intranickthe truth may come out of this
intranicklive press conference
talntidI want to build a scale, that has GPS location, weight, temperature, and a barcode scanner. Connected via GSM. Anyone interested in consulting on the parts, building a prototype?
WereWooflets keep in mind..
WereWoofthat the center core might have been exactly on target
WereWoofand OCISLY was in the wrong place
WereWoofthat could happen to..
WereWoofall it takes is a thruster out on the barge
WereWoofor control error
intranickits the man himself
Cmdr_dataman in black
intranicktshirt wearing there is totally awesome hahahaha
intranickeverybody else is super nicely dressed he's in a freaking tshirt
Cmdr_datawell he doesnt work in a suit at launch control of cause
intranickoh so it did fail
intranickit didnt light the engines
Snert__they did a rather *excellent* job of mics on all those camera shutters.
Cmdr_datais the mic on
intranickhe doesnt seem even slightly phased by the lost of the center core
Snert__Bless Elon...but he's just not a public speaker lol
Cmdr_dataheh .. it didnt blew up on the pad .. separation went fine .. thats a big success
Cmdr_dataeverything else is a bonus
intranickLOL theres a tiny roadster with a tiny rocket man
intranick"im trippin balls here" ~Elon musk
intranicklets see what happens to a rocket when it hits the water at 300mph
jocafachanges will take place
WereWoofstarman suit is the real deal..
intranicki like the little roadster on the dashboard
intranick"you can fit a lot in 30 feet in diameter" thats what she said!
intranickim a couple minutes behind
WereWoofhe is glad they recovered the side boosters
WereWoofand the valuable Ti Grid fins
WereWoofthat was a good presser
intranicklol i couldnt believe my dad found me on the production floor at work (his company) and spoiled the ending :D
intranickhe's never watched a launch before and he chose this one
WereWoofwell he picked a good one
intranickhe said he had heard me mention them landing them but had no idea i meant setting them down like that
intranickthe legs are what got him
WereWoofI hope there is video of the center core crash
AlphaEchoThat would be cool...
intranickhow much RP-1 goes onto one of those cores?
Cmdr_datathats on wikipedia
Cmdr_datawith v1.1 it was lox 276.600kg Rp1 110.100kg
jocafathat's a lot of thinly sliced smoked salmon
jocafa*brined salmon
intranickyou figure elon musk took a trip to visit f.h on the pad before the launch?
intranickif i were him, id like.. eat a sandwich leaning against one of the engines
intranickor some shit
intranicklunch with the falcon
jocafabreak a bottle of beer on it or something
intranickim watching the complete broadcast for the first time
intranick20 seconds left on cd
intranickACTION prepares to crack beer
prpplagueintranick: they make beer flavored crack?
intranickby crack i mean open
intranickrewatching the launch i noticed something
intranickthey showed two views that looked as if they were showing both boosters at the same time
intranickbut its really one image reflected twice on the feed
WereWoofah ok
intranickkinda lame but whatever
intranicki paused it and examined the pattern of the clouds. its identicle
jocafathought it was fishy
intranickthe flame is slightly different
intranickso whoooo knowwwws maybe its just far up above them enough you cant tell
intranickbut if you delayed them by like 2 frames it'd be like that
jocafaseemed like there was a couple frame delay
intranickwho knows. i shouldnt like, start any conspiracy shit
jocafasomeone else will
intranickbut im pretty sure it s the same image put over twice. maybe just too many cameras
jocafaACTION hops on twitter
intranicktoo much data whatever
Bird|otherboxintranick, yeah, it appears to have been a whoopsie in the stream
intranickthey totally bodged the video feed
Bird|otherboxyeah, I'll give them a pass on the video feed -- first time they've juggled that many camera views :)
intranickthe boosters are allegedly heading to different pads but the image shows them both headed to the same pad right up until it cuts and shows ground footage
WereWoofnoticed that on landing..
