weanichI have some question about sparkfun's product
weanichI'm looking for accelerometer that can measure at frequency range 10Hz - 10kHz
Cmdr_dataan accelerometer that measures at 10khz ??
WereWoofsampling rate perhaps?
Cmdr_dataah that would make sense
WereWoofget ready for tuesday
Cmdr_dataheh .. get your popcorn ready
WereWoofaww yeah
esialbtalk of sensors has reminded me
esialbi need to make my coffee alarm
Cmdr_datafor when you need to drink some ?
esialbthe plan is to use a time-of-flight distance sensor to detect if a coffee cup is sitting in the keurig machine for over 5 minutes
esialband then text my wife
esialbshe is constantly making one and then forgetting it
WereWoofa truly nerdonic endeavor
WereWoofI like it
esialbone text if it sits there for 5 minutes, another text at 30 minutes. no other texts though; don't need it spamming her if she's out of the house.
Bird|otherboxo/ WereWoof
Cmdr_dataoh no .. the guy who started IKEA died .. may he rest in pieces
WereWoofhey hey box-O-bird
WereWoofhow goes it?
WereWoofsome assembly required
learathWhat is tuesday?
genebTHe day after monday.
learathAre you sure? I thought it came after assday?
WereWoofFalcon Heavy launch
learathhm. or is that monday?
learathWereWoof: ahh! Cool
learathI didn't realize it was scheduled?
dzhopaula poundstone on "wait wait don't tell me" had a joke about assembling his coffin
WereWoofTuesday 1:30 eastern time is when the launch window opens
WereWoofdont want to miss that one
weanichYes Accelerometer use for machine monitoring
weanichfrequency response range 0-10kHz
learathWhat the hell are you monitoring?
Cmdr_dataheh better use a laser then to measure position
weanichbearing in machine
learathI think an accelerometer is teh wrong thing.
Cmdr_dataheh stick on a piezo disk
learathCmdr_data: and power your device for free! :P
Cmdr_datahmm two disks ?
learathor a microphone
learaththat's actually a closer match to your application
learath10hz is a bit too low
Cmdr_datamic might not survive. Or give sensible values
Bird|otherboxWereWoof, yah. it should beat the Superb Owl for a show :D
Bird|otherboxif all goes to plan, it'll be "when was the last time YOU saw synchronized rocket aerobatics?"
Cmdr_dataoh how is the saladbowl going
WereWoofI have no doubt
Cmdr_datastill bowling ?
WereWoof<------- completely clueless on status of that silliness
Cmdr_dataactually .. they might not let themland synchronized but delay them 10 secs .. so the booms dont amplify each other
WereWoofI expect so
WereWoofslightly out of sync
WereWoofis how I heard it
learaththe splendid bowl? :P
WereWoofif you say so
weanichfrom this link https://www.voake.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1&file_id=1023&lang=th&page=shop.getfile&product_id=534
learathso, I think sparkfun only has mems ones
Bird|otherboxWereWoof, I was referring to the boostback burns :D
learathwhich is why we were pretty sure it wouldn't work
WereWoofACTION nods
WereWoofthey are planning on staggered landings tho
WereWoofand a view from OCISLY too
WereWoofif it all works
WereWoof(HUGE IF at this point)
weanichsome machines operate at 1000-2000 rpm and I want to measure frequency 16-33 Hz, Can I apply using mems
esialbit sends text messages with twilio
esialbusing an esp8266 nodemcu
Helldeskultrasonic transducer and a countdown to what?
esialbcountdown to a text message sent to my wife
esialbbecause she keeps forgetting her coffee
esialbone message at 5 minutes, one more at 30 minutes
Helldeskan egg timer would only be heard once and near by
esialbyeah, if she glances at her phone at ten minutes she'll still see the 5min alert
esialbalso you have to remember to set an egg timer
Helldeskare there electronic ones that could be triggered by the power draw of the appliance
esialbi dunno
esialbbut i think this is a pretty good solution
esialbi can't think of a better non-obnoxious-yet-persistent way to notify her that she forgot her coffee
Helldeskyeah it needs to know about the cup, not just that the appliance has been used
HelldeskI'm trying to find this one thing I saw a while ago, where someone figured out how to roughly get an idea of the current in a mains cable (no current transformer, no need to get anything around just the live wire either)
Helldeskit did some neat trick with a couple of hall sensors and opamps to get in the ballpark, once the pcb is cable tied to an extension cable and calibrated to a known load
Cmdr_dataheh the tesla roadster has a passenger https://www.instagram.com/p/BezcvpzAgYI/
Cmdr_dataand a camera rig
sgrace_wrkHappy Monday everyone!
