sgrace_wrkAnyways... I need to get home, and get some packing stuff done and off to the house for more work!
AlphaEchoIdeas I like.
AlphaEchoACTION clutches his chest and gaaaks at the price of foil-shielded 37-conductor wire
AlphaEchoFreaking $8/foot minimum
AlphaEchoDigikey will happily sell me a 100' roll for the low low price of $855.
Hyratelthat's steep
AlphaEchoAh, here's some uninsulated, which apparently I don't need jacketed.
AlphaEchoSo $2.59/ft now instead, which is more reasonable.
AlphaEcho(Still, 100' minimum)
AlphaEchoLooks like the standard cable I'm replacing is 20', so I should be able to make 5 interface cables, not horrible...
learathAlphaEcho: that sounds high
learathAlphaEcho: this is going to sound dumb
learathhave you looked at 50 conductor cables?
AlphaEchoI have not
AlphaEcho(Needs to be round cable)
Cmdr_datalooks like that rocket is still being towed somewhere around the bahamas. But seems that they changed pulling ships today ... and go searcher is going to meet the falcon heavy center booster
WereWoofand our sweet OCISLY
WereWoofACTION nods
learathAlphaEcho: I ran across
learathAlphaEcho: which is ~2.30$/foot
learathAlphaEcho: but I don't know if it meets your requirements.
learath(it's also pretty nice cable)
learath25pair is an *ancient* phone standard
intranickWereWoof: :o
WereWoofthis is NOT easy
WereWoofand some of this stuff simply cant be tested any other way
intranickthats why using his car is smart
intranickcheaper than a sattalite
WereWoofnobody wants to lose an expensive satellite
WereWoofand insurance would be INSANE
intranickand if he succeeds
WereWoofthe premium would be more than the cost of the payload
intranickhaving the car farthest away from manufacturing point
intranickin history
intranickwould be a feat
WereWoofits GREAT advertizing
WereWoofof course
WereWoofand also preserved for say... the next billion years or so
WereWoofunless somone goes and gets it back
WereWoofat some point
learathWell, it will hit something *eventually*
intranicki think it will be hammered by space
WereWoofhitting something is pretty remote...
WereWoofcould happen
learathit's got a lot of time :P
WereWoofbut there is a whole lot of empty out there
intranickbut theres a whole lot of particulate matter moving very fast
WereWoofat anyrate
WereWoofyah... but this isnt even earth orbit
WereWoofso that helps
intranickand there be WereWoof
intranickACTION launches WereWoof to space
WereWoofbut.. it will certainly be better preserved than anyplace on earth
WereWoofshould easily outlast humans
learathThat depends entirely on how you define "human" and how stupid we are
learath... given recent events I expect most things to outlast humans
WereWoofthats not a hard bet to make
WereWoofwell... I am going to HOPE... that this works the very first time
WereWoofeven if its not so likely to
intranickjust dont leave home without your poop shaped mold
WereWoofya need more like a custom extrusion die...
WereWoofACTION nods
intranickor a 3d printer?
WereWoofstill there
WereWooffor the nerd that has everything
GeorgeHi all! I look at NeuroSky MindWave Mobile+ ( and can't understant how I may making new programs with it. I need to know, Is it real? where can i find api and simple open source apps?
JennyC6Lotsa names in here, even at this late hour. Heh. I've got a couple minor questions about controlling a high current device with a low current switch, if anyone's up to answer it
JennyC6Basically, I'm building an RC truck that'll have its batteries...gonna run two 2s 5000mAh 50c LiPo packs in paralell...mounted in such a way that getting them in and out, unplugging them, is gonna be a right pain in the rear. Problem is, the off switch on the BEC doesn't actually turn the whole rig off, it just disables the output of the BEC. If I turned that off and left the batteries plugged in the quiescent current would kill th
JennyC6I've just been running it and they're fairly heavily discharged to begin with
JennyC6I expect the typical continuous current draw to be hovering right around 25 amps, with spikes up to two or three times that if I've got the truck stuck in the mud or heavily loaded.
JennyC6My first thought was a simple one, just find a toggle switch to throw into the hot line coming into the ESC from the batteries, but the highest current switch I can find is only 5 amps, and that would let the magic smoke out in a hurry. Something more complex is needed, and I found two items that look promising
JennyC6 This has the bonus of being 100% open circuit when it's off, but it's kinda big, bulky, and I'd run two of these, one at each battery, before the cables Y into one. It's also only rated 5VDC on the trigger side, whereas I'd be using full battery voltage with a current limiting resistor to control it(Can be as high as 8.2v, nominal 7.4). Would the coil burn out under these conditions?
JennyC6 This is much smaller, and solid state. It can also handle 10 amps more continuous and way more burst than the batteries I'm using can push. The truck has a metal chassis so heatsinking is no issue, I'd just put some thermal paste in and bolt it right to the inside of the frame rail. However, it will have a miniscule leakage current even when off, likely far less than the quiescent current of
JennyC6Would that mosfet be a better item to use in this application? Or would I be better off with the relay?
nickersonmFalson Heavy launch today, 1:30pm ET
sgrace_wrkHappy Falcon Heavy Day!
learathsgrace_wrk: is it going to give us a fireworks show? :P
WereWooflaunch has been bumped back half an hour too
Erlend^SEHow long to?
WereWooftill 2 pm EST
sgrace_wrkI blame you WereWoof .
WereWoof<----------- is likely guilty as charged
WereWoofapparently they expect improved upper level winds by waiting a bit
sgrace_wrkThis case is going to reach the outer limits of stupidity, silliness, and annoyance.
learathsgrace_wrk: I really hope the feds have the balls to shut down uber
Erlend^SElearath: They are exploiting drivers e.t.c?
gchristensenErlend^SE: are you familiar with Greyball?