WereWoofbut the ground shot rocked
WereWoofthat was the money shot anyway
WereWoofI am sure I will watch that a hundred times
WereWoofand the shots of the launch proper
WereWoofthat was absolutely amazing
jocafawife didn't get to see it, so we're gonna watch it later when the kids go down to bed
intranicki need one of those wife things
myselfI shot this:
myselfwhich I will probably watch a hundred times
jocafai want a flir
myselfAs much as I wanted to love the Seek, I just can't. The image quality is so bad. With the Flir, I can look at a thermal-only image and know what I'm seeing most of the time. With the Seek even if it's an image I took a few hours ago, I have trouble getting my bearings, they're just that noisy and terrible.
cleverintranick: i think i see the confusion, there is 3 boosters landing, at 3 pads, 2 of them within sight of eachother
myselfthere was a confirmed fuckup on the stream, though, they duplicated a single camera instead of carrying both side booster cameras
Bird|otherboxclever: there does seem to be an error in the stream, yeah. first time for running that many feeds into the stream though, so I'll forgive them for hitting a wrong button on it :)
cleverah, so that should have been the 2 boosters, but it was actually the same booster twice?
cleveri was trying to spot differences between them the whole thing
myselfIt's surreal to me that in my life I've seen 2 launches and 3 booster landings :)
myselfthe first launch I ever saw was falcon 9 flight 20, which was the first one they landed the booster intact back at LZ1. And second launch of my life was today, 2 boosters :P
genebDid the center core land ok on the drone ship?
myselfHad an engine relight problem, it hit the droneship at like 300km/h
myselfit'll buff right out
Bird|otherboxI think it actually hit the ocean next to the droneship, but yeah
Bird|otherboxran out of ignition juice :P
myselfGreen TEA? :P
sgraceBummer about the center core.
myselfthat's like 0.05% failure of a 99.5% awesome launch. They got telemetry from every inch of the flight.
myselfalso apparently today I cant do numbers
myselfI'm blaming sun exposure
jocafa0.1% abstain
evilrootMeh, the center core was just gravy
Buizelcenter corn :3
evilrootAnd did experience far more speed and forces than any F9 core
evilroot9,500m/sec as opposed to the usualy like 6000
learathand it just ran out of fuel
learathit didn't *fail* exactly
learath(that actually surprises me a lot)
evilrootI thought two of the engines failed to ignite
Buizel9.5 km/second?
Buizelare you sure about that?
learathevilroot: I might be wrong, but no fuel = no ignite
evilrootWell true
evilrootBuizel: my bad, 9500km/hr
Buizeli was going to say
learaththey *way* overshot mars
Buizel9500m/s is like mach 30
evilrootlearath: that's the idea
Buizelit's not going to mars
learathI didn't know it was going that far
Buizelit's not even going to mar's orbit
evilrootIts going into an elliptical solar orbit that will take it semi close to Mars on occasion
evilrootGiven it doesn't have engines, computers, etc to do anything (its just a dummy load, if a really neat one)
cleveri have seen a fairly large engine on the stream, as it cycles between cameras
cleverits not clear what its attached to
evilrootThat's the second stage
learathyeah, that
evilrootIt'll be used up once it burns for injection
evilrootAnd detach
cleverah, so its in LEO right now?
cleverand will do another burn to use that up and leave LEO?
evilrootNo, its in high transfer orbit
cleverjust give me a KSP map and i'll understand what its doing :P
evilrootIt first went into LEO, then burned again to go into high transfer orbit, then will burn one more time to leave Earth orbit
evilrootIts already done a Hohmann transfer
evilrootAnd will do another
WereWoofgreat vid
evilrootOr rather it already has hehe
evilrootThird burn was a success 20min ago
learathWereWoof: I wonder how they did that.
WereWoofthrough a telescope
WereWoofI reckon
WereWoofwith tracking software
learathlx200 is a meade telescope, yes :)
WereWoofcool sonic booms
learath... not suitable for tracking moving objects.
WereWoofit worked
WereWoofsuitable or not
WereWoofcool vid
learathHence my question
evilrootThe idea was to demonstrate that the Falcon Heavy could launch stuff not only into LEO, but also a high transfer orbit
evilrootAnd then the third burn was a trans-Mars injection into a Hohmann transfer orbit
learathAmong other problems, I guess they had a super dark filter on it?
evilrootBut it doesn't have the capability to do a Mars orbital insertion burn
evilrootSo it'll just stay in the elliptical transfer orbit for another few million years (if nobody messes with it)
learathWereWoof: a telescope like that is literally unsafe in the daylight
WereWoofwell he evidently has it set up to do the job
WereWoofbecause it did
WereWoofcool sonic booms too
evilrootThey really demonstrated an amazing amount of capability
evilrootThat it can launch a massive payload to LEO, that it can ALSO launch a massive payload into GSO, GEO, and even HEO
evilrootNothing is history has had that kind of ability
evilrootAnd all that at 90mil
WereWoofless than half the cost of a ULA standard launch
learathThink they are smart enough to be in an emergency meeting?
evilrootPeople are still buying their launches
WereWoofprolly not much to meet about.. its not unexpected or secret
WereWoofbut alot were purchased long ago too
evilrootIn their favor, they have a pretty much perfect record
learathWelling to idiots is a bad market.