sgrace_wrkEagles beat Patriots in SBLII.
sgrace_wrkSo today should be a good day.
learathI agree.
learathbut, falcon heavy tomorrow!
sgrace_wrkOh man...
sgrace_wrkStopped at Einstein Bagel for breakfast...
sgrace_wrkAnd a co-worker just brought me a breakfast burrito.
sgrace_wrkToday might be a salad lunch.
learathhah nice :)
sgrace_wrkOkay, I'm clearly doing something wrong...
sgrace_wrkAn OpenCL object I'm defining says it can't find a member function.
sgrace_wrkAnd no matter what, std::size_t is not a class member.
bootoagreed on the last line...
sgrace_wrkIt makes no sense to me...
sgrace_wrkMan... How do I fix this stupid std::size_t error.
Cmdr_dataheh an astronaut in the roadster and a rig with camera in front of it https://www.instagram.com/p/BezcvpzAgYI/
mpanettasgrace_wrk: What's the error?
sgrace_wrkmpanetta: std::size_t is not a class member.
mpanettasgrace_wrk: What does the line of code look like? That is a very odd error...
mpanettaahh FRAK
mpanettaI killed firefox and lost all my tabs :(
learathit can't recover them?
pwillardCmdr_data: how very "heavy metal"-ish
mpanettalearath: It didn't think it crashed :(
sgrace_wrkmpanetta: std::size_t gws[2];
mpanettasgrace_wrk: AFAIK there is only one "size_t". Can you try without std:: infront? Should not make a difference but who knows...
sgrace_wrkIt's not a big deal right now...
sgrace_wrkI'm having to rewrite the OpenCL.
learathmpanetta: I've always been able to restore tabs :(
mpanettasgrace_wrk: Sounds like a PITA
mpanettalearath: Me too
sgrace_wrkmpanetta: OpenCL is a pain in the ass.
mpanetta5 down, 20 to go...
mpanettaIf anyone here needs cheap offshore board stuffing and manuf, I can reccomend elecrow.
mpanettaJust got 25 boards back from them
mpanettaThe NRE they charged was only $50...
learathoh wow
mpanettaSo far they are all programming OK. I need to do more testing. The other PCBs we had them make were all fine though. This is just the first time we used them for assembly.
abetuskIs anyone around from SparkFun? I was looking at the EL Sequencer (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12781) and was wondering if the output AC signals to the EL lines would go down to 60-120Hz if, say, I wanted to use the same sequence for something other than EL?
Cmdr_datalook at the topic
abetuskok, sorry
Cmdr_datahmm where do you want to use it for ??
Cmdr_dataoh right .. what kind of voltage do those need .. is that like elektrolumonance foil
abetuskit says 5W per square meter (I think) and expects 60-120V AC
abetuskI think it says 60V but the piece of have looks to be run straight off of mains, which is 110V @ 60Hz, right? (I'm in the US)
Cmdr_datamight need an inverter https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10469
abetuskI was looking at that but it looks like that's in the KHz...
Cmdr_datawell the trick is that the inverter makes like a 2000Hz signal .. as on 50Hz the el wire doesnt do much i guess
Cmdr_dataso the EL sequencer just routes the 2000 hz ac from an external inverter to EL-wire i guess. So if you provide the right AC/inverter for the smart glass it should work i guess
learathour newest innovation! WaaS! Always Wrong, Every Time!
abetuskcmdr_data, thanks, talking to "Chris F." on the SparkFun chat seems to agree, though I think I'm getting them worried with talk of hooking mains up directly
Cmdr_dataheh .. yeahr .. might wants to use a small transformer .. to limit current .. and electrocution
abetuskyeah, that seems fair. I want to make it portable anyway
sgrace_wrkHappy Nerds Day!