Erlend^SEgchristensen: Nope
Erlend^SEBut Uber have been blocked from doing a lot locally
gchristensen"Greyball is a software tool used by the ride-hailing service Uber to identify and deny service to certain riders, including riders who Uber suspects of violating its terms of service.[1][2] Uber's use of Greyball was made public in a March 3, 2017, investigative report by The New York Times, which described how, as early as 2014, Uber had used Greyball to evade local government authorities in the United
gchristensenStates, Australia, South Korea, and China.["
gchristensenUber doesn't care about rules
learathErlend^SE: they are, as far as I can tell, a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a legitimate company
learathErlend^SE: it's really just absurd
learathlike, they are not even hiding it
sgrace_wrkIf only the gov had the balls to actually take them to court.
Erlend^SEWell.. what gov?
sgrace_wrkUS Gov mostly.
sgrace_wrkBut really any gov that isn't the EU.
gchristensenis the launch time continuously being pushed back?
gchristensenI feel like it said 2hrs, 1hr ago
Erlend^SEgchristensen: How long delay can it be? they do have quick-charge stations there?
sgrace_wrkgchristensen: 2:20PM EST.
learathErlend^SE: you should read the backstory on Uber. it is just insane
Erlend^SEWell.. I have seen a lot of mess about them.. and they are in conflict with local goverment (confiscated driver lisences e.t.c. as far as I recall)
sgrace_wrkIt shows how fucking illegal all of Uber is and how the US gov hasn't done shit to stop them.
sgrace_wrkLaunch window is 2.5 hours from 1:30PM EST.
Erlend^SEsgrace_wrk: Where do you check?
gchristensenErlend^SE: when they started in DC, the DC govt told them and the drivers it was illegal to operate, and arrested some drivers. Uber said ignore the law, don't worry about being arrested -- we'll pay the fines and lawyers
Erlend^SEhm.. the timezombies are confusing to me, do you know any known countdown counter?
sgrace_wrkWhat do you mean?
Erlend^SEI don't know how to "translate" EST
gchristensensgrace_wrk: the "stream starts in <<time>>" things on youtube have said it starts in 2hrs all morning
sgrace_wrkEST = Eastern Standard Time (East Coast of the USA)
sgrace_wrkFrom my understanding, SpaceX usually starts the broadcast 30min before the actual T-0.
Erlend^SEsgrace_wrk: Exactly.. I need a UTC offset
learath-4/-5 depending
learathwe should all switch to Swatch Beats
sgrace_wrkI'm -7.
sgrace_wrkSo that makes east coast -5.
sgrace_wrkErlend^SE: Also, in this channel, we assume Sparkfun is UTC. :P
jocafaMST represent
Erlend^SEsgrace_wrk: Time beyond single point or beyond week is a mess
gchristensenmy major beef with is they lie and don't have every timezone
Erlend^SEgchristensen: I noticed too, the list was kinda short
gchristensenit is pretty good, but alienating for my friends in AST (Canada)
Erlend^SEgchristensen: And no "add your own"
gchristensenah ha! the launch does keep getting pushed back. 20:10UTC
WereWoofyup yup
WereWoofbumped it back again
WereWoofno earlier than 3:05 EST
sgrace_wrkNo update on Twitter.
gchristensenthat is how I found out
sgrace_wrkI have a feeling that today will be a scrub.
WereWoofsince they are having problems with unfavorable winds
WereWoofupper level winds
sgrace_wrkAnyone watching Altered Carbon on Netflix?
sgrace_wrkIf you watch it, there's an episode in which Babymetal is playing in the background.
gchristensenis the tesla not aerodynamic enough?
sgrace_wrkgchristensen: It's the Roadster.
WereWoofupper level winds are 20% above desired... chances of a scrub are looking pretty high I think
Erlend^SEWhy so little from the official?
learathThat's a shame.
AlphaEchosgrace_wrk: I've been watching it, though I don't know what Babymetal is.
sgrace_wrkThere's your Babymetal.
AlphaEchoACTION makes note to watch later.
sgrace_wrkJapanese girl metal band.
learathyou forgot "crazy", "crazy" and "crazy"
sgrace_wrkRob Zombie gives them his approval for being metal.
Soutwow really AlphaEcho you have never heard of babymetal
ErinFoxdid anyone doubt that this is metal?
learathI guess you could be confused, and think "Babymetal" was like "soft metal"
ErinFoxnah they're pretty heavy
sgrace_wrkThey might be considered "Nu Metal."
learathErinFox: sure, but I can see the name confusing people
gchristensenErinFox: someone did and rob zombie called them out
ErinFoxahh gotcha
ErinFoxand nice
Soutand the fact they the singers are idols not "metal singers" and he said esseintaily they work harder than most metal bands he knows
learathgchristensen: that is hilarious.
gchristensenlots of respect to rob zombie for that
sgrace_wrkWhen they formed, the members didn't really like metal, but now they are becoming metalheads.
learathsgrace_wrk: pardon my dubiousity there :)
sgrace_wrkI think their song Karate is in Altered Carbon.
learathI should watch that
ErinFoxi hate this "oh x y or z isnt genre cause arbitrary crap"
learathbut I don't watch tv....
sgrace_wrkMy brother hates FFDP.
sgrace_wrkFive Finger Death Punch
ErinFoxits like, nobody benefits from people being dicks about genress
sgrace_wrkHe hates them for the most asinine thing.