WereWoofthey do get it done
evilrootSpaceX has lost several payloads
WereWoofbut once spaceX hits say.. 50 in a row
Helldeskthis one's going beyond Mars orbit
learathway beyond.
WereWoofthe proof is in the pudding
evilrootThat was the plan from the start
Helldesksadly nobody's going to be able to find it again
learathThere is a case to be made if you are launching a billion dollar satellite
evilrootIts a Hohmann transfer orbit
learathan extra 50m to ensure it makes it maybe is worth it
WereWoofsure there is
evilrootWell Zuma was a billion dollar sat haha
WereWoofand that will be the case if spacex reaches that level too
WereWoofbut zuma was not "lost" due to spaceX
WereWoofif it was even lost at all
evilrootThat we know of
learathevilroot: I wish we were going to get the story on that
evilrootProb never will
WereWoofI suspect zuma is in fact alive and well
WereWoofand a fully stealty satellite
WereWoofbut just a guess
evilrootWhatever it was, it was so black that we don't even know what agency wanted it
Helldeskevilroot: it was the plan from the start to put it on a heliocentric orbit, what I'm noting here is that they didn't terminate the burn to aim its aphelion to specifically hit 1.5 AU or so
WereWoofmmm hmmm
evilrootHelldesk: I sustect they wanted to see how much fuel they had left
Helldeskyeah, burn to depletion is fine by me
evilrootThe whole idea is to get as much data as possible, the car is just kind of having fun
Helldeskalso it's a very light payload, it would be a letdown if it couldn't throw the car waaay out there
WereWoofyup yup
WereWoofjust wait till BFR
HelldeskElon did say they'd start BFS hop tests *next year*
WereWoofand that it has the ability to go to LEO just as a single stage
Helldeskeven accounting for with Elon time that must mean they have some hardware coming together really soon if not alrady
WereWoofif fully fueled
Helldeskwell, Falcon 9 first stage is also capable of that but it's not a useful capability
WereWoofhe said they are doing really well on BFR
WereWoofmaking really good progress
WereWoofwhich is neat
evilrootThey've learned a lot
HelldeskSSTO with no significant payload except a mostly empty ship or rocket would be a very niche use case :)
evilrootBlock 5 F9 is going to go live soon, and they don't plan to change it after that
WereWoofnot when you have the ability to fuel it in orbit easily
WereWoofwhich BFR will
WereWoofone of its main uses will be as a fuel tanker
Helldeskyeah, after that it's all about winding down F9 production and just operating the reusable fleet, bringing in money for BFR development
WereWoofits all about absolute reliability with that
WereWoofthey must have that
HelldeskWereWoof: to meaningfully use the BFS you want to load it up to the gills with crew and cargo though
WereWoofbut there are lots of times you wont need to
WereWoofits a space truck..
WereWoofand cheap to make trips in
Helldeskwhen would they drive empty?
WereWoofif they wanted to load up and bring something back
WereWoofor simply needed a quick replacement up there
WereWoofsince you dont need a booster stage then..
WereWoofit gets lots simpler
evilrootThey'd use the F9 for that
WereWoofno no...
WereWoofsomething BIG
evilrootThats not empty, heh
WereWoofand BFR will be cheaper to fly than falcon 9
WereWoofBFR is designed to be a true spacetruck
Helldeskthen you're talking about payloads and not SSTO while mostly empty, with only fully fueled
WereWoofat least thats how they envision it
WereWoofthe key point is... you dont need a booster to get it to space..
learathif you have the infra, and space on the BFR, just launch with extra fuel
WereWoofat least to robit
learathand leave it
learathyou'll need it eventually.
WereWoofbut that requires a booster stage
WereWoofthe nice thing is..
WereWoofyou dont need that..
WereWoofif you just want the payload section up there
WereWoofjust get the keys offa the keyboard and take it
WereWoofit offers versatility
WereWoofkinda like a classic shuttlecraft
WereWoofempty or full..