Cmdr_datathere is a day for happy nerds ? i tought thats tomorow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbSwFU6tY1c
Cmdr_data^^^ the falcon heavy stream
sgrace_wrkWell, it'll be better tomorrow.
learathtoday is not a happy day.
Cmdr_datacalender says .. monday
sgrace_wrkWhen are Mondays ever a happy day?
learathWhen I'm allowed to do my job?
sgrace_wrkYou're not allowed to do your job.
learathACTION cries
sgrace_wrkBecause incompetent people are stopping you from doing it.
sgrace_wrkSince I had a HUGE breakfast...
sgrace_wrkI don't think I'll have a lunch.
sgrace_wrkI just go info that The Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville needs volunteers.
sgrace_wrkAny of you in the area want to volunteer to help it out?
sgrace_wrkI would not be surprised if you get swag, and beer.
AlphaEchoAt our local brewfest, the volunteers get a t-shirt and a mug plus a few tokens I think that they can use later on (but not while they're serving).
Cmdr_dataspacex just posted an amiga heavy animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk338VXcb24
gchristensenthis is exactly like the north korea victory nuke video
Snert__lol....how dare you point out our propaganda!
Snert__(we've never ever tried to influence any election is any country either....lol)
learathSnert__: I don't understand it. claiming that russia stole the election ... seems like a fail no matter what?
learathLike, in what situation does screaming "russia stole the election" help?
learath*particularly* if all your proof is fucking terrible facebook ads
Snert__to me it is! I can read anything on facebook and smell the underlying bullshit. I need no "protection" from such things :)
Snert__facebook did no wrong.
learathI mean, maybe that's the goal?
learathnot to block russian propaganda
learathbut to make *anything* that isn't super pro-democrat toxic?
Snert__Might be, though I still wouldn't fall for drivel such as that.
learathyeah, well, that makes you a bad american :P
Erlend^SEHow was he elected anyway?
learathErlend^SE: 1. a fucking terrible campaign, 2. total incompetence, 3. a lot of disgust with the political process
learathAll three of those are.. really tightly tied together
learathI'm skipping over some subtlty there
Cmdr_datapeople believed him and werent educated enough to question him ?
learathCmdr_data: I honestly don't think that was a big part.
learathhe didn't get any democrats to cross over
Erlend^SElearath: hm.. only the third option would be the people.. rihgt?
s73v3rit doesn’t help that the media didn’t question him, either
learathErlend^SE: The democrats who voted voted for clinton, the republicans who voted voted for trump
learaths73v3r: they actively sought him out
learaths73v3r: because they thought he was a chump.
s73v3rthey harped on everything Clinton said, but i never heard anything really hardly questioning anything Trump said
learathand he made great headlines.
learathThat was under 2. incompetence :)
Erlend^SElearath: I kinda hope the people deal with him.. but it's not for me to try to change anything there
learathErlend^SE: tbh, I thought it was going to turn into a *huge* win for the democrats.
learathErlend^SE: I thought they were going to unfuck themselves, and realize they needed to not act like children
learathwho knew instead they'd regress from like.. 12 year olds to like 6 year olds?
learathI'm honestly baffled.
Erlend^SEWell.. I was kinda confused about the whole election (media coverage was likely not neutral.. but still.. WTF??)
learathNeither candidate made any attempt to reach out to the other side, it was weird
learathtypically the way it works is the candidate runs to their side in the primary
learaththen tries to run to the center in the main event
mpanettaI hate them all
s73v3ri can’t really agree with that statement
learaths73v3r: oh?
learathmpanetta: yep
learathmpanetta: I voted third party, because I'm not a terrible fucking person.
Erlend^SEmpanetta: Trump was exactly what he seemd like.. I guess.., Hillary.. I don't know
mpanettalearath: Same here
Erlend^SEflipdot displays are cool :)
mpanettaErlend^SE: and expensive :(
Erlend^SEmpanetta: Sadly so yes.. if it's unsed in a phone it's cheap..otherwise forget it :D
Cmdr_dataheh to keep it simple https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/FH-launch-profile.jpeg
mpanettaWat?> Flipdots in phones?