ErinFoxi got a hot music take: i dont think nickelback sucks
sgrace_wrkI usually call him out on his hate, and it basically comes down to, they don't do complex cord progressions and what not.
gchristensenErinFox: same
ErinFoxi dont like them, i find them boring, but they're not bad at making music
sgrace_wrkI'm more of a fan of a banana than Nickelback. :P
ErinFoxthey're competent musicians, just not all that creative imho
ErinFoxtheres people with less skill that make more interesting music
jocafaMelt Banana?
sgrace_wrkJust because the band members don't have a PhD in Music Theory doesn't mean they suck at being artists and creators.
learathas the reverse
learathteaching "art" is hard
ErinFoxheck, i consider Nena's 99 red balloons to be punk
sgrace_wrkThe only genre I can't stand is Stadium Country Rock.
learathI can see that
learaththough you'd have to specify the remix :P
ErinFoxlearath: the original song and the english dub
learath(er, which remix I should say)
ErinFoxthe subject matter, production values of the video, the rhythms and constructions of the song itself
ErinFoxvery strongly influenced by punk. its simple, boiled down, and pretty much calling out societal bullshit
ErinFoxthus, punk enough for me.
ErinFoxbut it wouldnt even have to be callsified as such for me to like it.
sgrace_wrkBo Burnham explains exactly why I can't stand Stadium Country.
ErinFoxstadium country is boring
ErinFoxbut the people that create it and play it are no less good musicians, i can respect them as performers
sgrace_wrkApparently, Stadium Country talks more about drugs than modern day rap songs.
learathI hate the "twang" in most country
learathand I can't even coherently explain why
ErinFoxthats reasonable, not liking certain styles is a thing
s73v3rI mean, isn’t the opiod epidemic hitting rural, country areas hardest?
jocafaIt's artificial
ErinFoxim not a big fan of it either
ErinFoxjocafa: thats true, its a big show, produced and tuned and whatnot, but it doesnt take away from the performers skill in playing it all
ErinFoxyou dont see a lot of people who havent been trained heavily for years in stadium country rock
jocafaI meant the twang hehe
ErinFoxoh yea
ErinFoxi dont know the twang other than the settings to make it on my guitar
ErinFoxand that its definately a learned style
AlphaEchoACTION hasn't really listened to much metal
ErinFoxsome metal is boring as heck to me
ErinFoxand im a metalhead
AlphaEchoACTION has done more EDM/etc recently
AlphaEchoACTION grew up on megadeth, but just have kinda moved on I guess.
ErinFoxbeen doing more edm stuf lately too, i blame my partner
AlphaEchoThough if I want to focus and the GF isn't home, I'll put on Justice for All, not sure why, but that album has stuck with me for some reason since gradeschool, I think I listened to it on loop while working on a few projects and it's just stuck.
ErinFoxits a good song
ErinFoxalbum *
AlphaEchoBoth :)
ErinFoxi just got ride the lightneing on vinyl the other day
Cmdr_dataoops .. counter on the stream went from 88 mins to go to 118 mins to go
ErinFoxits nice
learathAlphaEcho: what's modern EDM?
learathI used to listen to a ton of it
ErinFoxfun one i have on vinyl: Master Boot Record
learathapop, vnv nation
AlphaEchoModern/ Current artists I guess, Dash Berlin, etc
AlphaEchoI've got a buddy who's big into such stuff and so I follow his playlist on spotify for when I go walking
AlphaEchoA lot of Armin Van Buren too I think.
learathI always though of him as more techno
learaththan EDM
learathbut I guess those are pretty similar
AlphaEcho(I've never been good at paying attention to artists)
AlphaEchoTechno, EDM, meh.
AlphaEchoUnder the 'electronica' classification I guess.
learathand this of course reminds me of TECHNOVIKING! :P
jocafaI heart Clark
AlphaEcholearath: What was that from? Glove and boots?
jocafaElectronic musician
learathit's a whole story
learathugly really :(
learathbut hilarous on the face!
AlphaEchoOhyeah, that :)
gchristensenLaunch auto-sequence initiated (aka the holy mouse-click) for 3:45 liftoff #FalconHeavy
Cmdr_dataholy mousclick
learathoh cool
Cmdr_datato keep it simple .. an easy graph about what is supposed to happen :)
WereWoofnuffing may happen today
Cmdr_databut i think they have a delay of 15 secs between landing boosters
Cmdr_dataHehe .. Elon Musk thinks there is a 50% change of failure .. so
WereWoofnow 3:45 pm est
WereWoofis the expected launch time
WereWoofstill may be scrubbed for the day
Cmdr_datathe landing zones
WereWoof"The Falcon Heavy countdown has resumed, targeting liftoff from pad 39A at 3:45 p.m. EST (2045 GMT). But the SpaceX launch team will re-evaluate upper level wind conditions in a few minutes, shortly before loading RP-1 fuel into the rocket."
AlphaEchoSo if they load it and then scrub, I assume they get to drain it then.
learathwhich sounds like no fun
AlphaEchoGotta be interesting stresses to plan into the design with the heat/cool cycle.
WereWoofscrub = cancel for the day
Erlend^SEi see
WereWoofI expect that they intend to make a decision before they begin loading fuel and o2
jocafai don't want no scrubs
Cmdr_datathere is a retry option for wendesday
AlphaEchoThey have a specific launch window because they're trying to slingshot mars with the roadster, right?
Cmdr_datai dont think it makes much difference when they launch ..
WereWoofthey do have constraints to avoid other space objects tho
Cmdr_dataits not like they need to dock with a space station or anything
learathand they do want to hit mars
Erlend^SEAlphaEcho: As crazy as it sounds: yes
WereWoof"There is one collision avoidance cutout in the remainder of today's launch window at 3:56 p.m. EST (2056 GMT). The Falcon Heavy cannot launch at that time to ensure it does not get too close to another object already in space."
Cmdr_dataand all the ufo's just have to watch out
AlphaEchoAh, collision cutouts, and probably daylight too
jocafaunmarked large white van with blacked out windows across the street from my house. >.>
Erlend^SEjocafa: You are neat the site?
jocafathe site of the incident
jocafai don't know. that's as far as i planned to take the joke
Cmdr_datawell .. if you go into orbit first .. you can wait for the right moment to restart the engine of the 2nd stage to fly to mars ... if you launch into one direction you get the speed of earth added to your speed. And if you launch in the other direction its subtracted ..
