieve a much higher throughput.
sgrace_wrkAnd the FPGA isn't running more than 300MHz.
sgrace_wrkI could increase speed if I duplicate the accelerator to fill the chip.
sgrace_wrkThen I could take even larger chunks of data and get data back in like 5 cycles.
ErinFoxworks for certain block sizes
sgrace_wrkAgain, depends on the memory structure you're using.
ErinFoxif you have large block sizes, the data doesnt parallelize as well, but for reed solomon fpigas are a good choice
ErinFoxsame with viterbi encoding and most line encoding tasks
sgrace_wrkRYFT does some amazing things with databases.
sgrace_wrkTheir system could take CCTV images, classify them, extract EXIF data, and then push out coordinates to Google Maps.
myselfseems to me those would be tasks easy to create custom instructions and hardware for in general-purpose CISC ISAs, like the various crypto functions, and then there'd be even less reason to use DSPs/FPGAs for those tasks
sgrace_wrkmyself: Sure, but you willing to spend millions on development of an ASIC?
myselfheck no! But enough people use AES that there's AES-NI in the CPUs now
sgrace_wrkYeah, sure.
sgrace_wrkCPUs and GPUs will be pushing those harden blocks in anyways.
sgrace_wrkIntel put in HEVC.
sgrace_wrkBut that's 18 month cycle on doing that.
sgrace_wrkNew video encoding standards are coming out now and CPUs are still just getting H.265 implemented in silicon.
modleshey all. can i drive a piezo buzzer with 1.8v direct from MCU pwm?
myselfwhereas viterbi and R-S haven't changed in 20+ years
myselfall you need are adjustable parameters
sgrace_wrkOf course.
sgrace_wrkIf you want to use that tech.
sgrace_wrkGo for it.
sgrace_wrkmodles: Yes, you can do that.
modlesquiet though, or 1.8v ok?
sgrace_wrkmodles: How loud you want it to be?
modlesloud enough for a key beeper.
modlesif you know what i mean
mpanetta*beep* *beep*
sgrace_wrkI think 1.8V will be fine.
sgrace_wrkIt's frequency that would also dictate loudness.
modlesyeah ok will give it a go
sgrace_wrkif it's not loud enough, you can put in an BJT transistor and have that amplify the output a bit more.
sgrace_wrkOne thing that has always intrigued me is that image classification used by to done with floating point values.
sgrace_wrkAnd then research showed that 8-bit integer is just as good.
sgrace_wrkAnd reduces a lot of overhead.
sgrace_wrkOnly lose like 2% accuracy.
modlesany nordic soc gurus here? looking for a gun for hire
modleslooking to hire someone to write a bootloader for nrf52832
mpanettaOne doesn't already exist?
sgrace_wrkOh good...
sgrace_wrkI get to help write another doc due by Friday. LOL
sgrace_wrkDoes this mean I'm a true writer now?
jocafayou probably need a festering anxiety disorder and addiction to a stimulant or depressant
sgrace_wrkI might get an edible tonight for tomorrow.
jocafahorrible adhd for extra points
ErinFoxoh shit, i could be a true writer!
sgrace_wrkI was the first one done with all my doc work for this release, and then I was tapped to help a colleague on their doc.
jocafayou guys should get doc martens vouchers for finishing on time/early
jocafathen you could get docs.
sgrace_wrkmodles: Documentation.
modleswhats that? ;)
sgrace_wrkI mean, in the maker/hacker place, why document code or procedures?
sgrace_wrkBut in the professional side of that world, gotta document every damn thing.
modlesgovernance is a killer
sgrace_wrkTo be compliant and what not.
modlesif you can charge for it its fine
modlesbut certainly does divert attention away from creating
sgrace_wrkIt's sad that most of the code I write I spend more time writing comments than actual code, cause I know I'll need to refer to it again.
jocafai need to come visit CO sometime and see if CBD can help a couple of things
modlesdifferent subject, but anyone here have experience with GPS?
modlesAntennas specifically
sgrace_wrkjocafa: I want to try CBD and see if it helps after a hard day at the gym.
jocafai've got my own non-writer festering anxiety disorder
sgrace_wrkThis isn't the first time docs are late to get through the publish system for version release.
sgrace_wrkBeginning of the year had that problem.
sgrace_wrkCause writers couldn't get updated screenshots (cause GUI was changing so much up to the last minute) that people worked over night to get it done.
jocafasounds awful
modlesscreenshots for docs is the worst
modlesanyone used helical gps antennas?
sgrace_wrkScreenshots for docs are the worst?
sgrace_wrkWait, so seeing what the doc is talking about is bad?
sgrace_wrkThat must mean, all the owner manuals of cars must be useless.
modlesno i mean the process of creating them
sgrace_wrkEasier than you think.
modlesyeah we automate it, but its still a pain
modlesespecially if you need to do any post production to them
sgrace_wrkWe generally push doc publishes out if they're not going to be ready at release time.
modlesanyone know of a cheaper alternative to bme280?
sgrace_wrkI wish the diff command would allow me to ignore changes on lines.
gchristensenthat is just incredible
gchristensenwe are a remarkable species
modlesif i have a module that supports 3-4.5v, would it be safe to use 3x 1.5v batteries in series? im worried a fully charged 1.5v cell will be more like 1.6v
SoggyWafflessgrace_wrk: i lied earlier, DisplayPort not DVI
sgrace_wrkDisplay Port should have enough power to drive it.
SoggyWafflesit looks great, except some times I get ghosting
SoggyWafflesand like i said "game mode" combined with selecting the "faster" and "fastest" refresh rates makes it worse
SoggyWafflesI've lived with it for almost 3 years, I can live with it for however long until i can't anymore
SoggyWafflesdinner time (for the pets)