Erlend^SEmpanetta: Nah.. displays e.t.c. in general.. flipdot phones isn't common (yet)
learathflipdot is already dead :P
mpanettaoic, yes
Erlend^SEtrue.. except special applications (they have low idle power)
learathErlend^SE: I think even there use e-ink
mpanettalow? Isn't it like 0?
learathmpanetta: IIRC, yes 0
mpanettaIts magnetic lateches yeah?
learathBut it's also stupid :P
learathmaybe that's too harsh?
mpanetta25 boards all porgrammed
mpanettaLet me tell you, it is hard to get a porg to ram a board.
mpanettahmm, they sent 4 extra unstuffed boards
learaththat's kind of cool
learathDo the boards they sent work?
mpanettathe 25 I programmed seemed to with my simple test
mpanettaThey all visually inspect correctly
mpanettaThe only thing they didn't do is install valves on the boards. But we told them not to, since it would be insanely expensive to ship them to china when we can solder them ourselves easily enough.
learathThat is pretty awesome
learath"valves"? tubes?
mpanettanah air valves
learathhah ok :)
mpanettaASCO valves
learathphew :)
mpanettayah no tubes here :P
sgrace_wrksupersat2 is multiplying.
learathdid someone feed him after midnight?
sgrace_wrkIsn't it always past midnight?
supersatsgrace_wrk: my internet uplink was rebooted last week and the new random channel assignments has caused it to be a bit iffy
sgrace_wrkNot good.
sgrace_wrkNeed to boost that power. :P
AlphaEchoAnyone here with familiarity with TMS320 / C26x arch DSP's?
supersatsgrace_wrk: i can't really do that
AlphaEchoDer C28x
sgrace_wrksupersat: Sad. :(
supersatAlphaEcho: only to the extent needed to reverse-engineer some DSP code I've encountered
supersatalthough I don't remember what flavor of TMS320 it was
AlphaEchoACTION is mostly trying to figure out if it's worth tooling up for one
AlphaEchoI've got experience with MSP430's, not sure how much different a TMS320 will be in terms of the hardware for programming/etc.
danielsvanethis might be a silly place to ask this
danielsvanebut im looking for a cheaper alternative to https://www.adafruit.com/product/390
learathIs it your homework? :P
danielsvaneno i wish
learathso, ebay
learathwhich parts d you need exactly?
danielsvanei need to power a microcontroller with battery and/or solar when it is available
learathhttps://www.ebay.com/itm/LiPo-LiON-Battery-Charging-Module-with-Protector-TP4056-Arduino-Solar-Charger/173131740218 ?
learathprobably a bad listing.
sgrace_wrkdanielsvane: Why is ~$18 too expensive?
danielsvanebecause im so bad at electronics that im going to break it within a day
sgrace_wrkBy crushing it in your hand?
danielsvaneim probably going to reverse some wires and wonder why it smells weird
sgrace_wrkWell, that's what capacitors are for. ;)
danielsvanenow youre just being silly :p
danielsvanei looked at this board https://www.elecrow.com/mini-solar-lipo-charger-board.html
danielsvanebut im not really sure it serves the same function
danielsvaneit says it can supply a constant 5V from either battery or panel, but they also have more spelling errors than.. not errors..
sgrace_wrkBasically, if you have things that meet the electrical requirement of JST 2.0 and 1A, you're fine.
sgrace_wrkIt's just a power hub.
sgrace_wrkIf you want something that does battery charging and safely changes between solar and LiPo and what not, you're better off getting the thing from Adafruit.
danielsvanelearath: have you used the german board before?
danielsvanesgrace: if there really isn't a decent chinese alternative im gonna go with the adafruit one
danielsvaneokay is there a word for the type of circuit im looking for?
danielsvaneor multiple words
danielsvaneso my googling isn't so hit and miss
AlphaEchoBattery Management System
AlphaEchoSingle cell or multi-cell LiPo?
danielsvanei wanna say single cell
danielsvanebut im not really sure what the difference is
danielsvanemulticell sounds like many single cells combined
AlphaEchoIn series, yes, and you have to balance their charges/etc and ensure no one battery takes all the charge, so to speak
AlphaEchoSingle cell is easy. Past 4.2v, stop charging.