AlphaEchojocafa: Carcampers?
jocafaAlphaEcho: no idea
Cmdr_dataIf the countdown proceeds with fueling, SpaceX's launch director will voice his approval for propellant loading at 2:17 p.m. EST (1917 GMT), followed by the start of fueling with RP-1 kerosene three minutes later.
WereWoofor they shall call "SCRUB"
WereWoofwhich at this point I suspect is more likely
Cmdr_dataot hold hold hold .. then they think about it and declare a scrub i guess
WereWooflatest details there as it happens
Cmdr_dataheh .. i think they made changes to that page is sometimes it got overloaded during spacex launches
WereWoofif it looks like winds wont settle down... then they will likely call scrub earlier than later
Cmdr_datathey use a different site now
WereWoofprobably before too long
Cmdr_dataHeh "We're standing by for the start of fueling."
Cmdr_dataat t-90 mins .. i tought they needed to load fuel withing 30 mins of launch. Well now there are 3 times more boosters to fill
WereWooflikely till the review the weather forcast upper wind data
WereWoofif they think its not gonna go.. no point in loading fuel or proceeding
Cmdr_datayeahr .. also they lowered speed compared to Falcon9 to lower max-q
WereWoofengines are throttled to 90 percent on this flight
s73v3rooo, Delta 4 heavy scale model
Cmdr_dataWell rocket is being filled with RP1 .. and at t-45 mins they start with the liquid oxygen
WereWoofyah... auto sequence was initiated... with no hold
WereWoofso we shall see
gchristensenman I hate so say so but I sort of hope it gets scrubbed, because I have a meeting covering the launch
WereWoofmeetings are made to be avoided
Cmdr_dataheh .. no one at the meeting interested ? or you could carry a tablet or phone or laptop
gchristensenits a sales meeting :(
sgrace_wrkgchristensen: I got a triage meeting soon after they start broadcasting.
WereWoofACTION is watching a live feed from the pad..
WereWoofnice day there
WereWoofclear skies it appears
Cmdr_dataeveryday astronaut ?
Cmdr_datahe forgot his space suit
Cmdr_datapbs news hour ?
sgrace_wrkMan... When we become a space species...
sgrace_wrkThere will be times someone will forget their space suit and die in the vacuum of space.
WereWoof"just damn... I forgot my space sui....."
Cmdr_dataor run out of oxygen, water or food .. or spare parts.
learathCmdr_data: or all of the above? :P
jocafaor no place to poop
learathalways bet on stupid :P
WereWoofyou mean..
WereWoofspaced them out?
Cmdr_dataoh bbc world news on tv is talking about spacex
WereWoofboosters are fueled
WereWoofLOX next
Snert__if they scrub do they pump the go-juice back into the storage tank?
learathand then reinspect the rocket :P
learathbecause rocket fuel is messy
Cmdr_datawell .. hypergolic fuel like hydrazine is a few magnitudes worse
Cmdr_datai hope they have fuel left for the 2nd stage
sgrace_wrkFuck hydrazine.
Cmdr_datawould be great for astronomers if it was stuck in a 500 miles orbit
learath just went live
jocafaand there's a multiple cams button
WereWooftest shot starfish music
sgrace_wrkWe are truly live!
jocafaACTION puts on chromecast
WereWoofif anyone is not clued in yet
Cmdr_data833.395 people watching the stream .. might be fun for youtube to keep it streaming
Cmdr_data935.773 now
WereWoofmmm hmm
WereWoofACTION is watching the spaceX stream
learath.3% of the US
Cmdr_datawell spacex uses youtube to stream it
WereWoofACTION hopes this works
learathI mean
learaththat'd be cool
learathbut does it matter?
WereWoofbut its not a make or break
learathI guess
WereWoofby any means
Erlend^SElearath: For us? probably not.. unless you want the research results..
WereWoofeither way they learn a tone
WereWoofbut yeah
WereWoofif it works
learathTBH, a failure teaches more
Cmdr_dataover 1 million people now
WereWoofyes and no
learathI think the best case would be a mild failure
WereWoofbecause success gets them the boosters back.. in one piece
WereWoofto fully analyze
WereWoofparticularly the center booster
WereWoofthe core booster is custom built for this
WereWoofACTION nods
learathwell, that makes sense.
Cmdr_dataits strengthened
WereWoofbut either way..
WereWoofthey are instrumented to the maXx
Cmdr_datathe center booster does 3 burns ... i guess first one to break as it will fly faster as any booster
WereWoofand huge stresses on that
sgrace_wrkCan we say... It's 3*Q?
Cmdr_dataheh .. put the sound on some big honeycomb speakers .. that should be an interesting noise/rumble
Cmdr_datat - 10 mins
WereWoofACTION has two huge JBL studio monitors one at each side of computer table..
WereWoofthe neighborhood may hear this
learathmy speakers are *ANCIENT* microsoft flat panel speakers :P
sgrace_wrkThey make think you're launching a rocket.
Cmdr_dataor exploding one
Cmdr_dataoh they do a voyager
Cmdr_datasend a disk
learathThat is super cool
Cmdr_dataimagine the new star trek movie where they encounter a roadster
WereWoofthats kinda cool
WereWoofusing a tractor beam to bring that into a shuttle bay
sgrace_wrkHahaha, they'd be like, "WHAT IS THIS ANCIENT DEATH MACHINE!?!?!?"
sgrace_wrkFastest roadster in the solar system.
Cmdr_data1.5 million people
WereWoofvolume is now UP
sgrace_wrkThat is a very gassy rocket. :P
Cmdr_dataprolly super cooled air ..