WereWoofits all good
WereWoofat some point perhaps you have just a person or two that urgently needs to go to the spaceHilton
WereWoofits then affordable to do that
WereWoofonce that comes online we can start building genuine orbital spaceports
WereWoofimagine how cheap satellite launches get then... you just make a satellite run to any of several spaceports once a week taking up all the varous sats that people want launched.. and then once at the correct spaceport they are just boosted to the right orbit saving all that fuel and hassle of a ground launch
WereWoofsame with orbital service calls.. and orbital scrap removal
evilrootI'd be a debris collector any day
WereWoofthat would be cool
HelldeskI don't know, it kinda seemed like hard and dangerous work :)
WereWoofat first prolly so
WereWoofACTION nods
WereWoofbut thats where developing the right tech comes in
Helldeskmicrometeoroids are no joke :)
WereWoofdevelop a working tractor or deflector beam and youse be a very rich space guy
WereWoofspace sweeping will be absolutely critical.. however its done
WereWoofits near that now
evilrootYeah, Kessler syndrome is a real worry
evilrootEspecially in LEO
WereWoofits a total junkyard up there
WereWoofin leo
WereWoofjust a bit higher than the atmosphere drag level
evilrootStuff gets close to the dead Envisat all the time
WereWoofcovenant controlled orbits... OH NOES!!
WereWoofI can see it now
evilrootIf it were hit bad it could be a trigger for a Kessler event
WereWoofyup yup
WereWoofperfect use for FFR... space garbage truck
WereWoofer BFR rather
prpplagueman those are spectacular views from starman
WereWoofthey overboosted just a bit
WereWoofnot just to mars but to ceres
WereWoofabout halfway between mars and jupiter
WereWoofer :D
Helldeskif Falcon Heavy were to be flown expendable it could send 63.8 tonnes to LEO, 26.7 tonnes to GTO, 16.8 tonnes to Mars, or 3.5 tonnes to encounter with Pluto
Helldeskwith no gravity assists
intranick lol i was bored
sgrace_wrkGot my scone and latte.
sgrace_wrkLet's do this.
sgrace_wrkOn Hump Day!
learathWho are we doing?
Cmdr_datahmm .. woke up in the wrong channel
sgrace_wrkWe aren't doing anything beyond typical work.
sgrace_wrkIt's the first bash of the year today.
Cmdr_dataWho are we bashing ?
jocafastupid software! grrr
ErinFoxi sure would appreciate it if altium didnt crash every time i tried to sync the schematic and board
sgrace_wrkHas Altium gone downhill since being moved to China?
Cmdr_datawait till they move it to australia
Cmdr_dataheh spacex might a mistake with video yesterday .. there where 2 fields at the bottom .. for the left and right booster. But both where from the right booster. So now they remade the video with footage of both boosters and uploaded a 2nd video
Snertit's pure poetry I tell you :)
Cmdr_dataand apparantly 2 engines didnt start on the 3 engine landing burn of the center booster. And i fell in the water with 300 mph. i wonder if that was a software problem
sgrace_wrkCmdr_data: Or not enough fuel.
Cmdr_datayeahr ... could be .. they planned a 3 engine landing as fuel was tight. Did a 20 sec reEntry burn. And after the flip did a brake burn .. no idea how long
learathCmdr_data: have they confirmed they ran out of fuel?
Cmdr_data"The center core was only able to relight one of the three engines necessary to land, and so it hit the water at 300 miles per hour about 300 feet from the drone ship. As a result, two engines on the drone ship were taken out when it crashed, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said in a press call after the rocket launch. [It] was enough to take out two thrusters and shower the deck with shrapnel, he said."
Cmdr_datanothing about fuel
learathCmdr_data: it seems odd that they would fail to relight
Cmdr_datamaybe the outer engines got too hot in reEntry .. as it was doing 9500 km/h at MECO .. while useally with a landing they go 6000 km/h .. but it prolly did do an extra burn to get rid of speed
Cmdr_databut they didnt show speeds .. so
WereWoofbut lots of data and learning curve material..
Cmdr_dataSo .. thats why they do an S-curve at the last moment in the landing.. To prevent holes of appearing in the deck
WereWoofsure.. the booster is programmed to avoid the landing ship if there are any anomalies
sgrace_wrkWell, remember that 3-engine Falcon 9 re-entry into the ocean? I think they were trying to use that.
WereWooflikely so..