AlphaEchoDon't charge at > 1C
AlphaEcho(e.g for a 350mA-hour battery, don't charge it with > 350mA
AlphaEchoAnd thus, don't discharge it typically at > 20 or 30C, whatever it's rated at (which would be about 10A in that case for 30C discharge)
danielsvaneim not gonna draw much power, i think im going for https://wiki.wemos.cc/products:d1:d1_mini#documentation
danielsvaneand its gonna be in sleep mode most of the time
Erlend^SEAlphaEcho: And always read the battery datasheet?
danielsvaneokay thanks for the help guys, im gonna do some more googling
AlphaEchoErlend^SE: Assuming it comes with one
Erlend^SEAlphaEcho: True.. those without one isn't neat at all
AlphaEchoWhich is just about every single cell lipo one can usually buy from china
AlphaEchoOr, that most people are willing to buy.
Erlend^SEYep, totally
AlphaEchoSo my general assumption is "Oh, it's a LiPo? Okay, 4.2V max, 3.2 minimum voltage, charge = 1C max, Discharge = 20C max (or whatever is written on the outside of the pack)
Erlend^SEAlphaEcho: 20C seems rather high for general use stuff.. more like 2-4C
AlphaEchoMax pulsed
AlphaEchoBut yeah, 2-4 continuous
AlphaEchoOr 5-something
AlphaEchoI have datasheets on some batteries that I have
AlphaEchoBut they're $$$$$
AlphaEcho(Surplus from a motorcycle battery, buddy got them for me)
Erlend^SEWhy would you specify pulse rating first? If they just given a number I would assume continous (pulsed needs more details)
AlphaEchoBecause marketing
AlphaEchoMegapixels all over again :)
Erlend^SEWell.. megapixels tends to be real (but optics can be junk)
AlphaEchoACTION still thinks of MP as bogus, as it's now total # of color pixels, not # of RGB pixels (again, marketing)
Erlend^SEWell.. true
Erlend^SEAnd the pixel layout isn't mathcing the display anyway
AlphaEchoACTION nods
Erlend^SEI have found a scanner CCD that is tempting to do camera with tho.. true rgb.. if I ever can get a sharp image
Erlend^SESequencial..but hey.. maybe stills will do :)
AlphaEchoI'd imagine you could make it do some pretty good dynamic range
intranickis it 5pm yet?
sgrace_wrkBut it is Beer:30.
intranickfinally on like
intranicknormal person hours working 8am-5pm
AlphaEchointranick: What were you working before?
intranick3:00-11:00, then 11am-7pm
AlphaEchoSwing and something, can't remember the name of the overlap shift
intranickim transitioning from manage people into engineering
intranickbut with a "technician" or something title
intranicksince im not actually an engineer
AlphaEchoDoes it pay like an engineer?
intranickprobably not lol
AlphaEchoThe company I work for treats techs like crap to an extent
AlphaEcho"Here, do this engineering work, for which you're not qualified, trained, or paid to do. But if you fail, we'll fire you."
AlphaEchoACTION tries specifically to not treat his techs/operators like that
sgrace_wrkUntil they royally screw up.
AlphaEchosgrace_wrk: Then I give them a badge.
sgrace_wrkAnd a raise!?!?!?
sgrace_wrkWell, I'll tell your tech guys I tried.
AlphaEcho25 badges though and they get a certificate of completion.
sgrace_wrkAnd then a raise!?!??!
sgrace_wrkAlmost again!
sgrace_wrkIs the certificate good for 1 semester at the local community college?
AlphaEchosgrace_wrk: http://www.basicinstructions.net/basic-instructions/2009/12/13/how-to-discipline-your-employees.html
AlphaEcho(I have that on my cube wall)
sgrace_wrkDo you actually have badges and a certificate?
sgrace_wrkMy brother got these ribbons that you'd normally get on a "Field Day" in school.
sgrace_wrkLike, "You survived another meeting."
sgrace_wrkOr "You're a good eater award."
sgrace_wrkYou should get a bunch of those in a Despair form.