Cmdr_dataso fog
HyratelLOX overpressure bleed
WereWoof2 minutes
learathjust don't light a match :P
Cmdr_datawell around the body of the boosters there is fog
Cmdr_data2 million people
Cmdr_dataarg reload
WereWoofcome on baby...
learathholy crap.
gchristensenholy fuuuck
sgrace_wrkSo loud.
learathand it passed
WereWooffly baby fly
WereWoofoh man that is cool
WereWoofcome on baby
gchristensenwith it going so well, they must have tried it a whole lot of times in KSP
s73v3rman, it sucks now that Musk is gonna have to take the bus to work now
WereWooffuck that is cool
learathabsolutely insane.
gchristensens73v3r: a bus made of literal money
learathhe just murdered the entire aerospace industry.
WereWooffuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!1
learathfuck. private flight to mars.
WereWoofhell yes!!!!1
sgrace_wrkGotta wait for all boosters to land.
gchristensendisappointing that camera is sort of slightly broken ;) I say, about a freaking launch to space
learathgchristensen: probably overloaded.
learathI wonder how much the bonus for successful launch is :)
gchristensenomg that was hilarious
sgrace_wrk"Don't Panic."
Cmdr_dataheh the bottom two views are the same
sgrace_wrkThat stuff took no time at all.
WereWoofULA is sobbing... sobbing
WereWoofoh man
learathhaving trouble keeping video to the second stage.
Cmdr_datahow come the two boosters burn jets in sybc
WereWoofentry burn
learathCmdr_data: they are doing the same thing
Cmdr_datasame software
Cmdr_dataa the pics are slightly different
sgrace_wrkCmdr_data: Same video source.
learathThey are hitting targets what? 1 mile apart
learaththat is incredible
learathit looks like fucking sci-fi
gchristensenmy fucking god
WereWoofoh fucking man!!!!!!!!!!!!
gchristensenI can't take it
gchristensenthis is too incredible
WereWoofOMG that was cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WereWoofoh damn!!!
learathmaybe boom.
WereWoofoh man that landing!!
learaththat was absolutely insane.
Cmdr_dataheh drone ship to the right
sgrace_wrkRight before my meeting.
WereWoofoh my god
WereWoofthat was cooooooooooooooooooool
WereWoofincredibly cool
learathsounds like the center core may not have survived
WereWoofwell they lost the signal
Cmdr_dataheh drone ship to the right on this pic
WereWoofso who knows
Cmdr_dataat the edge
WereWoofoh man...
learath2.3m viewers
WereWoofthey just killed ULA
WereWoofACTION watches replay of landing
sgrace_wrkDon't panic!
WereWooffor the first time of at least 1000
AlphaEchoYeah, saw that too
Cmdr_dataheh its on CNN
sgrace_wrk2.1mil people
sgrace_wrkAlright, off to my meeting.
AlphaEchoACTION watches a replay, being 15 minutes late to the party
learathit's straight up sci-fi
sgrace_wrkYes it is.
Cmdr_dataits odd on the big screen there was a little screen with half the drone ship i guess .. but no center booster
learathso, no updates, I'm guessing something happened
WereWoofdunno.. but that would still be a minor thing
Cmdr_dataview from inside the fairing
WereWoofyeah looking at that
learathI wonder if they need a sysadmin :P
AlphaEcholearath: I hear spacex pay is shit
s73v3rthey pay like shit and work you to death
AlphaEchoAnd you have to be in LA
learathAlphaEcho: that ... would not surprise me
s73v3rfrom what I hear, all of Musk’s companies are the same way
AlphaEchoOne of the engineers here when he was thinking of quitting (he eventually did) looked into working for spacex
AlphaEchoThey offered him a job, but it was less than he makes here
sgrace_wrkSpaceX burns people out.
AlphaEcho(Where cost of living is 30% less than the cost of living in LA)
sgrace_wrkI don't recommend working at SpaceX unless you're married.
s73v3ri wouldn’t recommend working at SpaceX if you are
gchristenseni wouldn’t recommend working at SpaceX
s73v3rand you enjoy seeing your family once in a while
jocafaguys that was amazing
Cmdr_datasynchronized landing
WereWoofdata beat me to that by .02 seconds
learathCmdr_data: that literally looks like a movie
learathnot reality.
WereWoofI was just about to hit enter
sgrace_wrkAny word on the rapid disassembly of the center core?
jocafaCmdr_data: i want wallpaper of that
WereWoofnot yet
learathR*U*D thank you :P
Cmdr_datawell they might have done a 3 engine landing .. as on the prev. mission they did a 3 engine landing on water
learathbrutal :)
sgrace_wrkgchristensen: LOL That's great.
sgrace_wrkWelp... The surviving boosters won't fly again.
learathtoo much stress?
Cmdr_datawell block3 booster
WereWoofthat was the second flight anyways
Cmdr_datathey do 2 flights and this was the 2nd
WereWoofso thats it... till block V boosters start flying
sgrace_wrkThey won't fly because it's historic!
WereWoofand they are meant for up to hundreds of flights
sgrace_wrkI know.
sgrace_wrkWhat I am saying is, generally, you don't fly them again for their historic value.
WereWoofman... that flight was cool
Cmdr_datawell next boosters are supposed to be block5 .. as they are supposed to fly 7 of them before they can do the manned flight for nasa
WereWoofyup yup
gchristensenwhat is block5?
WereWoofblock V should be arriving shortly
gchristensenor block<n>?
sgrace_wrkThe name of the booster family.
WereWoofthat is the last variant of upbrated falcon 9
WereWoofer upgraded
gchristensenoh I see
jocafawouldn't other shapes be more aerodynamic than blocks?
WereWoofwith all the mods..
Cmdr_datablock5 is a new version with stronger engines .. titanium grid fins and heat shield .. special paint
WereWoofand intended for multiple launches
WereWoofperhaps hundreds
WereWoofthat is gorgeous
sgrace_wrkI want 1080p quality screenshots.
WereWoofme too
WereWoofsoon I am sure
sgrace_wrkI want it in a poster form.
sgrace_wrkWith no pixelation.
sgrace_wrkCause we live in a world beyond JPEG!