Cmdr_datai think elon said in a press conference that if they can find good video material of the landing they will show it. Presumably after all major news channels stop talking about it in a couple of days
WereWoofand I suspect it will come down to a fuel issue
WereWoofthey likely just cut it closer to the edge than they planned
sgrace_wrkWell, rocketry is all about fueling.
Cmdr_datasgrace: yes .. and the flight before that they did a reEntry burn and no landing burn and a crash in the sea. That was prolly to test the brake manouvre of the center booster. Maybe with 5 engines or something
sgrace_wrkI have a feeling that when they use a Block5 for the heavy again, it might be better.
WereWoofalthough the last one was not actually a crash into the sea... but a hard stop to a gentle set down
Cmdr_dataand there was one flight with titanium grid wings to test them. in the press conf. elon said he was very happy that the boosters survived. as the titanium gridfins are very expensive and it takes a very long time to make them. (as they dont wear) so they are going to use these sets on a lot of boosters
WereWoofspaceX has shown a very strong ability to learn very fast from events
WereWoofyus... his expensive Ti Grid fins
WereWoofhe said of any of the boosters to lose.. he was happy it was the core booster
WereWoofand not the outboards for that reason
Cmdr_dataapparantly the booster that landed on water is still on its way .. apparantly the go searcher met up with other ships and they took it at the bahamas. not sure where it uis now
learathso you are saying it went on vacation?
sgrace_wrkThat booster needed a nice vacation. :P
WereWoofthats right
Cmdr_datawell .. with the legs sticking out they might not be able to tow it into the harbour at the cape
WereWoofand spaceX would have fun with a photo or several
learathCmdr_data: yeah, the scale on them really isn't clear
learathuntil you see someone standing next to one
sgrace_wrkWatch the booster start a bikini photoshoot. :P
WereWoofACTION nods
Cmdr_dataapparantly there was some hidden stream where they said that they lost the core booster
learathCmdr_data: not hidden, just unlisted
learaththough I suppose that's pretty similar
Cmdr_datawhat is the difference
learathCmdr_data: well, I mean, you don't post it on youtube if you are hiding it
Cmdr_dataeven the main stream was hidden .. it wasnt listed. you had to go to or to find it
WereWoofI think hidden implies an intent to deceive.. that might be a bit strong
sgrace_wrkProbably damage control to stop people from thinking the center core crash was a failure?
sgrace_wrkI mean, with SpaceX, if a booster doesn't successfully land, everyone thinks it's a failure.
sgrace_wrkWhich isn't right.
sgrace_wrkI look at it as a Successful-failure.
WereWoofsome people might look at that way.. the "news media" particularly
sgrace_wrkWell, media is nothing but fear mongering.
WereWoofpeople who follow that stuff like us...
WereWoofwould certainly know better
sgrace_wrkPeople who can look PAST the emotions of the media can understand.
sgrace_wrkThat's why I really don't read the typical mainstream media outlets because always add too much emotion into the damn articles.
WereWoof"to know what you can really do, you must push right to the very edge.. sometimes you go OVER
WereWoofpart of the spaceX method
sgrace_wrkI really like Ars because they really don't try and put emotion into their articles.
sgrace_wrkSadly, they put emotion into the Spectre/Meltdown stuff.
WereWoofACTION nods
sgrace_wrkBut that stuff affects EVERYONE.
sgrace_wrkEither way, I better get back to bashing this software.
sgrace_wrkNow to find where I left my sledgehammer.
learathsgrace_wrk: can I loan you my 'dev' team?
learathThey are smart like hammer
learathfast like hammer
Cmdr_dataspacex never acknoledges failed landings in live streams .. unless its very obvious. Even in this stream you hear the people go "we got confirmation" .. then an "oops" and then it was quiet
learathfunctional like hammer in glass shop
WereWoofI hope they got videos of it..
WereWoofeven from far away
WereWoofI would love to see that
Cmdr_datathere was as support ship miles of
WereWoofof course
WereWoofand maybe other cameras on the landing ship...
Cmdr_datathey prolly saw it live from the support ship on the great screen
Cmdr_dataas that ship has dishes on it .. beaming telemetry and pictures
WereWoofalso... there is a indicator that perhaps they were planning for that event more than thought
Cmdr_dataas the ship is over the horizon they only get pictures and telemetry via the barge or the support ship
learathwhen do we get a Lego Falcon Heavy?
WereWoofthe booster was NOT wearing titanium grid fins..