AlphaEchoAnd just think, if we were willing to risk it, we could have launched someone to mars today
AlphaEchoACTION is gonna have to read the Rand book today
AlphaEcho("Safe is not an option")
sgrace_wrkTurning into an Ayn Rand fan? :P
AlphaEchoRand Simberg, haven't fully read the book yet, but I'm told it's really good.
AlphaEchoAnd given todays events, probably quite relevant.
sgrace_wrkName of the book?
sgrace_wrkGot it
AlphaEchoSafe is not an option: Overcoming the futile obsession with getting everyone back alive that is killing our expansion into space.
sgrace_wrkI have a long list of books to read...
sgrace_wrkJust no time.
Cmdr_dataheh on the youtube stream you can switch between two cameras
Cmdr_dataone is the control center
Cmdr_dataand go to a quarter speed
sgrace_wrkIn a meeting.
sgrace_wrkDescribe it.
Cmdr_dataheh this was the first time spacex launched one of their new space suits into space ! .. i wonder if it has telemetry
sgrace_wrkStarman is going to burn up when it gets near the Sun.
Cmdr_datawow center booster went 9500 km/h at meco ... maybe it got toasted at reentry
AlphaEchoI assume their projected course is around mars and back into the sun?
WereWoofor maybe it ran outta fuel on final to OCISLY
WereWoofthey might have cut it tight
WereWoofbe interesting to hear the status tho
AlphaEchoWhat's odd to me... Why didn't the center module go back to FLA?
AlphaEchoSeemed like the side boosters basically reversed course and went back, whereas the center core went out into the ocean
gchristensen`cuz it was going to explode
gchristensenand the boosters are well practiced
WereWoofvarious reasons..
AlphaEchoMy assumptions are one of two:
Cmdr_datalooks like both pictures in the video of side boosters where from the same booster .. oops .. when the landing burn starts in both videos you see the flame on top of the other booster
WereWoofbut mainly because it was moving fast enough by then that landing downstream was the only way to go
AlphaEcho1) They used more fuel in teh center core, and couldn't reverse course
AlphaEcho2) They only have two land-based landing pads
WereWoofand they have two pads
WereWoofand they have ocisly ready
AlphaEchoBut the 2nd stage separated from the center not long after the side boosters I thought...
AlphaEchoSo they were all going ~ the same speed
WereWoofthe center core burned another 20 seconds
Cmdr_dataalso both boosters landed on LZ2
WereWoofand with near zere fuel load at that point
AlphaEchoThen that'd make sense
WereWoofand 9 merlin engines running
WereWoofit accelerates HARD
AlphaEchoI didn't realize they'd run it another 20s
Cmdr_datawell on the prev. landing on water they rehearsed a 3 engine landing .. presumably for falcon heavy
Cmdr_dataof cause they will only tell what happend to the center booster when the all the news media already forgot about the launch
gchristensensounds good
gchristensendon't detract from a remarkable success
learathgchristensen: tbh? I expected the thing to bloe the hell up
sgrace_wrkRapid Disassembly.
learathsgrace_wrk: confirmed?
learathand it's still Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly
Cmdr_dataheh its like the center booster landed next to the ship.. As on the big screen you can see smoke clear and then see an empty barge at the middle right of the big screen
WereWoofcheck out the vid
sgrace_wrklearath: That's what SpaceX calls the exploding rockets.
sgrace_wrkThat's it.
Cmdr_datalive view of starman
Cmdr_datalive view of starman
gchristensenhas anyone verified elon musk isn't in that space-suit?
Cmdr_datahe is tweeting
Cmdr_datathe arms of the naut are not moving
Cmdr_datain the live view
gchristensenarm* ;)
Cmdr_dataoh there is earth in the live view
sgrace_wrkOut of all the space junk we throw into orbit...
sgrace_wrkI think the roadster and Starman is the best.
Cmdr_datawell .. its going away from earth
gchristensenand then back again
Cmdr_dataso its not in earth orbit later :b
r3I burst out laughing when the live feed cut to him cruising, with "Don't Panic" on the console and a little wee matchbox duplicate on the dash :) I hear they put a copy of THHGTTG in the glove box
sgrace_wrkWatch the next burn cause the glovebox to open and it to float out.
learathBut where is the towel?
AlphaEcho(And, are they doing another stage2 burn eventually?)
sgrace_wrkIs Starman sitting on it?
learathat least one more.
sgrace_wrkAlphaEcho: Yes.
sgrace_wrkIn about 5 hours.
sgrace_wrkThen they'll be on course to Mars.
AlphaEchoIs there anything saying what the expected flight course is?
AlphaEchoe.g. around mars and into the sun, or around mars into mars orbit, or into solar orbit, or...?
learathhah around mars and into the sun would be epic :)
jocafain same orbit with mars then slide into orbit around mars
gchristensenfor billions of years
learathI wonder how much nasa is kicking themselves right now :P
gchristensennasa didn't pass up any opportunities they could kick themselves over
learathAlso: is ULA in panic'd meetings yet, or are they too stupid?
learathgchristensen: free ride to mars
AlphaEchoFree in this case isn't free
AlphaEchoYou'd still have to spend money on a sattelite with no guarantee of success.
AlphaEchoSpend $3mil on a sat, unknown risk of it blowing up on the pad
AlphaEchoHence a 100k roadster or something like that.
learathlike people were saying, for the commercial market the insurance would cost more than the launch+sat :P
WereWoofit would...
AlphaEchoACTION nods
WereWoofplus.. no matter what they admit
learathThere was a good chance of failure
WereWoofthey will get LOTS of advertising out of this
WereWoofvery high chance of failure yus
WereWoofelon put it at 50/50
learathtechnically it *did* fail
WereWoofwell.. actually
learathcentral booster failed to land
WereWoofno.. it landed
AlphaEchoDid it?
WereWoofI am sure!
WereWoof100 percent
sgrace_wrkNASA isn't kicking themselves, they got thrown into the whole "gov control" where they can't take risks.
learathyeah :(
sgrace_wrkULA isn't all that worried because how many Delta Heavy have they launched in the past year?
WereWoofthat is just the classic way to do things
WereWoofthat is what elon does... that is key
WereWoofpush the envelope
WereWoofeven in very high risk situations
WereWoofand when he succeeds... its makes a BIG splash...
WereWoofcause he is pushing so hard
AlphaEchoULA's biggest worry is that they can do things significantly cheaper, and may take over their market.
WereWoofand that is exactly the case
AlphaEchoNot that Spacex can lift more.
sgrace_wrkWhich is fine.
WereWoofULA either must compete... or end up losing
sgrace_wrkBut ultimately, they are awarded contracts.
AlphaEchoI want my space tourism damnit
sgrace_wrkNASA has been developing SLS for years, and they're not even ready to put it in a rocket.
jocafai'll stay on earth thanks. i don't even like going up a ladder
WereWoofwhen they get to mars...
WereWoofnasa that is..
WereWoofelon will have a starbucks open for them to get a cup at
sgrace_wrkNASA is stuck doing scientific missions and then spending years analyzing the data that won't be immediately useful later.
sgrace_wrkLike the whole "Year in Space" thing yielded good info.
WereWoofand spacex just does it on the fly..
sgrace_wrkBut will that data ever be used? Most likely not.
WereWooftho... when astronauts are at risk... it gets way more serious
sgrace_wrkNASA is far too risk adverse to do anything.
sgrace_wrkWe need the NASA from the 60's.
WereWoofand they cant be nearly that quick
WereWoofwith genuine pocket protectors?
sgrace_wrkThat's what happens when the government oversights are shitting on NASA.
WereWoofand slip sticks?
sgrace_wrkYou want us to build a moon base? Tell the government to get out of NASA's regulation and let them fucking engineer the shit out of it!
WereWoofthe government is very much like ULAs board of directors..
sgrace_wrkIt took NASA <10 years to get people to the Moon. At this rate, NASA will use 100 years to get back to the Moon.
s73v3rNASA from the 60s was also given a budget
WereWoof"take no risks!!" "be safe and reliable!"
WereWoofwhereas spaceX and elon is "let's do this!"
sgrace_wrkHere's a problem.
WereWoofyes... old nasa had a mandate.. "make this happen"
sgrace_wrkNASA is so anti-risk that they're putting that type of regulation on SpaceX and their manned stuff planned for the end of the year.
WereWoofand they did..
WereWoofyes they are...
WereWoofnasa will certainly be a control to spaceX manned flights
sgrace_wrkThe way I look at it is this, the astronaut signed a waiver saying they're okay dying to get humankind to the stars.
sgrace_wrkWith that, take fucking risks and get shit done!
WereWoofand with spaceX test pilots..
WereWoofthey will be able to run more freely
sgrace_wrkPeople have always wondered why are most astronauts USAF or USN pilots.
sgrace_wrkOr Test pilots.
WereWoofmmm hmmm
sgrace_wrkIt's these people are pure adrenaline junkies.
WereWoofexactly right
sgrace_wrkThey want to do this shit because it's fun.
WereWoofand they know the risk
WereWoofand they accept the risk
sgrace_wrk"Do you want to go to space? There's a 99.99% chance you'll die."
WereWooffor the tradeoff
sgrace_wrk"Sure, sign me up. Where do I go?"
WereWoof"in case you haven't figured it out, we are all gonna die.. I just want to do it, having a blast!"
sgrace_wrkYou have former astronauts at SpaceX chomping at the bit to fly on a Falcon 9.
WereWoofof course
sgrace_wrkWhy? For shits and grins.
jocafawell, shits at least
sgrace_wrkMy dad still thinks I'm insane for skydiving.
jocafaskydiving is not for me
sgrace_wrkHe asked, "Why would you want to jump out of a perfectly good plane?"
sgrace_wrkI replied with, "Well, it's not a perfectly good plane. It has a big hole in the side of it."
WereWoofgood answer
sgrace_wrkIt's a bucket list for me.
sgrace_wrkI also know what it's like to get shot at.
sgrace_wrkAnother bucket list item off.
sgrace_wrkBTW, the being shot at isn't like a war zone reporting.
sgrace_wrkLocal PD does a zombie simulation in a SWAT training facility.
sgrace_wrkI volunteered to be a zombie.
AlphaEchoBeing shot at in a war zone, or in a neighborhood?
AlphaEchoNot shot at for real
sgrace_wrkAlphaEcho: Nope.
jocafaurl = grizzled blues musician
AlphaEchoI've been paintballing, I don't think that quite counts as the same as 'getting shot at'
sgrace_wrkGot hit with a glock and an M4.
learathIIRC simunitions are a bit faster than paintballs
learathalso a bit smaller
AlphaEcholearath: It's kinda fascinating though
learathAlphaEcho: which?
sgrace_wrkThey're in the form of a 9mm bullet with I think 1/2 of the charge of a regular 9mm.
AlphaEchoI remember doing the paintball thing, and seeing very, VERY clearly the paintballs comring right at me.
AlphaEchoLike, full on "I can dodge th*splat* welp I'm dead."
learathI'm pretty sure it is less than 1/2 charge
learathbut yes
learathdid you see the slow-mo guys video?
AlphaEchoI've seen some of theirs
sgrace_wrkTheir videos are far too long for what they do.
learath is super fun, but not the one I wanted
learath <- this one.
learath for sgrace_wrk
AlphaEchoOops, guess I have a meeting.
OttomiteI still cant get over that there is a damn car in orbit right now.
sgrace_wrkI really want to see if the center core RUD or what.
sgrace_wrkOttomite: You can watch a live stream of it orbiting earth.