WereWooflikely for a reason
WereWoofas in good chance of losing it
sgrace_wrklearath: Do they know how to properly manage memory in a C/C++ program?
learathsgrace_wrk: I dunno. lemme take the keyboard out of their mouth and ask
sgrace_wrkDo they even know how to program C/C++?
learathI believe they do not know how to read
learathI'm pretty sure you have to be able to read to program.
sgrace_wrkDo they speak in Ugandan Knuckles clicking?
learathbut we keep hiring them
learathso I'm not sure
learathTheir current game is "selinux is in permissive! it is breaking our program!"
sgrace_wrkI remember seeing a video on a guy who had some kind of hand surgery or something like that, and use a speech-to-text program to write his programs with clicking his mouth in certain noises.
Cmdr_dataheh .. so before yesterday spacex landed 9 rockets on land. And today they landed 11 rockets. So .. they skipped the number 10
sgrace_wrkDidn't one of the rockets land before the other?
learathby seconds
learathmaybe second
sgrace_wrkSo they didn't skip 10.
Cmdr_datathey skipped a few seconds .. on purpose as they where afraid the radar height meters would interfere
myselfCmdr_data: Yeah, I was saying it's sort of surreal that in my lifetime, I've watched two rockets launch in person
myselfand watched three boosters land
learathyou watched it in person?
learathI regret not doing so :)
myselfDrove 19+ hours to see it.
myself(plus, because there were times I pulled off to let weather pass.)
myselfAbout to drive 19+ back home again :P
WereWoofway cool
WereWoofgood alternative vid of the entire launch to booster landing
gchristensensgrace_wrk: pretty
sgrace_wrkI want 132GB RAM Threadripper machine.
sgrace_wrkWith 2 GPUs.
sgrace_wrkThat way I can run lots of VMs.
learathnot 128?
sgrace_wrkWhatever the math works out to be.
sgrace_wrkCBA to do it.
WereWoofif you have a sounds system or good headphones..
sgrace_wrkNot impressed.
sgrace_wrkSmarterEveryDay has failed me yet again.
WereWoofit was walking my coffee cup off of the table
sgrace_wrkChannel should be changed to, "I don't know science well enough, so I'm going go learn these science things and then forget about it later and repeat the process."
WereWoofgood audio... the sonic booms were good as well
learatherm, is there some reason this power supply makes sense?
learathdual voltage - 3.8v and 2.8v fixed
Erlend^SElearath: I would guess it matches the forward voltage of some LED's.. not sure what colors tho
WereWoofdriving dual color leds?
learathI guess
learathit just seems a really strange way to do it.
Erlend^SElearath: But connecting a LOT of stuff in paralell the simple way?
learath50 amps of 3.8v?
Erlend^SEYep.. no point of load converters
Erlend^SEOr lossy resistors
Snert__Oh God...DOn is tryin' to make like rocketman and parade his shit down the street.
Snert__Don.... we, the people, really do not want to see tanks in our streets.
learathSnert__: did he put his shit in a wheelbarrow?
s73v3rthat would at least be entertaining
s73v3rno, he’s told the Pentagon to plan a military dictator style parade
learathreally? that is awesome!
Snert__sounds like parading his shit in the streets.
s73v3rwhich, coming like the day after saying that those who didn’t clap for him during the SOTU should be tried for treason, doesn’t really look good
Snert__that treason word sure gets misused alot.
sgrace_wrkSnert__: It's because of Bastille Day.
sgrace_wrkHe thinks France is trying to 1-up him.
learathWe should run fake missiles down the street like all good dictators :)
learathThen the week after, elon musk should run a real one :)
Mathsterklisten until 21:40, what do you hear?
sgrace_wrkBig Fucking Heavy
sgrace_wrkFor those that don't want to sleep tonight:
Erlend^SEsgrace_wrk: point?
sgrace_wrkIt's nightmare because it's the back of Trump's head.
gchristensenis that real?
Erlend^SEsgrace_wrk: Well.. I see that as a lost cause until the people deal with it
talntiddoes the President's hair determine his ability to lead?
sgrace_wrkgchristensen: Yes.
sgrace_wrktalntid: Only for Samson.
sgrace_wrkBecause that's the source of Samson's power.
Cmdr_datais that a wig
sgrace_wrkCmdr_data: If only.
gchristensentalntid: in light of how vain he is, I think it is worth pointing out
talntidre: spacex launch:
learath still super cool