Ottomitesgrace_wrk: i know. My productivity has gone down the drain for today
learathelon is entirely out of fucks to give :)
OttomiteThere is also a copy of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and a towel in the glove compartment
learathand it is glorious.
Ottomitelearath: I can’t wait to see what he will send up in the first BFR
s73v3ra jar of Neutella he got for 70% off
learathI'm just watching the boosters land on loop
Ottomitedid the 3rd one land ?
OttomiteOr was it a bust
s73v3ri feel like, if it was a success, we’d have found out by now
OttomiteWell 2/3 on first try aint bad
learathvery likely it landed vehemently :)
Ottomiteim sure they will post the blooper once the smoke settles
OttomitePun intended
learathYeah, he won't try to hide it.
WereWoofits not a big deal
WereWoofas elon said...
Ottomite50-50 chance it was going to blow up.
sgrace_wrkIt's 30% failure. :P
learathgetting 2 of the three boosters landed is incredible
WereWoof"if it just clears the pad without doing any damage to the pad, it will be a success in my book"
learathnobody is even close to that
WereWoofso yeah...
WereWooftoday was a wild success
OttomiteAccording to ULA it was a 100% success
learathby ula standards it was like a 166% success
learathwell. derate a bit for the parts still flying.. maybe 150%?
OttomiteI hope they keep the live feed going for like a few days
OttomiteI want to dedicate a monitor at my work to watch the live feed
sgrace_wrkThe feed kinda died...
sgrace_wrkBesides, once the last burn to Mars is done, the stream will go offline.
Ottomitesgrace_wrk: I dont want to hear that !
OttomiteI want to watch starman
sgrace_wrkOh, it's bakc.
OttomiteI wish they had pinned the needle in the speedo to 88mph
sgrace_wrkThat makes no sense.
sgrace_wrkIn a sci-fi aspect.
OttomiteOr to top speed. It would have been better then 0
learathOttomite: they should have rigged the spaceman to wave after like.. an hour
Ottomitelearath: I was saying the same thing to my coworker
learathor heck
learathit's tesla
learaththey could rig it to the guidance computer
OttomiteJust make the head move little :D
learathto read the actual speed
Ottomitelol YES !
learathThen troll bughati
OttomiteSo many missed opportunities !
OttomiteI love that there is also a hot wheels with a guy in it as well
sgrace_wrkThat's a roadster with a mini Starman.
WereWoofyup yup
Snert__Well, given that mars is flat , that's okay.
sgrace_wrkThere's stuff getting on the roadster.
sgrace_wrkOH NOES!
sgrace_wrkDebris has already scratched the roadster!
learathdebris from what?
sgrace_wrkRandom stuff.
sgrace_wrkNo wait...
s73v3rthey didn’t bolt down the drawers
sgrace_wrkReflection of the camera mount.
sgrace_wrkBut space dust is clinging onto it now.
sgrace_wrkWhere's the Flateathers now?!
WereWoofgood interview with elon
WereWoof"it's really gonna be a miracle if the rocket holds together.. AT ALL"
learaththis reporter has *no idea* what is going on
WereWoofbut I like elons comments
learath"Why are you people excited about a private company going to mars?"
learathI feel like I need to diagram the insane parts of that statement....
Snert__I'm more concerned about the underlying misogeny about why it wasn't StarWoman.
WereWoofmaybe it really was
Snert__good point.
WereWoofjust depends on how it feels at a particularl time
Cmdr_datawallpaper of the boosters landing
WereWoofcool video still from starman
intranicki didnt get to see the launch live but i got to see it like a half hour later :D
Cmdr_datawas it successfull ?
Cmdr_datado we know what happend to the center booster
intranickthat one im trying to find yet
jocafacenter booster had the warp core in it and that's what they don't want you to know
jocafaor maybe the infinite improbability drive, and it just winked out of existence
WereWoofACTION suspects a RUD.. and it took out the camera when it did
intranickor maybe it just failed
intranickwho cares 2/3 is still fucking awesome
WereWoofI am sure that spaceX would have liked to get it back of course
jocafaand the landing of those other two was beautiful
WereWoofto check the stress damage..
intranickiduno they got an extra one recently
intranickthat they thought was expending
WereWoofbut they have lots of data I am sure
WereWoofyears worth
WereWoofto go over in a few weeks
WereWoofsince its only months before the are supposed to do this again
WereWoofbut with a real cargo
WereWoofwe'll see about that..
intranickstill the coolest thing was watching the outer cores land
WereWoofdunno... that launch was incredible too
WereWoofman that was neat
intranickone hell of a flamethrower
Bird|otherboxFHFTW :D
WereWoofoh yeah
WereWoofthat is show
s73v3rone hell of Not a flamethrower
WereWoofI never want to miss a falcon heavy launch
WereWoofI know that right now
intranickmy dad watched it and he's never watched one till now
intranickhe spoiled the ending for me :P
s73v3ra source tells The Verge that the middle core missed
WereWoofoh pops... how could you??!?!
AlphaEchoSo digging around while I was in a meeting
AlphaEchoThe roadster will go into a mars-earth elliptical orbit
intranicks73v3r: you know that means shit right?
s73v3rthat SpaceX is getting shut down
WereWoofyup... they're done
s73v3rguess it’s back to high end luxury cars and solar panels for him
Cmdr_datawell elon tought that success would be 50% .. and all the hard bits where successfull. What went wrong with the landing isnt a new thing. So it is not a big problem. Could be the 3 engine landing .. or it ran out of fuel .. or it was toasted because meco was at 9500 km/h
intranickCmdr_data: or it could be totally fine :D
intranickspacex might just be trolling
WereWoofyeah.. its not a deal
s73v3r“I mean. It’s not in space anymore."
Cmdr_datacould be ..
WereWoofits with ZUMA
WereWoofthey never landed it at all
s73v3rwhat if, it’s like that Malaysian Air flight from a few years ago?